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/tor/ — by Monokuma at 01/24/14 (Fri) 14:01:06

I'm going to be closing the /tor/ board at the end of the month due to the constant flood of legal requests it generates. Make your last few posts!

Copyright Issues — by Monokuma at 11/07/13 (Thu) 06:41:31

Do any of you people read?


The site has continued to attract copyright takedown notices because you continue to ignore the rules. There are rules on the front page. There is a sticky telling you the rules on the shitposting board.


How much clearer can I make it? I just went through and deleted every single one of those posts from the board, and while no bans were handed out this is mostly because most of these people are on dynamic ips. From now on, the posting of copyrighted images will be enough to get you a permaban, no excuses.

While links to OTHER servers that host copyrighted content are fine and legal(otherwise Google would have to shut down), actual copyrighted content WILL GET THIS SITE SHUT DOWN. So don't post it! I don't know how I can possibly make this more clear. Maybe I need to have a big flashing blinker that scrolls across the top of /tor/?

no subject — by Monokuma at 10/10/13 (Thu) 15:59:16

Hi everybody! I'm now in charge of running the site. This means moderation will actually exist and people who break the site rules will actually get banned and their posts deleted.

1. DO NOT POST COPYRIGHTED CONTENT - This means you do not post images that you have to pay money in order to see. The moment you upload that content to the server, it makes us liable to a takedown request - and you can just post a link instead.

2. DO NOT POST ILLEGAL CONTENT - This is fairly self explanatory. Don't post child pornography or serious terrorist threats. This gets you permabanned.




/b/ - Anything goes
/gts/ - Pictures of female giants - no "extreme" images
/gt/ - Pictures of male giants - no "extreme" images
/d/ - Scat, watersports, extreme gore
/cg/ - Computer generated graphics - MMD, Poser etc content goes here
/lit/ - Stories - Post writing here. There's an incredibly huge text limit, and you don't need an image to post
/tor/ - Requests - Post requests for content here, or answer them in the form of images that don't break rule 1 or links(magnet links in particular work great).

New Board — by Admin at 10/03/12 (Wed) 07:08:36

I've just added a new board to the site - /tor/.

/tor/ is a board for posting Magnet URIs to interesting content. It ISN'T /req/ coming back, and if you treat it like /req/ you will be banned.

And if you're the person who gets paid to report all the copyrighted links and content that get posted to various places, please look up exactly how magnet uris work in order to identify who to send takedown notices to(spoilers: it isn't this site).

If you're confused as to what a magnet uri actually is, please check

Reports — by Administrator at 09/01/12 (Sat) 03:22:04

I just cleared the report log, and I noticed a bunch of bad reports. "illegal content" is far too vague for me to take action, and if you have a copyright issue that you want to report, you'll need to prove that you're the owner of that copyright. "illegal content" does not give me enough information to act on.

Similarly, while actual child pornography is definitely banned, simulated child pornography(like loli butt stuff) is perfectly legal here and does not need to be reported.

In addition, I've been unable to add the hide thread feature. It is on the list of additions to Tinyboard however, and when the software updates that feature will be added to the board. If there are any other requests or issues, feel free to talk about it in /b/ or the irc(which can be found on the sidebar).

New Booru — by Administrator at 07/21/12 (Sat) 05:26:32

As you've no doubt noticed, we've added a booru to the site. While the booru is currently open, after what has happened to the previous incarnations of the sizebooru we're going to be keeping a very close eye on the comments and posts. Any sort of content is allowed as long as it is tagged appropriately - similarly, there are to be NO comments talking about how furry, male giant, western, futa, scat, loli or whatever other sort of content is not allowed. If you see an image you don't want to see, then tag it appropriately - if it is tagged appropriately, adjust your filters. The site is currently open, but if things get too shitty we will be instituting a password for the booru.

Site upgrades/changes — by Administrator at 07/13/12 (Fri) 13:49:28

As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been adding new features/links to the site. /lit/ now requires no OP image and has a ridiculously high character limit for posts. I'll be keeping the /d/ thread link fairly current, but it does have to be updated manually so it won't be instantly up to date.

If anyone has some suggestions to improve the site, feel free to make a thread in /b/ or join the irc at #macrochan on

Grand re-opening — by Administrator at 07/11/12 (Wed) 16:13:05

Hello and welcome to the new Macrochan! As I'm sure you've noticed, we're running on new software at the moment. The transfer from the previous host was fucked up - as I'm sure you were aware, they were ridiculously incompetent.

Don't worry though - I've still got backups of just about every image posted, and all the banners, as well as every story in lit. I'll be bringing everything back, and posting archive downloads for all images on a board soon.

As I'm sure you've noticed, /req/ isn't there. Why? Because, to be honest, /req/ sucked. Constant file deletions, requests for reuploads, etc etc. In the near future, /req/ will be returning as a torrent indexing page. Watch this space!

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