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Another DMM game with Giantess content. It also has a "Anime" currently promoting the new game. The Anime is only 30 seconds long and is really more of a series of commercial.


Seems the premise is transforming girls into Giantess to fight space monsters. Although I don't know Japanese to translate anything else.


File: 1481520365103.png (931.16 KB, 1287x756, x9M3dtH.png)

Open Beta for this title is available today (in Japan) between 13:00~18:00 (it'll end in 3 and a half hours of this post).

I'm going through the Japanese thread, and this game seems to have a lot of problems in regards to being resource-intensive on certain people's systems. On the size-fetish front, it doesn't seem all that satisfying with the first complaint I'm seeing being the lack of low-angle shots during battle.

J. Anon "Even in battle, no matter what I do, I can't see any low angel shots! For what purpose did they grow gigantic!?"


I tried to get into the beta via VPN While it was still active.
it installed and launched the game but it then gave a notice that never seemed to progress past no matter what i did.
I took a screenshot of the message but haven't had time to try and get the text from it into a translator

are there screenshots from that Japanese thread? just kinda curious to see what that beta looked like


If you post a screenshot of the message, I can easily translate it for you. Many people were having trouble logging into and staying logged into the game.

Possible to Make Your Own Suits:
【Sad News】 Can't tilt lower than this.


Their nicknames for the beta version:
Login Online
Retry Online


Here's a 30 minute LP of the Beta on Youtube:


File: 1481618143167.png (148.6 KB, 1284x754, Capture.png)

here you go man.

with my luck it is just a message saying the beta was over
or that im just not allowed to play


Ah, that is a disclaimer, and doesn't have any information regarding your inability to play.

"This game can be played for free at its core, but it's possible to buy certain items for sale."

"Those who are minors that wish to purchase pay items, please get permission from your guardian, or make the purchase together."

"This game plays voices. So, check your volume."


Thanks man.
I see that i am a dumbass.
i clicked on the screen and it did register my clicks but it never moved past that image.

i bet i never actually hit 'enter' on my keyboard or some other such nonsense

Thank you for those.
game looks interesting enough for a try once it comes out.


File: 1481667520332.png (545.46 KB, 1771x2118, main_vsl.png)

forgot my image


File: 1486510685267.jpg (142.8 KB, 1334x750, C4EA3vuUEAQlbyl.jpg)

why is no one talking about this


File: 1489605743995.png (222.41 KB, 724x311, Capture_2.PNG)

now i wish this game had a large enough following for a guide of some sort.

i stopped playing for a bit and recently came back since i thought it would be like other f2p games were i could just drop in and out as i pleased.
when i trid to start a mission it asked for what seemed like 120 gems or whatever those are. i had a few so i hit the green button.
now it just pops up this system dialog that i cannot get past and since i cannot read moon i'm not really sure what i need to do here.
anyone still interested enough to help an anon out?

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