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This Giantess Group is activate looking for:
Anyone that likes to play as Giantess Futa, Giants and Giantess!

1. Be kind to everyone
2. Respect others in this group
3.Please do not bother the Giantess Constantly (No one likes a constant spam of messages)
4.This Chatroom will have a lot of Adult Content so please be 18+
5.Be mindful of people this is a Giantess Group to roleplay and get some new friends!
5.Tiny Women and Males are allowed here that includes Male Giants and Female Giantess
Upon coming to chat please make sure to state if you are a giant, a tiny, or a switch

*Also please no Scat or Watersports or hard gore allowed in this group if you are going to do that take it to DM*

B-B-B-B-ONUS RULE: Keep heights to sizes that are within the bounds of human imagination, or please take it to the DMs.

Giantess Utopia

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