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Still brushing up on my Japanese and don't have time right now to dig for the info.
So, does anyone know anything about this: http://gs-uploader.jpn.org/upld-index.php?uname=yna28pkw


I believe this is the DL link found in the forum (Post #106):


Pass: lily


Is it any good?


I've only checked the Prologue, but it seems like a moderate length RPG-like game.
While it's not as polished as Shrink High or AnT, I think it may worth checking.

Speaking of which, does anybody know how to decrypt .wolf from WolfRpgEditor?


AnT was what again?


Any clue of what to do after you managed to turn the girl who became a giantess to her normal size in the first day? Goddamn ITH cannot extract the text from this game.


AnT stands for Ari no Tsurugi by LiquidTension
You can download the game here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/67q66x0opsi274f/Ari+no+Tsurugi.exe
You can get more info about it here : http://www.giantesscity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=78399


Just found a tool to decrypt the .wolf files. Let me play around with it and see whether I can insert English text…


I can't figure out what to do on this game without some kind of translator.


What are you guys talking about the game is in English isn't it? Because it is for me.


Ari no Tsurugi is in english, I'm talking the one that's called tenohira


File: 1383726852747.png (200.17 KB, 660x522, 1st Text.png)

Whew…WolfRPG is much more difficult to figure out than RPG Maker for sure…

Got the 1st English text inserted though. I'll try to TL the Prologue if I have enough free time…


can upload this game and Shrink high gaiden


I'd be happy even with a machine translation at this point. Appreciated anon.


>>111 Thank you for your efforts, Noble translator.
>>96 I am having difficulties with this site. Any ideas?


キーワード: lily
右側の英数字: <The Capcha on the right>


>>126 Sorry I wasn't clear. I entered it correctly, but the download didn't start.
I retried it today. I think it may have just been overloaded that day.


Can you do anything with the miniature city?


Does anyone have a walkthrough


The game is actually very simple and short right now.

Prologue: Go to school, Occult Club, Forest
Day 1: Go the station, river, shopping district and use 'Alice' at those point. Then visit the Forest and then school (If I'm not mistaken)
Day 2: Go to downtown, ice-cream shop I believe.

I might be wrong, but explore around :)

Also, the I'm still TLing the Shopping District area… It's taking me quite some time X_X


File: 1402018950245.png (688.38 KB, 660x522, Title.png)

Alright! Prologue TL completed!
Don't hesitate to give feedback on the wordings or sentences.

Since the author is still working on the game, I wouldn't really want to continue TLing until the whole thing is done. (Not to mention my slow TL speed @~@. How are dsojourn or other Translators TL so goddamn fast?!)

Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!2ERk3YAI!s55lO62Wu-LPPRUo4wQC3orbmE9FMskUcrLghcv5eYk



File: 1402084231653.png (159.27 KB, 640x480, ScreenShot_2014_0606_15_16_00.…)

the translation work is fairly solid, although occasionally the text extends past the dialogue boxes and the inventory stuff seems completely invisible. anyways i partnered with the tiny girl and the full sized girl and made it to the first giantess part in the woods but i cant beat the resurrected giant fish in her tummy.


Umm… I just ran around for a minute and avoided it. I'm not sure if you are supposed to/can fight it.
Then again, this is a jrpg, so I wouldn't be surprised if the impossible option has a better reward.
Good translation of the main content, but the dialogue for giving Alice food isn't translated (not that it's too hard to figure it out). Other than that there is the occasional untranslated item.


Thank you both for the feedbacks!

I know I'm missing a few things here and there, but I'll TL the giving food to Alice part.


Oh and I looked into the fish boss.
There's no way to beat it.
You're supposed to escape within 1 minute.


doesn't show the words why?


when will be released a full translation


Words sometimes may be shown as [] if you don't have a Japanese locale set up.

That's my mistake as I have chosen to use some of their text for formatting purposes… If you set up your OS to the Japanese app locale, I believe you should be fine.

I won't do a full TL yet since the original creator is continuing to work on it.
TLing the game now would mean a re-TL later on for every update the author posted.




File: 1402464394793.jpg (244.54 KB, 1050x830, ss (2014-06-11 at 01.18.05).jp…)

So I tried using a text hooker to try and half translate it, but for some reason it only hooks every third character or so.

Anyone have anything that might work?


Anyone know when will Ochiko finish is two RPG games?




could someone translate this giantess game http://www1.axfc.net/u/3133486/lily


Isn't that v 0.2 of the game in question?


i don't know


>>838 Thanks for translate it man, I hope you continue with this project, thank again, and take your time ;)


just a heads up this game has been update to 0.41


So are you still planning on translating the rest of it? I know it's been awhile but I just got around to checking it out now and it actually looks like one of the best giantess RPG Maker/Wolf RPG games I've seen in ages. Mainly because it actually manages to be decently entertaining and dosen't have any tedious rpg style/random encounter combat. Frankly it would be a shame if the rest never got translated.



Seconded, I'm particularly curious because the last update added a shitload of CGs: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/741243/a86916dbad/

If a bunch of artists are getting in on this thing I think it's probably worth taking another look at.


So I've played the new 0.41 update and the game is done (in terms of main scenario), but the author is still adding epilogues and more CGs it seems.

I would probably wait until the game is done updating before continuing TLing them however, since I would have to open up the Map files and re-TL everything from scratch again everytime there's a new update.

If only we could save all scripts to some text files and let the engine read from there, then TL whilst update is being made wouldn't be a problem.

P.S. Anyone knows how to complete the Slime Girl's epilogue?



Fair enough, good to know you're still alive. It would make sense you'd want to wait if applying previous work in wolf to an update is that much of a pain in the ass. I'm curious about a few things actually:

Are all the CGs that were found in the game files (here: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/741243/a86916dbad/) used?

Do they do some stuff with sprites on background images like what was done with shrink high gaiden?

Do a lot of the neat gameplay elements we see in the first part(very fast combat, little grinding, and 'action' gameplay like the fish boss) continue throughout the game or is there more grindy shrink-high style stuff?

Honestly with the CGs that were found in the latest update and the gameplay we've seen in this first part this looks pretty darn great.


I believe all of the CGs are used, though the R-18 stuff comes in the epilogue of the game.

Right now the 8 main chapters feels very similar to the prologue (little grinding, 'mini game' like bosses), so in terms of gameplay this is indeed an interesting work.

The whole game is pretty short in general (about 4 hour-ish) and it has a fair amount of growth and shrink scenes. Honestly, the addition of CGs make the game feel slightly more polished. Then again it's still v0.41 so let's wait a bit more.


By the way, did anyone reach the scenes with the maid (04,05 and 46 in the g.e-hentai gallery)? Please give me a hint how to get it… i'm almost sure i should do something in the last chapter (after the ending)… Thanks in advance!


By the way, did anyone reach the scenes with the maid (04,05 and 46 in the g.e-hentai gallery)? Please give me a hint how to get it… i'm almost sure i should do something in the last chapter (after the ending)… Thanks in advance!



Is there a download for this version?


Yes, Anon. How do you think we got it?


Also, someone, not me, uploaded this little number on /size/.



so looked at it and found a little thing i can't see any text in shop like items.


reposted from 4chan:

Didn't have as much time this week as I thought due to holidays, so I wasn't able to finish the SHG stuff I wanted, but I took a look at Tenohira Sekai at many's urging, and it generally translates much faster than SH, although I was only doing the bare minimum since, at least in the early parts stuff like weapons and items make no difference at all.

I threw down C.1 in a pretty short time, with most of the available areas (the school and the short story collection, the campsite area, etc.), but I didn't re-translate anything from the prologue and what that other gentleman did, so any dialogue that was available there is raw, and anything/body new is done. You'd have to run through the five seconds the prologue takes raw to make a new save.

Random notes, two titles I've discovered going through the early parts (I have no idea if titles are useful or not, but I know some people like collecting them), (1) use the infirmary 100 times, (2) shop at Teona's apple orchard or whatever 30 times.



Anyone know how to get away from the twins?


anyone nowhow to use the pendant for shrink?


anybody have shrink high 2 gaiden in english?


does anyone have any save files of the beach for this game.


where is the maid statue in the forest maze



Follow Geno's route here.


i can't solve the slime girl quest, i've visited all of the places but nothing happens, help please


I think you have to enter the house and sleep; once it's night time, the main character will remark that there's some noise outside. Exit and the slimegirl will be by the pond beside your home. Approach her and it'll resolve.


Does anyone know what to do for the Alice quest? I've completed the slime girl quest, spoke to Melissa, visited the teacher at night, raised the love meter to 30 and entered the communication room with the small jellies on the alien planet, but nothing happens when I speak to the woman in the center.


thx it worked


File: 1420474870477.png (140.86 KB, 687x580, Senza nome.png)

please help


help please is the slime girl quest


Does anyone if there is another translation out for this game yet?


I don't know how to download it.
I'm not familiar with japan site :'(
anyone help me please..


File: 1422337090651.jpg (14.79 KB, 197x255, images (1).jpg)



File: 1426179750127.jpg (61.91 KB, 576x1024, 1426150326769.jpg)

A public announcement is due!

The game is currently updated to v0.62.
From the changelog, I assume that a part 2 of the story is added (4 chapters) and more minigames and CGs.


Do you know if there is a new translation for this game?


Does anyone know if there is a new translation for this game if you do know could you please link it to me?


Thus far, the furthest the TL has even gone to is done by Dsojourn. No new TL has been made since, as everyone's waiting until the game is more-or-less content-complete


How do I use the pendant to shrink? I can't even see my inventory.


If you haven't gotten it already (and assuming you have the latest version of the game), it's the item with the pink star next to it. It has a rather long looking name, too.

You can shrink anywhere there are black spade-like markings on the wall. There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part, those markings have to be there for you to shrink. In order to do so, just select the pendant from your inventory and use it.


File: 1426655916129.png (156.37 KB, 654x522, Delete Me.png)

Perhaps I should be more specific. There's an odd thing going on where I can't see any of my items whatsoever. I've been blindly clicking my way for a bit. Thus far I've been using a guide that supposedly got me the pendant (link to guide was given above), but I can't figure out how to use the pendant to save my life.


If there isn't any words showing then you have to change the region system locale to Japanese. It'll show the kanji/hirigana/whatever after you change it and restart your computer.


I've beaten the game, but kind of stuck at the 'credits'. It just plays some song over and over again. Am I supposed to do something to advance to the post game stuff?


Beaten the game, but stuck at the credits. Can't advance to the post game stuff. Help?


Anyone know how to get image 65?


I can not beat the last boss does not know what to do could help me?


The final boss of the first part? There are four bosses in chapter 8, but two are new. The first final boss you need to avoid the sparkly bits. It's not a part of the background, so you have to get your bullet hell on as you make your way to the top. After that, avoid the red crystals and make your way to the top. Do not approach the mouth, go around and hit enter on the magic circle. The second and true final boss of chapter 8 is trickier. The four tiles (square, circle, triangle, X) are actually warp boxes. Hit enter on them to teleport around to avoid the 3 projectiles. You will need to bait them in order to successfully proceed. To defeat the boss proper, go to the X tile first and interact with the arrow. It will lead you to a crystal that you must interact with in order to stun the projectiles. After you do that, quickly head back to the four tiles and go through the tile north of the x. The other two tiles don't take you anywhere that increases your progress, probably just another way to bait the projectiles. Afterwards, interact with each new object to teleport closer to the boss and you win the first part of the game. Oh, and once the invisible, slow credits begin to roll, just leave the game on and do something else for a while. Don't alt tab out or else no progress will be made. Leave it on, go eat, take a shower, do whatever. You'll see a new screen when you get back and you can begin the intermission which will lead to part 2 of the game. I hope this helps.


i downloaded it burt it does not work


i downloaded it but it does not work


I have a problem downloading the new version of the game on axfc. The download is not working


Can someone link me to the new version of the game please?


Excuse me can you tell me what I need to get the pendent to shrink in the new version of the game please?


Dose anyone have the solution as to how im supposed to beat the woman controling gravity in the room where I need to press 3 buttons and push box? Please help


I'm stuck at the same location…
If I rescue the student council president, she just stood there blocking the way.
What can I do?


I found walking slow vs the standard fast walk will allow you to move rather easily throughout the puzzle tom complete it easily. Press V to change walking speed.


The wiki was updated just now, there are a couple of events that we missed (like a candy shop), but it also says you can take Lily to the haunted house. Haven't found out how to unlock her yet though.


Can someone upload a save file to the beach please.


could someone upload a seved game to the beach thanks


Okay, so, Version 0.7 is out and I ran into some trouble. Mostly because the game is in gibberish (no Japanese text either), items in my inventory have no names and it seems I didn't get the pendant for whatever reason, but the maid won't give it to me either. Can anyone help? And is there a more complete translation out yet? That'd be amazing.


Still an awesome game - anybody beaten the Lily nipple insertion game? I played through this whole bitch with no items readable and didn't even turn on Jap Locale so no text guides at all, but I can't figure out what to do on the Nipple game.

I unblocked the milk duct boulder, but then the timer starts and I have no idea.


It's been a while since I last played that mini-game, but I think you need to make your way back to the entrance after you reach the timed sequence.


great game and thank you very much for the translation…it seems like already have more cg than shrink high gaiden XD damn raf you give us the promised cg update !!


Sooo, what is the latest version of this game's translation?
I'm really stuck after the slime girl quest…. I've shown her around etc etc., the two girls have done their talk in the basement, I've been around town and what have you….

Would be nice if the game was in english for a larger part lol.


File: 1460876884581.png (287.94 KB, 640x480, ScreenShot_2016_0417_16_04_52.…)

"… He's around 1cm. 120th of my bust size."

I want to be smothered between Usa-chan and Neko-chan's soft breasts~.

DoM finally updated the game to version 0.9. There's 4 endings: Bad, Normal, Happy, and True. Along with these, there are some epilogue events, like a cat cafe.

Didn't satisfy the happy or true ending conditions with my saves (I think I needed Alice at over 30 affection for the happy one, and don't know the conditions for the true ending). There's a couple passwords in the theatre that you can enter if you get either ending.


List of Flags for Part 2:
Talk to Tosca (トスカ)
Select Head Maid (ヘッドのメイド)
Rescue Student Council President (生徒会長)
Talk with Fumel (フュミール)
Guide Alice (アリス)
Curie's Small Intestines Last (キュリー)
Talk with ??? (Girl)
Talk with Shiho
Talk with Lily (リリィ; Route Splits)
*I think you need to not join her for happy end*
Talk with Tosca (トスカ)
Talk with Irie (イリエ)

All of these along with Alice with over 30 affection is necessary, I believe.


Thats because you need to run a locale emulator.

V0.9 Translation when?
Translation never ;_;


Played the 9.1 update, and got both the happy and true ending (Lily route is the true ending).

I think what I messed up was rescuing the Student Council President in Ch1, since she plays a pivotal role in the final chapters (the proper response for all talk flags seems to be the top choices). Surprised to find out that all of that messed up black, bubbly garbage that was spreading everywhere as the story progresses was the doing of Lily, or more precisely the Goddess behind her…


Can someone upload the normal ending.

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