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here's something nobody asked for, a thread for drawing collages, just in case anyone out there has standards as low as i do.
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What about the second one?




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Title: でか☆Musu (Deka☆Musu)
Homepage: http://www.dekamusu.com
Genre: Adult Only RPG
Release: Fall 2015
Platform: iOS/Android
Cost: Free to Play (Items Cost Cash)
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Can anyone help me to get this game on iOS I'm dying to play it


Sorry, this game has sadly ended.

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Posted already in /random/ so why not here just to cover bases
Come to 8ch.net/gts for fun times and freedom

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Hi everyone, I'm running a Size, muscle and power survey to research interests in the size community. I did one last year and the participation was solid, so I'm making it a yearly tradition. Like last year I'll publish results publicly. 5 mins. Totally anonymous.


Thanks! And here's a growing giantess from the webcomic "The Growth Market" I'm doing on DA and FA. Let me know what you think.


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anyone got the scans of this(Use /tor/ for piracy requests, and then check the front page)

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Paws, barefoot, no feral.
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I wanna be shrunk.

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Is there any place among these forums for discussion of Growth (particularly giantess growth, but also she-hulk muscle growth too)?
It seems like a rather obscure fetish, as nobody ever really uploads videos like them except TaylorMadeClips and SizeFetishZone.


Yeah, you'll either get the same like, 10 pictures that get posted everywhere on the internet.

Or it'll devolve into shrink vs grow.

But it's the best fetish that I wish I didn't have because it's the least real. at least feet or fat fetishes you can find women who like it. Even giantess, you can find a really tall woman somewhere.

but you'll never seen a woman growing bigger and stronger, and loving every minute of it.


yeah, I wish growth fetish was more wide-spread, because a lot of these growth videos that are made are for sale and cost a fuck-ton of money.




The Process is kind of dead now, but it's kind of their thing. Go through the old posts, I'm sure you'll find stuff you like.

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Another DMM game with Giantess content. It also has a "Anime" currently promoting the new game. The Anime is only 30 seconds long and is really more of a series of commercial.


Seems the premise is transforming girls into Giantess to fight space monsters. Although I don't know Japanese to translate anything else.
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Ah, that is a disclaimer, and doesn't have any information regarding your inability to play.

"This game can be played for free at its core, but it's possible to buy certain items for sale."

"Those who are minors that wish to purchase pay items, please get permission from your guardian, or make the purchase together."

"This game plays voices. So, check your volume."


Thanks man.
I see that i am a dumbass.
i clicked on the screen and it did register my clicks but it never moved past that image.

i bet i never actually hit 'enter' on my keyboard or some other such nonsense

Thank you for those.
game looks interesting enough for a try once it comes out.


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forgot my image


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why is no one talking about this


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now i wish this game had a large enough following for a guide of some sort.

i stopped playing for a bit and recently came back since i thought it would be like other f2p games were i could just drop in and out as i pleased.
when i trid to start a mission it asked for what seemed like 120 gems or whatever those are. i had a few so i hit the green button.
now it just pops up this system dialog that i cannot get past and since i cannot read moon i'm not really sure what i need to do here.
anyone still interested enough to help an anon out?

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don't post anything related to renduvoir96
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do anyone still here?

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Title: 超巨大!ジュラシック娘 (Super Gigantic! Jurassic Girl)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jurassic_girl

"A game where you can make love-love with giant girls."

The small girl is the navigator Hisui (ヒスイ). This sounds like it's going to be much better than Dekamusu merely by the above quote.
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LG Gastonia does not have compensation CG.


File: 1487493221030.png (1 MB, 1120x630, 0e5c9d075fda43a158fb4e8392e00a…)

Nuoerosaurus Reward Scene Video with Soft Sub Translation:

This is the first time I recorded a video, and attempted to create soft-subs (with Aegis-Sub). Aside from clicking through some of the longer messages a little too fast. Is there anything else I should be aware of if I were to continue doing these? Is the volume, music, and sound effects at satisfactory levels? Would you like to see a translated video file for other characters?

I extracted all of the stand-up swf files for everyone, though they're unsorted, and I didn't extract the images for most of the characters yet. Still haven't attempted the arduous task that is extracting the sound clips. There's more now after they released all of the extra sound clips for holidays and months of the year. I wonder how much of their budget they blew on the voice actresses. It's obvious they expected this game to last quite some time, but ran out of funds for all of the illustrations and stuff somewhere down the line…


So… this is actually in its final days, huh… Well, it was fun while it lasted. For my part, I'll always remember


So have you finished extracting everything?


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