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Hey guys I just wrote a story come check it out :)


I just realized how much that sounds like a bad commercial catch phrase


Work on your diction and prose.

Good early effort though.




Posted this on giantesscity as well but I figured here was a decent place as well: this was just something I wrote for myself and decided to share because someone might end up liking it:

It was an ungodly warm and humid day in Mihnhus’ shared apartment. His roommate, Macris, wasn’t anywhere to be seen though he assumed “she” was getting the mail or breakfast. He himself slowly got out of bed and looked around his nice, orderly room. After checking out his window to make sure Macris wasn’t in the immediate area he stepped out… onto the wood floor that was Macris bedroom. See, Mihnhus was a Mecrissian, a remarkably small hominid species that was just integrating with the rest of Intragalatic society. Mihnhus himself was only about 2 cm tall, which made living with Macris very complicated. Macris came from a species that was a bit on the taller side, with her own height at about 2.5 meters. Macris wasn’t exactly a she either, even if she was generally called that. She was actually an intersex individual and had both a penis and vagina with exposed testicles. This, combined with the size difference and the fact the most hospitable room in the small, small apartment was her bedroom meant they were crammed together and well, at least for Mihnhus, he saw a lot of things that brought out… conflicting and complicated feelings.

Standing on the wood floor it didn’t take long for his irritation to grow, Mihnhus was a pretty orderly guy so it was frustrating to have a massive pair of discarded sport shorts lazily pulled down and left on the floor in sight from the front door of his mobile habitat stationed under her bed. Macris was quite messy, partially due to a busy lifestyle but mostly because she was remarkably laid back. On the one hand it was nice. It meant she wasn’t very high strung – which could be dangerous, alongside other things, and it also meant she moved pretty slow and talked pretty low and quiet. She was still loud as hell, but it wasn’t actually physically damaging loud. He’d start to path around the shorts when the scent of her sweat, tinged with a bit of the sharp scent of precum, hit him hard. His nose was quite sensitive and it was clear she had probably been working out in these and spent a bit of it edging as she stared at someone she liked. While it was a mild smell to her, it was a torrent of conflicting scents and emotions for him. He, as usual, turned quite red at all the times he’d saw her exposed and took in the quiet mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Bretty good stuff- you should post more stuff over on a more active site like giantessworld or link it on the /d/ thread.

Is good stuff though, keep it up.


Nice work can't wait to read more



OP here, thanks for the kind words! I posted it on giantessworld and will put anything I ever decide to upload on there!


(Also sorry if this looks/sounds stupid, I don't do a lot of imageboard posting)



Nice find but that story and pretty much all his other stories are still broken up - i get access denied


It is late at night when Aurora Buroli turns off the main road and starts to slowly drive up the gravel driveway in her Ford F-150. She can see the rain in the headlights as her windshield wipers are helping to maintain her visibility. As she parks in front of her double wide manufactured home, she looks over at the small box that is, secured in the passenger seat, smiling as she is quite glad to have finally procured the contents.

The 5’2, heavily freckled red head grabs the box as she exits her vehicle. Her size 6 ½ black flats hitting the wet grass as she closes the car door behind her. As Aurora takes a couple of steps away from her vehicle, she steps in a puddle, soaking her shoes. She was glad that she decided not to wear any socks today, or those would have been soaked as well. As she is making her way up steps of her front porch, she reaches into the front pocket of her blue jeans, reaching for her house keys. She sighs out of exasperation as she tries to fit her finger through one of the key rings so she can pull the out. The rain continues to fall, soaking her long, curly red hair that falls just past her rounded ass. Her blue t-shirt is completely soaked, allowing her DD cup bra to be seen through the material. As she finally pulls her keys out, her wipes her square framed glasses, which helps to compliment her rounded face quite nicely.

Aurora unlocks, and opens her front door as she steps into her mud room. She starts to make her way over to the sink, so she can try to eliminate all the water that is in her hair. She starts to wring out her hair, allowing all the excess water to flow down the drain, she can feel her hair getting lighter as she continues to wring out all the water. As she finishes with her hair, she lifts up her left foot so that she can start to remove her flats. Before she pops her heel off, she stops to think for a moment. True, she absolutely loves being barefoot, but she has been wearing these shoes all day long, without any socks. Not to mention they are now absolutely soaked, which means her feet would absolutely smell at this point. She decides to leave her shoes on, for the moment, until she can wash her feet. She can’t wait to look at the contents of what she has obtained today.

She quickly walks over to the spare room, unable to contain her excitement. She opens up the door and walks in, setting the box down on one of the tables. The entire room is filled with common sciencPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Is this a one-shot, or is this going to be 'the start of something big'? =)

If it's the latter, then I'll be looking forward to it, since Aurora seems like an enjoyably thoughtful, and interesting character.


GC is fail as always, Giantessworld has nothing, and the old dead geosites page is old and dead.

Anybody got anything good? Or any ideas you might want to throw at the wall?


I'm trying to remember a story and I cant for the life of me remember where I read it.
It was an unaware vore story. The main character has a shrinking/giantess fetish and finds a way to shrink himself. He knows his family doesn't eat grapes and his mother only buys them for show. So before he shrinks he cuts a way into one of the grapes and hides there when he is shrunk. He then falls asleep and is woken up by his sister and her friends showing up for studying. They are hungry, and his grape is forced into his sisters mouth by one of her friends and down he goes.
Great story, can anyone help me out. ^.^


So I just remembered 2 stories I read a while back but can't remember their names.

One was some sort of wrist device that changes the persons size, they find out they can shrink other people while holding them, and also use the growing back to make a person taller. I think it is bound to the person. I think later there is a malfunction that causes one girls boobs to become gigantic.

and the other is 2 girls find a light or something in the sky that shrinks them, I think they also can do the changing sizes like the other by sharing the light.

Anyone know what they are?


Anyone have macromegas Magic Dice and its sequel before they were deleted? I regret I didn't start saving people stories before then.


No dice, sorry.




Anyone else like the Genre? also post some rarer ones if you've got them, love these.

“Oh Derrick, it’s beautiful,” said the girl as he showed her the present he had gotten her for their anniversary. It was a pendant, with a weird design on it that sort of shimmered when it spun in front of her. Derrick, without a word, held it out to her, and Amy obligingly turned around, allowing him to move the pendant over her shoulder, and then clasp it around the back. Of course, staring at her face as she turned around, he missed a slight flash on her belly and boobs when the clasp was locked.

“Say, we got any of that cake left?” asked Amy as she kissed him, licking her lips as she released his. Derrick, looking around, nodded as he spotted a piece, and Amy, rubbing her stomach, giggled as she went towards it, picking up the piece, almost as big as her hand, and literally shoving it into her open mouth. For a second, he thought he was seeing things, as her mouth wasn’t big enough for something that huge, but it stretched oddly as she pushed it inside, almost like a cartoon, and she even swallowed it whole, a massive lump moving down her throat, followed by a belch.

“Got anything else?” she said, while rising from her chair. Derrick tried to talk to her a bit, but she outpaced him quickly, though he couldn’t understand how, as she made her way into his kitchen, and began to shove anything that was vaguely food into her mouth. A loaf of bread, a pack of apples, a whole bushel of bananas, peels and all. Literally, the contents of his cabinets were being fed into her mouth, and as they disappeared, he could see her body growing.

Her growth was mostly centered around her boobs, which had already been pretty big, but as she got taller, passing the size of his kitchen quickly, they got even bigger by comparison, starting out at the size of her hands, and quickly growing to the size of her head, and then getting bigger, as she soon passed ten feet tall. Not one to question reality, and always one to keep himself alive, Derrick made a beeline for the door, and quickly raced out of his home, getting to his car and fumbling with the keys, nearly dropping them, before finally jamming them home, and then driving off.

Looking out his review mirror, Derrick watched as his house bulged, like a shipping box stuffed too full, and then closed anyway. It couldn’t hold out for long, and with an earth shaking crack, it tore apart, Amy risPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It's a nice genre, pretty damn rare, but I like it. Still, that story's far too fast; personally, I like the growth process more than the giantness itself, so the growth needs to be much, much slower.


it may be furry shit but god damn its a good story



Anyone have that super violent giant elf fic from the old chan before it got nuked? I've been looking all over for it, but I haven't found anything.
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Chapter Two

The first man to die that day did so completely unnoticed. He had the misfortune to be relieving himself in the woods, some distance from his fellows, when Trelia arrived. Her attention was fixed firmly on the camp before her, the tiny men already raising an alarm and rushing for weapons. Some, seeing the titanic size of their foe, simply fled in terror. A smile touched her face as she continued a casual walk towards them. The man, named Granth, saw the gigantic foot swinging towards him and tried to rise, but his feet tangled in his own pants and he fell hard on his backside in his own waste. A scream ripped from him as he saw the vast sole above him start to descend. In that awful moment of clarity he could see vegetation stains ground into the tough skin of her heel as it rushed down, then he was caught in a vice for a too brief moment before his consciousness vanished in a flash of light. The sound of crumpling armor was plainly audible as the elf sorceress' foot sank into the ground, spraying the surrounding area with compressed gore. her other mighty foot passed by to thunder to the ground further along, then Granth was revealed as the uncaring sole was raised. What once was a man lay in a deep footprint, armor flattened and crumpled, sickening gore arrayed around the pressed metal and torn cloth.
The next deaths were most definitely on purpose.
Arrows soared up to strike her legs, but bounced harmlessly away as she entered the camp. She whispered a spell that lit up the men below in her senses like flames. She was determined that none would escape and truly the smile upon her face cast fear into the most stout of hearts.
Bending suddenly, she scooped up three of the men in a hand with lightning speed. Before they could even begin to offer any resistance, her fingers curled over them and squeezed into a fist before they could even scream. Blood spurted out of the fist and loops of warm intestines wormed between her fingers and she ground the men with all her strength, then opened her hand and let the wadded remains fall to the ground, striking down an archer who was still stubbornly firing arrows at her.
She smirked at the wounded man and covered him with her toes, pressing down cruelly, relishing the feeling of warm blood between her toes as she simply stepped fully down and continued on, treading on more men with casual steps.
Jarin ran desperately. he'd just seen the twisted remains of several men fall fromPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter Three

Trelia sat beside a pond, now normal sized, watching the rippling of its surface. She was still nude, but clean now having just finished bathing to get dried blood off her body. She had no doubts that she'd have more in its place soon, but for now she was content to watch the sun on the water.

She showed to outward sign of surprise when cold steel pressed against her neck, "move and you're dead," a rough voice growled, the speaker coming into view. he was a burly man, quite hairy and carrying the scent of stale sweat over him like a cloud. He leered down at the naked elf woman he had at dagger point, hardly believing his luck. here he was en route to the forward camp to deliver messages and he'd found a diversion already! Of course he'd have to kill her, but nothing said he couldn't have a little fun first.

Trelia forced herself to shiver, "P-Please don't hurt me," she quavered, inwardly congratulating herself for
the quaver at the beginning of her words. The bear of a man before her had no way of knowing it was caused by a hiccup of laughter, not fear.

He laughed, tracing the contour of her breast with the tip of his dagger. It looked quite sharp, "Oh I won't be hurting ye just yet. We'll be havin' a bit of pleasure before that happens."

Trelia smiled suddenly, causing him to blink in surprise. Damn, but she was eager! The elf men probably didn't satisfy her. He opened his mouth to say something, but felt a sudden and horrible dizziness before he could utter a word. He felt himself falling, then came to himself lying on the ground. The elf! She may try to injure him while he was helpless! In a rush he came to his feet, dimly aware that he was naked. he looked about for his dagger, fists balled.

What he saw made him scream.

In front of him were toes, gleaming red in the sunlight. Impossible toes, the smallets one almost as tall as him. She had grown! But… No, he realized as the horror of his situation came fully to him upon spying the massive hilt of his own dagger nearby, he had shrunk.

Fingers as big as the thickest of trees reached down and gingerly picked him up, raising him with sickening speed to face level. Dizzied, scared, the man looked at Trelia, finding the slight smile on her face to be a horrible thing. When he saw the tip of his own dagger coming in from the side, he swooned. As he did he saw the blade pass just over him and stab into the sorPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


There are some words and phrases that are used too much by those who wish to gain quick entry into your attention.

Thus, the phrase "broken heart" has little gravitas any more. So many chocolate and scroll makers have used it in their selling premise that it lacks any real meaning anymore.

But Palian the bard had a broken heart in the real sense of thre term. He had the kind of broken heart that leaves a man sick so he cannot eat, sad so he cannot laugh, angry so he cannot befriend and so anxious that he cannot rest.

For he was Uil Lin, Elf friend, who had a soul filled with anticipation and joy at meeting the folk of the woods once again.

But the word had rippled through the country like the fall of a heavy rock into a placid lake. "It had come to blood".

Palian cried for the first time in many years. He cried for the trust that was lost between men and Elves. He cried for the families of men who would not return. And he cried for his own sake. It is a hard lesson to watch a wrong but not know where to lay the blame.

He made sure that his gifts for the Elves were secure in wrapping within his packs and then turned the way he had come.

He would return one day. When the love that he brought outweighed the hate in the air.


Chapter Four

Gallin strode through the crowd, jaw set and hand on his sword hilt. The paladin was determined to end this bloodshed as soon as possible, had already marshaled the wizards to present a united front against the Giantess elf. Though he disliked the devious mages with their unclean magic, he was fully prepared to work with them if it meant slaying this vile beast.

She was coming. After rising and brushing the remains of hundred sof unfortunates from her breasts and stomach, she was once more casually walking around, in Gallin's direction. He felt sickened upon hearing multiple screams end in mid-shriek as her feet pounded the cobblestones, followed by the sounds of the stone snapping. He drew his sword, allowing the people to pass by him and yelled in a magically enhanced voice, "HOLD!! By the GODS you SHALL NOT PASS!!"

Trelia looked down and burst into laughter, "You? You will stop me with your toothpick? Look around you… Hundreds just like you are already wet spots in the bottoms of my footprints. What can you do that would cause me to stay my course?"

Gallin growled, "I am no simple townsperson, witch, I am a paladin of Meisin. You do not deal with a simple being of flesh and bone, for I speak with the voice of my GOD! I command you, leave this place. Stop this slaughter and never return!"

Trelia looked at the knight and shook her head, "Why would a holy man risk himself to save the likes of these," she accented the word by pressing a fleeing woman into the street with her toe, "Insects. These Theyvians who were so willing to invade MY home and destroy MY people? Why should I grant them such mercy?"

Gallin held steady, his jaw firming more upon watching the woman die, "I help all who need me. As for the invasion of your home, this is something to be settled over a bargaining table, not like this. Many innocents, unaware of their governments actions, live here. For their sake, stop this carnage."

Trelia stared down at the tiny man, impressed despite herself. Not many would deign to stand against her in this form, she knew. But she was unwilling to let the Theyvians get off so easily, with their government intact to strike back for her actions here today, "You are in a poor position of negotiation, Paladin. You do have merit in what you say, however, and I am inclined to talk for a moment instead of killing worms. A contest comes to mind."

the paladin looked wary, "CPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 5

Gallin leaned backwards against an intact portion of the wall, panting for breath as he heard the command given for the giantess to be impaled. A piece of him felt sorry for the Giantess elf, for such a powerful creature shouldn't be impaled like meat on a stick, but this thought and all others fled him when he heard a general clamor of confusion, then panic from outside the city walls. Staggering he walked to the rent and looked out.

men stepped backwards, clutching broken lances, looking confused. The giant elf's body stretched into the distance, unmarred by the attacks. As Gallin watched, she slowly sat up, staring with shock at the men around her and their broken lances. The look of surprise vanished, replaced by fury.

Horribly fast, Trelia rose, planting feet on several of the soldiers as she did, then methodically began treading on them, dark eyes burning, lips parted in a sneer. Gallin had a terrific view from his position, watching some of the men desperately try to run before being erased by her cruel, filthy soles. Others stood fast and angled their lances up, trying to exact some revenge before dying themselves. They watched in brief horror as their lances shattered, falling from their hands an instant before they were buried.

More spells raced from the city, but this time seemed to have no more effect than a spring rain. Trelia turned on the mages when the last soldier vanished, screaming, under her foot and slapped one floating, over-confident mage from the air with vicious force, a mist of blood spraying from the impact, then the giantess placed her foot on the city wall and flattened a huge portion of it and the dozen or so magic-users there. Her burning eyes fixed on Gallin and he bit back a whimper, knowing his days were over. A titanic foot obscured the sky, the sole coated with grime, blood, mangled flesh and ragged clothing. The Paladin closed his eyes and it moved down and waited for death.

A moment later he heard the building beside him flattening and opened his eyes to see Trelias foot settle on it, pressing it utterly flat. Brief wails heard from falling rubble said that it was quite occupied, but then Trelias foot sank into the ground again and all was quiet as she squatted, eyes still focused on Gallin, "You are an honorable man," She finally said, barely contained rage in her voice, "More honorable than these pigs deserve. Leave this place and by whatever gods you consider hoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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