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Previous Thread >>5146

First thread of 2017.

This is the main thread for the discussion about the development of the Giantess MMD Game (I don't have a official name yet).

You can find the latest downloads here: https://mega.nz/#F!FoMFQAwL!B5n7dHilan9NR7NFhuU0lA

Gameplay Footage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVJLAbC-Z_Fr4AA7LaILN6Q

For models and conversions check this thread: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/4227.html

If you want to support the project: https://www.patreon.com/aiiko




Should we add the link to the latest unity build as well?


- First, the addition of foot crush, there are three options: crush a single target, crush every tiny that she can find, and crush every tiny but each crush will make her growth.

- You can place the new cities, and resize them. You need to choose their scale before placing it in the floor. Also you can place over giantess while in they are in pose mode. Don't try it on animations or you will have lag.

- I bring back the main screen, where you can choose the micro and the map. For now, only two maps, plus one empty map where you can put custom stages.

- Super fly speed mode: press Shift twice while flying, the model will jitter a little bit until the map stabilizes it again in 10 seconds.

- Added some improvements to foot placement, but they are some things that I need to fix like the Y positioning.

- Added a basic breast expantion command. It only works on models that already have breast physics.

- You can set the player to shrink / growth.

- Buildings can now be destroyed by the player.

Download (Windows and Linux versions): https://mega.nz/#F!FoMFQAwL!B5n7dHilan9NR7NFhuU0lA

And thank you for the support in patreon, I will invest it in the game to improve it more.


this new build looks incredible, thanks so much aiiko! time to go rampage around on a city inside a bellybutton


Thanks Aiiko, new build greatly appreciated. Gonna go bug test


Something I noticed, obviously with some models the feet clip into the ground and when trying to adjust the Y axis, it doesn't adjust properly, but you knew this already I believe.

The OTHER thing I found out, when you get to the smallest size, the player model starts to distort and jitter a little bit, like before.

Other than those, I like this build a lot more than the previous. There's actual level select and character select like the old versions. I like that a lot. Being able to finally place stages in a blank white space so there's no collision issues like with the island map.


Many thanks for the new build!
When enjoying a few tests I found that sometimes the gts will somehow get stuck trying to stomp. I assume she want's to reach a certain position but can't so the stomp is not triggered.
Then I tested the height adjustment as some big ones kept stomping into the ground without hurting anybody under their feet. That could be the y positioning you mentioned. But there's already an improvement compared to the previous version. An interesting reaction was that the gts seemed to guess the target position different when the y adjustment was changed - and she missed her target by far.
Many thanks for the return of the player selection.
Wandering gtses seemed to keep within a certain area.
The model names in the menu are very helpful.
Many thanks again!


>It only works on models that already have breast physics
This is actually something I wanted to ask about.

I've given my model breast physics in PMXEditor, and proved they work in the editor, but when I convert them into a .gts, there's no physics to be found.

How exactly do I add breast physics so the game picks it up?


File: 1483310717242.png (16.59 KB, 772x273, breast detection.png)

I just check at the name of the bones. How are named the breasts inside the model?


Thanks for your hard work, Aiiko. Sadly I have to wait until I'm off work to try out the new build, but I'm very excited.


File: 1483311542271.png (44.56 KB, 640x361, bewbs.png)

Oh you just check the bones themselves? Alright, I'll try renaming and reconverting and see if that makes a difference.

In order to make them bounce in PMXEditor, I made a "body" part, and attached it to the neck bone or something. I just followed a tutorial, I don't quite understand all of it. Maybe I don't need to do that though.


The problem was that mmd4mecanim physics is not working so i have to add the physics myself. But knowing that the mmd physics data is there i will see if i can read it and add another physics system.


Awesome, I renamed the breast bones, and it worked like a charm.

I'll pass on that screenshot, but it'd probably be a good idea if you included it in your grand "Converter" PDF. Just a tiny paragraph section explaining how to take advantage of breast bones if your model has them.


File: 1483316601322.png (366.29 KB, 876x729, Boobules the Demi-God of Bosom…)



File: 1483316602210.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 2017-01-02 (2).png)

Awesome update! And the toon shader is working now, too! Need to tweak some of those materials to not have an outline, but this is pretty great!


Was the grab feature meant to be left out of this version? Because it's extremely glitchy and doesn't work for me


Is going to be replaced soon.


Found a couple of footprint models:



OneDrive link seems to be missing a couple of textures for them but seems to just use stock images for the texture. Hope it helps in some small way.


I noticed another bug, when you stay over the giantess the animation is not smooth, I will reupload the build again.

Thank you



Mother of God! They're staring in to my SOUL!

Also Aiiko thanks as always!


I noticed the torso/upper body of the giantess now moves when "tracking" the player. This can mess up a lot of animations. Only the neck/head used to move.


Removing spawned girls does not seem to work


Minor bug (? probably actually as planned but still!)

Grow and Stomp only works if 'crush tinies' is on, which is too bad for people into gentle stomping, haha.


Same person. Just wanna say that I LOVE the "Follow and Stop" command. It's perfect for having someone just keep up with you. Thanks a lot for it!


with what?


with vore i mean something like this




it's being replaced with a new grab system that works better


Oh good, I thought he was scrapping it completely. I'm hoping for something like a grab mode, where once an entity is grabbed, a new set of actions appears for it (like throw, or crush between hands, etc).


Very minor update the builds to fix a couple of bugs:

- smoother animations when standing on a giantess
- and you can delete giantess again (this bug appeared after i did the first fix)

The links are the same. The rest of the bugs are more complex so wait until the next update.


thanks for the quick fixes!



Excellent! :)


Love the update have had ab7 chasing me for hours. one thing i notice is the giantess foot hitbox seems off on all models very rare to get her to actually crush you. most attempts do nothing. since it is a new feature though probably a bug needs to be worked out. thanks for another amazing update Aiiko


How do you load save data?


Save data is currently broken, and will continue to be for awhile until the game stops changing drastically.



I've notice this too, but only when the model is larger (500m+). As a side note, the crush growth seems to stop at 1.2km (started at 15m) even when the crushes DID land. Will keep experimenting with this awesome game :)

By the by, I was one of the guy who wanted to speed boost, and THANK YOU. It's perfect!


Can anyone imagine what this game would be like with the oculus rift or the vive?

Man, you get to playing games like this and you start to get excited at all the potential.


Yeah I've noticed this too.
Also had a few cases where they just outright missed, which was hilarious.

Otherwise though this is pretty amazing.


I feel like there's more collision issues in this version, I'm having problems 'sticking' to the giants at ultra large scales. I feel like I end up going through them when they grow bigger and I'm climbing on them, or I end up stuck out in the air in front of them attached to something invisible.


Awesome update Aiiko

How do you make the player auto grow/shrink?



Kind of wondering this too. Also placing the cities like shown in Aiiko's post up there. I don't see how to spawn that at all. Friend of mine said to look in objects, but my own objects are there and not the city stuff.


Another amazing update! The new cities are excellent, really great job. The building destruction is a lot better though they don't often seem to register when in contact with giga-scale giantesses. For some reason I was imagining that the scale option for the cities would change their generation to cover more area rather than actually scaling up the buildings, but I guess it works well enough to place several of them in a cluster.

The stomp action is cool, though it would be nice if it obeyed the animation speed slider. As more of an 'unaware' fan I would love it if you could make the giantess just walk past with a guaranteed step on a selected location, but I can imaging syncing up the footsteps isn't an easy task so don't take that as a request. For now the suspense of not knowing whether she'll step on you or over you is a nice touch. :)



>How do you make the player auto grow/shrink?

Same way as making a giantess grow.



By clicking on the player model? I've tried that, there's actually no option there on my side. There's stomp, mass stomp or whatever and stomp and grow. There isn't a grow/shrink for my player model at all. The giantess has the option like normal though. So…What do?



That's because you actually have the giantess selected. Just select yourself and the options will appear.


File: 1483365519459.bmp (793.74 KB, 1088x249, 1.bmp)

aiiko, I tried to import the Importer but something in the pic seemed go wrong and the pmd file is unrecognizable.
What happened?


i dont see any shadows ingame, is this a bug?


You can actually kind of do that if you've got a phone VR headset. There's a piece of software (which is free) called TrinusVR, which can essentially turn your phone into a VR headset.

Basically you tether your phone to your computer, activate Trinus on both your phone and your computer, and whatever is on your computer will streamed to your phone. It also breaks the image into 2 (so google cardboard/whatever headset you're using works).

Now when you look around with your phone, it'll translate those movements into mouse look. There's a bunch of other options to customize you're experience as well, but I find the default is good enough for me.

It's a much cheaper alternative to the Rift or Vive, and you don't need a beast of a computer to run it either. It adds a nice sense of scale, and adrenaline when your running from a gts chasing you down.


File: 1483371648839.png (583.1 KB, 1024x600, Screenshot 1-2-2017 10.40.17 A…)

Not aiiko, but make sure you're using the right version of Unity and the Importer.

See >>6487 in the other thread


File: 1483372150603.jpg (139.54 KB, 1171x659, May loom 2.jpg)

Another bug, when making giants follow one another there's a weird issue where the ones doing the following will tilt their torso back awkwardly even if the other ones are the same size, and it won't fix itself even if I have them stop following.




Thanks for the tip! I'll try this out with my google cardboard.


Does the first person camera works well in that mode? I can tweak it a bit.


Found out how to make player get crushed about every time. when you get up crawl, then stand up again. must reset some code but she'll be able to crush you again.


hey aiiko
is this possible for you to re-add destructible cities from earlier versions?
i kinda liked how strange destroyed buildings acted (flying and stuff)


pls can you give me that model xD?


Nah it's alright, the first person camera is fine in "VR mode". The tweaks have to be done on the TrinusVR program itself.

The only issue with it (and this is of no fault of the game, it's of USB cords) is sometimes the framerate is less than great. But this has to do with your phone and its USB cord, not the game itself.

It's far from perfect, but as I said, it's a ridiculously cheaper alternative. Fun to try out.


To fix that, turn "look at player" on then off again, it'll reset their torso positions.



I didn't make the post, but i have tried the method they described, and the first person camera works decently for VR. It seems to kind of "click" between view angles as you look around rather than fully smooth motion, but that may be how TrinusVR handles it rather than your game.

If you could add a slider to adjust the field of view (fov) by at least 15 degrees, that would probably improve the experience.

Also, if unity allows you to enable "oculus mode" in a game relatively easily (I have heard that something like that is built in) that would be even better. Not only could people with a rift/vive play the game, but it would also work better with GearVR (which has an app called RiftCat that can stream rift/vive content directly to the phone & uses the GearVR sensors instead of the weaker ones in Cardboard)

That is probably more than you needed to know, and it's definitely not a priority. But I do hope this game gets native VR support someday :)


Is there a gts version of the blonde micro girl Aiiko?



i like the new destruction system, but it would be neat if buildings sometimes toppled/went flying if they got hit on the side instead of on top. obviously that's an incredibly nitpicky thing, and if it would cause framerate/collision problems you should ignore it.



make sure you're playing on "Beautiful" graphics quality or lower. Switching down one level from "Fantastic" (the highest setting) improved my framerate a lot, in and out of VR. (That was several builds ago, so that may have changed, but it's worth a try)


Speaking of graphic quality, I saw in one of Aiiko's videos that he had shadows, albeit temporarily until he spawned a ton of tinies.

I'm assuming that's just in his own build of the game for now, because I haven't had shadows in mine at all. The idea of dynamic shadows may add a bit to the game. A looming shadow over a city…


I just disable them because they were lowering my framerate. A quick shortcut for shadows is F3.

If i can found how to emulate vr whitout having one headset, i can try.

But I don't how it even feels something in vr, never had tried one.


I immediately go in game and press F3 and magic ensues.

We might want to keep a list of these special keybind functionalities for those who don't know, if we haven't already.


I forgot to add them to the readme. I thought they were there.



Even without the giantess in sight. Or even SPAWNED I don't even get that option to grow or shrink myself at all. I have to do it manually. I'm CLICKING ANYWHERE on my player model and there's just a Cancel and Select option. I clicked Select, there's NOTHING there to click on other than those two options. So, if anyone can tell me whwat exactly am I doing wrong in the first place, that'd be great? Otherwise….Yeah, I don't have this option. As I've been saying.


What happens when you press F3?



What I do, is I press tab, left click on my player, click the select option. Then I click the player again, and the grow/shrink options show up.

This works both in first and third person, however you have to guess where your model is when you're in first person, as it's hidden for your convenience.

F3 toggles shadows. The shadows have a maximum render distance, so it's not noticeable at farther ranges, but any buildings and models should cast a shadow on the map now.


I'm actually surprised how many extra frames I got on my phone VR when I set the quality to "Good". It was almost like night and day. Thanks for the tip.

Also jumping from building to building in first person VR shouldn't be as much fun as it is.



Okay, thank you for looking into it!
Maybe a longterm patreon goal can be getting you an Oculus (or at least an android phone you can use Cardboard on)


"x" and "y" to shrink or grow.
Just readme things…


Just select a giantess, then select you again. It's a bug.


File: 1483387684440.jpg (134.71 KB, 1920x1080, new build climb.jpg)

Aiiko, there's a bit of collision issue with your new build, especially at giga sizes. I find in the new build, when you start increasing the girls to larger sizes while climbing on them, eventually she will grow 'through' you and you will end up inside her body instead of remaining attached.

Climbing at these sizes is sketchy too…it's hard to make contact with her, and when I do the very minute movements of her body end up causing my character and camera view to appear to clip through. I've attached a screenshot of the new build of this happening, 300 km with a 'May' model.


File: 1483387722003.jpg (200.64 KB, 1920x1080, old build climb.jpg)

And here's a comparison screenshot in the old build, same size and scenario, no clipping.



>Just readme things…

Obviously I know this. There was no point in mentioning that. The issue was that there was a command for the PLAYER to shrink and grow continuously or In spurts like the giantess could. Yet it didn't appear. But anyway, Aiiko told us that it's a bug, so now I know. Thank you for letting us know this Aiiko. All sorted now.



When did you download the build? I did a quick fix before uploading the first version, and it would be useful to know whether is happening after or before. In the first i forget some screenshots, also the 7z file was 150 mb instead of 132 mb.


I checked and I actually might not have been using the re-uploaded version. SOME of the issues seem to be somewhat fixed, but the problem now is my character model is kind of jerky and I can still sometimes clip through. It's not as bad, however. I'll have to play with it a bit more.


Yeah, sometimes if I'm say, climbing on a character's leg at 300 km or so, and I disengage and fly, her idle animation will make the leg clip through me. It's really a minor nitpick, but I thought I should mention stuff like that because it changed from build to build.



Yeah, that's just how game development is in most cases.
The code starts to go to so many different things and places that it's easy to accidentally break things.

But that's why we're here. To help Aiiko keep track of all these little bugs and changes that may happen unintentionally through each new build. And maybe some fetish stuff on the side.


Is there any way to keep planes in the air?



The Y position slider in the transform window is your main way of getting things off the ground.

Besides that, the move functionality seems to be purely tied to placing things on surfaces for now. It's hopeful that maybe at some point it will be fleshed out more and given X-Y-Z grips for those who want to pose more detailed screenshots. (Like planes flying past more giga-scale giantesses, as you may wish to have)


aiiko, I think I found a bug that honestly feels more like a feature.

When you go into First Person mode, you run significantly faster than when you're in 3rd person view.

Personally, I like this more, because it gives you speed at the price of camera view.

Not sure if you were aware or not, and frankly, I think it'd be cool if you left it in. Alternatively, a walk/run-speed slider might be feasible, but not important at this point in development.


File: 1483401238284.png (1.81 MB, 1768x992, Screenshot 1-2-2017 4.40.24 PM…)

Built a city on a cirvix, had mini giantesses chase around tiny people inside it and then found out someone converted best girl.

It has been a while since I've had this much mindless fun.


For now, you can put the giantess in a pose, the character won't jitter, but the skin of the giantess will jitter a bit.

At this point, i'm reaching the engine limits, and i would need to use another kind of tricks, like the kind of techniques to render planets, i would need to divide the giantess into separate chunks, because of the limited precision on the cpu, it can't render the entire model in one go. After all, the giantess height is half the moon size.

And that just gives me the idea of a "skin terrain" on top of the normal skin. Like i just build the city on top of any surface. The animation will be the problem.

But that is not easy.


just dont force yourself


Yes for now i want to focus on achievable things to have a fully functional base.

Fixing that feature alone would take a lot of time.


If you don't mind my asking, Aiiko, what are some of the more interesting things you have in mind that you hope to add to the game?

Like giantess interactions, or more gameplay objective related things. What's the thing that's on your mind?


What changed between builds to cause that slight weirdness, if I might ask? I might actually keep a copy of the old build around separately for climbing scenarios for now. Though I can't deny scenarios like setting a giant at YOUR height at first, grow, and set to stomp you is a pretty thrilling scenario. You can outrun her for a while, and then suddenly minutes later she's bursting through the buildings coming for you, and it's a load of fun <3



Well, right now they are only giantess to player interaction, but i would like to add some player to giantess interaction, like touching certain body parts that trigger some kind of response to the giantess. Also i want to implement a fluid system, also swimmable. And well increasing the body detail. I'm more on the exploration side of things, as well in the insertion things.

So i want also a good AI, to make an emergent gameplay, instead of manually telling them what to do each time, they should be able to decide what actions to take based on their personality traits. That can be a different mode.

And well creating custom scenarios can be cool, so i just need to add an objective system, dialogs, and more stuff.


In the collision side, it must be something with the new ik system, this is the first build using it so I need to tweak it.


If you mean between the two builds that I uploade yesterday, then in fact the first build was to fix the jerkiness, but after that I found more bugs that were noticeable at any size, I had to reverted it back.


I'd like to throw in one thought. A true giantess wouldn't really need to stomp brutally. I think she'd look more majestic to put her foot down slowly - or completely unaware as was asked for.
I don't know if the quick fix did something for the collider issues concerning crushing. But I started to write up sizes that work well.
Micro 0,4mm / GTS 1,6m / city 0,45mm using the room stage with it's flat floor.
Stomping giantesses will rarely succeed in crushing their victim. Maybe because with a quick stomp the colliders are passing through or rather jumping over the target without triggering.
I was wondering if the missing crushes are a model issue or a game issue.

Can't thank too much for continuous effort, aiiko!


It has to do with frames missing the collisions because they happen at very high speed.

In the room map, the 1.6m is the equivalent to the 1.6 km in the island map. Originaly i test with 16 km but i noticed that didn't worked well. Decreasing the speed can improve the collision detection so i can do that, maybe adjusting it according to the size.


Maybe a useful idea about colliders: If there was something like an additional cylindric collider for gts models that one could be used to avoid gts collisions. Currently they try to avoid one another but keep walking through each other.



They have one but they don't collide between them because otherwise they won't be able to be posed one over the another, but i guess i can disable it when they aren't walking.

And, i think i can fix the collision problem when crushing creating a booming effect, like and invisible explosion that kill everything inside an area.


This is some of the most fun I've ever had with any size game

I've only noticed a few bugs, but nothing really that bad

The only Issues I've had are that if you spawn more then one giantess, and then select the crush and grow option, they will always go for the same micro, and will more often then not clip through each other to get it.
The only other problem I've had is I can't get planes to turn their engines off, or slow down but that probably just me being retarded.

Either way, fantastic game mate!



well, your priorities are perfectly aligned with mine, so I am very excited to see where this game goes in 2017 :D


considering that breaking these size limits require complicated workarounds (Star Citizen was delayed so much in part to figure out how to make their engine render at planetary & galactic scales), I don't know if it's really necessary to go any bigger.

like you say, the max scale giant is already half the size of the moon compared to the minimum size. that's already more than we can really comprehend lol

if you want to make a space map (and I would love one) you don't have to make the planets genuinely planet sized. shrink the whole solar system to fit the limits of the engine. sure, players won't be able to shrink down to "true" human size relative to those planets, but at that scale, who cares?



Man, that's the kinda stuff I'm excited to hear about.

Also, hope you don't mind, but I've been curious about the Look at Player bug with the torso and such, so I've been leafing through your code for the past hour. I'm kinda inspired to see what I can do to assist, if I even can.


>Also i want to implement a fluid system
Yikes, that sounds pretty hard, and also CPU/GPU intensive.
>And well creating custom scenarios can be cool, so i just need to add an objective system
Custom scenario: Get gun, kill giant. Running from building to build shooting like crazy behind you sounds kind of neat.

Anyway, looking forward to more interaction. The touching body parts sounds pretty neat. Although personally, I'm excited for where you'll go with the grab mechanic.



Do you have to clamp the weight in your update head method to prevent the spine from rotating at all during Look at Player?

If not then just disregard this. I don't have much experience with Unity, but I do have a burning curiosity to know how things work.



To fix the bug i just need to do is put a smaller bodyWeight value.

The clamp is to get a 0-1 value, the closest the player is to the giantess, the less will be the weight on the head, and it will not move.

And the giantess looking up instead of front wehn looking to another giantess, is because I changed a scale value that messed up this part of the code. originally the value was 1000.. so multiply by 1.6 that is 1600, the giantess.. but after changing the base scale, now is 1600 * 1.6 = 2560, for that reason is looking up.



Is it possible to add multiple layers for a collider? I.e. if you end up anywhere in the bottom 1 cm or so of her shoes/feet, it reads you as crushed?


Yes is possible, i can do that, or use a special function to know all the colliders in a area. What i need to do, is figure out how to measure the foot, to have and idea about the proper area of collision, and also to add the footprints, and if possible try to auto fix the positioning of the foot to touch the floor.


6582, would you mind sharing that Angela bikini model by chance? I can't find it anywhere! Please? :D


How do you quote or link a poster's number?

I'm looking to see if I could ask the poster of #6582 if they can upload their Angela model. .-.

Aiiko you are doing an absolutely stellar job on this game, man! Thank you so much!


File: 1483423911785.png (1.18 MB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 1-3-2017 12.42.45 A…)

Well, she made quick work of that..



Click on their number to automatically add it to your next reply.


Well very good, i think now need a giant player mode the same as the npc , some footprints effect and your game will be amazing!


hold on, isn't Earths radius is around 6.000km? 16.000km means max scale is larger than earth



With the player at minimum size and a giantess at maximum, she is indeed about 16,000km tall, and the diameter of the earth is about 12,000km, so yeah she's _bigger_ than the earth.


Ok, 2 things I found were that once you make a city appear you can't change its size with the sliders anymore unless you choose to Move it and while it's in that state then you can change it's size, however you can't change it's Y position.

The other thing has to do with the foot placement function you added. Its pretty good but one downside I found is that is a model is wearing high-heels and then you attempt to increase her Y position then she will automatically go back where she was before unless you increase the Y positioning by a lot but that does not fix the problem.

One awesome plus however is the breast expansion feature you added. Now, even small breasted models which normally would be extremely difficult to increase their bust size using PMXEditor can somehow look decent.

Again, one suggestion for future builds would be the addition of NPC screams and possibly making them run in panic.


This just means that now we need a Space stage and Planet/Galaxy objects.


To handle the problem with the collision detection I'd go with some kind of a trick:

Use the Y coordinate of the player and two Y coordinates of the GTS' body: her sole and another one above, e.g. her head or whatever.

When she stomps and raises her foot above the player, both vectors (Y_Player -> Y_Sole and Y_Player -> Y_Head) are point in the positive direction (assuming Y counts positive in the direction from ground to sky).

As soon as she stomps the player and the sole should pass the player, the player is located in between her sole and her head. That means one of the vectors (namely Y_Player -> Y_Sole) points now in a negative direction and could therefore lead to a 'collision' detection.

However you should enabled this methode of detection only if the stomp is right ahead because this situation is not exclusive.


File: 1483466278714.png (2.18 KB, 800x100, solarsystem.png)


yup! I'm guessing aiiko's "half the size of the moon" estimate was relative to the scale of the land, not the minimum player size.

if we imagine minimum player size to be "human size" (2m tall) for a solar system map, and assume the maximum map size is the same as the max model size (1600km), you could create a fairly expansive solar system map within those bounds that could look something like this.

it would look more spacious than this ofc because the planets would be distributed in their orbits, i just aligned them to show relative size/distance for a 800km radius.

i suspect the sun & other planets would still look unreasonably huge in the sky of the Earth at this scale, though. if maps can actually be larger than max model size, you could double or triple the distances between everything to make it look a little more believable.

at this scale (with Earth about 5km diameters) the minimum player size would be 2500x smaller than the Earth, which in real world proportions would make the player 3km tall. I suspect there is probably a freely available 3d model of the Earth at that resolution with basic geography & topography intact. Sure, the player would be as tall as most mountains in this scenario, but the planet would still seem appropriately huge, and the biggest giants could still make the whole planet look like a speck of space dust.


I also spent my day thinking about the colliders. That area effekt (booming) you were thinking about would be difficult with high heels (wich is really implemented nice currently). But that could be used to make micros fall from near misses. Great for atmosphere.
One solution could be to add more colliders within the shoe and the foot. I didn't look into the models, so I was wondering if a collider fires if the collider boxes partly overlap each other or also if one is completely within the other? As far as I remember the colliders have to overlap while it is very hard to calculate if one box is within the other.

I hope we can find a solution that will work for walkovers, too. I really like the unaware scenario.

However I like playing the game and I think nobody mentioned how good those building crushes look! Very nice!



Is posible for the next update that the player can spawn military units (like soldiers, tanks, helicopters, etc) that fight again the giantess ???

This will be amazing !!


File: 1483473979163.png (51.11 KB, 1600x1600, solarsystem overhead.png)


i got bored, so here's a different view of the same map idea at the same scale (1 pixel = 1 ingame "kilometer" relative to minimum playersize).

again, it would be better if the map size could be larger than this to increase the space between bodies. but if 1600 "km" is the limit, this would work okay.

also, definitely not suggesting the map would need actual moving planets, i just drew the orbit lines to help place them at the right distances. it would be cool if the planets had Mario Galaxy-style local gravity though, at least below a certain size.


Ok so i save my stuff but how do i load it back?


The save feature has been removed due to the changes in the game. It will be implemented back in once Aiiko develops a more stable build.



that would require a combat system, a health system, a new ai system, particle effects for the guns/explosions, tank/soldier models, and etc. no way that'd appear in "the next" update


Im just really excited to see some shrink and growth animations as well as those personality traits aiiko has said he might like to see :)


Aiiko, I uploaded some giggles, moans, and exclamations you can use for giantess growth here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=63006572786667224800

I hope this comes in handy.


sorry if this was answered already… I remember this pose pack by @NAndeyanenGTS was posted a while ago, but was it ever incorporated into a build of the game? https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ADPK3dJ70Uj7AC0&id=1EE15D4C847C280B%2128916&cid=1EE15D4C847C280B



i recommend using an uploader like anonfiles or mega instead… someone in the models thread posted a tinyupload link where it appeared the site injected a virus into the download, so I don't know if it can be trusted anymore.


Anonfiles is dead, mega requires registration

I'm upen to any hosting service that'll let you upload a mp3 without having to make an account.


I re-uploaded it to another hosting site, if that works better: https://ufile.io/254e2


File: 1483496613758.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 1-3-2017 5.54.48 PM…)

well that sucks. im having fun with these models. i get turned on when its multiple nude giantesses looking down at me from there feet


I don't know if it would even be possible, but it would be nice if you could zoom out more when you're tiny. It's just nice to see the scale of everything.


i wish it was possible to zoom in like wearing binoculars. also quicker camera speed when holding in shift for 1600KM size models


I,for one, would really love to see a planetary/solar system scale map to play around with.

Playing with planets would be amazing.


File: 1483498083640.png (985.25 KB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 1-3-2017 9.46.26 PM…)


you can zoom out very far- just keep scrolling!


That will be in the long term. Not right now but in a future build. One improvement to the cities will be to include pedestrian, vehicles, polices, army, to make the city more alive.

I would appreciate if someone can convert them into vmd files of one single frame, as is the only format that the importer can read, if you know how to use mikumikudance.

Thank you, that link works.



Awesome! I hope those sounds are useful.



good to know, thanks. I'm hopeless in MMD, but hopefully someone else here can help convert them.


Also i was thinking I should ask for permission to @NAndeyanenGTS. If somebody who speaks japanese can ask him that would be great. I can only do a basic translation.



good idea. the tweet about it seems to suggest that anyone is free to use them, but since this is for a game (and not just personal mmd stuff) it's probably wise to ask.


here's the crappy Bing translation:
"Distribution put together into 1 folder (URL on your profile). Also, I've to add editable anyone Pose folder. Please feel free to."


I actually also think that maybe there should be some general default sounds for growth spurts themselves, perhaps changing in pitch as the size increases. Up to you, though.



Working on converting them right now.


File: 1483509950068.png (298.62 KB, 1000x553, ex.png)


Some of these are a bit questionable looking…

And I'm probably not going to go through the effort of fixing them right now.


You telling me you don't bend your legs like that on a daily basis?


ahaha thanks for trying anyway. hopefully some of them will be nonbroken


File: 1483512820659.png (365.65 KB, 1000x676, ex2.png)

Here are all the non-broken poses in the main folder, converted to single frame motion data.


Let me know if there are any issues, Aiiko.


Found more bugs with stomping:
- Besides missing her target at scales of about 1-5 km she also interrupts the stomping sometimes shortly before she would have hit her target and moves on to the next.
- At scales of about 10 km she just stands there starring at her target but doesn't stomp. From case to case her leg with which she wants to stomp her target is jittering a bit but nothing more.
Hopefully this is helpful.



thanks for this!!

can someone with twitter and basic japanese reply to this & ask if it's okay to use some of these poses in an MMD game https://mobile.twitter.com/NAndeyanenGTS/status/782944019777073153


Perhaps it is possible to include different kinds of movement for the giantess.
At the moment there is walking. But perhaps crouching is also possible. Sche could use her hand to crush instead of the stomping animation.
Running would also be a possibilitie. It would be funny, if she would just jump to stomp things, but thats perhaps tricky to to do.

A number for her movementspeed would be also nice, like the number for her size. And a number or a slider for the playersize would be nice too.

This is definitly the greatest GTS Game ever. Thank you so much.



you can already change the movement speed for individual giant in the edit menu, I think. At least for animations. Pretty sure there is also a crouching animation already. And you can increase/decrease global animation speed by pressing and holding the 1 and 0 keys respectively.

aiiko did mention making giants animate slower as they become bigger to help with collision issues, which I think is a good idea.


someone can give some bare sock/foot model




What kind of grafical settings and graphical effects would you like in the game? I'm redesigning the settings menu.

Thank you very much. For the broken poses, maybe you can try with another model.



No problem. I did cross reference the poses between a couple of different models and they were messed up in each one, but at this point I could probably just fix the poses manually.

Graphical settings may include draw distances, texture quality, AO and Shadows.

Also, could you include a mouse sensitivity option?


File: 1483562675685.png (297.64 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 1-4-2017 9.30.59 PM…)

There's a weird but useful bug that allows you to make a giantess grow much, much faster. By alternating between "Grow Continously" and "Grow Spurt" multiple times, then leaving it on "Grow Spurt", spurts will be much more frequent.

There's seem to be something important in either timing or amount done, since there seems to be a time where the original spurt is supposed to happen, but if a extra spurt is going on, it will cancel the spurt all together. The tallest in the picture, Galaco Neo, had a great timing, with pratically no cancellation. Under her, is a hastily done technique, with less spurts (and maybe some cancellation).

I also did a normal spurt and a normal continous. These were the results when the first giantess got to 1600KM, don't have numbers on hand anymore, so they are very approximate:
- Normal Spurt: 100-200m
- Continuous: ~2km
- Super Spurt (non ideal): ~200km?
- Best Super Spurt: 1600km


File: 1483562721654.png (616.72 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 1-4-2017 9.34.04 PM…)


And the two normal growths shown here.



being able to adjust the field of view (fov) would be nice


Field of view slider might be helpful, especially when using VR goggles/phones. Right now it's basically impossible to fiddle with the HUD with Trinus (although if someone knows how to "zoom out" with trinus, let me know).



Hello Aiko, now that you mention it. It would be nice if there were more shaders that could show up in game, and their effects aswell. Like shiny/glossy skin or metallic.

One of the problems is that most shaders except for MMD4Mecanim don't work properly. For example, the standard shader looks too dark and the metallic/smoothness effect don't show up in the game at all. Also normal and specular map textures don't work properly/aren't shown ingame either.

P.S: Legacy shaders are really good for transparent textures (For example some hairs use them) but they don't work.

P.S 2: A FOV slider would be neat too.

This is just a suggestion tho, just take your time with anything you consider more relevant.


It's difficult to get a feeling for the distance of a giantess. The blur effekt is rather unnatural. But maybe a slider to adjust a haze would give the desired effect. I'd suggest an adjustable effect (slider) because a haze within a room should be barely noticeable (the walls shouldn't disappear in the haze).

Don't know what other effects would make sense. Maybe there could be some effect that would depict the place of a footfall for some time?


Actually now that you mention it, a "fog" effect would be really cool.

Not only could it potentially boost performance (because they're be less to render), but it'd also be eerie as hell, listening to buildings being destroyed but not seeing what's doing it.



A super slow mode would be a cool toggle - as a giantess is trying to stomp you, there could be a slow-down sound, you can savour the moment with her foot slowly inevitably lowering toward you, and then toggle it off just as you escape and it comes crashing down…

To add to the haze idea, perhaps there could be a "disoriented" toggle, for after you shrink, where everything would be blurry as you get your bearings..

How about about an effect where the skyscrapers slowly wobble back and forth whenever a larger giantess is walking nearby?

I could keep going… haha


File: 1483581745604.png (183.84 KB, 806x1152, updating pause menu.png)

I'm updating the menu, the main advantage is that I make it easier for me to add new options by code, rather than putting buttons by hand.

That way i won't delay too much the addition of options. Probably I will change some of the current options by sliders (for example in the depth of field, or the shadow distance). In addition to more visual effects.



that looks really slick. i'm glad you are making it less tedious for yourself to add future settings, too.


Looks good.

Think you could add an option to increase the speed of camera zoom out?


I added new graphics settings to change the color and illumination, added the bloom effect, the ambient occlussion is now configurable, and also a configurable chromatic aberration.

I can do a trick to increase the zoom speed the farther it is from the player.


File: 1483589867942.png (571.47 KB, 855x597, Screenshot 1-5-2017 1.12.16 AM…)

Forgot the screenshot.



damn, that looks gorgeous. the fancy shaders are really starting to pay off


That would be very helpful I think. Thanks.


A slow motion mode when the player is in danger is a good idea, and it will let the collider more margin to detect the collisions.


Hope you will add the giant player mode like the npc too ?


Option to make this player only, for every tiny death, every other tiny death, etc would be rad!



the game becoming slomo for crushes other than your own would get incredibly annoying very quickly. that's like the screen pausing every time someone dies in a multiplayer mario game- it throws your own controls & timing off.

it sounds like a good idea for the player, though.


Might it be easier to simply slow down the giantess rather than the entire game? Even, say, putting a hard limit on either the height, or downward velocity of a stomp? It seems like it would solve the issues.



aiiko had also suggested making giantesses automatically get slower as they get bigger at some fixed rate, which i like the sound of (miles-high giants moving at normal speed looks weird imo)


well, if you add a giant mode for players make it the same as the giant npc please !



Shut up already.


File: 1483605203021.jpg (90.74 KB, 1024x576, image.jpg)


A cloud layer would actually make for a nice effect. Not really the same as the "fog" idea since its high in the sky.


I'll remind you that clouds are something we already have, and unless you want to go full-on volumentric CPU Rape-o-tron 9000 they kind of look like ass. Also, perhaps fog is the wrong word, maybe something like "Atmospheric haze", think about how distant mountains etc take on a dark-blue hue just on account of air between you and it. Something like some of Ochiko's stuff, for instance.



VR is really cool. Like, it's on a whole other level of immersion. I've got a HTC Vive, and have managed to make some very basic setups in Unity of essentially a city model, MMD model and VMD animation with the scale starting at "1" and ending at "5000", and it's pretty awesome.

Not sure if it's possible to develop a VR game without having a VR headset, but the tools I used to create this setup for the Vive were from this guy's page:


He has a series of Youtube videos on how to implement them into Unity:


With essentially zero coding knowledge, I manged to follow his videos to create a simple play area and teleport controller, allowing me to move around the city map and watch the gts do her thing.

Not sure how you'd go about implementing this into your game, but it's a possible starting point?

There was a guy who posted earlier on here who had gotten your game to work with VorpX - a VR "injector" as far as I can tell. I went and bought a copy of VorpX, and fiddled with it for a little while. The first person mode was very nauseating, but there is a "big screen TV" mode which worked moderately well with your setup. I would kill to see proper VR integration though!

Also, something more concrete I may be able to offer to this project… I work in film and television sound by trade. I have a library of 50,000+ sound effects. I really like the sounds you have present in the game, but if you need any further sound effects, I'd be happy to send some your way.


File: 1483609497953.png (608.52 KB, 1000x563, Screenshot 1-5-2017 1.26.53 AM…)

Spent the majority of today teaching myself to edit models and rig them properly to import.

Gotta say, it's fun to learn some new things like this.

Also messed around with some hair physics rigging, although it won't work in the actual game.

Question though, can your models use vmd format for their animations? Maybe we can do something for that turning. Right now they kinda look like boats when they need to do a sharp turn.


pls add butcrush


a bug that i have noticed a good time now

when u set a giantess scale to like 1600km or whatever its called (just huge in general), when you make her stomp someone then it wont work

like u make a pile of 100 NPCs, they all die easily to a 300km giantess, but barely any get killed to a 1000km+ giantess

another bug ive noticed (not sure if its considered a bug) is that when there's mutliple giantesses set to "stomp everyone" they tend to choose the same victim to stomp and basically gets inside each other, not that it glitches out or anything but it looks really derpy to see models inside each other

wouldn't it be better if gts couldn't pick the same tiny if another gts already picked it so they can mind their own business?



There is really no reason that big things would move slower, you know. That's just a misconception put into our heads by movies and stuff.


>>6760 They're not moving more slowly when giant, it's a relative slowness. When a giant explosion goes off in the distance, you could conceivably see the shockwave coming toward you at the speed of sound, and not be realistically able to do anything about it, just marvel at its destructive capacity as it tears up the landscape the closer it gets.

It'll look fast enough when it gets to your position.


what is the model on your Screenshot



ahaha there absolutely is a reason. it's called "physics"

maybe r/explainlikeimfive can help you https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/3fzvw8/eli5_why_are_giants_in_movies_games_stories_etc/



like sure, giants bigger than a dozen meters are already breaking a bunch of physical laws by not immediately collapsing into a pile of slush

that doesn't change the fact that larger things have a further distance to travel to complete the same movements, so from the perspective of smaller things they appear to move more slowly.

when you have mega giants zipping around at the same animation speed as micros, aside from the collision problems it makes by moving at impossibly high speed, it also creates a visual "power rangers monster" effect that makes them much less imposing.

aiiko can probably make the slowing optional when it's implemented if you really prefer that look, but there are very good reasons to move slower when you grow



And also let's take into account the gravity, everything should fall at the same speed, the giantess fall speed would the same regardless of the size (if we don't take into account the air).

Compare how much it takes for an ant to fall from a table, and a human from a building.

So the bigger is something, less gravity would feel, the earth would be like the moon.

Slowing down it also helps to give a better effect of scale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVHM4spXuOM


Yes I can use vmd motions. I'm even considering to allow the user import their own vmd with the models.

I will see if for now I can give at least a basic VR support, if that helps.

And thanks for offering support with the sounds, if you have something that will come handy, just tell me, even if there is already a sound, having more variety is good.



Both of the models are public releases that Pachi Pachy has on their deviantart page. I just edited the Flandre to have feet and rigged them both properly.



That should help when you want to have specific personality AI for them.

Like, unaware/destructive/playful/clumsy types.
It'll modify how they move about and interact with everything.

You probably plan to have them be able to run and crawl, as well. A wider range of motion can go a ways for the immersion.


what models u using and is there a link


can we have a DL link to .GTS file PLz


Fantastic, I imported them into the game. Most of them works, there are a few with problems but there are 60 poses that works well.



I don't have access to the files right now, but later tonight I may release a couple of them.



Oh, that's great to hear.
If you need anything else converted or otherwise, let me know.


A neat method for sound effects would be to play audio files from a certain sub-directory - you could have a folder containing music, peaceful played at first, but if destruction starts happening in the scene, it could switch to a different set of music files, inspiring anxiety or fear…

Also, if the sound effects themselves are audio assets that users can access, they can swap them out if they wish. Some people may want different screams, booms, or cartoonish sound effects, who knows..



Yeah "haze" is a more accurate word. Just helps add a sense of distance.


>>6685 can you post a downloadable link for those models?


(picture unrelated)

I got a glitch with a bunch of models, including the two default ones, where when not in a a pose they have their necks contorted backwards at an unnatural angle looking at the sky(and yes this is with look at player turned off)

Also it is possible to get an unselectable model if you click on a different one in the menu when placing another.



I won't be able to until later tonight, I'm away from the house. But I'll get around to it.



I posted a link to the models in the models thread.


Idk if this has been said but I have found a few problems that may need to be addressed, if you wish to atleast uwu

1) gts eventually start clumping together to stomp towards the same thing when told to stomp everything. Even if theres 200 micros, they'll go after the same ones eventually

2) they start stomping the same spot even when there is nolonger anything there

3) somethings they're semi stuck in the floor and regardless of how much you edit the Y-axis, they will not budge

4) sometimes, for some reason the gts will get what I call confused, and ignore all orders. merely walking to where they need to go…then stand there

4) The gts will get stuck on walls/tables/chairs if there is something underneath. They will begin to go into circles and spasm till the micro comes out, or you force them to do something else

6) sometimes models will get locked into each other and are unable to move

7) The delete function doesn't work with gts anymore

8) there maaaaaay be a memory leak somewhere as too many things will make the game start to freak out and lose fps, even if the rest of the computer is fine

9)when things get too small or too large they start to violently shake; go inside of each other; or, fall into the ground

and a Request
c-could you by chance add a grinding/scrapping/smearing mechanic for when the gts are stomping and all? something randomized into a mixture of things…maybe even a "randomize" function?

I'm sorry, I have absolutly no right to request anything, this game is absolutly amazing <3 and I look forward to it getting better and better with every update. thank you soooo much aiiko


i found a bug
giantesses can't kill anyone in object stages


I think climb is broken…



I don't think that they keep stomping after crushing someone, I think if the model is either in heels or are barefoot and really large (usually around 1 km) the person will go under the arch of their foot and not get crushed, so they'll keep stomping the same spot trying to get them


File: 1483736184133.png (468.84 KB, 728x505, crush collision.png)

I found a solution for the collision problem when crushing, I can switch to a simplistic mesh, it's faster so the computer can compute collisions way easier, when the crush ends it will go back to normal.


I tested it with a very high scale and still works.


I have noticed that whenever the player gets stompped, the camera penetrates the giantess model and you see the inside of the foot. One way to fix this would be to make it so that when the player is crushed in first person, the camera lowers to the ground together with the player model, and when he gets up the camera goes up as well. It would improve immersion as well, but I don't know how hard it would be to implement



awesome, that should work with a lot of different types of models too


Would that break climbing in any way if you're on top of her foot when she's stomping something else?


Is there any way to adjust bounceness of the chest?


how do you walk while crawling in the new build?


Maybe that's the best solution - but it won't help with the unaware walkover scenario I and obviously others like, too.
Did you test it with high heels? Btw. the gts named silver works very well with high heels - maybe her shoes are kind of low poly.

I realize we do have a lot of gts models but wouldn't it be best to allow editing of the collider polygons? That way we could possibly solve this for every game situation. The user who's transforming the model could define regions with complex collider structure and others with rather large and simple polygons.


Does it also work when the computer is heavily loaded for instance with a crowded city?


new build?


There is a bit of lag if it crush the entire city in one step.



that shouldn't be necessary for what you're describing. if I'm understanding aiiko correctly, the normal, complex colliders will still be used for regular walking around. the foot will only switch to the simpler collider when it is actively trying to stomp. so you can still be walked over and avoid being crushed while the giant is unaware. you'll just be more likely to be crushed when the giant is trying to crush you.


eta for next patch?



Information from Aiiko's patreon-

…and I upload build more or less every week…

The last build was uploaded last Sunday, so most likely sometime within the next 3 days, depending on Aiiko's decisions.


You are a king among men! Looking forward to the next patch.


sry, but you don't understand. Problem is that walkover crushes (well currently any crushes) fail if the size difference is too big. Actually the chance that a crush fails to trigger grows with the size difference.

The stomp animation is a nice thing and you see it all the time in the movies - but a big girl doesn't have to stomp. Personally I think stomping makes girls ugly. Where's the female elegance in that?
However if aiiko can't see another way I'm still happy with the way it works right now. No other game before offered all that stuff he implemented!


File: 1483758927240.jpg (325.16 KB, 1280x1796, 1458997742247.jpg)


>stomping makes girls ugly.

I disagree.




I guess what he's saying is he'd prefer females to sort of do aimed casual steps rather than a specific exaggerated stomp motion.



Hakuto makes the best comics <3


aiiko ur the best omg
how hard is it to program those things


Whose work is that? I haven't seen many people that are able to draw feet that well.


ok i think its real the climb is broken

when u try to climb a giantess you morph through or get inside her

i think the problem is because the mesh isnt having proper collision

idk if its because of a certain model or that the giantess is too big but it happens so there you have it

happy bug hunting aiiko



it would probably help if you identify the model you're seeing the problem with






Is that one built into the game, or something someone else converted?


Are you trying to climb them during an animation? It's been like that for a while, you fall through the gaps in the joints. Don't know if there's any solid fix.



That's not bug reporting, that's a useless complain. Give info on how to replicate the problem: The model name, if you downloaded from here, or if you upload it yourself, and the steps done to replicate it.

This is not some professional huge software developer licking your balls for you to continue paying them.



I think you replied to the wrong person.


So a couple quick questions to float by y'all. How easy would it be to:
-Set the stomp's geometry at a fixed scale rather than relative to the giantess (e.g. define the initial alignment as, say, ~10ft above the tiny's head, rather than the current ~lower arm length over it's head)
-Plug the IK system into the collision meshes the player uses (so the giantess stands on roads and rubble rather than phasing through and standing on the ground. Dicking with the Y-axis translation would show it to be pretty flexible)

Both of these seem simple, though if they actually were I get the feeling they'd be implemented already. Figured at least one or two of you other than aiiko would have some experience.


I want to choose the name of the game. I tried thinking some ideas, but i don't think they are good enought.

The title should make reference to the giantess content or the size difference, but i don't want something as generic as 'giantess sandbox game'.


pls add this and that: the game


Yeah names are difficult. Don't dwell on it too much since you aren't selling the game. Just wait for something to pop into your head.



I'll hint some.

Size Matters
Soft Destruction
Divine Scale
Planetary Creatures
In Their Hands



Here's some of my ideas:

Growth & Shrink Simulator (GSS)
Matter of Scale
The Large and Small
Going down, Growing Up
Size Fetish Fantasy
Size Sandbox
Eyes Heavenward
Big & Small Simulator
Altered Perspective
Planet Crushers
Thunderous Footfalls
Nephilim (I'm not usually big in Biblical references, but this word has been translated to me 'giants', 'violent ones' and 'the ones falling on their enemies', so it works pretty well here)







Aiiko's Mod since its literally Garry's Mod with giantesses


I like it.


Can I make a Suggestion?

WHen I load a Stage into the empty Level, ist Floor keeps conflicting with the White Floor. Is There a way to fix this?

Because if I lift up the stage with the Y-slider, this may stops optically, but if I know activate the "Stomp and grow" function my GTS does not stomp the Tinies, but rather pushes them through th stage into the White void again.

Because of this the game does not Count them as stomped and my GTS does not grow :( and because this Feature is the best Thing someone every produced for a GTS themed game, really like to have it on custom stages.

I hope you understand what I mean.

Regards, anon


honestly I love this sandbox game to death thank you so much for making this.



Maybe he can just make the floor transparent. Invisible. That way you wont see the errors of it conflicting with stages. But that may ruin shadows.


I honestle WOULD title it something generic like "Mod" or "Simulator" or "Sandbox" or "Maker". It gets the points across immediately. Giving it a long title like "Titanic Problem!" makes it sound like an RPG or story, or a long quest even though its just a sandbox-style game. That just gets people's hopes up. If you do make a mode where there's a point/high score/story, then this is fine though IMO, but if its just a playroom then forget it.

And something specific like "Under her foot!" is way too specific. The game's all about doing whatever you want, and you'd want something that captures that theme. Something that says "You can make any scenario you wish to make."

Also make sure it's not a "trashy" name. You would not want it to be something like "big sexy gurls", "fetish fun time!" or something. Keep it classy.

I don't have any specific ideas. Maybe something with the word "Scale" in it since immense scales and size-difference is the main feature. I just mostly giving suggestions of what to avoid.


File: 1483916294842.jpg (61.4 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1482849391616.jpg)

So….. Sizebox.
It's got my vote, too.

(pic unrelated)


yeah this game allows for so much customization and a huge variety of scenarios, but the defining theme is "size" so I think that should be part of the name

something simple but unique like "Sizebox" or "Sizeplayer" would be ideal imo

even better, google suggests those names aren't taken by any other project


File: 1483919494573.png (307.87 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ocud2haUdy1rwkdwgo1_500…)


this isn't that much of a stretch


Sizebox sounds perfect IMO as well.


I'd toss in a "Mega" to it, to help send a message about the insane size scales too.

Mega Sizebox is juuuust long enough, too.


This thing is really awesome so far, the AI especially really adds a lot, even simple AI. Would it be possible to add an option to cap the framerate though? My computer gets pretty loud if very little is on screen or if the game is paused.

Don't worry about it if that's a bigger fix than it sounds like it would be, it's not too bad to work around.






i mean uh, try changing the "graphics quality" in the launcher from Fantastic to Beautiful (or one step down from that) if you haven't already. I believe that caps the framerate at 60



Which is why I suggested it be an *option* and not mandatory. I would love it, because the slowmo would let me savor each crush + the growth that comes after.



I think it's fine without the extra adjective


we're saving "super sizebox" for the sequel


So it seems I can only set the auto shrink/grow on the player if a gts is already on the map.

More importantly, I've been running into some issues where selecting the auto shrink/grow for the player either immediately sets it to minimum size (in the white void map) or randomly sets them to a much smaller size after the first couple spurts (in the outdoor map).

Anyone else experiencing this?


Sorry if somebody has pitched this idea before, but would it be possible to add breathing and heartbeat sounds to the game? I was just thinking today that it would be pretty cool if you could not only have the sounds of breathing and the heartbeat, but also have them get louder and deeper with an increase in scale, like the footsteps do right now. You would probably need to have the sounds able to toggle on and off, since some people might find them distracting. But, personally, I think it could add a new layer of realism to the game!



making heartbeat & breathing sounds sourced to the model's chest & mouth respectively so that ambience can be heard when you're close enough seems reasonable



or maybe, y'know, I could just set the graphics to something other than fastest.

thanks, that was dumb of me.


Small bug report: when the GTS is scaled down to be around the same size as the player (1.6m), her footsteps are still very loud.


Hello, i have a new update for today. Not much new in gameplay features, but I have been working in some things.

-Redesign of the Pause menu, now i'm including a Restart option to quickly reload the level, and i divided the Settings menu in 3: game settings, video settings and audio settings.

- Game Settings: in addtion to the look at player, and crush tinies, i added a new option to set if you want the giantess to slow down the bigger they are. And now.

- Video Settings: I have new graphical settings, including: Shadow Distance, Field of View, Chromatic Aberration (lens effect), Color Gain and Value (adjust the intensity of color and if you want to see the scene darker or lighter), Bloom effect, Field of View (from 45 to 110 degrees).

- Audio Settings: I still need to work in this area, for now you can only set the Ambiance Volume.

- Improved the stomp, now it should work at bigger size.

- Fixes with the game speed, now changing the global speed also changes the walk speed. And the animation speed of each character will also change the stomp speed.

- When the giantess are walking it shouldn't walk over eachother.

- Fixed the stomp in the custom maps, previously it wasn't working.

Download: https://mega.nz/#F!FoMFQAwL!B5n7dHilan9NR7NFhuU0lA


And also there are new poses.


error i get after playing about 5 mins gtsdemo.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module gtsdemo.exe at 0023:01bad625.



nice improvements to a lot of existing features, can't wait to try it out :)


is multiplayer a feature that will be in the game?

are the giantesses/micros get any bigger/smaller? i wanna feel like i am on a planet when i am on someone!

drool animation and makes the player stuck until drool fades?

vr support?


Nice menu! FOV FTW! =D

But that stomping thing seems to be tricky. I cannot even say, if the collider works better because now she almost always misses her target. The distance her foot moves is too short.
And when she has reached a certain size, she just looks at the target again without doing anything but having her leg jittering from time to time (this is also the case with non-moving targets -> Player).
She also still aborts stoming sometimes and just moves on to the next target without her foot having even reached the ground.

I think present solution is too complicated and too error-prone.

May you should go easier by having a sort of movearound.
Why not having the target 'killed' and the growth trigered just after she has completed the stomp animation? Then you would not have problems with any colliders.


Well from what I see from the behaviour of stomping right now, is that while the animation is affected by global speed, the timing checks aren't.

So the animation isn't given enough time to play out and the giantess is forced to put her foot down early in most cases. (And she slides her foot across the ground to try and compensate for lost ground)

Other than that, it's coming along great. Let us know if there's anything else you need Aiiko.


Hot damn, I will never cease to be impressed at just how much you get done in a week. Cheers, man.



you can already make the models planet sized relative to the player according to >>6628

"With the player at minimum size and a giantess at maximum, she is indeed about 16,000km tall, and the diameter of the earth is about 12,000km, so yeah she's _bigger_ than the earth."

also i just realized the scale was off in my dumb solar system map illustration by a factor of 10, so there should be no problem making a space map with adequately huge, spaced-out planets within 16000km


im getting crashes to were to i send the reports


The problem with that workaround is that im sure a lot of people like to attempt to dodge the stomping.


File: 1484009047344.png (507.71 KB, 756x533, handles.png)

I had an idea, maybe i can let you use the IK system to customize the character poses, but first i will need to create the proper handles to freely change the position of things. It also will be useful to airplanes because you will not be limited to the slider height.

I might upload a quick fix tomorrow with the proper timing.



Custom poses would be a wonderful addition


would we be able to save the customized poses and share them?


it just came to my mind this "Solar System version" of the game… considering you still want to have the ability to be normal sized (Not everybody is interested in space comparisons after all), and considering all the flying options we have right now, I just noticed this would make this into a… (No) GTS's Sky? You know, some travelling between planets, seeing space and a huge booty in front of you.


File: 1484012671500.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, stompmesh.png)

As I thought, changing the foot mesh messes up collision if the player is crawling on the foot. It causes you to 'float'.

I know it's kind of a minor detail, but it does sort of break the mood a little if you're wanting to sit on top of a gts' foot watching her stomp people.


Unity Player [version: Unity 5.5.0f3_38b4efef76f0]

gtsdemo.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module gtsdemo.exe at 0023:00b0d665.

Error occurred at 2017-01-09_203648.
C:\Users\00000000000000000000\Documents\My games\Archive-8dec\GTS Game Windows Build 2017-01-01\GTS Game Windows Build 2017\gtsdemo.exe, run by 00000000000000000000.
18% memory in use.
0 MB physical memory [0 MB free].
0 MB paging file [0 MB free].
0 MB user address space [3112 MB free].
Read from location 5f8ecde0 caused an access violation.

EDI: 0x2e420800 ESI: 0x378b32b0 EAX: 0x00000000
EBX: 0x172103fc ECX: 0x34766e40 EDX: 0x8ac617e8
EIP: 0x00b0d665 EBP: 0x0917fb44 SegCs: 0x00000023
EFlags: 0x00010a86 ESP: 0x0917facc SegSs: 0x0000002b

Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 3c 91 8b 4d c4 8b 55 f4 89 3c 11 89 7d c8 8b


So, this is a super minor thing, but could we have an 'Undo' key? I can't tell you the number of times I've tried to adjust the position/rotation of a giantess and then messed it up, knowing that I won't ever able to return to the default position without deleting and adding a new model.


Morphs won't work if I convert a big (~20mb) pmx file, is there any way to fix this?


File: 1484026547245.png (74.53 KB, 3200x3200, solarsystem.png)


any space map would need to be scaled down somewhat due to the limitations of the engine, but within the current limits of the engine it could still look incredibly vast to a player at the smallest size.

I edited the solar system model to reflect the actual max model scale (16000km relative to the smallest player size). Now 1 pixel in this image equals about 5km (instead of 1km). After upping the scale, I shrank the inner planets while keeping their orbits the same, so the sun should look a little less massive in their skies, while the planets themselves are still bigger than before. (all the asteroids should be a single pixel or smaller at the new scale, but that's way too many fuckin' dots to fix, so use your imagination)

at this scale, earth is 25km wide relative to the minimum player size, so the smallest player would appear about 1000m tall relative to the earth's geography, if that makes any sense. they'd still be giant, but the planet would still appear huge, and the maximum model size (the size of the entire solar system) would be much, much bigger


File: 1484027985931.png (75.37 KB, 3200x3200, 1484026547245.png)


after further consideration, I shrank the sun & outer planets to the same scale of the inner planets, still keeping orbits the same. this will increase distance between worlds & make the sun less enormous in the skies while still keep the gas giants plenty huge


You don't even need a space map. Literally just import a couple spheres/planets, and set them up in the empty map.



true, I could probably arrange something myself now by importing a good starry skybox as an object along with some planets.

but aiiko had mentioned eventually creating a space map with special physics so players/models under a certain size would have Mario Galaxy-style gravity near the planets. so I wanted to try to show that a huge solar system was possible within the current engine's size limits, in case aiiko decides to pursue that idea at some point



That was a fan suggestion.


Calculating how giants and micros should behave on various planets with the gravity system you described (along with the added stress of destroying city buildings) seems pretty damn taxing on your computer. Not to mention the wonderful bugs that'd occur if a giant was big enough to be one two planets at once, and you told it to walk somewhere.

Not to mention I can't imagine the view would be much different than say, setting a gts to max height on the continent map, and shrinking yourself down to minimum size. And if they're still not big enough, I've found that some models are naturally larger than others. So if you spawn 2 40 meters giants, one might be twice as large as the other, simply because of how the model works.

You could also set that to a higher number in Unity, meaning it's possible to attain the size ratio you want, just not on a planet system, which again, I mentioned would probably just be easier to act out with imported objects, instead of re-writing the physics engine.


lol, the original wii handled local planetary gravity platforming just fine, and it was just 2 gamecubes crammed into a cigar box

yeah, and aiiko responded to the suggestion by saying that local planetary gravity would be relatively easy to implement because the current climbing system already works about the same way, on objects much more elaborate than planetary spheres

i made the solar system diagram in direct response to aiiko speculating about limits in the current engine keeping models from getting much larger. aiiko was concerned about needing elaborate workarounds to allow for interplanetary scales; I suggested those scales were possible within the current limits. this isn't just coming out of nowhere.


also, if a giant was big enough to span 2 planets, it would be big enough for the local gravity to stop applying to them. we're not talking elaborate astrophysics & true relative gravity calculation here. it's just a simple check: "if character is <200% the size of this planetary sphere, make them stick to it"

sure, you can set up a little solar system diorama in the blank map now. but without any custom physics, creating & playing with tera-macro scenarios is somewhat lacking.

nobody's saying this is a priority or anything. I agree the current max size is already enough, and I'm not suggesting it be increased. but conceptualizing a space map for this game is fun, and worthwhile even if aiiko doesn't get around to it for a long while


Yes but the Wii, and Super Mario Galaxy was developed by professional engineers over a span of many years, which is much different than one man in Unity.

As for bugs, I wasn't talking to much about gravity, but how it'd affect their walking. For example, in the room map, giants will try to automatically "walk" up chairs and couches. Their elevation detection bugs out a bit.

Also, while wrapping a city around a spherical object might not be too hard, the destruction caused by a planetary sized giant would definitely lower the frame rate considerably, especially with something like shaders on, and multiple giants walking around.

However it might be feasible for aiiko to eventually create a sphere you're always walking on, and never falling off (like SMG), as it'd just be crawling, but standing up. However jumping would be a much bigger problem.


Looks like a lot of things broke
stomping seems less accurate
ambient occlusion doesn't work
and looking at player broke probably because the gts doesn't move the torso anymore



dogg you don't need to keep naysaying on aiiko's behalf. aiiko already said they may try it out at some point: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/5146.html#5340

"In the future i can try a planetary scale, but for now, i will keep it a simpler. The difficult is not the gravity, but the camera placement, in fact, that was my problem with the climbing, i need to adjust the camera to all diferent rotations."

of course there would be some technical challenges to overcome. that doesn't mean it isn't worth attempting.



it's good that people are trying to test the game & submit bug reports, but reports like these aren't particularly helpful.

without more details about the circumstances of the issue (and better yet, a screenshot) this just reads like a rambling complaint.

for example, you say "ambient occlusion doesn't work". this update added a bunch of graphical settings that could affect how AO works. what settings were you using? did you even have AO turned on?

as for "looking at player broke probably because the gts doesn't move the torso anymore" the model moving more than just their head to look at the player was a bug introduced in a recent build. that was fixed in this build because it was messing with other animations. So you're reporting a fix as if it's a bug.


File: 1484061064605.jpg (75.08 KB, 887x536, handle update.jpg)

This is the quick update aimed to address one of the stomp problems, and a new feature that I implemented yesterday.

- For the stomping now it will take some time to raise the foot before doing the stomp, depending on the speed.
- I added the positional handles. You can hide them in the transform panel.
- I also decreased the vertical offset slider to have more accuracy when adjusting the feet to the floor. Note that this will change the foot offset when walking, if you don't want that just use the new handles.

Download: https://mega.nz/#F!FoMFQAwL!B5n7dHilan9NR7NFhuU0lA


A quick tip if you are using the sit command, you may need to rotate the character because right now is in a weird angle. Even if you rotate it, it will stay sitting in the same place.


For ambient occlusion to work you need to use the 'Beautiful' or 'Fantastic' graphical settings.


Is is possible to calculate the actual height of a model in game? One thing that has become apparent when playing with different sized models is that the figure displayed on the scale slider doesn't really correspond with reality. It assumes models are 1.6m tall at 1x scale, which is clearly not going to be the case for all of them. Would it not make more sense to have this display the scale multiplier (e.g. "1000x"), then if it's possible to calculate you could have another figure that displays the actual height of the model?


I guess it's possible to get the real size, i will try.


I don't see how this matters or is relevant.



thanks for the update! the positional handles will make repositioning stuff a lot more intuitive.


How come you arent replying to the space/solar system comments? Are you not very fond of the idea?



aiiko gets a ton of comments & suggestions, I wouldn't expect them all to get replies

it seems like priorities right now are building upon the new IK system for interactions, along with additions to enhance stuff like body exploration. no complaints here :)


The idea is interesting but there is too much work to be done before doing it. Right now I should make some changes under the hoof to use my custom gravity instead of the default gravity. That can be done silently over the next builds, so when i'm ready to start the space map i have everything set up to work. For low gravity i will try to make a common code for both floating in space and water diving.

But I prefer start to talk about the problems of space once I start doing to create the map and see how everything works in action. The current problem that i know is the jitter when you 'land' in a giantess, the planets can be smaller to avoid problems, but it will be interesting to land in a giantess and explore her like a planet without glitches.



thanks, that sounds like a smart way to do it. experimenting with gravity could have applications outside of a space map, too (like giving very large or very small models low gravity). I am definitely interested in seeing how you implement swimming also- that has a whole lot of potential uses outside space.

as you build up a selection of smaller features, they can eventually be used together to open up bigger possibilities :)


Great Fix, Much thanks for that! =)

The new colliders seem to work good so far.

But I found some other bugs:
She still very often doesn't finish the stomp move. She lifts her leg and after 1 or 2 seconds she turns to the next target without finishing the stomp move. This seems not to be dependend on the size however cause it apperst with 80m as well as wit 6 and 50 km.

But what happens only with around 5 km and above is that the growth purt is triggered only every third or fourth time although she has successfully killed her target.
Tried that with different models and got the same experience.
If you need more specific information ask what you need to know and I will see if I can find out.
Theese bugs are replicable.


How are you getting her to keep up the stomping at 50km? Mine stops at 5km :(


My apologies if this has been addressed before, but when I've been working on models with morphs to remove clothing, there are faint, transparent 'ghosts' of the clothing visible in-game (will post screenshot if desired). I've also had issues with some morphs not removing clothing at all and morphs that change skin or eye color not working. Its a minor issue, as I can make the changes to the model manually in PMXEditor, but it would be nice if the morphs would work correctly in game.


Aiiko, would it be possible to add an anaglyph 3D effect to the game? Because, frankly, that could be pretty amazing. 3D glasses aren't too hard to come by, especially with all the 3D movies these days (yeah, I've taken a pair from the movie theater, lol), so I think having 3D as an option could be fun. Sorry if this has been asked before.


The positional handles are awesome! They make fine adjustments easy to do!


File: 1484110383122.jpg (60.52 KB, 1366x597, splitscreen.jpg)

I would need to improve the way i created the colliders at runtime checking for different materials, i will see.

Right now what i can do is use a stereo mode, i will see if it can be done.



Thanks so much, aiiko. You really are the best. You and your game are hands down the greatest thing to happen to the size community in a long time.


File: 1484112393415.png (230.48 KB, 853x597, Screenshot 1-11-2017 2.23.51 A…)

This is fine?



Turns out the 3D glasses from the movies don't work with that sort of 3D. Well, I just ordered a pair of anaglyph glasses, so I'll let you know in a couple days. Maybe somebody else has some in the meantime, lol. Thanks!


amazing! so, that means that you can add that double screen option for people with google cardboard? (im included) btw the fov option works amazing with cardboard :D


Well with a good amount of luck and patience. ;D

No joking: sometimes the crush animation it triggered again, when you let her walk away a few steps so she gets another command and then try again.
I also noticed that you have to be near the szenario. Otherwise she will just look down doing nothing. Maybe that is because the tinies are not rendered at a specific distance anymore?
However staying close to the giantess helps (close means not beeing several kilmeters away).


File: 1484143189965.png (209.49 KB, 1920x998, unity import.png)

Whenever I use the model importer, no matter what model it is, even ones my friends have tried, all I get are grayed out/blank models.

And yes I believe I am using the correct version of Unity.


Is it possible to easily enable Nvidia Vision 3D support as well? If it's not too much work, that is


I guess if I enable the stereo 3d support in unity it should work.


VR would be great M8



if you're using cardboard, you'll need https://www.trinusvirtualreality.com/ which automatically splits up the screen for you

however, if aiiko can add support for SteamVR HMD emulation, it will allow Vive and Rift to work with the game natively, and will also allow for streaming through Riftcat VRidge to Samsung Gear VR (which is a smoother mobile VR experience than Cardboard)

I found this VR simulator designed by Unity devs that aiiko might be able to use to test it with even without a headset of their own: https://developers.immerseum.io/



i have red/cyan 3D glasses and it doesn't seem to work. I probably have the wrong color glasses for whatever this was rendered with though


As i can't test any 3d or vr thing, i will need to upload more builds so you can test and tell me what happens.

This build is for testing what device are working and what not, if the 3d shows up well, and if Unity is able to recongnize vr headsets. Connect them before loading the the game.

Right now, i'm using what unity has inside on the box, and I didn't make any change, there are currently 4 options: split, stereo, oculus and openvr, and they will only be shown if unity is capable of recongize that device.

Currently this only works for Windows but they might add support for linux in a future Unity update, or by a 3rd party plugin.




Make sure you're also using the previous version of the model importer, (3.1) with version 5.4 of Unity.


File: 1484164481623.png (407.45 KB, 1751x985, Screenshot_20170111-144750.png)


awesome, thank you for adding these settings!

I don't have a rift or vive, but I have cardboard/gearvr

I was able to get this working with Riftcat VRidge by adding this build of the game to my Steam library, running it while Riftcat was running on my PC (and streaming to my phone), and then selecting "OpenVR" in the game's video settings.

Unfortunately, the camera seems to be fixed in place. You can look around, but it doesn't follow the player character (see screenshot). It's a good start, though

If you would like to be able to test out VR on your computer without too much elaborate setup, I think this should allow you to do it pretty easily: https://developers.immerseum.io/



i also tested 3D anaglyph. it adds some depth, but there is still a lot of ghosting/double image, so I'm guessing I have the wrong color glasses for it.


That's great. I will try using the vr simulator. Also I will need to change the camera scripts to support vr movement.



cool, thanks. let me know if there's anything else specifically that you would like to test :)


Many thank aiiko for the build. I did some testing yesterday and I think the stomps are much better now. I appreciate that the gts looks rather calm during that. And it was rather thrilling to have that flip-flopped elsa doing it. The only drawback I found was with high heeled models as tinies will be crushed "by air pressure" when under the arch of the shoe.
Then again I'm glad that the complex colliders still work for walkover crushes. These work once again much better because of the adjustment possible with the y position slider.

I think at this point it rather depends on the specific gts model how good or bad the crush will work. For example I was able to experience a perfect walkover crush with the chatterhead sexu.gts model. The curved tip of her platform sole rolled over lot's of tinies leaving nothing alive while the size difference was quite impressive (skyscraper heels describes it).

Reading across the thread I, too, think that improvements of actions like grabbing, etc. would be appreciated.
Personally I'd like some possibility for walkover crushes. Currently I'd say theres kind of a 1 out 20 hit rate when using "walk here". So I tend to let many gts wander and move them closer if they walk off too far.
It would in fact be thrilling to have wandering giantesses attracted by concentrations of tinies.

And once again as a fitting finishing line: Many many thanks for the game and the continuing effort to improve it!


Since we want to Keep the model request and model download threads free I ask here:

Does the models for converting objects for the game Need to be of a certain Format?

I tried to convert this star destroyer from star wars: http://www.scifi3d.com/details.asp?intGenreID=10&intCatID=8&key=534

and ist Shows me the model properly in Unity (ver 5.5 mit importer Version 3.2) and even generates a .object file for the game after exporting.

But my models dont Show up in the game itself. Am I doing something wrong? Plz help


I have a second testing build for people with 3d monitors and vr headsets


In VR mode the camera should move and not be in a static position. If you notice more problems please tell me.


Is because the importer is taking only ".fbx" files. For taking other files like ".obj" or ".3ds" I need to update the importer scripts.



it works! the camera follows the player now, and first person mode works now too.

there seems to be some pretty strong distance culling- the edges of a blue sphere on the far edges of the room in the micro map indicate the rendering distance cutoff. but i might just need to tweak the other video settings to fix that. will post screenshots if it's still an issue after I mess around with it a bit.


Try by disabling ambient occlusion, it seems that doesn't work in lower quality settings.


File: 1484186200157.png (733.73 KB, 1751x985, Screenshot_20170111-204318.png)


hm, that didn't seem to affect it. I tried adjusting all the video settings but the draw-distance cutoffs remained, as shown in the screenshot

however, growing makes the edges recede, and around 10cm tall they disappear completely.

this issue doesn't occur when openvr is disabled, so I'm not sure what's causing the engine to limit draw distance based on player scale in this way.



for the record, I'm playing on "beautiful" graphics quality


how do i reset my settings back to default?



will be testing it after I get done converting the models, boning the rouge, and importing it too!

Thank you so much aiiko! you are amazing uwu


File: 1484191299184.jpg (46.72 KB, 545x549, settings.jpg)


Option A (easy):
Copy the settings on the screenshot

Option B (advanced):
Delete this following folder in regedit, don't touch anything else or you will break your computer.



strongly recommend everyone here goes with option A until/unless aiiko adds a "reset settings to default" button lol


Couple of quick questions:

1. Is a fix in the works for the "giantess stops stomping past 5km height?"
2. Is it possible to add an option to exclude the player as a stomp target? I like to run around her feet while she stomps, but she keeps going after me instead of the other tinies. It also means I can't watch a 500m giantess stomp a city from another city, because she seems to prioritize far targets (aka me).


In the previous thread, somebody mentioned the idea of integrating Lua scripts into the game. I will try to add it. If someone is interested in the idea, just tell me what kind of functions in the game would you like to have access.

I've never tried Lua, but if you can tell me of a game that uses it, and better if is based in Unity to try to mimic some functionality that would be great.


This is what happens with the Vive with the OpenVR setting. Like the "near" camera isn't lining up with the "far" camera or something like that.


It feels like no matter what build I'm using, there's always issues with giantesses getting stuck on a single micro and missing them over and over for whatever reason.

I'm sure it'll get fixed eventually in time, just needs work.



that's the same kind of thing i was seeing in the micro map. try growing a little and see if it goes away.


One quality of life suggestion that came to me that I think would be great, if the jump button could be used while in flying mode to gain elevation.

That way can rise with a growing giantess without flying around wildly or looking perfectly straight up



yeah, that would help a lot. it works that way in WoW and makes flying a lot easier. WoW also lets you push the "sit" key to descend while flying… not sure what the equivalent would be in this game (maybe crawl?)


File: 1484234638810.png (755.22 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 1-12-2017 2.12.52 A…)

Successfully established an inshoe scene here, a bit rough though. And the camera turn outs to be more convenient when zooming out!
This is what I called POTENTIALITY.


Seconded on this, also giants tend to converge on the same tiny target eventually and try to crush it. On the plus side this tends to mean they won't get stuck missing, but they both grow upon a kill.



Unfortunally I can't replicate the error in my computer, homewer, I did another workaround that increases the far plane distance in the closest camera, that you can find in the settings. It will give you a range up to 200 km relative to the current player size. I also renamed openvr to steamvr in the settings for more clarity.




thank you! I will test it out tonight. Riftcat just released a new version of vridge that's supposed to reduce framerate jittering on Cardboard and GearVR, so this is great timing


I haven't found any guides on how to import objects properly. Could anyone perhaps give me some help? Thanks :)



the instructions are here, if they haven't been added to the importer instructions yet:


"Now you can import objects, the process is similar to the other models, but, you need to put them in the "Import/Object" folder, and don't need to set the objects as "Humanoid", just keep it in "None", but that is done automatically.
You are free to choose any scale that you want, for reference remember that micro scale is 1, and giantess scale is 1000."


Thank you :D


I had that problem up until he uploaded a quick hotfix, I'd say download the newest version and try that.

On a different grow and stomp bug…when will we see Giantessses able to continue stomping past ~5km in height?


What do I do if the morphs on a model don't work?


Will the game still be compatible and updated with non-VR players?


I wouldn't make a game that i can't play myself.


File: 1484287684057.png (503.82 KB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 1-10-2017 12.46.57 …)

I just tried the VR in this game for the first time…


Using Evo VR goggles + Trinus VR.

The size comparisons in first-person and third-person really draw you in. I've done Vive for walking through spaces I've designed, which is totally immersive, but even a Cardboard setup in Sizebox is amazing.

I think some interface things could be tweaked, like buttons being highlighted as you mouse-over, so you don't have to pull away the goggles to make a selection with the mouse on the main screen, but these are nitpicks.

You've outdone yourself once again, Aiiko.
AND you've made me realize just how fucking scary being in the presence of a giantess would actually be, and I'm loving every minute of it. :D

p.s. - You mentioned you can't do the VR, is that for not having the goggles, or do you perhaps wear a pirate eyepatch? My gf has impaired vision, so we don't go to see movies in 3D, which is fine since it ends up saving us $$$.. haha



Oh, hey! Is that the model I converted? How is it working? I haven't had much time to test it out? Also, are you *the* Voluminous? The guy who use to do 3D rendering and stuff?


Last night I was mucking around in Sizebox (is that the name we're going with?) and I had a thought. Right now, the biggest thing that you can compare a giantess to other than another giantess is the buildings in the city. I was thinking that what could be fun is putting an actual mountain on the island map. Like, one at least 2-4 km high (9,000-12,000 feet). That would give something significantly larger for comparison and, as a bonus, could be used for some rather lewd situations in a pinch. And it seems like it would be simple to do, though I have no idea. I know that map building isn't a huge priority right now, but I thought I would share the thought anyway.



I found a few mountain stages that could be imported as objects to accomplish this. Not sure if they'll fit in seamlessly, but it's worth a shot:


there's also this badass evil castle tower for scale reference:

and a few more random stages/objects that might be useful for scale reference

and actually this person's gallery is chock full of ripped mario/sonic stages that would probably import pretty well as objects http://sab64.deviantart.com/gallery/


Where have you posted it? Can you have it in .pmx version?


File: 1484435478476.png (452.92 KB, 853x597, Screenshot 1-14-2017 4.58.37 P…)

Fantastic the website seems to be online again.

Well the only thing i posted in the chat that wasn't here was this screenshot testing the atmospheric haze.

The discord chat will be used for offtopic themes and as a backup plan if something happens again:



The haze looks just as good as I hoped! Good job!


The one and only! I get paid to do high-end graphics nowadays, though the hours are ridic. I'm only a footnote in gts history on YouTube. Haha

The model works fine, and the anatomy kicks ass; thanks for the conversions. Can't recall of the top of my head but I think its "blushing/shy" morph/material may not have the right transparency working? A lot of models have this issue, no biggie.

The haze looks great, will this feature be used for underwater as well? Imagine a leviathan form emerging from the murky depths..



That looks great, should add some real atmosphere and an added sense of distance/scale.



Hey, you're not a footnote! I still have a lot of your old giantess poser video's in my collection. You were one of the groundbreakers for 3D video in the size community. Man, those were the good old days. You, dragoon, the Traveler, blunx: all classics. Do you do any size related stuff now (assuming you meant you do high end graphics as a profession in IRL)?


Yeah for underwater i will add a couple of effects.



Could you post the model in this image?
I don't see it anywhere else


My game crashes after 1 sec of turning on steam vr and VR fix on the island map.


A few bugs:
Once in a while a tiny will appear to fall through the map or something, causing a giant in 'stomp everything' or 'stomp and grow' mode to forever seek them, trying to stomp 'through' the ground but never killing them resulting in an endless loop, even if you direct them to another tiny at first, they will beeline straight for the same one from across the map.

Still having some weird collision bugs with climbing now, I can't climb on the giants' bodies as easily. Furthermore, sometimes putting them into stomp mode will make their entire body temporarily a kill plane for some reason, trying to land on them causes me to get 'crushed' with the sound and everything.

Also climbing on their foot when they're stomping on people causes me to float above the foot, then fall through it.


How do you get the giantess to crush tinies?


If you have the "Crush Tinies" option active [which it is by default], you let the giantess walk over the tinies.

You can alternatively just click on a tiny [while you have your giantess selected] and select "Stomp Target, Stomp Everything," or "Stomp and Grow".

They will also crush tinies if they generally just happen to be on top of one of the tinies [feet, ass, etc].


Any chance of a "Stomp and Grow" option? By that I mean, a mode that only checks for a stomp, and doesn't care about if the giantess actually crushes anything? It'd be great for gentle stuff.


Er, meant to say a "no-crush" stomp and grow, haha.


I 2nd this feature


I'm in favor of more growth options in general


File: 1484513073079.jpg (750.66 KB, 3360x2100, _What'sNotToLove.jpg)

>>7229 Unfortunately, Poser is not even installed on my current machine, and I have to say the prospects of acting out scenarios in Sizebox is much more appealing than slaving away for days to produce a 90 second animation. Sad, but true. It's a new era for GTS, though!

Imagine when the save option is re-enabled, we can set up scenes for like-minded folks to explore, or run away from.

Anyway, since I've been reduced to producing "shitty collages," have some Haku.


File: 1484513258752.jpg (768.24 KB, 2560x2048, _Marisa_Spree.jpg)

>>7250 Seconded, but Aiiko, I know there is a lot on your plate, hopefully growth options are an easy implementation (frequency of spurts, intensity, randomness, total duration, total number of them, etc), otherwise we'll wait until you're happy with the IK and other current projects first.

Redsy just released a huge pack of figures in the other thread; I was pleased to find a Marisa figure in there. I wonder if Nutkun knows about this game…?


Has there been any solution discovered for the jittering when climbing a model while super tiny? You can fly right against a model at the smallest size without any jittering, but the moment you land on her or crawl/climb her you go crazy. It's a shame because the smallest size is REALLY small, but you can never really experience it unless you stay in "flying" mode.



nice angles, vol. hope you join us in the discord sometime, there are apparently a few other gtsdepot castaways in there already ;)


I will add soon LUA support, one of their functions will be to create custom growth/shrink cicles to suit all your needs.


I will find a solution once i start to work with the planetary scales.


You can also try a pose, it won't affect the player.


Speaking of poses, the ability to modify poses on the fly would be nice. The pre-existing ones are great and all, but some models have a ton of clipping [arms through breasts, for example] or aren't QUITE right [leg too high, head turned the wrong way, etc].

Unless I'm missing a feature…


File: 1484539521407.png (1.14 MB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 1-15-2017 10.54.00 …)

I have no idea why it happens, but I decided to try and replicate your bug.

I set three models down, and set two to grow using normal methods, and the third using your bug.

The first to start growing was the blond in the striped bikini using the "Grow (Continuous)" option. The second set to grow was the silver-haired model, using "Grow (Spurt)", and the last one set to grow was the dark skinned model using the method of alternating quickly between "Grow (Continuous)" and "Grow (Spurt)", then finally stopping on (Spurt).

Final sizes…
Dark skinned: 1,600 km
Blond: 13.39 km
Platinum: 276.47 m

The bugged method is… Quite fast…

You have me curious, SP… Now I must investigate.



aiiko is planning to add pose manipulation as well, iirc. the addition of the positional handles in the previous update was the first step in that i think


I'm really liking the current build. Crushing with other parts of the giantesses body (tits) seem to work much better than in previous builds, which I absolutely love.

The movement handles are useful, but at the moment I seem to keep grabbing them by accident when interacting with other parts of the interface, i.e. the animation speed slider. If you lower the giantess too much the horizontal translation handles are concealed beneath the ground, but you can still grab them by accident and move her unintentionally when clicking on menus etc.

Definitely my favourite build so far, and I can't wait to see the new atmospheric effects in action.




File: 1484599666918.png (264.29 KB, 643x523, space.png)

The next update will include a space map. Actually making that kind of map requires new mechanics and changes in the physics, so for now it will be very basic, but it will be useful to create some scenes.


Past 9,999km you should put it with the #e+# thing.

An exemple on that pic, instead of 1600000km it could be 16e+5km.


The number after e+ is how many more digits there are after the first digits in the value.

1993153 = 199e+4
535310313 = 535e+6
289360248935 = 289e+9

saying jic


can we get some VR hands?


I think an option would be better, something like a checkbox "Display size in scientific notation" or the like.



When is buttcrush coming? Just like "crush tiny" but "buttcrush tiny" instead.



cmon yall, we don't need options for EVERYTHING.

numbers under a billion or so are easier to read in standard notation, so changing to scientific notation is really unnecessary unless the max scale becomes a lot bigger


I feel as if you're moving too fast in changing the game to suit other people's demands, you should focus on your vision and making the current experience feature complete and have less bugs before delving off into adding various user requests. I'm fearful what you're changing will end up breaking functionality that I enjoy.


For example, I think you should consider tweaking the stomp AI a little bit, because girls will often target the same one, or if they don't at first, they will often lose interest in one before stomping them and move to the same one another girl is targeting.


How did you accomplish a breast crush? In my messing around, I dont see a way to get the giantess to do this.


It can be confusing to the users that don't understand the scientific notation

I can add hands but without any interaction they will be useless. And very few users have access to them, many VR users are just using their phones, so right now is not a priority.

You might be right, i feel if i do those requests people will stop doing that kind of requests, and then i can start focusing in some of the more core aspects. But then, sometimes it let's me focus on something when i feel stuck in one area.

I will change the way that the giantess choses targets i hope it will work better.


I hope to add some kind of scripting support so people can mod some parts of the game that will decrease the requests.

But the requests aren't bad, the game is the way that it is today thanks to many of your suggestions.


hey I love this game, I truly do.
But didn't you mention something about vore ?I would fucking love to see vore in this game and would like to know if that is still a planed feature.



think about what vore entails:

- picking up someone
- making sure they're small enough to fit in your mouth
- opening your mouth
- forcing the person inside your mouth
- forcing them down your throat into your stomach

Now consider what's in the game right now. Only a few of the actions above are even partially possible. This isn't magic (although sometimes aiiko makes it seem like it is). It will take a lot of development and testing to make something as complicated as Vore work.

Aiiko has said several times that vore is planned eventually. But try to understand that it will take time for it to be implemented, and try not to act surprised or impatient that it isn't done already.



it's true that working on the core of the game is important. and there are so many requests now, there is a risk that they could become overwhelming and distracting, especially for a one-person team

but at the same time, aiiko has said he sometimes needs to take a break from features that are frustrating or boring. and it seems that getting the crush system working the way everyone wants has been a little frustrating

so please trust aiiko to work on what he thinks is best for the game, or what he wants to work on to keep from getting burned out on development.

that said, a central bug tracker could help keep these requests and issue reports from getting out of hand, and might cut down on the duplicate reports so they're easier to diagnose and fix.

if anyone can recommend a simple, online issue tracking system that users can submit bugs to, that could be very helpful for everyone.


To be honest, I've had less problems with this than I have with the "stops stomping after reaching 3-5km height" bug.


This is true. I'm just worried about you getting overwhelmed because the game is now popular and everyone has their own vision of what they want to see from it.


I believe Github has that?


hey, after I added a bunch of models into the models folder, the game doesn't seem to want to work anymore, is there an easy way to tell which model is causing the bug, or do I just have too many models now? The error is: Runtime Error! this app has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the apps support team for more information. (doesnt seem very helpful)


File: 1484694914842.jpg (134.42 KB, 1280x720, miku.jpg)

Hello, i have a new updated for Sizebox.

Here is the list of new features and fixes:

- You are able to import custom animations (check the new version of the Model Importer and the updated tutorial).

- Space Map: a new map that is based on the space, note that this map is empty, for now is a basic version and you will need to add custom props, but in the future i will include a full space map with planets and everything.

- VR Mode: i'm starting to include a very basic VR functionality, it has support for both Oculus and Steam VR. I'm also added some features for people who has 3d displays that support it. Note that this can be buggy as I don't have a VR headset myself so is difficult to debug, but at least you have the option to try it.

- Heartbeat sounds: for models with properly configured chest bone, if you are close enought you can hear the heartbeats.

- I addded a new visual effect that creates and atmosperic haze when something is far away, to give a better sense of scale.

- Now, with the stomp behaviour, giantess will choose the closest target to their position, and will not inmediately follow the player.

- The model imported is also been updated, now it suports more formats like .fbx, .obj, .3ds, .dae, so now can import more props into the game.

Download the new build here:


Is there an error log inside the data folder?


Excellent news! Can't wait to test out the new stomping priorities.



buttcrush when?



go buttcrush yourself



Gentlemen, please. Let's keep things civil while discussing being squashed beneath a giant ass.


Bug report for the new version:
On graphical settings "Good" and below, the sky has no texture, and does the goofy "Frozen program in Windows XP/You just won solitare" (I don't know what it's called) thing.


Might I suggest a feature?
A micro spawner.

I don't know how things work, but I was thinking sort of like how you have that Cityscape Object.
Just a tiny area/circle that will spawn micro models at it that will wander around.


Noted, temporal fix is to reduce the sky haze to zero.


For some reason everytime i go into climb mode the fps drops to 5 but when get out of it its back to 60 fps does anyone know why this happens.And no this didn't happen last build.


There wasn't any error logs created, not that I can find anyway. This issue must be related to my models folder, as I downloaded the new version, and it worked before I imported my old models (all 34 GB of them, I'm hoping that's not the issue). I don't know if it will help, but here's the output_log file http://pastebin.com/xmyWrUgW


File: 1484749761071.png (584.07 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 1-18-2017 9.27.20 A…)

found this weird bug with ambient occlusion in this update. Worked fine before


Well, I fixed it using trial and error, It was a specific model called leifang.gts that caused the crash, don't know why though.


shouldn't the heartbeart get louder depending on giantess size?





you know you can do that with the O and P keys, right?

or are you talking about something automated? if so, it would need to have a limit to keep too many from spawning and crashing the game

not sure what the use case for this would be in stead of spawning them yourself


I think his intention is to instantly populate an area with tinies our people, rather than flying around and air-dropping them for a few minutes each time…



Not that guy, but it would be nice to be able to populate a city without having to spend 45 minutes doing it. Especially with no save feature enabled right now.


Weird bug: when I populate a city on a mountaintop, giantesses of any size lose the ability to stomp.


That's a known issue, you have to be within a few KMs of the actual tinies for them to be fully rendered.



Yeah what I meant was automated with some sort of limit feature.

I do know how to spawn micro models. I was just thinking of something more convenient.


Could you add the ability to "walk" while crawling back please? It got removed by accident in the past I think. It lets you walk around planets as if it were Mario Galaxy. Which works awesomely in the space stage!



Oh, I like that idea. I want to be able to circumnavigate a planetary nipple.


is anyone else getting lag and crashes during the grow part of the stomp and grow function? i did not have this problem with the last version


I have as well, but that might just be because I'm spawning a lot more tinies than I used to


Actually, the process could be greatly simplified.

All the model would have to do, is bring the object to its mouth, check to see if it can open its mouth, and then the game just needs to move the object towards a certain bone on the giant. Once it's close enough, just delete the object.

It won't look incredibly natural, but I imagine it'll be good enough for most people.



that's true. something like that might eventually be possible with the LUA interaction scripting aiiko is working on (although the grab feature will still need some work)

but for "full featured" vore, with swallowing and stomach exploration, it will take a lot more pieces in place


>Stomach exploration
You could feasibly do that now, but most models don't have fully rendered insides connected to the mouth.

Swallowing could easily be pulled off by just playing a sound effect. No need for anything complicated, just play a convincing sound effect and people will look past the less-than-realistic animation.



yeah, i think we're describing two different experiences. with the LUA interaction that will be implemented soon, it will likely be possible to script what you're describing, which is "make a giant look like they're eating micros while you watch from afar"

creating a command sequence where a giant targets a micro, grabs them & lifts the micro (assuming aiiko is able to fix the grab function), opens their mouth and puts the micro inside, closes their mouth, despawns the micro & plays a gulping sound effect… that's all plausible to be accomplished with LUA

however, if you want the giant to eat the player, and actually experience it firsthand, the implementation will be more complicated. when people say they want "vore" in the game, I assume they want to participate, but maybe I'm mistaken there.


what about teleporting the player to a stomach model, or blacking out their screen?


Oh so you've got a name for the game now? Sizebox, sounds good


>>7392 Yes, I'm getting the same lag here at the growth part, with default settings, and not many tinies.



The Vore can be implemented using a map transition instead of relying on a mouth and stomach system inside every single model.

The player can just be brought to the mouth, the screen fades to black, and you load into a generic mouth -> stomach -> anus object/map so that every model can be covered.


is there a mirror besides MEGA? Really sucks since it has the 5gb limit… download fails and youre fuckd for 6 hours :-(


So, I need a little help with a problem: Files not being read, specifically, textures. The Model loads without the texture and just with the base colors.
I've tried a lot of thing, even fiddling with the File extension or changing the folder of the file. Nothing seems to work.
Any ideas?


Install megadownloader, it let you bypass the limit.

I'm using mega because of the uplpad speed.. mediafire is too slow for me for uploads.


So, I downloaded everything, but I don't know how to actually run the game. I just have a a lot of unpacked files.



If you unzipped them into their own folder, just run Sizebox.exe.


Anyone know where I can find this Haku model for MMD?


maybe I'm missing something but is there like… a way to go straight up and down? even when I turn on fly I don't know how to control my height.


just aim your camera up and hold W


So, I need a little help with a problem: Files not being read, specifically, textures. The Model loads without the texture and just with the base colors.
I've tried a lot of thing, even fiddling with the File extension or changing the folder of the file. Nothing seems to work.
Any ideas?

I'm having the same issue. When I load a new model into unity for conversion and export the textures don't load and I'm let with a all white model. Does anyone know what to do to get the textures to load?

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