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Growth Academy (alpha version 0.1) is out!
What is Growth Academy? Growth Academy is an 18+ Visual Novel/Dating Sim centered around expansion fetishism for the purposes of entertainment, artistic exploration, and sexual expression. The basic premise is as follows:

You're Hotsure Keisuke. You've been transferred to Seichou Gakuen (Growth Academy), a high school for gifted students. Except apparently by gifted, they mean the student body has some really odd shapes to it. Choose your waifu and win her heart before the school year ends!


It is in its developmental infancy and is growing over time into a more complete game. What exists now is a proof of concept and beginning.
Now Enrolling!
The project needs support! Writers, artists, musicians, and even signal boosters and idea men. No game of this nature can exist without content, and so content providers are in high demand in order to see this come to fruition.

http://growthacademy.socialparody.com/ - Sign up today!

(Pic of GTS waifu's growth progection included.)


File: 1440839357301.png (518.46 KB, 540x540, SunbuttBirfzoey.png)

Interesting start and I see some potential in it, though if there is going to be actual growth involved (eventhough your premise makes it sound like there's not) how exactly do you plan to show that off in a game like that? I mean, you can't just start to show only the girl's waist from a certain point on?


Eh, there's ways around that, if you get creative with the angles and such. According to the chart she's "only" going to wind up 4x as tall as a normal human, it's not like she's city-sized or anything.


the mediafire link is dead :9


the mediafire link is dead :(

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Let's give the heavy gals some love
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File: 1425263630897.jpg (1.09 MB, 1280x905, _bbw__ripples_on_the_canal_by_…)


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File: 1425653675075.png (636.18 KB, 640x968, 140247792884.png)


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File: 1440989525331.png (863.22 KB, 894x894, gts - barryjames - subway.png)

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….so Disney announced that one of their next projects will be an adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk. One of the main characters will be a giantess named Ima. She'll get to sing a song in the movie entitled, "My Little Man". Any thoughts?


File: 1440038860624.jpg (115.83 KB, 1080x699, image.jpg)


Apparently she'll be 11 years old and 60ft tall…


Ima sounds hot!


Holy crap though, 2018?! How can I stay excited for that long?

File: 1427838828619.jpg (255.35 KB, 1500x1620, Shrinking Virus pt 2-001.jpg)


Is live fetish down or something because? and is there another website like that post alot of videos underground.


I was wondering the same thing I just keep getting the blank webpage saying "Coming Soon"


It was taking down by no lives here is proof. https://www.facebook.com/STOPCRUSH.ORG/posts/698924266799800


I can understand the animal rights part of it, but not my giantess content.

File: 1436535600688.jpg (191.63 KB, 1024x882, rosalina_on_the_track_by_giant…)


Welcome to the Giantessdoodles thread. This is where you post Giantessdoodles or idoodlestuff pics.


I would post some of his pics but I don't care for 2 reasons.
1) He ragequit deviantart twice
2) All of his work is on e-hentai


I don't know who that is, and I honestly don't care.

File: 1436330051235.jpg (338.61 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)


Giantess_Attack OC comin' at cha. Want more?


Please do!


File: 1436545485049.jpg (576.13 KB, 1337x1338, image.jpg)

Here's one of my favorite creations!

File: 1435128519592.jpg (89.91 KB, 850x478, sample_1020377b6a90a41c724371f…)


I'm looking for a game, done in similar style to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRNa09jQqzw&list=PL9AB36A7F5695863F&index=1. I saw a youtube video of a scene of the game where you are fighting on top of a girl, and as the battles / story / cutscenes progress, the girl has to remove her clothes and gets increasingly angry at you. The game was in english, and seems to have been scrubbed off youtube (searching through favorites, watch later, history for youtube and firefox yielded nothing, nor did cross checking all deleted videos on my playlists).

Does anyone know what game I'm talking about? Any and all information will be greatly appreciated, it's bugging the shit outta me.

*Picture unrelated to request, just wanted to contribute something*


File: 1396053661052.jpg (72.36 KB, 749x459, 130296 - breasts city destruct…)


Anyone know what this is from?
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How do you know that there is a full sequence to this DNAPalmhead drawing? Where does the artist post or sell his work?


anyone have motherland 2 by smushedboy?


I had this thing, then I went to check on it and it's corrupted. welp It's lost forever. It was part of a collaboration with a bunch of other artists and was based around Fate. It's on an old laptop though, if I can ever get the harddrive out it'll be retrieved



Thanks! Didn't even know this existed.

File: 1434353532220.jpg (78.56 KB, 600x800, princessofadragon_06.jpg)


The file containing every image posted on old /gts/, which used to be:


I don't know why all the archives except /cg/ are gone.

File: 1431948789130.png (465.64 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2015-05-18-13h29m09s94…)


Some of you have probably already seen it … or rather most of you, but I wanted to point your attention to this 40 minute video nevertheless…
It's not that fancy, or has some form of consistency, but it's at least something different compared to that "Media Impact - I talk for 10 minutes on how I'm going to crush you in front of a greenscreen"-approach

Here you go…


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