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Hello Everyone Welcome to Size Haven Community.
A safe place for Size fetish enthusiast. Welcome to Macropolis, the city of size. Home to people big and small! Enjoy your stay!

There are some rules that we need to introduce to you:

1. Be Respectful and kind to members of the group
2. Do not force anybody to do an action they do not want to
3. No discussion of religion, politics, or other controversial
4. No God Modding ( Using an ability on another character
without their consent)
5. Please obey a mod or admin if they ask you to do something. The
rules cannot cover every scenario, so sometimes we will need you
to do or stop doing something that isn't listed here. If you have an
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While videos like those made by Studio Yamato seem to end up on regular porn sites fairly easy, there's a ton of Japanese videos on distributors like xcream that have been around for years but never been shared. The same shit constantly churned out by the likes of Katelyn Brooks and such always seems to end up on other sites so obviously there's people willing to pay for 3d size videos.

What I'm wondering is if anyone here is interested in or could point me to somewhere that would be interested in something along the lines of crowdfunding the money to buy size vids. I've personally bought videos before and find them worth watching, but not exactly worth the full price being charged. An easy solution to this would be to split the cost across several people and share the video. Any thoughts?
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I think it's because japanese giantess videos are rather conservative. The girls rarely ever wear anything suggestive, or get nude (or close to it), or really do any sexually provocative act with their body.

I'll give them one thing though, their attention to proper sound effects is superb and blows Katelyn Brooks and GiantessStudios out the water. Their city models also usually look way better.


The ones from xcream that OP's pic came from actually have a lot of interaction from what I've seen. Like making out while rubbing trains and stuff on eachother.

I really wonder why there seems to be no effort to post these vids from the folks who are usually into that shit.


Are there any other xcream like sites worth looking through?


I have several of them, but there isn't really much motivation to take the time to post them anywhere when I can instead upload a few of them to pornhub on a private account and use them as a means to access someone else's private videos, or hang on to them forever and keep hoping someone else will want to trade for them or something in the future. Half of them have drm too so I guess that doesn't help either.


File: 1488120217027.jpg (79.41 KB, 1191x670, gutsy___request__by_cayn99-dap…)


I have a massive fixation on giantess that cause damage and death. Blood and guts everwhere, or even cooking tiny people alive, I love it all.

Please post your most detailed cruel giantess content here. <3
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File: 1489696873678.jpg (98.12 KB, 700x905, www.hentaimangaonline.com_0019…)


File: 1489697034122.jpg (100.18 KB, 700x905, www.hentaimangaonline.com_0020…)


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Big fan of this myself.


File: 1500218003885.jpg (119.44 KB, 900x696, pricilla_s_stomp_by_migs308-d8…)

Keep'er goin


File: 1500218039035.jpg (131.47 KB, 1017x786, commmission___selvaria_crush_b…)

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This Giantess Group is activate looking for:
Anyone that likes to play as Giantess Futa, Giants and Giantess!

1. Be kind to everyone
2. Respect others in this group
3.Please do not bother the Giantess Constantly (No one likes a constant spam of messages)
4.This Chatroom will have a lot of Adult Content so please be 18+
5.Be mindful of people this is a Giantess Group to roleplay and get some new friends!
5.Tiny Women and Males are allowed here that includes Male Giants and Female Giantess
Upon coming to chat please make sure to state if you are a giant, a tiny, or a switch

*Also please no Scat or Watersports or hard gore allowed in this group if you are going to do that take it to DM*

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Hi, I recently stumbled upon an artist tag on the booru that goes by "kemo". Apparently, he drew manga's in this style, and some of his art goes back to 2003. But I can't find any of his works compiled. The best I have is the booru, and a few images on flickr. If someone could help me find some of his works, or any recent art, I would really appreciate it!


File: 1493560188029.jpg (205.05 KB, 874x1200, etnak.jpg)

here's a collection of his stuff, i think it's pretty much complete.

he hasn't been active in close to a decade i think


Thanks man!


File: 1497907663768.jpg (181.3 KB, 823x1158, 151182 - alien arina_makihara …)

Thanks dude.

I heard he was no longer active, and that sucks because he's my favorite artist even if he hasnt produced anything in a decade.

File: 1441044720355.jpg (97.45 KB, 479x640, 24235383855deaaf1e836f0020.jpg)


Title: でか☆Musu (Deka☆Musu)
Homepage: http://www.dekamusu.com
Genre: Adult Only RPG
Release: Fall 2015
Platform: iOS/Android
Cost: Free to Play (Items Cost Cash)
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File: 1456818056990.png (300.24 KB, 2048x1024, C00140.png)


File: 1456823319724.png (276.86 KB, 2048x1024, C10301.png)


Can anyone help me to get this game on iOS I'm dying to play it


Sorry, this game has sadly ended.

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Posted already in /random/ so why not here just to cover bases
Come to 8ch.net/gts for fun times and freedom

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Hi everyone, I'm running a Size, muscle and power survey to research interests in the size community. I did one last year and the participation was solid, so I'm making it a yearly tradition. Like last year I'll publish results publicly. 5 mins. Totally anonymous.


Thanks! And here's a growing giantess from the webcomic "The Growth Market" I'm doing on DA and FA. Let me know what you think.


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anyone got the scans of this(Use /tor/ for piracy requests, and then check the front page)

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