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Hello Everyone Welcome to Size Haven Community.
A safe place for Size fetish enthusiast. Welcome to Macropolis, the city of size. Home to people big and small! Enjoy your stay!

There are some rules that we need to introduce to you:

1. Be Respectful and kind to members of the group
2. Do not force anybody to do an action they do not want to
3. No discussion of religion, politics, or other controversial
4. No God Modding ( Using an ability on another character
without their consent)
5. Please obey a mod or admin if they ask you to do something. The
rules cannot cover every scenario, so sometimes we will need you
to do or stop doing something that isn't listed here. If you have an
issue with what you were asked to do, please bring it up with
another mod or admin
6. Please do not harass Giantess and Giants!
7. No Under-age content allowed
8. This server has NSFW content. You have been warned.
9. Also please no Scat or Watersports or hard gore allowed in this
group if you are going to do that take it to DM
10. If anybody on the server is making you feel bad/mistreating you
can contact us for help!

Upon coming to chat please make sure to state if you are a giantess, giant, a tiny, micro or a switch
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/836aHPN

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