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While videos like those made by Studio Yamato seem to end up on regular porn sites fairly easy, there's a ton of Japanese videos on distributors like xcream that have been around for years but never been shared. The same shit constantly churned out by the likes of Katelyn Brooks and such always seems to end up on other sites so obviously there's people willing to pay for 3d size videos.

What I'm wondering is if anyone here is interested in or could point me to somewhere that would be interested in something along the lines of crowdfunding the money to buy size vids. I've personally bought videos before and find them worth watching, but not exactly worth the full price being charged. An easy solution to this would be to split the cost across several people and share the video. Any thoughts?


God all the pics i've seen from those vids make them look like the best 3d gts shit ever filmed.
Still 60 dollary doos is a lot for porn. Even if it is a qt azn chick rubbing a city on herself.
Such is life.


gtsleaks has been buying videos from donations https://twitter.com/gtskiller


how do i know which filename is which? i cant find that on fetishlands as the readme suggests


I think it's because japanese giantess videos are rather conservative. The girls rarely ever wear anything suggestive, or get nude (or close to it), or really do any sexually provocative act with their body.

I'll give them one thing though, their attention to proper sound effects is superb and blows Katelyn Brooks and GiantessStudios out the water. Their city models also usually look way better.


The ones from xcream that OP's pic came from actually have a lot of interaction from what I've seen. Like making out while rubbing trains and stuff on eachother.

I really wonder why there seems to be no effort to post these vids from the folks who are usually into that shit.


Are there any other xcream like sites worth looking through?


I have several of them, but there isn't really much motivation to take the time to post them anywhere when I can instead upload a few of them to pornhub on a private account and use them as a means to access someone else's private videos, or hang on to them forever and keep hoping someone else will want to trade for them or something in the future. Half of them have drm too so I guess that doesn't help either.


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