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Looking for someone that would want to roleplay with me on Skype. Posting on here because it's for the niche fetish of giant shota. Like 5 - 10 years old.

I'm really not that picky. Just be nice and not be afraid of writing with detail.

Add me on Skype at ThisIsForRoleplay. Name being Marvin Marvey. Yeh, it's a silly secondary account. I only made it to avoid getting spam in my regular Skype! If I like you, I'll probably add you on my regular Skype!


God I wish I could do this. I got burned on Role play so much that I don't do it anymore, but god damn would I do a lot of things with you ;w;.


Well, if you're ever in the mood, hit me up on skype! Even if you wanna talk about the subject and not even RP. It doesn't even have to be giant shota either, can be something else. Just looking for new RP partners in general.



What in particular were you looking for? Roleplays with giant rampaging shotas, or rather more personal stories, involving a shota humiliating or toying with a shrunken person?




I'm still looking for roleplay partners! Add me at ThisIsForRoleplay if you're interested in giant shota roleplay or even just shota roleplay that is size difference-ccentric. :D


Let me know if this offer is still open, I'd be happy to rp with you!

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