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The Bus Trip
by Dr Nick
A shrinking story


The beautiful Thai lady smiled as her maid placed a bowl of curry before
her. The maid then produced a covered tray. She lifted the lid,
displaying a tiny tour bus, less than four inches long, perhaps an inch
and a half high. Faint, tiny screams could be heard from inside the
bus, and inside it, little people began to run about in panic. They
were tourists whom the maid had shrunk while they were visiting the
city. They were all less than half an inch tall.

The bus had made a wrong turn into an alley, and was stuck. The maid,
in a nearby shop, knew spells, and cast one quickly over the bus. It
dwindled rapidly. As she walked over to the spot where it stood, the
shopkeepers around her closed up quickly, as they knew what would happen
next, and did not want to be called as witnesses, because witnesses the
size of gnats are very hard to hear and don't live very long.

The bus driver leaped from his window and ran. The maid arrived just as
he jumped over a quarter inch crack in the pavement. "Very agile!" she
laughed at the terrified escapee. "Now watch out for my little toe!"
Her delicate foot descended over him slowly as he tried to run further,
engulfing him in shadow. He made a gallant run for it, but in the end
it was like trying to run out from under a falling skyscraper. When she
raised her sandal, there was a gooey red spot like chewing gum stuck to
her sole.

She plucked the bus up between thumb and forefinger, and peered inside.
The ant-sized men and women, some on the best vacation of their lives,
screamed in terror when they saw her gigantic eyes. She smiled, placed
the bus in her purse, and went to her mistress's home.

Now the maid placed the bus in the palm of her left hand and gripped its
roof with her right. One little man escaped through an emergency exit
and ran down the crease in her palm, past her pinkie, and leaped to an
uncertain freedom, only to land with a tiny plop in the wine goblet that
sat before the mistress. The mistress laughed, and took a sip of wine.
When she placed the glass back, the little man was no longer in it. She
let him lay on her tongue for a mere moment, savoring her power, and
thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I remember reading this when I was 12 and started looking for GTS stuff in the Internet. It was the first gory story I came across, it was so creepy :/ I never liked them.


I musta read this when I was 8. It set the tone for the stories I'd enjoy. Great stuff…


IT got nuked with the old macrochan. IF you want to read it, go ahead.

If any lesson is to be taken from architecture, it is that earthquake-proof buildings were the exception rather than the norm.

That lesson was most apparent today. From a distance, the city's skyline, a distinctive collection of bright, sparking spires of metal and glass, wobbled disconcertingly as the ground shook beneath them. One or two lazily-designed buildings simply gave up the fight against gravity and collapsed, billowing rapidly-expanding clouds of pulverized cement. Nobody thought that an earthquake would strike this deep into the continent.

But then again, this quake wasn't entirely natural. The ground shook violently once more, anything that wasn't bolted down leapt noticably into the air as a flat-sandal-clad foot, the sole itself easily taller than any of the buildings, impacted outside the city limits. The storm of air overturned vehicles, shattered windows, and blew down someof the weaker buildings like the big bad wolf on steroids. Bare toes, each one larger than the downtown district, flexed under the sandal strap as the foot's twin settled next to it, causing its own miniature windstorm.

From ground level, one's vision would have been filled simply with the thin brown soles of the sandals, capped with the soft, smooth toes under the sandal straps. Looking up further revealed shapely legs ending in a pair of tight, dark-green shorts. A matching short-sleeved shirt under a tied apron followed, both concealing a pair of breasts that would have been impressive on a normal-sized person. Now, each one was a mountain, shapely and firm, and from the way they moved under the shirt as the woman leaned forward over the city, it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. As she leaned, her face, framed by brown hair tied into a ponytail, came into view. While her face remained youthful, her eyes betrayed experience in many matters. Her hands moved to her knees, shifting her breasts between them, as she bent over to get a closer look at the city below her.

"Ara ara~ What a dirty little spot!"

The smile she gave would have been warm and welcoming had her words been different. She straightened up, her breasts framing her face as she looked down at the spot at her feet. The ground rumbled yet again as the toes on her left foot began to retract from under the sandal strap, and the muscles in her bare legs shifted under her skin as shePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Glad you posted it. Do go on if you ever have the time, can't just dangle the ending right there can ye?



That WAS the end of it. Just a simple one-shot to get a rattling idea oot of my head.

I might extrapolate on the setting though- giga MILF helps out tiny people by "clearing" slums and decrepit sections of buildings for new cities.


A Higher Education
By Processlover

London Allers is a 38 year old math teacher at a local college. Standing at 5'6" wearing size 8 open toed heels. She is a bit on the chubby side, but not fat, with curly red hair that just goes past her shoulders. She is wearing frameless glasses, she sees fine but like to wear them, a light blue button up blouse, a black skirt that goes down to her ankels, and black nylons.

London is sitting at her desk at the front of the class grading papers while her class is busy doing their work. As she is grading, a strange mosquito lands on her head and bites her. London smacks the mosquito and continues grading, and as she does she feels likes she is being stretched, her growth was beginning. She decides to ignor this new sensation and continues grading, but notices that her glasses were begining to pinch her nose. She takes them off and examines them, wondering why they are getting uncomfortable. she places them down, but fails to notice her sleeve slowly rising up her forearm. At this point her shoes are beginning to to hurt her feet, which was odd since she found these shoes very comfortable. She looks down at her feet, she sees that her toes are pushin out of the hole in the front, but dismisses it by slipping off her heels. She decides that she will be fine, she has a strong foot odor so she rarely takes off her shoes.

London is now 5'9, her blouse untucks itself exposing her pudgey belly, her sleeves almost halfway up her forearms. Runs are starting to form in her nylons, her long toes trying to rip out of thier confines. Her knees are rising up slighty as her legs are getting longer, her skirt beginning to reveal her calves. London notices that her shirt is starting to feel a bit tight, she looks down to see that her belly is exposed and tries to pull her shirt back down, as she does she notices that her sleeves aren't at her wrists anymore. "What is going on?" she askes herself. She looks down at her feet to see the runs in her stockings and at this point her toes are tearing through the front of her nylons, fully exposing themselves as she hits 6'2"

London is starting to worry, "Why am I growing?" she asks herself, "And when will it stop?" The top two buttons on her blouse, unable to take anymore strain, pop off. Her skirt is up to her knees as half of her feet are now exposed, and holes are starting to fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Decided to write something just before posting died in a fire; so here it is. Any critique and advice appreciated.

The familiar environs of her study began to fade, and slowly the rows of books and lecterns melted into a bright blue sky dotted with miniscule clouds that drifted lazily just above eyelevel. Then came the feeling of what seemed like fine grass and soft earth flattening underfoot. She stared down blankly at the expanse of minuscule terrain that stretched out in all directions from under her feet, a satisfied smile appearing on her face.
One moment the sky had been as clear as any day- the next moment the horizon had been replaced with the inconceivably colossal form of a young woman, gazing down from miles above.
"It worked- you're all exactly as miniscule as I'd imagined."
Crouching and resting her hands on her knees, Patchouli surveyed the microcosm of civilization that surrounded the square of green park grounds she had appeared over. Her stocking clad toes wiggled with anticipation, uprooting trees and crushing immense boulders into the soft earth. Joggers and park-goers who hadn't been caught under her sudden appearance fled from the mammoth socks, each toe towering at least one hundred feet above their heads.
"Now where to start, hmm?" she pondered and tilted her head.
Her piercing violet eyes looked over the millions of microscopic people who in turn were staring back in various states of disbelief, confusion, and amazement.
All were transfixed in place, both by her immense size and by the sensuality of her figure. Her youthful face was framed with smooth purple hair, which hung down onto the tops of her supple breasts, each barely contained under a thin pink nightshirt, and whose swaying and jiggling at every breath betrayed the lack of a bra underneath. She was plump, her thighs and hips looming like soft lily mountains that soared over those who were directly below her . She wore striped panties which her cushy stomach hung well over the seam of. Had she been the same scale as those below she would have been well under five feet tall, but here she easily stood two miles in height.
"I spent days working to find this particular sort of world because most other girls prefer to find ones a little smaller in scale than this, and I figured you poor tiny things would be so lonely without me. Besides, I need a place to unwind a little where the air is nice and clear."
Her inflection carried a coyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This is godly stuff here.

>Giga Cowsiblings Reboot/Sequel:

Since to my knowledge this never got a dedicated story that wasn't in GLORIOUS WRITINGS STYLE OF MOTHERLAND or just greentext it needs doing. If this DID get done properly and I'm unaware do tell me.

Shit son, I haven't even completed the original IN GLORIOUS LANGUAGE OF MOTHERLAND yet. I ought to get cracking.

But if you're up for it, i say go for it.


Just to clarify I still think the meat of said GLORIOUS STORY was good, I might consider doing that as more of a translation and embellishment than as a proxy.


Do the catgirls one


Alright, I'm gonna do the catgirl story, though I'll also start work on another story based more on suggestions here. Should I make a new thread for the next one or just put it in here?



Probably another thread, just so these stories are separate entities.





One day on planet portal open. through portal step giant foot, as big as many city. giant foot belong to giga cow shota, who flaccid foreskin cover penis

is already big size at his scale, but many versta long to people of tiny world.

following cowshota come big-titted cow onee-san, who have breast size of entire mountain range and has small problem seeing over nipple-top peaks. Both siblings have ears and tail resembling earth cow, as is of their people.

onee-san scold cowshota for running ahead of her and cowshota apologize for investigating big bright light next to home field. of course to tiny person ear voice of cowsibling only come out as deep lowing similar to giant cows. shota not notice tiny city near his feet, and toe of shota is many times taller than largest spire (which had already collapse because of massive earthquake and windstorm from giant shota foot). Shota begin turning to see rest of land, and thus lift foot above tiny city and move to step. As shota lift foot, he create many air current stronger than hurricane.that blow over rest of city.

Onee-san begins follow shota, and end up step on tiny city no bigger than onee-san palm of hand. Crunch of tiny city and tiny people is barely notice by onee-san. Single step is enough to wipe out entire city. Siblings begin walk to explore tiny world and crush many city and other things of tiny people under foot. Shota remark that new pasture is very flat.

After some exploring shota feel rumble in stomach. He tell onee-san who decide is time for graze. She kneel down and see tiny grey patches. She take lick of tiny grey patch, miles-long tongue of cow onee-san lap up little city. She chew thoughtfully and say it taste of rock and minerals. Shota find little fields of color and say it smell better, so shota ans onee-san lean over to graze on fields of tin people farm. As siblings graze, onee-san feel nipples pulverize city under chest, and shota feel city crush under tip of foreskin-cover penis. Both feel tingle of pleasure but decide on feeding while tiny people under massive bodies of siblings scream and flee in terror while being crush by massive body parts.

Later on onee-san decide to rest while shota go to explore rest of new pasture. Onee-san sit on mountain range near lake and remember feeling tingle of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Onee-san ponder what shota said and decide to start off with explaining "bug-squisher." Onee-san say penis is not for squishing bugs but for make more cowpeople. She say when shota penis get hard, shota puts penis in vagina of cowgirl, and squirting stuff make more cowpeople, or so cowmom explained to nee-san.

Shota ask how penis become hard, since he only know that rubbing it against things make it hard (and of course squish bug). Onee-san says that is not just squish bug that make penis hard. She decide to make demonstration.

But first, onee-san want to move to new area, since current area is full of imprint of foot and body and not more bugs left for squish. Shota agree and they walk off. Onee-san and shota come across huge, gleaming, patch that glitter under afternoon sun. Patch is almost circle and has enough wide for onee-san tall. Patch also has metal lump at center, as big as tip of finger of onee-san, with big upright spire that gives message of compensation of body.

Shota arrive first at city edge and turn to onee-chan and make aloud wonder of what exactly demonstration is.

Onee-san smile deeply and give shove to shota. Shota makes yelp of surprise and falls on butt near center of city, make instant crush of many building under surpise butt fall (but still misses big lump, which to surprise of hypothetical viewer is not much damage). Before shota can gain bearing, onee-san quickly make straddle on shota and give deep kiss on mouth while make weaving grip on fingers. Entire city watch as siblings portray two pig fighting over scrap of potato. as force of onee-san kiss push back of shota head to ground while tongue of onee-san explore mouth of shota.

Sudden contact with female gender makes penis of shota stand at attention, but is at half-attention like drunken conscript about to be shot by commissar.

Onee-san gives quick feel of penis and decide is not satisfactory. While shota is lie on back panting from super snog, straddle of onee-san make quick 180 so onee san is now inspecting penis.

"Shh…." Onee-san gives shota whispering message, although whisper of onee-san is loud-enough to deafen tiny people and blow out window of building.

Onee-san decide to take matter into her own mouth, but not without participation of bugs and otouto. Onee-san grabs handful of city and rubs against increasingly wet snatch, making spread of rubble, vehicle, and tiny body all over lipsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



The VERDANT DAWN and her battlefleet had arrived above the planet a mere week after the call. The homeworld of the Brotherhood of Vankshod had finally been located, the planet responsible for indiscriminate attacks against the civilian population of the GDI would finally pay. Dasram Shrad, the madman in charge, would face justice for his crimes. The DAWN and her escort quickly entered combat orbit around the planet. Marines were ushered into their dropships and the battlegroup pointed its lance batteries at the surface below, ready to strike in the name of vengeance.

And then the probes retrieved the images from the planet's surface. Saying the command staff was surprised would have been a major understatement. Marines and shipmen alike crowded around the viewscreens from the scout runs, viewing the live feed of the "quality time" below.

Many were stunned, a few became sick, and some needed some time alone with their tube socks.

Command reviewed the areas devastated by the unknown visitors, which just so happened to line up with their list of "things to blow up." They closed the list, dusted their hands, removed the planet from the star charts with the reason "struck by an act of god," and left.

There was a whole galaxy under the GDI's protection. This planet, unfortunately, was not, as it became a pasture of pleasure for a race beyond comprehension.





Is make for good conclusions to story which had remain unfinished like business between fascist pigs and motherland between wars

I shall make recommendation to worker's council that writer not sent gulag this week, tho five year plan to include detail of oppai-loli and friend might earn extra bread. just sayings


Okay, okay, so everything begins with the GHQ antibodies raiding the Undertaker headquarters, and thats kinda bad right? Right.

So in hopes to buy some time for everyone to evacuate Gai is about to use an unknown genome he stole months ago on itself, but Ayase being the gaisucker she is, offers herself to take the genome instead, and no long after she injects it she starts to… Okay, wait for it, you ready? She starts to grow in size until she reaches the towering height of 50ft in the blink of an eye!

The battlefield goes silent as Ayase bursts out from that building, yeah that one, the antibodies decepticons (how the mechas in GC were called again?) are frozen in fear before the sight of such colossal girl and the intimidating shadow she suddenly casted over them.

And so before the GHQ forces had the chance to scream "EEEEEEEH?" in unison as the camera pans to the sky, Ayase moves her right arm with her hand open towards the enemy buster machines.

Ayase aimed her gigantic arm towards the nearest Eva unit, poor Johnny shat his pants as he saw how the XBAWCKS HUEG female hand suddenly hovered over his gagagaogaigar, but still he couldn't advert his gaze from the beautiful fingers stretching before him, bittersweet tears started to flow from Johnny face as his uneventful life flashed by, and as his oversized death creeped closer and closer.

At the last moment Johnny lifted and put his arms in front of him, and screamed with all the might of his girly voice, after a minute or so of screaming the pilot wiped out his tears and looked through the monitor of his Zaku, he backed down to the corner of his seat when he saw that the giant fingers were still there, wriggling like crazy as they barely touched the surface of his Megas XLR.

Everyone just stood there, dumbfounded, staring at the titanic woman groaning and sweating as she stretched now her both arms with all her might, still unable to grab Johnny's Megazord.

Meanwhile some dudes behind Ayase noticed that most her body was still inside the Undertakers underground facilities, only her head, chest, and arms were sticking out from the mess she created.

"Maybe she is stuck in there?" said the faceless background soldier, "Hard to believe" someone replied back, "Wait, isn't she that hot terrorist cripple?"

The mood changed once again for the worst as hundreds of condescend gazes were turned at the giantess, her face turned bright rePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It happened when Naoto was leaving class. She felt a hot flush run up her body, her face going red as she stopped walking. The sensation quickly passed, and she looked around herself cautiously - she couldn't see anyone nearby, so she just wrote it off as something random. It wasn't, but she didn't realise it just yet.
The growth was subtle at first - Naoto didn't even realise that things seemed odd because she was a little bit taller than she was a minute ago. It didn't take long for her to figure out what was happening though - after a few seconds she could feel the binding on her chest become uncomfortably tight, the realisation making her face blush bright red.

Naoto felt her clothes start to press into her body - the sleeves of her jacket started to bite into her skin, constricting the flow of blood. She rapidly kicked off her shoes, sending them flying against the wall with a loud sound. Looking down, she saw that her socks were already starting to break apart, giant holes in the fabric revealing her feet as she looked down. She felt a stab of pain as she did so - the binding around her chest had gotten far too tight, and although she didn't want to, the fact of her growth left her no choice. She quickly reached into her shirt and tore the binding, an easy job given her new strength and the tortured state of the binding itself.
Naoto immediately let out a relaxed sigh as she felt her breasts drop free from the binding - her chest wasn't exactly small, and the binding was a constant, irritating annoyance. The feeling of her breasts being exposed to the open air was a welcome, welcome relief compared to the pain of having them constantly bound . Naoto quickly went to take a look down her shirt, but even that slight movement rubbed her chest against the remnants of the binding. Biting her lip, she looked down and saw her nipples firmly standing out through a tear in the binding, the slightest movement sending a tinge of pleasure through her body.
After taking a moment to bring herself together, Naoto quickly looked around – she was here early, so there was nobody else at school. Lucky enough for her, but she was going to have to get out of here quickly.
She realised that whatever was happening hadn't stopped when she took her first step – her pants were uncomfortably tight, and as she started to move they started to come down – there was no way they could stay wrapped around her now much larger hips. Naoto quickly movePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ross was knocked onto his back by the sudden rush of air as Lute lowered her massive body, squatting down in front and above him. Looking up, all he could see was Lute's crotch, followed by the rest of her naked body as it towered above him, her sneering face framed by breasts that could crush him whole. Lowering her hand and extending a single finger, she gave Ross a push as he tried to get back onto his feet, a push which sent him flying a few feet through the air. Letting out a small, yet incredibly loud giggle, Lute pressed down with her finger, roughly pinning Ross to the ground, and sinking him a fair way into the soil.

"Did I just imagine hearing you try to tell me what to do? Because I really don't think you're in any position to make demands right now." Lute smiled as she saw the effect her booming words had on Ross - the colour had drained from his face, and he looked absoLutely terrified, frantically shaking his head and making plaintitive gestures as well as he could while being pushed into the ground by a finger a bit bigger than he was.

Lute didn't pay that much attention to what he was saying(it was a real bother listening to people who were that far beneath her), focusing on the sensations of dominance and power she was getting from this simple, symbolic act. She could feel her cheeks redden a bit, and decided to have a bit more fun. It wasn't like Ross was in any position to say no, anyhow.

“Well, I'm sure you'd never try and do anything like that, but I think you need a little reminder of exactly how things work now.” Lute giggled again, running her finger over Ross' tiny body as gently as she could, although she still left a few bruises. Ross, seeing the glazed over look in her eyes and smelling her now obvious arousal, blanched, seeing exactly where this was going.

Picking Ross up between two of her fingers, Lute quickly stood up, bringing her captive in front of her face as she did. Ross started to curl up into a ball as he felt the incredibly fast(to him) ascent, but a few rough shakes from Lute stopped that rather quickly. Lute narrowed her eyes, staring intently at the man suspended a few inches(for her) from her face, enjoying the expression of terror on Ross' face, as he stared into an eye bigger than his entire head.

“Don't you know how easy it would be for me to just do …this?”
Lute smiled, before quickly lowering Ross to her mouth and licking him, her entire tongue coatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


There are quite a few stories on GS-Uploader, but since they're in Japanese, they're pretty much inaccessible to anyone who doesn't read Japanese. So I've decided to translate a few when I have time.

Here's part 1 of "The Trial of Love," with the original series to be found here, written by dan-gorou:

The Trial of Love (from Yuka's diary)

My name is Yuka. Three years ago I fell passionately in love with Hiro, the man I finally married three years ago. We're both part of the "Middle Class": Hiro is about 4 Kokyuros tall (equal to about 300 feet on earth), just a little shorter than the average "Middle Class" person here. I, on the other hand, am a little taller than average, with my husband's forehead coming right up to me at my eye level.

Ever since I was a child, I've always stood out. My facial features are very distinct, and as I became an adult, people often thought I looked like a model.

I met Hiro while at work. He was a very serious and kind man. However, he was very good to me, and that kindness was what attracted me to him. Before long, we decided to marry.

The marriage ceremony was held a few months later when the moon was at its largest point; we wanted to make sure the ceremony would take place during the full moon. Otherwise, the ceremony itself was just like any other. It's just that, since neither of us have any relatives, the only people who came to the wedding were our friends. It was a simple ceremony, and on that night, we gave ourselves to each other for the first time.

And under the soft, golden light of the moon coming in from our open window, we made a vow to each other.

"Under the light of the waning moon, we, the people of the earth, come to you;
That you, soft light, will please fill our heart and minds;
Let us become one body under the night, one fate, one spirit, and one love;
And let us swear our love to each other for all eternity."

Continuing the vow, Hiro then said, "Yuka, for the rest of my life, no matter what happens, I exist for your sake."

Hiro's words were very kind. "Hiro, I also will never leave you, no matter what." I swore in return.

After the marriage, because we both worked in a rather small office, it felt awkward to work in the sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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