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>Paywalls models for a free game



good thing it's trash


>paywalls for models for a free game that's barely even in alpha
any anons willing to upload these models? this is bullshit.


Fuck this guy, deserves to have everything "distributed."


Less spam you bastard. Next time will be a temp ban.

It's not against the rules of this chan to shit on someone else, while I disagree with the fucking leftist mindset of "I want everything for free", go ahead, I'm mentioning this simply to express that this alert is only for the break of "Rule 3: NO SPAM" in unrelated boards and nothing else.

I found a debate in the discord channel and found out that instead of googling a model and converting, the man is creating the models himself, using the skills he learned, either by paying, or by putting his time to learn, unlike everyone else that just googles someone's else model and converts it with aiiko's easy to use converter, now, I'm not checking if this is true, it's irrelevant simply because, if you want it for free and it's not available for free, you can always do it yourself, just find the original model and do it, then share for free following all your idealistic ideals.

If you wanna change the world, do it yourself, do not follow the SJW example of telling everyone else actions are wrong and they should change to follow your ideals.


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Oy vey!


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I'm obviously being paid, wanna offer more?


As the time of this writing, Sizebox itself is a free game.

Models are a different story, a bit of a grey zone.

I suppose it'll be up to aiiko whether or not this sort of thing stands.


technically he can't do much besides treating it like piracy, or illegal modding. Think how console makers treat that sort of stuff.

But aiiko already warned him to not share his paid models in the discord, that only free models shall be shared, so there is that.


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>really want this kind of hypershit
>but it's behind a paywall


The game is free. It's disgraceful to try to sell models. Aiiko accomplished what should easily have garnered him tons of cash, but he didn't ask for pay. Why should a model have a price tag then? It wouldn't even exist if not for the game. It goes against the spirit of the game.


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Whilst I agree with the general consensus of this thread and think it's a dickbag move to profit off of other peoples stuff by producing little effort and not giving back. He is making some of the models and can do what he wants with em. I personally think the few ones he makes are all shit or furry shit. So, there's no way I'd spend on him. But, I'd like to see the shitstorm that comes when some anon decides to upload all the model designs he made from other artists though. I think he was gonna post em though anyway in a link or whatever.

People raking in profits for shit products is disgustingly common for this fetish though honestly.



I don't see how you could possibly profit off of this game via model sales. Is anyone really dumb or horny enough to fork over money when there's like hundreds of different models in the free model thread alone? Does it HAVE to be THIS one? Furthermore, Aiiko does't even want people to share models that need to be paid to acquire, so there's zero advertisement there.


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>Is anyone really dumb or horny enough to fork over money when there's like hundreds of different models in the free model thread alone? Does it HAVE to be THIS one?

Anyway, everyone can use their money the way they want, do you dislike him blocking his models behind a paywall? Let me give you a suggestion: Boycott him, don't give him money. But if you want to give him money, go ahead, if you want to give me money, do it!

Do you wanna tell others how they should spend their money? Fuck you. :)



yeah, cause most people are bad at it l0l


File: 1494068061955.png (434.81 KB, 1280x720, Out.png)

You'd be suprised at what people buy with their dicks. But, I see your point.

The only one telling people how2spend is (you).
>give me money, do it!

I've only said, what I do with my money and assholes profit off of extorting fetish freemiums selling shit work. This has been around in this fetish since day 1, hell even in every fetish so, who cares. However, you'd be less of a faggot if you atleast credit/give back to what you use as leverage. That's all I'm saying.

You however just make more of a colossal, mental "sjw", jewish faggot out of yourself when you baitpost and imply on me while saying.
>boycott!!! but don't talk about boycotting! :)


I would consider paying for these but ONLY if Aiiko got ~75% of the profits.


File: 1494114157239.jpg (109.9 KB, 614x491, nepnep.jpg)

Hoo, so you saw through my hypocrisy.

Still it's interesting how you came pretty late to the discussion and seems to have felt attacked, when all I did was reinforce someone else statement. Hopefully you are not feeling oppressed, that's the first thing I would want you to think, I mean, the last thing, oh boy.

But it's interesting how you call me the mental "sjw" and jewish faggot when all I'm saying is "Do whatever you want". Meanwhile, someone else here is saying "*I* don't like this, these are MY reasons and they impact ME a lot, *you should think like I* do."

May I ask, who is the hypocrite here? Of course it's me, cause I'm telling people to do whatever they want, and you come bitching, and I'm arguing against it, right? Such an hypocrite I am.


Now I would be okay with that model of payment (pun unintended).

Aiiko deserves every bit of praise and donation as he can get. Leeches who are merely riding on his glory-train should not.


MBA, please refrain from trying to provoke further arguments through passive-aggression.

This sort of thing is something Endless and Aiiko should discuss between each other, anyways. True, Endless did hand-craft those models. True, this game is made to be completely free.

You have your opinion, the others have theirs. Let's just leave it at that and get on with our lives before this escalates further than it needs to.


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Regardless of whether or not paywalls are an okay thing in this context, why does this particular model deserve its own thread?

If this were a thread to show off paid models, furry models, custom-made or endless' models, I could totally get that. But this is a whole thread for one model. Is there any reason why?


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But I love being sarcastic, if someone doesn't like it can go back to reddit.

You see, you are right in calling everything an opinion, which is something only one has, and opinions are something that can be shared in a discussion, can be used to influence others, but CAN'T be used as proof nor as facts.

If someone has an opinion, for example, that content should be free if the base is free, well, guess Linux is fucked over, and Steam should drop its client there, same for Windows if you think about it, Steam should pay MS for every sold game, also aiiko should pay for Microsoft and Apple for creating his software on their platforms.

"Oh, but the platforms are already there, and they support third party apps."

Well, guess what, so does this game by the simple fact it has an easy to use converter. Will the fact that my OS is paid force me to buy every piece of paid software there is? No. Should I call up to every developer for their hypocrisy in creating software for the OS and not paying Apple, Microsoft and/or Linus?

If people are trying to use their personal ideals and opinions to shame other people's actions (it's like how Nazism was created as a counter action AGAINST communism, yet, it's literally the same shit, 2 auto-declared opposite sides doing the same actions, such irony!), it will be my pleasure to argue against such commies and redirect them back to reddit. :)

It's the nice thing about freedom, if someone does something, without hurting anyone, but this thing is unwelcomed in a way that the creator gets no return, or even negative return, then it will die eventually, and things will go back to normal, if it DOES hurts someone, though, then it will get a reaction, and this thread smells like someone feelings being hurt with no actions being made AGAINST him, it's simply someone being offended, cause the known rule about offense is that it's not given, it's taken!

Now this reminds me of DLCs? I can't remember the first games that got it, but I do remember how people hated it, how their games were coming incomplete, and they had to pay more fore what should have been in the game already. Now people love it, it's ironic.

PS: Put this thread in Sage mode now, which I should have done already before, but since I didn't want for a post of mine to be the last bump, I decided to wait until others replied.


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I would say it's probably attention whoring or something. Bad parents, my guess. =/


File: 1494158995821.png (38.92 KB, 640x360, IT'S JUST A FUCKIN' MODEL.png)


I've got no problem with Endless hiding his paid models behind Patreon, but he's taken it one step further. He's now hiding his free converted models behind a paywall, which seems pretty scummy considering Sizebox itself is free, and I doubt he's giving Aiiko any of the profit (after all, he's using Aiiko's converter to do so).



It's a proof of concept that people will hop onto any bandwagon if they think they can make a quick buck off of it.

It's not meant to show anything but shame.

Furthermore, I'd like to see a model thread for those individual
"genres" of models just because the model thread is over-saturated enough as it is. Aiiko mentioned making a website, so hopefully, he'll have a model directory too.


>It's a proof of concept that people will hop onto any bandwagon if they think they can make a quick buck off of it.

That's right, and that's not bad at all, look for example at torrent piracy, it was all time-high in the past, then some people thought "What if we had the versatility of digital download/streaming, plus being legal for a nice price?". Such a shameful act those damn capitalist pigs from Netflix/Crunchyroll/Steam/etc

Finding a way to get some money by doing a service *people want* is not a bad thing, but if people do not want, they won't give the capitalist pig any money, and it will die eventually, unless it runs on the negative, now who knows if that's a viable market, maybe it is, maybe it is not, let us see. Otherwise, it's like people being envious of PewDiePie for him getting tons of money simply for playing games and doing shit. And again people feel offended when this is mentioned, some people really like to take offense.

>He's now hiding his free converted models behind a paywall, which seems pretty scummy considering Sizebox itself is free

Have you heard of Daz3D? It's a 3D posing software that you can download for free and can use free models to pose, render and do stuff, and there are many, even in this community itself, that do stuff with that software, I checked their site, and guess what I found, the software is free, yet people make stuff for use on it and they are selling it, worst of all, those people from the community are even giving money to those pigs and making it a profitable work!

Goddamnit capitalist pigs, why can't you support the free stuff to show those capitalist pigs how everything should be!? Why are people using shit Windows when there is Linux? Why Photoshop when there is GIMP?

I can give you a good advice though to get those free models out of the paywall, tell him you will stop being his friend if he doesn't do it back, it used to work in my childhood to get what I wanted from my friends. Oh, wait, that never worked at all… Hmmmm, what is the most effective way of shaming someone to death so that he releases his stuff for free again…


I want to give my point of view.

First, i don't really own any model converted for sizebox, so i can't make any rules for them, each model rules is defined by their author. Second, being based in the MMD community, they don't disallow selling of models, (and there are some paid models like the Windows 100% models), but that is not the norm and the big majority of models are free to use for everybody. So the only way to sell a model is if the author has made the model from scratch, and this is the case. Now, if somebody wants to sell models that aren't their own or is created from parts of different pre-existing models of different authors then that is bad, regardless if is a mmd, a blender, a 3ds max, a daz3d, a sizebox, or any kind of model. And coverting a paid model into sizebox will not magically make it free, specially not without the author consent.

But also i don't want to this to be a 'market of models', so, a rule I made is to not advertise paid models in the models thread of the models channel or any place dedicated related to sharing of sizebox models. So if they want to sell their model they must do it by their own means.


I don't plan to this to become something profitable for me, I do it as a hobby, a learning experience and to have something to do, and as long as they are not stealing the game or the source code, and selling the game or uploading to steam, or taking the credit for the game, is fine for me. At least, they give a bit more visibility of my game and it links to the patreon.

And i really doubt this will affect very much, a dozen of paid models vs 10.000 free models (and all the potentials free models that can be imported using unity) would be difficult, considering that this is a really niche community, and everybody have differents tastes for the kind of models they like. Also I think that adding rules to the kind of models allowed in the game will do more harm than good.



I have to agree. Of course my sentiment is that paid models begs piracy and is just endemic of the monetization of games, fandoms, etc.

But liability and avoiding drama or legal trouble is the best prerogative for you to take for your game. Keep the model downloads off-site, make a booru or something, and take a neutral stance for it and the same thing will happen that happens to all online media sharing.

Some people who want to support the artist will buy it, others who just want the models will pirate it, some will do both, and the developer can just develop regardless.

That being said OP model is one of the worst 3d models I've ever seen. Surprising considering his Dripdry model is actually not bad.


File: 1494812534724.png (623.24 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot 5-14-2017 9.40.16 P…)

Best $5 I ever donated to any paywall. Won't you agree?


I looked at a video of these in action and just as I suspected, no jiggle physics and no morphs. what a boat load of shit.



Yeah. If I'm going to pay to get a model, I damn well better expect features like body physics and morphs if they're going to have any chance to compete with the free models.



TBH I've got no REAL issue with him putting his models he'd made from scratch behind a paywall… they put in the work, if its their OC, they can do what they want, however BS I think it is.

But if he's hiding models he converted from somewhere else with AIIKO's OWN PROGRAM…. I say "distribute" away. It's not his own content he made anyhow.

I agree with MBA for the most part, but when you're trying to profit with content you basically ripped from somewhere else converting a model with someone else's program…. that's about as trash as you can get.

Think about it. The guy is now selling original content someone else made as his own…because he used aiiko's converter? What a sleazebag.

Tl;dr = This guy is hiding models someone else made he converted with AIIKO's program behind a paywall.

I'm not a mod or admin, but given he's doing that, should bar all of his content being posted here out of principle.



Anyone have endlessillusion's Raven model to download?


>Finally releases some models for free
>Try one
>The scale is all fucked up
I am not convinced paying for this stuff wouldn't be a waste of money

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