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Ok /cg/, since the author refuses to work on the project, I decided to step in and correct some of his mistakes directly in .NET machine code.
Pic related.
Anyone interested?


yeah, actually, I have the original and latest update from him as well as a mod that eliminates the clock so the game no longer has a "limit" to growth.


I have seen the attempt of my predecessor, yeah. He failed at soft body dynamics, so at sizes greater than ~1000ft characters' boobs behave weirdly. My version does not have such problems, and also allows to alter bust size and hip width.


yes please


i would love to see this new version

i was also never able to get the 'cheat code' in the old one ever to work either <__< you should fix that.

but if youd love to share im sure lots of people would jump at the chance



This is the original version, in case someone doesn't have it:

And this is the patch:

Feature list:

- removes the height cap while retaining soft body dynamics (numpad * to become 1.5 times larger, numpad / to become 2 times smaller)
- adds a certain level of breast expansion while the character is growing
- allows to alter hip/shoulder width and breast size (numpad 4 / numpad 6 and numpad 2 / numpad 8, respectively) for Eri and Eileen
- removes tails from Eri and Eileen models

As usual, cheats are activated by pressing 'b', 'g' and 'i' simultaneously, immediately after the main menu appears on the screen. You should hear a 'Hmmm!' sound.

This is by far a work-in-progress: e.g. no restrictions are applied to the values of hip/shoulder width and breast size, so you can easily make them zero, or even negative. Not all characters behave properly when you try to change these parameters, since all of them have different bone layouts in their skeletons. And furthermore, non-uniform scaling also affects affects child bones when moving, sometimes making them stretch weirdly.

But still, that's better than nothing.


Ah yes, forgot one thing. There is now a height display field (in meters, because feet and inches take too much space, and I can't yet make the field larger).


the head area looks so thin and squished in your patch. is that intended?


Yes; I tried to make faces look more feminine. Did I fail?


trying to download the patch from that site is making my antivirus freak out and wont let me download it. could you double check and make sure nothing nasty got in or upload it to a different site? it didn't seem to mind the original file of the rampage game, just your patch


I feel it would be fantastic if it had the proportions of the old models aswell as your own additions but that's just me



are you planning to do more updates?


Depends on what you want from the game. My own goals are already met, and I'm open to ideas. But bear in mind that I'm not the original author, so my editing capabilities are somewhat limited.


It'd be nice to have the squished body reverted. best of both worlds


I never seem to be able to hear the buildings being damaged/crushed. Not sure why when strolling through the towns. Also, seemed like some of the models don't make sounds when eating aside from swallowing. Perhaps some sort of giggling/laughter when jumping/stomping? More immersion would be great.


Has this game been crashing like crazy for anyone else?

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