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please upload "Your Hungry Unaware Wife"(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Title: 超巨大!ジュラシック娘 (Super Gigantic! Jurassic Girl)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jurassic_girl

"A game where you can make love-love with giant girls."

The small girl is the navigator Hisui (ヒスイ). This sounds like it's going to be much better than Dekamusu merely by the above quote.
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I would be happy to see it translated! Makes me wish it was working for me so I could tweet them some feed back.

Speaking of events in a few days are you one of the fine translator for Kancolle? Thank you for your work in advance if you are!


File: 1461919343091.jpg (16.78 KB, 365x145, ChHowymUkAAcK-e.jpg)


OP Movie Translation:

In the near future…
A meteorite was observed rapidly approaching Earth!

The meteorite fell in the Kantō area of Japan!

Emerging from the meteorite… were giant bishoujo, whose average height measured 48 metres!!

With the Miracle Science Power developed in preparation for all such situations, the Miracle Science Defence Guard were deployed!


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File: 1461919876316.png (98.23 KB, 984x689, pic_chara01_r.png)

Considering the length of the scenes, I'll have to post rest of the translations on pastebin. Luckily, someone uploaded videos on youtube so you can follow along and listen to Hisui and the other Jurako. After reading the story, I decided to change Professor to Doctor, since the player isn't quite what I assumed initially.

I'm doing translations for '千年戦争アイギス' (Sennen Sensou Aigisu), which is hardly as popular as Kancolle, though it did manage to sneak away with the #1 position a few times on the all-age side.


File: 1461940663602.png (402.37 KB, 984x689, pic_chara02_r.png)


Finished roughly at most 141 lines of dialogue until I reached Supersaurus's ero scene, which was mostly skipped in the youtube video I linked earlier.

If anyone finds this interesting, I'll continue with the ero scene and the rest of the dialogue for the duty missions (I dunno how satisfying that would be without the accompanying voice and illustrations). There's at most 490 lines of dialogue, which is a lot considering I normally do 80~120 lines per weekly event.


I'm a bit disappointed that the Dinogirls are "aliens" and not just normal women who got mutated by the meteorites but beggers cant be choosers

I'm looking forward to see Pterodactyl and T-rex girls.

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Pbbbbbt bb.
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File: 1454097831025.jpg (93.42 KB, 742x1076, binboda_nose_picking__by_suki0…)


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Another DMM game with Giantess content. It also has a "Anime" currently promoting the new game. The Anime is only 30 seconds long and is really more of a series of commercial.


Seems the premise is transforming girls into Giantess to fight space monsters. Although I don't know Japanese to translate anything else.

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We haven't scraped the full barrel yet!
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File: 1455196729897.jpg (594.96 KB, 944x1200, _comm__lassic_and_milf_by_ange…)


File: 1455239120908.jpg (804.9 KB, 990x1400, 193030 - armpit black_hair cle…)


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File: 1390986917112.jpg (860.81 KB, 1160x1639, Shrunk on Campus Vol 15 - 0005…)


In general.
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File: 1391006744156.jpg (273.94 KB, 1661x985, 299 The Great Shrink Ch 8.jpg)


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Goddammit this was almost perfect, why does there have to be those random short hairs there fuck


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Still brushing up on my Japanese and don't have time right now to dig for the info.
So, does anyone know anything about this: http://gs-uploader.jpn.org/upld-index.php?uname=yna28pkw
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Sooo, what is the latest version of this game's translation?
I'm really stuck after the slime girl quest…. I've shown her around etc etc., the two girls have done their talk in the basement, I've been around town and what have you….

Would be nice if the game was in english for a larger part lol.


File: 1460876884581.png (287.94 KB, 640x480, ScreenShot_2016_0417_16_04_52.…)

"… He's around 1cm. 120th of my bust size."

I want to be smothered between Usa-chan and Neko-chan's soft breasts~.

DoM finally updated the game to version 0.9. There's 4 endings: Bad, Normal, Happy, and True. Along with these, there are some epilogue events, like a cat cafe.

Didn't satisfy the happy or true ending conditions with my saves (I think I needed Alice at over 30 affection for the happy one, and don't know the conditions for the true ending). There's a couple passwords in the theatre that you can enter if you get either ending.


List of Flags for Part 2:
Talk to Tosca (トスカ)
Select Head Maid (ヘッドのメイド)
Rescue Student Council President (生徒会長)
Talk with Fumel (フュミール)
Guide Alice (アリス)
Curie's Small Intestines Last (キュリー)
Talk with ??? (Girl)
Talk with Shiho
Talk with Lily (リリィ; Route Splits)
*I think you need to not join her for happy end*
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Thats because you need to run a locale emulator.

V0.9 Translation when?
Translation never ;_;


Played the 9.1 update, and got both the happy and true ending (Lily route is the true ending).

I think what I messed up was rescuing the Student Council President in Ch1, since she plays a pivotal role in the final chapters (the proper response for all talk flags seems to be the top choices). Surprised to find out that all of that messed up black, bubbly garbage that was spreading everywhere as the story progresses was the doing of Lily, or more precisely the Goddess behind her…

File: 1418392282814.jpg (9.19 KB, 300x168, images2.jpg)


anyone know which manga-comic is this from?
look at the link not at the imagine
(the site don't make me upload the right imagene)
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anyone have the english version?



Does anyone know where i can get gts kim returns for free?


Does anyone know where i can get gts kim returns for free?

File: 1384012098293.jpg (7.44 KB, 100x100, RJ022725_img_sam.jpg)


there is this game by i raf you that goes by the name of Hospital for "tom thumb" boy and i was wondering if someone here can help get all of the images of this game novel please and not the game just the images thanks



Can someone upload the whole game?

File: 1441044720355.jpg (97.45 KB, 479x640, 24235383855deaaf1e836f0020.jpg)


Title: でか☆Musu (Deka☆Musu)
Homepage: http://www.dekamusu.com
Genre: Adult Only RPG
Release: Fall 2015
Platform: iOS/Android
Cost: Free to Play (Items Cost Cash)
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I wish someone could talk them into releasing uncompressed versions of the existing images, it's a real shame to just throw them all away.


File: 1456817757542.png (293.54 KB, 2048x1024, C00022.png)

There's a few new characters available from the revival campaign, and a system where you can collect coins to get the illustrations for the dekamusu for your picture book.


File: 1456818009590.png (200.32 KB, 700x933, C00140_normal.png)


File: 1456818056990.png (300.24 KB, 2048x1024, C00140.png)


File: 1456823319724.png (276.86 KB, 2048x1024, C10301.png)

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