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possibly my magnum opus

Before we do anything, she asks once more if I am okay with this. She says if it's too much that I can ask her to stop and she promises she will, she wouldn't dare do this against my will. I nod twice and blink. After a few seconds I cough quietly and she walks toward me then embraces me in this warm hug, and I think my heart thaws at that exact second, the exact second of contact all of my fear floods away and bleeds from my pores. I close my eyes and hug her back, feeling the soft skin of her bare back against my fingers and these two ugly hands. We let each other go and I smile. I hope this isn't the last time we do this, I say, and she laughs a little and smiles back. In her eyes I can see the kindness that's been there since we met, since however long ago it was that I bumped into her and she said Who's in town and I couldn't reply. I'm still kind of sorry about that. But now that's the past, it doesn't matter, and we are right here. In the heat of this moment. So there's three pills, red, blue, and the Advil for the headaches that always follow. I told her so many times that I've tested I've tested I'VE TESTED these pills and I know that I'll be fine, down to like two inches and the Advil chased down preferably with liquor or some garbage beer that's warm and kind of frothy will kill any head pains in thirty minutes or so, so we're all set. I take them from the plastic case on the table, hands steady and motions slow and deliberate. To the left is a glass of water. I dry swallow the first two pills, chemically modified sertraline with this ish called Tricordrazine (named for the shit off Star Trek, because why not?) and like enkephalin (an enzyme manufactured in the human spine that reportedly gets you high). Then I take the Advil, but I have to drink a sip of water to get it down and I cough lightly and drink water again. I'm tired now but I won't sleep. This is the first time I've tried to stay awake through the process that's apparently excruciatingly painful but something incredibly euphoric and unlike anything else you'd ever tried before, like peyote or some shit except you're seeing fucking visions, man, visions of the future and of the past. My mind's tranquil for the first ten minutes, while we sit on the couch and I sit staring at her and sweat beads off my forehead because she's still smiling at me and her dimples are the cutest thing, and damn it's almost tragic to know she's going to be subject to this, tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


another i wrote that i liked

okay, uh


Light shines into the room and I squint my eyes. Before she even turns on the light I begin screaming at her, standing up as quickly as possible and attempting to at least escape for a minute from her. My legs aren't strong enough to support me anymore, and my stomach's growling pathetically and I drop to my knees and begin to sob. She doesn't even turn on the light, she just laughs and picks me up in her enormous hand. Her overwhelming presence is made clear to me, despite only seeing her silhouette framed by flaxen skylight. When I look to her face, she laughs again, but this time much more gently. My eyes gaze deep into hers. I feel the warmth of her skin on my body and even if I know this woman, I know what is about to come, I still feel safe, like a mother's soft hand on your cheek. If I didn't know better I'd be in love. She smiles, her lips creasing and dimples showing. I know she is trying to lull me into a false sense of safety, but I don't buy it. Again I'm filled with bitter rage, not just against the girl, but against myself and the world in general. Tears streaming down my face once more, I shout out something unintelligible, voice hoarse and throat sore. She doesn't give a reply, but she does gesture for me to be quiet, finger on lip. I turn to gaze back on the sleeping people, tucked into matchbox beds and still left untainted. Look to my hands, look at the moon outside, look to the girl, I am going to die. Each individual taken every night, obviously by the girl but no one dare challenge her. We had thought we were saved, the moment spacetime convulsed and vomited us unfortunate fifteen into the home of the girl, and she treated us with kindness. She spoke not a word to us, though, and we did not speak a word to her. It was only a week until Eli vanished, his bed in tatters and entirely ruined. The girl did not answer us when we tried to ask her where he went, and so we held a funeral for him and our distrust for the girl bloomed.

Nine people left alive, the blood of those killed began to slightly paint the walls of our room. At first it was only lines, but they grew into words that mirrored our own rage back at us, 'staple my clit to your shitdick' and 'fuck me like a concrete cock' decorating the ceiling and floors. I don't understand, I just never thought that it would really be this way in the occasion that I would actually shrink. It's just a hazed memory nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I saw this image and was inspired.

Suutara spun her head from side to side and looked at the rest of her adventuring group. Despite meeting them in a sketchy tavern, the elven sorceress had grown rather fond of them. Belisara the half-giant barbarian was a gregarious figure – tall, incredibly muscular and almost always drinking. Eoreth the human priest was always calm and composed beneath his plate, and the half-drow Giro was as sarcastic as he was stealthy.

The cold stone of the dungeon walls around them was illuminated by the pale glow of Eoreth’s restorative magic. The party’s latest adventure had taken them to one of the secondary castles of an ancient wizard king, and the last fight was surprisingly dangerous. Belisara had one of her arms twisted open before she bashed an undead skull into fragments with her greathammer, and she was howling an unrecognisable litany of curse words as the human priest restored her back to full health.

“Every single time we go down a set of stairs, the monsters get nastier. Are you all sure you don’t want to rest and try again tomorrow?”

Giro was leaning against a wall, practically unhurt save for a minor cut below his left eye that looked more like warpaint than an actual injury. The rogue was as brave as a thief could be, but he knew his limits – and those of the rest of the party.

“I’ve still got enough restorative magic left to patch every last one of us back to good health after the next fight. Everyone’s still got all their potions too…we should be fine.

“Yeah, what he said. I’m the only one who even got hurt that time…I’m not afraid to see a bit of blood.”

Belisara swung her newly healed arm through the air and stretched her imposing, eight foot tall frame out. Tightening the strap on her dragon-hide armour and giving her hammer a few more swings, the half-giant slammed it into the wall and sent out a spray of rocky dust.

“I haven’t even used any of my higher level spells yet…If you’re worried, I’ll hasten the entire party before we get started. That rod of spell extension I just found should make it last for the rest of the day, too.”

Tara spoke up, her own voice lilting and melodic. The elf had a touch of the upper planes running through her blood – she’d guessed that she was related to some noble bastard – and it made her beautiful and charismatic. Successful sorcerers always tended to be beautiful and charismatic, and when herPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nice/10 would adventure again


This was good, then again I'm a sucker for cute, yet enormous catgirls that are slowly growing bigger and bigger~♪

Is this a one-shot, or do you plan to continue it?


Sakaara idly swirled the wine around in her glass. She still didn’t understand why adventurers tended to congregate in taverns, and the swill she was struggling to drink was doing nothing for her mood. Still, there was no better place to find a group of morons with powerful souls – and she didn’t have long to wait. She’d only been sitting down for ten minutes when the doors to the dim tavern burst open – and six hearty adventurers walked in with smiles on their faces. A male paladin, two female rogues, a scrawny wizard and a flamboyant elf swashbuckler. A smile forming on her graceful face, the elf stood up on her feet and walked over to the group the moment they sat down.
“Ah! Might you be a party of adventurers? I have a perilous task that needs several young souls full of bravery and skill to accomplish.”
The sorceress was naturally charismatic, and her magical equipment gave her quite literally supernatural charm. Her big elven eyes, beautiful face and long platinum-blonde hair were enough to prompt the swashbuckler to his feet in a second. Removing his hat, the elf stumbled over his words as he responded.
“O-of course, my fair maiden! Murders and Acquisitions stand ready to challenge the greatest odds! Name your task and your rewards and we’ll be on the job.”
The rest of the elf’s party simply nodded their heads in agreement, entranced by Sakaara’s impossible physical beauty. Only the paladin looked askance at her, his eyes narrowing as he tried to figure out exactly why everyone else seemed so enamoured of the mysterious stranger.
“Not far from here is an abandoned mage’s tower. My companions and I were searching it for treasure when we were ambushed by one of the fell creatures lurking within – I only escaped with my life. The sacred pendant that my friend carried contains the magic required to return them all to life…but I cannot face them alone. Will you help me bring my companions back, and see that justice is done?”
Sakaara was an excellent liar, and her plaintive plea was full of faked emotion – and given her natural and unnatural gifts, it was more than enough to stir the heartstrings of the adventurers ahead of her.
“Of course, fair lady. We saw the tower on our journey here – we’ll meet you there on the morrow.”
“I’m sorry, but it cannot wait – the tower’s magic keeps it sealed whenever the moon isn’t full. We must make haste!”
The members of the adventuring party looked at each other, obviously intrigued Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Alright, here's the first part.


Yuuka was stirred from a deep sleep when the patchwork quilt her sister and her shared as a bed sheet slid off and coiled around Mizu's body like a cocoon. Mizu was always hogging the sheets, though she couldn't blame her when she considered how small their bedding was, and how cold their house was during the winter. She tapped Mizu's shoulder and leaned into her ear.

"Mizu- come on stop taking it all up, It's really cold."

Her sister's brown ears popped out from inside the wrapping of cloth and she groaned.

"Mmmnn- fine, scoot closer though, I'm cold." She moaned, half asleep.

Yuuka pulled the quilt back over her body and nestled close to her sister, though her twitching tail rubbing against her leg always made getting to sleep difficult. The two of them shared this tiny lean-to behind a tavern since the war had forced them to leave their hometown, and they had lived without much comfort ever since. Catfolk weren't exactly given the best treatment in the Human kingdoms, and as far as Yuuka knew they were some of the only ones living in this city, serving patrons at the tavern to earn their stay.

Despite the uncomfortable closeness their tiny bed demanded she savored Mizu's sweetly scented silky black hair that was pressed close to her face, and after a few minutes she felt herself drift back to sleep.

After a timeless period of rest she slowly awoke to find her feet were uncovered and cold again- Mizu must've pulled it back over herself again.

"Mizu why did you take it again? Come on."

She rolled over and felt her foot bump into something hard.


Yuuka sat up sleepily, rubbing her eyes. As she rose her head bumped into an unyielding surface and she yelped in surprise.

"Wha- what happened?" Mizu awoke with a start, rising and smacking her forehead into the ceiling as well.

"H-how did the roof get so low? What's going on?"

The two of them were sitting on their bed like it was a stool, their feet touching the far wall of their bedroom and their heads hunched low to avoid touching thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I personally think 3 would be the most interesting, since as far as I know no one has ever written a story about that kind of thing.


Is a new story being worked on? I like your stories a lot and hope you continue.


Yes, I'm still writing at that monstergirl story, progress is just slow due to being busy/lazy. Was difficult to consider a perspective and narrative that amounted to more than just a haphazard collection of vaguely linked stories, but wasn't too detracting in it's scope. Think I've found a good balance though, so it's just a matter of writing the first chapter and seeing if it sticks.


Any idea when the first part will get done?


Well, in all honesty I'm still working on the first section. I've had difficulty establishing just what tone I want to set for the story. The only thing I've established solidly is that I don't want to make it terribly serious or too much in-line with Pacific Rim itself.

I've got a pretty solid outline done for the overall story, and the introduction and first monster girl is in progress. I'll probably post what I have so far relatively soon to get some feedback and see if its a good direction to write the rest in.


Stiiill searching for my stories that I posted a few weeks ago (Christmas and about a week before that) on /d. Yes, I did… try… to back them up, but something happened to my files - I just can't find them. So I'm counting on some lurkers here.

The first story was about a girl being tortured by Sammy - her Barista coworker - mostly through her feet but ends up being shoved and crushed inside her.

The second one was a Christmas themed thing with a girl named Klei and her roommate who get two tiny elves as a Christmas present from Santa. Klei is all chipper and her roommate (Cam, I think?) proceeds to torture hers. Go figure.

Anyhow, locate both pieces of this puzzle and you might be rewarded with a third… and I'll back it up on GTSWorld this time too.


And yes I do forget the names of characters in my own stories, go figure.


Your first one may have been located on giantessworld.



File: 1390273592016.jpg (408.35 KB, 717x1013, neko neko tease.jpg)

foot play/insertion story

christmas elf story

save them up before archives randomly decide to go offline again



Uh, yea, I actually was the one who uploaded that :p

I actually managed to FINALLY find the files, they were very discreetly hidden :/


For those of you who enjoy breast expansion, butt expansion, growth, and all that, I recommend you check out this story here that I had commissioned.



>that I had commissioned.
How much did you pay for this?



The artist charges $5 per page of content. Each page is measured with default formating and margins in Microsoft Word. This story came out to 14 pages, so I paid $70. I gave him my idea, told him what I would like to be in the story, and he had it done in about 3 days.

If you've always had ideas for stories, but have never had much writing talent (such as myself), I highly suggest you check him out. c :


>14 pages for $70
Holy shit. I could make a fortune if that's the price people pay.

File: 1386290915226.jpg (231.15 KB, 1133x1600, 5.jpg)


Unfateful Encouter - Part 1
by Meltran Lover

"Oh I see." Said the red haired giantess. "So many of you tiny people in one place." She leaned over, resting her hand on her right bare knee looking down at the shocked masses of people staring up at her in shock. "This planet is pretty fun."

"I was asked to take some samples home. One male and one female. I was told I could do whatever I wanted with the rest of you." She grinned and stood upright with confidence. "How about we play a game? You all attempt to survive as long as possible."
She raised her left foot, she wore short white leather boots and held it over a small business building. "Ready? Let the game begin." Her foot slowly touched down upon the terrace of the building and she slowly started to lean her weight onto it, it wasn't long before it collapsed. The bystanders started to panic, trying to escape and injuring themselves further in the process.

"I'm upping the difficulty level a little. Hope you all down there don't mind." She started to take casual steps around the city, casually aiming at the people she could get a glimpse on. She giggled and then took an immense leap forward, she landed with both feet and her arms extended backwards. The whole city shook, most of the buildings in the neighborhood collapsed instantly.

"I wonder how many died up to now. A hundred? Maybe a thousand? Doesn't matter there's still so many more of you left." She caught her reflection on a glass corporate building at her side. She tucked her hair behind her right ear and seemed pleased with her appearance.
"Oh what is this?" She managed to catch a glimpse of a man hiding under his desk in his cubicle. "You seem fun!" Her immense hand came through the large window and slowly reached over to him, pushing and knocking things aside. "Gotcha!" She gently got a hold of her and pulled him out of the building. "Ok. Sample A. You are coming with me!" She placed him on her shoulder. He desperately clung to her hair for balance.

"The girls will love playing with you. You are such a squirmer too." She blushed thinking about things she would do with him later. "Now I need a female sample. Meh… females aren't fun."

"So Sample A. What's your name? Whatever. I'm just going to call you Alvin, ok?" She looked around at the half ruined city as she took large strides. The soles of her boots were had so much blood and human grease it was starting to get slippery.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Part 5

Erica sat on her comfy and slightly reclined captain’s seat, her cap, proof she was the captain of the Iberia fast battleship covered her face slightly, she was obviously resting. “Captain Erica, we have a confidential transmission for your eyes only. Should I patch it through?” Erica sat up and her seat adjusted for her comfort. “Yes. Thank you, Ana.” A holographic display appeared in front of Erica, she quickly fixed her cap and crossed her legs. “Hello, Captain. It’s a shame we could not have met earlier on more favorable terms. “The Asian looking man with a small scar across his lip spoke in a monotone. “Who are you? Clearly you are not with the navy.” Erica rested her chin on top of her hand nonchalantly. “Let’s keep things simple shall we? I’m Zhou, the captain of the Dreadnaught Han. Under government orders we are forming a fleet to combat a very dangerous threat to the Federation, no, to mankind itself. You are to meet the rest of the fleet at the encrypted coordinates that should be arriving any second. All of the hailed vessels should arrive within 24 hours and we will expect to see you there.” The man sounded annoyed but very demanding and stern.

“This goes against every navy procedure and our modus operandi. Surely you won’t mind if I am very careful seeing that these deployment orders check out with Navy Command?” Erica bit her lip, watching carefully for his reaction. “Please, be my guest. I have to contact the Britannia and the Columbia now. Have a good day, Captain.” The transmission was interrupted and the hologram display vanished.
“Anna. Get me Naval Command.” Erica stood; she felt that sensation as if her stomach was creeping up to her throat once again. War was coming.

“Code yellow. Repeat. Code yellow. Our ship will activate its stardrive in t-minus 60 seconds. All personnel please make sure you are inside the ship, preferably seated.” The automated voice could be heard from the speaker in the corner of the room. “Where are we going?” Alissa nibbled on wooden chopsticks from that night’s dinner. “I really hope we are going back home.” Monica slouched on her seat placing both legs on the table with her ankles crossed. “So what’s going to happen to Alvin’s home?” Alissa looked at the blue planet out the large window. “The government will probably hold an auction and some corporations will fight over who gets to be the highest bidder. That’s normally what they do.” Roberta wasn’t wearing her labcoatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Part 6

The Dreadnaught Han and its fleet slowly started appearing in front of a large terran planet. Right away they noticed a faint light blue bubble with polygon like features encasing the planet. “That must be the planetary shield that gave the Gran Mexico so much trouble.” Zhou rubbed his forehead giving the situation some thought. “All ships. We will proceed as planned. Approach the shield slowly and maintain fleet formation.” The fleet approached the shield steadily; they would probably start making contact with it within 15 minutes. “Admiral Zhou, this is the Rus. We're picking up some activity from the planetary shield. It appears they have brought out a fleet as well. Visual contact confirmed.”

A couple dozen ships of the same class with an organic design crept out of the shield, at the middle of their fleet a strange vessel was at the center of their formation. “The Australis. So that’s where you have been hiding all this time. You will pay for your treason.” Zhou clenched his fist with anger but quickly noticed a sound only transmission.

“Oy, Federation fleet! Australis here. I regret to inform you this planet is under our protection. The people of this planet have many secrets that would benefit all of humanity and we won’t let you lot waltz in here and spoil things for everyone. If it takes us having to pull a cow’s cunt over your head and get a bull to fuck some sense into you, that’s just fine with us. Gottit, mates?” The cocky female voice just spoke without any ceremony; she was obviously the captain of the Australis.

“All ships. Open fire on the Australis as soon it gets in range.” Zhou was infuriated. “A Federation navy destroyer suddenly broke formation and blockaded the Han. “This ship refuses to open fire on the Australis, a vessel containing citizens of the Federation.” The sound only transmission of the destroyer’s captain reached both fleets. “Attention. We have a traitor blocking the flagship’s path. Sink the destroyer Orleans.” Zhou commanded the fleet and the Germania and Roma complied promptly, with a single salvo the vessel was broken into two and then into smaller pieces as it made contact with the shield protecting the Han.
The fleet went silent for a moment and then it abruptly ceased. “All Federation Navy vessels loyal to humanity. This is Katherine, the captain of the carrier Britannia. Ourselves, the Columbia and the Iberia are leaving this fleet and heading out of this solar systPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1387044125977.jpg (357.58 KB, 600x941, meltrandi10.jpg)

Hey guys, OP here. I'm looking for some 'idea guys' to help build and expand the universe of my fiction. I already have a couple dudes from the community helping out with ideas but more wouldn't hurt. Pretty much if you like size, anime and space operas (such as Macross) you'd be perfect! Reach me on the macrochan IRC. Also part 7 should come out this weekend sorry for the delay.


Part 7

“FNS Britannia sunk!” The personnel aboard the bridge of the Iberia was shocked and hopelessness filled the air. “Jessica.” Erica sat stoically on her seat pressing her thumb against the side of her index finger slowly and repeatedly. “I read you load and clear, Erica.” Jessica, the captain of the Columbia appeared on the display. “It’s a shame it had to come down to this and we could not minimize the loss of life of our sisters in arms. However, the Columbia and its crew will fight to the end, to the last woman and shell.” Jessica sighed softly and removed the cap from her head; her blonde hair that was being held in a bun cascaded down behind her shoulders.

“We will sink the Roma now.” Jessica ‘seat turned 90 degrees and started to rise slowly. “Load the special ammunition. Target the stern of the enemy ship. Start to fire as soon all our turrets are loaded. Fire at will.” Jessica held her open hand in front of her, soon a miniaturized hologram of the Roma appear floating on her palm. She rotated the hologram, over and over trying to find weak spots in the ship’s structure and shielding systems. “This will do nicely.” Jessica looked down at the bridge personnel below “Why haven’t we began firing yet?” One of the bridge girls stood and turned to Jessica. “Ma’am! Our gunners are reporting the targeting subroutines are inoperable!” She stood there, holding her earphone with one hand. “How is this possible? What is causing this?” A familiar voice broke Jessica’s reflection. “Oy.”

“Our fleet is picking up a very strong electronic warfare signal. We believe this is what interfering with the functionality of your ship.” The captain of the Australis somehow managed to open communications. “You’ll risk having to fire manually but I believe the Columbia doesn’t have too many of its anti-matter rounds to punch through the shields of the Roma so it’s risky.”

“This is none of your business. Sever communications with the Australis.” Jessica made a dismissive motion with her hand and suddenly silence was broken again “Captain! The Germania is approaching us at an incredible speed!” The heavy battleship Germania, was closing in, having chosen the Columbia as its next prey. “Even with our guns functioning we’re outclassed by the Germania, she’s in a totally different league of battleships. Cowards… they even denied us the glory to go down fighting. Prepare the star drive for an emergency withdraw there is no honor left for us hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I like how quickly this changed from giantess fic to generic sci-fi.


Taken from a thread on /a/, I didn't write this

'Well, being a farmhand wasn't the most glamorous job, but at least it was a paying one.' He thought as he walked towards the large barn, set off to the side of the others. The owner had said something about how all the newbies get stuck with the one 'trouble cow' that they keep in its own barn, and milking it was a test of one's skill at the job, or something like that.

Walking into the dimly-lit barn, he could see something large in the middle, though he couldn't make it out. As he took a few steps towards it, though, it shifted, rising from the ground and knocking him from his feet with the sudden movements of the earth.

Getting his bearings, he looked up to see a massive face staring back at him, obviously feminine in every way but sheer size. Comparatively small horns sprouted from the top of her head, along with floppy cow-like ears beneath. Reddish-blonde hair framed her face as she stared down at him on her hands and knees, her blue eyes peering down curiously, a knowing smirk on her face.

Glancing a little lower, her tremendous breasts hung down, shifting slightly with her movements, completely bare and capped with perky pink nipples a foot or so from the ground, drops of milk splashing onto the dirt below as her mammoth mounds audibly sloshed with the creamy liquid inside.

She had to be at least sixty feet tall, if not more, he thought to himself as she giggled and licked her lips before speaking, her voice almost flirtatiously deep. "Let me guess, you must be the new guy?"

"Y-yeah, that's right." He said, causing her to giggle again, her pendulous breasts bouncing as she laughed.
"Well, better you than the last guy~ He was old and ugly… At least you're easy on the eyes." She cooed, leaning in a little closer. "I suppose you're here to milk me, aren't you?" After an affirming nod, she smirked, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Well, how shall we do it?"

Shifting her weight, she flipped over onto her back, the ground trembling again with the impact, her colossal mounds jiggling before settling heavily on her chest. "Do you want me like this, so you can climb all over me?" She asked teasingly, before rolling back over onto her hands and knees again, those incredible pillows swaying once more. "Or would something like this be easier for you, so you can reach my nipples with ease?"

"Or…" She grinned, leaning forward and shoving her Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1386780626764.jpg (162.55 KB, 1125x1125, 'Chikohand.jpg)


Boom. Boom. Boom.

A distant, familiar rumble tosses you out of bed. Your desk shakes, sending pencils tumbling off. It hits you: you were supposed to meet your girlfriend today.

Boom. Boom. BOOM.

The trembling becomes stronger, the rhythmic pounding approaching slowly. Racing to your cupboard, you search for something decent to put on amongst the rustled coathangers. A shirt falls onto your head after a quake- good enough. You toss it on, and look around for a clean pair of pants.


The entire world is now shaking violently. Panicking, you pick up a pair of pants, and just as you start to slip them on… It stops. The daylight is blocked by the most beautiful, radiant, gigantic face you've ever seen. Occupying the whole window, her bright eyes scan the room, and catch your minuscule, exposed form. With absolutely no hesitation, her titanic head moves back- only to be replaced with five slender fingers connecting to a pudgy palm. The enormous hand enters through the open window, groping clumsily around the room, knocking over pieces of furniture; until the giantess finally catches hold of you.

Your blood rushes as the soft padding of her flesh surrounds you. The giant index finger grips around you, pulls you into her palm, and closes around you. Her hand easily grasps your entire body, warmly engulfing it; it's a sensation you still aren't used to. Even more exciting is the rush of wind as she slowly tugs you out of your room, your pantless form exposed to the open air.

There she is. Lying down on her stomach, her body dwarves your 2-story house. The titaness's hand stops grasping you, her palm turning into a fleshy platform resting in front of her face, spread out before you. Deep footprints are dug into the soil around her, showing the exact path she took to reach you- but they don't hold your attention to long. Your eyes are drawn to hers, gigantic saucers staring down at your crotch area.

Immediately, you pull your pants up, zipping them. Her left hand moves to her mouth, as a lovely, cute, booming giggle echoes through the sky. It jolts your tiny body, and you feel greater and greater love for her every second. You walk down her palm, to her wrist's edge, and toss yourself into her lips, caressing the wet masses of pink as you plant your head into them.


The rising squee lets you know the giantess felt the tiny kiss. Her indPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It was a normal day for the city, life continuing as usual. People traded pictures, fantasized about giant girls, wrote stories, made half-assed collages and doodles… To onlookers, it would look like a festival of herping and derping, but the city traditions were ingrained deeply, and the citizens were happy with their backwards ways. 3D and 2D were both celebrated, and the Ochiko-worshippers were few and far between.

And, from the highest building hung a symbol of power, beauty and QUALITY ACTING: a larger-than life poster of Katelyn Brooks, looking down on the city with a smile…

…Which was then shook by quakes in the background.

Boom. Boom. BOOM!

The sturdy skyscrapers trembled under the pounds. People were tossed off their feet, and onto their large asses. The rhythm of the enormous pounds was enough for them to instantly realize the truth of their situation:

Finally, a real-life giant girl had happened upon the glorious Giantess City.


Instantly, preparations were made. The men and women set to their assigned places for such an event, ready to greet and welcome the colossus, wondering how large she'd be. The children unraveled banners and welcome signs from the streets. The teenagers, encompassing most of the population, immediately removed their pants and prepared their members for the experience of their lives.


All held their breaths as a shadow stretched over the city. The constant pounding suddenly stopped, replaced with a booming, feminine laugh that echoed throughout the buildings. The sun was quickly blocked out by a gigantic, towering form…

In an instant, the tallest building crumbled down. People in it screamed and tried in vain to flee as the entire world was destroyed in a flurry of fear, concrete, and soft, pink flesh… The poster of Katelyn tore, and was quickly buried under rubble, nondescript red dots that were once people, and a single, bare foot…

The city looked up in fear and awe. There she stood, her graceful, titanic form stretching into the clouds, blocking the sun, looking down at Giantess City and its inhabitants with a sweet, mischievous smile. She was no 3D girl; this was a glorious tower of 2D goodness, complete with locks of green hair that made swooshing noises as they cut through the air. Now, she spoke, her words thundering amongst the heavens:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


A pleasant breeze blows throughout the countryside, underneath a warmish sun. It's pleasant weather, good for relaxation; and along with that, there's ice cream to cool you down. The truck just went by, and you're happily slurping at the frosted, chocolate cone with vanilla sprinkles. Sitting back in your chair, you gaze idly at the passing clouds… You could swear one stormcloud in the distance looks like a flower with one eye, or maybe Dark Matter from the Kirby games…

But you don't have much time to think, as a shadow falls over you, footsteps rumbling the ground, and the sky is blocked by a youthful smile and a flat chest. A booming, yet high-pitched voice echoes through your head:

"Hiiii~! Howzit goin'?"

Towering high above you, your gigantic neighbor waves happily, her fingers making loud noises as they swiftly cut through the air. The wide-eyed young girl gazes down at you, and notices the ice cream cone in your hand. She grins, and moves her enormous head in closer, her warm, sweet breath surrounding you and sneaking into your nostrils.

"Mmm! You have some, too!"

Glancing a bit lower, you notice the girl covering the sky is holding her own ice cream cone- with a few nibbles taken out of it. The size of her massive teeth dawns on you for the first time- but you think nothing of it. Blue covers the creamy surface itself, with green spots in the shape of Earth's continents; she seems to have munched up South Africa and Australia. You take a moment to imagine their populations, masticated inside her young, giant throat, providing her body with nutrients…

…No, it's just a normal ice cream cone, sadly. She breathes heavily onto your tiny form, warming your entire body, eagerly waiting for a response.

"Yeah, I… uh…"

You suddenly feel a wet drip on your crotch. Turning your head back down, you notice that the chocolatey cone is now empty; the scoops have melted from her breathing, and fallen into your lap. From high above, the titan stares at your browned pants, surprised, then sad.

"Ohh… D-did I do that? Sorry…"

Just the heat from her enormous body was enough to melt the ice cream cone; an example of the square cube law in action. You give a sigh; how could you possibly be angry at the towering bundle of cuteness chomping on a replica of the planet?

"Nah, it's okay. I'll just get a new one."

ShePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1386781776831.jpg (44.58 KB, 800x600, Huge Hug.jpg)

The entire city trembled as the gargantuan girl's shadow fell over them, her body warmth floating over the minuscule streets and buildings. Above the clouds, shaped like perfect ovals somehow, the screaming inhabitants on the nondescript mass of grey could see her; legs longer than anything, a field of white underwear, breasts larger than could be considered anatomically correct, and, above it all, a giant, contemptuous smirk that could swallow a hundred inhabitants whole, and still have room for seconds. Brushing her hair back, the wooshing of thin blonde strands could be heard for miles, if not further; below, the sunlight seemed to shift to silhouette her form perfectly, mountains around barely coming up to her toes. Finally, she looked at the pathetic, squealing masses below, with a disgusted sneer, and her voice rang through their ears:

"AHAHAHA!… Does that sound okay? Uh, let me try again… Bwa-ha-ha… No, no, more ara ara. Okay, let's start again."

In a single, Earth-shaking bound, she stepped away, leveling the land below- and, barely having left their field of vision, turned suddenly on her heel and leaped back, her grin wider than before.

"Oh ho ho~! Little people, your- no, no, they AREN'T PEOPLE, gotta remember that!" With a loud wimper, she dropped her colossal backside to the ground, utterly annihilating the landscape around, and revealing the crease of her cavernous vagina to the crowds. Taking out a book, and reading for a few seconds, she raised up again, hands on her hips, the sun moving back in fear of her.

"Oh ho ho~! Stupid insects, your goddess is here!… Too sacrilegious? Okay, let me…"

Grumbling to herself a bit, she broke out another disgusted glance and the city folk squirming below.

"Oh ho ho~! You like that, little- DAMMIT, THAT WASN'T UNTIL LATER!"

In a single, deft movement, she tore a city-spanning shoe from her right foot, and banged her head with it repeatedly, stamping her heel into the soil.

Her huge face burning bright red, she looked below, as the entire nondescript city stared in shock, awe, wonder, and confusion at the presence of a Deviantart watermark. With a glance at her shoe, she violently tossed it into the distance. Glancing for a moment at her impressive feat of strength, the giant girl looked down to the city again, and put a titanic hand to her face, letting out the most elegant, womanly, ara-ara laugh evePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1386782950938.jpg (28.88 KB, 500x664, tumblr_l05bh9McLO1qzxzwwo1_500…)

so cute


Boom. Boom. Boom. CRASH.

That's all it takes for a giant loli to break into your house with the intent to shove you up her anus.


The Incredible Growing Zoey
by rustyrusty

Nate was driving his pickup down the old farm road outside of town. It was dark, and he kept glancing over his shoulder to make sure his headlights were the only lights around. Clapton was a small, rural town – more of a collection of farms and small businesses than a town, even – and the local police force were infamous for being bored out of their mind.
Nate glanced at the glove compartment, where a glass bong and zip-locked ounce of weed were waiting for him and his friends. A single light on the horizon, and Nate knew he would have to kill his headlights, hide in the pitch dark, and race back home. Bored cops made for bad drug busts.
Suddenly his cellphone jingled and he hit the speaker button.
“Nate? It's me.” Erin Carrino's chipper voice was unmistakable. “Hey, are you sure we won't get in trouble?”
Nate wasn't sure. “Totally. The nearest building's like five miles away. You're on your way, right?”
“Yeah.” Erin sounded nervous, which didn't surprise Nate in the least. Erin was timid, frantic, and usually paranoid. For a moment, Nate wondered if smoking would only exacerbate her issues, but he had been looking forward to getting high with Erin for weeks now, and so he shrugged off the concern.
“Listen,” Erin continued, “is it alright if my sister comes too?”
“Your sister?” Nate hadn't been aware of any sisters. Erin was one who would never stop talking about her life when she was nervous. Nate knew that Erin was a florist, and was allergic to peppermint, and was horrified of snakes, jellyfish, and volcanoes of all things; but he had never heard a word about any siblings.
“Yeah,” said Erin. “She's been under a lot of stress. I think she could really use this, just to – you know – relax?” There was a pause. “Weed makes you relax, right? I haven't smoked since middle school, and that was on accident. I just remember getting really hungry and giggly.”
“Yeah, yeah it does.” Nate groaned. “You said you were on your way. She's in the car with you already, isn't she.”
“Well, yeah.” Another pause. “She's twenty, if you're worried about her being underage or something. If it's not okay, I can take her home.”
“No, no,” said Nate, realizing his plans were hindered already. “It's totally fine. I'd love to meet her.”
“Alright,” Erin said, sounding like her usual, bubbly self again. “We'll be there in ten.”
“Alright. Just look for the headlights.”Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nate’s Dream
Heavy thoughts and heavier alcohol weighed on Nate’s mind as he fell asleep that night.
His dreams were more … intense than usual.
He found himself in the middle of a major city. Sipping coffee at a café’s patio, on the corner of a major intersection. Zoey was sitting across from him, eating a scone. Nate looked around at the towering skyscrapers, the congested morning traffic, the people bustling down the sidewalk. It looked more like New York than Topeka.
“Why are we in New York?” Nate asked Zoey. Something didn’t feel right. Zoey shrugged indifferently.
“The big city,” a female voice came from somewhere. Nate looked around for its source. “So big…”
“Where’s that voice coming from?” Nate mumbled, swerving his gaze around, but seeing nobody speaking. Again, Zoey shrugged.
“Sure is a lot of space to fill up,” the female voice spoke from somewhere. Nate looked around the dreamscape. He stood up and had a crashing realization.
“I’m dreaming…” he mumbled to himself. His voice echoed off the skyscrapers, down the empty streets. He braced himself for a startled awakening in his bed, but the awakening didn’t come. He felt a shift in perspective, and suddenly the dream felt shockingly real. He could feel the warm air, the cool metal table; he could hear Zoey chomping away at her scone; he could even smell his coffee.
“This is a dream,” he told himself again, not wanting to forget. He laughed and smiled at the dream-incarnate of Zoey. “This isn’t real. I’m in my own head.”
Dream Zoey shrugged. “You’re just high.”
Nate laughed. “No, I’m dreaming. I’ve heard about this before. It’s like virtual reality … I can make anything happen, as long as I don’t wake up.” His mind rushed, but before he could really brainstorm a fun idea, he suddenly found himself horny with power.
He concentrated on Zoey, shut his eyes, and when he reopened them, Zoey was completely naked. Her bare breasts were visible for everyone to see, but nobody seemed to notice except Nate. “What’s up?” Zoey asked straight-faced.
“God, you’re beautiful,” Nate smiled. His pulse was racing, he was rock hard, and had the bodiless voice not returned, he would have had sex with Dream Zoey until his fantastic lucid dream ended. But it was not to be… not that simply anyway.
“Bigger,” the bodiless voice said enthusiastically. “She should be bigger!”
Nate couldn’t help but agree. All he did was imagine Zoey getting bigger, and it became truePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Can anyone Post The Rest?


>Can anyone Post The Rest?
It's posted on giantess city, just search for it there.


noooo what happened to the loli/shota growth rampage? was it swallowed when the site imploded again?


Yeah but I can just repost it because I wrote it.

Loli groggily opened her eyes, rubbing them as she sat up. She was outside for some reason, and naked. The place she was in was pretty unfamiliar, and there was something annoying under her butt. She shifted it around a bit, feeling something pop as she did. That helped, but it didn't remove the itch completely. Without thinking she reached down and scratched it, feeling something burst as she did so. She let out a sigh of relief as whatever was itching her was gone, before bringing her finger up to her face. There was a red splotch on her finger, which she wiped off on the ground. As she did, she noticed something odd. There was a bit of grass next to her, but it felt weird, somehow different from normal - it was a lot finer for one. Still, she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

James and Jake were both scared. The little girl they'd come across, who was doing something strange in the park, had just started to grow and grow before their eyes, and by the time she was done they were stuck under her gigantic butt. It was pretty clean, but it was still a butt, and it was completely surrounding them, with the only light coming from the crack ahead of them. Her cheeks were tight and fairly close together, and moving while being held back by the giant cheeks was really hard. It didn't take long before they heard a loud rumbling noise, and the girl they were trapped under sat up. Jake was caught under one of her round cheeks as she did, trapped between her flesh and the ground. Before he could even call out for help, the giant butt shifted and moved, crushing him into paste against the ground. James started to yell, when a gigantic hand entered his field of view, finger extended and headed straight for him. It pushed him into the giant butt, the pressure increasing rapidly. Before too long he was turned to a red splotch as well, completely unnoticed by the giant girl.

Loli looked around herself a bit more, before finally realising what had happened. She was playing with herself in the park, when two boys had come out and tried to insult her. They'd shown up just as she was finishing, however, and when she did she felt something well up inside of her, and she started to grow, her body filling with pleasurable sensations as she shot up and up and up. It felt so good she passed out for a second at the end. She didn't know why it happened, but it felt so good she didn't care. She wondered Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks guy, I appreciate it. It's really good.

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