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Title: 超巨大!ジュラシック娘 (Super Gigantic! Jurassic Girl)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jurassic_girl

"A game where you can make love-love with giant girls."

The small girl is the navigator Hisui (ヒスイ). This sounds like it's going to be much better than Dekamusu merely by the above quote.


File: 1461032461548.png (198.08 KB, 1308x818, pic_head_g.png)

Homepage: http://www.dmm.com/netgame/feature/jurassic_healthy.html

Click '事前登録はコチラ' to Pre-register to receive a tokuten 'SRツァーガン' (SR Tsaagan).


File: 1461032905852.png (140.57 KB, 637x555, pic_event.png)

Suddenly, meteorites crash into the outskirts of Tokyo. What appeared from the insides of the meteorites were super gigantic bishoujo… Research results have confirmed that they're Jurassic Girls who have the genes of extinct creatures. Only you can converse with the Jurassic Girls to put a stop to their rampage.


File: 1461034582948.jpg (349.39 KB, 1200x796, jg_preregister.jpg)

"Ah, professor! Today, I feel like flying through the sky! So, come with me!"

Tsaagan Mangas has a pure, maidenly side that's smitten with the professor (player) as well.

This is labeled as the 'Healthy Version', so it's on dmm.com, which means you'll have to deal with DMM's weird region control if you log in with an account. That said, you can always play the game directly through its flash applet when it's available:

It being the healthy version probably means they plan to do an R-18 version as well.

Aside from the hope that there is an evolution mechanic where the girls grow even bigger, the theme for this where you fight rampaging giantesses and have a harem of giant dinosaur girl waifus seems totally like something I'll probably want to translate.


File: 1461048849704.jpg (148.62 KB, 960x565, 3.jpg)



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Jurassic Girl Features:
1) Big
2) Strong enough to destroy buildings when angry
3) Befriending them makes them feel ecchi
4) Inherit the genes of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures


File: 1461053840446.png (145.87 KB, 637x555, pic_hscene04.png)

Game Features:
Full Voice
PC Browser Fullscreen Option

Well, I'm glad there's an R-18 version. I don't want to deal with working around the all-age DMM site, since it's such a pain.

R-18 Game Flash Applet:


File: 1461059117099.jpeg (92.14 KB, 640x360, 51ebda372ce43bd096f9f41e9f2275…)



File: 1461059138869.jpeg (130.82 KB, 640x360, de4ee977339d321e9b782a797c946a…)



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I have pre-registred for Healthy version. How do I cancel this and register for the R-18 version?
Do I need to create another account?


Just go to the R-18 version side, and pre-register there if it's needed.

The game will most likely share player data between versions, so whatever you gain for the all-age version will be available on your account for the R-18 if you use the same login account for both DMM.com and DMM.co.jp.

The only reason you would probably want to register another account is if you want to delve into a restart marathon where you have multiple accounts, so you can roll the meteor gacha with each account until one of them gains a rare or aesthetically-pleasing character you want to use later (some social games frowns on this, but I haven't heard of any DMM ones banning players for committing reset marathons yet).


File: 1461173371511.jpg (188.2 KB, 979x541, Registration.jpg)

Alright Thanks, so did I manage to pre-registrer for the R-18 version?
My translator is kinda bugged so I can't tell from pic related


Nevermind, everything is okay


So does this have an estimated release date yet? My memory's foggy, but didn't we have to wait a long time for Microman?


File: 1461194992940.jpg (44.32 KB, 600x600, Cgeo0vTUMAEHCx8.jpg)

Not yet, but the twitter has been active with the navigator, Hoshino Hisui (星野ヒスイ), revealing more and more details in character, so I expect the game to be up in the coming week(s) as they continue to build up hype.

Just as an example:

"Professor! I received information of a new Juramusume from Command!"

"The Juramusume in the info this time is Psittacosaurus-san of the Ceratopsia group!
In addition to having a soothing, calm personality, she likes to cook and take care of others… A Juramusume-san that encompasses the image of a perfect young wife!
She's cute and charming when she talks about the things she likes!"

"Psittacosaurus-san is in the habit of saying, 'Ararara, ufufu'… I have a premonition that she'll be able to build an ideal home!"

"But, but, it looks like Psittacosaurus-san will get angry with a smile if she's asked about her age… There's a record that the miracle guards made her angry about her age, and failed their capture mission in the past~."

"Psittacosaurus-san's long braided hair also gives off the image of a dinosaur's tail, doesn't it…? Fascinating!"

If anyone here is interested, I'll translate more of these tweets for any future Juramusume. The CG makes me think they may take the size-fetish aspect seriously, and not be like Dekamusu where they didn't talk about anything interesting.



Thanks! I know I'd be grateful for any translating you could provide, although if it looks like the release is sooner rather than later, I might avoid all information I can to help make the game more exciting and fresh.

Damn, I'm getting pumped. Say what you will about Microman's plot and interaction flaws, that had some top tier CG and even some animated ones. If we even get THAT kind of quantity and quality in Jurassic Girls then I could die a happy man, but I'm really hoping they raise the bar and give us more of the good stuff.


File: 1461278416116.jpg (41.94 KB, 800x524, CglKJYxUoAEnJ4R.jpg)

"Professor! Time for lunch. Earlier, we received a notice from the Public Relations Department that we broke 25,000 pre-registered users!"

"Professor! It looks like Command caught information of a new Juramusune last night!"

"The information caught this time is Archelon-san!
She's dignified in both looks and manners… But she's also a Juramusume with a slightly mischievous side.
The crown atop her head is also her charm point."

"She gives off a noble atmosphere with her hobby when she strategically plays games like Shogi or Chess. However, there's a reason Archelon-san is not the king."

This is a social game, so they're going to release it with just a little content, and keep adding more stuff each week as it progresses to keep things exciting. This isn't like a full release game like Microman. What happened with Dekamusu was that they ran out of funds during development, and released it prematurely with a long delay from its announcement with the barest minimum of content hoping that they could save their company, which was the reason for the sparse events, and them being unable to meet player feedback until the very end.



Ah, okay. So in other words, the size and content of this game is dependant on how many people spend money on it? Or has its content already been determined before its release? Regardless, I'm supporting it with a Day 1 purchase, and already reserved hopefully the R-18 version.

Also wasn't aware player feedback was a factor. Just how do the players affect how the game grows? Sorry for the 20 questions, this concept is new to me.


"Good morning, Professor!
We received a notice from the Public Relations Department that we broke 30,000 pre-registered users!"

The game will have content prepared for when its service opens and the upcoming weeks of events. Its financial success determines how many weeks the game will last with them creating new content based on player feedback and what is popular among players. If the game becomes especially popular, they may update or overhaul existing game assets and mechanics so that it's better (i.e. changing a turn-based RPG system that is full auto into one where users can select their actions). For example, one thing that I would want them to have in this game is a growth system; I want to see Mammoth-chan grow big enough that she can crush city blocks beneath her soft breasts.

All DMM games have a community (コミュニティ), which have several threads for things like game discussion, news, bug reports, and feedback/suggestions. Some games will have popularity polls, and a couple times the staff for one game asked players what kind of stuff they want to see in the near future. The community for this game isn't ready yet, and Hoshino Hisui won't respond to individual questions on the twitter, but I expect that the staff will read tweets under '#じゅらこ'.


File: 1461325069872.jpg (36.85 KB, 600x580, Cgo6rHJUcAEVpjp.jpg)

"Professor! It looks like Command caught information of a new Juramusume!"

"This time, the caught information is Olorotitan-san.
She's a beautiful Juramusume-san that looks like an androgynous prince~!
Despite this, she'll clown around with an 'Olo?' from time to time. She's so cute, it's not fair… The epitome of gap moe!"

"Olorotitan is a genus of lambeosaurine dinosaurs that lived during the Late Cretaceous.
Its neck being longer than other lambeosaurus is its special feature. Its head decoration stretches backwards and the rear-end looks like a 'hatchet'."

"Its fossil was excavated in Russia, and the name means 'gigantic swan'.
That must be the reason Olorotitan-san is wearing swan-white tennis wear, I'm convinced!
Ah, also… her under-skirts are also pure… white" *blush*

"With her beautiful face and aloof demeanor, Olorotitan-san has been nicknamed 'genius' by her peers.
She's not reluctant to make an effort to improve her insides every day…!
Is this connected to her swan origins where 'even a swan that swims gracefully is kicking its feet vigorously under the water'!?
A completely perfect, super Jurassic Girl!"


File: 1461406817451.jpg (49.5 KB, 600x600, Cgph7hcUoAA1EAL.jpg)

"Professor! We caught information of yet another new Juramusume!"

"The information obtained earlier is Ouranosaurus-san, a brave Juramusune-san who will stand up to any kind of difficulty!
Yearning to be a coordinated Japanese police officer, it looks like Ouranosaurus-san herself transformed into a police officer!"

"Ouranosaurus-san's hobby is traffic control… It seems she'll sometimes pick up and discipline cars that have committed motoring offences~.
Make sure you follow the traffic rules!"

"Ouranosaurus-san seems to be a little timid deep down inside, but even then, she puts on a brave face because she wants to help protect the peace!
Eh, 'her uniform is super tight and sexy, so you want to crack down on it…?' What are you saying, Professor!?" *blush*


File: 1461458574510.jpg (29.41 KB, 600x600, Cgu0aGIUoAATuds.jpg)

"Professor, there was a notice from Command that they caught information of a Juramusume!
It's a holiday, but that has no relevance to the Miracle Scientific Defense Guard!"

"Today's Juramusume is Lambeosaurus-san! She's a pure Juramusume that innocently cares very much for her friends. Her favourite word is 'Solidarity!', she's burning with youthful ardour!
On the other hand, she hates betrayal… Huh, did she experience something traumatic in the past, I wonder…?"

"Speaking of which, Lambeosaurus-san looks like she's dressed as a bus guide, I feel her heart is in bringing solidarity by making people gather together with a flag as a Japanese bus guide."

"Hm…? What do you mean by 'nice angle', Professor?
You can see Lambeosaurus-san's underwear… Aww! Where're you looking!?"


DoM made this collage after pre-registering, and expressing that Jurassic Girls would be nice if it was like this.

Also, realised that I should use Jurako instead of Juramusume for 'ジュラ娘' since its twitter hashtag is 'ジュラコ'. Both readings are valid, but the latter is way easier to type.


File: 1461512277294.jpg (37.86 KB, 600x600, Cg0B51YUUAAeqtK.jpg)

"Thanks for your hard work, Professor! Did you enjoy your vacation?
It looks like Command received information of a new Jurako today as well!"

"Today, Command received info for Plotopterum-san!
She's an adorable Jurako-san in a pirate costume!"

"Because of her friendly personality and cute looks, Plotopterum is loved by everyone.
I hear she was rescued by the pirate Eurypterus-san when she was lost at sea.
It's wonderful that a seabird and sea scorpion understand each other… I'm curious about their relationship, aren't you!?"


"Good afternoon, Professor!
The Miracle Defense Guard Public Relations Department received multiple inquiries from overseas professors asking, 'will an overseas version be released someday?' … Thank you very much!"

Aside from a removal of mosaics, this wouldn't be that good of a thing, since the people doing the localisations for Sennen Sensou Aigisu arbitrarily removed a lot of characters (even worse, they changed an event character into a premium one, and didn't fix her cost so that it is comparable to other premium characters), and the translator doesn't seem to check things for context, so there's a lot of incorrect name translations. On top of that, there was a lack of constant, weekly updates. Though, maybe that wouldn't be that much of a problem with this title, since it would be kind of hard to fuck up dinosaur names and what is obviously a parody of the Scientific Defense Guard from Ultraman.

Curious which overseas professors Hisui is referring to.


File: 1461583610511.jpg (64.63 KB, 600x600, Cg4ewiiUgAAQy_r.jpg)

"Professor! We received information of a Jurako-san from Command today as well!"

"Today, they're introducing Astrodon-san!
A 'Galactic Bishoujo Idol' Jurako-san that travels across the stars!
When I looked at the profile I received from Command, it's written… 'unique songs and dances are her distinguishing features'…"

Currently, Astrodon-san seems to be looking for a 'producer-san' to work with her so she can become an Astro-rank Star Idol!
Ahh, even if Professor becomes a producer, there'll be no executive allowance from the Miracle Defence Guard!
Please stay within the range of 'personal hobbies' while serving the Miracle Defence Guard until the very end!"

"By the way, touching and lewd actions are NG, so please be careful! Waiting out at the stage door seems to be OK, though!"
- - -
*whispering* "If you become friends with Astrodon in the game, then (censored)."

"Ahh! We received (censored) from the Communications Department…"

"E, even in Japan, there's idol productions and school idol clubs, but is there an idol organisation even in the Jurako-san's world?"


File: 1461658076482.jpg (102.61 KB, 1023x341, Cg8nojiWkAAqQxl.jpg)

"Professor, good morning! It looks there'll be important news from Command within the next few days!"

Emergency Beat Test Play Opens at April 27th (Wednesday) at 13:00!

1) Registered DMM Account.
2) Click '今すぐプレイ!' (Play Now!) Button on Pre-registration Page.
3) Game Begins.

Well, I hope others see this, I'll try and take screenshots of the game menu and do a quick translation of the buttons and stuff.


File: 1461658620676.jpg (625.19 KB, 1190x700, 002.jpg)


About Beta-Test Period:
1) Users will be able to use Tokuten in proper release.
2) Beta test data will not pass to proper release version.
3) Cannot purchase in-game currency with DMM points; instead, staff will provide users with currency.


File: 1461658789413.jpg (660.92 KB, 1120x630, 003.jpg)


Beta Test Goals:
1) Test Server Load
2) Confirm Each In-game Function
3) Gather Everyone's Thoughts and Opinions.


File: 1461659038086.jpg (740.22 KB, 1190x700, 006.jpg)



File: 1461659113885.jpg (573.98 KB, 1190x700, 005.jpg)




Yay, I want to parachute into her cleavage~♪

While I don't think it would be necessary, it might be a good idea to have your clock switched to Tokyo time. The beta test period opens in 19.5 hours from the time of this post.

Aside from translating the menus if it's necessary, I'll try and translate any news posts. If there's anything else people want me to focus on initially, please feel free to ask.


File: 1461659992948.jpg (153.28 KB, 640x1080, rSTSdWx_f3ea2068c0a40f9ef03b58…)

Huh, it seems I cannot post images on this board anymore.

Mosasaurus Scene:
New Ero-Scene Spoilers:


Oops, misunderstood. The beta test period is open right now, and ends on April 27th at 13:00. OK, I'll be taking screenshots of everything.


File: 1461667819878.jpg (225.26 KB, 1067x600, jg_main_menu.jpg)

It seems there's multiple rarity tiers of the same character, and love is shared between all of them, but it seems I can't unlock the ero event for the R-version of Supersaurus I got from the gacha (R and above rarity get an ero event at max love).

Everyone that participates in the beta will get an R-ticket, which guarantees an R-rarity character, but can give a higher rarity (got Tsaagan Mangas from one of mine, though I doubt I can reach 30,000 love before the beta is over with all of my gifts).


File: 1461678476198.jpg (112.31 KB, 640x360, 006_055135c2.jpg)

Ah, OK. I needed to max out R-Supersaurus if I want her ero scene.

The proper service for this game is going to begin May 19th, which is a long wait after this beta test period is over.

Good Points:
1) Hisui is super cute and loves Jurako (she wants to talk to them, but is unable to do so).
2) You just need one copy of a character to obtain their ero event scene. Obtaining multiple just awakens them so their skill and stats increase.
3) The main illustrator is pretty good, and relevant to my tastes.

Bad Points:
1) Free Gacha can only give out N-R rarity characters. You need to spend amber (approximately 142 amber for 10,000 DMM points) or tickets for SR and UR rarity characters.
2) Obtaining the ero event scene for each character is a long, and arduous process. 1 love point per minute means it would take 1250 hours (52 days) of non-stop hanky-panky in 100 minute intervals if you don't gain levels or use gifts from events.
3) The game seems like it's going to be pvp competition-focus with its Attack Points and Defence Points. This is bad because it means if they decide to have an event where only the top 10 players receive a high rarity Jurako exclusive to the event, then that would mean a small number of insane players will ruin everything for everyone else.
4) The gameplay is automatic, and not particularly interesting. The only appeal is the story and art right now if they don't plan to turn it into a command battle RPG.


File: 1461679090866.jpg (125.83 KB, 640x360, 005_b46430c4.jpg)

*1250 hours (52 days) is wrong. Forgot to divide 30,000 by 60 then 24. It's 20.8 days, which is still long time…

I'm currently at 6242 out of 30,000 for my UR Tsaagan Mangas. I doubt I'll receive enough items or love points before the beta is over in 14 hours.



Just letting you know we're here and appreciating the rundown. Thank you very much!

Looks like this game is a tad more complicated than I originally thought. I'm right in assuming that you have to be online to play the game? Is it mobile friendly?

Also sweet Jesus, there's a lot more Jurako than originally led on.

One thing I'm not clear on; there's only one scene per character, or does every rarity have a different CG event for the same Jurako? Because if the latter, then that's a hell of a lot of potential CG.


It's a PC Browser online game, so there isn't a version available specifically for a mobile device. They recommend the latest version of Flash on Windows 7 or above and Mac OS X or above, and the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (I'm playing on Opera). It's designed to take advantage of your monitor by having a fullscreen option and high-resolution images.

I think each rarity might have their own ero event scene, but I would have to max out the growth of my R-Supersaurus to find out for certain.

The 2nd login bonus just gave me enough gifts to max out my UR Tsaagan, but like my R-Supersaurus, I need to max out her growth, which 61 out of 7000. I also have over 100 amber, so I could try and power level her by feeding garbage characters so I at least have 1 ero event scene from a character I'm unlikely to get next month during the proper release.


File: 1461686568156.png (1.5 MB, 1121x629, Capture.PNG)

How do you get out of this screen? Pressing OK just brings me back and if I check the box then press ok it gets stuck in a forever Now Loading screen


I would want to know as well,


Clicking OK is what you're supposed to do; the check-box is to make it so you don't see that banner the next time you log into the game.

I think it's either your internet connection, or the load on their server that may be the problem. It's trying to load an event scene, which includes images, music, and voice files, so it might take a while. Loading all of the game assets initially takes a while.


I was able to play the game earlier this morning, but now everytime i try to start it i click past the start button and the game just is stuck on a now loading screen forever


Same here, Should still have a few hours but after the tutorial I was stuck in the same loop
And if I use the checkmark to keep it hidden it goes into a loop of now loading.
I tried on the R18 and the healthy version. I assume something is wrong with the server, perhaps to much load already.


File: 1461745580923.jpg (314.25 KB, 1920x1080, Tsaagan_R_01.jpg)

Even though I was spending my 120+ amber to marathon the duty maps, I was only able to raise Tsaagan to 2600/7000 4 hours before the end of the beta test. I had 80 amber left, but I just didn't have enough time. However, I took a lot of screenshots, though I couldn't figure out how to rip the images for the Jurako, which is a shame because I would like their transparent png files to make images where they grow even bigger.

In any case, I'm going to be busy translating for another DMM game's event in the next few days, but if anyone here is interested, I'll translate the introduction scene for this game, and do the rest of the duty maps afterwards if no one finds it to be dull.

Despite having the gameplay of a kusoge at the moment (though being mostly automated means it's more of something you have running while you do other things), even Japanese players were moved to tears by the positive attitude of Hisui. The staff did answer the question about an English version (they'll do it if there's enough demand for one), and will read everything tweeted with the #ジュラコ hashtag. Dunno how much they can change in 23~ days, but don't feel too shy tweeting them your opinions, even if it's in English.


File: 1461784297702.jpg (43.22 KB, 290x385, ss (2016-04-26 at 04.41.35).jp…)

I really hope the affinity is just that high because beta, and the real game will be lower


I would be happy to see it translated! Makes me wish it was working for me so I could tweet them some feed back.

Speaking of events in a few days are you one of the fine translator for Kancolle? Thank you for your work in advance if you are!


File: 1461919343091.jpg (16.78 KB, 365x145, ChHowymUkAAcK-e.jpg)


OP Movie Translation:

In the near future…
A meteorite was observed rapidly approaching Earth!

The meteorite fell in the Kantō area of Japan!

Emerging from the meteorite… were giant bishoujo, whose average height measured 48 metres!!

With the Miracle Science Power developed in preparation for all such situations, the Miracle Science Defence Guard were deployed!


All of their weapons failed, the Special Search Team was destroyed!!
Fortunately, there were no casualties, but nearly all of the team members were sent to the hospital…

The only ones who remained intact were the operator, Member Hoshino Hisui, and a new member of the science team that can communicate with the giant bishoujo…

That is you!

As the Doctor, you're the only one who can act!


File: 1461919876316.png (98.23 KB, 984x689, pic_chara01_r.png)

Considering the length of the scenes, I'll have to post rest of the translations on pastebin. Luckily, someone uploaded videos on youtube so you can follow along and listen to Hisui and the other Jurako. After reading the story, I decided to change Professor to Doctor, since the player isn't quite what I assumed initially.

I'm doing translations for '千年戦争アイギス' (Sennen Sensou Aigisu), which is hardly as popular as Kancolle, though it did manage to sneak away with the #1 position a few times on the all-age side.


File: 1461940663602.png (402.37 KB, 984x689, pic_chara02_r.png)


Finished roughly at most 141 lines of dialogue until I reached Supersaurus's ero scene, which was mostly skipped in the youtube video I linked earlier.

If anyone finds this interesting, I'll continue with the ero scene and the rest of the dialogue for the duty missions (I dunno how satisfying that would be without the accompanying voice and illustrations). There's at most 490 lines of dialogue, which is a lot considering I normally do 80~120 lines per weekly event.


I'm a bit disappointed that the Dinogirls are "aliens" and not just normal women who got mutated by the meteorites but beggers cant be choosers

I'm looking forward to see Pterodactyl and T-rex girls.


File: 1461995685991.png (95.91 KB, 984x689, pic_chara03_r.png)

Tyrannosaurus-san is the girl in OP post. She's UR rarity, which means you have a 3% chance of summoning her from the meteorite gacha for 5 amber. Hopefully, they have a system where it's possible to get a specific character without having to spend loads of money summoning redundant characters before you get the one you want.

Jurako came from combining the genes of extinct creatures with humans. Is this the doing of some mad scientist who's launching these meteorites from his stealth space station, or perhaps the experimental results from alien abductions?


So is Amber only available via buying points or can you get tiny increments of it from normal gameplay/login bonuses like some other games do?


File: 1462065190403.png (78.93 KB, 984x689, pic_chara04_r.png)


The beta didn't have a full login stamp card, so it remains to be seen how generous they're going to be, since they let players play the beta with over 140 amber. However, I know you can obtain amber as mission rewards with the only one I remember right now being a reward each time you gain a level-up (1 per level, though I think one of my levels gave 3). There's also gacha tickets, and the mission reward in the beta for completing all 5 duty that were available being a UR ticket, and I also got a UR character from an R-ticket, though I don't know if that thing shares the same percentages as the premium gacha (3% for UR; 27%~ for SR; 70%~ for R).


File: 1462189807090.jpg (179.51 KB, 1120x630, jg_supersaurus_ero_02.jpg)

”The number of pre-registered doctors for 'Super-Huge! Jurassic Girls' has broken 50,000!
All of the Research and Development Department (Management Team) are working earnestly on the proper release, so please look forward to it!"


Finished the entire tutorial segment, which includes Supersaurus's ero scene. There's four duties afterwards that I'll work on if anyone still finds the story for this game interesting; I'm hoping for more interaction in the future scenes in the proper release.


File: 1462191113711.jpg (54.42 KB, 600x600, ChcSOOiUgAAhZS2.jpg)

"Identification: pink… Doctor!!
Though, it's the middle of your vacation, Command has received information of new Jurako-sans!"

"This time, the received information is for Wuerhosaurus-san!
A charming stegosaurid Jurako-san in jiangshi clothes.
She seems to act eccentric merely to make people think she's a 'weird girl'… As you can tell by her appearance, she's a mysterious Jurako-san~."

"Because the city might be destroyed when she acts eccentric, she's a Jurako-san that you'll want to treat with caution when it's time to capture her…!
Ah! There'll be a reduction in your salary if the city is destroyed when you capture the Jurako-san, so please be careful!"


File: 1462192259549.jpg (53.8 KB, 1000x563, ChcY8PQU0AASaQf.jpg)

"Doctor! The received information for Jurako-sans continues!"

"This time, they're introducing Tyrannosaurus-san!
She's a Jurako-san that is rumoured to be the strongest even among the strong Theropod Jurako-sans~.
Doesn't she have a regal air about her? She's so violent and cool, isn't she~!? I admire her!"

"Tyrannosaurus-san is a completely 'flawless' Jurako-san, but her appearance is 'seamless in clothing'… Sh, she's close to being naked… *blush*
By the way, why is Tyrannosaurus-san covering her face with her hand… Doesn't that make you curious~? Doctor, any ideas?"


File: 1462193198084.jpg (69.26 KB, 800x748, ChcsgYOVEAEFiDa.jpg)

"Identification: pink!
Doctor, it seems Command has received yet more information!
This time, it looks like a new group of Jurako-san!!"

"The received information is for Megalosaurus-san!
She's a graceful, nadeshiko Jurako-san~.
She's wearing a ribbon with her kimono… Quite a fashionable coordination, don't you agree!?"

"She was discovered in the 1800s, and has been around a long time in our history. People at the time must've had all sorts of thoughts and dreams about the dinosaur fossils~.
Megalosaurus-san has a gentle personality that wants to assist those with dreams probably based on that. She has many fans among even the Miracle Science Defence Guard~!"


If theres any sort of actual plot to the duties I'd love to keep reading your translations. if not then thats fine. Ero-scenes will suffice :p


File: 1462334844421.jpg (78.94 KB, 866x750, ChlLCjjVEAECpB3.jpg)

"Doctor, sorry for interrupting your lunch!
It looks like Command has received information for a new Jurako-san today as well!"

"Today's information is for Yutyrannus-san!
She's a sleepyhead Jurako-san that looks like she'll fall asleep anytime, anywhere.
The hood on her head that looks like a dinosaur is charming, isn't it~!?"

"She likes 'sleeping' more than anything… A down-filled futon appears to be indispensable for a gentle rest!
It's written… 'She has a gentle appearance, but when she wakes up, she's an unimaginable tyrant'. Does she have low blood pressure?
She'll cause road blocks when she falls asleep, so Yutyrannus-san also sounds like she'll be troublesome to deal with~."


"Doctor, Doctor! An article for 'Super-Huge! Jurassic Girls' has been published on 'Netlab-san'. The entire Research and Development Department is working hard on the formal release!"

The article tries to explain size-fetish along with mentioning other works. Curious if the staff are also researching the doujin content of creators like Moralgear and Hachimitsu.


File: 1462343334361.jpg (59.71 KB, 800x636, Chlwco-WkAERiws.jpg)

The received information for Jurako-sans continues!"

"The received information this time is for Stegosaurus-san.
Though she's shy and taciturn, she seems to be a Jurako-san that is careful to not be noticed by others.
When she's embarrassed, the plates on her back appear to flutter!"

"When Stegosaurus-san voice was caught with the Miracle Directional Mike…
She was saying, '… O, odd, I'm not standing out, right? I…'
Stegosaurus-saaan, please come out—!! *sweat drop*"


File: 1462363613758.png (69.13 KB, 984x689, pic_chara05_r.png)


Finished translations for the entire 2nd duty. Please refer to the first half of this video:

OK, thank you! As long as I know people here are interested in reading them, then I'll continue. It's hard to tell if the views are from real humans or bots.

As for ero scenes, I'm probably going to have to rely on others to post screenshots or videos from their max growth and love Jurako-sans after the proper release if I want to do translations for those unless they make it extremely easy for those with collector spirits to obtain all of the available JGs.


File: 1462444714267.jpg (68.44 KB, 1000x647, ChryL8UUgAEYUoF.jpg)

"Identification: pink! Doctor, we received information of a new Jurako-san from Command today as well!"

"Today, they're introducing Hallucigenia-san!
She's a Jurako-san that enjoys confusing people… Combined with her outfit, she gives off a mysterious atmosphere, doesn't she~?"

"Let's catch Hallucigenia-san's voice with the Miracle Directional Mike!
… … 'If you search my name, images of a cute creature will show up.'
Wawa—hh! Don't search that if you're a doctor who's uncomfortable with insects or crustaceans!!"


File: 1462446226459.jpg (39.93 KB, 600x600, Chr_L3NUgAE8h4A.jpg)

"Doctor! We received yet another Jurako-san's information from Command!"

"The information received this time is for Torosaurus-san!
She's a ceratopsid Jurako-san that lived during the Cretaceous Period.
She acts tsuntsun and huffy… but she's a gentle soul deep down inside!"

"Now then, let's catch Torosaurus-san's voice with the Miracle Directional Mike!
'May Sickness? If so, it'll be cured by next month, right? Please do your best.'
I also must make sure I don't catch the May Blues…" *sweat drop*


File: 1462638900908.png (72.53 KB, 984x689, pic_chara06_r.png)


Finished translations for the entire 3rd Duty. The last two duties are split between at most 114 lines of dialogue.


File: 1462692503036.png (106.56 KB, 984x689, pic_chara07_r.png)


Finished translations for the entire 4th Duty. Just one more to go.


File: 1462715741324.png (142.07 KB, 984x689, pic_chara08_r.png)


OK, that's it for the duty translations. If anyone finds the story up to now to be interesting enough, let me know and I'll try and continue translations for the duties after the proper release.


Thanks for the translations. I'd like to see more of the plot but that also depends on if the game itself is worth playing on a regular basis. I only got to play the tutorial during the beta before I got stuck on the eternal now loading screen so I didnt get to experience actually playing it on my own.

Is there any word on how many girls the game will have at launch?


File: 1462759997584.png (87.13 KB, 984x689, pic_chara09_r.png)

The album button in the upper-right corner of the in-game 'my page' screen listed empty icons for all of the currently available characters (the album will expand as they introduce new characters).

I didn't take any screenshots of it, so you would have to watch one of the youtube or nico let's plays to see if they click on it. I vaguely remember it having 3 pages of empty icons. The staff will not list how many characters they have prepared in total; these types of games generally prepare stuff for around a few months of events, and will keep preparing more depending on the game's success.

As I said earlier, the gameplay was super simplistic, so you're going to be playing it for the story or CG. I doubt they'll implement game mechanics that allow for more user input than building a specific team with specific skills and selecting who you want to challenge to a fight before the proper release. Fortunately, it's mostly automated, so you don't have to sit there and click a lot. Basically, this is going to be the kind of thing you log into and run while you're doing something else online, or playing another game, which is understandable because it would be difficult to keep people logged in with a straight-up visual novel so the game maintains a higher ranking among all of the other DMM social games.


File: 1462805739036.jpg (77.82 KB, 800x741, CiBaQt9UkAA-eag.jpg)

"Doctor! It's an untimely rain, but we also received information on a Jurako-san today!"

"The information received today is for the ornithopod dinosaur, Iguanodon-san!
She seems to be a smart and spoiled imouto-type Jurako-san…!
I, is she what people would call a 'little devil'…?"

"Now then, now then, let's catch Iguanodon-san's voice with the Miracle Directional Mike!
'Rain, huh? On a day like this, shall we loaf around together—?'
Doctor, even if you get hurt loafing around all lovey-dovey with a Jurako-san, workers' comp won't cover it—!!" *sweat drop*


File: 1462972742215.jpg (79.7 KB, 610x858, CiLNkbRUUAAwPma.jpg)

There was a poll on the public twitter about which Jurako people wanted to know the information for next (i.e. Mammoth), but Hoshino Hisui won by a landslide (69% of the 279 votes).

"Wawa—h! Wh, why are the votes focusing on me…?" *confused*

"D, Doctor… Are you really sure about me…?" *confused*

"D, Doctor! The number of votes increased from my last tweet, and my ratio has also increased!" *sweat drop*

"Wawawa… Doctor, i-is this for real…? Are these results for real…?"

(I'm mortified…! But…)


Thats adorable. I was looking forward to Mammoth's profile though


File: 1463168782114.jpg (38.35 KB, 600x623, CiQcmVLVEAAGZgJ.jpg)

"Doctor, sorry for disturbing you so late in the night!!
I know it's sudden, but we received information for a new Jurako-san!"

"Today, they're introducing Allosaurus-san! She's a theropod Jurako-san that loves mischief!
It seems she'll take advantage of her size as Jurako-san to blow off pieces of the city when she's playing tricks."

"Let's catch Allosaurus-san's voice with the Miracle Directional Mike!
'When I watch a kaijuu on the telly destroy the city, it makes me feel tingly!'
… D, Doctor, there'll be a cut in your salary if buildings or civilians are harmed when you capture the Jurako-san! Please be careful!"


File: 1463169320245.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x572, CiWIs56VEAAL8_t.jpg)

"Today's information is for Mammoth-san!
She's a mammoth Jurako-san of the Elephantidae family. Base on her appearance, she gives off a very open-minded atmosphere!
I also want to be healed by Mammoth-san's soft and cuddly body~"><

"Let's catch Mammoth-san's voice on the Miracle Directional Mike!
'Everyone's so cute and little, I just want to give them a great big hug~'
Wawa—hh! Mammoth-san, if you stuff someone down your cleavage, it'll be dang… Ah!"


File: 1463634047107.jpg (31.67 KB, 715x155, CiyrIQgU4AAleqQ.jpg)

The service for the game has begun at 13:00. I'm having problems getting the plug-in to load.


Release Celebration Campaign:
Login Every Day for 10-consecutive Rare Gacha Chance (May 19th 13:00~June 1st 23:59)

Log-in Bonus Happens at 0:00 Every Day.

Release Celebration Set:
10 (one per person)
Stamina Drink (Big); Energy Drink (Big); Love Drink (Big)

500: sd*4; ed*4; ld*2
4.5k: sd*30; ed*30; ld*15

Various affection items


File: 1463641718063.jpg (279.76 KB, 1232x686, Gacha.jpg)

Well the grinding for CG scene seems quite long.
The gacha for 15 "gacha stones" seems good enough


File: 1463647876888.jpeg (102.86 KB, 640x480, b6805cdb28bf6924efa6c887a38777…)

UR Allosaurus

Japanese Wiki:

Slightly disappointed they didn't fix the bug where the auto-team feature chooses only 1-2 Jurako, making it so you have to manually choose a team until it eventually fixes itself. Not quite sure what they improved during the beta-test. Though they would speed-up love-injections, since holding it down from 100 is going to get real old, real fast.



I'm consistently getting something akin to "The line is busy" error message every time I attempt to play. I can't tell if it's really high traffic or if I'm still caught up in DMM not playing nice with my region or account. I remember getting to the game page before the beta period so at some point I was doing something right.


Same here. It was fine last night, but I'm stuck on the announcement page again just like the beta.


File: 1463698619296.png (1.4 MB, 1122x629, Loading.PNG)

I'm stuck on the announcement page again just like the beta. Checking the box send me into an infinite loading screen and Just pressing ok sends me back to announcements. Anyone have a fix for this? I got past the tutorial last night and it was woking just fine.


File: 1463703960038.jpg (550.23 KB, 1229x688, f5ad01c493d96573a7f8389591a2cd…)

I've got the same problem. The game was working fine earlier today but now its back to the infinite loading screen when I try to start it again.

I hope its just some sort of server side problem


File: 1463739186704.jpg (408.31 KB, 1920x1080, Micro_Raptor_01.jpg)

Microraptor: "Fuhahhahhahah, I'm here, I'm here! I'm the great thief of justice, Phantom Thief Arsè… Scratch that, Microraptor. Now then, Doctor! I may have the body of a thief, but what say you about me becoming your strength!?"

I don't know if this is a good solution, but I've been dealing with the flash not loading by closing the window/browser and then reloading everything. Eventually it works.

Anyway, due to the change of tutorial character, the best strategy for a new player is to try and obtain the N and N+ versions of her because they come at max affection because it's shared between characters of the same name. Each time you awaken a character, they gain a little growth and love in addition to being faster (speed maxes at AW5). So it's possible to power through players with UR characters since you'll get your turn before theirs (if they lose a character early, their fighting potential diminishes drastically).


File: 1463740763732.png (163.15 KB, 677x205, b4e8935dc17a7282fce72f4dc4bfb4…)

Reward Scene Conditions:
UR: Love 25k~Max; Growth 4k
SR: Love 15k~20k; Growth 2k
R: Love 10k; Growth 1k


File: 1463745486668.png (98.6 KB, 984x689, pic_chara10_r.png)

To celebrate 20,000 registered users playing the release version, all players can purchase a UR ticket from the shop for 500 points, and an R ticket for 5 points.


Are you masking your IP address or changing your VPN in order to play? Also what web browser are you using?


I was able to play again around 12:30am-1:00am EST or around 13:00game time.
other times the game seem to get stuck in the loading loop instead


I think figured out what the issue is. you have match the local game date with your OS reading of time. As soon as the my computer's date matched the local game servers date the loop ended abruptly. FYI (local game time 13 hours ahead to my local time zone)
Can anyone else verify that this is the case?


My local clock just rolled over to the next day and the game suddenly works. Seems to be the solution for the loading issue


Thank you so much!



Just letting you know that I tried the method you mentioned and it worked! Thanks for the tip!

And as a side note, mu UR ticket was Mammoth. I was hoping it was her or Tyrannosaurus, so I can say today was a good day.


It was just an observation I made and a hunch that it may be the culprit of the loading loop. I should be the one who should be thanking you for testing of my hunch.


Upcoming Update Information (No Date):
1) Tutorial Progression State Preservation.
2) Growth Materials Implemented.
3) Practice (Friend Battle) Reward Setting.
4) Skill Removal Item Implemented.
5) Replay Speed Modified (Love Injection; Duty Progress).

Actual Reward Scene Conditions:
UR: Growth 4k; Love 20k
SR: Growth 2k; Love 15k
R: Growth 1k; Love 10k

Upper-left corner of battles has a speed-up mode added. You cannot challenge defeated opponents for 60 minutes. If you lose a battle, your gold is decreased by 5%.

Friend Menu (left to right):
1) My Profile: can change name, set birthday (Jurako have a scene where they'll wish you a happy birthday), and enter your personal message that everyone can see. Tabs: greet history; friend activity.
2) Friend List (Practice; Greet; Remove Friend)
3) Search (Tab: high level; same level; low level; ID search)
4) Pending Friend Invitations (remove)
5) Friend Invitations to You (Accept; Decline)

If someone wants to add me, you can search 'タルビ', though I will have to remove a dead friend or wait until I have more room. Add something to your personal message (i.e. MC for Macrochan), or greet me so I know you're from here.


File: 1463840809817.jpg (80.97 KB, 720x420, Ci_Bv0DUYAEwHkx.jpg)

First Event Report:
"進撃のひんにゅ〜!〜Attack on tippai〜"

"That day, I noticed I was smaller than other girls… The disgrace of being surrounded by busty girls…"

Tippai and Chippai are different ways to romanise 'ちっぱい' which is a portmanteau of '小さな' (Chiisana; Small) and 'おっぱい' (Oppai; Boobs).

Based on sample screenshots, the chippai event character is 'R' rarity, but considering that they have multiple rarities of the same character, there's a good chance they'll introduce SR or UR versions of her. I'm going to hope this event isn't going to suck like Dekamusu where it's impossible to obtain the event character(s) unless you spend a ton of money to even have a chance, or turn into a weird competition where only the top 50 or whatever players get the high rarity characters.


First Event Report:
"進撃のひんにゅ〜!〜Attack on Chippai〜"

#1: Defeat the event boss on the event duty map to receive a gorgeous reward: gift items to raise love!

#2: Rewards can be gained by defeating event boss, and from point ranking competing against other Doctors. A Super-gorgeous reward will be given to high-ranking Doctors!

OK, this game is probably going to suck for me; I hate competitions where you need to compete against other player's wallets the most. Even if it's something like the top 50, that's enough for there to be 50 totally brain-dead, balding morons that have no absolutely no common sense ruining things for everyone else. Nonsense like this is why I only play DMM social games like Sennen Sensou Aigis, since there's no competition, just cooperation.


First Event Report:
"進撃のひんにゅ〜!〜Attack on Chippai〜"

#3: Event Will Be Held Between May 30th~June 13th. *the above mentioned content and date is subject to change, so take note*


File: 1463859553415.png (1.47 MB, 1119x630, Trex.PNG)

I got my Tyrannosaurus to 4k love growth and I don't think I unlocked a reward scene. Am I missing something or do you only get the reward scene for maxing out?



Gotta max out Love AND growth, iirc. That's the reason everybody's been moaning about the grinding process.

Also kudos on getting best girl, you lucky duck. Was it the UR ticket or did you gacha it?


You don't have to max them out anymore; that was only in the beta to prevent pretty much everyone from unlocking a scene.

If the above player only has 4k love, then that's not enough; he needs at least 20k.

Some Japanese players have been posting information (not images) of the various character's scenes, and it seems several of them are of the type where the doctor takes a growth drug (i.e. SR Megalodon, he takes the drug before having sex with her).


Thats super lame. I want my H scenes to be doctor getting used as a dildo or being played with or the like not just becoming equal size and having sex.

Now when can we get Hisui some of that growth drug and let her play dinosaur?


Right now, the closest to being a human dildo is with R Hallucigenia. She sticks the tiny Doctor next to a rotor to please herself (she's slightly sadistic). If there's any situations you want to see with a Jurako-san, you can send them a query ’お問い合わせ' or a message on Twitter, and the Research Department will read it.

Q: Will Hisui-chan grow?
A: The received idea will be examined seriously by the Research Development Department (Management Team).

Q: Will Hisui-chan be eaten by a Jurako-san?
A: Hisui: "E-E, Even if I'm eaten, I would be a foul-tasting sushi… ( ;のヮの) *sweat* *sweat*"


Upcoming Maintenance on May 24th Between 14:00~16:00:

All times given will be Tokyo Time. So, please add this to your clocks to make things easier on yourselves.

The Battle system in this game is really horrible. You're basically taking other people's money, but the amount you take is based on how much they have on hand, rather than based on how difficult the game deems them to be in comparison to you. So basically the whole point is just to choose the weakest mark that's carrying a decent amount of coin in their purse at the moment, so you can mug them of their valuables. Things to look for are low level players with 50 defence points, and a lot of defeats. Though, because N and N+ cards can be easily raised to be as strong as a moderately leveled UR (and faster), it's best not to underestimate someone with 50dp and a lot of wins. We're basically bullies.


How do I augment growth? by giving N+ & N materials to a card as training elements?
It's really expensive


File: 1464011548264.jpg (73.98 KB, 600x794, CjD696HUYAIy0Te.jpg)

Q: Is it possible to go bouldering on a Jurako-sans breasts?
A: ( のヮの) .。o○(A multi-breasted Jurako-san! Those kinds must also be out there…!)


The only way to raise growth right now is to either feed other Jurako-sans to your main, or to acquire duplicates for awakening (this is why it's so easy to have overpowered N or N+ Jurako-sans right now).

The staff said they're going to introduce new things in the upcoming campaigns and events to make accumulating gold easier, and new materials specifically to raise growth. I think the latter is going to be implemented tomorrow.


I have problem with these game. I see white screen and nothing happend. Other game works. Anyone have any solution of these problem?


how long did you wait?


File: 1464084066201.jpg (110.41 KB, 714x415, CjNHzPSUkAArAlS.jpg)

Update on May 24th Contents:
1) UR Psittacosaurus (プシッタコサウルス) added to gacha (will have a 7x damage bonus during upcoming event).

2) Reward Scene conditions added to each Jurako-san's profile. Will tell you how close you after (info after 'あと').

3) Displays automatic progress and automatic recovery while on a duty mission.

4) Love injection speed raised.

I just tried my second 10-consecutive roll for the rare gacha, and while I didn't get Psittacosaurus-san, I did get 2 new UR characters: Tyrannosaurus-sama and Stegosaurus-chan. So I now have 3 UR characters (I got UR Tsaagan from my 500 point ticket). Unfortunate that these two are going to be difficult to raise, since I don't think I have any lower rarity forms of them, so they're way weaker than my N and N+ cards.


File: 1464089955710.jpg (295.26 KB, 1228x690, Gacha.jpg)

I also did my second draw with 45 stones. I still have trouble to unlock some CG lol.
I only have 1 CG available at the moment



I notice you're spending all of your points on stamina. Each time you gain a level, or complete a map, you gain some points that you can spend on stamina, attack points, and defence points.

Attack points determine what kinds of Jurako-san you can bring with you, and how many points you have for battle. For example, you can have at most 5 characters on a team, and if they're all UR, then you need 90 attack points. If you do a battle, then it'll subtract based on your team cost. For example, if you have a team that is 5 N cards, then you'll only spend 30 points per battle. So if you had 90 attack points, then you can do 3 battles in a row for that team.

Defence points are used to build a team in case someone attacks you in a battle. You can examine and change your teams in the 'ジュラ娘' menu with the bottom tabs after 攻撃 (attack), and 防御 (defence). 自動 (automatic) is the team the game builds for you, but this thing is bugged, so I would recommend building your teams manually.

The most important thing about raising your attack points is that every 10 levels, you gain 1 amber, and you gain 5 amber at attack level 100 (afterwards, you need to reach 125 to gain 1 amber).


Thanks I thought it was just to upgrade the points to do more PvP Battle. I see…


File: 1464147230416.png (754.22 KB, 1120x630, Megalodon 2.png)

Well guys, I finally got my SR Megalodon up to enought growth and Love for a CG scene, and suprise suprise, it's one of the same size sex scenes.

I'm so bummed, all that time and effort into something that does nothing for me, as someone who played and payed this game for Giantess content. It would probably be a good idea for everyone if we compiled a list of all the Jurako that have these CGs so we can avoid piling all that gold onto a gamble of whether or not it's GTS related. If you manage to get a scene in your game, you don't even have to go into detail, just confirm if it's one where Professor grows or not.

Goint to try for UR Mastodon next. After 4,000 growth points if I get a similar result I'mma be seriously pissed.


File: 1464152862924.png (786.91 KB, 1123x633, f85d5d215a0989f085fdfcf01bb3f3…)

Ah, bummer. I did mention that SR Megalodon was one of the confirmed same-size situations earlier in this post:

Aside from R Olorotitan (dunno about her SR form) in my image, others that have same size situations are:
SR Allosaurus (アロサウルス)
SR Hallucigenia (ハルキギニア)


30k Registered User Celebration Campaign:
1) 30k Gold and 3 Stamina Drinks (Large) to all users registered before May 25th 15:00.

2) Gold obtained whilst on duties 3x (doesn't include boss gold) until May 27th 15:00.

3) SR Ticket 3x from Shop (1k Points) until May 27th 15:00.

Since I don't know if the chance of a UR with an SR ticket is greater than 3%, I don't feel tempted to spend money on such a set.


File: 1464157579492.png (952 KB, 1118x630, 10 day campaign.png)


Yeah I'll admit I didn't read the thread carefully enough before I started investing gold. I thank you for the heads up on the other ones though, I'll post whenever I get another scene, although like I said I'm shooting for UR Mammoth, and I'm only 1k from the 4k minimum for the scene. Going to be a while.

I had 10 bucks to throw around so I got the 3 SR tickets, they were Olorotitan, Brachiosaurus, and Tsaagan, all ones I already had. Is there even a chance for a UR from a SR ticket? I wouldn't think so…

And lastly, I noticed on the prize notification this morning that I was a day short, so at some point I forgot to log in. This means I'm never getting that SR at the end of the list, doesn't it?



By the way, meant 1k points in total, not 1k left to go.


I got a UR from an R-ticket during the beta test, so it's possible.

From a collection standpoint, getting the same character is bad. But with the way this game works, you really want to get at least 5 of the same character so their speed is maxed out at AW5. It's possible to reach AW999 (feel free to calculate how much money would have to be spent to reach that high with a UR character at 0.375% per meteorite impact).


File: 1464245292446.jpg (38.43 KB, 991x727, CjXI12SUoAEhRig.jpg)

Silhouette of the two new Jurako-sans specifically created to be used for growth synthesis. They'll be implemented in the very near future.

Also, SR Mammoth becomes human-sized for a normal paizuri scene. Please refer to this for ero scene info:


Whats the point of a selling a game on the premise of giant girls if you're just gonna make a bunch of the H-scenes vanilla?



I believe that's what is called "Bait and Switch". Either these guys genuinely have no clue as to what the target audience of a GTS wants in their content, or they're trying to wring out as much cash from fetishests with pie in the sky dreams before we wise up to their game.

I'm surprised the japanese community isn't up in arms about this. I'd have thought at least one request to improve the interactions would have made it to their twitter by now.


File: 1464263870024.png (744.45 KB, 1152x648, www.dotup.org876133.png)

'Busou Shoujo Blade Briders' also had this problem, where they had a giant girl, but most of her ero scenes had the protagonist grow giant as well. I know there's some size fetishists who get off on giant couples, though that doesn't explain the ones where the Jurako shrinks to human size.

Going by how much Hoshino Hisui keeps asking players to send their ideas and suggestions on twitter, perhaps the issue is internal where certain key staff members responsible for decisions aren't size fetishists.

Region Gumi is an Animation Supervisor with a gigantic breast fetish, but is unable to convince all of the other staff that they can do an anime that caters solely to this (he has to tone down the size and limit it to only certain characters). This guy was responsible for animating the giantess character from Valkyrie Drive Mermaid; he used giantess content as camouflage to get away with animating truck-sized breasts.


File: 1464277555229.png (1.09 MB, 1119x629, Yutyrannus.png)


What also gets me are the majority of the lesser rarity and a few of the higher ones as well just have a naked version of their profile picture as a CG reward. I stopped increasing my UR Mammoths growth and tried it on my Yutyrannus since she was the closest, and this is what I got. The ratio of work put in against the reward earned doesn't seem very fair to me.

Going by the list of event unlocks, I'll switch to my UR Stegosaurus and see if it redeems this game, because if this is all there is to offer then I'll just go back to Microne Magazine or Tenohira or whichever that gives me 10x more giantess content for a fraction of the time and money.


File: 1464323080205.jpeg (133.38 KB, 666x389, 377011ae32b3cf6d9dcfe33002279e…)

Attack on Chippai Event Info (May 30th):
(When you win a high ranking, you'll obtain strong Jurassic Girl(s) and gorgeous reward!!)

SR Plotopterum from the event is just a naked stand-up illustration as seen here. I'm guessing the strong Jurako is either Eurypterus or a UR Plotopterum who has a special illustration.

Well, this game is starting off on the wrong foot with me if they decide to lock out content behind a competition between players; there's no point spending money on it if someone else ruins everything by spending just a little bit more.

I was wondering what people meant when they said 'naked stand-up art'. Talk about cutting corners to save on expenses, especially since there's even a couple UR characters with stand-up art ero scenes:
UR Tsaagan
UR Kryptops

When I saw the naked stand-up art on the game's homepage, I was initially wondering if that was something that happens for everyone under certain conditions. Disappointed the reality is much worse.

That said, maybe it'll be easier on your wallet power-raising your characters if you wait until the growth synthesis characters Nautilus and Ammonite are implemented. Usually those kinds of things trivialise the amount of time spent maxing out characters in other games.


File: 1464327520763.png (70.96 KB, 304x181, UR CG.png)


If the SR is just a Standing Nude, then the top prize must be an UR since we've already seen the CG in one of your earlier posts.

I'm with you, this game is shaping up to be a real money sink, which I would probably have fallen for if the content wasn't so subpar. I've got maybe 2-3 other Jurako in my collection that I'd want to see the CG to, and after 15 more amber I'll have enough for one more 10-gatcha roll. Once I've gotten those few up to their minimum conditions and see their events, I'm pretty sure I'm calling it quits on this game unless the devs come out and say they're aware of the content problem and will have more relevant CG in the near future. The only reason I haven't tweeted them is because I can't think of the wording to achieve the desired result.


File: 1464335450670.jpg (93.27 KB, 991x727, CjZFO-fUYAARj7m.jpg)

Nautilus and Ammonite

40,000 User Celebration:
1) Stamina cost 1/2 for duty missions.

2) Duty gold 2x (4x with the previous celebration's buff).

3) Clearing Duty 5 "科学警備隊、成田へ!" will give a 5 amber present.

4) R-ticket 4x for 400 points in the shop.

All of these will be in effect until May 30th.


File: 1464339043259.jpg (228.49 KB, 650x379, d2581-1003-518320-2.jpg)

You can send them a message in English if you're worried about being misunderstood in Japanese. Though, twitter's character limit may be a problem, so you might have better results if you sent it through their query form below the game application.


File: 1464376981631.jpg (247.71 KB, 884x1041, image.jpg)


I'm not very good at Japanese, could someone who understands it better compile a list of all the scenes that are not GTS from the wiki? Some of them make more sense than others and I want to be clear on it


What to look for in the future:
人間サイズ (Human Size)
巨大化薬 (Growth Drug)
同じサイズ (Same Size)

SR アロサウルス
SR メガロドン
SR ハルキゲニア
SR スピノサウルス
SR マンモス
SR メガロサウルス
R オロロティタン


File: 1464536349294.png (1015.99 KB, 1118x627, 70f3f044962278358eb883a7ad38dc…)

Upcoming Maintenance on May 30th (Today) Between 14:00~16:00:

This will begin in 13 hours and 26 minutes of the time of this post. Almost time to find out whether or not this event is going to make me rage-quit this game. I really hope they just make the high-rank reward a UR ticket instead of making it so only 50~ players get UR Plotopterum, or whatever.


Quick question Pleont, I am just curious out of the current 98 giantess available how many do you have? I have 69 out 98 currently.


53 out of 98. I only have 9 SR and 3 UR.

Aside from purchasing the UR ticket, I haven't spent any money on this game yet, and only rolled the 10-consecutive rare gacha twice (I have 41 amber on hand).


I just rolled for the third time. I have gotten 3 URs so far, one of which is a duplicate. SO I have 2 unique URs then, 11 SRs, 24 Rs, 18 N and 14 N+
I have almost all of the R type girls. The ones that I lack are the one you are unable to obtain from 1000g raffles. of those that are obtainable from the raffle, I have between 9-19 with most of them around 16. I just need 34 of each type to unlock each types scene.
as for the duty runs, I am at stage 19-2 at this moment. stages 1-6 are completed entirely and I have completes peppered across the rest of the stages.
I have yet to spend any money on this game. As far as I can tell, the only people who are higher on the totem are people whom payed to win. I mean the people who have anywhere from 500 to 900 wins in the pvp battle and or are already level 60+. I don't know how this is even possible without buying the pvp energy canisters.


Attack on Chippai (May 30th~June 13th 13:59):
1) Rewards:
SR Plotopterum (Within Top 1000)
R Pakicetus (Event points)
R Stygimoloch (Event points)

2) Click 'Duty' menu, and select イベント to do the event duty maps. You have a choice of 3 different maps with different stamina costs. The 20 stamina map has a high chance of generating the event boss. You have 5 turns to deliver as much damage as possible in 2 hours before she runs away (costs attack points).

3) Damage Bonus
7x: URプシッタコサウルス; URギガントラプトル
5x: URケツァルコアトルス; SRチアリンゴサウルス
2x: SRツァーガン (!); SRヒプシロフォドン; Rヒプシロフォドン

4) Event Banner Tabs (l>r)
-Boss (Fight your or friend's raid bosses)
-Ranking Rewards
-Subjugation Point (click upper right button to redeem all)

5) Battle Rewards
-Discoverer: S.Drink (m)*1 E.Drink (s)
-MVP: S.Drink (s); E.Drink (s)*1
-Subjugater: E.Drink (s)*1
-Participant: 100 gold


Step-Up Gacha:
1) Required to obtain new event characters with damage bonus.

Step (Amber): Reward <Omake
1st (1): 1R+ <20k gold; SD(m)*1
2nd (3): 1R+ <SD(m)*1; ED(l)*1
3rd (6): 2R+ <SD(l)*2; ED(l)*2
4th (13): 4R+ <SD(l)*4; ED(l)*4
5th (25): 7R+ 1SR+40% <10k love
6th (30): 8R+ 1SR+70% <SD(l)*5; ED(l)*5
7th (45): 10R+ 1SR+100% <10k love?

For 123 amber, you will get 33 Jurako with only one of them guaranteed to be an SR character. Aside from two 40% and 70%, you have a 4% for a UR and 30% for SR. Only some of the Jurako from rare gacha are in here, but there's only 3 event bonus characters (2 UR and 1 SR). The 2x damage bonus characters are the pre-register Tsaagan, and the login bonus character's R and SR forms.

I don't like the idea of spending 10k DMM points on a chance for a character, so I'm just going to do this event normally, and hope I get a decent ranking within 1k.


R Pakicetus is a Ranking reward

With my overpowered N cards, and SR Tsaagan, I'm gaining more stamina and energy drinks than I'm spending, though I don't know how long this will last before the event character becomes way too strong. At which point, I would have to rely on my haphazard friend's list of deadbeats to pull through for me.


File: 1464621695644.jpg (407.4 KB, 1920x1080, Gigantoraptor_01.jpg)

Gigantoraptor: "FuAa~, so hungry~… Eeh, introductionsss? More important than that, food… I'm Gigantoraptor~… OK, well then, please give me fooood!"

Realised that spending 48 amber would get me 15 Jurako when 45 only gets you 10 with only a 3% chance for a UR. So I rolled, and the first 3 rolls gave me 3 UR characters:
UR Tyrannosaurus (AW+1)
UR Gigantoraptor (7* bonus)
UR Stegosaurus (AW+1)

Rolled the 13 amber one, and only got garbage, so I'll stop while I'm ahead; thought the game was bugged and was giving me UR, since a lot of stuff for this event isn't working correctly (some teams don't bring the right characters, and the raid boss's level rises abnormally).

I'm going to be disappointed if Gigantoraptor doesn't smother Doctor with her massive tits, though the way she acts, she'll probably dump him in sauce and lick him.


File: 1464633039501.jpg (90.86 KB, 610x630, IMG_20160530_111436.jpg)


I've been putting a bit of money into the game, so I had enough amber to complete the 7 steps promotion. Ignoring the junk rares, my notibles were:

SR Chialingosaurus (pic)
UR Gigantoraptor
UR Allosaurus (duplicate)

After the 7th step it resets to 1, so hypothetically I could keep cycling as long as I have the amber, but no matter how tempting the new Jurako are, the 2 words "standing nude" haunt my desire to see their CG (the 2 other limited URs had them, so it's very likely to happen again).

As long as we're posting our stats, I'm currently lv.49 with all 20 missions cleared, now I'm going back and trying to complete for their amber.

My Plotopterum event boss is currently at lv.43, so it's getting close to 2 seperate battles with no KOs to take her down, my randomly accepted friends don't seem too keen on the event so there's no hope for piggybacking on their progress.

My rank as of typing is 128, but I went to sleep last night at 23 right after the event started, so unless I devote a ridiculous amount of time to this my rank is going to fall right off the board. And since I have a full time job and 3 other hobbies that require attention, babysitting this game is just not going to happen.

(btw Pleont, it is super-ironic that after 5 days of pumping my Stegosaurus like a madman you posted the CG not 2 hours before I complete the 4k growth requirement)


File: 1464680426693.png (1.16 MB, 1115x629, OfFuckingCourse.png)

And here's Gigantoraptor's scene. My limited japanese has her complaining of hunger (shock) and professor suggests that she can milk herself if she's that desperate. Ta-freaking-da.

I'm lucky that she's so essential for this event otherwise I'd be livid that such a rare character has such a crappy reward. I hear that the SR I got from the Step Gatcha has a human-sized scene as well, so so much for that.



A good chance to add vore to the game or at least "imply" it.

No, it had to be as fucking mainstream/normie as possible.

I swear the devs aren't even into the damn fetish.


50k Registered User Celebration Campaign:
1) 14 Day Special Login Bonus (June 2nd~15th. Login every day to receive SR Tsaagan.
2) Attack Point Recovery Time 5x.
3) Love Injection Recovery Time 5x.
4) Battle Assistance Energy Drink (L) Sold in Shop.
5) Duty Stamina Drink Set Sold in Shop.


Is the game working for you guys? mine keeps repeating the update stuff


"It looks like there has been a change in Plotopterum-san's appearance! If anything happens, I'll report to you, so please wait!"

I guess this event is going to have a second phase that introduces UR Plotopterum. If they make her impossible to obtain, then I'm going to be upset. They still haven't fixed the team bug where you don't bring all of the Jurako selected despite many players complaining about it; I'm unable to fight at full power as a guest, so I'm stuck using my 54 cost team.

Currently at Rank 54, and at 4,209,389 points. If they make it so only the top 50 or 100 players get the UR version, then I'm definitely going to be booted out by all of the crazy players or ones that are exploiting the way the event works…


Upcoming Maintenance on June 7th Between 14:00~15:00.

This will begin 14.5 hours from the time of this post.


Maintenance on June 7th:
1) 3 Raid Bosses for Event.
2) Step-up Gacha Special Effect UR Chance 2x (2 out of 4 instead of 2 out of 8).
3) Discoverer and Participant Reward Grade-up.
4) Can Turn 'Friend Search' On/Off in 'Settings' (設定).
5) Fixed Deck Bug, Love Max Mission Bug, and Gift Item Character Switch Bug.


File: 1465318436466.png (1018.98 KB, 1124x622, 1.png)


File: 1465336259955.png (1.27 MB, 1123x631, Kamakaze.PNG)

Tyrannosaurus scene. I'm a little disapointed to be honest.


60k Registered User Campaign on June 9th 14:00:
1) 6 Amber Present on June 10th and Amber Login Bonus Between June 9th~13th (Login Every Day to Receive on June 14th).
2) Event Duty Stamina Cost 1/2
3) Event Duty Gold 2x


Maintenance Update on June 10th:
1) Reward scene clear alert
2) Gacha skip function
3) Display all participants in raid battle history
4) Fixed various bugs
5) 10k points for 1 UR, SR, and R ticket
6) 3k points for 3 SR tickets
5-6b) Can purchase 1 a day until the 12th of June (uses rare gacha lineup)

They're out of their mind if they think anyone would willingly spend 10k points just for a UR character that only has one event scene that's probably a stand-up illustration. Especially after they sold one for just 500 points.


File: 1465539959633.png (828.78 KB, 1118x620, Styracosaurus.png)

Well Styracosaurus didn't turn out like I thought it would, which is a good surprise since spelunking is one of my favorite interactions in this fetish.

I've let my ranking fall into the low 500's, honestly if I get the exclusive Jurako then I don't care if I'm 999th.

Got that special one from the login bonus the other day, 4000 growth for a SR is a hurdle but I'm halfway there. I know it's probably going to be a standing nude or something similarly disappointing, but since that's the only unknown CG currently I guess I'll risk it.


i really wanted to try this game but after the tutorial i got stuck on a loading screen that loads forever :(


see you have to match your OS time with the game server's time.


i don't know how but it worked! thank you.


The game checks your logins by date as long as you share the date as the local game server you are able to play the game but if the local time switches to the next day, you will be stuck in the login in loop. It might have to do with all the login notifications and login rewards that causes it to get stuck a the loading loop if you are on another date compared to local game server.


File: 1465623349935.png (1.23 MB, 1116x627, LimpBiscuitandbyBiscuitImeanMy…)

This is bullshit


File: 1465680228027.jpg (1.34 MB, 1677x942, R Ophthalmosaurus.jpg)

Had a feeling there'd be no special scene, but oh well.


Upcoming Maintenance Contents (15:00):
1) Reward Album Implemented
2) 60k User Campaign 2nd Part

Finished the event at around rank 87. I mainly focused on farming the raid bosses for their drinks, so I would have at least 0.6k+ of them for future events. All I'm going to get for being below 100 is a second SR ticket (may give me a UR character, but I'm not counting on it). I really hope Plotopterum is either a multi or rear character so I can use her on my team. I've been getting attacked by other players during this event, and I've been winning half of the battles against them thanks to Stegosaurus+1-chan being such a good meat shield.

As a forewarning, both the SR and R character only have stand-up illustration event scenes, so don't get your hopes up about spending money to get their reward scenes. Curious if this game is going to end its service in 3 months, or if they'll receive enough funds to add more content to existing characters (i.e. a 2nd reward scene for everyone that includes CG for those that didn't get one based on player feedback).


File: 1465798330070.jpg (86.03 KB, 560x341, rank87.jpg)

60k User Campaign Period Between June 13th~22nd:
1) Duty Stamina Cost 1/2 (i.e. 3 instead of 5).
2) 100 point R tickets (once per day).

The new SR and UR Jurako added to the gacha will have an effect bonus during the next event.


File: 1465801028732.png (1.19 MB, 1117x626, FoolMeOnce.png)


I ended up being somewhere in the low 500s-high 600s, but the single R ticket I got netted me that new SR, so I guess it is possible to get higher tiers on lower ticket draws.

I'll work and try to unlock her scene, but it's probably another half nude with her hooked up to that same damn car like the rest.


File: 1465801381416.jpg (384.08 KB, 1920x1080, Plotopterum_01.jpg)

Doctor: "That's a device to make your boobs grow! Meaning, you'll become explosively busty!"

Plotopterum: "P, please wait a minute! I, I'm saying I'm not that kind of adult!"

Doctor: "You don't know anything! That's why you're a child! You don't know the words from dressing-up starts from choosing the right shoes to boobs make an adult woman!"

Plotopterum: "Is that so…? First time I heard that!"

Doctor: "Plotopterum… Do you want to be an adult woman? Do you want to become like Aphrodite A? Do you want to be called the Grand Canyon?"

Plotopterum: "I, I see… Yes! I want to become the Grand Canyon!"


Congratulations on obtaining Plotopterum's captain, Eurypterus-chan~!

I guess a UR Plotopterum is going to be a part of the upcoming event's gacha so they can form a pair set against whoever they have an effect bonus against.


File: 1465808736818.jpg (336.48 KB, 727x790, Plotopterum_Mega_2.jpg)

If only it were true.


Upcoming Maintenance on June 15th Between 14:00~14:15:
1) 60k Campaign Gift Set for Sale
2) Battle Gold 2x!

Let's see if they sell anything worth purchasing this time.


File: 1465895586083.jpg (187.35 KB, 790x1200, Ck5lRZVUgAA7M8A.jpg)

Uekino Aroe (上木乃アロエ) drew this for Ophthalmosaurus-chan. Maybe it'll soothes the disappointment somewhat.


File: 1465920362148.png (1.01 MB, 1118x615, Eurypterus.png)

I'll take "Shit I saw coming from a mile away" for $400, Trebek.



What is "a colossal fucking let down?"

"You are correct!"


Maintenance Update on June 15th:
1) Gift Item Sets available for 4000 points each (up to 3 per customer).
1a) Each set has items that certain Jurako like (there are two heart size icons next to the items with the bigger one giving a bigger bonus to that Jurako).
1b) Sets come in pairs that are only available for one day (i.e. June 16th's cooked meat set for items that Eurypterus and Tyrannosaurus like will be removed on June 17th 0:00). The final sets will be between June 22nd and 23rd 0:00.

2) Rare First Time Pull Revival (5>1 and 45>15 amber).

4k DMM points for 10k love (20k to Jurako that like the items)…

They say they're going to add more story duties in the future.

On a related topic, I've ran into one player with 400+ wins and a 50pt defence team that consists of overpowered R characters. Their attack is about 10k less than my UR team that is nearly maxed out, but whether I win or not depends completely on if I get my skills to activate and target the correct characters, otherwise those Rs just demolish my team since they're faster than everyone but my SR loli pirate.


File: 1466489995843.jpg (112.59 KB, 720x420, notice_23.jpg)

Raid-type Event (June 23rd~July 1st):
Jurako of the Battlefield (戦場のジュラ娘)

"War is everything! If you want me, then show me your strength! The strong are just! I won't obey the weak! Strength is my everything!!"

Both of the step-up gacha characters obviously have ero scenes where they shrink to human size. I think I'll save my amber for now, and see if the event after this has a character in the meteor gacha I want…


File: 1466491035044.jpg (191.19 KB, 1116x628, CldB2aiUkAELSSC.jpg)

Ankylosaurus: "Ankylosaurus… Hey, not so close! Geez, is Doctor always that distance? Listen here, that distance is impossible for me… So, move away!!"

Curious if this game's service will survive past all of the content they already prepared, so they can start adding content based on what paying players would want, or if it will die in a matter of months. Fortunately, the Plotopterum has a 3x bonus, so I'll be able to accumulate rewards alright with her until I reach the point the bosses become too strong.

The step-up Gacha is different (it will reset everyday 0:00):
1st: 1 amber: 1 R+
2nd: 1: 1 R+
3rd: 5: 50% SR+
4th: 30: 50% 3 SR+
5th: 45: 100% 3 SR+


File: 1467007129648.png (624.53 KB, 1120x630, ae04f9ad79110830aedbde39f19ba5…)

Maintenance on June 28th 14:00~15:00:
1) Event "Jurako of the Battlefield" Update.
2) Strengthen-Use Material Added.

Due to getting lucky with the 1 amber step-up gacha, I was able to obtain the SR Jurako (post image) with the 5x damage bonus, so I've been farming this event for drinks (642 small stamina, and 962 small energy).

Curious if the SR event character, Mosasaurus, is going to have the event scene from post 1448, or if we're going to have to wait until she has a UR version. I haven't seen any images hinting at her reward scene unlike every other character.


So how did everyone fare in the latest campaign event? Despite having none of girls with damage multipers(not including the girls from previous campaign since I didn't use them)I was able to get to a ranking of 277.

On a side note, the New material girls are too good, I have maxed out all my Growth stats for all of my UR, SR, R, and N+/N with 999pop with relative ease. all but 11 scenes are unlocked and they only need affection to unlock. It took several million game currency to do.


It looks like somebody got a few more point in at the last moment so I ended up at 279 instead not that it mattered


File: 1467353871051.png (801.25 KB, 1120x630, fe5b73b25542df3a6e877acba68173…)

Rank 153

Way too many Japanese players have been using extra accounts and macros during this event, that I'm curious if the staff are going to crack down and ban them.


I think I found a few of those accounts when I pvp. They gave hauls around 300,000 each time a raid them. all the top positions seem completely unobtainable with values in the hundreds of millions. The gap between 1 and 2 was around 100 million alone.


File: 1467360093984.jpg (111.14 KB, 720x420, notice_37.jpg)

Upcoming Event News:
"I am the strongest Doctor!!
Such an event is currently being developed."

Ugh, sounds like a battle-type event. I don't know how they're going to balance it to prevent people from exploiting and bullying the same kinds of players over and over.

By all but 11, do you mean from among the characters you possess, or all of the characters available in the game?


Of the characters that I possess. I currently have 3 types of URs, 18 types of SRs, 28 types of Rs and the rest are N+/N


Is anybody else having a problem logging in after this latest patch.
It comes up with this message


The url now reads as the following
I am unable to change the cookie for it manually
The funny thing is that I still have access to all the other games without any issues.


addendum, the error only seem to effect R18+ games.


File: 1467701430525.jpg (157.15 KB, 739x432, banner_01.jpg)

Looks like she shrinks down to human-size. I don't like the amber rates for the step-up gacha this time (40 amber per 10 roll, and UR is still 3% unless you spend a lot to reach the end).


I got around it by right-clicking and selecting 'inspect elements' and going to console.

Enter the following:
document.cookie = "cklg=welcome;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=dmm.co.jp;path=/"
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=dmm.co.jp;path=/netgame/"
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=dmm.co.jp;path=/netgame_s/"

Open the game's application afterwards. I dunno if this is going to be a temporary error on DMM's side, or if they're trying to prevent foreign users from playing games due to suspected abuse, or the influence of the localisers making it seem like they'll get in trouble if foreigners can access their games.


Thank you for your advice. It appeared to work
By the way, am I the only one who has exhausted all possible ways of getting amber. I have completed all the duty missions. I even spent around 2,000,000 g just to get most of rare girls to have 100+ counts. I am sitting on attack strength of just below 77,000 with close to 60,000 defense. My attack party is four Rs and 1 UR. I do have a bunch of maxed out SRs just that they are too few to be really effective beyond the SRs you get from events.


File: 1467889583536.gif (29.26 KB, 200x200, 200 (1).gif)

Something's really off about this event concerning the player in 1st place; I can't imagine how he got so high even if he had a full team of characters with bonus effects.

The Jurako with effects get more points if you win, but they're kind of worthless unless you understand which players are easy targets. I'm currently at rank 26 of all things, and probably will stay this way if I maintain enough drinks throughout the week.


File: 1467904745824.jpg (90.3 KB, 480x640, Cmwk5bCVYAA2CJj.jpg)

Another social game called 'Devil Carnival' has an event with a gigantic devil girl, and her ero scene also keeps her gigantic.



I would agree that there is at least a lot of player cooperation at best, at worst a lot of cheating going on.
I have encounter quite of few players in 90-60 rank range with defending forces consisting solely of single N,N+, or R girl.
This might be the worst event out of the three we had.
As far a PVP combat side at least for me it is either I completely crush a player without much difficulty or I am Completely crushed with a the PVP match starting 3 consecutive misses from my girls. The worst case scenario was losing to a person with little more than a third of my own attack power because only 2 or 3 of my girls could hit then while they keep on hitting and having their abilities triggered every possible chance.
As for Sequence on determining which girl goes first. I don't think it just a simple matter of how many girls you have. Almost every time I encounter the SR Tsuagan, She always seems to go first regardless of what I field on battle. It might be a hidden stat that each girl has that determines which girl goes first.


File: 1467961975721.jpg (51.9 KB, 720x420, rSTSdWx_2ace0d4e975d040d717c83…)

All characters have a speed stat. It can be raised by awakening the character, and maxes out at AW+5. I haven't delved too much into the game's scripts, so I don't know if this is a value that can easily be found. But even in the case where all characters are AW+5, there would have to be some factor that would ultimately determine turn priority.


File: 1468387418054.jpg (134.03 KB, 720x420, notice_43.jpg)

Until July 14th 14:00, you can purchase 142 amber+UR Ticket for 10,000 DMM points. According to the banner, there isn't a limit to this.

I'm almost tempted, but the way the staff has been acting lately makes it seem like they're getting desperate to extract money from players, which makes me worried that the service for this game is going to end after the next couple events or so. While I liked SR Mosasaurus's reward scene, they haven't given any indication that they're producing future content based on player desires yet. I would hate to find out that they're trying to recoup expenses on the limited existing content, and instead of preparing anything for the future, they're getting ready to pull the plug.


File: 1468435681268.jpg (321.7 KB, 968x826, 178546 - anime blonde blushing…)


File: 1468435870834.jpg (129.03 KB, 1200x1690, Real_XIII_030.jpg)


File: 1468479038104.png (824.34 KB, 1120x630, a9a9bf50644568f0608b44e381ad4d…)

I spent all of my tickets and amber, and was only able to get the new SR character and a single UR (190~ amber and 7 SR tickets). I really, really want the new UR character, but at 3%, there's a good chance I could spend 200,000 points and not get her.

If someone happens to get her from a meteorite crash, I would appreciate it immensely if you could share the dialogue for her reward scene (I'll translate another character's reward scene if you would like).


File: 1468662598455.jpg (82.4 KB, 900x675, sm_99_510760_sean1.jpg)


File: 1469299308847.jpg (622.92 KB, 1111x626, shit.jpg)

aw balls


File: 1470295221928.jpg (189.61 KB, 1121x631, SR Reward.jpg)

Just so no one wastes time with any of the recent additions, here's what you get for the SR won from the recent campaign…


File: 1470295544452.jpg (114.36 KB, 1122x630, UR Reward.jpg)


…And the UR they just released, which of course is a "Professor Grows Big" scenario. It's not even varied; just this still and the token "Ahh! Coming" follow up. I'm not even going to bother with the rare from the event, as that one reeks of cheap.

I'm tempted to use the 2 UR tickets from the gatcha, but nothing on the board right now looks appealing, and I'm only missing 4 of the 11 available girls, so I'm going to pocket them until a limited character comes out and see if it works on them.


File: 1470305753979.jpg (180.08 KB, 720x420, EV008.jpg)

"Doctor goes on a visit to Chinatown with everyone. The party that was looking forward to it bubble with excitement at his arrival. Meanwhile, trouble brews from a certain Jurassic Girl…"

August 8th will be a Raid-type Event for SR Gigantoraptor.

The staff have been showing off the reward scenes for the event characters beforehand, so there's really nothing to be surprised by. I threw leftover gifts on her because she has a 3x multiplier for the event.

I got rank 32 during this event, and the Jurakuji was so generous, I was able to get an additional UR Tsaagan, and many, many copies of the premium SR characters (only have 3 missing).

The way they held this event for two weeks, and kept trying out different campaigns makes me worried that they're running out of content before ending the service. I don't think I see any characters they haven't introduced yet (unless the top one in post 1410 hasn't appeared yet).


File: 1470306089923.jpg (118.48 KB, 720x420, 002_737de95c.jpg)


File: 1470306546176.png (892.96 KB, 1120x630, e0b0055095cda3828151b482de735e…)

When they had a 12 amber campaign earlier, I rolled UR Plotopterum. Her reward scene is kind of silly with the dildo-strapped to the mast of the pirate ship penetrating her. Thought this thread died, so I didn't report on it initially.

The 2,500 point premium gacha campaign earlier with the 6% chance at a UR and first time UR ticket reard was the first time I spent money on this game since the 500 point UR ticket. Got two UR characters out of it. One of them was UR Archelon. If they continue doing this kind of campaign, I may spend more money on this game even though I bet it's going to end after the next event (Japanese players are saying that the game lasting beyond the end of this year only has the same percent chance as an atari for the Jurakugi: 10%).


File: 1470637474853.png (368.64 KB, 1400x750, 002_p3.png)

Wow, this raid event is pretty horrible. There's only one event character reward, and the points only lead to 2 amber presents instead of 5 like in the past, and it looks like the raid boss item rewards have been nerfed.

Well, let's see if the game's service is announced to end on the 18th of August. Wonder how Japanese players are going to react to all of the new changes.


File: 1471461185622.png (1.01 MB, 1120x630, 64bbbbe555dac94ef618dc106c0629…)

Final day of the event, and I didn't get even a single R-ticket drop from the rare raid boss. Though, the fact that she drops mid-tier stamina and energy drinks makes up for the poor rewards from the other raid bosses.

They decided not to do a news report on DMM for this event, so this time I have no idea if the new SR Gigantoraptor is going to have a naked stand-up illustration, or an event scene. It still seems like they're using resources they implemented already if the ero scene with the new UR character is anything to go by. The fact that there's only a single event character reward makes me wonder if they're running out of content, and aren't producing more. About 10-20 of my friends jumped ship since the last event.


File: 1471500909067.png (693.06 KB, 1120x630, abf61f2aea91bb95315e24a6f055d0…)

This… isn't… what… I… was… expecting.


That green thing is supposed to be a crane that broke inside Gigantoraptor. Yeah…


Thanks for sharing, I literraly give up on playing this game


File: 1471940849406.gif (29.84 KB, 200x200, 200.gif)

ペリカ (Perika):
"This… is now completely no good, I guess. Though I don't want to say anything too gloomy, I can't help but feel the event this time is going to be the last event."

There's no new event character reward. Aside from the Premium Gacha character that has a scene with the Doctor the same size, it's obvious they're running out of content, and aren't producing any more. Instead, I think they're stretching out the last few bits of existing illustrations to make just a little bit more money before running off… Makes me wonder if I should even bother trying to gather the points, at least (depends on if the other players want to play nicely).


They are not even trying anymore. The blue version(the UR) of the one giantess has an identical scene as the original. I would of expected them to at least change the color of garments in the scene but no that is not case.

btw, what do those capsules even do? I have quite of few of them from previous events and hadn't used them at all.


File: 1473493281883.jpeg (118.49 KB, 666x389, 898ef7fbd6eff6054b1b76c109c7c6…)

Wouldn't mind UR Microraptor, but I don't like the idea of spending 2.5k points for 10 rolls on a 3% drop. Would've liked to support this game, but only if they will treat players fairly and given some indication that they're adding content based on feedback instead of stretching what they currently have further and further.

Does the capsule say 'スキルポーション(中)'? That's a Skill Potion. In the second tab of the Jurako menu, you have three buttons to the right of the each Jurako-san: Skill Strengthen, Skill Delete, and Growth Synthesis. The first one will allow you to use your skill potions on each skill.

Also if a character has multiple skills, their cost is increased, so there is little reason to make it so your UR characters have 3 skills, since that would make them cost 3x their normal cost.


Thanks for the info.


has anyone made a gallery for this game yet?


File: 1473997085531.jpg (180.54 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_02.jpg)

No, that would be a waste of time, since it's extremely time-consuming to create new accounts to acquire new characters, and then raise them with affection until their scenes are unlocked.

If you want to go through that kind of tedium, then go ahead (it may be helpful if someone misses x character), but it'll be way less work to just wait until the inevitable service discontinuation announcement so that everyone, particularly those in the Japanese community, feel inclined to pool together all of the assets and share them.

Japanese players think they're trying to stretch the service of this game until it passes the point where they have to refund players their points (i.e. if a game ends their service within 3 months, they have to give a full refund, but games that last for a half year or something can keep all of the points people spent on it). So you may not have to wait too long.


File: 1473997443245.jpg (167.4 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_01.jpg)

On the topic of the multiple account thing. For the last few weeks, they have been hiding all of the new premium characters behind a paypal. The only way to get them is to spend DMM points (can't acquire any of them with amber yet). So, that's a problem.


What's the point of amber then at this point if all the new girls are only able to be procured through dmm points. It's hard enough to get amber to begin with if you have already completed all the previous stages prior the newest batch. Unless I want to buy some amber that is.


File: 1474072598115.jpg (169.92 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_03.jpg)

Apparently the step-up gacha. This time they made it so the new UR character in the banner is 100% guaranteed if you spend 240 amber. I have 91 on hand, and could get her if I spend 10k points during this 3 day amber campaign, but she doesn't really look like the kind of character I would find aesthetically pleasing. Also can't tell what she's looming over. Is that a clock-tower?


File: 1474875185616.png (1.17 MB, 1120x630, b10b2d56c64a25d42fcddd268c5916…)

Doctor: "That's called a Freefall. It's way taller than Pachycephalosaurus."
Pachycephalosaurus: "Eh!? Is that so!?"
Doctor: "Let's see… It's 107m."
Pachycephalosaurus: "That's s—o tall!"
Doctor: "Yeah! I had a good idea."
Pachycephalosaurus: Eh!?"
Doctor: "Usually, I can't see you from anywhere except below, but I want to ride this so I can see you from above."
*More like see into her cleavage.*

Took a huge risk and spent 2.5k points on premium. Got 2 UR characters, but unfortunately, they're the same: UR Pachycephalosaurus. Well, she is one of the new powercreep characters, so she should help me win random battles in the future.

My UR ticket gave me UR Mammoth. I was really hoping to get UR Microraptor.


File: 1475043912538.jpg (189.1 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_05.jpg)

New Rarity: Legendary (LG)
1) Super Huge
2) 2 Consecutive Attacks
3) AW+100 & AT/DF 50,000
4) Animated Reward Scene

0.45% chance of acquiring this rarity from premium. That's 1 LG from 222 rolls (111,000 points at a 63% chance for at least 1 LG).

It's almost been 6 months since the service of this game started, so I'm guessing this character is some last ditch effort to get certain special people to spend a ton of money in vain before they either run off with it all and terminate the service, or use the funds to fix all of this game's problems. I'm leaning toward the former.


File: 1475578457940.jpg (337.44 KB, 995x1500, Chialingosaurus.jpg)


File: 1475870994491.jpg (166.17 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_06.jpg)

1) When on the my-page screen, please confirm the movements and expressions with the Jurako Viewer that cannot be displayed on the screen because the Jurassic Girl is big.
2) Jurako that have been added to premium will be moved to other gachas at a later date.
3) Legend rarity cannot be summoned from tickets.


File: 1475936201703.jpg (385.57 KB, 1999x1122, LG_size-comparison.jpg)

This is the in-game size of the LG-rarity Jurako. Slightly disappointed she shrinks down in size during battle, but she's large enough that you cannot see her entirety in the my-page screen.

The average height of a Jurako is 48m (157ft). How many meters does Pteranodon look to you guys?

They changed premium so that LG is 0.6% and UR is 5% for 3k points (with a UR ticket omake). Every 10 rolls only gives a 5.84% chance for at least one LG Jurako. 50 rolls (15k points) only raises this to 25.98% for at least one. I saw two players with LG characters, so they are either super lucky, or spent a small fortune on this game. If it's the latter, maybe this will be enough for the staff to fix the game's problems and add content for pre-existing characters. The fact that LG are so huge means that my message to the staff long ago had some effect at the very least.


File: 1475937319310.jpg (290.8 KB, 1479x1172, LG_size-comparison_2.jpg)

Another comparison of their in-game size.

LG Dsungaripterus


File: 1476448253291.jpg (163.9 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_07.jpg)

New LG in the step-up Gacha.

It's possible to obtain all of the new LG with AMBER. So, if anyone wants to do a reset marathon, this is probably the best time to do so!

LG Chance (amber; rolls)
Step1: 0.3% (1;1)
Step2: 0.3% (5;2)
Step3: 0.3% (9;4)
Step4: 0.6% (16;6)
Step5: 0.9% (30;10)

I know someone has been cross-posting the illustrations from here to 4chan, so I would appreciate it if you also let them know about reset marathoning until it's possible to obtain the LG characters. I can't post there due to my ISP for some reason.

*Reset Marathon is where you keep creating new accounts, and using the easily acquired amber to roll the gacha until you get a rare character you want.


File: 1476449305788.jpg (362.42 KB, 2396x1128, LG_size-comparison_3.jpg)

LG Nurosaurus Size Comparison.


File: 1476602067316.jpg (98.36 KB, 1122x632, Ammonite 1.jpg)

The UR Ammonite scene I got thanks to the current Gatcha


File: 1476602087533.jpg (90.24 KB, 1121x630, Ammonite 2.jpg)


i click on game start and nothing happens. what is problem?


File: 1479001510305.jpg (146.33 KB, 720x420, 161111_2_3.jpg)


This game sometimes has problems when it comes to loading the applet. So you might have to wait a while, or close and reopen your browser to try again.

Though, if you haven't done so already, you should change your clock to Tokyo Time: (UTC+09:00) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo.


im using firefox, also do i need to register a different account to play R18?


File: 1479001899300.jpg (135.11 KB, 720x420, 161031_2_4.jpg)

All-age and R18 versions share the same information and accounts, so you can won't need to register a new one. You can switch between versions with the same account whenever you wish.

I play the game with Opera, but I don't know of anyone specifically having issues with Firefox.


i dont have adobe flash player installed.


also how to switch?


File: 1479006263411.jpg (302.85 KB, 1427x1167, LG_size-comparison_4.jpg)

LG Darwinopterus Size Comparison

Switching is as simple as logging into the all-age or R-18 side of DMM, and then loading up the game with the same account. Though the all-age side has/had some pretty stupid region control that makes it a pain to navigate (there are workarounds earlier in this thread).

If you actually have Adobe Flash Player installed, and it says you need to install it, that's just the applet not loading properly (hence why I recommend waiting and either refreshing/reloading the page, or closing and reopening the browser). The game has been having loading issues since the maintenance for the end of the last event.


i try to register my account but says i need to go to some other site?


File: 1479008445814.jpg (352.47 KB, 1836x1169, LG_size-comparison_5.jpg)

LG Diplodocus Size Comparison.



Try and register here. You'll want to keep your region as '日本語' (not English) and just reload the page if it tries to redirect you to Nutaku if that's the other site you're talking about.

Any questions about registering or navigating DMM should be researched somewhere else like the Kancolle wikis, though that game is for the all-age site which is even harder to navigate than the R-18 site.


File: 1479019799364.png (1.93 MB, 1919x904, site.PNG)

am i on the right page for the 18+ game? i made the account


Yes, on your screenshot, click the button in the upper-right corner that says 'いますぐプレイ' (Play Right Now).

Well, hopefully the current state of the game is marginally enjoyable to you until they 'fix' things. No one in the Japanese 2ch community or Twitter has received one of the new LG-rarity characters, who supposedly have animated reward scenes. Because of this, it may be imperative that people do reset marathons the next time they introduce a 1 amber step-up gacha.


im on firefox with Ublock origin/No script/Requestpolicy and nothing happens when i click on it


Also, if you haven't seen them, I translated the tutorial and the first several duty missions:

Some of the other game mechanics are explained in the thread.


I don't know what address is in the screenshot, but this is the current direct link to the game:

I'm not going to trouble-shoot any kind of plug-in conflict problems, and what you would have to make allowances for or turn off to get it to work.


File: 1479070841115.png (7.02 KB, 1199x38, link.PNG)

thats the address for me, sorta of werid that in IE i click game start and it redirects me to a different page that wants me to add a username/birthday


Is anyone else having a problem with freezing when clicking on the meteor gatcha icon?


File: 1480562652290.jpg (192.31 KB, 1120x636, LG Finally.jpg)

Wow. Finally, after all this time, the Gods of gatcha have smiled on me. After just one roll of the new promotion boasting a 4x draw rate on the LG rares, I not only get the LG Diplodocus (the one I wanted most of the 5 of them), but I also pull one of the few UR's I was missing (Astro Don) as well as the new Diatryma UR. I can get 500 DM points for another roll, but after a miracle like that I don't see anything left worth risking it for.

I'm going to look into some video capture software I might have, and try to upload the LG Diplodocus scene once I get it since it's highly unlikely anyone here might get it, and since this thread helped me out so much through this game (Pleont especially) I should try to make an effort to give back. I will post the screenshots of the scene as soon as I get it unlocked, so stay tuned.


File: 1480562670308.jpg (202.48 KB, 1121x632, New Gatcha.jpg)


File: 1480719834231.png (1.24 MB, 1120x630, Capture.PNG)

I have Dsungaripterus's scene unlocked but I could of swore that LG rarity scenes were supposed to be animated. This one only has static pictures.


Hey all, I also just started :) Only thing Im still wondering is what are the things you give points to after leveling? EP, BP and MAX?


From top to bottom:
Attack Points
Defence Points

Stamina is what you use to do duty and event maps.

Attack points determine the quality of Jurako you can have on your team (i.e. if you have 90, then you can have 5 UR Jurako), and you also use this when you attack players or raid bosses (so if you have 180ap, and a team that costs 90, then you can attack a raid boss twice).

Defence points determines the Jurako you can use on the team to defend against other players. If you get attacked and lose, then you will find that 5% of your max money disappears into the other player's wallet. So it's not a good idea to hoard money in case someone decides to treat you like a free ATM machine.


File: 1480861299974.jpg (209.4 KB, 774x385, ss (2016-12-04 at 02.41.31).jp…)

I got these now, think I was lucky that my first 10 draw gave me 2 legends.


>>1776 Also thank you for replying so fast <3


File: 1480918536735.jpg (124.8 KB, 720x420, notice_161205_01.jpg)

Battle Event "Super, Duper, Ultra Big Cup" (超超超ド級杯) Begins (Dec 9th~16th)

Yay, while it's just a college of SR Brachiosaurus crushing a building. It feels like they've finally taken some player feedback into the banner.

Congratulations on summoning an LG! I'm quite curious, did the meteorite gacha give any kind of indication that you summoned her compared to just a regular UR? If you post a video of her scene, I'll be willing to translate it to English for you.


File: 1480922777175.png (1.13 MB, 1118x632, Jurako1.PNG)

I saw a gallery on sadpanda so I thought I would hel out


File: 1480922869072.png (1.24 MB, 1119x631, Jurako2.PNG)


File: 1480922967291.png (1.21 MB, 1119x628, Jurako3.PNG)


File: 1480930436552.jpg (49.43 KB, 318x271, ss (2016-12-05 at 10.30.08).jp…)

>>1779 Not really any different, still just the rainbow meteors like with UR draws.

Also, are any of these things listed in the picture important for something?


File: 1480931601316.jpg (70.26 KB, 480x624, BzpfNXICcAA6Gxj.jpg)

That's the Parameter window.

Left side lists the skills that character has (the one you have will raise the attack power of all allies if it triggers). You can learn new skills by feeding that character a Jurako with another skill, but this will give a 2-3x multiplier (i.e. a LG with 3 skills will cost 72 to have on your team), so it's a bad idea to give a character multiple skills since the main focus of this game is to defeat stuff with as cheap a team as possible to conserve resources (also they seem to be rotating who has event bonuses for these events, so you kind of want to have as many Jurako as possible).

Below skills lists the conditions for the reward scene (love and growth). If it says OK, then you satisfied it. If not then it will say 'あと***' for how much you have left.

Right side has the following:
Awakening (if you receive the same character, this will increase automatically up to 999)

The filmstrip button opens up the reward and sound clip menus (use the left and right arrows to navigate). This is also where you'll find the birthday scenes (these are only available for one day when it's that Jurako's birthday; the Twitter announces these).

The arrows on the parameter screen will display the Jurako's profile (both for the character and the dinosaur she represents). The information is similar to the stuff I translated from the twitter way earlier in the thread.


>>1785 Thanks! So growth is increased by battles?


Yes, growth will increase from winning battles, and from character synthesis. The best way to grow your characters is to feed them Nautilus and Ammonite, which can be obtained from the normal gacha (ノーマルガチャ). They're the 3 characters on the bottom-left of the normal gacha banner.


Does Devil Carnival have a lot of giantess content?


File: 1480987257689.jpg (81.4 KB, 480x640, CZtWxy4WkAIj7Ug.jpg)

Aside from the 3 I just posted in this thread. I'm not aware of any other GTS characters for this game. The main artist who is mainly into sexy lolis and voluptuous Nee-sans with monstrously huge boobs (the GTS stuff is just an excuse to give a character even bigger breasts without immobilising them, which seems to be a common crossover with breast fetishists).


Got hit with Infinite Loading with the tutorial, and before you ask, yes I do have my time set to japan time.


File: 1481059312804.jpg (100.84 KB, 577x474, lol.jpg)

Won against a guy who had 2111/10 in battle. Guess he has 2111/11 now xD


File: 1481059596162.jpg (23.7 KB, 821x69, ss (2016-12-06 at 10.25.46).jp…)

Here he is.


File: 1481609765836.jpg (377.15 KB, 1820x1200, LG_size-comparison_Plesiosauru…)

LG Plesiosaurus Size Comparison.


File: 1481610382339.jpg (1.43 MB, 720x420, 161213_2_4.jpg)

With all of these events just giving out UR characters with scenes that are the same as their SR counterparts, and the LG-rarity pretty much destroying the game's balance (especially for old timers that spent a lot for their UR-rarity characters before they power-creeped to the much more powerful UR), the userbase for this game has dwindled substantially to the point I'm able to reach the top 20 players during the event without really trying (not that this rank really matters unless I reach the top 5 or 10).

Almost reached the point where I have all of the amber completion rewards from the duty missions (currently at 83; wish I saved the 100~200 I wasted on the Rare Gacha when UR were just 3%).


File: 1481838638924.png (858.17 KB, 1120x630, 2016-12-16_053513.png)

She takes a drug and become human size… a waste of time.


File: 1481879346465.jpg (302.42 KB, 720x420, notice_161216_05.jpg)

These daily missions are evil. To get a single amber, you need to complete 5 different daily missions every day, which can be the following:

Greet # People (挨拶).
Battle, Event Battle, or Raid Boss # (バトル).
Win Battle, Event Battle, or Raid Boss # (バトル勝利).
Inject # Love (ラブ).
Perform # Duties (任務).


File: 1482393475333.png (1.32 MB, 1120x630, 2016-12-22_154509.png)

Finally. UR Astrodon


File: 1483550721324.png (700.51 KB, 1120x630, c0d1dd3bc4dfbebd9f1c4362638665…)

Microraptor: "D, Doctor… I went all the way to the zenith (Teppen)—"
Doctor: "Yeah, that's right. This time you didn't conquer the treasure, you conquered the whole country!"

Used my amber on the new Pick-up and got 4 new UR characters. Glad the event finally has a new character.


File: 1483738191679.png (1.3 MB, 1113x629, Panda.PNG)

I did not expect this at all.


File: 1484270169329.png (925.45 KB, 1366x768, Plesiosarus 1.png)

UR Plesiosarus. Pretty lame, she shrinks down to the professor's size…


File: 1484270792611.png (1.21 MB, 1366x768, Kuriputopus 4.png)

SR Kuriputopus, This is much better.


File: 1484271475594.png (1.57 MB, 1366x768, Megaterium 1.png)

UR Megaterium, NOTE: There is no Fancy cutscene for this Jurassic girl. They just hook her up to a machine. It's super lazy and a waste of your time. To make it worse it's a UR girl, which takes forever to level up.


File: 1484272387413.png (1.72 MB, 1366x768, (Deiatorima)-Diatrymas-Gastorn…)

UR Diatryma (or Gastornis a genus of large flightless birds much like the more commonly known dodo) NOTE: Another lazy erotic scene. No fancy cutscene and another waste of a pretty good design.


File: 1485927791351.png (797.66 KB, 1120x630, 3718c4eb20415b7fb8e813fce24887…)

While this should come as absolutely no surprise. The service of this game is going to end on February 27th 14:00.

I noticed a lot of users in this thread have been extracting the images manually. Here's how you can extract the original images easily along with anything else (including voice files):

1) Inspect Elements (Opera: CTRL+SHIFT+C)
2) Network Tab
3) Play the game, and when you view the scene, all of the assets should appear in here. It might be hard to find the images, but you'll find them if you open them in a new tab.

Sad that they didn't bother to use any of the money they swindled out to the LG players to make things relevant to my interests.


File: 1485928285152.png (827.75 KB, 1120x630, 3f951288af45392222adf80bff4b8c…)

The stand-up illustrations are hidden inside swf files. These are easy to find, since they share the same base as the filenames used on the gacha screen and so on.

The swf with all of their emotional responses has _all tagged at the end. For example:

The gibberish is the unique tag for that character, so you can use whatever the game gives you when you load a Jurako on the home screen, and then add/replace whatever is after the final '_' (e.g. _right.swf) with '_all.swf'.


Thanks for the info
I thought it would enable to grab every pictures but it seems that it's just the ones unlocked.

Can you share all your pictures in a MEGA Link?


File: 1486181187734.png (826.06 KB, 1120x630, First_LG.png)

Nautilus: "… Nice to meet you, I'm called Nautilus. I'm friends with Ammonite-chan. Being with her is so much fun… I wonder if it'll be that way with Doctor as well."

Thanks to the new premium and rare gacha percentages, I got my first LG (10%). I can do 4 more 10-consecutive rolls later (1/6 done with the Last Mission event), so I hope I get the 2-3 LG characters I want to see. Kind of wished I horded all of my amber, but I couldn't predict they would give players percentages this good now.

If you could rip all of the art assets like that, then the programmers for DMM's PC social games would be total morons.

Unless you can program a tool to make things easier for me and the others, or help us out, then you'll have to wait and see. LC has more characters than I do, and is probably more willing than I am to spend more than 1000 JPY (less than 10 dollars) to roll premium or purchase amber before the shop closes to complete his Jurako Album. Doubt someone will create an off-line scene viewer to player all of the reward scenes with the extracted files…


File: 1486313864843.png (1.6 MB, 762x1473, JG_list.png)

Good news, thanks to some lucky rolls, I nearly have all of the characters in the game. See screenshot. I'm missing 3 LG, but only 1 of them is one (the very first LG by Nama Cream Biyori) I haven't already seen from someone in this thread. I'm also missing an SR, which may be impossible for me to get. SR

I have no idea which N character I'm missing. I completed all of the duty and event maps, and I rolled the normal gacha thousands upon thousands of times, so it might be a character from a previous event that I no longer have access to.

I almost have enough amber that I can do another 10-consecutive roll in 3 days. I can also spend 1000 points for 10-rolls from premium.

Right now, all I have to do is raise all of these new characters I obtained, and extract all of their data. I really like some of their scenes, so I'll see about video-recording the ones I especially enjoy, and subtitling them (I think I have enough time before the 27th to do all of this).


File: 1486335423269.png (968.55 KB, 1120x630, 965af017798e23969f6a7651f7f771…)

Thanks to the magic word called 'Eco', Nuoerosaurus didn't suspect anything.
Doctor: "Yosh, OK. The gas tank's diameter is… 12m. Height… 14m."
Doctor: "Next is Nuoerosaurus. Your paimeter is…"
Nuoerosaurus: "Hyah!"
Doctor: "Bear with it a sec. Let's see… 11m95cm!"


UR-Anomalocaris. Sadly doesn't have CG like it's SR version.


File: 1486454958979.png (1.5 MB, 1366x768, UR Anomalocaris.png)

He's an image. Does LG Nautilus have GTS CG? Just got her and didn't want to waste a ton of resources on "uninteresting CG"


File: 1486455785423.png (656.45 KB, 1120x630, ad2d73822531010b4d158cee145423…)

Ammonite is the only LG with a scene where she shrinks down to human-size. All of the rest stay gigantic.

I have everyone's scenes unlocked, though I wasn't able to get the very first LG character that was introduced to the game. One of the UR characters with the umbrella has a nice scene.


File: 1486456899768.png (856.04 KB, 1120x630, 429c8b7fca7660af5c6bb37aa07803…)

Like I said in the post, I'm missing the SR one. I already have the UR-rarity. Hopefully the new Super-difficult event maps have the N character I'm missing.

The Japanese wiki has a section I linked very early in this thread that details pretty much all of each character's scene since the service of this game began. You can refer to it if you want to avoid plain stand-up illustrations or same-size situations (Doctor Growth/Jurako Shrinks).

I feel bad that this game had financial problems, but the way the staff handled the events and the campaigns for the meteorite gacha makes me wish they were more honest about how things stand, and what the player base would need to spend to pull this game out of the red.


File: 1486457208772.png (1.55 MB, 1366x768, Anomalocaris 1.png)

Pleont, Here a link to the SR Anomalocaris set. Please use it before it expires. Hopefully it's good.



File: 1486458403571.png (681.67 KB, 1120x630, 8ff6a1b84a2a4c92c25ed9e90a424e…)

Going by your image dimensions of 1366x768, I'm going to assume you're still taking screenshots of your game. Scroll up for directions on how to directly rip the original .png files in 1120x630.

Using the image in this post as an example, I'm saving everything from their card folder (e.g. card_1004206001).

Along with the .png files, there should be a .txt file (looks like gibberish to me) and an .swf that has all of the voice files for that scene). I still don't know where the script that has the scene dialogue is located…

3807b9db258ef85a21fe77b0beb3aa51.swf is a sound file shared across all characters (this has the jingles for level-up and some of the general bgm even though there are some .ogg files for bgm as well. You don't need to include that.


File: 1486461343443.png (1.09 MB, 1120x630, Anomalocaris 2.png)

It took me a while but I managed to find the clean pngs using your tips. This should be much better.
Thank you.



Does anyone have a link to a collection of the reward scenes pictures?


File: 1486853995566.png (933.54 KB, 1120x630, 937bc049ff811b09f07ddaa0a98f22…)

Doctor: "You said something about wanting children earlier, right?"
Pteranodon: "Mmhmm. The great adventure in family is— it's the spirit of romance!"

Thanks to the amber from the rare raid boss, I finally got LG Pteranodon~! Yay. Only two LG missing, though perhaps someone in this thread will share all of the original assets (don't know if I want to keep grinding the rare raid bosses for amber).


File: 1486957446637.png (1.02 MB, 1120x630, Diplodocus 1.png)

Here's Diplodocus LG. I could upload the text, but it would be a low quality png folder. Anything to help preserve this dying community.



File: 1486958716005.png (1.17 MB, 1120x630, Pachycephalosaurus 1.png)

Pleont, once your finished translating the girls you're interested in will you be uploading some of the full CG via folder downloads? I want to help one another.


File: 1487024813927.png (655.91 KB, 1120x630, 5ff7294ffe95f266403fb5864fe350…)


I'll upload all of the characters I have extracted later. I was distracted by the rare raid boss (see image to the left), and another project.

What I'm extracting are the txt and swf files along with the png images with their original filenames. The most tedious part is probably going to be all of the character's sound collections that you unlock at max love. If no one from the Japanese community figures out how to make an off-line scene player, I'll start recording all of the scenes I like with a recording software I just purchased (the one I had left water-marks over the videos and had a file-size/length limitation).


File: 1487108849094.png (568.07 KB, 1120x630, 555bc5a2e9557b463c0b68a6c4ddee…)

I found this image within one of the R-rarity characters. Curious if this was supposed to be for this game, or a different one.

Finished extracting all of the scene txt, cg, and swf files. Now all that's left is the stand-up swf files, and probably the sound files… Each character has 59 individual sound files each, not including the ones for the reward, obtain, and 2 birthday scenes. Unlike the backgrounds, they all use encrypted filenames, so getting them all is going to be tedious… I'm probably going to be selfish and just do this for specific characters I like, and not do a thorough job for historic purposes.


File: 1487215124179.png (1.63 MB, 1366x768, Rare LG event.png)

LG Gastonia, completely bodied my team. Encountered through the "rare event" label on the Standard Hardest version of "Last Event" (the one that uses 15 energy). Pretty interesting. I hope someone can share the CG if they get her (and if she has CG). Also the png format is garbage because I had to quickly screen shot her. Good Luck.


File: 1487218583765.png (1.6 MB, 1366x768, HUB.png)

The game was very generous with amber. I managed to obtain her. I'll post the clean CG if no one does before me. Hopefully Pleont can get a full rip if he likes her lol.


LG Gastonia does not have compensation CG.


File: 1487493221030.png (1 MB, 1120x630, 0e5c9d075fda43a158fb4e8392e00a…)

Nuoerosaurus Reward Scene Video with Soft Sub Translation:

This is the first time I recorded a video, and attempted to create soft-subs (with Aegis-Sub). Aside from clicking through some of the longer messages a little too fast. Is there anything else I should be aware of if I were to continue doing these? Is the volume, music, and sound effects at satisfactory levels? Would you like to see a translated video file for other characters?

I extracted all of the stand-up swf files for everyone, though they're unsorted, and I didn't extract the images for most of the characters yet. Still haven't attempted the arduous task that is extracting the sound clips. There's more now after they released all of the extra sound clips for holidays and months of the year. I wonder how much of their budget they blew on the voice actresses. It's obvious they expected this game to last quite some time, but ran out of funds for all of the illustrations and stuff somewhere down the line…


So… this is actually in its final days, huh… Well, it was fun while it lasted. For my part, I'll always remember


So have you finished extracting everything?


File: 1488512955982.jpg (161.05 KB, 1366x768, lasthisui.jpg)

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