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been writing a thing for a year with my best friend. (she writes the sexytimes)we are over 100k words and jsut getting started.It's a humorous adult fantasy adventure set in a modified Elder Scrolls universe right after the time of ESO story line. about 4'8" bosmer mage that finds himself on a remote nord populated island where the women are even bigger than usual, who ends up living in a world renowned brothel full of horny nord women who can't keep their body parts off of him, plus a few that want him ALL the way inside them! but he only wants the first woman he met..the tallest of them all! Sexy times, femdom, foreplay, facesitting, smothering, 9ft tall dremora dominatrix, harem light bdsm, giant berserking amazons, impending unbirth, crazy 7ft redhead with head insertion fetish, and much more. No futa, no feet, all F/m oh and there's an actual story..that i promise is going somewhere xDD so anyway, its free, no ones asking anything from ya (tho we love feedback) go check it out! http://archiveofourown.org/works/8354782?view_full_work=true


Fucking amazing story, waiting for more updates


is there a story of a giantess mother


Does anyone remember that story on giantessworld a while back that was a shrinking virus setting, and a mother dumps her shrunken son onto another family who adopts him. And as the giant brother reaches puberty they start kidnapping ahrunken people and killing them?


Hey, apparently Mangafan65's stories in giantessworld is gone. Anyone have his story saved. I'd appreciate it if someone could upload it.
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very cool thanks



Do you have number 2 as well?


Did u ever find a shrinking story 2 by Mangafan65??? Please post if u do!! Thanks :)



Any more stories/writers as his?


I'm looking for two different stories, one specific, the other general.

Has anyone seen/know of a story called Giant Friends? It was on Writing.com years ago, but has since been deleted. If anyone could provide a link or the story if they saved it, I would be really grateful!

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Anyone know any good stories with transgender or futa giantesses? It's something I've been looking for but there doesn't seem to be much out there.
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This may not be of any help to you write now, but there's a (fairly) massive story collection featuring futa giantesses written in Japanese here:


There are two "real life" sized girl stories, followed by stories featuring girls twice as tall as guys, 10 times as tall, 100 times as tall, 1,000 times as tall, and 10,000 times as tall. Each size is a separate story I believe.

It's very good and well written so I may translate it at some point, but the length is obviously quite daunting… (no pun intended)




It's an interactive story, so the quality goes here and there depending from the contributor. But, like some anon said above, it's one of the few that I know of (and good enough that I dare to share it).



Anything else like this?

I tried searching, but just doesn't show up properly for me.


Can't access the file.

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Looking for someone that would want to roleplay with me on Skype. Posting on here because it's for the niche fetish of giant shota. Like 5 - 10 years old.

I'm really not that picky. Just be nice and not be afraid of writing with detail.

Add me on Skype at ThisIsForRoleplay. Name being Marvin Marvey. Yeh, it's a silly secondary account. I only made it to avoid getting spam in my regular Skype! If I like you, I'll probably add you on my regular Skype!
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Well, if you're ever in the mood, hit me up on skype! Even if you wanna talk about the subject and not even RP. It doesn't even have to be giant shota either, can be something else. Just looking for new RP partners in general.



What in particular were you looking for? Roleplays with giant rampaging shotas, or rather more personal stories, involving a shota humiliating or toying with a shrunken person?




I'm still looking for roleplay partners! Add me at ThisIsForRoleplay if you're interested in giant shota roleplay or even just shota roleplay that is size difference-ccentric. :D


Let me know if this offer is still open, I'd be happy to rp with you!

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Just a place to put some nice unaware giantess stories.


I don't know if anyone even comes here anymore, but I thought I'd post this story I had started to work on and get feedback on the off chance someone did come here.
It's a story that involves a growing Shota boy and the fun he has with a small village. I haven't gotten a ton into it yet, but early feedback is nice.

Just a warning, this story currently involves a growing Shota having sex with an even younger shota. It has no names for characters, the main character is always refereed to as "boy" and other characters I use general terms like "Young boy" or "Child" if you have any other name ideas, I'd be all for it.

A young, silver haired boy strolled into a village. It was a beautiful, nature filled village; filled with a handful of small houses, trees a plenty. The village was surrounded by wooden walls, meant to keep traffic coming through the main gate and keep animals, or unsavory people out. The only entrance was through the main gate, normally left open in this small, peaceful village. The boy smiled and made sure he looked normal, he took a glance at his favorite outfit that he had put on for this journey. His blue button up shirt looked slightly decorative, but was mostly something you would see any standard person wearing. All but the last two buttons were done, revealing a light blue undershirt below. He wore briefs, with blue linen pants over them. His shoes were simple brown shoes, something any common peasant might wear.
A couple of villagers came up to him “Hello there! Are you lost? Looking for someone?” He smiled at them, “I was hoping to stay in this place for some time; I’ve been on a long journey and thought a little rest and relaxation would be helpful!”
The two young men looked at one another. Finally, one spoke up “We don’t have much space, as you can see. Our chief might be able to help you out, he’d be located in the only big building we have here in town, if you’re looking for help, he’d be the one to ask”
The boy smiled and thanked the villagers. He proceeded to walk to the building they told him of. His smile widened as he walked through the village, the smile of a young giggly kid who has just been given a new toy. As he walked, he took note of the fact that most of the inhabitants were very young, probably around ten, the age that the boy looked, or younger. As he arrived at the chief’s house, he was actually surprised about how big it looked up close. It was around three stories tallPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The name aspect really does hurt it a lot. When you do gay stories you already have an issue with epithets because pronouns like he/him/his can become confusing/unclear, and lacking names makes it even worse. Get that sorted, and then do some more work on the formatting of the story.

Also, this place is pretty dead ;_;


I gave up on working on this project mostly because I realised that not many people liked first person giant/giantess stuff. If people like some of the stuff that's still in greentext format I'll write it up!

I'd gotten used to it before, but crushing that caravan under my foot really reminded me of just how big I was. Every step of mine caused a loud noise, as my tremendous weight impacted upon and crushed the earth beneath me. Rocks, trees, animals, buildings, people - everything was crushed and pounded to dust underneath my feet. Every step reminded me of my own power - a careless action of mine, simply stepping, was enough to shatter and eclipse even the great accomplishments of nature and humanity. Thinking about my own power was intoxicating, and more than a little arousing. I could feel the blood rushing not just to my cheeks, but to other parts of my body as well…

As large as I was, it was pointless trying to hide my arousal, and the woman riding upon my shoulder noticed it almost instantly. Standing up, she leaned against my ear and spoke.

"Hoooh. You have a taste for destruction, it seems."

I did not even need to tilt my head to reply. My voice was like thunder, and it was only due to her magic that my "partner" could still hear after staying so close to my mouth.
"How could I not? Everything I do, every breath I take is destruction. It takes the food of thousands to keep me fed, and simply walking is enough to shatter the efforts of others. How could anyone not find this sort of power intoxicating? Do not tell me you have a problem with this…"

"Oh, of course not. The opposite, in fact. "

At this I stopped moving, the rhythmic booming of my steps was halted. I turned my head to face her, raising a single eyebrow at the woman standing on my shoulder. Even knowing her as I did, the sight of a beautiful woman standing so close to my mouth stirred my hunger, something she quickly noticed.

"You are on official business, though. It wouldn't be good to arrive at the village in such a ..distracted state. " Seeing my hungry stare, and the sight of a tongue larger than she was licking my lips made her nervous, and her words quickly sped up. "I thought I might be able to help you…solve that problem."

Her audacity was enough to make me lose my hunger and laugh. The thought of such a tiny person helping to solve *that* particular …problem was comical. But sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


For the excerpt starting at "The village didn't look very big from where I was standing", wasn't there another bit in that where he toys with a church? I thought I remembered that anyway..

I'd love to see some continuation though. These first-person excerpts are great, and there's definitely a criminal lack of good giant content in general.


This is exactly the kind of stuff I liked.


never give up!


I can't believe 'not many people like first person giant stuff'. I loved the ones about how the giant wound up growing uncontrollably.



The village didn't look very big from where I was standing. Of course, the only thing that looked big from where I was standing was myself, but it took looking at it like this to make it sink in. The church tower, which I used to think was incredibly tall, now barely reached the height of my crotch. Even amongst the larger houses, there weren't that many that were bigger than my feet alone.

On the topic of houses, I'd just reached the outskirts of town. My right foot hovered over a small(and occupied, from the looks of it) house. Seeing my body compared to the house was almost enough to get me aroused by itself, and I wasn't feeling very nice after what happened last night. I let my foot resume its' downwards motion, slowly bringing it down on the building. The roof put up a tiny bit of resistance, but my foot was far too heavy for it. It only lasted about thirty seconds, but the sensation of a building getting reduced to a pile of rubble under my foot was exhilarating. Luckily, there was no shortage of houses nearby. I didnt' take my time with the next ones - I just stomped them into the ground.

It was a lot of fun. After destroying about five of them, I found myself with a dilemma. The next house was pretty big - it was actually bigger than one of my feet. But I wasn't about to give up, so I came up with a plan. Taking a step back, I jumped into the air. I came down with a gigantic boom, covering the building with both feet. It broke down pretty much instantly, but I felt a curious, wet little pop under my left foot. Lifting it up, I saw what remained of a person, reduced to nothing but a splash of blood and a bit of gore. Remembering what happened last night, I shrugged. I was too big to care at this point.

Having finally noticed my arrival, it looked like most of the people in town had run away from me. None of the houses near me had any people left in them, and I saw a lot of them gathering further into town. Just nearby, however, there was a large, two-story store situated on a little hill. I still hadn't eaten anything since last night, and the store looked like it had plenty of food inside. I walked over to it, laughing as I saw a flood of people leave the area and head to the church, which was the most stable building in the village.

By the time I made it to the store I'd crushed a few more houses - not on purpose, but incidenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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