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Posted this on giantesscity as well but I figured here was a decent place as well: this was just something I wrote for myself and decided to share because someone might end up liking it:

It was an ungodly warm and humid day in Mihnhus’ shared apartment. His roommate, Macris, wasn’t anywhere to be seen though he assumed “she” was getting the mail or breakfast. He himself slowly got out of bed and looked around his nice, orderly room. After checking out his window to make sure Macris wasn’t in the immediate area he stepped out… onto the wood floor that was Macris bedroom. See, Mihnhus was a Mecrissian, a remarkably small hominid species that was just integrating with the rest of Intragalatic society. Mihnhus himself was only about 2 cm tall, which made living with Macris very complicated. Macris came from a species that was a bit on the taller side, with her own height at about 2.5 meters. Macris wasn’t exactly a she either, even if she was generally called that. She was actually an intersex individual and had both a penis and vagina with exposed testicles. This, combined with the size difference and the fact the most hospitable room in the small, small apartment was her bedroom meant they were crammed together and well, at least for Mihnhus, he saw a lot of things that brought out… conflicting and complicated feelings.

Standing on the wood floor it didn’t take long for his irritation to grow, Mihnhus was a pretty orderly guy so it was frustrating to have a massive pair of discarded sport shorts lazily pulled down and left on the floor in sight from the front door of his mobile habitat stationed under her bed. Macris was quite messy, partially due to a busy lifestyle but mostly because she was remarkably laid back. On the one hand it was nice. It meant she wasn’t very high strung – which could be dangerous, alongside other things, and it also meant she moved pretty slow and talked pretty low and quiet. She was still loud as hell, but it wasn’t actually physically damaging loud. He’d start to path around the shorts when the scent of her sweat, tinged with a bit of the sharp scent of precum, hit him hard. His nose was quite sensitive and it was clear she had probably been working out in these and spent a bit of it edging as she stared at someone she liked. While it was a mild smell to her, it was a torrent of conflicting scents and emotions for him. He, as usual, turned quite red at all the times he’d saw her exposed and took in the quiet majesty of her physique, but also grew angrier at how casually she often ignored his simple requests and really showed off her lazy behavior. He hurried past them and on to the open floor when he heard the telltale rumble of her approaching. He stayed put, as it was the best way for both them to ensure his safety.

He wasn’t really expecting to see when he saw her lazily stomp in naked and caked in sweat though. She usually wasn’t this bold. Macris was always a bit of a unique sight though, with two brilliant green eyes with a dark gold sclera that were often a bit lazy and playful, but silently scanning very carefully when she knew he could be on the open floor. Her lips were a nice darker brown that usually had a slight smirk or smile. Her hair was short and dark black, with two small flesh colored tendrils on either side of her head, in front of her pointy ears. Her body was a nice sandy tan color, with two fairly large, pert breasts that nicely swayed with her movements, her thick biceps smoothly rippled as she rubbed her incredibly taut abdomen, with several varying dips and bumps of firm tone that mesmerizingly shifted with almost every movement, her deep innie stretching and compressing slightly with her movements. Her soft hands then moved to scratch at her thick hips, and finally down to her smooth pubis, where she was scratching at the thick root of her cock.

Her cock was always somewhat of an awkward subject for him. Flaccid as it was now, he had to hazard a guess that if they were the same size (or at least the same scale) she was probably 8 inches flaccid and 3 or 4 inches in girth. He hadn’t seen her erect surprisingly, but he almost didn’t want to, considering its length flaccid. Her testicles hung both wider and lower than most, with the two large orbs bouncing about slowly with her lazy walk. Her thick calve muscles shifted up and down as the two bare feet lazily but powerfully planted themselves on the bare floor, making a loud, bassy slapping sound before lifting up and back down. He gasped as one of her colossal feet rose over him in his state of transfixing and her unusually distracted mood. He’d briefly note her somewhat puffy labia looked quite wet in the humid atmosphere before moving out of sight, now seeing her round heel leading into a slightly high arch with a bit of a wider ball and sole, covered in sweat and but relatively clean looking, soon she’d correct the placement of her and plant it firmly next to him, causing him to stumble and fall, the sound incredibly loud. She spoke with a relaxed, somewhat playful tone as her eyes watched him with concern as he got back up.

“You okay there Mihnhus? You really should share the space more effectively.” She said, scolding him jokingly. She then moved back slightly and raised her left heel, resting her weight on that sole, her right foot only an inch or so away from him, her four somewhat puffy toes coming up to about his height or higher. His anger fading a bit as he blushed even more than he usually did. For some reason, even though it was often how they usually had a conversation but it made him feel both pathetically insignificant, yet incredibly important. Her outermost toe was the size of him (maybe slightly bigger), and her innermost easily eclipsed him even if he outstretched his arms… but she still asked if he was okay and chatted as if they were. He smiled up to her a bit.

“Yeah, I’ll think about it. Why’re you uh… you know?” He stammered a bit. She’d chuckle a bit, squatting down, her heavy cock looming over him even more; it’s sweaty, musky scent wafting down on him, her labia and round, tight ass slightly visible. Macris would move her arms to rest on her knees as she watched him with a slight smirk and raised eyebrow.

“… Naked? Well, unlike some tiny people in this house, I actually get uncomfortable on insanely hot and humid days like this unless I shed some clothes… I figured you’ve been around me enough to not be surprised anymore.” Shrugging a bit, wiggling her toes slightly and tapping her left foot, shaking him gently. “You want to do anything?”

“Well…” Normally he just ignored her, worked on his own stuff and talked with his own friends and she spent a lot of time out and about. Today though, he decided he wanted to try to see if he could share something with this beautiful woman. Approaching and rubbing her toe a bit. “… What do you want to do?”

She giggled a bit, her foot squirming a bit “What’s with you? Anyways, I was just going to watch some television or something. I guess if you want to join me doing that, sure… but I’d have to move your ha-“

“Can we just lie together?”

She would blush immensely at that proposition, looking away slightly.

“Uh… sure… where were you thinking?”

“Probably just on your belly or something, you don’t like to move too much.” He said jokingly, which caused her to chuckle a bit as she offered a hand. “Fine, just be careful, we haven’t done this before.”
The movie was pretty boring so far, but actually interacting with Macris wasn’t. Her abdomen, even as still as she was, teemed with activity, it rose and fell with every breath, large droplets rolling on the dynamic landscape that she was to him. Occasionally it bounced rapidly with her quiet chortle or snort of surprise and it was incredibly warm, the heat slightly increasing and decreasing with the pulses of blood he could feel just beneath the skin. While it was immensely awkward finally being so close to her large manhood at first, it became a lot less intimidating now that he had finally “faced it”, so to speak. Now he came to appreciate how dumbly it flopped and rolled about on her belly uselessly with the slightest movements. The bell shape of Macris’ glans now looked much less intense and much softer now than when he usually saw it dangling far above him like a spear of masculinity. The only thing that still concerned him was earlier when he somewhat playfully peered within her urethra. The darkness was not only intimidating, but a reminder of its vast length and the emasculating volume of which various fluids could erupt from her with casual effort.
Soon though, the film distracted him away from her for a time and they started to enjoy it immensely. The film took a turn as the hero and heroine began to lock together and make love. Macris blushed a bit awkwardly toward him as if to say “should I turn it off?” but he didn’t mind much. He was still surprised a bit as Macris skin hardened with goosebumps slightly, displacing him, her body heat rising and pulse quickening as the scene grew more intense. A soft sigh escaped her lips and he was tossed about slightly as she shifted her hips with discomfort at the growing sexual energy within herself. He blushed a lot as he saw her massive chest bounce slightly, her nipples growing erect as they lay lazily splayed slightly on her upper body. Her cock starting to twitch and lengthen, grinding across her abdomen slightly as it was brought to an in-between state of erectness, his jaw dropping at how the already thick and lengthy shaft and glans seemed to be expanding with the surge of blood and lust. Her breaths quickened and she looked to him with an apologetic look

“Uh… sorry man, just uh… having two sexes makes my libido really uh … I’ll um… put you-“

Mihnhus didn’t let her finish though. He instead approached her and gently caressed the immense glans before him, amazed at how warm and damp it was… how strongly it throbbed. How thick it’s musk was… he was erect too now, he looked up to her.

“I… I uh… I know this sudden but… you… even if I didn’t really get it until today… you’re really… you’ve reminded me why the hominid body is so breathtaking nearly every day… and… the care you show in giving a creature like me so much consideration is just… earlier today you were joking but you were right. I need to give you more space. I want to do that by well… being more than the roommate you look out for… I think I want to be someone you really care about, if that’s even possible… and right now I hope we can do that by sharing something really, really base together…” He said, not really sure if she would like it. Sex between them was dangerous, if not lethal. That and they never did it themselves or looked up how. It was how he felt now though, and he hoped she felt the same. Watching the blush on her surprisingly shy face deepen made him hopefully, and after a heart-pounding silence, she softly spoke.
“O-okay… but uh… let’s be careful-ish… alright… I’m uh… gonna grab something to help… stay here…” She said, carefully grabbing him, her hands trembling slightly and setting him safely on the bed, moving to grab out an awe-inspiringly long fleshlight and lube. Macris planted her knees on either side of him now as she got back in bed, giving him a fantastic look at her two balls and wonderful thighs, her right hand going around her cock as she set the fleshlight and lube aside to explore herself. Mihnhus could only watching as she stroked herself slowly from root to glans, tightening and loosening her grip as her cock slowly engorged itself to a length he thought impossible. Sure enough though, it soon stood erect at roughly 14 and ½ inches and was likely 6-8 inches in girth. Girl cum started to coat her inner thighs as she rubbed around her labia and pinched and stroked her breast. Soon she was panting a bit and Mihnhus was undressed. She put the Fleshlight before him.

“You go in and get as deep as you can. In three minutes I insert. Get between some of the beads or something so I uh… glide over, you know?”
He nodded, having a bit of a difficulty climbing in but soon inside the plastic hole, the smell clean and medicinal. He gasped and steadied himself as she tilted it slightly and put the tip of the nozzle for the lube in and squirted it – a small jet of gel-like fluid hitting him, causing him to squeal a bit as he was splashed with the liquid, landing on his back and sliding rapidly over a section of bumps, being stopped a bunch of soft little “feelers” of thin tubes of soft plastic. He’d use them to stabilize himself as he tried to move as deep as possible as quickly as possible, not wanting to keep her waiting. He finally found a corkscrewing area in the back with a deep enough dip he felt safe, settlinginside it to rub himself.

Soon though the whole fleshlight shook though as Macris wielded it. He had never been so scared, aroused, and excited all at once. The entire fleshlight darkened and warmed as Macris gasped softly, her glans rubbing against the beads. He’d peek out of his divot to see this was a tight fit for her, the glans having to compress slightly to get past the opening, her cock visibly throbbing heavily now. She groaned loudly as he felt her push the fleshlight down and let her cock grind against it, soon eye to glans and feeling her pre drip into the divot slightly, the rise in temperature enormous. He quickened his pace as he got to admire her slow, exploratory thrusts, edging herself and spreading the lube around her shaft. Macris’ scent was impenetrable now, the added smell of her harsh cum a blessing and a curse to Mihnhus. On the one hand nothing was more raw, powerful and sensual then her seed slowly dripping from her throbbing cock on him. The intensity of the salty scent and the somewhat pungent nature of it, like many of her scents it wasn’t overtly pleasant and stung his nostrils slightly, but the thoughts of how much she was aroused and spreading a physical sign of her love was driving him over the edge.

He neared climax when he was suddenly jostled intensely, her exploratory probes turned to aggressive stabs and grunts. The slick sounds of suction and friction slightly deafening. He finally found release, rolling around slightly with each pulse of pleasure as she thrusted overhead, droplets of sweat and pre accumulating in the divot alongside him. As he recovered from his orgasm he was popped out of the divot as she angled the fleshlight further down and pulled her cock back. He was in the open now and before he could gasp and move back to safety she pressed herself in deep quickly with a loud, gasping groan. He soon felt an intense pressure and a stiff, slightly soft and hot surface press into him violently, knocking some of the wind out of him, a bit of sticky slushing and squirting sound heard. He groaned himself as he felt pushed and pulled violently in and nearly out of the fleshlight, his wits slowly coming to the conclusion that he was in the valley of her thick corona. His theory confirmed when a small trickle of pre dripped and rolled from above on over him, coating and keeping him adhered him to the moist film that covered her glans and shaft now.

Finally, He heard the loudest cry from Macris he could ever recall, the sound deeply intimidating and arousing. He soon was awash in a blur of sound and motion though as a spurt of semen erupted from her. Its scent both intensely inhospitable and enough to bring him to climax again, spasm after spasm of seed flooding the fleshlight as she gasped for air, thrusting and twisting, trying to press deeper even if there was no more space for herself. The spray of seed concluded and Mihnhus was barely visible in the thick, viscous blue sperm. He squirmed to try and get some of the sperm away from his face, barely able to see inside the dark, flooded fleshlight. His body was slowly coming from the high of orgasm and feeling terribly sore and tired. He could still feel her cock throbbing as she caught her breath. She very delicately pulled herself out, surprising Mihnhus as her cock still swung and bobbed with a full erection. She peered inside the fleshlight and called for him. He called to her very weakly: too weak to be heard.
She opened it and examined it but didn’t find him, growing a bit concerned. “Mihnhus!?” She said, hesitantly moving to examine her cock, blushing at its sensitivity; her soft fingers running over him gently. She then tilted her glans a bit to the left and right, trying to find him. He gasped heavily as she got up, cock swinging around a bit recklessly as she quickly walked toward the bathroom, grabbing a hand mirror and worriedly examining herself a bit closer. Finally sighing with relief when could see the miniscule dot Mihnhus was, clinging to the underside of her stuffy glans.

“Don’t do that me you little shit…” she said, a bit relieved, trying to remain playful. He chuckled weakly. She sighed happily, putting away the mirror and walking casually now toward the fridge. Mihnhus blushed as he protested. “Hey, shouldn’t you have peeled me off!?”

She shrugged. “You seem pretty safe. I think I can grab a beer.” She said playfully. Opening the fridge and quickly grabbing a beer with a shiver. Finally Macris moved back to lay down with a content sigh, using a thumb to gently but inelegantly scrape him off her glans, gently pressing him on her thigh slightly.

“Why didn’t you put me on your belly?”

“You didn’t tell me to – besides, that’s always what I do with my post cum.”

“I was in your post cum!” He said, a bit surprised to not be specially considered. She shrugged and chuckled, twisting the top off with her clean hand.

“Yeah, like… 1% of it. You really should be bigger if you want to overrule the post.” She said, teasing him, causing him to blush as he was able to unstick from her thigh, climbing down and blushing as he sat near her immense testicles, her shaft still towering over him as she drank and relaxed, starting to stroke herself idly.

“You’re still aroused?” Minhhus asked, surprised. She chuckled but sighed with slight annoyance.

“Yeah, my species has an annoying mating season… which is why uh. I’m actually naked, by the way… I have like, 3 or 4 more spasms before the day is done at the very least.”

“Wow… you don’t expect me to be involved with it all, do you!?” He asked, willing but nervous to compete with such a large libido on such a large person. She laughed.

“No, but I’ll be happy to let you watch or participate if you want…” Macris said very playfully.

Minhus was thoughtful for a bit.




Bretty good stuff- you should post more stuff over on a more active site like giantessworld or link it on the /d/ thread.

Is good stuff though, keep it up.


Nice work can't wait to read more



OP here, thanks for the kind words! I posted it on giantessworld and will put anything I ever decide to upload on there!


(Also sorry if this looks/sounds stupid, I don't do a lot of imageboard posting)

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