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File: 1396698539815.jpg (176.81 KB, 600x800, open.jpg)


Here's the rule:
- Don't spam shitty request, only pick what you think it's your best. 1-2 per person is fine but 4+ isn't cool.
- Open up the space for others' suggestion. I'm not your personal artist. You didn't even pay me.
- Don't hate speech. Only me can do it, you faggots!
- I only draw what I want, re-request is prohibit.
*important* NO PLEBS ALLOWED.

Rule violation may trigger banhammer sometime.


Giant foxgirl mikos, you know what to do.


-A cartoon/comic super villainess growing gigantic while others watch in terror at the impending catastrophe.

-A chubby young woman gains the confidence to flaunt her body to those who bullied her before, after expanding to tremendous heights.


File: 1396713327384.jpg (44.44 KB, 640x448, 219612-mistermps2_004_large.jp…)

Can you draw an homage to Mister Mosquito?; Mister Mosquito sucking blood from Rena in this level of the game:



File: 1396717633902.jpg (669.56 KB, 700x1034, blue_pokemon_special_by_lucila…)

Requesting an image of Green(Blue) sitting at a table with a sign on it that says something like "Move Tutor: Surf." Meanwhile she has her finger in a glass of ice cold water that is full of trainers and Pokemon spining around and clinging onto ice cubes for dear life.


File: 1396718893027.jpg (40.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

requesting tiffany from the ant bully dangling her sandal from her toes, unknowingly crushing an entire village of tiny humans

some refs:




File: 1396721817862.jpg (34.31 KB, 338x470, stock-vector-cartoon-mountain-…)

A female futa mountain climber letting her penis be used as a mountain to climb.


Samefag, please stop. This will be your only warning…


File: 1396722946255.jpg (272.37 KB, 930x530, GtAXc (1).jpg)

Requesting an image of Neptune (far left) holding a Game Gear and laughing about how much much she loves her new Game studio. As she laughs she is prepares to slip her foot into her shoe. Meanwhile the inside of her shoe is set up like an office and the three remaining girls run from their computers and Neptune's incoming toes screaming "Not again!"


File: 1396728719585.jpg (47.14 KB, 418x700, tumblr_lcufvu9Qcj1qczxu6o1_500…)

How about something with Elena from street fighter?
Like her shrinking someone and playing with them with her feet, or playfully threatening to crush them.
Because iv never seen much content with elena in it.

Ether that or Anarista from queens blade doing something similar only more dominating (cant post two pics so heres a link):


Or go nuts, like you said this is your show anyway, just throwing out ideas.


File: 1396736825479.jpg (213.46 KB, 1028x700, 20119452.jpg)

Requesting a female Nazi prison officer, taking perverse sexual pleasure from using her body to execute shrunken children.


File: 1396743722709.jpg (28.2 KB, 259x337, image.jpg)

Requesting a Harley Quinn pic with Poison Ivy and The Joker on both sides of her face, writing messages in her face makeup to to try and get her attention(User was banned for spamming requests.)


File: 1396761491065.jpg (76.09 KB, 550x1080, linhua.jpg)

Requesting a low angle pov of Lin scared after stepping on shrunken girls by accident. Having little splatters on the bottom of her sandals would be nice


File: 1396762444433.jpg (151.96 KB, 800x600, Raine_from_different_views.jpg)

Requesting Raine masturbating and getting pussy juice all over her fingers. She examines and it disregards the shrunken couple stuck in and continues to lick them off with a blank expression.


mom shrink to doll size(naked) and hold shota 's giant penis,help him masturbate

(mom and shota)


File: 1396819690442.jpg (732.94 KB, 1280x1810, anonreq66.jpg)



Requesting a angry girl butt crushing her brother


>>517 Fantastic! Makes me wish Green could teach me surf too! XD


Re tiny futa in a small paper box she is play her penis, and her little sister watching at her in intesting

the smaller futa mother next her giant penis and yell at her Daughter "stop! if you cum you will shrink again! like me!"


File: 1396873086989.jpg (712.21 KB, 1100x1400, angel christa.jpg)

Can you draw Christa Renz from Attack on Titan as a giantess about to sit on a few of the other male characters while being totally unaware of it?


File: 1396879719288.jpeg (65.86 KB, 635x564, 47802 - anime bath bb color dr…)

Requesting a loli taking a bath with her tiny 'big brother'


File: 1396888407558.png (265.16 KB, 438x688, tumblr_m5gm6f3Y4i1qeg2xgo1_500…)

Edea from Bravely Default trying a local delicacy of Ancheim, however she only manages to spill it all over herself, that delicacy being tinies of course. Similar to the picture ochiko drew where tinies were absolutely everywhere on a chubby giantess even on her popsicle.


File: 1396912813171.jpg (589.05 KB, 1400x1400, anonreq67.jpg)



a POV shot of a girl in a thong with cum all over her ass, wondering where the hell her boyfriend went; he shrank when he finished, and now he's stuck in a puddle of his own cum.


File: 1397001368529.jpg (149.53 KB, 706x1323, Meddy.jpg)

Requesting Meddy.EXE nervously stepping over buildings.


giga loli on her hands and knees or squatting looking for her father's office building. Bonus points if you draw a zoom-in of her pinching a microscopic bento box between her fingers.


Go away nigger


File: 1397012284316.png (422.2 KB, 554x800, alexis_render_by_nerdr0us-d39c…)

requesting Alexis with larger breasts (image) doing paizuri on a Furyou brother from shrink high.
I'm thinking about a 3:1 or 4:1 scale, set in a school hallway at the girl's scale.
She says something relating to making a senior cum and being a freshman while his semen barely leaks through her cleavage.
Bonus points if you make her uniform match shrink high.
Thanks for reading. More if you do it.


Let's make it clear.

This is not fanart thread…

Fuck you..

All of you..


Ok, let me fix that one then.
Schoolgirl with large breasts (around the size in the image) and tough-guy.
I just used the characters because I thought it would be easier than trying to describe everything. Sorry if it came off as "I want fanart."


Shrunken couple stuck in gum in grass struggling to get free seeing a girl coming closer in the distance.Then getting stepped on by girl in sandals.


Requesting a loli eating shrunken friends by accident in her cookies and milk


File: 1397149909780.jpg (241.55 KB, 950x1600, black tights and high heels.JP…)

A tiny man lying trapped under a discarded cigarette. Above him a pair of pantyhosed legs in high heel stilettos/knee-high leather boots. One foot raised above him, about to grind the cigarette into the ground.


File: 1397154789375.jpg (12.27 KB, 259x183, th.jpg)


Ok then, could you be more specific in your rules for this thread please?
It just seems like not everyone understands, including the fool that is I.


You want the truth?

"Do it the way I want or GTFO, you plebs."

Is my only rule. Clear?




Sorry about more or less requesting fan art. If it helps I'd like the modify the request. So I'd like to request the girl (originally asking for Neptune) sitting at a table or desk at what looks to be a career fair. She has a sign that advertises a "revolutionary new gaming school." Under the table she has her toes dangling above her shoe.

Inside the shoe however is a miniature classroom with confused students yelling and asking stuff like "I took student loans for this!?"

If still no good please disregard and I'll make sure to be more careful about requesting pre-existing characters next time.


I didn't says it can't be fanart, but if it's always fanart, it'll keep getting more and more annoying.

Beside, as I said, I don't draw fanart of character I didn't know about enough.


File: 1397247714686.gif (21.56 KB, 329x301, exercise-menu-12.gif)

Your r/65 girl helping her girfriend (pic related) do a split. She accidentally crushes millions under her crotch.(Hiding behind a proxy won't help.)


File: 1397249883647.jpg (651.35 KB, 1280x1810, anonreq68.jpg)



Requesting a milf wearing slippers/sandals stepping on shrunken kids after coming home.



Alrighty then. Not sure how familiar if at all you might be with the Sega Neptune personification (Neptune), but if that's a no go then I wouldn't mind another cute girl instead. I certainly can't blame you for not wanting to draw something you're unfamiliar with. I just felt he being a personified game system might make idea a bit ironic.

But I will try to slow down on fan art ideas none the less. ^_^;


Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo as a giantess? Maybe looming over Ayeka?


ETZ, is it possible to delete request(s) ourselves in order to request something that's not fanart related?


a girl notices a bad smell from her armpit and goes to sniff it, what she doesn't see is tinies swimming in her armpit sweat, some are holding on to armpit hairs for dear life, some are being sucked into enormous nose


Just click the checkbox next to your request, then in the bottom right corner of the page there should be a delete button.


if the request of you have already been skip over then you're free to make new one, tho.

The spam rule is for the people who keeps making request even if I'm not even look at their old one yet


File: 1397336436058.jpg (85.32 KB, 700x986, aeb86b6b5363047caa73a5b992e351…)

Requesting a woman dangling a tiny man by his arm. Smiling as she dunks him into a scalding hot cup of tea/coffee.


File: 1397353803219.jpg (272.3 KB, 1280x1889, persona-4-the-animation-08-lar…)

Requesting a picture of Chie Satonaka having a tinsy Yukiko Amagai inbetween her big and second toe.

(Just incase Yukiko is on the right, Chie's on the left~)


Requesting a blonde with a bra top and blue short shorts wandering why her pussy itches. Meanwhile zooming in inside her shorts, inside her panties, an army is attacking a clit that's the size of a dome compare to them, while one soldier was lucky enough to reached the top of it, starting to poke it with rifle.


File: 1397418015598.png (65.26 KB, 181x255, 1397249883647.png)

Dat sexy Nazigirl again , pushing a man inside her asshole.



I doubt as if he will ruin the surprise of what he does… nor will he reveal anything about anything that involves the number 42.


I'd request a lady looking cutely at her collection of tinies inside an "ant-farm"~


Requesting a plumber lady working under a sink with two dynamic views. View A shows her from behind with a shrinkie trapped in her plumber's crack and a bunch crushed on her soles, while View B shows shrinkies hiding behind a pipe and also crushed under her breasts unaware.


File: 1397743550468.jpg (766.24 KB, 1600x1245, anonreq69.jpg)



nice you didn't fuck it up


Shut up, foxfag


File: 1397755029420.png (22.5 KB, 217x196, 1389967247274.png)

Okay but please share your story for this


File: 1397766718129.jpg (479.46 KB, 1200x1695, anonreq70.jpg)

Do this request purely because you got 555 post of /d/ here.

Sorry that I can't do all of what you ask, but here it is.



regardless your on a roll. It's always good to see more dark skin content


File: 1397790491186.png (356.83 KB, 507x1090, Black_White_Hilda.png)

Requesting a Pokemon Trainer sitting at a table or bench with a sandwich in front of her and the top bun in her hand. Next to her is a sign saying "Battle Subway." In a close up of the sandwich we see several trainers that were battling with their Pokemon now trying to keep their balance and looking up in fear as she lowers the top bun on top of them. Be awesome if you then showed her raise the sub to her mouth and take a bite~


File: 1397803305155.jpg (34.27 KB, 275x275, image.jpg)

Requesting Alice from monster girl quest eating tinies.


What he said.

Now we just need an ebony or dark skinned chick dominating a little person with her foot or toes while giving a bit of a chuckle or telling him he is nothing. Basically an impending crush or her with her foot or toes on the little guys penis.

there is my request.


Requesting a normal-looking cyborg woman watching nervously as a bunch of tiny mechanics fix some machinery inside her open arm.


Requesting a follow up to this image where she ends up drinking the shrunken trainers.


Could you please not make repetitive request?

Seriously, it's the worst.


File: 1398115123584.jpg (45.56 KB, 600x450, 1.jpg)

Seriously, if you keep pressing ETZs buttons we are going to lose this opportunity. Quit being retards, it will benefit us all.


1. hes never going away, even if you try to force him too
2. hes bipolar and prone to mood swings. hes basically a tsundere. so dont take everything he says or does too seriously.
3. he needs ideas and will keep coming back. hes here forever.

two requests for follow-up art wont be nearly enough to get rid of him. Also dont act all desperate…


requesting a 1970's roller disco girl and a modern roller blade girl racing to see who will crush a captive audience of tinies at the finish line first.

i cant post picture, so here:



I will act desperate until the day i stop being aroused by this fetish my good man


You can not be so sure..


And yeah, thread number arrange strangely, stop delete you post, will you?

If you know it's shit don't post it to begin with. If you realize after post that it's shit. Either you don't give it some thought at all or you're a pleb, which mean you don't belong to here.

go away.


Requesting shrunken lolis and shotas running from a milf wearing sandals. A little splatter would be cool too.


You see what did i tell you? the end is nigh for this thread!



Blame >>589 for being a pompous entitled asshole.


oh get the cock out of your eyes already, its because he and spokle are going through a shitton of drama on 4chan for making gsu accounts. any art they submit now is going to get thoroughly ripped apart by /d/ size community and be used as fuel for why they shouldnt on there.


This is the most retarded fetish, I shall never cease to repeat it.


Wait what is going on? And why should they care?


What is GSU?



It's a popular image board, mainly p populated by Japanese users. Even though the board seems to welcome artists and macrophiliacs (as well as microphiliacs) from around the globe, the purests of 4chan can't stand anybody that isn't of full Japanese descent from Japan that speaks Japanese and draws Manga- style to post on the site. And thus the drama began.

In a way this is just history repeating itself as most known artists were put down a great deal due to their art style, and I'm not just talking fetish stuff here. If you happen to read this ETZ I just want to say that I am a fan (as are most of the peiple on this forum from my understanding) of your work and I've enjoyed watching you fine tune your skill through these anon requests so far. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your upcoming art whenever it may surface.


>why do sperglord sperg about
no idea


who cares about /d/, it's all bullshit anyway. there's absolutely no reason to do more than skim the images and links in the threads and that's it


That's all 4chan is really good for at this point, the images.


I hate those purist people, who gives a fuck who made it so long as it looks good. Why the hell cant we all just fap together in peace.

Also i dont understand why ETZ (or anyone) would feel self conscious or terrible about some internet people telling him his work is shit because hes not wapanese, especially from 4chan which is designed to insult, troll, and otherwise say "your a fag".

Plus there is plenty of people that do in fact like their work and they should know this for a fact (here for instance).

I guess ill just never understand how some people on the other side of the screen think….


File: 1398916591688.gif (964.22 KB, 390x220, 1381632060188.gif)

You know, you guys could save the talk about ETZ being self-conscious and embroiled in community drama until… you know, he actually comes out and says anything about it.

Requesting a futa sleeping in bed half under the covers, while a shrinkie struggles to get out from under her cock.


File: 1398925651014.gif (85.93 KB, 300x168, cf2.gif)

NO! We as an entire community know everything about everyone and are just here to calculate and arrange that knowledge!
So sayith master cranium!


it will pass, size just like to sensationalize everything its like a magazine or tmz. just wait a few threads people will mellow out and it will be old news. people really wont bash you anymore than they did before. everything reaches equilibrium. even just take a break from posting on 4chan/d/ for a while. maybe do some translations in the meantime.


Requesting alternative ending from this music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZbeiXZVWbM&t=75
(What would happen if they have successfully entered her panties?)


I do have to admit this thread took a weird turn once ETZ did not show up for a short period of time.
The driver to our car got out to use the bathroom and what do we do? We drive the car down around the block.

Guess ill make a request for what to put on the radio,
a giant Latina threatening to squish a tiny under her big toe, meanwhile 3 others are climbing up her back with swords to try and exact revenge.


Milf-san mistaking Shota-kun for an insect and swatting him with a rolled-up newspaper or magazine. A nice touch would be a panel showing her looking perplexed by the red smear on her paper/magazine, but if it's too much hassle don't bother.


I'm considering at quit this thing.
Just so you know.



Your call, dude.


Kinda figured, you seemed like a whiny quitter to me and this just confirms it.

Off with ya then


You shall be missed should you choose to quit. It is always a shame when an artist puts down their pen.


Sorry for being whinny quitter..


Oh, anf just so you know. Your Latina grill foot request is so pleb is give me rash.


3 hours later "Yea thats what i should have said! ill just post it and hope no one notices the time gap!"


Will no one defend this man from my attacks? As we can see probably not, they will just sit by and watch until you drop fapable content.
I had a bit of hope for those in this thread/ community that seemed so thrilled to get your requests.
Were all just vultures here as you can see, none will defend, we just wait for the next meal.
You would do well to remember this ETZ and take yourself to a better place if you do not wish to deal with these issues, ether that or ignore it. It comes with the territory and if you cant handle it then the best option is to go somewhere not so hostile.

Plus its an anon board this shit happens all the time! We probably just ignore it like a murder in the alley.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST FOR BEING BIPOLAR BITCH AND DERAIL THE THREAD)


Seriously dude, get a life. This isn't 4chan, we don't give two shits about your bitching.(THIS USER WAS BANNED FOR 1 MIN. BECAUSE MOD MISCLICK BANHAMMER)


The majority of users are mature enough to realise the pointless idiocy of slinging mud over an anonymous fetish board.

Kindly stay on topic.



If the guy doesn't want to draw anymore, i am in no position to convince him otherwise. He's not getting paid or putting this on his resume. If he doesn't want to make porn for sweaty panting neckbeards then he's perfectly free to do so.

I like porn, but if he doesn't want to make porn then oh well, i'll just have to make do with my headpictures and notescribbles.


I don't care who'll defend me or not. Stop being edgy, seriously.


File: 1399343990871.jpg (101.18 KB, 640x473, image.jpg)

oh well
etz is just a guy and every1 gets butthurt sometimes
bcuz u know, it gets tough sorting thru all the peoples requests and drawing something in a few days while dealing with a boner. i feel badd 4 u etz. if u leavr im gonne cry ;(


liek dis if u cry evry tiem



I'm so very confused…


I have to admit that I've been curious about something for a while. What have been everyone's favorite works thus far? Mine would have to be:


So… It's over, isn't it?


File: 1400832406041.jpg (23.56 KB, 320x240, 1398065949462.jpg)

>Tfw accidentally killed etz



Thank God. Please do, we don't want your art(USER WAS BANNED BECAUSE HE'S FUNNY)




This is why I hate anon.

Also, the futa under sheets idea was pretty amazing. Just saying.


Anybody else notice that ETZ'S DA page reopened commisions. Looks like there's three sketches already on the twitter page as well.


come back for the lel…pls


Fuck off, Satan


Requesting a recursive self-portrait of you drawing a picture of yourself, drawing a picture of yourself, drawing a picture of yourself, ect. You don't have to go infinite of course, that's impossible, but maybe like 4 or 5 recursions would be good.


File: 1431812620036.jpg (1.01 MB, 990x1400, sns_event02.jpg)

Hello, ETZ!
I'm awfully like your drawn antro dragoness <3 Would you, please, draw how she stomps some intruders with her clawded sweaty footpaws? :3
That would be fantastic! ^_^


You are literally autistic.


requesting normal size taiga aisaka from toradora unaware crushing micro boys barefoot or in shoes (wearing normal uniform)


File: 1454029461906.jpg (889.4 KB, 990x1400, heihei_nerds_slush.jpg)

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