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please upload "Your Hungry Unaware Wife"(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Got an "unnofficial cardboard" VR thing for my Android phone, all I can find on Youtube are very lame people putting their socks on a tiny camera, are there any good anime VR apps/videos/video sites/youtube tags people can reccomend for Giantess content? Male/furry/vore content is fine too.

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here's something nobody asked for, a thread for drawing collages, just in case anyone out there has standards as low as i do.
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er yeah it is, i didn't even notice when uploading.


File: 1473496796789.jpg (899.22 KB, 1200x1494, GigaKogasa.jpg)

Gave my own little shot on the Ochiko landscapes.


It's just convenient since Ochiko's drawn so many pictures that you can match the angle of almost any other drawing onto one of his.
Your picture looks good too, the added destruction effects fit particularly well.


File: 1474463113643.png (1.43 MB, 903x1400, yuuka.png)


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Old thread went with the old site.
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File: 1471203463558.png (252.91 KB, 600x740, surprise_forest_by_bubblejuice…)


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Title: 超巨大!ジュラシック娘 (Super Gigantic! Jurassic Girl)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jurassic_girl

"A game where you can make love-love with giant girls."

The small girl is the navigator Hisui (ヒスイ). This sounds like it's going to be much better than Dekamusu merely by the above quote.
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has anyone made a gallery for this game yet?


File: 1473997085531.jpg (180.54 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_02.jpg)

No, that would be a waste of time, since it's extremely time-consuming to create new accounts to acquire new characters, and then raise them with affection until their scenes are unlocked.

If you want to go through that kind of tedium, then go ahead (it may be helpful if someone misses x character), but it'll be way less work to just wait until the inevitable service discontinuation announcement so that everyone, particularly those in the Japanese community, feel inclined to pool together all of the assets and share them.

Japanese players think they're trying to stretch the service of this game until it passes the point where they have to refund players their points (i.e. if a game ends their service within 3 months, they have to give a full refund, but games that last for a half year or something can keep all of the points people spent on it). So you may not have to wait too long.


File: 1473997443245.jpg (167.4 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_01.jpg)

On the topic of the multiple account thing. For the last few weeks, they have been hiding all of the new premium characters behind a paypal. The only way to get them is to spend DMM points (can't acquire any of them with amber yet). So, that's a problem.


What's the point of amber then at this point if all the new girls are only able to be procured through dmm points. It's hard enough to get amber to begin with if you have already completed all the previous stages prior the newest batch. Unless I want to buy some amber that is.


File: 1474072598115.jpg (169.92 KB, 716x416, jg_banner_03.jpg)

Apparently the step-up gacha. This time they made it so the new UR character in the banner is 100% guaranteed if you spend 240 amber. I have 91 on hand, and could get her if I spend 10k points during this 3 day amber campaign, but she doesn't really look like the kind of character I would find aesthetically pleasing. Also can't tell what she's looming over. Is that a clock-tower?

File: 1473867451489.jpeg (214.52 KB, 403x930, image.jpeg)


Aside from ochiko can't seem to find many


File: 1473909883708.png (865.85 KB, 774x1092, 024.png)

I feel you, buddy. There are hardly any traps around … let alone any giga ones …

Only thing that springs to mind would be the Ultra Boys series (see pic for reference) or that one installment of Bug Art Online (1.5), but I suppose you've already seen them…

But on a side-note and word of advice, it'd probably be better if you kept this kind of post on the /gt/ part of the board…

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Does anybody have the download for Uru's Size Matters RPG,or what exists of it? I don't mean the demo. I really wanna play it but I can't afford $5 a month…
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Or would you mind sending it to me?


Does anyone have a download link


Every month? You could also pledge only one month.


Does anyone mind sending me the recent update of the game to my email.


Yeah, for $5.

File: 1390986917112.jpg (860.81 KB, 1160x1639, Shrunk on Campus Vol 15 - 0005…)


In general.
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File: 1465470298052.png (457.11 KB, 1024x1026, _d__request_extravaganza___7_b…)


File: 1468693708871.jpg (1.27 MB, 792x2232, _com__what_a_hairy_way_to_go__…)


do you have the link to this comic?


File: 1471432998848.png (137.13 KB, 730x1095, shrunk_in_hair__commission__by…)

Google the title in the filename.


I can't find #2 only #1

File: 1384012098293.jpg (7.44 KB, 100x100, RJ022725_img_sam.jpg)


there is this game by i raf you that goes by the name of Hospital for "tom thumb" boy and i was wondering if someone here can help get all of the images of this game novel please and not the game just the images thanks



Can someone upload the whole game?



Is the Onedrive link not valid anymore?

I think last month it was still working.

There're some old pics that were hard to find anywhere else.


Ah I think I just found out why.

It's probably due to the size reduction of Onedrive?

Seems if the file size exceeds the new limit it would become accessible only to the owner.

Just like what happened to Ginshi's account where he stores his MMD models.

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