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Hey, apparently Mangafan65's stories in giantessworld is gone. Anyone have his story saved. I'd appreciate it if someone could upload it.


check the internet archive page for giantessworld around 2009. I know one of his shorter stories has been archived by it.


didn't he do the story with like that dude who gets shrunk by his loli sister and then in a sequel he gets put in the underwear of some shota boy at a camp?

title was a shrinking story if i'm not mistaken. or if this isn't mangafan65 i'm searching for that story and can't find it


I was wondering if part 3 was ever released when I found this page. I just so happen to have parts 1 and 2 saved, so here you go.

A Shrinking Story 1

When I wake up, my room is darker than it should be in the morning. I struggle to sit up, but there's some kind of heavy fabric blanket holding me down. When I finally manage to crawl out of it on my hands and knees, a bright light hits my eyes and I quickly close them. I stand up and feel a cool breeze blow across my bare skin, and I look down and realize I'm completely naked. But that's not as scary as what I realize next. The giant landscape surrounding me is my bedroom, and the gigantic sheet that had been covering me was actually the boxers I had worn to bed. I had somehow shrunk to tiny size!
I barely have time to contemplate this when I hear a noise and turn around to see a rainbow-colored wall blocking my entire view. I slowly look up in horror to see the smiling face of my now giant 8-year-old little sister. She giggles, and I realize the wall in front of me is really the rainbow-colored fabric of my little sister's panties. I stumble backwards as her giant hand reaches down for me. Her little girl fingers, each one bigger than me, wrap around me, covering me entirely and warming up my tiny nude body. She brings me up past her light pink shirt to her billboard-sized face. The look in her eyes is one of childish fascination.
"Sarah, you have to help me! I woke up shrunk like this and you have to tell Mom!" I yell up to her.
"But I don't want to…" She replies.
"Sarah, please, you have to help me, no one else knows I'm this size!" But as soon as I say it, I realize my mistake. I watch the look of fascination on her face change, as if contemplating all of the things she can do with me at this size.
"Oh, my itty bitty older brother, you are so adorable! We are going to have so much fun playing together!" She smiles, and giggles again. She opens her hand a little more, and I watch her eyes study me for the first time.
"Oh my gosh! You're naked! You don't have any clothes on!" She seems to be delighted by this. I quickly try to cover myself while standing in my little sister's open palm, but she's laughing too much and I fall over again. "I've never seen a boy's stuff before! Is that your little pee-pee? Oh, wow, it's so cute and tiny…can I play with it?" She asks.
"No!" I say, horrified, "Sarah, please! You really have to help me! I shrunk out of my clothes and I need you to get Mom!"
"I don't think so." She says.
"Sarah, please! When I get back to my normal size I'll play dolls with you whenever you want, I promise!" I try to plead with her.
"Heehee, you're already going to play dolls with me, silly! You're going to be my itty bitty little naked brother toy forever!" She says with the excitement that only a little girl can display.
The look on her face changes, and I start to panic. She moves her index finger on the hand not holding me and begins to run it down the length of my body. She stops when she reaches my tiny penis, which is so small now that the tip of her finger completely covers it. She keeps the tip of her finger pressed against it for a few seconds, and against my will my body starts to get aroused.
She quickly removes her finger, startled, as my little penis begins to grow. Her eyes sparkle with delight as she looks down at my tiny erection, studying it as if for science. A few more seconds pass before she touches it again with her giant fingertip. She stops and notes that it seems to have grown a bit more. Next, she carefully pinches my tiny penis between two of her giant fingers, covering it completely. She starts to move her fingers up and down, gently applying pressure as she does this. The feeling is incredible, and I can't help but close my eyes and moan in pleasure.
"Sarah, please, don't do this…" I try to protest, but even to me it comes out as a strained whisper. The pressure is released for a second, and then the tip of her thumb is covering my genitals again and she begins to move it in a circular motion. Just when I think that I can't take much more of this, she suddenly stops.
I open my eyes to see her giant face get closer as she lifts the hand holding me up.
Without warning, she sticks her giant tongue out of her mouth and before I know it she's licked my entire little body, covering me completely with her slightly sticky saliva. She does this two more times, and each time I can only let out another moan of pleasure. I can't believe this is happening to me. At this point my erection is throbbing, and all I can think about is release. Just then, a giant voice sounds from the doorway behind her and we both freeze.
"Honey, what are you doing in your brother's room?" I hear my mom ask. From where Sarah is standing at my bed, her back is facing the doorway where our mom is.
"Mom, help! I'm shrunk–" I start to yell, but I'm cut off my Sarah's warm, giant fingers wrapping around me again. I can't move or speak, no matter how much I try to struggle. At my current tiny size, my 8-year-old little sister is a hundred times stronger than me.
"Nothing, Mom." I hear Sarah reply. I feel my little sister slowly lower the hand holding me, stopping when she reaches the waistband of her panties.
"Sarah, no, please don't!" I try to plead, as a new wave of terror washes over me, but she either doesn't hear me or doesn't want to hear me. As she slowly slides my shrunken body down the skin of her stomach and then under the waistband of her panties, the feeling of my little penis rubbing against her warm, smooth skin is too much, and I finally cum. At this point I am too tired to protest, and all too quickly she drops me in. My tiny nude body lands at the bottom of my little sister's giant rainbow-colored panties. I'm pressed once again against her warm skin as she lets the waistband of her panties close.
"You know your brother doesn't like it when you go in his room when he's not here." I hear the distant voice of my giant mom say.
"Oh, I don't think he'll mind this time." Sarah says with a smile, turning around to leave the room. She walks past our mom and out into the hallway, slowly heading in the direction of her bedroom. For awhile after that, the rainbow-colored cloth prison of my little sister's panties was all I knew.
I open my eyes and start to panic, not sure of where I am or how I got here. All I can see is rainbow color everywhere. I try to stand, but the ground is too shaky. Suddenly, the sky opens up and bright light pours in. I shield my eyes until they adjust, and when they finally do I move my hand and look up to see the smiling face of my giant 8-year-old sister, Sarah. That's when it all comes back to me, and I realize that I'm shrunk to tiny size, naked, and trapped in the panties of my little sister. I must have passed out while she walked back to her bedroom. Now, here I was, exposed and at the complete mercy of my giant little sister.
"Hi there, my little toy boy! Did you enjoy your nap?" She asked, a huge childlike grin on her pretty face.
"Sarah, please…" I say weakly, my body and mind heavy with exhaustion.
"What's that? You're going to have to speak up! Or, better yet…come up!" She says, as her hand reaches down for me. Her giant fingers wrap around my shrunken form once again. She lifts me up to her face and opens her hand. I can feel her breath as it washes over me. Her breath is warm and smells like mint, and as much as I don't want to admit it, it feels really good as it washes over my shrunken nude body.
"Hey, bitty brother. How are you feeling?" Sarah asks, seemingly concerned, as she places me down on her bed. It's not that I don't believe that she cares, or think that she would ever intentionally hurt me, but she's only a kid, and I'm currently no bigger than a small toy. It would be so easy for her to forget that I'm really her big brother, and not just a shrunken plaything.
"Sarah, please…" I try again, "You have to take me to Mom. This is a really serious situation, and I'm worried…"
"You don't have to worry, big brother, I'll take good care of you and protect you and stuff!" Her eyes light up with pride as she says this. Normally, I would be happy to think that my little sister could feel this way about me. Of course, normally I wasn't so small that she could forget that she placed me on her bed, and inadvertently crush me with her butt just by sitting down.
I stood on the bed and looked up at my giant little sister in awe. I couldn't help it. She was a huge, beautiful young giantess who could do whatever she wanted with me, whenever she wanted, and no one would ever know. As my thoughts went down that path, I couldn't help but become aroused again.
I quickly turned red with embarrassment, and I tried to cover my erection with my hands, hoping it was too small for her to notice from her viewpoint.
Just then, Sarah giggled and jumped onto the bed. The force of the impact of her enormous body against the mattress threw my naked little body into the air. I crashed into the side of her huge, bare thigh and fell back onto the mattress. I tried to right myself, but it was pointless. Sarah's laughter had the bed shaking constantly. Her giant hand quickly brushed across the sheets looking for me. She found me and I was lifted up and lightly tossed onto her exposed stomach where her light pink shirt had ridden up. The laughter caused me to roll around on her stomach uncontrollably. The feel of my nude little body rolling across her warm, smooth skin was incredible. I wasn't sure how much longer my body could take this. At 15, no one, other than myself, had ever touched my body like this before, and now in less than an hour my entire body had been touched in ways I never could have imagined!
At one point I fell into Sarah's huge navel. In the process of trying to pull myself out, my erection rubbed against the walls of her navel, and when I finally managed to pull myself completely out, I came again. I lay exhausted on the skin of her vast stomach, when she finally stopped laughing. No matter how small of a mess I had made, I knew she could feel the wetness on her skin. I buried my face against her skin, completely embarrassed. Her fingers slid under me and gently lifted me into a standing position. I put my hands in front of my crotch, in a weak attempt to cover myself.
"What's that?" Sarah asked, curious.
"Uh…that's something boys do sometimes…" I felt my face turn red with heat. I looked down at her skin, unable to meet her gaze. This was certainly not something I ever wanted to have to explain to my little sister.
"Does Ryan do it, too?" She asked. I was even more embarrassed now.
"Uh, no…that's something only, uh…big boys are able to do." I told her, still looking down in shame as I said it.
"Oh." She replied, "Why?"
"Well, um…when a boy gets, um, excited…his stuff, uh…grows, and…if he enjoys it enough…that happens…"
"Oh…so you were really happy, then?" She asks, smiling.
"Uh…well, kind of, I guess. I mean, no, that's not what I meant…" I replied, trying to correct her.
"Good, I'm glad! I'll have to play with you more like this in the future!" She grinned. The last thing I had meant to do was encourage her to play with me more!
Before I could say anything else, the door to Sarah's bedroom started to open. Without warning, Sarah had opened the waistband of her panties. I turned, just in time to see her other hand rushing at me. It slammed into my little body and sent me tumbling backwards into her panties. The waistband snapped shut behind me, and once again I found myself trapped in the fabric prison of my little sister's rainbow-colored panties, my tiny nude body pressed against her soft, warm skin. Today was certainly not turning out like I thought it would.

"What are you doing?" I heard the voice of Ryan, our 11-year-old brother, ask.
"Nothing! Get out of my room!" Sarah exclaimed, but Ryan ignored her. She sat up on her bed as he started to walk across the room
"No, I saw something. You pushed it into your underwear when I opened the door." He said.
"Just get out!" Sarah yelled again.
"Show me what it was, or I'll tell Mom!" He threatened. On the one hand, I really did want Mom to know that I had shrunk, so that maybe she could help me. But on the other hand, I was completely embarrassed at the thought of her finding out how my 8-year-old little sister had been playing with me in my shrunken state.
"Okay, okay! But if I show you…you can't tell anyone." She said.
"I promise not to tell anyone. Just show me already!" He replied. With everything that had happened to me this morning, I hadn't even thought of what would happen if my 11-year-old brother had found me. These new thoughts sent new waves of fear crashing over me.
My brother and I had never really gotten along. He was always going into my room and taking things, and I was always making fun of him whenever I found the opportunity. I knew that he also liked to play pretty rough with his action figures, and at my current size that's probably all I would be to him. I felt Sarah stand up. The waistband of her panties was pulled open, and light flooded in. The giant face of my younger brother was peering down at me. I didn't like his expression. I can't even imagine how I looked to him. His older brother, tiny, naked, and clinging to his little sister's leg inside of her rainbow-colored panties. I couldn't read his thoughts, but he looked pleased.
"Give him to me." Ryan said, and I shivered at his tone.
"No way! You'll do something bad to him!" Sarah shouted.
"Hand him over, or I'll tell Mom what you were doing with him!" He said.
"But…" Sarah started.
"Mom!" Ryan shouted.
"Stop! Okay! You can play with him…but only for a little bit! And you better not hurt him!" She demanded.
"Yeah, okay, whatever." Ryan mumbled, not really listening.
"I'm serious! If you hurt him…I'll shrink you to tiny size, too!" Sarah said.
"What?" Ryan asked.
"That's right! I shrank him, and I'll do the same to you! I'll shrink you right out of your clothes! Then I'll pick up your itty bitty naked body, and I'll…" She hesitated.
"You'll what?" Ryan asked. I couldn't tell whether he believe her or not.
"I'll put you in Rachel's orange juice in the morning, and you'll have to watch as she drinks your naked little body right up without even knowing it!" She finished. I wasn't sure if Sarah was telling the truth about shrinking me, or if she was just trying to scare Ryan into not doing anything bad to me. Either way, I'm glad that she was looking out for my safety. Also, if it turned out she was the one who shrank me, it gave me hope that maybe she would somehow reverse whatever she had done.
"Fine! I promise I won't hurt him!" Ryan said. Somehow, I thought if he really wanted to he would find a way around that promise. I really didn't want to end up in his hands in my current condition. But it didn't look like I was going to have a say in the matter. Sarah gently lifted me out of her panties and started to hand me over to Ryan.
"Wait." He said. With both hands he reached down and pulled open the waistband of his briefs.
"Put him in here." He said. Sarah looked disgusted. "What? You had him in your underwear."
"Yeah, to hide him!" She protested.
"Well, I need to hide him on the way back to my room." Ryan replied.
"Oh. Well…I guess that makes sense. And you're both boys, so this shouldn't be weird because you have the same stuff…right?" Sarah asked, peering curiously into Ryan's open underwear.
"Yeah, exactly." He said, smiling an evil smile.
"Wow, it's so much bigger at normal size!" Sarah exclaimed in awe.
"Yeah, I guess it would be. The funny thing is that he always used to make fun of me and say I had a small penis. Guess that's not going to happen this time." Ryan said with a grin.
Sarah carefully lowered my little body into our brother's briefs. She placed me right on top of his giant penis. She let go, and without the support of her fingers I fell off the side, sliding down the underwear's material and coming to a stop at the bottom of the briefs. I rolled over on the soft but firm fabric and looked up in horror.
Right above me, consuming almost my entire view, was my little brother's enormous boyhood. Hanging directly above my tiny nude body were his huge testicles, each one bigger than my entire body. He could crush me with them, if he wanted.
If it was possible, in that moment I managed to feel even more ashamed of my nakedness than before. Although, at the same time, there was something about the thought of my little brother being able to crush me using only his giant testicles that really turned me on.
I didn't have time to process these feelings, though, as Ryan let the waistband of his giant briefs snap shut, leaving me alone with a boyhood that could wipe me out of existence.
I could feel movement as Ryan walked back to his room. I had no idea what to expect when we got there. This thought both scared and aroused me at the same time. I looked down to see that my own tiny penis had responded to the situation. I knew I shouldn't, but I let my right hand slip down and grip my erection. I looked up at the giant penis hanging above me as I masturbated. I thought about how this could be the last thing I ever see, and as I thought that, I came harder than I ever had before. I lay back against the material of the giant briefs, close my eyes, and wait for whatever will happen next.
I lay back against the soft yet firm material of my 11-year-old brother's tent-sized briefs, awash in the feeling of post-come bliss. My eyes half-closed, I sighed. I'm not sure I had ever felt like this before. Sure, I had touched myself before, quite often actually, but usually just to pictures on the internet, and always to pictures of girls. I couldn't be gay, because I wasn't attracted to guys at all. But the sight of my younger brother's giant boyhood hovering over me was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I think it must have something to do with being shrunk to tiny size, naked, and having my body played with against my will by my giant younger siblings. It was nothing I had ever thought about before, although it was starting to make sense.
As a kid, Honey I Shrunk the Kids was one of my favorite movies, but as I got older watching it gave me a weird feeling, so I avoided it. Now that I thought about it, I realize it was anything, book or movie, that had shrinking in it that affected me. I had never given it any thought as to why they made me uncomfortable.
A scene from Honey I Blew Up the Kid popped into my head, where the giant baby brother was keeping his smaller brother, and his female babysitter, captive in the front pocket of his red coveralls. Thinking about this scene made me blush again, as another wave of arousal went through my little body. I looked down and saw that for the first time today my little penis was not growing. I guess my body was more worn out than my mind.
I realized Ryan must have stopped moving at some point. I wondered if we were back to his bedroom yet. A thrill went through me. I had no idea what to expect next, and it both terrified me and turned me on. My little brother's giant hand entered the briefs, robbing me of what little extra room I had in here. I closed my eyes and waited for his fingers to wrap around me. When they didn't, I opened my eyes again in time to watch his giant hand grab his enormous package, testicles and all, and give it a good squeeze. Several good squeezes, actually. He's an 11-year-old boy, so of course it didn't take long for his body to respond. He was at an extremely sensitive age, feeling a lot of feelings for the first time.
I couldn't help but watch in awe as Ryan's penis grew. It was twice my size now, and still growing.
When he finally stopped fondling his penis, it was almost three times the size of my miniscule body, and that's not even mentioning its thickness. There was no way I could even begin to wrap my arms around it. If I were to lay down on top of it, and put my arms out to either side of me, I'm not even sure they would reach over the sides. It was the equipment of a god, and it belong entirely to my 11-year-old little brother. I had never felt more inadequate, not even showering in the boys' locker room at school, which had always made me uncomfortable.
His hand moved on to grip his giant penis, slowly sliding it up and down the shaft. I felt a little like a tiny voyeur, spying on a private act that I wasn't supposed to see. But, of course, my brother was quite aware of my presence, seeing as how he was the one who put me in here.
Soon, I found that I had the overwhelming urge to participate in this event. An opportunity like this doesn't come along, well…ever.
While the enormous hand pumped away, I stood up and attempted to climb up to where the action was taking place. I looked around and saw that my brother had no hair down here, so instead I was forced to climb the skin of his huge scrotum. I was small enough that I had no problem doing this. Each little crease was big enough, to me at least, that it was like climbing the rock wall in gym class. The skin tightened with my every touch, making it even easier to scale.
When I reached the top, I grabbed hold of one of Ryan's giant fingers and found myself pulled along for the ride. It was incredible, but I couldn't hold on much longer as the speed began to increase. My hands were becoming slippery from the sweat. I wasn't sure if it was his, mine, or a combination of the two, but one second I was holding onto skin, and the next thing I knew I was being thrown forward and freefalling through the air. I fell against the material of the briefs once more and slid the rest of the way down, coming to a rest near the bottom. He must have felt me, and enjoyed the feeling, because suddenly his fingers wrapped around my tiny nude body and lifted me up to the giant penis.
My giant younger brother resumed his masturbation, this time with his shrunken older brother along for the ride. I was pressed against the underside of his penis, and though it was rock-hard underneath, the skin I was pressed against was soft, and very hot. The feel of my tiny naked body being rubbed against it was beyond words. I wish I could have melted against it right then and there, the feeling was so intense.
Suddenly, the movement got faster, more desperate. His grip tightened, and I found that I couldn't breathe. I panicked. He must have been close to climaxing, but all I could think about was getting air. My 11-year-old little brother was going to inadvertently suffocate me against his penis while masturbating, and he was completely unaware of it.
Finally, the moment of release came, in more ways than one. My little brother climaxed, and at the same time his grip relaxed, and my nude little body rolled down one of his monster testicles and landed in a sweaty, exhausted heap at the bottom of his briefs. I could breathe again, but it wasn't enough. My vision was starting to blur.
I was facedown at the bottom of my little brother's briefs, when something hot and sticky hit me across the back. I realized that it was my brother's cum. Wave after wave hit me, pressing me more and more against the material of the briefs, until my insignificant body was completely covered in a giant pool of hot cum. This was all too much for both my body and mind to take, and my vision blurred one last time before I passed out at the bottom of my little brother's underwear.
I woke up sometime later to the incredibly loud sound of rain. I opened my eyes to find myself still in a puddle of my little brother's drying cum at the bottom of his underwear. I found movement impossible, with my entire body encased in the plaster-like substance. This was not good.
What if he forgot about me? What if he just takes the underwear off and tosses it on the floor. Then what if Mom finds it and tosses it into the washer with all of the other dirty clothes, unaware that the tiny nude body of her son is screaming for help and waving his arms to try and get her attention? I would drown, with nothing but fear on my mind the entire time, and no one would ever know what happened to me.
My worst fears were realized when two giant thumbs hooked under the waistband of the briefs, pulling them down until they landed on the tile floor. I realized the sound of rain was really just the shower running. We were in the second-floor bathroom. I managed to turn my head enough to look up and see my god-like younger brother in all his glory. Being able to view his form from this angle was breathtaking.
My gaze traveled up his strong legs, to his enormous boyhood, big enough even in proportion to the rest of him. I watched him put his hands on his hips, causing his entire package to shake.
Ryan looked around as if forgetting something. He then shrugged and crouched down to grab the underwear I was in off the floor. His giant penis was dangling just inches from where my weakened body lay. With some effort, I tore my gaze away from it to look up at his billboard-sized face. He showed no signs of recognition that I was there. I tried to call out to him, but my voice came out as a tiny croak. His hands gripped either side of the underwear and I felt my prison being lifted up into the air. The fabric walls started to close in on me as my brother crushed the underwear into a more compact shape. The fabric pressed in on me from all sides, but luckily I was small enough that it didn't crush me. The movement of the fabric also managed to break away some of the dried cum that had me glued to it.
The underwear was tossed into the air, and the soft landing could only have meant that I was now in the hamper. My worst fears were quickly taking place. Minutes passed by in what seemed like hours before I heard movement and felt myself being lifted up once again. It couldn't be Mom, she always hums while doing housework. Oh, no. What if it was my older sister Rachel? What if she found me like this? How would I explain being shrunk to tiny size, naked, and glued to the inside of our younger brother's briefs by his dried cum?
I waited with dread as the underwear was slowly unraveled. Very quickly there was blinding light, followed by someone's fingers peeling me from the fabric and bringing me up to their face. I looked and saw that it was Ryan, and he was grinning.
"Hey, 'big' bro, did you have fun in there?" He said, laughing. I realized he had only pretended not to know I was there before, "Oh, man, you must feel so humiliated, bro!" He said, continuing to laugh.
"Ryan, I know we've never really gotten along, but I'm still your big brother!" I pleaded.
"Really? Are you sure?" He asked, "Let's see!" He said, bringing me up really close to his face. He flicked my tiny penis around a few times with a finger, and then used his thumb to rub the entirety of my little genitals. It felt great, and I moaned a bit without thinking, but I'm not sure he even noticed.
"I don't know…" He said, "It doesn't look like you're the bigger brother at the moment. Wait, I know a more accurate way to compare!" He said, dropping me onto the counter of the bathroom sink, directly in front of a large mirror mounted on the wall.
I stood up and he walked up next to me, his giant equipment just inches away, hovering over the counter. He looked at both of our bodies in the mirror. His penis was already partially erect again, and already beginning to drip pre-cum.
"Well, it's official. Sorry to say it, but I think it's pretty clear who the bigger brother is here. I would be pretty damn embarrassed if I were your size! I mean, damn, my package could cover your whole body!" He laughed again, and turned suddenly, swinging his enormous penis into my little body.
The shaft slammed into my chest and knocked the wind out of me, causing my naked little body to slide backwards halfway across the counter.
"I almost need a magnifying glass just to see your little junk!" He said, laughing, while I attempted to cover myself with my hands. I knew better than to say anything at this point. He was on a roll, and nothing was going to stop him until he was done.
"Well, I can see why Sarah didn't want to give you up. You really do make the perfect doll. I mean, you have your tiny parts and everything! Oh, man, I bet I could get her to keep you like this."
"What?!" I yelled, unable to help myself.
"Sure, it makes perfect sense! She keeps you this size and then she can use you to learn all about the human body. You can teach her all about boys, and over time she'll use you to learn how to be a woman. Of course, she would have to let me borrow you to play with sometimes. My friends would get a kick out of you! How would you feel about being in the middle of a circle of giant, naked 12-year-old boys with their enormous cocks pointed right at you while they furiously jerked-off?" He asks. He starts to laugh, but stops as he looks down at me. I can see in the mirror that I have another erection.
"Holy crap!" Ryan yells, "You like that idea! It turns you on to be used by a group of horny 12-year-old boys like a little sex toy? What the hell? Are you gay? How did I not figure this out before? It would explain why you've never had a girlfriend…" He ponders.
"I'm not gay!" I shout up to him.
"Really? Could have fooled me."
"I'm not…it's just the…shrinking…" I say meekly. My face burns with embarrassment. It's even weirder to say it out loud, like it wasn't real until just now.
"Wait…what?" He asks.
"It's being shrunk that turns me on. I like the idea of being tiny, and naked, and helpless in the hands of giants as they do whatever they want to me without anyone ever having to know."
"Damn, that's just…weird. Wait, did you have Sarah shrink you?"" He asks.
"No! Of course not. She did that on her own…I just found that I kind of…enjoy it." I say.
"Wow. Weird."
"Well, then…how about if I peed on you?" Ryan asked, that scary look back in his eyes again.
"If I peed on you while you were that size. Would you enjoy it?" He asks.
"No!" I shout up to him.
"Well, you didn't know that you'd like being shrunk until it happened, so how do you know? I just think it would be unfair to you if we didn't try everything." He says, grinning again. Before I could protest, he grabbed me and swung his hand over to the toilet, dropping me in. I landed with a splash, and surfaced to the sight of his giant penis being aimed at me. A stream of urine crashed down all around me. He didn't seem to be trying to hit me directly, and for that I was glad.
The stream slowed down, and I watched Ryan shake his penis miles above me, to get the last few drops out. The next sight I saw was by far the worst thing I had seen yet. My brother's enormous ass coming down onto the toilet seat, cutting off most of the light. I could see the outline of his testicles, near the front of the seat, where the little bit of light was coming in from. I was frightened at this point. What if when all was said and done, he flushed me? No one would ever know. I waited for something to happen, but the scene never changed. Finally, he stood up and turned around.
"Guess I didn't have to go. Maybe later." He said, reaching for the toilet brush and lowering it in. I climbed into the hard bristles as he pulled out of the bowl and dumped me into the sink. He turned the faucet on over me as he placed the brush back in its holder. The water was cold, and it was a shock to my system. He pulled me out front under it, turned the water to hot, and put the stopper in. He waited, with my naked body clutched in his warm hand, for the sink to fill about half-way before shutting the water off.
He placed me into it, and it took a few seconds to get used to the hot water, but when I did it was very soothing. He chipped a small piece from his bar of soap and dropped it into the sink with me.
"Wash up." He said, before stepping into the shower and sliding the frosted glass door shut behind him. I took in my surroundings and saw that the walls of the sink were too high and too slick for me to escape. I was stuck here until my giant younger brother was done his shower. I cleaned myself off using the soap chip, which was bigger than a normal bar of soap would be to me at my normal size. I glanced over at my brother's form through the frosted glass. It looked like he was masturbating again.
I tried not to think about it, and just enjoy the relaxing hot water I was in.
When I heard the shower water finally stop, I looked over as the door opened, revealing the giant, naked, and now dripping, form of my younger brother. He saw me watching him, and I lowered myself in the steamy water until just my nose and above was visible. I knew he knew I was still looking, and the look on his face was almost sympathetic, but I could have just been imagining that.
Ryan dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist. He grabbed me out of the water, slipping me under the towel he was wearing. I once again found myself rooming with his penis. I didn't really mind. It was soft, and clean, and smelled faintly of soap. The terrycloth was a little rough against my skin, but wearing nothing but a towel, my brother could only be heading back to his bedroom, which was close by.
After a few seconds of walking, which was pretty scary as I could see the ground miles below me, and my brother's giant feet that would easily crush me if I accidently fell under them, we made it to his bedroom and he shut the door. The towel was unceremoniously tossed aside, and my tiny nude form tumbled out onto the soft quilt of my brother's bed. I once again found myself looking up at my giant little brother's naked form. I wanted to compliment him on his enormous body. I also had the urge to apologize for all of the times I had picked on him, but I did neither. I wasn't sure how he would respond.
Ryan began to sit down, and I scrambled to get out of the way as his giant butt descended. I ran forward out of instinct, but was quickly stopped by the edge of the bed. Before I could try another direction, however, I felt my little brother's enormous ball sack slam into my back, knocking me down and covering the entire bottom half of my body. I felt my little penis grow against the soft fabric of the quilt. I liked the feeling of his testicles resting on top of me. I felt him shift, looking around for me. I managed to push some of the warm skin up enough to allow me to roll onto my back under his balls. I made fists and punched him a few times, knowing it wouldn't hurt him, but hoping to alert him to my presence between the massive canyon of his thighs. I felt him shift as he leaned forward and looked down at me. His testicles pressed down on my erection, and I stifled a moan.
"Uh…down here." I managed to say.
Ryan scoops me up from under his balls and sets me down on the bed next to him. His weight was causing an indent, and I find myself stumbling forward and smacking into the side of his butt. I place both palms against the flesh of his butt and push my body away from it, looking up at my brother, who is looking down at me. He sighs. A few minutes pass by.
"This isn't going to work." He says at last.
"Um…what isn't?" I ask, completely confused.
"This. Me doing stuff to you while you're shrunken. When I first saw you in Sarah's panties, I had so many ideas for humiliating things I could do to get back at you for all of the stuff you've done to me over the years. It really made me horny, that feeling of power over you. But now that I know you'd enjoy it, there's no point. I mean, I'm just not interested in this giant fantasy. It was more of a revenge thing." He says.
"Oh…that's…understandable. Uh, look, I know this probably sounds lame, but I wanted to apologize for how I've treated you before." I say awkwardly.
"Thanks. I'm sorry for the way I was to you, too." He says, followed by some more silence.
"So, are you hungry?" He asks.
"Yeah, actually, I haven't eaten yet to today…"
"Same here. Want to come down to the kitchen with me? I think Mom is out food shopping, and Sarah is probably just playing with her dolls or something. Rachel, of course, rarely ever gets up before mid-afternoon."
"Okay." I say. He gets dressed in black boxers and a black t-shirt. I mostly look away while he dresses. He picks me up and we head downstairs to the kitchen. He sets me on the counter and opens some cabinets, pulling out a bowl and a drinking glass. He opens a drawer and gets a spoon.
"Cereal okay?" He asks me.
"Sure." I reply.
Ryan opens up a cabinet and pulls out a box of Fruit Loops, and sets it down on the counter behind me. It is the largest box of cereal I have ever seen. He opens the box, but hesitates.
"Um, do you want me to go see if Sarah has some kind of bowl or something for her dolls that you could eat out of?" He asks, awkwardly.
"Ah, yeah, that might help…"
"Okay, I'll be right back. Stay in front of the cereal box, so I know where you are when I get back."
"Sure." I say, watching him disappear back up the stairs. I stand on the kitchen counter, looking around the room. Next to me is a giant bowl of fruit. There's an orange that reminds me of the boulder from the first Indiana Jones movie. I stand there for awhile, looking around, almost forgetting, for the first time that day, that none of my clothing had shrunk with me.
I hear footsteps coming down the stairs and I look up, expecting to see Ryan with some kind of pink Polly Pocket picnic set or something. But as the person reaches the bottom step and enters the kitchen, I realize with fright that it's not my younger brother. It's Rachel, my 17-year-old sister, wearing nothing but a tightly wrapped, dark purple silk robe, and holding her hand up to her mouth as she yawns loudly. This was definitely not a good thing.

I froze. The last thing I wanted was to be seen, but I wasn't sure what to do. Was Rachel more likely to notice me if I stood perfectly still, or if I tried to run for cover? She looked half-asleep, with her long, dark, uncombed hair partially obscuring her face. Seeing something tiny and pink running across the counter might be what she needed to wake up completely, though. So I decided to stand still, pressed against the giant box of Fruit Loops, hoping not to be seen. The cardboard was cold against my skin, but I tried my best to ignore it.
I watched the enormous form of my 17-year-old sister as she walked around the kitchen. I couldn't help but notice that the bottom of her robe barely covered what it needed to. My eyes wandered up, to see how her giant breasts were barely contained by the fabric of her robe. They were almost spilling out of the robe it was so tight, creating a deep valley of cleavage in between. My little penis grew hard. I had only ever seen pictures like this before, and now, right in front of me were two impossibly big mountains of flesh, and they belonged to my older sister. I wanted to touch them so badly.
Rachel opened a few cabinets, not seeming to know what she was looking for, finally pulling out a tall drinking glass and setting it down on the kitchen table. She was directly in front of me now. Her vast, flat stomach was blocking my view of the room. I looked above to see the shelf of my sister's breasts, thinking that any moment gravity would bring them crashing down on my insignificant, naked little body. Her hand appeared off to the side, lifting the cereal box into the air. She opened it and poured some into the bowl Ryan had left out. The sound was deafening, so I quickly covered my ears. The giant box slammed back onto the counter, and I had to dive forward to avoid being smashed.
She lifted the bowl as I started to stand up. In the process, I missed her reaching for the milk. Without warning, the carton slammed into me, sending me over the edge of the counter. I was falling once more, until my fall was broken by Fruit Loops. I realized with fright that I was now in the cereal bowl.
The bowl was carried over to the kitchen table, where Rachel set it down. A waterfall of white threatened to drown me as she poured the milk. Eventually it stopped, and I surfaced in the center of an inner tube-sized Fruit Loop, awash in a sea of white. The milk was freezing, and I shivered both because of the temperature, and at the thought of being eaten by my giant older sister as part of her breakfast, and she didn't even know it.
From my vantage point, I couldn't see anything beyond the walls of my current prison, and the ceiling far above. The anticipation was the worst. Where was she? What was she doing now? Although, a better question was where was Ryan? He shouldn't be taking this long. It struck me then that maybe he had planned this, but I quickly dismissed it. He seemed genuine in his apology earlier, and even before I don't think he would intentionally get me eaten. When Rachel finally returned, it was to pour some orange juice into her glass. She left the carton on the table and sat down, pulling the chair closer to the table. Her form took up the entire sky above me. She was a goddess about to devour my entire world, myself included. I tried to shout up to her, but the shelf of her breasts blocked most of her face from my view.
Her spoon descended into the bowl a few times, but luckily so far my Fruit Loop had not been picked up. When the spoon came down again, it created a mini-whirlpool. I felt the current pulling me toward it. I clung even tighter to my Fruit Loop, but it didn't matter. I felt things being lifted, and I knew it was finally my turn on the spoon. I was lifted up to my giant sister's waiting mouth. The spoon reached her lips, but she only tipped it slightly to drink the milk from it. I slid forward and found my palms pressed against her soft, beautiful lips. The spoon tilted back, and I found myself going over the edge. I grabbed the edge of the spoon, but the metal was slippery, and I had trouble holding on.
Behind me, my sister's giant lips were waiting to devour my tiny, nude, milk-covered form. Below me, the valley of her mountainous breasts seemed to want the same thing. I wasn't sure that I could survive either encounter. In the distance, I saw Ryan enter the kitchen. I watched his gaze travel from the counter, to the table, to our older sister. He looked horrified. I wanted to let him know I was here, but I couldn't figure out how.
Suddenly, my choice was made for me. The spoon approached my sister's mouth once more. She parted her lips, and her tongue came out to lick the spoon. It touched the bottoms of my feet, and then curled further up until it touched the tip of my penis, pushing it upwards and trapping it against my stomach. The tongue felt warm, and spongy, and sticky with saliva. It continued to apply pressure as it slid further up to the underside of the spoon. I felt my balls tighten, and I realized too late that I was about to cum. The climax was incredible, but it left me too weak to hold on to the spoon anymore. My hands relaxed their grip, and I fell onto the giant, waiting tongue. I rolled down it until my tiny nude body hit her bottom lip, causing me to bounce over it and into the air once more.
I landed on something that was warm, and soft, but also firm. I began rolling down the hill, my penis continuously making contact with the flesh mountain. I was heading towards a vast fleshy canyon. I knew exactly where I was now. I was on my goddess of a sister's mountainous breast. I stopped rolling when I entered her cleavage. I was slowly engulfed by the surrounding flesh. My tiny, naked body was being pressed on all sides by the warm flesh. Only my head and one arm were free from the trap.
I made a fist and tried to punch the giant boob, but it just rebounded, knocking my arm away effortlessly. I could feel my little penis poking into the side of one of the breasts. It sunk into the soft flesh, but at the same time was met with resistance. The pressure on my little penis was too much, and I came again.
My tiny, naked body began to slip even further into my sister's cleavage, from a combination of my sweat and hers. Finally, I was completely consumed by the giant breasts. Everything was warm, and dark, and I found that I couldn't move. My breathing was getting slower due to the pressure from all sides. For the millionth time that day, I think I passed out completely.
I regain consciousness to the gentle, wave-like feel of my body being massaged. I open my eyes to nothing but a vast expanse of fleshy hills, framed by dark purple fabric. I remember where I am and sigh. The gentle body massage is coming from the vibrations of my 17-year-old sister's soft breasts as she walks back upstairs to her room. My head had risen just above the swell of breast, and I could do nothing but watch as my sister entered her room and shut the door, locking it behind her.
Rachel stands in front of her full-length mirror and unties her robe, letting the soft fabric slide down her body until it rests on the floor. A lot of the pressure on my tiny nude body is relieved, and I find I can move a little more between her breasts. She is looking at herself in the mirror now, and I find myself doing the same thing. She really does have the body of a goddess. I look at her long, sexy legs, and my gaze travels up until it reaches her enormous vagina, big enough to swallow my entire body as an appetizer. Resting just above it is a forest of dark pubic hair. Her stomach is perfectly flat and fit. Finally, my eyes come to a rest on her big, beautiful breasts. Seeing my tiny nude form resting in between them takes my breath away. It's one thing to be shrunken and struggling with your giant surroundings, but to actually see how small I look in comparison to the normal size of her breasts is scary and erotic all at the same time.
I'm hoping she doesn't notice me, as the longer this day goes on, the more difficult it's going to be to explain how I ended up here. I stay as still as I can, though the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathes gentle rocks my body back and forth. Without warning, her long arms reach up until a giant hand is resting on each breast. She squeezes them together, and the swell of flesh presses in on my tiny, naked body, and pushes me up at the same time. She jiggles them around a bit, and I am thrown about. I end up rolling down one of the massive mounds. I reach the edge and tumble over, just as she removes her hands. Something hard and red breaks my fall, and I look down and realize I am straddling one of her gigantic nipples.
I hold on for dear life as she walks over to her dresser and pulls out a black, lacey bra. I see the huge bra coming towards me, but there is literally nothing I can do. Everything goes dark as I am imprisoned in the cup, along with a giant boob that is threatening to smash me from behind. She adjusts herself again, nearly crushing me in the process. I hear a faint knock at the door, and she stops fondling herself.
"Who is it?" Rachel calls.
"It's Jessica" The voice answers back, and Rachel unlocks the door and lets her in.
"Hey…oh, jeez, put on some clothes, Rachel." Jessica says in mock disgust.
"Why? Does it make your uncomfortable to view my naked form?" She asks.
"No, you have a beautiful body. But we have a double date tonight and you should probably wear clothes to the restaurant."
"I suppose. Society just isn't ready for my perfect body." Rachel replies, and they both laugh.
"Do you mind if I borrow something to wear tonight?" Jessica asks.
"Do I ever? You're my best friend, my closet is your closet. I think I changed my mind about this bra." Rachel says, and I feel a release of pressure as she reaches back and unclasps the bra, tossing it onto the bed, with me along for the ride.
I look up out of the cup at my giant, naked sister, and her beautiful 16-year-old friend Jessica. I've been in love with Jessica pretty much forever. Of course, I've never had the courage to say anything to her about it. I looked up at her now giant form, and instantly grow hard. The view only gets better as she starts to undress, tossing her giant clothes onto the bed beside me. They smell faintly of vanilla and lime, a scent I have always thought of as her own.
I take a deep breath and sigh. Her giant, nude form looms over my insignificant naked body. If I ever thought I had a chance with her before, I certainly didn't now. There was nothing I could do to sexually satisfy this goddess.
I took in her profile as she stood sideways next to my sister's bed. Her breasts were as big as Rachel's, but Jessica was much shorter, making them seem much larger in proportion to the rest of her body. Her dark, dense forest of pubic hair stood out against her pale skin, resting just below her perfect stomach. She had a healthy body type that suited her form perfectly. I looked up at her face, with its pale grey eyes and sexy, full red lips. Her long, black hair cascaded nicely over her shoulders, and ended at the start of her shoulder blades.
My sister, still naked, stepped back into view with a dark blue dress. Jessica turned to face the mirror as Rachel held the dress up to her body, and I got a nice view of her perfect ass. It just hovered there, and I thought about how unbelievably erotic it would be for her to sit down right now, on top of my tiny, naked body, without even knowing I was there. My erection is throbbing now, and I reach down and grip it tightly.
Before I could start masturbating, though, Rachel threw the dress off to the side, pushed Jessica's naked body onto the bed, and climbed on top of her, right next to me. I was so close to these sexy goddesses, that if one of them shifted slightly, I would probably be crushed. But at that moment, I didn't care. Beside me were the two biggest, sexiest nudes I would ever lay eyes on. They were like nude landscapes. Mountains of breasts, vast stomachs, thighs like sheer cliffs, all resting on top of each other.
"How about this? Does this make you uncomfortable?" Rachel asks, in her sexiest voice.
"You are such a freak." Jessica says, but it's clear that she's trying not to laugh.
"How about now?" Rachel said, taking two of her giant fingers and running them over the sides of breasts, under stomachs, and finally between legs. At this point I was gripping my little erection so hard I thought that I might pull it off, and I started desperately masturbating. This was the hottest thing I had seen yet today, and I doubted anything would top it for the rest of my life. Jessica moaned in ecstasy, and that was the final thing I needed, and I came immediately and forcefully. I lay back in my sister's discarded bra cup, sweaty and weak. Jessica grabbed Rachel's hand and pulled it up.
"Okay, seriously, we need to get dressed for dinner. You know, the dinner we are sharing with two cute boys." Jessica reminded her, though her voice came out a bit hoarse, and she was sweating a bit from the encounter.
"Okay, okay, you're right." Rachel says, climbing off of her and standing up in all of her beautiful glory. She put her hands on her hips, "I think you should wear my black lacey bra and panties, with the dress I picked out for you. You should wear your hair up, because it looks sexy that way, and also you can borrow those black sandals of mine that you said you liked." Rachel said, starting to pull on her own outfit for the evening.
Jessica stood up, slightly weak in the knees, and pulled on the black panties with the lace trim. The one that matched the bra I was in perfectly.
I struggled to run, but I was tangled in the lace, and only managed to fall over onto my ass. Her giant hand reached over me and grabbed the cup I was in, bringing it up and pressing it against her perfect breast. She clasped it in back, and pushed and prodded her breasts until they looked the way she wanted them to. I was knocked loose, and was now being crushed by the underside of a giant breast.
Jessica slipped the dress over her head, and my world got much darker. I managed, with some effort, to pull myself over to the edge of the bra cup, and just when it seemed like the pressure was too much for my naked little body to take, I found myself tumbling over the edge, sliding down the warm, smooth skin of her stomach.
I grabbed the edge of her panties so I didn't fall out of the dress completely. I held on for dear life. I heard talking, but it was muffled, and right then I didn't care what was being said.
I struggled to pull myself up to the top of the panties, and pushed against her skin until I could slip under the tight waistband. I dropped into the underwear, but didn't fall very far, as I found myself entangled in her soft forest of dark pubic hair. Strands of it were wrapped all around my miniscule nude body, and I could barely move. I could hear some more muffled talking, then I could feel Jessica sitting down, and then what sounded like a car starting. Here I was, once again finding myself imprisoned in the panties of a giantess, only this time my miniscule nude body was entangled in pubic hair, as she drove towards a date with a normal-sized guy. It was going to be a long night.

The dinner must have lasted for at least two hours. Surprisingly, I stayed conscious for the entire thing. It was boring compared to the rest of my day. It was also extremely frustrating. Here I was, finally in the panties of the girl I've been secretly in love with for years. Unfortunately, I was shrunk to tiny size, naked, and so tangled in her pubic hair that I could do nothing to please her. I couldn't even reach my own tiny erection. Not to mention, she was currently on a date with some normal-sized guy, and wasn't even aware that I was imprisoned in her underwear.
I could hear some of the ongoing conversations, but most of it was muffled. Sometimes I could feel vibrations as Jessica forced herself to laugh at something her date said. At least, I was telling myself that she was only pretending to find him funny. But really, what could she possibly see in this guy? Okay, so he was normal-sized. He also probably couldn't get trapped in the forest of her pubic hair, or get his entire body lost in her vagina while trying to please her. But so what? There needs to be more to a relationship than just size, and I'm sure she knew that.
Occasionally, Jessica would cross or uncross her legs, and my world inside of her panties would get even smaller. I gave up trying to get free after awhile, and decided all I could do was wait for events to play out however they would. Eventually, the dinner seemed to come to an end, and I could tell that we were now in a movie car. I hoped she was going home. I had no idea how, but I would have to get her attention. I thought about how my younger siblings had used me after finding me like this, shrunken and without clothes. I decided I was okay with the idea of Jessica having a similar reaction.
Of course, there was always the chance that she would be angry. I didn't want to think about what she could do to me at this size if she were angry, but I couldn't help it. I suddenly pictured her taking me along on one of her babysitting jobs. She'd puts me in the baby's playpen, where the child would drop its pacifier and reach for me. Its giant, pudgy fingers would wrap around my tiny naked body, making a happy sound as it brought me up to its mouth. I can only watch in terror as it slowly opens its mouth, places me inside, and swallows my miniscule nude form whole. No one would ever know what happened to me.
I shuddered at the thought, and tried to place it out of my mind. On the plus side, I was no longer hard.
Jessica must have gotten home at some point, and I was discouraged to hear her date's voice with her. They walked up steps, and a door that I assumed was her bedroom opened and then closed. I thought I heard the door lock, too, but I could have just been imagining it. If this giant couple was about to do what I thought they were about to do, I was in trouble.
I heard the squeak of bedsprings as Jessica leaned back on her bed. Two large, strong hands went up her dress, slowly pulling her panties down her legs, then tossing them away. The giant hands went further past me, and I craned my neck to see them fondle her giant, perfect breasts.
As her date's hands traveled back down, they brought along her bra. How he unhooked it with her laying down, I'll never know. His hands brushed against me as they went by, partially knocking me loose from my pubic prison.
Suddenly, the dark blue ceiling of Jessica's dress was lifted up. Light flooded in, and I looked up into the now giant face of Kenneth Murphy, who I knew from school. He was 18-years-old, a senior, and the star quarterback of the football team. If the rumors were true, he had also bedded most of the girls at our school. How ironic that her date is a behemoth named Ken, but I'm the one shrunken to the size of a naked toy boy.
He was looking right at me, and I froze, but soon realized that he didn't see me. He went to pull the dress off completely, but Jessica stopped him.
"Hey, Ken, the street goes both ways, you know." She said.
"Huh?" He replied, looking confused.
"Well, I'm practically naked, thanks to you, but there you are still fully dressed. Seems unfair."
"Oh, yeah, totally. You should get to see my body, it's pretty great." He said, removing his clothes fairly efficiently. Practice makes perfect, I guess. He was soon down to nothing but his red boxers. I wish I could say he was lying about having a great body, but so far he certainly wasn't. I watched as he effortlessly removed his boxers, letting then slide down his legs to the floor, and then kicking them off. I couldn't look away. He was absolutely huge, and that was at normal size. To me, his penis, already erect, was as big and as thick as a skyscraper. His humongous testicles, which hung perfectly suspended in the air directly below, were the size of boulders. I felt my own tiny penis respond to this awesome display of manhood above me.
It was certainly impressive, and judging from the look on Ken's face, he knew it. He then climbed onto the bed on top of Jessica, supporting himself over her with his strong arms pressing against the mattress on either side of her body. Jessica pulled the dress the rest of the way over her head and tossed it over the side of the bed and onto the floor. These two giants were now completely nude, and I have to say that it definitely suited them.
Ken's enormous equipment hovered just above me. I tried to touch it, but I couldn't reach. A drop of pre-cum hits me, coating my entire body and leaving me sticky. Common sense takes over, and I realize that this is not where I want to be during this. Ken runs his giant hands all over Jessica's vast body, caressing her smooth, beautiful skin. His fingers brushed my body a few more times, untangling me completely from Jessica's forest of pubic hair.
By now, Ken was mostly focusing on rubbing Jessica's breasts, so I slowly made my way of up the plain of her stomach. I had no idea where I planned on ending up, I just knew that I couldn't go further down, where most of the action would take place, but I also couldn't end up on the bed, as that would be far more dangerous. I stopped when I reached her ample chest. Each breast jutted straight up in the air, each one capped by one of Ken's giant hands, his thumbs rubbing her huge nipples. In between them was a canyon, surrounded on both sides by flesh.
I didn't give myself time to think, as every second counted, so I just ran between them. I felt, rather than saw, Ken start to push Jessica's breasts together, and I just barely had enough time to dive to safety before they slammed together, sending shockwaves all through the ground at my feet.
Jessica moaned, sending deep vibrations through her chest. I sat back against her skin, just above her breasts now. Watching the action from this angle was even better.
"Wait, do you have a condom?" Jessica asked in between moans.
"Not with me. Do you?" He asked, not sounding like he was really interested in her response.
"No, my parents would kill my if they found any in my room." She replied.
"Too bad." Ken said, continuing with what he had been doing.
"Um, sorry…but there is no way we are doing this without protection." She said.
"Are you kidding me?" Ken said, "Do you have any idea just how hard my cock is right now? That's just cruel…"
Jessica reached down between his legs and gripped his rock-hard erection, maneuvering it slightly above where it currently was. She sat up, and the motion caused me to stumble forward onto my hands and knees.
"Oh, come on!" He pleaded, desperate.
"Okay, look, just because we can't do…that, doesn't mean we have to stop. Just let me take care of this, okay?" Jessica said, moving his penis until it was resting between her enormous breasts. The movement knocked me from my perch, and soon I was rolling down the hill of her breast, ending up on the tip of Ken's enormous penis. It was burning hot to the touch, and Jessica pushed her breasts together, trapping the organ and pressing my insignificant body into the skin. It only lasted a few seconds, luckily, before she released the pressure. When she did, I made a run for it down the length of Ken's gigantic penis. The skin is hot under my feet, but he's hard enough now that I can run on it without too much of a problem. Unfortunately, before I can get very far, it starts throbbing, and I stumble forward, pressing myself against his skin for dear life. I push against the surface with both hands in an attempt to get up again. My miniscule nude body is nothing compared to this gigantic organ. I make the mistake of looking back, and I see Jessica's billboard-sized face looking hungrily at me. It takes me a couple of seconds to realize that it's not me that she's focusing on, but it's too late for me to take action. She licks her lips, and then her giant tongue comes right at me, running down the length of Ken's shaft.
I try to run, but soon I feel the wet, sticky tongue at my heels, and then I am stumbling forward. The tongue presses me to the rock-hard penis, and I am being pushed and rolled across its length. Jessica reaches the end, and I try and grab one of Ken's wiry pubic hairs as the tongue retreats, but instead I end up falling over the side. I land on top of one of his monster testicles, and start rolling down the ever-tightening skin of his scrotum. I reached out blindly for anything to stop my fall, luckily grabbing onto one of his pubic hairs just as I topple over the edge. When I woke up this morning, I certainly never thought that I'd end up shrunk to an insignificant size, completely naked, and dangling from a teenage jock's huge ball sack by one of his rope-like pubic hairs. Oh yes, my day is definitely complete now, I think sarcastically.
The day isn't over yet, though. Jessica's tongue returns and scoops me up before running back up the underside of Ken's penis, dragging me along with it. When she finishes, I am stuck to the head of the penis by her sticky saliva. The skin I am stuck to is burning hot against my back. Jessica's face appears again, and I watch in horror as she opens her mouth and engulfs the penis, with me still stuck to the head.
The inside of Jessica's mouth is humid and sticky,


very cool thanks



Do you have number 2 as well?


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