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File: 1427482741594.jpg (260.04 KB, 600x569, Boki-Macro-Bath_01.jpg)


In the previous incarnation of MacroChan, Boki started posting a series about a spa for giants, with tiny guys giving them a cleaning. Following some annoying comments by trolls, he quit, and the site disappeared shortly after. Since I followed Boki on FurAffinity, I contacted him and commissioned the rest of the series. Boki has vanished, apparently, so I thought I'd post the complete series here- all thirteen drawings.


File: 1427482905260.jpg (673.89 KB, 1035x720, Boki-Macro-Bath_02.jpg)

The second drawing. One of the employees explains the services offered.


File: 1427483093671.jpg (478.85 KB, 600x862, Boki-Macro-Bath_03.jpg)

Two fellows begin work. One goes in for a deep cleaning, and the other notices the reaction their scrubbing is causing.


File: 1427483431424.jpg (517.52 KB, 600x862, Boki-Macro-Bath_04.jpg)

As the one worker goes deeper, his co-worker notices the opportunity his position presents.


File: 1427483905549.jpg (512.04 KB, 600x862, Boki-Macro-Bath_05.jpg)

As one washer is halfway into the giant's hole, his own hole is entered by his rather large little companion- who is so occupied that he fails to notice another giant approaching and taking an interest in their activities.


File: 1427484160154.jpg (525.31 KB, 600x862, Boki-Macro-Bath_06.jpg)

The giant bunni-boi contemplates the two little guys… licking his lips might make them nervous! But he sets them down to resume their activity on the blue-haired boi's butt, while he watches.


File: 1427484433792.jpg (873.25 KB, 800x1150, Boki-Macro-Bath_07.jpg)

Once the two are engaged again, the bunni-boi has an idea for some group sex- he inserts them both into the blue-haired boi, flips him over, and joins the two little guys inside!


File: 1427484820361.jpg (1.03 MB, 800x1150, Boki-Macro-Bath_08.jpg)

As soon as the two giants begin to kiss, a third giant, with long purple hair, decides to make the four-way into a five way, He sits on blue-hair's face and trades kisses and gropes with the bunni, while the two inside continue their deep, dark three-way.


File: 1427485102278.jpg (230.6 KB, 1024x1280, Boki-Macro-Bath_09.jpg)

Two other spa employees come running up to join the fun, even as the other two struggle with the bunni's cock inside blue-hair's rectum- presumably a sensuous treat for both giants with these "living vibrators" in there.


File: 1427485328379.jpg (200.46 KB, 1024x1280, Boki-Macro-Bath_10.jpg)

Bunni-boi pulls out, and the two new arrivals are soon inserted into otherwise empty holes. The two in Blue-hair are puzzled at the sudden withdrawal from their tight tunnel.


File: 1427485585478.jpg (868.64 KB, 864x1080, Boki-Macro-Bath_11.jpg)

Now with their own little vibrators inside, the three giants reposition themselves for more fun. The two little guys are once more joined by a cock- a new one- but not for long!


File: 1427485833365.jpg (791.52 KB, 900x1125, Boki-Macro-Bath_12.jpg)

The giants have their three-way. The two tinies have two cocks in with them as they fuck, and the other two receive a full-body massage as their giants work to climax.


File: 1427486609782.jpg (144.09 KB, 1024x1280, Boki-Macro-Bath_13.jpg)

A multiple, seven-way climax! The two little guys cum as their movements aid the two massive blasts flood the hot cavern; the other two tinies stroked by the slick massaging walls enclosing them; and Blue-hair cumming even as four climaxes occur inside him! Amazing! Then all seven soak in the hot spring, to clean off and relax… and maybe prepare for another go-round!

I hope you all enjoyed this presentation.


holy shit. mega belated thank you for posting this, it's perfect.

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