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>live in 2060s
>be bio-engineering student at hometown uni
>CRISPR (and similar techs) have come a long way
>it's basically possible to create completely new organisms with enough BaseBioMass™ and some genetic code
>it's mostly used to clone things or create new bacteria to find new supplies of effective antibiotics
>as a pet project decided to try and create a viable and somewhat intelligent multi-cell organism using my DNA as an "intelligent base"
>BBM is fucking expensive so opt to build new me at roughly the size of an ant
>lol it's gonna be a mini-me
>first few attempts end up total garbage
>genetic code calculation is hard man
>took weeks to work out how to go from bleeding meatballs to tiny humanoid figure
>took another few weeks to go from braindead to basic movement and eventually to signs of intelligence
>tiny me can wave back; good shit so far!
>for fun create a whole batch of them and introduce some safe randomisation into the genecode
>release tribe of female and male mini-me's into an old terrarium, prepped with some basic stuff
>a week or so later, they've formed a tiny village
>decide to install webcam behind terrarium to monitor their progress
>also splice up some tiny flora and fauna to introduce into their ecosystem
>month or so later, the tiny guys basically built several towns and a "capital" with several "highrise" buildings
>fucking proud - showing that to my prof is probably gonna earn me some bonus points with her
>at least that was the plan

>come home one day to notice something's off

>wardrobe with the terrarium inside is left open
>top and front glass of terrarium on computer desk
>approach terrarium Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hey, apparently Mangafan65's stories in giantessworld is gone. Anyone have his story saved. I'd appreciate it if someone could upload it.
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Do you have number 2 as well?


Did u ever find a shrinking story 2 by Mangafan65??? Please post if u do!! Thanks :)



Any more stories/writers as his?


Yes, I also would love to see more stories like his.

File: 1531165631246.jpg (248.79 KB, 640x480, i__m_not_afraid_of_the_giants_…)


Yo idk where this goes so Im just gonna put it here. Does anyone know where I can find some stories of people being shrunken down and played with by kids? Mangafan65 did some stuff of the sort that was good a while back but i need more. Any sources?


been writing a thing for a year with my best friend. (she writes the sexytimes)we are over 100k words and jsut getting started.It's a humorous adult fantasy adventure set in a modified Elder Scrolls universe right after the time of ESO story line. about 4'8" bosmer mage that finds himself on a remote nord populated island where the women are even bigger than usual, who ends up living in a world renowned brothel full of horny nord women who can't keep their body parts off of him, plus a few that want him ALL the way inside them! but he only wants the first woman he met..the tallest of them all! Sexy times, femdom, foreplay, facesitting, smothering, 9ft tall dremora dominatrix, harem light bdsm, giant berserking amazons, impending unbirth, crazy 7ft redhead with head insertion fetish, and much more. No futa, no feet, all F/m oh and there's an actual story..that i promise is going somewhere xDD so anyway, its free, no ones asking anything from ya (tho we love feedback) go check it out! http://archiveofourown.org/works/8354782?view_full_work=true


Fucking amazing story, waiting for more updates


is there a story of a giantess mother


Does anyone remember that story on giantessworld a while back that was a shrinking virus setting, and a mother dumps her shrunken son onto another family who adopts him. And as the giant brother reaches puberty they start kidnapping ahrunken people and killing them?


I'm looking for two different stories, one specific, the other general.

Has anyone seen/know of a story called Giant Friends? It was on Writing.com years ago, but has since been deleted. If anyone could provide a link or the story if they saved it, I would be really grateful!

File: 1395244036431.jpg (82.64 KB, 515x807, tumblr_mfohhxgPuk1s02x4ao1_128…)


Anyone know any good stories with transgender or futa giantesses? It's something I've been looking for but there doesn't seem to be much out there.
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This may not be of any help to you write now, but there's a (fairly) massive story collection featuring futa giantesses written in Japanese here:


There are two "real life" sized girl stories, followed by stories featuring girls twice as tall as guys, 10 times as tall, 100 times as tall, 1,000 times as tall, and 10,000 times as tall. Each size is a separate story I believe.

It's very good and well written so I may translate it at some point, but the length is obviously quite daunting… (no pun intended)




It's an interactive story, so the quality goes here and there depending from the contributor. But, like some anon said above, it's one of the few that I know of (and good enough that I dare to share it).



Anything else like this?

I tried searching, but just doesn't show up properly for me.


Can't access the file.

File: 1468131232444.jpeg (46.58 KB, 398x343, mitsuijunshotacon_031.jpeg)


Looking for someone that would want to roleplay with me on Skype. Posting on here because it's for the niche fetish of giant shota. Like 5 - 10 years old.

I'm really not that picky. Just be nice and not be afraid of writing with detail.

Add me on Skype at ThisIsForRoleplay. Name being Marvin Marvey. Yeh, it's a silly secondary account. I only made it to avoid getting spam in my regular Skype! If I like you, I'll probably add you on my regular Skype!
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Well, if you're ever in the mood, hit me up on skype! Even if you wanna talk about the subject and not even RP. It doesn't even have to be giant shota either, can be something else. Just looking for new RP partners in general.



What in particular were you looking for? Roleplays with giant rampaging shotas, or rather more personal stories, involving a shota humiliating or toying with a shrunken person?




I'm still looking for roleplay partners! Add me at ThisIsForRoleplay if you're interested in giant shota roleplay or even just shota roleplay that is size difference-ccentric. :D


Let me know if this offer is still open, I'd be happy to rp with you!

File: 1483424515470.jpeg (111.16 KB, 900x1273, Ihopeyou'rehappy.jpeg)


Just a place to put some nice unaware giantess stories.

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