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Previous Thread: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/6422.html

This is the main thread for Sizebox, a giantess sandbox game in development where you can create your own scenes, and see them destroying cities, or playing with micros.

Downloads: https://mega.nz/#F!FoMFQAwL!B5n7dHilan9NR7NFhuU0lA
Gameplay Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVJLAbC-Z_Fr4AA7LaILN6Q
Model Downloads: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/7006.html
Model Requests: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/7005.html
Join the Discord community: https://discord.gg/NDbVE85
If you want to support the project: https://www.patreon.com/Aiiko (I also post the stable updates, changelogs and some posts).


The project now has one year of development. Well, the more regular development started in august so i haven't been working a full year yet.



Really impressed with the progress. Did you ever think you'd work this much on this game?


I had started with no pressure into finished something but to play as making the game is fun for me, but i had no idea on how long the process would be, anyway my current idea is a very long term project, this is easy for non linear games. Maybe some day i will reach a state that the game is stable enough to be considered finished even if i keep updating it.

I had seen cases before of projects being abandoned, and after receiving some good comments about the basic build i uploaded here i decided to continue, to not repeat the same story.


Thank you for your diligence and skill. Well done!


For more sexy animations you could ask this guy.



Is the atmosphere haze feature gone? I didn't see it in the new build. I really like that feature, adds a lot of realism, shows how big the giant is


Do we have a source where you can download a bunch of animations for the game?



Cheers for your dedication to the degenerate arts!

The city in the banner seems a bit more dense than is familiar; is that just me or part of the work on cities you were contemplating?


Due to different quality settings, they only work with high settings, beautiful and fantastic.



If your computer is reasonably powerful, I recommend using the "Beautiful" setting. The next step up, "Fantastic", doesn't look much different, but it doesn't limit the game's framerate, which in my experience makes it more prone to freezing/crashing and can cause some other weird problems.


Is just the angle, but i can make the city more dense tweaking a variable.


Probably i can have different values for different quality settings, like in fast will be low dense and in hight settings will be highly dense. That, or a slider in the options.



Might not be a bad idea to make that variable accessible to the player when generating cities. Can tie it to the ratio of houses to apartments to skyscrapers as well.


Weird thing, all the latest builds have an issue for me where the giantess will just motionlessly move towards a spot instead of walking, also none of the animations work, apart from grab, apparently.
When I tried a January build I had no such problems. Anybody encountered anything similar?


Okay, in regards to last post, if I try the 32bit versions it has no such issues.


For motionless models, the solution is to install "Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable". There are two versions, for x86 and x64, you may need the x64 one.


Ah, thank you! I'm playing on a pretty new machine so I probably hadn't done that yet.
Great work on all of this by the way, it's awesome.


Is there a thread about how to play online with friends?


good idea



Is there any way to adjust the camera height while in Steam VR mode? I don't know if the Rift has the same issue, but while in Steam VR, the blue circle of the floor always appears to be about a relative 2m high from the ground and ruins the immersion and scale.


Skins don't seem to work. I have the Atago model and whichever the bikini color is picked it always spawns red.


That atago model was probably for the old version of the importer so it needs to be reimported again.


What is the blue circle? For some reason the VR uses their own height scale and i don't know where to change it, so no matter what scale i choose the vr sofware chooses their own.



The blue circle just indicates the centre of the VR space setup on the floor, but it looks like it is floating off of the ground, making you feel like you're constantly floating in the air.


Hiya aiiko! I had a thought regarding larger cities.

it would involve having them rendered in blocks like old game. That way it might be possible to impliment a sort of "brush" tool which paints 10 or so different kinds of "blocks over the landscape or wherever else you place them. Plus this would make cities just a little to place in awkward locations like canyons.

This could probably work for other asset blocks too like destructible forests, government bases and highways. I don't know how easy any of that is to code though. :P


I am the godking of spelling errors, I was a little too excited typing that.


New test update

Most of the work was doing optimizing the mesh collider generation and update, to allow in the future having the possibility to update all meshes with no noticeable hiccups, and also for future models the loading time should be faster once i udpdate the model importer. This will be helpful when working with interactions that will make use of morphs.

And in addition, I did some work to implement saving/loading. For now, the Save button will create a quick save file with data of all current entities in scene, with exception of micros. And also I implement a quick load action that will reload the scene and load all objects in it. Note that as for this build only will load objects, but not cities or giantess. And there is a bug with the vertical offset.

The quick save function will create one file per scene, and the keyboard shortcuts are F5 (quick save) and F9 (quick load). Soon i will be also loading giantess.


How the blocks work, you mean, each building is a block, or by placing blocks with various buildings inside?


Will this also improve collision for animations or just morphs? It will be good either way.


>>388 each of these different sets of blocks have like 1 or two buildings or assets in them. I guess you could have blocks with one building for large ones. Or maybe pre-set groups of blocks for large pre-fabricated structures.


File: 1493823257642.png (550.58 KB, 1920x1080, big eye plane.png)

I'm getting really annoyed that certain individuals are trying to find ways to milk this game for money, and sell models specifically for it.



If you're referring to Endless, he was already selling his models before Sizebox. Plenty of MMD modellers sell their models too. None of this is new.

There are literally over a thousand models that have been shared for free with this community, and they'll continue to be free. We've updated the rules on the discord to ensure that the Models thread only contains free models, and any models that require payment are advertised in the gallery.

So what's the big deal with someone asking for a small one-time payment for access to models they made from scratch?


Nothing's wrong. The problem is: you need some credit cards.


Wait…you can buy models? Why did no one tell me this?



One thing I'm noticing with the Model Importer is that the export feature determines ALL of the materials/assets, which can take quite a while when you have a ton of models, instead of localizing it towards the folder you're currently exporting.

Soo, that's my suggestion, instead of trying to include all of the assets and then dropping them because the model(s) already have their own materials inside the FBX, why not localize it to those assets the model requests?


Has there been any progress made towards making the game run smoother?

I noticed that I was getting extremely bad framerates with one of the more recent builds. 64bit


Is anyone else having an issue where all models are just sliding across the ground instead of animating at all? Sometimes they will idle animation, but all animations are broken even in the animation tab (not just walking) and it's happening even with a fresh copy of the game.

I'm running an AMD build with the RX580 and a Ryzen 5 1600x core


This might be an OS problem, I've moved to the new PC recently and noticed this. With win7 64 bit it worked properly, now on win10 64bit I have the same problem. All animations (AI-generated or not) do start or at least transit to their starting positions, but stop immediately.


I figured it out. You need C++ redist 2010 to get animations to play. As for stopping while trying to make them change animations it's a LUA limitation Aiiko's working to fix.


aiiko how does it feel to have made the best gts game in history of history


Test Build:
I was sick last week so i did not added many thing as i wished.
- The quick load feature now will load all giantess. Quick reminder: F5: quick save, F9: quick load. For now, morphs are not loaded.
- Now the stomp should work.
- Cities are bigger and have a floor instead of grass (it still looks a bit empty but i will add more props on top, and more texture variation). Also at very high distance 30 km the level of detail will decrease.

I was also thinking a bit on the version number. Do you like it in the date based v2017.05.07, or you would prefere to be something more feature based like v0.12.1 (random number i don't know maybe start with 0.2) or something mixed like v0.17.05 (year/month).


New city looks nice but I wasn't able to get far enough away to notice any change in quality of the models.

Is it tied to distance of your model away from the city or distance of your viewpoint.

Growing to max size didn't seem to change it.


I think the typical ver.0.2 etc is better than simply adding the date.


so hype to have a quicksave/load feature again, thanks! now I can restore my scene whenever i accidentally move the wrong object and destroy an hour of carefully layered positioning lol

seems like traditional versioning is fine, since mega lists the timestamps anyway. you already do major versions & minor versions, so that would be a sensible way to track them.


I'm trying a new website, here you can put your ideas, vote your favorite ideas from other users, and given opinion if you like or dislikes other ideas, is anonymous you don't need to register.


At the moment i don't have an organized list of features that i can read so this will help me to see what ideas are the most requested and start giving some priority.



this is exactly the kind of idea/request tracker I've been trying to build from scratch for months! glad you found one that already works lol. rip my billion-dollar startup idea


>>391 particularly with the issue about TDA Miku being sold initially, few years ago, it's a big no-no to sell MMD models?


your game is too good omg


I'm officially changing the version to be feature based instead of date based, my new idea for the format is "x.y.z.p"

x - zero until it reaches the the release version
y - major change
z - it changes between stable/test, stable will be always even. Testing builds will have also a "t" at the end.
p - to differentiate between builds in the same stable/testing cycle. in stable builds it will mean that is a patch to fix a bug.

This is an example:





v0.1.4.1 (patch)

major change

And with the change of versioning, this means that the pre-alpha/prototype phase ends, and now we are in the alpha stage. This is still far from finished but at this point is no longer a prototype.


the giantess should be able to feel when you crawl on her


So, it looks to me like you're using the testing builds like Release Candidate builds?
Generally, what you would do is, let's say you're updating from v1.1 to v1.2, you'd start adding features with v1.1.1, go to v1.1.2, and so on, getting up to v1.1.12 or whatever, and when getting ready for the major release, move to v1.1.12RC1, being the first version given consideration for release, and if the public is ever given access to a beta or alpha version, it's almost always one of these RC versions, for help in squashing bugs as they move through RC2, RC3 etc before actually arriving at v1.2


New test build:
- Functional Save/Load UI. You can choose the name for you save file and load later from the menu. As you notice this UI is not final and i will be changing it before the stable build. In particular, the Load menu has limited space for that list, i will increase the size and also add a scrollbar, and include the list of save files in the save menu in case you want to overwrite.
- I also fixed some annoyances in the main menu. Now using the Escape key in any settings window will make it go back to the main pause menu. Also the player will not regain control after exiting pause menu in edit mode.Cursor is also shown in multiplayer when you have to choose the ip, also in multiplayer the pause menu doesn't freeze the time.
- Note: The Muscle Car got corrupted after a BSOD. I have to reimport it, so it will not work in this build, i don't know if anything else got corrupted.



I'm noticing that the breast physics don't work in the latest versions since 2017-4-22+, it breaks the BE Lua Script, yet the hair still has movement. Were the breast physics toned down a lot?

On the note of model physics, couldn't you import any and all physics that require such free-flow methods?
So long as you have the basic skeleton for a Humanoid shape in Unity, couldn't you globally add physics to the rest of the bones, or does it need to be more specific?



Ass physics would be lovely


This game is a fantastic piece of work, I've been looking for something like this since forever. And it having multiplayer too? Amazing. Can't wait to see the multiplayer being developed further.

About AI behavior, is there a way to make a giantess follow a target without orbiting him/her? I want to make her follow me but instead of stopping, she just circles around me.


You can use of seek() and then change to moveTo() when close to the player.


how do i use seek is the question


Aiiko, would it be possible for you to restore the scene-save feature, or would that actually be a lot of trouble? It would be nice to have that working again if it's feasible for the sake of not having to start over from scratch whenever we screw something up and crash/have to close the client. Don't worry about it if it's more trouble than it's worth, though.


i wanna know how do i use seek


File: 1494424609931.png (377.92 KB, 833x589, filesave.png)

I'm working on it.


I couldn't get seek() to work properly, the script would stop responding making her circle me unless I gave her a different command. I'm kind of a LUA noob though.

After fiddling with functions, I managed to find a way to get distances too (I couldn't find a function in it already, or maybe I overlooked it).

I'm trying to make her run when she's far (No luck yet, the animation just slids in place, almost like a moonwalk, because she has walking speed with the running animation for some reason), and also, keep a distance (that increases depending on her height), but I can't figure for the life of me how to use Vector3.Normalized to keep a safe distance from the target.

Look in the folder Sizebox_Data/StreamingAssets/lua. I've learnt everything by looking at the included stuff there.


Test Build:

This is sort of a release candidate, it only lacks the morph saving/loading, that will be ready for the released build. Custom poses is a bit more complicated so i will delay it because i want saved poses to also appear in the pose menu.

- Improved Save and Load UI with list and a scrollbar.
- When flying if you use space you go up.
- Fixed breast physics and Breast Expansion.
- Middle click makes you look back (doesn't work well when running).

I will be releasing the stable build this weekend so if you want to have some bug fixed just let me know.


You need to manually stop all actions, because seek doesn't end. I don't remember the exact command but it was in the documentation.


New build fixing some problems of the previous one.
This is almost the stable build so minimal changes are expected unless you find a bug.

- Now save will also save the morphs of the models
- The Muscle Car is back
- You can delete things using Supr or Backspace
- Looking Backwards will invert so your running is not interrupted.
- Fixing other problem with breasts with no physics.
- Last build with a date based version.


Middle click makes you look back) OMG, thank you so much aiiko, you are the best, I'm gonna try it now


I think there is a problem with second monitor as I always click out the game , which shouldn't happen when play a full screen game… any solution?


3 or 4 builds ago, I was unable to shrink/grow my character. Is this fixed now?


thank you for fixing BE & adding all the minor quality of life control stuff I've been pestering you about forever, the game feels so much easier to control now!

guess i need to put together a proper steam controller profile…


File: 1494622229588.png (260.65 KB, 1280x747, Image 1508.png)

as promised: steam controller bindings


I ran out of buttons for the micro spawning & vehicle entry/exit controls, but everything else should be accessible in and out of both edit & play modes. give it a try and let me know what you think


Could you add teleporting for the Vive controls? Also things that are far away don't rotate correctly when using the Vive. Setting everything to far plane helps but clouds and the sun rotate around incorrectly when using the vive.



I can try to add some teleporting controls.

For the far plane camera issues, unfortunately i don't know how i can test it with no vr hardware, maybe i should try using the rift cat with the phone, even if my phones lacks gyroscope.

At some point in the future I know I will want to get the vr hardware and create a new character control system adapted to vr, but that is a long term plan.

In any case if I start to implement some new vr features, i will post them here to get direct feedback.


The new stable build is ready.You can read the full changelog here:


I could copy it here but is too long, in short there are the cumulative changes of all the previous testing builds.



That folder link isn't working for me


The folder link isn't working for me either.


fumu, I like the new stable release after a while. The new Giggle option is interesting but it is not repeatable so you need to activate it manually each time. The Grab function needs to be fixed eventually as it is very slow and also if you are slightly above the giantess, even though she can grab you she won't. I would really like it if the old Crush and Grow option came back, that one was good. And lastly it would be awesome if the mobs/NPC or peanut gallery (call them what you want) had screams when the run away.


In the latest build, I can no longer shrink my character with the keybind nor via right clicking >> Shrink.


Remove the dont_grow_with_giantess.lua script and it should work.


you got the link to work? I cant' get the new stable build to download


It didn't work for me as well but the Patreon link does work and at the bottom of the page there are links for the latest build so you can get from there.


I tried thru the patreon, does not work there either



Is there some way i can edit a script to make sure that a giantess always looks at me?


Press F4


can somebody make a follow & stop lau



Hurray for 0.1! I notice this has removed a bug where the scale slider would show inaccurate values when trying to fine-tune it, glad that's sorted. Unfortunately in this release collisions between buildings and boobs (and probably other body parts?) is broken, so I can no longer crush a city under a gigantic tit.


Now that you mentioned the scale slider I remembered another another part where some modification will help a lot. It would be nice if in the settings like General or Video settings the slider also showed numbers from 1 to 100 so that we can be more specific on our editing.


Thanks for you help, but it didn't change anything.


They no longer look at you at roughly 1/1000 size regardless of settings or F4


If you tell the giantess to stomp then select grow she will walk in place. It can be fixed by going idle then stomping again.


I simplified the collision model between giantess and buildings, to save performance. Currently i only include some sphere colliders in each bone, but i can add sphere colliders to the boobs too.

That was a change to add some realism, unless you all want them to break more rules and give them super vision to see microscopic things.

I'm working in that, in the next build is being fixed.


I at least wouldn't mind giving people playing as giants the ability to zoom in or highlight micros to target.


It would be nice to be able to take control of any character in a scene, or at least to make camera center on them, including 1st person view. Or did I miss it?


okay i understand, i'll just download a version of the game before the change was made
Thanks for the response


Do you have any plans on making crushed micros/players stay stuck to the giantess?


>That was a change to add some realism, unless you all want them to break more rules and give them super vision to see microscopic things.
How about making it an option?


i think the robots like gundams. evangelion. mk cyborgs should have the super vision to see microscopical things. cause a cyborg or a android can zoom in


i also noticed something about the behaviour. i have a cyborg sub zero xps model and he never attacks me. he just grabs. he attacks everybody else though. this could be the upper hand of friendly giant


Did you unclick the box in Settings that excludes the player as a target?


Honestly, realism should take a back seat to sexy, here. The toggle for giantess look at player should work well enough if the player wants to be "invisible."


>>478 i did nothing. but if certain models have a high intelligence. hey you just fly around and try to get its attention. they usually be your friend


New Test build (

I'm starting to work in new interactions, but for that to happen, i need first to improve the AI, i will start by polishing it. For now most of the changes happens behind the scenes.


- Now you can grow and walk or do anything with no problems, these actions will be executed at the same time, the same case for breast expansion.
- In the command panel, "Size" now has submenus. I'm planning to redesign the commands menu and also make it work for VR.

(for lua)
- Changes in lua scripts, to allow the run of multiple actions at the same time (syntax can change)

- Behavior.data = { … }
This will be the new place to put all information for the behavior used in the script. For now, it only has 3 parameters:

- menuEntry : How the command can be called in the menu. Similar to the name used in the RegisterBehavior(), but this is if you want to change it without breaking scripts that call the script by a previous name. It also allows the use of submenus by using "/", i.e. "Size/Grow". This will allow to make new variations and not cluttering the menu.


- secondary : true/false (false by default). A secondary action is a new kind of action that will work in the background and it will no interrupt the previous actions. The only way to stop it is by doing it manually, using flags (see next).

- flags : for secondary scripts. The rule is, for secondary actions, only one of each flag will run at the same time. You can use many flags at the same time.

For size change i recomment to modify the scale directly, and not use the grow command, because that is for the main action and the result will not work well. Also i have update the breast expansion script to be done in lua, you can see how i find the breast bones by using string.match(), and may useful to modify it for other models that are not supported yet.


Idea: Add a hotkey to allow players to noclip. This would be useful for times when the player might get stuck because of buggy collision, or trapped by a skybox. That way you could get out without having to delete whatever is trapping you.


Minor issue only, but both with both 0.1.0 and the most recent test build the flat grass map has a buggy floor. It looks like it's vibrating or the texture is glitching on it. This only happens at small/normal size though, from higher up it looks normal.


Also using the size menu options (grow, shrink, and spurts) on the player doesn't seem to work in the latest test build, nor does changing their scale on the slider. The grow and shrink hotkeys seem to work, though.


To fix the last you need to remove the dont_grow_with_giantess.lua script inside the lua folder inside Sizebox_Data/Streaming Assets


only 1 problem. every time she grabs i get killed


It does not work and it's since some builds ago.


Nevermind about the shrinking problem, it works, thanks!


That worked great, thanks.
Just so you know what bugs there are, I'm getting the same thing as >>487 in that every time the giantess tries to grab someone it just crushes them instead.


File: 1495293935788.png (138.99 KB, 966x1121, s.png)

Why is it trying to connect to those addresses?


As someone who converts models, is it possible you can add a button that would refresh the model list so I don't have to completely restart the game to test a new model? Thanks.


That must be the Unity analytics. I can't disable because is only possible to do it in the pro version.



It works but only in last test build. And in the next test build it will work fine without having to do that.


I can try at some point, i have to test to allow reloading at arbitrary points in time.


Can I get an alternativ download link that is not Mega? It's impossible for me to download without waiting 7 hours halfway through since the file is bigger than the Mega limit.



If you're having this problem, try the Mega browser plugin. It raises the transfer limit to a gig or two.


The same thing seems to be occurring here; whenever a grab is attempted the hand collides and they just end up being squished instead.


is it normal that i play sizebox more than most steam games in my library


As long as you don't hurt yourself. It's okay.


New Test build (

This friday i have a test, so i will upload what i have for now.


- Updated to Unity 5.6

- The player can now grow/shrink and use spurts as it was possible on previous builds.

- I cleaned some of the player commands options that doesn't apply to it.

- Now with a command menu open, if you click in an empty space of the screen, it will be closed, instead of opening a new one.


(for lua)
- I'm doing some refactoring to the behaviors, you can check the scripts to see how it is now, I also included a template file so you can see all the options. The scripts are backward compatible for now, so your old scripts should not break. I can't guarantee that always be that way, maybe in one update something can be broken, but i will try to not do it unless is necessary or difficult to do.

- In addition to choose the target, you can exclude some targets, or target many different targets at once (this will make sense with vehicles and buildings when added).

- I was working on a event system, but it is unfinished and buggy, if you want to try check the be_stop.lua and grow_stop.lua. (They are there just for testing). The problem is that the event listening never stops even when the behavior is no longer active. Also, for now it can only listen to events defined in lua code.


i noticed. breast expansion not working at all


in what version?


the recent one. not the new



BE is working fine in both the current stable build and the new test build.

also, if you were experiencing crashes in the stable build, try the new tedt build ( It sedms to have fixed whatever the problem was :)


A strange bug in the test build, when you change the player's size and then move close to a giantess, the players size immediately changes to super tiny, its kind of strange


Awesome game Aiiko! Keep up the good work.

Is there a way to change the size of the car and jet?


Was also going to report this.

Whilst I wasn't able to get close to her, if you make her max size and shrink yourself to the smallest on her foot or something, then shrink the giantess down to the smallest size, you can basically get even smaller than you're supposed to.

Camera gets to the point where it clips through the floor and your actual height isn't synced properly which is understandable because you're basically an atom wide at this point.


In the latest build whenever I pick the flat empty grass stage. The floor is constantly glitching (looks like the ground is shaking). It only happens on this stage for me. I'm playing on simple quality


This has been the case for me for the last couple of builds too and I play on maximum settings


>>508 i was talking about the grab. she touches me and im dead


Test Build v0.1.1.2t

- Grow On Crush, the giantess will grow each time she crushes a micro. It is a standalone behavior so you can combine with any behavior that you want. Note: the event system is still unfinished, i notice a problem, i can't share tables between different scripts, only values like numbers, strings and boolean. I will see how to share a arbitrary amount of those in a single event.

- Enqueue list of behaviors: You need to use shift when clicking on a command, then when one action is finished, it will contine to next, you can also create paths of walking places. No loop yet. This will work on the base behaviors, i don't know about the custom scripts, if they use the Update() loop they should have a self.agent.ai.StopBehavior() at some point or their behavior will never stop.

- Fixed the problem then the player returned to the default size when in contact with a giantess.


Random generated NPC planes in the flying height is actually a really awesome idea. Imagine the miles tall giant chasing the tiny metal lunch box while stepping through the city. It's so hot…


How do I spawn npc micros? Is that functionality up yet?



press O to spawn micro models in the "female npc" folder and P to spawn micro models in the "male npc" folder


I believe "Enable AI" isn't working in this build.


Also, my suggestions:

* A menu to see all spawned entities, perhaps tabbed by giantess, object and micro.
* A menu to automatically fill the current map with micros - I imagine a slider for "radius" and a slider for "Amount". Click "Generate", and micros appear everywhere.


Pressing O and P while as a giant generates micros that are the same size as the giant. Can't tell if this is a feature or a bug.



Both good ideas. I again suggest as well trying to find a really low-res micro model to populate cities with. Aiiko do you have a modeler or access to someone who can make models?


when are we gonna have military micros in the sandbox attack the giants with guns. and tanks


Aiiko you have an idea when you will implement the giant footprints/craters in your amazing game?


Second that one!


I got the build that's from 2017-03-18

but no giantess grows when she stomps on me or any tiny. How do i fix that?


Aiiko, you could add a cumulative changelog text file for stable (and maybe tests) builds, so that it is easier to see how the game has been progressing each update.


why not just use a newer build?


Would it be possible to add a stats overlay or menu? Things like, her height, weight, stride length, foot length ect.

Pretty much this but build into the game: http://www.giantessworld.net/convertor.html


It's been there for a couple of builds, but if you shrink to the smallest, the FOV resets himself.
It's easy to reproduce.


my mouse always clicks out the game.I have another monitor and the mouse always clicks out the game, it is really a problem for me…


I used this lua to prevent the mouse from clicking out, but I lost some giant behavior like grow (spurt)

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour {
public GUITexture gt;
void Start() {
gt = GetComponent<GUITexture>();
void DidLockCursor() {
Debug.Log("Locking cursor");
gt.enabled = false;
void DidUnlockCursor() {
Debug.Log("Unlocking cursor");
gt.enabled = true;
void OnMouseDown() {
Screen.lockCursor = true;
private bool wasLocked = false;
void Update() {
if (Input.GetKeyDown("escape"))
Screen.lockCursor = false;

if (!Screen.lockCursor && wasLocked) {
wasLocked = false;
} else
if (Screen.lockCursor && !wasLocked) {
wasLocked = true;


I'm not keen on how the breasts grow when using BE in the newer versions. The older ones to me have a much nicer shape.

Also, if you play as the spawned giantess, you can't fly.

On the island maps I find after a model gets to a certain size then the frame rate hits the floor, this doesn't happen in older versions.


the BE thing I've also noticed is a bit different and not as good.

however a non flying giantess is a whole other box of problems, you're no longer playing as a 'character' to the game, rather, you're controlling an NPC. that has limitations since the NPCs aren't made to fly. have you noticed how much clunkier the controls are as a giantess?

no comment on the framerate


Could someone please tell me why my models legs keep going through the clothes, I mean it's like the clothes have no movement dynamics?


because, even in the newest stable build, that thing is not possible. The GTS model can stomp me but won't grow bigger.


>> 535

It's because they don't. It's not really implemented in the game.


the giantess needs feelings where the tiny is crawling on her. needs awareness


Is there a .ini file or a script that I'm not seeing that can increase the number of micros spawned per button press?


aiiko haven't posted anything for a while now… rip dreams?


he's in the discord


Not sure if this is the place to report this or not, but I encountered a bug:

Using the Steam VR mode of Sizebox, it works fine until you decide to 'Play as spawned Giantess', at which point the camera freaks out in VR and becomes unplayable. Not found a workaround for this yet.


Having trouble accessing the Discord. I can get in but can't view any of the chats because I don't have permission. What do?


i wish there was a way to where he can make the giants fight each other


can you mods please unban me from the discord


its been a while…..
do u think ziiko gave up?

i am sad.


Check the Discord.
and i think you mean aiiko?


Since they moved to Discord, will this thread get any further updates? It looks pretty dead to me now.


seriously can you please unban me on discord


Lol guys calm down, just because aiiko is probably busy at the moment it doesn't mean that Sizebox is dead, stop rushing him


He updated at some point anyway, can get it from the Patreon link


Two things: i'm currently not working on the project, I decided to take a break. It may be temporal and I will work with it again at some point. I have things I want to try and I can't do many things at the same time, so i need to put Sizebox in background for a moment.

Second, I didn't want Sizebox to depend entirely on me so I released the source code, so the community can improve it with fresh ideas and content. More devs = more different skillsets = better results. Currently i'm like a bottleneck but hopefully everything will improve now. The code is on the discord because i think is easier for devs to be in contact and discuss about improvements. There is a channel for devs only so there it will not be cluttered with unrelated stuff.

And yes this thread is more slow, maybe we should go back /cg/, here is too hidden.


Where is that?


Any chance you can release the full code on Github? Or perhaps create an account managed by someone trusted from the Discord? It'd be cool if the project was fully open like this.


There is a BitBucket account managed from a member from Discord. Being fully public can have some problems due to the adult content not being allowed. So is private, but you can ask for access in the Discord.


Yeah I'm also having issues downloading from the MEGA site. And not quite sure how the extension works.


I have an announcement, it is not what you like to hear. I will stop working on Sizebox (not a temporal break, this time is final), I tried to continue for the community, if it was for me alone i could have stop way before, but I tried to keep in the project so the community can be happy. But for me, I don't really feel that i can continue. When i started i didn't knew this demo will become popular, and I didn't intended to make it a serious game.

At least the game is open source so i'm not absolutely neccesary anymore. With all my last posts things were really confusing, the reason being that i wanted to quit but at the same time i didn't want to dissapoint you, but instead of keep doing that i think i should definitely end. Also I considered the Patreon. If you were a patron and you want a refund you can send me a message in Patreon and I will do it.

I had a month to think about everything and finally I decided that this was the best path to take for me. I know that you won't like to hear this but please understand that is my decision and that I already invested hundreds of hours programming in the game, I mean that is already a lot for a project that i did in my free time, it still seems basic but don't underestimate the complexity of even simple games. I will be still here in the server but not as an active developer.


That's fine, don't feel pressured to please a bunch of fetishists. What you've given us is incredible and I can't thank you enough.



That's fine- you've done excellent ground work.

I hope those devs in the Discord can rally and continue to improve the game.

Go do whatever projects make you happy and good luck to you.


we love you aiiko.


I see, so you decided to stop. Well, it was a project you did on your free time and not your job or anything so there wasn't any reason to keep doing it if you don't feel like it. Good luck to whatever you wish to do from now on and thank you for this amazing game which still has huge potential.

Now, I was wondering if someone did decide on continuing the project using the source code. Where would the post their (possible future) updates. Here or in a new thread? If so I hope they will somehow let us know.


its ok we understand
thanks for spending your time making on whats probably the best gts game so far


and thus macrochan dies


Currently the new devs are in discord, if there is a new site to put updates I'll let you know.

I think that is good. I didn't intended to atract too many users here, and that can have caused some trouble here, for example people in /cg/ creating lots of threads for requesting models, while the board is not for sizebox only. That's why I have been directing new users to Discord instead.


Not to hate, but I personally don't like or use discord. Other people might feel the same way.

Also, this site was completely dead before sizebox. It bringing users wasn't a bad thing, since the alternative was no users.


For a team of devs discord is useful in the sense that they can communicate very quick, while here responses can take more time. So main development discussion will be there.

What I can do is to put links to the new releases here in this thread when they happen.


Wow, I've been away a few weeks and so much has changed! Is anyone else having trouble connecting to Discord? I went to my open tab in my browser, and Sizebox is no longer there, just a few direct messages from a while ago…

Aiiko, I'm glad you made your decision for your own sanity, what you have given us already has made GTS history. Thank you so much! Hope to see you around still, now and then.



How do we do when we do not speak English? There is no system of translation on discord …


File: 1499960270288.jpg (857.66 KB, 1920x979, Inked2_LI.jpg)


File: 1499960453633.jpg (180.05 KB, 550x1176, 0714003919671982.jpg)


I'm planning to start that new project I said before, about making a new game, still giantess related, but without the sandbox part.

Maintaining the sandbox adds more layer of complexity rather than a more controlled environment, where i know exactly how the model is, and i can create custom animations, and more refined interactions, with triggers and stuff. Between the interactions, if i want to include gentle ones as well, it may be best to use a tree of responses based on the player actions and context.

And new interactions like unbirth, very difficult on sizebox. So a custom crafted model in witch I iterate and include more detail each time can allow things that are not possible in Sizebox, due to the need to work with generic humanoid models.

The idea is to focus in one single model, to compensate, maybe an avatar customization can be in place, that is another advantage of having custom designed models, I can make it modular so parts are interchangeable, and apply some Levels Of Detail to each body part to allow even more detail with less impact on perfomance. Not sure about the customization, but, for now it is a possibility.

And I noticed that i do not enjoy too much making UI, and a sandbox game relies very heavily of them, so having less of them means i can focus more on the content itself.


Oh, sounds pretty interesting. When you have a sample ready let us give it a test.


Where can we follow you? Are you on Reddit?


I think i was banned from the discord server, but i don't know why, if possible contact me for the reason.


This is the Sizebox source code for those interested in it (this is my version, not the bitbucket one that the discord devs are working on).


Note that it lacks paid assets due to their license (inverse kinematics, planets, the house).

It works on Unity 5.6.x, it can work in newers version but it will require updating obsolete scripts.

You can use in any way you want, read it, modify, or make your own version, but if you release something it must be free.
Don't charge anything, don't put ads or any shady practice, it must be free as in free beer.


Regarding the Discord, is it strictly for human GT/S fans only or can those into GT/S furries join as well? Im debating on joining the server, though if its for GT/S Human fans only mainly, I might not as im not into that tbh.



It's a good mix. We made separate channels for furry content (mostly to make it easier for folks to find) but all are welcome.


its been a while since you've posted here you still alive? where can i follow you?



is there a way to turn off the ground tremble? it screen tears and makes the game almost unplayable


nevermind its just on flatgrass


When I put a city on a giantess model and try to go into it, something pushes me out. Is there something I can do to avoid that, or is that just how the collision works?


Nevermind, I got a response from the discord.



File: 1514314656385.jpg (201.66 KB, 1590x1432, Capture (18).JPG)

I'll be waiting here.


>>594 Thank you so much :D


File: 1514423696707.png (1.93 MB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 12-28-2017 11.13.16…)

Whoa, the modern house scene looks gorgeous, even though it absolutely destroys my framerate.

The other interior scene has this weird "ghosting" effect now, anyone else having this issue?


What does the new 'Havoc' option do?


I've been wondering that myself, I don't see anything about it in the changelog either.


Is there a comprehensive list of models compatible with the latest version of Sizebox?


Anyone else having issues running the latests 2 versions on Mac? I did the "chmod 755" process in terminal, then opened the app contents and executed from /Contents/MacOS/SizeboxCE. When it runs, terminal pops up, executes a few lines, and then errors and closes, before the game ever loads.
Running a new Mac. Opens Aiiko editions just fine.


File: 1527576226102.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, test1.png)

How do you take high resolution pictures/screenshots? All of mine look somewhat pixely compared to others I have seen, I have the game set to 1080p.

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