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been writing a thing for a year with my best friend. (she writes the sexytimes)we are over 100k words and jsut getting started.It's a humorous adult fantasy adventure set in a modified Elder Scrolls universe right after the time of ESO story line. about 4'8" bosmer mage that finds himself on a remote nord populated island where the women are even bigger than usual, who ends up living in a world renowned brothel full of horny nord women who can't keep their body parts off of him, plus a few that want him ALL the way inside them! but he only wants the first woman he met..the tallest of them all! Sexy times, femdom, foreplay, facesitting, smothering, 9ft tall dremora dominatrix, harem light bdsm, giant berserking amazons, impending unbirth, crazy 7ft redhead with head insertion fetish, and much more. No futa, no feet, all F/m oh and there's an actual story..that i promise is going somewhere xDD so anyway, its free, no ones asking anything from ya (tho we love feedback) go check it out! http://archiveofourown.org/works/8354782?view_full_work=true


Fucking amazing story, waiting for more updates

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