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I don't know if anyone even comes here anymore, but I thought I'd post this story I had started to work on and get feedback on the off chance someone did come here.
It's a story that involves a growing Shota boy and the fun he has with a small village. I haven't gotten a ton into it yet, but early feedback is nice.

Just a warning, this story currently involves a growing Shota having sex with an even younger shota. It has no names for characters, the main character is always refereed to as "boy" and other characters I use general terms like "Young boy" or "Child" if you have any other name ideas, I'd be all for it.

A young, silver haired boy strolled into a village. It was a beautiful, nature filled village; filled with a handful of small houses, trees a plenty. The village was surrounded by wooden walls, meant to keep traffic coming through the main gate and keep animals, or unsavory people out. The only entrance was through the main gate, normally left open in this small, peaceful village. The boy smiled and made sure he looked normal, he took a glance at his favorite outfit that he had put on for this journey. His blue button up shirt looked slightly decorative, but was mostly something you would see any standard person wearing. All but the last two buttons were done, revealing a light blue undershirt below. He wore briefs, with blue linen pants over them. His shoes were simple brown shoes, something any common peasant might wear.
A couple of villagers came up to him “Hello there! Are you lost? Looking for someone?” He smiled at them, “I was hoping to stay in this place for some time; I’ve been on a long journey and thought a little rest and relaxation would be helpful!”
The two young men looked at one another. Finally, one spoke up “We don’t have much space, as you can see. Our chief might be able to help you out, he’d be located in the only big building we have here in town, if you’re looking for help, he’d be the one to ask”
The boy smiled and thanked the villagers. He proceeded to walk to the building they told him of. His smile widened as he walked through the village, the smile of a young giggly kid who has just been given a new toy. As he walked, he took note of the fact that most of the inhabitants were very young, probably around ten, the age that the boy looked, or younger. As he arrived at the chief’s house, he was actually surprised about how big it looked up close. It was around three stories tall, it was very wide, easily able to hold a hundred people on one floor alone and have them all be comfortable. As he entered the house, he saw the shape was very interesting. On his left or right from the only entrance and exit were two stairways that led up to the top floor, this had no walls, and was mostly used to let one look down from higher up. Beds lined this area, with younger kids playing with toys or talking with one another. The house as a whole had a few windows to give light and let one see outside, but was mostly made of wood and didn’t show a ton of the outside world.
Walking down the stairs, he found himself in a large room, it appeared this building had no private rooms to it, and was mostly built as a simple giant hall for the village to gather and store things in. He looked forward and saw the only man in the building; assuming this was the chief, he approached him. The chief welcomed him with open arms, “hello! What can I do for you, my boy?”
“I was hoping to find a place to stay for a little bit to rest and relax!” The boy said, with the faint giggle that only a young child such as himself could line his words with.
“Oh, that’ll be no problem! Most of the people here are young, as the older ones are normally sent off to make money to help out, but one of my lady friends has some space available, if you don’t mind other kids being there.” The chief responded, pointing over shoulder to indicate that the direction of the house. The boy nodded to him, “Great! I’ll let her know you’re coming”
After a small walk to familiarize himself with the village and the people, the boy approached the house and was greeted by a young woman, probably in her late teens, with two young kids, one still in diapers, and one not long out of them. She showed him to his room and told him that if he needed anything, to ask anyone in the house and they’d help him. He thanked them and closed the door. He smiled to himself, all to eager for night to come, and for him to enjoy himself.
As Night fell, he conjured a storm and had it rage for some time. The young woman, who was out doing chores, and he was in the house with the two children. Looking out his window, he saw as all of the village gathered at the Chief’s place for shelter from the storm, worried that the other houses might not hold against it. He saw the young woman head there, likely assuming the boys would be there too, but given how surprisingly full that place was getting, it’d be a very long time before anyone noticed they weren’t there. He made the storm rage harder for a while, so nobody would dare leave the chief’s house.
He had to giggle to himself. It felt like someone was tickling him, he was so eager for his next step. The two young boys entered his room, the younger holding onto his older brother’s hand. Both were clearly worried about the storm, but when he assured them that everything would be alright, they calmed down. He had them both get ready for bed and go into their own rooms. The older one fell asleep soon after.
The boy discarded his pants and shoes and hopped in his bed, still wearing his button up, his undershirt, and his briefs. The younger brother soon came back to his room, asking to sleep with him to feel safer. He smiled and patted the bed he had pretended to be resting in as he laid on his side, encouraging the young boy to join him. The young boy, only wearing a big T-shirt that went down to his knees, hopped in the boy’s bed and snuggled up against the boy’s chest and was soon starting to doze off.
The boy had other plans though. This is the moment he had been waiting for. He took the young boy in both of his arms and laid on his back, letting the young boy rest on top of him. His hands glided up the young one’s shirt and started to play with the young boy’s nipples, causing him to moan out with an unfamiliar feeling, pleasure. The young boy started to get restless in the boy’s hands, but he reached out with his mind and calmed the young boy, making him into a more suitable toy. He had the young boy take off his shirt and throw it aside, leaving the young boy in his arms fully nude. He continued playing with his nipples, causing the boy to moan out. His moans starting to make the boy himself get a bit more excited, shown by his shaft growing harder against his briefs. As he got more and more excited, his body started to grow slowly.
The buttons on his shirt ripped off and were brushed aside by the boy as he turned the young boy over brought him into a deep kiss. His growing tongue entered the boy’s mouth, overpowering his own tongue as he let it go deeper and deeper until he was satisfied and broke the kiss. He moved the young boy farther up, the young boy’s nipples becoming even to his mouth and began to play with them. The half-asleep boy squirmed a little in his old, unsure of how to respond to the feeling as the boy began to run his tongue over his nipples, tasting them, teasing them, before the boy latched onto one of them and began to suck, enjoying the feeling of the young boy’s flesh inside his mouth, the smooth nipple growing hard inside his mouth as he sucked on it, louder moans coming from the small boy.
As the boy continued to suck, he continued to grow, his shirt tore completely off, with his briefs straining to keep on. His hard shaft pulsing against it as it yearned for freedom from the prison that was the boy’s briefs. He stopped sucking and moved the young boy back down, resting the youngling’s bare body against his own bare body. He kissed the boy again, entering his mouth with his tongue once more. This time the tongue took up most of the space in the boy’s mouth, and was only taking up more as time went on. He went deeper and deeper into the young boy’s mouth as he got bigger and bigger and more and more horny; until he finally felt it.
His briefs had finally began to give way, his shaft fighting its way out as it grew a bit out of proportion, with a loud snap, they broke, and he threw them off the bed. He felt his growing sack work its way down his legs as his nether regions grew a little faster than the rest of his body. He felt the young boy’s feet rest against his shaft and begin rubbing them, as the young boy’s mind was now that of one who wanted nothing more than to please its master.
He lifted the young boy up once more as he adjusted himself to be fully lying on his back on the rather large bed that he was on. He gently brought the young boy to a sitting position in the air and began to lower him onto his shaft. He let go of the young boy as his mind realized what his master wanted and began to move his way down the growing shaft. He drooled from the tightness as his shaft worked its way further and further into the young boy.
The young boy started working his way up and down the shaft, keeping his rear clenched as best he could in order to please his master, his own shaft twitching wildly as it was aching for the first release it ever had. The boy giggled as he looked at the younger boy’s shaft twitching, and started to rub his own nipples with one of his hands as his body searched for other ways to pleasure itself. His other hand reached down and felt the now bigger than a handful sac as his balls grew fatter and fatter, reaching hallway to his knees. As the young boy grows closer to coming, he comes to a stop on his master’s shaft and lets himself go almost to the base of the shaft as it grows inside of him.
The shaft pulses inside of the boy as it grows bigger and the outline of it is seen pressing against his stomach more and more clear as it continues its relentless growth. The young boy cries out in pleasure as his small shaft releases its load onto his master. The hot semen landing on his chest and the feel as it runs down his sides causing him to moan loudly as he finally climaxes inside the small young boy, gripping the legs of the small boy as he does so, in order to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere.
The semen quickly fills the young boy’s stomach, and causes it to expand wildly. The boy’s shaft constantly shooting load after load into the young boy, causing him to scream in pleasure as his stomach inflates to ridiculous proportions. It’s as if the young boy is gaining weight as his body works to distribute it all as even as it can, but it’s going so fast and hard into his stomach that it can’t fully keep up.
After minutes of filling his toy, he lets go and lets the boy get off, as he encourages the young boy to lick his still leaking shaft while he calms down, the occasional pulse reaction from the young boy’s tongue causing him to squirt some bigger burst into the young boy’s face, which leaks down onto his chest, eventually so much floods down that it rolls down the young boy’s now large stomach and drifts onto his shaft, making it spring to life again as the hot, creamy semen coats it.


The name aspect really does hurt it a lot. When you do gay stories you already have an issue with epithets because pronouns like he/him/his can become confusing/unclear, and lacking names makes it even worse. Get that sorted, and then do some more work on the formatting of the story.

Also, this place is pretty dead ;_;

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