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So I'm translating this game without Ochiko's permission. I don't know if I'm allowed to post it here, but if I can I'm willing to post updates and whatever to show everyone.


Alright go for it


I finished the translation to the best of my ability. I don't need any corrections on mistranslations, since they're mostly intentional, but if anyone wants to find place I didn't translate then okay.


i dont think ochiko would care if someone translated something he gave out for free. the community has been waiting on a translation of it for a while now, if your done feel free to post it



AFAIK the only thing I missed was stuff like stats and the one fight in the game. None of it is important, all of the interactions are translated.


So, now I can scrap this cursed untranslate game, right?

since someone already volunteer =3=


…so how do you get on the bed?


Nevermind, I found out. Now I just wanna get my hands on ACE so I can save my game, but you gotta pay for it.



I'm speechless. I suppose it should get a 1 out of 10 simply because English is obviously not this person's first language, but…

We've made jokes about Commie and gg quality translations here, but now for the first time we have Hadena-tier.

I mean jesus, he changed the characters names into random American equivalents. I played for 5 seconds and threw up in my mouth a little from the dialogue and stunted writing alone, let alone how he obviously completely ignored whatever was being said. The whole thing reads like it's being spoken by season 1 or 2 Bart Simpson with both of them speaking like 'don't have a cow man', 'dude, eat my shorts and don't be such a square Rose senior, this chick is silly bananas'.

I mean, if I just want to play the game and see the pictures I can do it with the original japanese. If this is the alternative, I really don't mind waiting a bit more for dsojourn to finish the game properly, he seems to be pretty far in even if he's making slow inchworm progress at random.



I think it would be correct to say that this is not accurate. However, I did not disregard any of the original text. It is only changed in that words of distaste like groans were often replaced with swears. What I will agree with is that the dialogue is very bad. The interactions in the beginning of the game are not only stunted and awkward in the original, but also this. I think when I began I had a different plan, which was for my own personal use, but other than the scene before you shrink and slightly after it, it is accurate.



Revision. I have made the introduction and minorly changed parts entirely accurate to the source text.



how do we kill the spider?



Check all the toes for glowy sparks, equip all of the stuff you get from the toes, fight spider, kill in one hit, choose correct choice afterwards to not die.


Is someone here knows what is that "Vial of… stuff" pot? I just broke my head trying to guess if that had an utility or not… I would appeciate your help ^^



The vial is apparently an experimental pheromone created by Matsudo. In the original game, she never told you what it was nor did you find out but it was still labelled pheromones, so I made the name fit more for better or worse.


Now I can be sure that you really don't know Japanese.. It clearly state to be aphrodisiac. And Dir.Matsudo state that it's strong enough to put male Nanman Elephant in heat.

The name written in manga-ish style, I translated it as "Ultra-concentrated instant aphrodisiac X" of sort.



So… Has this aphrodisiac/vial an use through the game or is it just for a future update? Still confused :P


I skim through the event and there is a use of it in clit part.

You'll get END12


i have RPG Maker VX Ace. it's good for this game?


No. Go get normal RPG Maker VX RTP.
You don't need the program to run it just RTP.


k i have the RTP already.How i open the game?



ํYou use double-click


it's say RPGVX RTP is not found


Gonna try it… seems there is a way of enter inside and not through the fabric…

Thanks a lot for the tip, but I guess now I'm stuck at the part of how you enter… another tip, please?


lol I guesed it :P don't worry


Ok I installed the RTP.What should i do with the game to run?



Yeah, I don't know Japanese. I was in a skype call with my friend who's grown up in Japan and recently moved here and we just pulled an all nighter cobbling this together. I'm not going to flaunt about how good my translation is or even really call it a "translation" anymore, considering it's just a paraphrase. Also I mixed up aphrodisiac and pheromone, but I did miss the elephant part.

So with this translation, I did not aim for accuracy. So you will ask me, "then why would you even translate a game if you will not make it correct?"
That's mostly because I completed this translation entirely for myself and my friend and it is largely full of jokes between us. Releasing this wasn't really a serious gesture in any way, shape, or format, but at least it's something. A lot of accurate lines got through, I just really thought, "There's so many bureaucratically written bits of uselessness, why not only correctly translate the smut?" And honestly, do the interactions between Matsudo and whatever the other kid's name is really matter unless they're smut? I can understand entirely if you wish to play an untarnished translation if Ochiko's original vision, there's no blame to you and if someone else had made something like this I would detest it as well. ETZ, I don't know if you were serious about quitting the translation but hey, if you actually want to, just do it whenever it's convenient. You're a super talented guy and whenever it's released, be it tomorrow or in a year, it'll probably be rockin'. Same with dsojourn. In the end, the three translations, mine, ETZ's, and dsojourn's will without a shadow of a doubt has three different goals and very different dialogue.
tl;dr translation wasnt srs, dont like it dont play it


Here guys, dsojourn finished the real translation of the game last night:


Enjoy. Considering how bland and vanilla the game itself is, and that it's basically just a body exploration and shrink-death simulator, I like the way he basically turns the latter part into a travelogue of Matsudo's body. But I like his writing sense a lot, so results may vary I guess.


guys help me? as you enter into her panties?


it's somewhere at the right middle-bottom on her panty.

Is there a fart scene?
And what are the other games from Ochiko, this is the first one for me here.


dsojourn's translation has, withiout a shadow of a doubt, proved the relative accuracy of my own translation. I'm even applauding myself.


goofy random rewrites dont count…


Most of us still feel like punching you in the throat.


>> I don't, because i did not download this game to be amazed by its speech



im gonna go ahead and translate ochikos new game brcause WHY THE FUCK NOT
tonight maybe?


File: 1401681940014.jpg (117.21 KB, 550x443, 1399236572322.jpg)

some anon already did a rough translation of that mami tomoe game already but you're free to do your own rendition of it.

that watashi/"humanity has declined" game is still in major need of any form of translation though.


where does ochiko publish this game and can you translate also this game



You can insert links to mediafire please?


mind giving me a link to the game? i havent heard of it yet


File: 1401746566776.jpg (81.29 KB, 544x416, oppai.jpg)

Thats just a manga he published its not a game.

Mami Alt link.

Alt link.


File: 1401755716938.png (47.24 KB, 529x114, big fat cuban cigar.png)


thank you could you make a guide to translate this game



well how i did it was
i decompiled the game (just google it youll find a program) and opened the rjprov in rpg maker. its pretty easy from there. right click on darkened squares and edit events, and youll see the text. you need to speak japanese to translate it, or have a japanese friend. just go through the game doing that. you need to sometimes add more detail to scenes because Ochiko is a horrible writer and all of his writing is bland and needs more fleshing out. DONT add jokes like i do, because thats not good translating. i do that because i dont take this seriously. then go to the database and edit names, item names, menu options, etc. when you think youre good then recompile the game and get it playtested, find anything thats broken and fix it, and then release the game.


thank you man


Does anyone know when will Ochiko finish is two RPG games?


Does anyone know when will Ochiko finish is two RPG games?


Sorry i posted twice the reply button was crapping out.


anybody can tell me please where can i find this game?


how can i make the elf who block the room in the basement move?


File: 1460797322951.jpg (162.53 KB, 1024x768, 72-05 踩溃(站千倍).jpg)

could someone here please translate these few gems?


Paradox said this on this twitter concerning an English translation:
"It was supposed to be one…But I can't guarantee, I can only make my own part on the schedule :3 Anyway glad you interested in it!"

He also said that he's going to pad the existing size content with more lewd scenes.


File: 1530641329524.png (93.03 KB, 300x225, 12169c6b4c1c8759730043b2f64e02…)

>that meme """""""translation"""""""
absolutely ebin, someone give some internets to this brave man, I applaud him

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