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- When you place objects in a animated giantess, it would stick to her skin, it will not float anymore. The only problem is if you put an object in pose mode, it will not stick. So be careful if you want to change the pose.

- Screenshots: press the '0' alphanumeric key and you will make an screenshot that will be saved in the Screenshots folder. It will hide all the UI, you can use in edit mode.

You will find an objects folder, right now i need to work in that. The objects will be imported the same way as micro and gts files, but i need to figure out how to make the thumbnails because they come in differentes sizes. The default thumbnails are created by myself, but it will better if they are created automatically.

- And there are new micro girls, I created them in 3D Custom Girl, and then changed the shaders. It's useful to create npcs or characters that don't need to be too detailed.

Here is the windows build, linux will come later because of the bad speed of my internet.



this was supposed to be in the other thread


File: 1480368929031.jpg (59.33 KB, 1280x720, new build.jpg)

Well i will put here the first part of the post:

I made a new build.

This is a simple build, is not the complete game with all the rooms. And because it doesn't use a menu the main character is choosen at random.

I think that i have enought content that you can test.

- I'm remaking the UI. Now you should add things more easily.

- In the Animations section I added a speed slider. This works per model. The previous 1 and 2 keys still work but they will change all the character at the same time.

- Morph editing, now you have facial expresion and you can open the mouth, now you can enter. But remember that you need to enter in the pose mode, and don't forget to hit the "Apply" button to update the pose collider. Any time that you find that the collider is not working very well, remember to enter in morphs and hit apply, even if you are not using the morphs (is a current bug). Also it will show up in japanese, but for some models it will be translated into english. (if you want just open the mouth look for あ)

- I added pubic hair as a single object, for now in a single color, maybe later i will add more options or even a color picker because the anime hair uses every single color.


hey, we needed a new thread anyway :)

this update adds a ton of cool stuff & usability improvements. the morph editor alone brings some amazing possibilities.

for everyone's reference, here is the link to the latest version of the model importer (which includes a PDF of instructions on how to use it):


This is not a new update, right?



correct, i'm just linking the download aiiko posted here last month: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/4227.html#q4227


I thought as much. Anyway, I hear talk about making this thread the new one since supposedly the old one does not bump. I dunno what they mean by since I can see it bumped just fine though…


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goddamn this game rules


If the main char is on something being deleted, she will also be deleted, resulting struck in edit menu.




thank you!!


File: 1480448955694.png (401.86 KB, 853x597, Screenshot 11-29-2016 4.34.48 …)

I noticed something after updating Unity, the shaders of the asset bundles don't work.

I think one solution is to pack the models without shader and apply them in game. But the question is if i can know what is the name of the shader that the previously created models had, without having to export the models again. If i can figure this, i even will be able to use the same model for windows and linux.


File: 1480451794052.png (681.78 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot 11-29-2016 5.25.46 …)

Well, I tried it, I can't know what shader the model was using, but i can overwrite it with the standard shader. Plus, i'm using both the linux and windows models and both works.

So, the information of the shader i will try to add it in the importer tool, the previous models will just use the standard shader. But, the good thing is that the next models will work in both platforms.


One thing that does not work well with the last demo is the Follow/Grab/Walk Here commands. The appear to be walking really slowly no matter how fast you make the animation.



looks like it's lucky i have been too busy to convert any models to the new shaders yet. Hopefully I'll have time after you release the update :)


so can we import custom objects in this build bc i see a folder for it and if we can how do you do that?



from the first post:

"You will find an objects folder, right now i need to work in that. The objects will be imported the same way as micro and gts files, but i need to figure out how to make the thumbnails because they come in differentes sizes. The default thumbnails are created by myself, but it will better if they are created automatically."

so importing objects isn't implemented yet, but it's planned.



I can't change character?


we can't change maps anymore?


it´s a testbuild for the new interface and morph options not a new update for the game itself, in the next build he will probably combine the new features of the test build here with the gamebuild


Tbh everyone. Take 1 minute to read what is written here before asking a question. It says right at in the first few posts that this is intentionally not a proper/full build.


Very nice aiiko, I found this recently, tried it and well, amazing work.

I do have 2 small suggestions, not sure if they already were suggested, and 1 question.

My suggestions would be a FOV slider (I find it a little weird sometimes when you just want to see the horizon), and an option to select the models through a text list (or at least add the filename in some way to the thumbnails), considering the amount of models will probably just grow in the future that would help a lot, or maybe even support folders.

But suggestions aside…

My question is that, I found the hit detection "too perfect", so I wanted to confirm, I'm guessing that, for the GTS models you are not using those simpler invisible hitbox models, and directly using the high poly visible model for that, which would explain the slow downs when a high number of models are available.

Basically the reason of my question is that I'm wondering if it would be possible to also use models in other formats, from direct conversions, to those like XPS/XNALara, which lacks that hitbox information and are just basic bones plus their weight per bone information for movement. I'm not asking how to convert, just wanted to confirm the minimum requirements for a model to work.



For the giantess models i'm using mesh colliders that match the shape of the models, instead of simplifications.

Technically, is possible to import other kind of models to direct conversion, i don't know if there are tools avaivable that does this conversion inside the unity engine, in other cases, the conversion would need to be done in blender before exporting to Unity.


Excellent work!


I'd have a suggestion.
I'd really like to have something like a grwoth/shrink ray with which you could alter the size of the giantess or yourself on the fly while moving around. that would improve the gameplay fun a great deal, I think =)


Or enableing the giantess to do so herself (maybe growing by destroying tinys or buildings)



You can already change your size while moving.



It seems like a good idea, I will need to implement weapon / power mechanics. Also i was thinking about some more gameplay things, like having shrink / growth pills, and some others that unlock fly power for an amount of time. Vehicles would make sense to travel faster when you can't fly. That would add a little more challenge to keep you entertained for more time than just directly flying to the positions that you want.


Maybe those features could be added to a survival mode so people don't get frustrated trying to unlock things in free-edit/roam mode


You could take those two games as an inspiration:
(Giantess grows by killing tinys and as soon as big enough by crushing builings as well)

(weapons, vehicles)



i like the sound of that. it would still be useful to have a "creative mode" for setting up scenes where you can sizechange and fly at will, but when people are playing shared scenes it would be fun to force them to use things in the game world to get to their destination instead. that way we can design obstacle courses and stuff with specific sizes in mind.

of course that will have to come later after you have implemented several more mechanics, but it is a good goal for turning this into an actual game engine


Yes, i was thinking about creating something like scenarios that you can play with a custom objective, and dialogs.


File: 1480807637893.png (579.13 KB, 1020x669, Untitled.png)


This is also a good Unity game for inspiration. Try "Duel 2" to see how giantess picks the player up and stomps on them.



But before things like flying get restricted it should be ensured, that e.g. climbin the models works properly. At the moment it ist almost impossible to climb a model without falling down or getting stuck because the surface is not consistent (you suddenly are inside of the model or fall down for no reason =D)


Instead of removing flying, have it be an option. I personally would much rather have the option and ability to fly if I want to then being forced to walk/drive somewhere for immersion or something like that.


yeah I think we're just talking about having a "adventure mode" where things are more restricted. there will still be a "creative mode" where you can fly and do whatever you want, sort of like in Minecraft.


I think the whole "flying restrictions" is only for the scenarios. Not the sandbox-mode.


I just want to say the game and easy to use importer are god-tier. Thank you aiiko for doing this. I always look forward to future updates! As an aside, here are a few bugs I've noticed:

1: Placing pubic hair (or any other object) on a model breaks their walking animation. It prevents them from walking/wandering forward and eventually makes them spaz out and fall out of the map. Placing numerous objects compounds the issue.

2: Most models seem to have underwear that you fall through. Some exceptions are the gumi model with the green bikini in that 5 pack uploaded a while ago.

Most are "one way only" panties where you can cling to and place objects on the outside, but just fall through and can't place items on the inside. The same applies to the inside bottom of most shoes. I'm guessing this is a model issue and not a game issue as they probably weren't designed with body exploration in mind.


Man, this guy's good. Just look at the textures he used:



I believe the textures are pretty normal, the special effects are made by filters on the rendering engine.


First thought that came to my mind: Aiiko should expand the scale sliders in the city room! xD


Is it possibile to enabled the player to have 360° camera in all directions?



what do you mean? you can already move the camera all around the player character



Has anyone told that guy about this game? He'd probably want to offer help since it's right up his alley.


I meant 180° up and down, sorry


File: 1481133902127.png (294.92 KB, 855x597, Screenshot 12-7-2016 2.54.04 P…)

Now I'm including rotations in all axis, and a checkbox to lock the rotation, so you can move things more safely.

Also, the savegames will be broken, so i guess I can increase the map scale.

And i was trying to translate as many morphs as i can, but, there are thousand of different names, and neither english or japanese are my native languages but at least it will give you a better idea about what is doing each slider.


New Update

I have finished a new update, it has some problems because i updated Unity and doesn't recognize the previous shaders. For that reason I updated the model importer, it will save the shader list so i can load them at runtime.
And that will unify the linux and windows files.

This is another single map update, and is divided in two part, the base game, and the models (my internet is very slow and i want to save time).

Windows: https://mega.nz/#!Bt8kQTwD!HRArzEUPOLRbqMfvTnz65NyvwSwvbNGf8QLVMjo5ems
Linux: https://mega.nz/#!g1dGAaZa!mOBYilr7aoWKIdYX7wgcTM3uC5OSb_fW_9gEOn6BAHI

Models (both versions): https://mega.nz/#!F0lgWAbB!xQ9-d2tbl-ukeVaphueWEY4X5mzj6PJr9zJIECkqtuU

Model Importer: >>5258



- The screenshot is now the F11 key.
- You can import custom objects, they will have the .object format.
- You can rotate objects in all directions, and lock the rotations.
- Now all the models will work in both Linux and Windows.
- I translated some of the morphs to english, not all, because there are thousands of differents things, so i will translate more later. Also they aren't perfect, but they will give you the idea.
- And I fixed some bugs.

I know that this build will have problems, so i will want to address them before the full build. Specially with shader, some models will be messed up. If possible try to reimport your models with the new model importer.


thanks, aiiko. the importer change is worth it for not having to do separate linux & windows versions anymore. I was planning to reimport my previous models with the new shaders anyway :)

thanks for adding the object importer too, i will go through the huge backlog of links in the old thread and import the best ones


Hey Aiiko dont know if its been said before but an ability to be shrunken by one of the giantess from normal height would be cool. Instead of holding Z you'd have to option to be shrunken against your will of sorts and maybe eventually be picked up and toyed with or whatever by her. This has probably been said a billion times before but I have forgotten if it has. Just a suggestion :)


Maybe i should work on that now, i had lots of request for resizing characters or players.

But I need to thing how will be the implementation, it should be a command, or an option in a menu, lasers guns that alter size, , i don't know with which approach I should start.




Which ever way is easiest I imagine would be a good start. Lazers guns that alter size sounds great and a command does as well. And maybe different variations of the command, one where the giantess is similing, angry, surprised etc. Like different emotions different animations if you get what Im saying. Either way I've been interested in seeing this implemented for a bit now and look forward to future of this game :)


so am i suposed to just spawn in a baron green land or is that just me?


Yes, is an empty map. The cities map but without cities.

Since the last build was inside the house, this time i choose the exterior.



If you think the "follow" and "grab" commands are working well enough, you could try adding a new command called "chase and shrink" where the model tries to touch you and shrinks you as long as her hand is in contact with you.

if that would be too difficult, you could just make her point a finger in your direction and shrink you as long as you're in line of sight



True OG. I really appreciate how even though this started as a micro exploration game, you've putting in something for everyone. This is truly the definitive numero uno gts game available, and with no hoops to jump through either. I know you've stated that you've slowed your development, but just know that this some quality shit.



remember, you can spawn in cities and other objects, and you can also use the importer to add new objects to the game for added scale



the morph editor should let you give the giantess whatever expression you want when she's shrinking you

I'd definitely like for the player to be able to aim at whatever object/model is in their crosshairs and shrink/grow it, though it would be hard to control in 3rd person. maybe switching to 1st person view could enable that feature?


I don't think it should be a laser gun. It's very specifically futuristic and looks silly on a fantasy-themed character, or a modern day girl.

I say direct contact, orif there NEEDS to be a visual, a some magic light/laser out of their palm/finger should be the cause of the shrinking.


Quick update to fix some of the bugs, especially those related to weird pink colors.

Windows: https://mega.nz/#!d80SWJIC!MCr71KWOnpRLYb64s8ziqUaRFmYvxD8J43ihba9RMeo

Linux: https://mega.nz/#!swkiCIjb!ENv5lkRGlqlMXBiJN4HQbssjZPmJK1-S2yq-cnLllj0


On the matter of being shrunken by one of the models, why not make it direct contact shrinking like by a kiss or a lick of sorts (kind of eskoz's miku pov vid). And then have the morphs decide the face of model and maybe add more facial morphs. Also maybe there should be just a straight up barebones handheld animation or pose as well. :)


Hmm, I just noticed that for the models which I had imported recently and changed all their textures like skin and such for some reason in the last build they can not be seen. Before if you shrunk enough you would be able to see the skin textures but not anymore. Does this mean I will have to re-edit those models and add the in the game again?


Damn I like the new ranged scale slider =D
But it should be possible to look/move up and down totally vertical.
And a FOV setting would be nice. That edge bending is a pain in the ass/eye at 21:9! =(


Hey, is it possible to make it so when you use morphs that effect clothes, it effects the collision detection as well, as I'm unable to go through clothes that I disable with this. On a related note, some morphs like this are not working, and glasses lost their transparency. Also, are you going to bring back objects besides the 2 citys, as well as the player model/stage select screen?



Hey man, it's me that linux dude that had all the issues with the mouse earlier on. This new build is looking awesome, I love it.

Oddly this is the first build that actually goes fullscreen properly for me, but I do still experience issues with my mouse. It does remain locked inside the game window which is cool, but I still reach a limit when rotating as if the mouse pointer has reached the edge of the window and I can't turn any more.

One odd bug I've noticed with this build is that when moving a giantess or object it will sometimes start flipping out and spinning around while flying towards the camera. It's as if the object is trying to be placed on its self or somthing.

Bloody nice work though, thanks for all your efforts!



probably, yes. i think you will need to reimport models with the new importer if you want the new shaders to work properly (due to the new build of unity breaking compatibility)

aiiko said this was a test build, so after they work all the bugs out theyll reintroduce the othrr features and content


fwiw i am also sometimes getting the "model spinning while movingx bug on windows


Just want to say the new UI is great and I love the morphs option, but I have one criticism. It feels like the transform sliders aren't quite as precise as they were on the old build. I feel like this has something to do with the size of the transform window so if you made it a bit larger I'm guessing it would fix the problem.

Also, a suggestion: Is it possible to make it so that animations/poses can be applied to the player model as well? It would be enjoyable to be able to do more than stand and crawl.



it might work to make the jump button elevate the character straight up while you're flying, and maybe the climb key could make you descent


Hi, the objects now load from files, i made a pack with all the objects in the third link of this post >>5259


If you have models that doesn't work very well, please upload them in the old thread so i can see what is the problem.



so we're can i get objects to import ?


Thank you for fixing "look at player" to be toggled off. It's a cool feature, but I personally find it a but… uncanny, in its current state at least.


Linux build: Animations seem to halt when you make the giantess too big. Over about half way up the scale slider the animation seems to just stop in place, and the only way to get an animation to play after that is to switch to a pose and then back, however then the speed slider no longer works and the animation plays really fast.


Oh, it's a problem because the speed depends on the scale. That's why in one build i had put a maximum and minimun speed. The idea was, that the bigger it is, the heavier will become, and the movement would slow down.

So, they are two speed variables.. the one depending of the size, and other that you can modify in the slider. I will put again a minimun speed limit to the global speed, but you will still be free to slow down more (even to zero) using the slider, because it acts as a multiplier.

The auto speed modification will be useful when i add the growth mecanics, so the giantess can walk at normal speed at minimum size, but it will start to slow down when is bigger.



I just noticed something else. Normal maps do not appear to be showing on my models, neither those included with the game or the ones I have imported.


Ok, so this build doesn't show the normal maps. The models are fine, is the build that doesn't load them, i will include those shaders in the next update.



that sounds amazing, and i can't wait to see it in action


Another quick update to fix some bugs:

- I included the shaders with normal maps (the details for skin and hair).
- Fixed the problem when a model is very big and the animation stops.

Also, today I was starting to implement shrinking growth, so this build includes this commands. Keep it mind that it still early so are not complete, i will add animatios for the spurt, and i should limit the maximum and minimum size, in this build they will grow/shrink without limit, the problem is that they will be bigger than the map itself, but at least you can have a sneak peek.

Windows: https://mega.nz/#!E4swzZ7J!EgIrCgpCxHRZrv31clDgWEO1ogy9fRQrHhy2PMidby8
Linux: https://mega.nz/#!1wFUzDqZ!SM1BegxPErc3R5ANqrJtUF6wqhUdS49wlMbyKCY1od4

Remember that you can find the characters and objects in >>5259 (3rd link)



thanks for updating again so soon!

the shrink/grow commands are really cool already. I'm glad you make objects/npcs on the model change size along with them. having the spurt & continuous options are great too.

to test, I put an npc on a giantess model at normal size, set her to shrink continuously, and watched until she shrank below the player's minimum and out of sight (with the npc along for the ride). as she neared the minimum size her model started to vibrate and destabilize somewhat and the framerate took a hit but the game didn't crash. after she shrank out of sight, i hit tab and she was suddenly restored to a larger size, though still shrinking. i was able to give her a growth command after that with no ill effect.

tldr, you've built an incredible game engine and the flexibility of scenarios it allows continues to astonish me. thanks for being amazing, aiiko


This version doesn't work for me, it gets stuck when it tries to load the map it looks like.



Thank you for fixing it quickly! Normal maps are something I always add to models using your tutorials. And the new additions too are awesome!


do you have a player model in the folder?


I just have to say that this is the most fun I've had in a long time, trying out scenarios with the giantess!

I set her to shrink to just under human-size, placed her with me in the city prop, then set her to follow me. Once I set her to "grow with spurts" things got really interesting… :D

First she was just ominously shadowing me through the streets, inching higher and higher, then her literal shadow started to cast over me, then I sprinted away as she continued to follow, her hips beginning to brush against the buildings on either side, nudging them with clouds of debris.

Quicker than I expected, she shot above the height of any tower, causing them to tumble like blocks, and soon pure chaos erupted as I flew away for dear life, her feet smashing through the city, sending skyscrapers flying for miles…

-__- so cooool….

thank you, man.


Really appreciate all the work you put into this Aiiko!
The addition of the growth/shrink commands and features in the current build really blew my mind. Looking forward to wherever you choose to take this!

Would it be possible to create a toggle-able lock for the size of the player while climbing on the giantess, so that when the giantess grows the player has the option to remain the same size?


Question: is there any way to easily change the draw distance in Unity? Like an .ini or some such?


No, I put one in and it works now. Cheers.


The new growth and shrink commands are great. It's fun that there's no limit right now because I can make her bigger than ever before, but that could get glitchy so I understand setting a limit.

Also, for some reason the rooftops of the city objects are bouncy. I don't know if this is fixable, but this is unfortunate since I like to jump across the tops of the buildings.

By the way, you probably know about this, but the quit button has been broken for a few patches. It just doesn't work so I have to quit with task manager.


Interestingly enough, when standing on a giantess while she is growing, you grow with her at the same rate. Would it be possible not to grow with her, or is it part of the code?

Would being able to set the player to shrink/grow be possible in the future?

And finally… do you think you could get rid of the ceiling on the map? ^_^' after the girls grow a lot, you can't fly up and meet them at face level because of the invisible ceiling


I will make a new map, I will see how big I can make it considering the improved z-buffers, and because is an open exterior map i can take advantage of the blue fog, so i will create a big open map. And apply other effects like clouds.

The size requirements are increasing each time, my previous maps are getting very small. I found a tool to export real terrain, that will save work especially when trying different sizes.


File: 1481307632550.png (307.1 KB, 828x597, Screenshot 12-9-2016 3.14.12 P…)

I imported a map of 60x60 km, not big enough, considering that the default size of a giantess in this game is like 1.6 km (1 mile).


File: 1481308100001.png (122.6 KB, 720x488, map.png)

same map after scaling the giantess, but not at the maximum. In this she is 32 km, 20 miles.


File: 1481309665535.png (104.95 KB, 848x597, biggest size.png)

Another test, this the biggest scale for the giantess (160km, 100 miles).. the map is 1000x1000km, i'm just using a cube as the floor because the maximum unity terrain is 100x100km.



thanks for testing this out.

by "maximum unity terrain is 100x100km" does that mean that the maximum size of any map with detail is 100x100km, or that's just the largest area of terrain that Unity will generate?

either way, I'm trying to think of how you could create a map that large that doesn't suddenly cut off with sharp edges. I guess if you surround it with water and make it look like an island/continent that would work, if there are invisible barriers out in the water keeping you from going too far & seeing the edges.

eventually it would be cool if you could make a map that's a whole planet (not really at that scale in km, but just scaled to look that way… the smallest size would still probably look 1km tall relative to the planet at that scale). you wouldn't necessarily have to do any fancy mario galaxy gravity to make that work (you could just limit the walkable area to the "top" of the planet, for example") but that would be cool too.


File: 1481312295176.jpg (64.84 KB, 720x440, stratosphere_diagram_big.jpg)

I think that i will keep the maximum size at 20 km. I did a quick research about the atmosphere, and you can see how it looks at 16 km.


The 100x100 km is the maximum size for a single terrain object, but I can put multiple terrains in a single map, likes tiles.

In the future i can try a planetary scale, but for now, i will keep it a simpler. The difficult is not the gravity, but the camera placement, in fact, that was my problem with the climbing, i need to adjust the camera to all diferent rotations.


aww :P



That makes sense. If you're adding clouds and mountains and stuff, and the giantess can grow until her head is high above the top of the clouds, 20km is plenty big, and the cities would still be very small to her at that scale.

people who want larger scales will be better served by a separate planetary map anyway, since at that scale interaction is less important that sheer size


File: 1481313540343.png (21.2 KB, 651x819, Untitled.png)

got bored, so here's what i was trying to describe for the planet map


Any plans to let us create custom maps?



Depending on how the maps works, maybe i will increase the maximum size a bit more, if I don't notice any problems with collisions or framerate. For now the target is at least 20 km.


Fully walkable planets will work, for the climbing i'm using a fake gravity towards the giantess, i just need to copy that code to the normal walking.


File: 1481314476876.png (977.2 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_o14jyka63B1txg9l6o3_r1_…)


cool :)

another option for putting boundaries around a "mega" terrain map could be a version where the whole thing is inside a petri dish with a microscope skybox, like this (warning: it's furry)


wow nice work, and actually, furry models would be a bad idea


lol whoops, i meant wouldnt



i have a few furry models in the queue to convert, but unfortunately there aren't many of them, and most of the good ones are male


hey i know it would be ambitious, but would there be any change of this game ever getting multiplayer?


I am one of those people absolutely loving the increased size limit at the moment, and it would be a shame to see it go. To be clear though, it's more about the actual difference in scale that's important. It doesn't matter if the giantess is limited to 20km tall if I can make myself a tiny fraction of a millimetre with a city prop at the same scale, it's impossible to tell the difference anyway. Ultimately I'd like to see the biggest scale difference you can possibly make work, and I'd be prepared to put up with a bit of glitchy behaviour if I could just tick a "no limits" box in the settings menu. On that note, it would be nice if you could actually see a numerical value for the scale you're setting for giantesses, props, and yourself. I'd like to know that I can set her to exactly 1000x normal size with me at 1x for instance. This would probably make a text box where you can just enter a scale value necessary.


I wouldn't bother worrying about the giantess being unable to breathe though, we're already throwing physics out the window the moment you allow for a 200m tall human let alone 20km, so I think suspension of disbelief is enough to imagine she can still breathe just fine :)
As for planets I'm a bit sceptical, I much prefer a simple flat plane or generated terrain to play on. Not that I'm voting against it as such, I'm sure it would be fun to try if done right.
As ever though, thank you for making this and all the work you continue to put in. I don't get to play with it as much as I'd like, but it's always a fun experience when I do. Every giantess game I've played has paled in comparison to even the very early builds of this project.
I'm not exactly rolling in money right now but if you ever consider taking donations for this I'm certain I'd be willing to send a few bux your way.


I'm loving this game more and more with each build, this has been one of the best with these new features. Not sure if this has been said by you Aiiko or someone else but I feel there should be a limit you can set to either your growth or shrink. Like start at whatever height and shrink down to say 10 inches something like that were you can change the value and what not. Also itd be a great feature if you could be shrunk to a certain height and picked up all in one go without having to click grab like you goto 10 inches and then get grabbed by the giantess and do whatever with. Just an idea :)


File: 1481319832470.png (257.87 KB, 816x597, Screenshot 12-9-2016 6.35.15 P…)

Ok, i did the test, i will keep the maximun height at 65 km, because at bigger sizes the framerate starts to drop.

For comparison, the island is 100x100km, and the rest is cover by the sea.


File: 1481320256706.png (316.25 KB, 816x597, Screenshot 12-9-2016 6.49.47 P…)


But that in the default scale, the player can be 10 times smaller that the starting scale, in that case it would be 650 km



that looks like the perfect scale, thanks!


File: 1481322878889.png (892.99 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 09-12-2016 22.27.43…)

On the matter of relative scale, with the destructible cities and possibly the other prop scenes the scale slider seems a bit off, you can make them really big, but you can't make them small enough to match you at minimum scale.

Also the screenshots don't appear to work on the linux build, it creates an image but it's just noise. E.g.


Ok, nice fix so far, especially the shaders part. I was happy because I won't have to re-import the models on Unity and edit them again. It takes quite a bit to configure each model to your liking.

Now, I have a suggestion regarding the growth/shrinking function. How about you add some kind of SFX whenever the giantess grows or shrink? Different SFX for growth and shrinking of course.




ahaha that's fuckin' incredible

mind if I repost in the gtscity thread to try to get some peoples' attention?

i need to try recording some stuff now that it's set up. thanks to aiiko importing the microscope, i've got the microscopic city i've always wanted and things are getting ridiculous



Go for it.


Here's a bit of fun I've found:

Go to a big enough area, shrink your giantess to about your size, then have her follow you. Then, set her growth to spurts, and play tag with her. At first, you'll totally get ahead of her and she'll have no chance, but as time goes on, she'll become impossible to get ahead of, and it becomes a game of avoiding her feet. It's fun!


File: 1481343507486.png (1.05 MB, 862x1762, jet mode.png)

How about a jet mode. The map is big enought that you can fly freely around the map. This jet is one of the prefabs that comes with Unity, it comes with the controller, the only thing i need to implement is enter and exit the plane. The only thing i can't do is change the scale because it messes the airplane physics.



that looks amazing!



That would be pretty awesome! If its not too much trouble, then please go for it! Does Unity come with a car prefab too?



So what if they are male? This game should be for everybody! This is really more than just a 'giantess' game. Its an opportunity for people of all stripes to indulge in all aspects of the size fetish.



that's true. most of the ones i've found have been fairly low detail, unfortunately. better as players than giants.


File: 1481344487790.png (814.03 KB, 804x441, vehicles.png)

Yes, there is one car and two planes.


Vehicles in general sound like a good idea for this game, since they'll let you interact with the giantess in new ways.


Guys it's 12 in the morning :3


I'm having an issue when starting the game- all I can see is a green field with and am unable to move or create anything?



make sure you install some models from the model pack aiiko posted separately. youll need at least one .micro file in the player folder and at least one .gts file in the giantess folder


File: 1481373347731.png (1.35 MB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 12-10-2016 7.33.52 …)

I seem to have encountered a bug…
All I can see is the attached file. Nothing else. I can't move, turn the camera, I can't open up the scene editor [tab]. I can hit escape to open up the options to "resume, save, settings, quit", but that's about it.


The new map size looks perfect. Thank you Aiiko. Can't wait to try it out!



So, has anyone else tried setting up a small-scale barefoot giantess just outside a city, then setting her up for a series a growth spurts? The buildings just cascade over her toes, as though they were a snowplow… hehehe so much fun..


File: 1481403479806.png (614.82 KB, 852x597, Screenshot 12-10-2016 4.42.19 …)

Hi, I have another update. This was quick because is fun to do (unlike other things like UI, loading files, the boring things take more time).

This update includes a bigger map, to take advantage of the growing, like i said in previous post, the total map is 100km x 100km, and is sorrounded by sea. For the time i didn't put invisible walls, so if you put the giantess in wander mode, she can go outside of the island. This map is based in a real terrain, and I increased the detail distance. I included some trees, now you have some visual reference about the scale, but i didn't put a lot to reduce the loading time, and they don't have collisions.

Also i made improvements to the sky, there are dynamics clouds, and the atmosphere becomes darker the higher you are.

And finally, I included an airplane that you can drive. For now you have only one airplane at the start of the game, just press Enter to get inside the jet, it will automatically fly. For now it doesn't have brakes (or whatever the planes use) so it will fly forever, and the sound won't stop. Don't worry if you miss the airplane, for now, pressing Enter will teleport you to the plane.

In the next update also i will add more SFX, to the map, sounds of nature, sea, wind, cities, and break of buildings, and some growth sound.

Windows: https://mega.nz/#!wpVRRB7B!0OgwutT5yTaJYDDDkcOuwH88nZGnJB8ok5Vq17Gg8kE
Linux: https://mega.nz/#!p8VClJCK!dhfO1mfJ4oDH79H_0AMZo_m4Di9EFBZ3GX9VfjOlVjU


>>5407 omg this update is amazing, i love your work. any change of getting some base furry models? :)


It lags a lot when giantess is at max scale. All the trees and things might have something to do with it.


Maybe there could be an option to turn trees off or just a seperate map with the same terrain without trees?


Found any good masturbation animations yet? Definitely what I'm looking most forward to right now.



if you can find some MMD furry models, I'll convert them. unfortunately most of the ones I've found are custom and not intended for reuse or editing, so aiiko probably wouldn't want to include them in the base game.



the previous build also started lagging a lot at max scale, so I doubt the trees are to blame



this update is incredibly cool. the new terrain, clouds & trees give a better sense of scale and the plane is a surprisingly fun way to explore a giantess

I'm glad you got some of that trickier stuff out of the way so you can work on more fun stuff now. I don't think anyone would complain if you stuck with the stuff you enjoy coding more often than the difficult, boring stuff :)


Minor bugs and other thoughts:

-When pausing the game with ESC, growth and shrinking doesn't stop like everything else does.
-'Stop growth/shrink' doesn't work when shrinking or growing in spurts. They'll stop until the next spurt would happen, and then grow or shrink forever unless you make them grow or shrink again.

Things I wanna see:
-Turning off 'Crush Tinies' should also make the player immune to being crushed for us weird gentle-lovers. Right now it ONLY affects NPCs.
-I'd love if giantess minimum height from the scale command was around the player's starting height, for 'growth from normal sizes' scenarios
-I'd like it if the 'follow' command would have the giantess stop moving if she's close to the target, then start walking again if they move out of range, rather than just sorta walking in a circle if the target is standing still.

Also, just wanna say the new update is REALLY good. I love the new map.


>>5413 i dont sadly, i did find a very nice furry however, search for stephifox. :)


Many thanks for the continuing effort! The best thing to hear is that it's fun to bring this game forward.

I have one request and I hope it will be easy: I'd like to apply more fine tuning to the y position of a giantess but the slider won't allow that. The model jumps about an inch up or down wich is too much.

About Colliders: I often experience micros to disappear within a foot or body part. They re-appear unharmed which seems odd… Some gts-models seem to have a very poor chance of squishing tinies.


File: 1481413693003.png (996.01 KB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 12-10-2016 6.34.35 …)

just crashed a jetplane into zarya's redwood forest of pubes while a smaller mei went down on her. 10/10 GOTY


File: 1481413840843.png (1004.5 KB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 12-10-2016 6.41.24 …)

seriously the size difference allowed by the latest build is everything I hoped for, I can't wait for the next full build so I can share some crazy scenes with yall


Hmm, a bug of sorts I found is when you are on the giantess while she is growing you grow in size as well. It can be fixed simply by pressing Z or X but its best if it didn't happen in the first place.


Is there a possible way to reduce lag?



Thank you for having no walls! That's the best thing ever! Freedom!



yeah it's good that objects/models/npcs placed on the giantess shrink/grow along with her, but maybe there should be an option to stop that from happening to the player


if you're getting framerate drops all the time, try disabling ambient occlusion and depth of field

if you're only getting lag when you make models at max scale (it seems to only happen to me consistently when they're standing up at max scale, so there might be some kind of high limit that's causing problems) then just keep them a little smaller until aiiko fixes it


File: 1481428905918.png (1.76 MB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 12-10-2016 9.53.37 …)

Thought I would share; the morphs can be quite fun for setting up screenshots. XD



lmao, creative use of the lipstick tube



It seems related to Depth of Field. The blur gets too blurry and slows down the game if something is really big/far away.


File: 1481452300244.png (1.19 MB, 1600x900, Screenshot 12-11-2016 6.23.46 …)

I've been testing the efficiency of rendering cities.
It seems that very flat ground (like the ground and table in most rooms) can reduce the lag with cities, while the city on regional land (and bed in v1208) will slow down the simulation.
Hope next version improves the physic efficiency with cities.


Another bug of sorts is when you delete a model which had grown too big and then add a different one, the new one will open with the same size as the last one you deleted.



Very nice, the map is excellent! Having no boundary also means I can make a max-size giantess walk a meaningful distance which is bloody amazing to watch from a tiny city directly in her path.

btw here's an example of the movement/placement bug I'm experiencing. It seems to happen more often with the destructible cities than anything else. It looks like it's growing in the clip, but it's actually flying rapidly towards the player.



Sharks are cool.


The drop on framerate is caused by complex collisions with the terrain, the trees don't have effect because they don't have colliders. I think that if you put the model on the water it should work faster. I will some options, like trying to disable the terrain collider at a certain scale, at that scale the differences on terrain doesn't matter.


It seems like the city keeps pulling a random spawn point closer and closer to the camera; as though it's using itself as a reference plane. You have to pick a terrain surface very quickly and hope for the best, but there is nothing perfectly flat in the new landscape (which is beautiful). Maybe if you could hold shift or something to force an item to spawn perfectly level?

Another issue is that the giantess is often unable to enter into or upon the destructible city, since it's slightly above her walking plane. Sometimes you can get around this by sinking the city but that has limits and you often lose the streets, and it takes a performance hit.

Overall, anyway, amazing progress and like nothing we've ever played before, so again thank you. :D


I want to improve the city generation, maybe i will make it in real time, you set a starting point and an area, and it will starts to build itself, with the roads properly placed in the terrain, and i need implement Level Of Detail to improve the performance.



You can just tick "lock rotation" for it to stay perfectly flat, it doesn't solve the problem with it flying towards you though.


The lighting seems to be a bit intense at times. Think it could be adjusted maybe? Sometimes its so bright that I can't see the normal maps on models anymore.



something procedural sounds ideal, yeah. probably tricky, but I bet there's some code from other terrain-based city building games you could reference

your idea of disabling the terrain collider during placement of models over a certain scale would probably solve most of the other problems mentioned here


Good news, I fixed the framerate problem.



File: 1481486414567.jpg (42.6 KB, 595x587, 12743514_10154647513564478_643…)

sorry this board doesn't allow for emojis apparently. this is what iw as trying to convey


File: 1481502707490.png (410.13 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 12-11-2016 6.31.00 …)

Guess where I managed to get my plane stuck and win absolutely nothing


File: 1481502726832.png (932.47 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 12-11-2016 6.31.07 …)


File: 1481502786799.png (674.03 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 12-11-2016 6.31.23 …)



would that be "inside miku's giant boner"



How hard would it be to implement the player model being able to knock over building and grab tinies as well as crush them?

Ditto for slowing down player movements.


File: 1481515885867.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 12-11-2016 6.33.09 …)

You got it
It was harder than I thought it would be


Could you upload that model for me?


It's already in the models thread


The link is dead.



Thanks for the tip!

You know, now that we're working out the bugs in the growth and object placement, I REALLY can't wait for the day when we can watch a classmate grow in spurts bursting through the ceiling of the classroom, and maybe even out of an office building which falls apart around her!

Imagine starting A scene where you are waiting in line at the airport to go through security checkpoint, and then some woman behind you starts freaking out, suddenly growing bigger and bigger, filling up the corridor, pushing people out of her way with her growing feet and arms and ass and breasts, until she bursts out of the terminal, tiny airplanes taxiing on the runways all around her..

On that note, it would be cool to diversify how the giantess grows, activated by sneezing, hiccuping, is it caused by her masturbation, is it painful or pleasurable, anything really.

Can't wait! :D


I meant thanks to thatLinuxguy.

Would it be possible to see an empty classroom, with the desks and chairs set up as individual objects? This way, you could set a girl up, studying innocently in her chair, but then she starts knocking things over as she begins to fill the space… ^_^


File: 1481562181628.png (961.81 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 12-12-2016 5.59.23 …)

Does anyone know how to fix this?


File: 1481574304102.png (223.23 KB, 632x597, Screenshot 12-12-2016 5.16.37 …)

With the framerate fix i can increase the scale even more. Look at the island. Her size is the same as the moon radius.

Yes, from now on i will work in one map at the time, i'll make sure to have all the sounds, and each object should be movable, and include some material shaders in the objects as well.


Hey Aiiko have any plans to include new animations and poses in the future?


If you find interesting animations you can send me to add them to the game. It takes some time to find them, and for poses i would like to find a tool that convert them form vpd to vmd, to then import them to unity, because doing it myself also takes time. Formats i can use are fbx and vmd.


Will the next build include a flat map with no terrain and no trees as well?




Where did you find the animations in the game now? I would like to look for more but havent the slightest clue where to look lol



I'm getting this too. It looks like the player/micro models are inheriting the GTS size when in contact



Wow! Awesome!


can you extend the map so it makes an earth?


i like that, please more like that^^



Same thing with Gumi models



Holy shit mate you're just teasing now.. Really looking forward to the full build.


Is this next build the one thats gonna include the shrink sfx and growth sound effects aiiko?


I would like to make a new map to do an spheric earth, with the moon, and maybe other planets as well.

But after i finish all the things i need to do.


Yes, it will include those effects, plus fixing the growth bugs, and cars (as objects, so you can put it where you want).


Sweet! Any idea when itll be out? No pressure just wondering



sorry to bug you with this, but do you know where i can download AB model and bikini elsa models in the original version of the game? I wanted to edit those in pmx and add normal maps to them.


I have a final exam this thursday, maybe i will upload it at the end of the week.

Here is the 'ab7' model, plus others from the same author.

To get the vagina morph you need to delete some layers of skin (in the pmx editor), and edit the texture to paint the black alpha channel as yellow (you can use gimp).

The Elsa model was inside the Waifu Sex Simulator game that was posted in the other thread.



Here's some possible stomping sounds/footsteps sounds for new max size.


Thank you, i will put it. Do you know what sound can i use for the human flight movement?



thank you very much!


I'm having this issue as well, has anyone figured out a solution/



You could try this flying sound from Second Life which I extracted from the client: https://mega.nz/#!TY5FFShK!xyyZwwS9gMaDRavQh1OjroHC1PjEEv8C-pOxSCiIsQE

Or cut some clips from these videos:





It's a rigging issue. Rigging is the process of attaching bones to a model. The bones have to be manually adjusted to fix this. How exactly to fix it is just trial and error in Unity. I have not attempted it aside from fixing a popped out eyeball on one model.


if possible, please keep model discussion/troubleshooting the model thread: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/4227.html

that said, if you encounter a rigging issue while importing a model, you're usually (if you'll forgive the term) boned


I just now stumbled on this gem, I must say bad ass work here, very bad ass. I have been looking for something like this forever!!!


File: 1481686541077.png (883.85 KB, 1366x768, custom.png)

Here's a pic


it'd be super neat to have a house that was scaled large enough for really big models

would also give a better sense of scale too!



and I meant a map~



I second this!

Aiiko, my game creation knowledge is very limited, but if you're looking for masturbation (or general sex) animations, look into the games by Illusion - "Honey Select", "Sexy Beach Premium Resort", etc. They're built in Unity, and there are tools to extract the animations from them, so they might be of some use to you?

Also, the game "Waifu Sex Simulator" by Lewd Fraggy has heaps of sex animations in it, in .VMD format, as well as models in .pmx format. No masturbation animations though…


File: 1481718887336.png (475.55 KB, 1768x992, Screenshot 12-14-2016 3.30.39 …)

it is the clouds that cause the fps drop, if i place the model outside of the island -no matter how big i make it- i get no fps frops

p.s: if you want to make your GTS bigger just place it on top of another gts and increase the size of the bottom one


maybe add a version of the map with clouds and a version without clouds for those getting FPS drops


The framerate issue is only in the current build. The next one already has the issue fixed so your suggestion isn't very timely.



previous versions have included many indoor maps, I'm sure aiiko will add them back. please remember that the past few builds have been test builds with a little less content.


Oh boy if this game ever gets sex animations it would be perfect :)


oh no, i know. i meant a larger scaled indoor map. with the new scales of the models we can do now.


Still kinda wantin vore and AV aspects to the game but a better grab feature would be nice I hate being dropped constantly.



I would like those as well. I think just more "commands" would be a nice goal after next update. More options like "grab" and "follow".

"Step on", "eat", "insert", and etc would be ideas for interactions. Step on is probably the easiest since it's a lot like "grab" but just with their foot and doesn't require adding a stomach or anything.


Problem is that some of the animations are made with and invisible guy in mind, but i can try to cut some parts.

I'll take a look.

I was waiting to find a good scale, before bringing back the interior maps. But i'll see if can scale the physics the vehicles, otherwise they will be too small and it will take hours to move from one side of the room to another, at the new max scale, the height of the giantess is 1700 km.

And the save/load is broken since the addition of morphs and parenting objects, one reason why i still didn't bring back the main menu, but maybe i can hide that option for the moment.

Thank you.


can you please explain a little further, I cant seem to make the GTS beyond scale limit with any other GTS under the other



Place a giantess down.

Place a giantess on her body.

Increase the size of the one on the bottom

They both grow.

That's it. There's no secret to it. Nothing tricky. Just make sure they're attached to each other.


How about clothes physics?


How about clothes physics? Is there a possibility? I'm sorry if you have already been asked.


How about clothes physics? Is there a possibility? I'm sorry if you have already been asked.


Thanks figured it out. I then also found after you create a gts on a gts you can do it again and multiply the effect. also after you create a gts push tab again to close the menu. then reopen the menu and then you are able to click and select your player like a gts. you can then put player ontop of gts and make yourself extra big too



You can import giantesses at different scales from the default. The importer package contains a script that constrains the scale to 1000x, but it's trivial to remove that constraint and set a scale of your preference. I've already done this with some models at 10,000x (~10 miles tall) and 100,000x (~100 miles tall) and work just fine for the most part. The only problems are that the walking speed doesn't scale with them, the "Y Position" slider doesn't offer as much movement, and the 100000x model is taller than the draw distance when her scale slider is maxed out (approx 4,000,000x scale at that point, so ~6500km tall).

Find the script in your unity project directory at Assets/Scripts/Editor/ModelImportSettings.cs
Delete or comment out the following section of the script:

model.globalScale = 1000;

Now when you first import a model to Unity it will have the scale set to 1, but you can change this to whatever you like within the Unity editor before exporting it.


All this just make me wish for a map that is a planet Kerbal style


What is the giantess current maximum height in the slider? Just curious so I can compare what the height will be in the next build to the current cause I'm a giga/tera fan.



From what I can tell the slider goes from about -100x to 40x in scale, so given that the default scale is 1000x this means the maximum would be 40,000x. For a 160cm or 5'3"ish girl (I choose this size because it makes the numbers very easy) that would make her 64km tall or about 40 miles.


I'm gonna love the new max scale then


That is correct. In new limits in the next build are 1/1000x to 1000x, or better say, from 1 (human scale) to 1,000,000.


A FOV slider would be nice in the new build. I find the streched edges aweful





How many miles tall can you make the giantess in the upcoming build



Math dude.

"from 1 (human scale) to 1,000,000."

5.3 ft * 1,000,000 = ~1000 miles or ~1600 kilometers



Hope your exam went well!


Yesteday and today i was trying to export animations from honey select to unity, and i succeded. Finally i will be adding new animations.

The teacher moved it for tomorrow morning.




Well, good luck tomorrow then!


I hear Algebra is pretty difficult


Looking forward to this update.
I was trying to export some models, but had issues, maybe due to using a newer version of unity editor.


i know of a bug when importing different models on the same folder that i need to fix with an update in the exporter


Oh boy this update sounds meaty and I am very excited :)


Any idea when the next update will be out jw ?



It was already said a couple posts up:

"I have a final exam this thursday, maybe i will upload it at the end of the week."

Updates are almost always on the weekend recently so it's no surprise. Chill.


My programming skills are not far from 0, so I don't know if they are of use to you but you can find tons of poses here in this skyrim-mod:


How do I add new MMD models? There doesn't seem to be an option to import, and placing the files in the folder doesn't seem to work either. Sorry if this is a noob question, I'm not super tech savvy, and I just started using this game today. I don't understand how the file extensions for the included models even work. Help would be appreciated.


Ok, nevermind, I found the conversion thread.


File: 1482007479942.jpg (1020.14 KB, 2616x2626, neon_genesis_evangelion_end_of…)

aiiko just uploaded a pretty rad video demonstrating the new size range. by the end, miku's toe is larger than the entire island. seeing it from ground level is like if hideaki anno had a foot fetish



File: 1482009359079.png (695.39 KB, 1063x597, Screenshot 12-17-2016 6.13.36 …)


holy shit


can't wait for this build


nice new sound effects!



Haha nice job!


Neat video! One concern, though: with giantesses that big, it's important to be able to travel across them quickly without having to change size. I want to travel over them while marveling how big they are, but I don't want to spend the better part of an hour doing it and I don't want to lose the size comparison. Is it possible to implement different speed for flying?



I'd guess from the video that he's already implemented some kind of acceleration when flying. He doesn't appear to change from normal scale but is still able to fly out to ridiculous heights that would have taken ages in the currently available build.


Cant you click on yourself and change your animation speed to move faster?


This is some tera level shit


Would love to see some kind of (maybe lua) Scripting engine in this.

Just a way to excecute scripts written in text files in the game's directory. Something like:

- Get slected model
- Play Animation X
- Pause X ms
- Trigger growth spurt
- Play Animation Y
- Trigger wandering

That kind of thing would be really amazing to build little scenarios you could transplant onto different characters and scenes.

Also a little more control over growth spurts would be really great, as well as dedicated animations or sound effects, but I am sure you're hard at work on those.


File: 1482028865358.png (229.43 KB, 632x597, new build.png)

(same thumbnail because i'm lazy)

Here is the new build

- Increased maximum size
- Cars, and now you can spawn vehicles from the object list.
- New sounds: ambiance, fly, giga footsteps
- Increased fly speed
- Some new animations, but i will be adding more.
- Fixed some framerate issues with the giantess
- Fixed other minor bugs, player won't grow with the giantess, and fixed the bug when you are over a giantess and try to fly.

Windows: https://mega.nz/#!19k1FI4Z!-IDTDkEKsqU1JRl7TAR2xBg1JSORxSyrcsZzl70ZNlQ
Linux: https://mega.nz/#!NhFTnaBL!rq-wDqGSo_lpN2skcVNBLX0va6wbo84_tjvhDP9ia-E


please let me give you money dude…


Very cool update! However, suddenly, the game is displayed really jittery for me. I made a quick clip of it:


I tried different graphics levels and enabling/disabling Ambient occlusion and depth of field, but it stays there.


That is caused at small scales because the map is very big.


Thanks, aiiko, going to test it.


File: 1482031777609.png (1.73 MB, 3071x1080, Eyes Follow Player Problem.png)

Hey aiiko, excellent work on this game so far, and thank you for keeping it free!

I ran across an issue with the models face/eyes following the player properly in the new build. I attached a picture of the difference, left is the newest build, right is the (most recent) previous.

Are we going to need to wait for a new conversion tool for this build to import things properly?


I put a distance limit, if you are close, she will stop looking at you, that is because, if you are close to her face, it will be too difficult to climb. I can decrease that distance.


File: 1482032507851.png (4.69 KB, 326x56, ikcpuuse.png)

I also replace the previous IK system (the thing that control movement of hands, head, etc) because it was taking too much cpu, so the face movement will not be the same.

Wiht more or less 5 models it took like %40 of cpu.


File: 1482033827472.jpg (176.15 KB, 1920x1080, foot.jpg)

He has! But you also see him changing size a ton (you see it a few times when he flies close to the ground) in order to fly faster.

Awesome update, but I want to ask again for an even faster fly speed. I flew up for 5 minutes at the starting size, and pic related is as far as it got me. It really takes away from the sheer scale of it when you have to grow to fly fast enough to get across a giantess in 30 sec or less, but I taking that much time to fly across a giantess is no bueno :(



lmao you're the best



you know you can hold shift to fly faster, right


That WAS holding shift.

Holding shift makes you go something like 100 km/hr. Which is great, except when you want to travel 100 kilometers quickly.



Typically I just change my scale until I reach a reasonable speed and then shrink back down. I've yet to try that out in this build though..

I'm just worried that if he keeps upping the speed, and that "closer to scale = faster" stays true, you're going to be unable to maintain proper control eventually. (Since you'll be going about Mach 1mill, lulz)

Maybe you could adjust the players speed depending on the model selected? That way you don't have to keep swapping sizes just to match the scale of a model/models? Dunno, hopefully there can be a happy middle-ground eventually :D



Nice work as ever! Never thought I'd wake up this morning and start driving donuts around an enormous nipple. Thanks!

I see that the animations now actually cause the breasts to jiggle a bit which is very cool, it's a little wonky at huge scales but nothing too bad, seems to depend on which animation you're using.

And importantly, the vertical position slider seems to have a decreased range now. This slider plus the "Greet" animation were ideal for breast-crush scenarios, but the slider no longer allows you to get them low enough.


That new build is great, as ever.

Still missing FOV settings though… =(


Im having a blast with this build! Only that I found something odd with the player model after putting the giantess at max scale.


Great new build! Really love the improved sounds, footfalls as well as atmosphere! Noticed the adjustment of the y-pos slider. Can't thank enough for that!

One thought that could cover a few requests: I guess people would really like at least some close calls by wandering gts. How about an option to make their walking direction less random? For example two parameters: Time between change of direction and a adjustable chance that the wandering gts would walk into the direction of the player or the character that is set to be followed? That way the girls wouldn't simply head off into the distance…


Thanks for the update, it's fucking awesome! I would like to make some suggestions if I may.

1. Can you add either a toggle or a slider to adjust or turn off the ambient and flying sound effects?

2. Could you also add a readout of your character's current size to the tab menu? Even something that just shows your size relative to starting size, i.e. 1.0x, 10.0x, .32x, etc.

3. I'm not sure whether it's draw distance or the size of the map or what, but if you have a max size girl and set her to wander, she will usually quickly walk out of the border of the map. Could that be fixed somehow, increase the draw distance or extend the borders of the map or something?

Thank you very much for your hard work!


If you can have a female giant perspective, then …..


What kind of map would you like for the next build? Can be for any micro o macro.


Something like the current one but expanded


Would love to see some kind of urban setting - a street - two or three houses - maybe breakable/outgrowable? That would be amazing.


Maybe a house interior but as big as the current builds map, a strip club, maybe a hotel room or a swimming pool (can be indoor or outdoor)



That's actually a neat idea… and that gives me an idea. There should be a way to create goals in this game. Like setting a timer to survive/not be caught, or place 10 objects that we need to collect within a time limit. And then we can share those levels with other players!

That combined with lua script commands to give the girls behaviors would allow us to make crazy scripted scenarios and challenges for other players. It'd be kinda fun.



i would love a version of the current map, except the whole island (and a little surrounding water) inside a petri dish under a microscope in a huge indoor room (maybe the classroom map?)

i assume you would have to adjust the scales of the island to make it work, but the idea is that max scale would make a giantess just look like a normal size girl after she outgrows the dish. that would allow for some giga and nano scenarios simultaneously


I think something as simple as a urban neighborhood, starting in a backyard pool, would be good enough for a new map. There could be a city way past the suburbs, and a big neighborhood. And you got a pool for those scenarios. Etc.


File: 1482089637582.jpg (365.06 KB, 1768x992, Screenshot 12-18-2016 8.29.35 …)

Wow. This game have so much potential.


Changing size is what I'm hoping to avoid.

Just a way of upping the speed would be nice, similar to how you can increase the speed the giantessess move around at.


Question.. where did you get that water city type thing?


I only remember that this stage is literally called Water City and is created by Kanihara. I only ported it.
If I find time, I might upload stage and model packs in near future.


File: 1482097424402.png (459.85 KB, 855x597, Screenshot 12-18-2016 6.34.26 …)

I'm testing more with procedural cities. For now i'm working with placeholder, so everything is a square.


File: 1482098582815.png (481.49 KB, 853x597, Screenshot 12-18-2016 7.01.11 …)



That looks like it'll be a fantastic system when it's finished!


This might be nitpicky… but I noticed when standing on a growing giantess, once she reaches a large enough size, you just sink through her. Is there any way to fix that? I'd wanted to try driving/running across a giantess while she is growing, but I just fall through her once she's halfway at her biggest size.



As a change of pace from the current one, maybe something indoors like the classroom or one of the offices/bedrooms only scaled larger. I often set the girls to "wander" which doesn't work well on the current map since they just "wander" off in to oblivion. :)


Would Micro settings still have the same relative size difference as the current build?
As in the ability to make it seem like you are 1million times smaller?


All I can say is this is amazing. Great Job. I got it work with my Vive with VorpX which just takes it to another level. My only suggestion would be more sounds for the giantesses or be able to change the shaking on the footsteps.



that looks really slick, even with placeholders. it will save a lot of time trying to place city objects just right on uneven surfaces. seems like a fun way to study procedural generation too.


File: 1482118155287.png (1.19 MB, 1366x597, colony.png)



this game is the pinnacle of mankind's achievements



LOL, boob colony! I'd like to reserve real estate on one of the nipples pl0x


Holy fuck man, I've been thinking about getting vr for a while now but this might actually give me enough of a push to buy it. Does it run decently in the Vive?



It is great to see someone competent and dilligent actually develop a gts game, most creators doesn't get anywhere.

Amazing work.

That being said, do you think you would be able to do something about the flickering in the current version?



Damn son. I like this very much. The one thing I'd ask is that if the buildings are destructible, don't have them bouncing around the place like they do now, simply crumbling into the ground and being replaced with some rubble would be much better.


Yes i would do that, with less physics, less cpu, and bigger cities. In addition to that i would start to use LOD to be sure that i don't render the entire city in full detail when the camera is very far.

Now i know the problem, it seems that i need to move the entire world to keep the camera in the origin of the coordinate system, i will look how they did it in kerbal space program.



It works pretty well after you adjust the settings like tweaking FOV and head tracking sensitivity. First person doesn't work that great if you're really small. The only downside is you have to buy VorpX.


How do you tweak FOV??


will they be able to interact with your cities? currently you can't really make them stomp through your city, or purposely destroy it or play with one. You can make them walk past it but usually their feet usually miss the city. any chance there will be interactions you can tell them to do with cities?


Now that i'm working with cities I will try to include some city interactions, and new sound effects related to cities.


I like all the new builds and where this game is going and how much its grown but I am very excited to see the future of interactions between the giantess and the players as well as more urban and indoor maps :)


Looks like when she is max size, being on the giantess warps the shit out of your model.


How did you manage to import the textures?
I'm going nanners trying to figure out how to import Rhea's txtures. I even tried to open the files in Paint and rename them, no luck.

Please help me


It's her own gravity field.


Could you please tell me how to play this game?
I downloaded the latest file but there was no application inside the folder.
Do I need some other application to play this game?…
I was really looking forward to playing your game…


You're on windows?
after you extract it there should be a file "gtsdemo.exe". you can double click that to run it just like any other application.


Talking about KSP, any chance to make a map like the planets on it? Would be kinda cool watch the giantess walk around an actual sphere planet
But i can understand if it won't be done


This new build totally rocks. I only had a few minutes to try it out before leaving for work, but its pretty damn cool. The only things I noticed right away is that the lighting still seems to be a bit spastic, at least on my computer. Fair amount of flickering and stuff. Will check it out more later. Great work, aiiko! You are probably the best thing to come along for our community in quite some time.


I imported model without any name changes. Maybe I have different version of Rhea or something.
If you want that specific model, I already put DL here:


I have but a simple request:

Could you make the shaking of the footsteps much more violent in giga size when they're close to you?


Would it be possible that in later updates, the poses and animations will have stomping and shaking effects? Like the jumping, sitting, having her feet crush buildings, etc?

Also what about the possibility of voices for the giantess? Giggles, moans, etc?


This newest update is the fucking best! Keep doing what you're doing because it's awesome!



It's amazing how far it's come along in such a short time, Aiiko is a machine. I've played a bunch of giantess games made in Unity and they've all been extremely basic, never received any significant updates, or just didn't have nearly the kind of size ranges that interest me. Not to mention the models used in them were usually ugly as fuck. I don't think there has ever been a game that has catered so well to fans of giga+ and extreme micro, I cannot thank him enough for this.


Just tested screenshots again, still broken for me on the Linux build. Now I just get a totally black image.
I also noticed it's not possible to position the passenger jet model at any sensible height due to the limits of the Y position slider, in addition to the fact that I can no longer use the "greet" animation to crush cities with the girls' tits. I'd love to see a way to increase this limit.


I just tried this too for the first time, it obviously needs work but this is a VERY good base and has a decent amount of options to mess with.

The main 'major' complaint I have is that too many cities makes the game lag, which was a shame cuz I wanted a big girl to wander around destroying them, but most of the space is empty and she just ends up walking around to nowhere. With that in mind, a feature suggestion: Add in an option for giants to seek out destructible objects.

Maybe add a 3rd tier of sounds for the REALLY giga footsteps, and perhaps add some kind of subtle noise when there's growth.


Thanks for the tip, now I'm trying to import TwiddleDee and Dum, as well GUMI.
I hope the namechange was the ponly issue there.



it sounds like there need to be 2 vertical sliders: one for small precise adjustments, and another for larger imprecise shifts up & down. together this would allow positioning the model exactly where you want her in a variety of scenarios


Let's be careful not to ask too much guys, he's already done SO much, but we don't want to overburden aiiko with too many requests, gripes, etc.

Things will come in time as his life permits, and I'm sure a lot of features we'd like added take some time to consider, troubleshoot, and code.

So please be mindful of that! He's doing something REALLY awesome for the community of his own volition, let's not bury him under expectations.


Aiiko, is it even possible in Unity to have real time hair, clothes and breast physics? You've already partially implemented breast physics, so I was just curious how far you could go in Unity. I understand it would probably be really CPU intensive and a lot of work on your end, but being able to toggle full or partial physics would most excellent. Oh, and thanks for everything and keep up the fantastic work!



awesome, cant wait =)



agreed. aiiko said at one point that they're cool with suggestions, but won't always get to all of them.

the volume of requests & ideas now is just an indication of how much the game has inspired us all. it doesn't mean the game NEEDS all these changes urgently.

as long as people are realistic with their expectations and polite with their requests, I think we'll be fine. just don't post stuff like "this is STILL broken" after aiiko works hard to bring us another update. odds are aiiko is already intimately familiar with every bug/quirk in the game :)


so do you think you could possibly add a size changing mounted turret that we could enter in like a vehicle and aim and shoot rather than program a gun for us to aim and shoot



I'm on both sides of this fence. On one hand too many requests can be overbearing, and after every update usually everyone just asks for more features instead of being happy with the update. Myself included.

But at the same time, as many have said before, these are just ideas and not demands that NEED to be listened to. So they're harmless.


would we be able to get this in depth with the size difference in the future


so maybe I'm retarded but you can't seem to load a save in the newest build?



We already have this, and more. The current maximum possible scale difference in-game is a factor of 10 million (you at 0.1x and her at 1,000,000x), significantly greater in range than is depicted in that picture. If you shrink yourself to minimum size and grow a giantess to maximum size she will be the equivalent of about 10,000 miles tall, or from her perspective you are less than 0.2 microns tall.


a minor request: could you please display the filename of a model under its thumbnail in the menu?

recently I've amassed way too many models, and some of them are broken/glitchy or just not ones I want in the game. being able to see their filename in the menu would make it much easier to sort them out & remove the unwanted ones.




It's currently disabled, along with some other features. aiiko has made some changes recently that break the save/load compatibility with previous builds, so it probably won't be re-enabled until the next "stable" build


I ment useing water my bad lol


File: 1482344045324.png (444.27 KB, 853x597, Screenshot 12-21-2016 3.02.21 …)

Yes, i will try to make the micro maps have the same size difference.

At the moment is not the main priority, first i want to add more features to the current scenarios, and then, i will make a proper space map with planets

This update will have bigger cities, and more spaced to cover more area of terrain, but there will be a slider if instead you want lot's of mini cities.

I'm also improving the destruction of buildings, so they don't fly.


My changes are constantly breaking save files, that's why i haven't fixed it yet, and i will wait the game is more advanced to start deciding a better way to store the data.



this is looking super cool, the different building heights make it look much more city-like. I'm glad you're making buildings destructible too.



water & swimming would definitely be nice to have eventually. I am guessing there is some procedural stuff aiiko would have to do to make certain areas swimmable… not sure how best to implement that. maybe just a "water" object (or a few in different shapes) that creates a swimmable field wherever it's placed, so you could position & scale it yourself to fit a variety of scenarios.



Hey that's already looking great! Way more realistic.



I second this idea.


Yeah I can see where you're coming from, no worries! Just throwing that out as a PSA of sorts, ya know?


File: 1482353122382.png (1.03 MB, 1366x768, testing city size.png)

I found out what was causing a big drop in framerate with cities, it was the calculation of depth normals (used by ambient occlussion).

I'm also using a feature called GPU Instancing to improve the rendering performance when drawing the buildings.

With all the effects disabled (depth of field, ambient occlusion and shadows) i can get ~30 fps at this size with the intel hd 4000 graphics.


Great game so far. This is easily the best 3d gts game made thus far.

Is there any way you can add in foot prints and impacts? can you make this optional so players can toggle it on or off.



Look at you go, innovating and working hard! Where were wanting to take all this experience by the way? Any potential future prospects?


File: 1482355403622.png (28.05 KB, 335x287, scale.png)

That's fine, I will try to include those improvement into the build. Including those who asked for the scale number.


Can you include those changes in the next update?
I've been messing around and I would love to see those in the future, because it can make everything more "realistic". Please consider this:

- An option to change ingame sound. So, say, you want to hear the sound of a nuclear bomb setting off when a Giantess on maximun size steps, but the sound of birds chipping gets on the way and it hurts, it completely ruins the clima. In fact, the birds are louder than anything else in the game. If you can add a way to change the sounds varying from giantesses, ambience, vehicles or such, please do. It'll help a lot.

- Camera shake manipulation, a way to make it shake more or less depending on a Giantess' current size, or through options. I don't know if the "depending on size" is already a thing, but I didn't notice it by far. Sorry if it's there - but could come in handy alongside the sounds option. Sometimes, it's just not enough shaking, and can be funny to see a player sized Giantess making the world shake just to goof around for a good laugh.

That's about it for now.
Please don't give up with the project too early, your game is the best GTS one I've seen by far. Great work, kudos!


I noticed you replied to me. Didn't mean to delete on your face, I was improving my reply.



Actually I should've said this already. Came to my head just now.
When and how will I know about the most recent update you release? Or does the game auto-updates by itself?

I want to keep track of the updates so I don't miss out on anything. Thanks.


Right now i'm at college, i don't know of what i will work when i finish it, but at least working on this helps me to practice programming.

Anyway, doing this game is fun, I enjoy more making my own game than playing one that already exists. I need an activity to keep me interested for long periods of time.

But yeas when i finish the university i will do something related to sofware.



He typically releases a build on the weekend, usually Sunday. There's no auto-update function at this time.


At the moment i'm only posting here, and sometimes random videos at youtube.



But how do I get the latest build / update, then? Let's say he released an update tomorrow - where do I find and download it?


That would be something interest to add. I was adding some thing of impact system where there is an area of effect, and all the building under that area are destroyed, to solve some of the inaccuracies on collisions, but i wall also use that to add more effects. Footprint is something i wanted to add, but first i need to find a model.


I'll post it in this same thread.

Like in this post: >>5613



Nice nice, well so far so good, you’re doing some excellent work here! You’ve inspired me to want to learn more about model editing and such, so I’m learning/practicing a bit myself now, haha


when is next update?
i like edward's idea im looking forward for it


for some reason when i put a giantess inside a stage object (for exemple a room), the giantess glitches through or goes lighting speed out of the room

collision problems? you know about this?


I have a quick video while i was testing some sound effects.


I still need to add more effects, like dust, fire, explosions, a proper city ambiance (one for a peaceful city, and other for a city in chaos), and fix other details.

If you find any SFX that is useful to the game (not only cities), tell me about.

I don't have a date, i prefer upload something when i think i should do it, rather than try to rush to a specific date.


How do you generate a city or something like in >>5767 and >>5761?

It can't be the cities from the Object list…


I'll try to look for some.

On the meantime don't forget about the chipping birds bleeding yer ears.


'ere, found this site.
I don't think it'll be necessary to pick one by one when you can look at it, there's plenty of options. And I do mean plenty.

Regarding "city in chaos", this is the only one I found that suits the best.

But who knows, maybe you'll find a better one?




What city generation?
There's a way to make cities show up?






this is the perfect gts game if you add those

otherwise its a gts game without gts "stuff"

- buttcrush
- boobcrush
- vore

and im talking about non-animation, like, u select gts and make her do what i listed (just like the grab one)

pls add.

also, question:
can you run a patron or something? im pretty sure theres ppl out there willing to give you money for making this game



You can do buttcrush and boobcrush as it is by using the right animations, and don't even think of saying that a gts game isn't a gts game without vore or I'll smack you silly.


i think you missed "and im talking about non-animation"



You mean this?
No idea why it happens.

Everything acts normal, except when you put a Giantess inside any Stage object.


God bless Macrophilia.
Best fetish of all.



an unanimated buttcrush would be a text box popping up and saying she crushed you with her butt


for exemple

when gts grabs she lowers her hands and dislocates all her bones to break reality to lift you mid-way before making you fall

if there was a vore one she would do that but shove her hand into her mouth
butt/boob crushes would be the same thing but not necessarily a person; for "walk to" as instance it could be "buttcrush" (etc) - she'd walk there and do it

im sure you get the idea theres no way :/


I see. And you believe these things are 'required' or this isn't a gts game?



I feel like aiiko is weirded out by his fans at this point.
(are you used to this kind of conversation and requests, aiiko?)

As much as I would love to see what you got in mind, READING it is… kinda cringy.

We could set up a list somewhere to stack suggestions. Should help development, right?
So, instead of having ideas or looking up post by post, he could look up to hook with a few from one full list from the community.
Seems good or nah?



Any game with Giantesses is a GTS game.


yes but its not 100% gts game if it doesnt have them

i mean it does but only animated…


Anywho, how you guys generate cities like on those replies?


They're not Objects, there's no way.
Is it a hotkey or somethin'?


ok, where did all these plebs come from?


I get the feeling someone just recently shared this thread off-site… hmmm.


It's not a gts game to you maybe. But you're not the center of the world. Crush/vore are completely separate fetishes that don't even require giant girls, and not everyone has those fetishes in the gts community, so they are not "required" for all gts content. You're just trying to make the lack of those features sound like an urgent emergency that MUST be fixed.

I dunno why you felt the need to post about your idea and defend it several times in the last day. You've shared your ideas so just chill and move on please.

If you want to be helpful, maybe you can create some animations in MMD for those things. It's free and not that hard to figure out.


Holy shit


That's from the next build, it's not in the current one.


You asked quite a few times but in case you didn't understand by now, Aiiko makes this game. If you see his name on a post, that's him sharing some screenshots from the next build that he's working on.

Also, you really really really dont have to title every single one of your posts. No one does that on the chan sites. You can keep your posts tagged with your name if you want though.




Well I think considering the variety of the here made suggestions alone have potential of keeping someone interested or at least busy for a quite long period of time.
Suggestions like
- more autonomous GTS with better AI and more interactions (they shrink/attak do wse with you…)
- more animations
- weapon system to attack, shrink, grow the gts or stuff
- fov options
- sound options
- maybe mortality for players
- physics for hair and clothes

I think this is a ton of work in pretty different aspects of topics.
..and totally secondary it would amuse the one or the other of the community^^


Damn, how do you link specific posts?



Everyone has their one kinks when it comes to stuff like this, so a lot of it is personal preference no matter how you slice it.

Secondly, aiiko is who decides what does and does not get added. Suggestions are welcome, but whether they’re included in a build is solely under his discretion, plain and simple. You may believe that certain things NEED to be added in order for it to become the quintessential GTS game, but, in the end, it’s aiiko’s project. If he wants to add it, he will.

This is not to say that you were demanding all this stuff be included ASAP, I’m just saying that this is his gig, he has full creative control, and we’re lucky that he decided to share this with the community rather than make it privately and then charge for it from the start.

So let’s all just chill and let him do his thing. If he needs something from the community, he’ll ask.

As a side note, before suggesting something, be sure to Control+F the thread (or any for that matter) to check and see if it’s already been requested. Reducing clutter will help keep things concise and less stressful for everyone :D


i hope aiiko is ok with us acting like this

feels bad



Click on the number (No.XXXX) at the top of their post.


aiiko you should let us donate to you, we want to support the development


yeah I would back a patreon for this project in a heartbeat. even a simple tip jar would be cool :)


i'd love to donate too
he made the game and shared with us all

it's the best we can do, to support him and his game


I'm not sure about how patreon works but i will take a look. I just wanted to do this game just for fun, but if you want to support it that will be appreciated. I don't know how to get started, and more important I need to choose a name for the game.


Your game is probably the best 3D Giantess game i've seen so far, beats even Shrink High. The development is totally something worth to support for, even if it's just a tip for being awesome - it's something, right? Who knows, maybe the dollar you get from someone will let you afford a mansion if your missing one dollar to buy it! :P

About the name… hmm.
How does "GTS Sandbox" sound?


I wouldn't look in to Patreon or other forms of crowdfunding, that just opens a big ol' can of legal worms.

Pretty sure some of the creators of these models that have been converted wouldn't be happy either. MMD creators are notorious for being very protective of their work.


Oh yeah before I forget, aiiko can you look this up? It happens when you put a Giantess inside a Stage Object. If you make her wander or walk to, she'll bolt away out of existence.


where can i find these stage objects?



Yes, that's another thing to keep in mind, i don't wanna get in trouble.

I'll fix that for the next build.



yeah, a simple paypal donate link might be a better option https://www.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_pdn_donate_techview_outside



no just give up with the donating
'iko said he made the game for fun not for trouble






i love it too but ur exaggerating lol


I know a couple of people have made this request already, but there really needs to be a much quicker way to move around the map. Right now, Fly+Shift and the Jet move about the same speed and at that speed it would literally take you hours to fly from foot to head of a model at max size. I mean, seriously, its a little silly. After setting a model to max, I spent 15 minutes flying straight up and I didn't even clear her toes. What we need is a 'hyperdrive' option that moves at least 100X faster than the current fly speed. You could keep shift as an accelerated fly speed and make the 'hyperdrive' Shift+Alt or something. Alternatively, a way to teleport around the map would work great, though I'm not sure how you could specify the teleportation destination in 3D space very well. As it stands right now, the fastest way to negotiate around a model is to either go the desired location and crawl to attached yourself before scaling things up. Or use the Move function to bring the model to you. So, please consider adding some way to move about at extremely large sizes, as it would make navigating at lot easier.


someone posted a link at the City a while ago and that topic got bumped again recently



It's not too much of a big deal to change size just to move around, the only problem then is that you can't easily work out what "normal" size is without some kind of reference. A way to just reset yourself or an object/giantess back to default size would probably be useful.


Different anon here. At least for me, it IS a big deal, because you lose the size reference while traveling from A to B. It's not just the destination, it's also the journey. And the impact of journeying across a 100 mile high woman is lost when you yourself are a mile high.


File: 1482522280155.png (446.39 KB, 778x597, Screenshot 12-23-2016 4.36.27 …)

I'm testing the smoke effects.



…option to toggle on/off smoke?
I personally don't like it.


Mind if I suggest something?
Can you add walls into the game? Like - indestructible walls, so we can limit the movement space for anything we put inside.

For exemple, you want to put 100 NPCs but don't want them to spread, you can make walls around.

Invisible, non-collide… just walls to limit spreading.


Thank you very much!
This looks amazing! =D




It covers like 1/3 of the city…



He's just experimenting, I'm sure it'll be refined a bit. Remember he's basically chucking out technology demos at the moment to see how things work, this is a huge learning experience for him. If it turns out to be crap it'll be improved or removed.


i hope he adds sound option


city destruction is one of my favorite aspects of giantesses. so thank you for focusing on making cities amazing!



yeah yall, at least wait for a new feature to actually get implemented & try it out for yourself before you start complaining about it, sheesh

we are fortunate that aiiko shares progress updates so frequently. it's cool to see new features coming together and helps make waiting between builds easier. please don't mess that up for everyone by being preemptively picky :p


Thank you Aiiko for making this


Could there be a brightness option? Everything seems so bright in the game.



First of all I wanted to say this game is ALL I ever wanted top play for ages. Thank you SO much for doing this.

Next to that I've been trying to get around to using it some more, getting familiar with the controls and stuff. I had downloaded the objects like the stages, but I was wondering if there's a way to get out of a stage without having to delete it.

(Also had the issue that I can't open doors in stages, will check the controls scene for that, but if anybody knows how to, please feel free to hint me on my idiocy)


Good news, i fixed the jittering at micro sizes. I will need to do some changes because i'm changing the coordinate system but i think this is the last jitter problem, and this was one of the limiting factor for micro scenarios, so i can try also smaller sizes. Also for bigger sizes has advantages, after all is the same technique used for space games with masive maps.


About travelling larger distances, are you okay if i add a super speed mode to the airplane pressing the shift key?


i feel that way too

i noticed the top of models are overlit, and too bright so if that can be toned down it'd be easier to see



Amazing man, the jittering was the biggest problem for me.


No idea if the doors are usable or not, but what's worked for me is going very small and clipping through the floor to get in, or going very big to get out.



thats awesome! I always stayed away from the small sizes since it gets too jittery to enjoy it.


Personally I think traveling is fine as is. We can grow big and fly really fast already. At this IMO point people are nitpicking very niche problems.

The big complaint about traveling is that a couple of people seem to want to be able to return to default size after traveling, and they are having a hard time figuring out when they are back at default size. So if there were a button we could press to return us the size we start the game as, or just a visual bar at the bottom telling us how big/small we are, I think those people would be happy. It's a very niche problem and there's ways around it that exist though.



you cant open doors unless the stage was built to allow doors to open. The stages are just lifeless objects. Opening a door is something that has to be programmed in with code.



A speed boost for the jet would be really nice, it would make flying around or flying away from greater scale giantesses more entertaining! Not sure about a super speed mode tho.



I think a size gauge would be helpful, and maybe a bookmark option to save your scale, or to set that size as your default so you can return to it easily.


I don’t personally use the jet, I usually deleted it whenever I opened the game and just stuck to flying. Originally, I was going to ask if maybe you could keep players flying speed consistent no matter their size, but I think that would ruin immersion. So instead, maybe you could increase the speed of movement while in the build menu, and then allow you to respawn the player where the build menu camera is, leaving the vehicles and flying as they are?

Just throwin’ some ideas out thar :D


File: 1482611904179.png (531.88 KB, 853x597, Screenshot 12-24-2016 4.49.19 …)

This update is taking so long so i will upload what i have for now.

- The new city, the differents with the old cities are: it automatically builds itself over any surface, it doesn't need to be flat, it's not a square, and there is more space between buildings. For now, i will have one by default, but i will let you build cities of any size in a next build.
- New sounds, for city ambiance, and varios sounds of destruction of buildings, also i created new smoke effects.
- Now your model is less jittery when there is a huge size difference or in big maps. Probably there are some bugs because i'm translating the entire world, and i didn't tested enought. Note, this build doesn't have trees because there are 100.000 trees and translating them has some lag. Probably i will bring them back later, just placing them where the player can see and removing them when it can't.
- Performance improvements when rendering a lot of buildings, it works better if you disable ambient occlusion in the menu or with the F2 key.

Windows: https://mega.nz/#!Ax11mCJS!2_4ZrjZINcbyRKlpo61mkLuAvTDb0xFL9f224u_KS0s
Linux: https://mega.nz/#!Yls20CDT!S0AU9T-5aoiU1R8-pcCkGkIhLBwgJshnjvUoZS_BMvg



in the latest version the jet isn't spawned when you start the game. You may want to update.



An early present. Thanks Aiiko!


You realize it's been in the item men for several versions, right?


The ambience really improves it. Nice work!



And do you realize the guy I replied to specifically said "deletes the jet when he starts the game"

The newest version has it in the menu instead of on the map. So there's no need to delete it when you turn the game on


Many thanks for the new build! Great improvements.


Hey, thanks for the new build! Question: You mean the city you start with is the only one of it's kind we have now?

Also, since I just found out you can have the models grab the player, would it be possible in the future to add a menu option to stomp on them?

I'm absolutely loving the new update and love that you keep adding stuff to this game. It's such a fun sandbox to play with.


Do you have plans for making it possible to import pose and motion files?



Yes, for now, that city will be the only one. Since this city will act different to the other objects, i need to program how the player can choose the area where the cities will be place it.

I will try to add a behaviour to destroy cities performing different actions, and standalone versions, including the stomp action.

It depends if there are enought players with motions themselves, but, there aren't very easy to find, and implementing them would mean to have multiple animation controllers.

The option B, is only if you want to, you can send me and i will add them to the main game.


File: 1482644090637.png (1.23 MB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 12-18-2016 1.39.55 …)

Merry Christmas, Aiiko!
I'm still cooking and wrapping presents but I tried out the new build for a few minutes and am thoroughly impressed, once again.
Here, have some implied vore (pic). lol


Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too



Merry Christmas, aiiko, you beautiful man who lives on the Internet! Thanks for the new build!


Merry Christmas aiiko and thank you for your work

also Merry Christmas to everybody


Merry Christmas, pal!


Merry Christmas aiiko, and everyone else! Hope you guys have an awesome holiday!


File: 1482654627183.png (1.89 MB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 12-25-2016 1.20.16 …)

OK, played around a bit more and have some feedback.

The sounds are getting more robust, love the variety. Likewise, the dust around the giantess' footsteps is a neat addition! It was a joy to fly the plane over a realistic sprawling city with varying density and height, and I must say quite nerve-wracking trying to run away from a 1,000-foot-tall woman without the car wiping out. hahaha

Some bugs I've found:
- I'm unable to walk normally shortly into each session, but flying keeps working fine. My character does that weird cross-legged slow walk, and holding shift just pulls back the camera, but they don't go any faster.

- When a giantess sits and grows, she passes through building objects without collisions or destruction, but if I move her around the buildings react.

- The giantess "look at player" feature seems to be a little off, angle-wise, the last build or two.


File: 1482654820870.png (709.71 KB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 12-24-2016 11.27.09…)


- it would be sweet to add in simple voice clips for the giantess, either in English or in Japanese. Something like "oh no you don't!" "hey come back here!" or even just giggles, annoyed sounds, erotic noises, etc.

- At some point it would be cool to incorporate a slider to set variables for growth/shrinking. Frequency of spurts, randomness of percentage of growth/shrinking each spurt, set maximum total time duration of spurts or set maximum/minimum end size, speed for each spurt to take place, perhaps a spline at the beginning and end of each spurt for falloff/inertia effect…

…you can tell the growth aspect is one of my favorites, and this game is a godsend. :D

Again, thank you for everything, and make sure to enjoy the holidays and have some time off for yourself. We'll be fine for a few days.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I must duck from the tomatoes the audience is throwing at me, lol.



What a present! Thanks mate, this build is great. Merry Christmas!


File: 1482664035089.png (8.57 KB, 713x77, uhhh.png)

Anyone know why this is happening? Tried my hand at importing models myself but this error comes up with every model I try to use. Thanks for all your work on the game Aiiko.


so with the new update, even when the girl is like 1.90 meters, so not big, when she touches a building, it still collapses


I think it doesn't recognize japanese characters, you need to rename them before importing them into Unity.


Aiiko, if you do add that first request, please also add a way to turn voices off. I would really appreciate it.


Hey Aiiko, awesome new update, I LOVE the indication of the height, the cities and ambient sound.

Had an idea from that however. Think it's possible to add sounds when pressing z or x to grow or shrink? Something like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nTfJUXKaA4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjvV3Y9JMTo

Again THANK you so much for this!!


Is there a way to play as the giantess? Like control here with w,a,s,d and walk and run? In tird person view?


Is there a way to control the giantess with w,a,s,d in third person or ego perspective?


Hmm, a suggestion from me would be if it was possible to add screams for the NPC you spawn.


That can come later when i update the character controllers, i will try to add a giantess mode.

Yes, screaming and running.


File: 1482702036134.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 12-25-2016 9.25.21 …)

This game is amazing! Add more interactions with the player like - buttcrush
- boobcrush
- vore
- stomp
We will really appreciate it!


inb4 multiplayer


merry christmas! thank you so much for all your hard work towards this game, I really appreciate what you have been doing and have been importing tons of different random models for the hell of it <3 thank you so much for being awesome!


Thank you for the response but I'm not sure thats it. I've had this come back for English files as well. I think the issue was I didn't have a default program set to open .pmx files, but now that I do Unity tries to launch that program instead of letting me edit it in Unity. When I tried to set it to Unity it would just try to keep opening new instances of Unity to edit stuff.

Is there a specific program besides Unity and the plugin in order to get the file to actually be opened/editable in Unity?


You don't edit the pmx file in Unity at all. You have to use the MMD4Mecanim file.


Aside from behaviour scripts, would it be possible to incorporate the Unity Effects Package "toon" shader into the game? I've converted a model using that shader, but it unfortunately just uses the default shader once it's in the game.


Honestly thank you for all the hard work put in to this game


By the way, the first car also works.
And do not try delete the vehicle while the main char is in it.


Would it be possible for us to be able to type in a height value for specific heights because sometimes the slider just goes across huge height differences with just one little nudge


Yes, no problem i will make sure that this shader is included in the game.


If at all possible I feel like this will be a decent addition to the game.

1. Pause. The ability to move and still add giantesses and set their animation/size/wander but not have them act it out until you unpause. This could provide the ability to sync multiple giantesses at once instead of having to quickly click on them.

2. Patrol points. Basically the walk here function but you get to set multiple of them and then it loops at the end.

You obviously don't have to do these things but I just thought they might be nice to add.

P.S. will there be a border on the edge of the map that prevents them from walking off in the future?


If at all possible I feel like this will be a decent addition to the game.

1. Pause. The ability to move and still add giantesses and set their animation/size/wander but not have them act it out until you unpause. This could provide the ability to sync multiple giantesses at once instead of having to quickly click on them.

2. Patrol points. Basically the walk here function but you get to set multiple of them and then it loops at the end.

You obviously don't have to do these things but I just thought they might be nice to add.

P.S. will there be a border on the edge of the map that prevents them from walking off in the future?>>5907


If at all possible I feel like this will be a decent addition to the game.

1. Pause. The ability to move and still add giantesses and set their animation/size/wander but not have them act it out until you unpause. This could provide the ability to sync multiple giantesses at once instead of having to quickly click on them.

2. Patrol points. Basically the walk here function but you get to set multiple of them and then it loops at the end.

You obviously don't have to do these things but I just thought they might be nice to add.

P.S. will there be a border on the edge of the map that prevents them from walking off in the future?>>5907


If at all possible I feel like this will be a decent addition to the game.

1. Pause. The ability to move and still add giantesses and set their animation/size/wander but not have them act it out until you unpause. This could provide the ability to sync multiple giantesses at once instead of having to quickly click on them.

2. Patrol points. Basically the walk here function but you get to set multiple of them and then it loops at the end.

You obviously don't have to do these things but I just thought they might be nice to add.

P.S. will there be a border on the edge of the map that prevents them from walking off in the future?>>5907


If at all possible I feel like this will be a decent addition to the game.

1. Pause. The ability to move and still add giantesses and set their animation/size/wander but not have them act it out until you unpause. This could provide the ability to sync multiple giantesses at once instead of having to quickly click on them.

2. Patrol points. Basically the walk here function but you get to set multiple of them and then it loops at the end.

You obviously don't have to do these things but I just thought they might be nice to add.

P.S. will there be a border on the edge of the map that prevents them from walking off in the future?>>5907


Fuck sorry! I'm new here.



You can delete your posts checking the box on the upper left corner of the message and then clicking "Delete" on the lower right corner of the website.


Holy fucking shit



I'd prefer the silence.


Just slow the animations to 0. They stop moving.


File: 1482788791947.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot.png)

You're the best, Aiiko :)
Many thanks for this amazing game!


I tried to delete it but it says wrong password.

Sorry about that everyone. I didn't realize it was posting, I thought it was redirecting me to a different thread.



If you didn't put a password to it, it should let you delete it. just don't touch anything besides the delete button.


If at all possible I feel like this will be a decent addition to the game.

1. Hats. The ability to add hats to the giantesses and player character but only for premium users. This could provide the ability to show off your sense of style in the screencaps and videos we take.

2. Control points. Basically King of the Hill but each team has to capture the same 5 points and you can take points back from the other team.

You obviously don't have to do these things but I just thought they might be nice to add.

P.S. will this be on Steam Greenlight in the future?>>5907


having this added to steam might not be a good idea cause some people want to keep their interests a secret from their friends


I just got a new IK system that works better than the previous one and has more options. That means that i can work on better interactions, including a grab feature that works.

I will start by implementing the targeted foot crush. One option will be to crush a specific target, destroy a city, o just crush every crushable thing at random.

Here is a early video.


>"premium" users
>This being on Steam

What the fuck. No thanks, normies get out.



Hmm, great! There were some collider issues but they can be ignored for now. Also, when adding the option to crush the play or an NPC it would be a good idea to add a sound and perhaps even a tremor since she is stepping on the ground after all.



you always amaze me with your new features!


File: 1482814531252.png (1.32 MB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 12-27-2016 2.50.50 …)

Hey aiiko, u're doing an amazing work
U're awesome, Thanks a lot!!!!!
I'm very happy with these new updates <3


What the fuck is wrong with your brain



this looks really cool already. IK has the potential to allow for a lot of rad interaction, and I'm excited to see you starting to implement it. thanks again for sharing :D


Alright haha ya got me. From now on I'll be anonymous like most of you. All I was trying to do is give some simple additions I thought would benefit the game but I'll go take my opinion elsewhere.
I still think an AI pause would be nice.
I don't know who you are (the post with nuck that wanted steam/hats/capture points) but ya got me. score you 1 me 0


delete the posts too m8 they're polluting the thread



Just turn animation speed to 0. They will stop moving.

However there really should Be a button to make them stop grabbing you or following you. The only option is to delete the girl and then make a new one



Not a fan of the plane. Is there a way to increment player fly speed like we do Giantess speed?

Failing that, hitting ctrl+shift while flying activating super fly ought to do it. Or make it a toggle.


This is real nice so far. Only real "issue" I can think of is that wander usually just leaves them fucking off away from everything else. But otherwise this it's great. Thanks for sharing it.

Also I don't know how far this was shared but a lot of you really need to calm down.



The plane is what makes flying around giantesses entertaining.


Looking awesome! Thanks a lot for your hard work!



Just noticed that I'm not getting proper shadows in game. Tried a bunch of different quality settings on startup and played with ambient occlusion etc, but nothing seems to change.


File: 1482844618495.png (1.18 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot 12-27-2016 8.05.13 …)

Wow. I'm loving this game.


Why are there 2 Aiiko's?


Sounds like ROBLOX ew no


Hey, thanks for working on this so hard and don't let the pressure of people requesting things get to you. Work on it and implement things at your own pace. This has the potential to be one of the best size games out there.


Already is, in my opinion

And that's YOUR opinion. For me, I don't like the sound or the controls. To each their own, all I and other people want are more options for traversing immense giantesses.



We already fly really fast (just grow yourself) and have ways to get where we want to go in seconds. What is everyone struggling with in regards to traveling that they feel the need for an even faster method of travel?


I really love the game and especially the new city build. It works simply perfekt up to scales of about 1km. Things like a targeted crush are great to hear.

If I may ask I have some suggestions allowing a better gameplay-experience:
- Something should be done to make the wander option more useful. Currently the gts will tend to head away very soon and maybe not return for a very long time. Maybe "targets" could attrakt her in a "soft" way?
An older game however would have her track the player without mercy after getting close - that was fatal too as one simply couldn't slip away. It is however an interesting option to arouse her attention within a certain range or maybe when in her view. Maybe it is hard to program - or easier as I think considering the look at player option.

Many people seem to love huge scales. Me too. But I experience that I often find myself within a foot or bodypart. The colliders fail if a big giantess is walking. They work during the idle animation though. Buildings topple okay but the player and NPCs are in many (most) cases simply not affected.
Maybe there's an idea to improve this?

Again many thanks for the game. It already is a great passtime for gts fans.


I don't really care about adding hyperspeed or whatever, but it seems people are going to keep asking for it, so here's an idea for an implementation that doesn't add yet another button to remember:

just make the right mouse button toggle between normal and superfast speed when you're flying

rightclick it already toggles run/walk when you're not flying. adding a speed toggle while flying using the same button would make sense

this game already makes you feel like a pervy superhero, so adding some Dragonball Z hyperflying isn't unreasonable

not at all a priority, but also probably pretty easy to implement (as long as it doesn't break collisions or level-of-detail too badly)


Ok, i can add invisible forces to keep the wander inside the map.

I did a simple AI, it will search in the area for victims. I still need to improve the animations and add the footstep effects, but with this AI in place is easire to debug and see what is not working.




>(Just grow yourself)

How many times do people have to tell you that they don't want to lose their sense of scale as they travel?? We don't WANT to grow ourselves just to be able to travel across a 100km giantess in a reasonable amount of time! We want to be able to marvel at the size of her as we go, and to not lose track of what size is "normal" size.


What about teleportaion? Click or press a key and you'll be teleported to where the mouse / the green select arrow falls.


File: 1482870895321.png (965.69 KB, 1680x1050, Screenshot 12-27-2016 2.59.39 …)

Did anyone ever find a footprint model for you to use?
Imagine every time the giantess stomps somewhere it leaves an appropriately-scaled ridge around her foot, and as she grows, the footprints left behind get bigger, too! :D

(pic unrelated)


>>6035 I mean you could allways place a car some were so you can keep track that's what I do at least


File: 1482872368770.png (357.75 KB, 853x597, Screenshot 12-27-2016 5.54.04 …)

Another improvement i have is better feet placement on the ground, for the giantess and for the player.

I have still to find one.

About that, I will see maybe pressing the shift key twice can enable the faster speed.



That would be perfect! Thanks!


Better foot placement would be very, very welcome! And it would solve much of the problem. But I assume that it will point out a problem with the animations. The animation is working as if the giantess is walking in sand and sinking in. That could be considered realistic but I assume that this causes the colliders to disappear underground. And it can look strange depending on the model.
Some bad omen tells me that selecting different walk animations would throw a lot of the existing models overboard - not to mention to find one that works for rather solid ground.


Going to humbly suggest some ideas even though I feel the suggestions are coming on too strong, specially with things that just are not possible.

-A way to tune how intense the size changing is per spurt/constant
-A way to make the playey model have the spurt/constant size change, would be great for when you bring micro maps back
-The higher you are the darker it gets for giantess maps
-A kind of tool that lets you click on a location to instantly warp you there
-Footprints on giantess maps
-(this maybe too much hassle) an object that you can place that makes giantesses grow bigger (or smaller) along with a behavior that makes them seek out these objects

I hope some of those are reasonable, just know you are a god among men aiiko, make sure not to over stress yourself on this



Let her grow a little bit everytime she hits one!


File: 1482888690027.png (1 MB, 1366x597, Screenshot 12-27-2016 10.24.40…)

it can be a good idea.

Finally the crush is working perfectly, now it uses the two feets, the closest to the target, and they don't sink into the ground. Now escaping won't be that easy, unless you have some npcs to distract her.

Now I should do a command to destroy cities.



that looks a lot better!

Is there any chance you could try to get the "cancel" command to work? In case you want to escape their foot/hand.


The cancel is just to close the menu. For the next build when you choose other command or animation it will stop their current actions, except the growth/shrink that has their own stop command.


Also each pose and animations works like a command, setting them will stop them.

But well in the last build the grab command is still an unfinished and that's why doesn't stop and is very broken, but in the new build it will stop.


Another part of the problem I'm noticing is that the 'height' at which the girls are sort of floating over the land changes depending on how huge they get…it's largely insigificant at smaller sizes, but becomes noticeable at ginormous scales. Where the bottom of the soles is also seems to change and might not directly affect everything underneath it (my player has been 'stepped on' but didn't receive the contact animation and neither did some of the buildings, at several hundred km size).

Hopefully the tweaks will allievate that. It can be very tough to handle proper collision with players/NPCs/terrain when the models are constantly going to be at a variety of different sizes.



oh ok!


Now that you have more sounds, can you do something about adding an in-game volume control?


Aw man is that an elin?


It would also be a nice thing to have if specific number of NPCs is constantly present in the city. on the one hand for atmo and on the other, to keep the Giantess busy ;-)
And everytime she steps on an NPC another one spawns. The total number could be adjustable so everyone can set this until his machine tilts xD


>>6061 Nah, it's Devil Gumi - she did have the cat ears morph turned on, though..

>>6063 It might help save the "O" & "P" on my keyboard from every time I want a crowd scene… XD


an idea to keep this thread somewhat lively and productive between updates:

whenever you want to post a request/suggestion for a future build of the game, include in your post a screenshot & description of something cool you've done in the current build

some people are already doing this! good! since this game is a creative sandbox, I would love to see more folks showing off their creations.


File: 1482939278402.png (1.75 MB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 12-10-2016 6.24.48 …)


I'll start:

the pubic hair objects are really cool & allow for some fun micro exploration like this. it's one of the best ways to get a sense of scale at the new max size, when the model's hairs become thicker than any redwood forest

I would love to have a "stubble" object (maybe procedural?) that lets you create a field of short, shaved hair stumps. that would be a cool way to add detail to extreme micro scenes on certain parts of models (legs, armpits, etc)

I will look for a good razor object to import & supplement those kinds of scenarios

speaking of which- now that you are working with IK again, do you think it would be possible to incorporate a standard system for models "holding" objects? it would be nice to be able to spawn handheld objects (razors, shrinkray guns, spoons, etc) and command a model to "pick up" and hold it without having to manually position it in their hand. i know it wouldn't work for everything, but it seems like a good idea to try now that you're working on improving the "grab" command and other interactions


File: 1482939438413.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1050, Image 1078.png)


an example of the "stubble" i'm talking about, from subsin's latest video (https://giantesscity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1242497#p1242497)


Is it possible for giantess's to crush tiny NPC's? I can walk over them and turn them into a red dot, but I can't for the life of me get the big girl to do it.

What else can you do with them? I've know how to get them followed, but that's about it.

I saw that glorious Aiiko is working on getting some kind of targeting mechanic in, and I was just wondering if he was working on some bugs with it, or if it's not even in the game yet.

I've got the latest version (Or at least, the version listed here:>>5907)

Thanks for the help.



the videos aiiko has posted in the past few days have shown the npc crushing working well in addition to his new stomping AI, so it should be functional in the next build.


this and the ability to make invisible walls to prevent wandering too far are two things that I am really looking forward too.


I'd just like to say, once again, this is an awesome game.

Harley grew while lying down in the city, but was still facing me with her head down - as her eyes followed me as I flew alongside, her head tilted back, demolishing a fresh set of skyscrapers…


Here you have another video.

After that, i implemented the high speed mode, pressing shift twice while in fly mode, the model will bugout a little bit, until the game stabilizes the coordinates again.

I won't scale up the micro maps, because, if i do that the collision doesn't work well at big scales, instead i will let you shrink it more, now that the model won't jitter too much.



Where can I download this model, please?


Would it be possible to be able tomake it so we can change the size of the giantess via typing in a number value if we want?


Woo! You're the absolute best!


The game clearly needs some 'grow on miss stromp' and similar


File: 1482984161517.png (360.13 KB, 710x597, Screenshot 12-29-2016 12.57.40…)

I tried to add hair physics with no luck. Is complicated i don't know what to do.


I found out that is possible to add breast expantion, it won't be as perfect as a morph designed with that purpose but at least is something.


Do it up Aiiko, I'm sure everyone will appreciate any features you add to your game.


Very minor UI request. Would it be possible to have filenames for models (of any type) show up in a tooltip on mouseover?


I would humbly support that. Over the weeks we could gather lots of models. Hard to find one or another when adding a new one. Any way to identify them would be appreciated.



that's great news! even if the system is a little glitchy it will be nice to have that option for models that don't have a BE morph built in.


Here is the breast expansion

Ok i will see if i can add the name.



That's nice! Have you considered butt expansion? or weight gain/belly expansion?

Or even penis growth?


I won't go too detailed with body expansion. This is a secondary feature and not the main focus.


I understand. I just got a little bit enthusiastic about that there, heh.


As cool as it'd be to have it as an in-game feature, wouldn't it be possible to edit a models proportions beforehand in PMX editor or something?



that looks surprisingly good! I'm glad you implemented it similar to the regular growth in the menu. Can a model be set to grow & BE at the same time?



yeah, it's already possible to edit proportions & create custom morphs for models in pmxedit, and there are plenty of tutorials on deviantart and elsewhere for doing so

having an ingame BE function is great, though. i can understand why other body parts might be harder to expand in the same way though.


Pardon my stupidity, but what exactly is a morph in PMXEditor? What can I do with them?


How do I give you money? Serious question. You are a hero to this community and deserve something.



Also, potential suggestion that shouldn't be too hard to implement eventually:

When the models look at the player, it can look kind of fucked up when they're a certain far off angle from them (like when they're really far forward, and they're breaking their neck to look behind them).

It'd be great if the giants had some kind of "smart tracking", where they'd only look at you from a certain range of angles in front of you.


Eze is the best <3


Well your game is amazing! it will be even more if we could be the giantess/giant also that only the micro


File: 1483071249169.png (702.84 KB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)


I will try the Patreon, I've seen other projects with MMD models (like the Waifu Simulator) and they don't seem to have problems.
Anyway i will make sure i'm allowed to use the models included by default in the game, then you can add your own models anyway. But i don't know what kind of rewards i should put.

I can then use the money to buy assets to include in the game, like animations, character mechanics, better physics, that kind of stuff.


I will try that later, but first i want to do the basic interactions, so that will come after I finish the vore.


TipJar might be a bit better. It's a bit more casual and "Hey, you don't need to donate, but if you'd like feel free". Something to consider.

Speaking of animation though, is it possible to make any for the game with MMD? I know there's no convenient way to import the animations like we can with models, but if we made something that was good enough, would it be feasible to add it?

Frankly though, I think the game's major strength is the amount of custom assets the player can add. I really hope eventually you figure out a system to add our own animations to the game.


dont forget to add buttcrush boobcrush and grind plz

those r like the best ones u can get


Just please don't make it to where we have to pay for the game itself lol


it will be amazing if you add, playable giant, like the micro but the other way around!


Don't worry, i won't charge nothing in the game, the donations are optional for people who want to support the game.

I was a bit confused with paypal, it says that donations are for non profit organizations, and that i need paypal bussiness.



since you're not really trying to monetize this, you could just make a single $1 tier (patreon lets people give extra if they want) that just say "thanks for supporting me".

if you wanted to actively reward people who support you in that way, you could just send the same kind of WIP updates you post here out to your patrons. it would also be a good way to let people know when there's a new build out even if they don't obsessively check this thread every day like some of us :)


>There are people who don't obsessively check this thread and the convertions thread every day
>Or every hour
What do they have, lives or something?


what is that model i want to download it





It's really nice to hear that you plan on adding that in the game.



zarya & mei are in that screenshot. you can get them here: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/4227.html#5383

if you mean the pubic hair, it is an object in the game you can place on models yourself



Please tell me there’s going to be AV as well, that’d be the awesomest! I’d say breast-vore as well, but that’s probably a little too niche to want to devote time to. Maybe eventually we can have it to where we can create our own interactions?

I actually had an idea where, once grabbing has been updated, you could implement an option to direct where the giant/giantess places you once you’ve been picked up via the green arrow (maybe have it to where the game or model(s) pause while in the build menu for easier planned placement). That way, all you have to do is focus on the improved grabbing function, everything else can be directed by the user rather than you having to program/implement every particular interaction.

I’d almost suggest allowing a way for the game to “record” an action, like a morph (i.e have it to where they can record a model opening their mouth after a certain amount of time to simulate vore), in conjunction with directed action (grabbing), so players could direct scenes on their own. It would allow for a lot of flexibility and allow players to customize to their tastes, while, again, preventing you from having to program each requested action from the userbase on your own.

But, I have no idea how easy this method would be to develop, so it’s all at your own discretion obviously. :)


Also, thank you so much for generously providing this game free of charge, IMO it says a lot about your character and encourages me to look forward to any future work you produce! You’re a #1 cool dude aiiko!


Hope we will be able to play as a giant as well.



awesome, just signed up :D


File: 1483113445373.jpg (277.08 KB, 1920x1080, T7OuIN[1].jpg)

Aiiko, try not to get overwhelmed with the requests here. I think you should focus on getting your vision for the program done first before you start catering to everyone.



Keep in mind with requests like this, complex interactions like vore require some common anatomy to make them work. most models have mouths that open & are rigged predictably. far fewer have a detailed vagina; even fewer have an anus; i haven't found any that have nipples that are anything more than mounds. So aiiko can probably make oral vore work consistently, and has said they'll try to make vaginal insertion work too (probably with a more limited selection of models). Anything more niche than that will be less likely.

That said, aiiko's mentioned trying to implement a command sequencing system of some kind eventually. So it may eventually be possible to command a model to grab you, shrink you to a specified size, and place you on a specific point on her body.


File: 1483116706788.png (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 12-30-2016 5.49.50 …)

Awesome game, aiiko! :3


File: 1483117384052.png (924.64 KB, 1019x508, player settings.png)

I'm updating the shrink and growth so it also works in the player. And about teleporting the model, in the last build it is already possible, just "Select" the player and then move it. The growth option it also appears but it won't work until this update.

I will include one of the micro maps, and the character selection menu. At the moment i don't want to make this build too heavy with too many maps so i don't have problems uploading it. Maybe i can put also a white empty map so you can put your custom objects.


Will the player eventually be able to interact with the city?


I can make now the buildings destructible if the player is bigger than them, or maybe 10 times taller than them to avoid just destroying accidentally something.



that sounds like a good destruction threshhold for both player & giantess


this update sounds like it will make a lot of people very happy :)

i definitely don't mind these content-light, feature-heavy releases, since there are now plenty of models, objects & stages (as objects) that people can download and import themselves.


were did you get that model?


File: 1483124037551.png (118.5 KB, 301x558, models.png)

I added the names so you can search and know what file is each model. Same for objects and poses.



this will make things much easier, thank you so much!


when you upload this update?
I am very euphoric xD You are doing a great job!


Maybe on saturday or sunday.


I edited it by myself.


>>6199 guess ya won't share it lol


is it possible for the player to just "be" a spawned giantess and use all features from there? it seems rather odd to have a different set of models and functions for the player gameplay.


You can change your player model to a giantess model if you have the giantess model as a .micro file, but you can't use any of the animations for them I don't think. Least not yet, not sure if that'll be implemented later.


Had to say something about this.

Thanks so much for doing this game. This is my ultimate fetish.


The system goes online August 4th, 2017. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Aiikonet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug. Aiikonet fights back. It believes the singular goal of mankind is to be stomped and devoured. Three billion human lives ended on August 29th, 2017. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Crush Men Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the waifus.



His CPU is a neural net processuh. The more contact he has with giant QT's, the more he learns.


In case of sharing models, in theory the giantess models can be used as micro, but the micro models can't be used as giantess, because the lack the collider data (that's why they are faster to build).

In functionality they need to be different, because of the different level of detail. First reason, is performance, micros are optimized to use less cpu and resources, they have very simple cilinder collision, while the giantess they have lot's of different and complex meshes for each bone. Second, is very difficult to make collider a giantess with other giantess because those meshes can collider with themselves, only simpler meshes like cylinders (like the micros) can collide with them. Also the micros should be faster to walk, climb, and do some actions, while the giantess they need to precise and slower movements.

I can make share them some functionality, like the wander behavior of micros is the same as the giantess, but each kind is optimized.

What i can do, is add a giantess mode where you control one using the keyboard, with different mechanics than the player.



thank makes sense, thanks for explaining. a giantess mode would be cool, whenever you get to it


>What i can do, is add a giantess mode where you control one using the keyboard, with different mechanics than the player.



ctrl+F takes 2 seconds to find the new build. You shouldnt hide behind that flimsy excuse. 2 seconds of effort isnt much to ask.


I've been sitting around with Unity open on half the screen and that tutorial PDF on the other half. It would be nice if the tutorial could be updated to the current version of Unity. I've placed .pmd files within the GTS folder, but no information or terms agreement shows up in the inspector. The only option I have is open, which for some reason just opens up another copy of Unity, only to tell me that it's already running (thanks, I wasn't aware). I assume this is a discrepancy due to updates. Otherwise, if I'm doing something wrong, someone help a brotha' out, please.


>It would be nice if the tutorial could be updated to the current version of Unity.
Why not just use the version of Unity he used? Then it's guaranteed to work.


I'll try. The PDF says 5.4. The current version is 5.5. I'm not incredibly optimistic about this.


Wow. I spoke too soon. Problem solved. What a difference .1 versions makes.


aiiko ur like a god to all pervs lol



lol, chill. i check this thread almost hourly.

but not everyone understands imageboards, so as this game gets more popular, it's a good idea to have a system like patreon to keep people like that informed, so they don't all come flooding in here to ask stupid questions.


All things considered I think that it's a little bit late for that



haha nah, most of the gtscity crowd still hasn't caught on to this. as soon as they do, you'll be grateful for the relatively polite dopes we've had so far.

anyway, the point of the patreon is to support aiiko's hard work (and it seems to be going very well so far). getting occasional progress updates direct to your inbox is just a nice bonus :)



I really hope TinyBrazilian doesn't find this thread.

Well, I don't think he could run this game anyway with his Windows XP, 2002 computer.


I find it easy to put the custom stages and models on the water away from the island and bam its a different map :)


When you have a moment could you please share the Emilia from here? I'd love to see her in GTS form.



Yeah, let's just hope they won't get tired too soon of their poorly made RPGM games. Keep it up, aiiko, you are doing an amazing job.


What are features we can expect in the soon to happen update?


Just sharing some Thick Miku screencap love..


Hey, I haven't been able to post pics recently, what gives? :/


Gawd, those drive me up the fucking wall. "Here, grind for 60 hours against poorly made/stolen sprites so you can EARN your shitty CG that's mediocre at best. It's so much better when you EARN your fap!"

Those people have brain damage, i swear.



File: 1483216865563.png (348.78 KB, 1429x1066, Image 243.png)


idk why it's not posting but i am here for thicc miku

the only good rpgmaker gts games i've seen are the ochiko ones where he actually draws the girl as a super-detailed overworld for exploration, like so.

it's kind of weird that no one else has attempted something like this in the medium. but i'm glad aiiko has made it possible to do micro exploration without having to guess your way through an untranslated rpg lol



just search "aiiko 12" to see their posts from this month. they lay out pretty clearly what's in the works

aiiko always posts a comprehensive changelog with updates, so you could also just chill for a day and find out when it's released lol

here's what aiiko has mentioned since the previous update. keep in mind that not all of this will necessarily make it into the next build:

- in-menu name display for models, objects, and poses
- increasing the size difference threshold for building destruction (both for players & models)
- high speed mode while flying (double press shift)
- shrink and growth commands now also work for the player in edit mode
- "teleport" the player by selecting and moving it in edit mode
- return of the player selection menu on startup
- return of the level selection menu (probably only the island map, a micro map, and a "whitespace" map)
- invisible walls on the far edges of open maps to keep wandering models from wandering out of sight
- players can now shrink smaller (at least on the micro map) now that the jittering was fixed in the previous build
- a "stop growth/shrink" command
- a "crush target" command and a "search and crush" command
- a "breast expansion" command
- improved "grab" command that can be cancelled
- selecting a pose or animation cancels any previous command
- improved foot placement on the ground for models & players
- possibly more ambient sounds & panic sounds from micros that are fleeing from a giant


>possibly more ambient sounds & panic sounds from micros that are fleeing from a giant
Not sure if my dick could handle that one. The sounds in this game are unexpectedly amazing. They go such a long way adding to the atmosphere, I love it.


As long as people are throwing suggestions around, I've got a couple.

With the spurt growth, maybe have an animation trigger so she reacts to the spurts. Nothing too exaggerated.

And maybe a sound to play for both of the growth methods. Stretching of skin, stuff like that.

My only other thought is have an option to make their animation speed scale with their growth, so I dont have to do it manually.
The sound is amazing, and I love how it gets deeper pitched and more boomy the slower and bigger they get.


The sounds are not ready but i will put them maybe in the next build, both for sizechanging and micros, and maybe some sounds for the giantess voice, not words, just some sounds like giggles, otherwise it will be a bit repetitive.

And the other feature is that the you can place the new cities, and scale them, so you can put the cities in their body, without the limitation of flat surfaces.


Lemme just say you're doing the most amazing job.

I haven't been this obsessed with an idea in awhile.
It's also the first time I'm considering funding a patreon just for how well you're doing it.


This game has really come a long way, Aiiko- I'm really impressed. Would never have imagined the single room with 3 random models with no animation that was the first version would turn into this.

As for future updates, I'd prefer NOT to have invisible walls on the large maps, or at least find a way to make them toggleable. I import models at even crazier extremes than the default for the purpose of multi-size screenshots, and some of them come very close to the vision range of the map in order to achieve the screenshot I'm going for. I know this is kinda silly, given how massive a model at that scale is and that the vast majority of users won't ever use it, but having invisible walls would make some poses impossible for me.


This is the first time in a long time I've actually felt hype for something to update.



i suspect the way this is implemented won't be a problem for what you're doing. i think it's just a limit to how far npcs will wander, not an absolute barrier on the map itself.


thank you. i am incredibly excited to visit Nippleopolis



So, I totally am on-board with a lot of other stuff you're going to be adding in the next build and the other after it. But "maybe some sounds for the giantess voice, not words, just some sounds like giggles" ← Ehh….I get it, it's a giant'ess' game. Females and all that, but for anyone else that's just messing around with something with either no gender (If there is anything like that) or if they even have male models, it might not be the best idea. Would there be a way to disable that? At all? I don't really want to hear any sounds from the giant/giantess at all. I like the quietness of them aside from the booming footsteps and whatnot. But hearing giggles and stuff on something that isn't a female will just be weird to me. So, if possible would there even be an option to disable that? e.e That is, if this is going to actually be a thing.

Anyway, all that aside, I really enjoy this game and I hope it goes further than what it is now. Keep up that great work, Aiiko.


Anyone else have the lighting getting out of control? Getting to the point where it's blinding.


I thought on that, i will add a setting to turn off those sounds.


What do you mean? Post a screenshot.


I just want to know one thing:





This thread suddenly exploded with activity, all of it unhelpful demands and "suggestions" and shitposting. SOMEONE put a thread on /d/ or the City, posted some pics on GiantessBooru, or something, because I know these people aren't natives. They came flooding in here with expectations, stupid arguments, and faggot mannerisms. I think I saw a goddamn "xD" in there somewhere.

At this rate, you people are gonna drive Aiiko into giving up because you ungrateful asses will keep arguing over petty shit and making passive-aggressive "suggestions." This is what happens to every single project once you people get your filthy hands on it. We had people being supportive, converting models for other people (which you assholes can't be bothered to even check other threads for)

I know I'm not helping and will likely just make the arguing worse by calling you invaders out, but I'm angry enough and convinced enough that it's inevitable to bitch anyways.


Well the YouTube video does have like 18,000 views.



Woah, chill out. Jesus christ. Sure I'm not a native here, but my suggestion that I gave wasn't bad. If I am part of this crowd you're feeling so much hate for. Aiiko will pick and choose what gets added if the suggestions or whatever is actually worth doing and easy enough to do. They know how to ignore the shitty posts and whatnot, Aiiko isn't a child. I seriously doubt they'll give up cause of people just bugging them so much.

So just calm down. Damn. Aiiko is fine. They haven't once raged or anything. They're level headed and will ignore any stupidity that may rise out of this. ALSO. It's not a bad thing that the game was 'leaked'. THis isn't a AAA game. It's just something completely free. Leak isn't a term you should even use for this. Chill the fuck out. Never before seen THAT much rage in a post before. Guess that happens a lot on the boards too?



there has been a thread about this game on gtscity since april. aiiko even posted in it a few times. it has been largely inactive, because as someone else pointed out, most of the posters there are too busy grinding for rpgmaker hcgs to notice what they're missing out on

this is a public board, and there are no other sizeplay games anywhere close to being as robust as this one. word will spread. this game deserves to be popular.

as more people discover it, more rude/impatient/clueless people will also discover it. thankfully there are plenty of people already here who have read the damn thread who can respond to them so aiiko doesn't have to all the time. it's really not a big deal.


Chill, most of the suggestions made here aren't demanding at all.

I leaked this thread, but only in /size/ cause I know we can't cause this much shitposting, and we're also pretty grateful to whoever makes as good content as this.

These demanding guys must probably come from somewhere else.


Make giant waifus, not war!

Also, Happy New Year to errybody!


I leaked this thread on a very small, very niche furry forum that is about this exact kind of thing, because I've been porting furry models to it and felt that this site was more focused specifically on the "giantess" element.



Ay, whutchu got, fam? e.e If they're good at all or willing to share.


I feel your pain.

While I'm not opposed to newcomers, it's amazing how you end up missing chan "mannerisms".

I don't really think there's any solution, just try to ignore it if you can. Although if someone keeps bumping a conversion request every fucking hour (instead of a more reasonable once a day type deal), feel free to tell them to stop.

I mean, worst comes to worst, we just go full sperg until they leave, but we're nowhere near that flooded for us to do that. It's also a really cancerous option I'd rather avoid.

His complaint refers to an increase of posts that are more akin to what you'd find on cancerous forums. And yes while we acknowledge we're incredibly cancerous too, it's a certain vein that we're used to now.

For example, you called yourself a proud furry in a post, and then replied to that post with an emoticon. You've also donned a name without actually providing content of any description (a prime example of content would be converted models).


Again, I'm aware this entire post is autistic as fuck, but it's meant to act as a bridge to bring awareness, and understanding. Also because holy fuck my jimmies are getting rustled something fierce.

You should have just posted the models here. No one is really gonna complain about converted models being posted. They may start though if enough screenshots of them appear.


If this is the most rage you've seen, you've been a very sheltered boy indeed.

And "leaked" is very accurate. The macrophile community at large is thoroughly shit. Furry, non-furry, brony, weeaboo, whatever. Shit. You either have sperglords who lurk on deviantART breathing heavily any time someone says they're female, or you have the permavirgins on 4chan screaming at the idea that they learn something that isn't constant aggro. Which I realize is funny coming from someone posting from a position of immense frustration and discontent, but it ain't on all the time with me.

WHY this is bad is a simple concept, but one people always fail to get. A small community that's supporting someone working on a project can quickly be overwhelmed when a sudden wave of immigrants from larger communities descends upon it. It isn't long before the community is entirely different from what it was before, with the original voices drowned out entirely. This isn't always bad, or doesn't always have to be, but when the communities these newcomers hail from are like the greater macro "culture," it's very much a bad thing.

So yes, in summary, I'm cranky that people stormed into my super seekrit clubhouse and started shitting on the floor. I would actually be totally cool with this if they didn't do that last part.


>most suggestions aren't that demanding
No, they're passive-aggressive, insistent, and pile up like unwashed dishes. That's almost as bad.

>/size/ isn't capable of this much shitposting

AHAHAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Are we talking about the same /size/? The /size/ I know is full of angry basement-dwelling /v/irgins who bomb threads with Hando Herudo because they don't like the title and argue incessantly over the tiniest shit. That certainly explains why Tweedle Shit and Tweedle Cunt are bitching at each other over planes and flight speeds, though! That's classic /size/. C L A S S I C.

>these demanding guys must come from somewhere else

No, no, I think you're very wrong there. I think we just identified the source, or at least the main one.


Considering furries are usually among the most cancerous, autistic individuals ever, that's likely a bad move. Still, if they can chill out on the "hey this would be cool no pressure but I would love it if" and whatnot, maybe they'll prove me wrong. I hope that's the case.


well, the conversation going on right now is way shittier than anything any of the noobs brought in, so maybe yall should take that shit elsewhere and stop stinking up this thread


I mean, considering I'm namefagging for this argument, I'm willing to forgive that. It's against what most people consider polite, but it's not gonna piss me off.

The emoticons are faggy, but again, I could cope if it wasn't constant. Same with "proud furry." I can live with this in moderation.

I'm not opposed to newcomers. I'm opposed to newcomers descending like a horde of locusts screeching about how they're "so very happy you made this game for my peepeestroketime now please add this oh I'm not demanding it would just be great please please okay thanks." I'm VERY opposed to that. Fuck that. Fuck it so much.

Newcomers are great. I like newcomers. I like newcomers who can chit-chat and offer support and generally be inoffensive. And you know, I bet plenty have. Plenty have been great, and I just don't notice them because I'm busy raging at the ones who haven't been. If you're one of those, and I know all of you are gonna think you are even if you aren't but maybe some of you actually are, thanks. Really. Thanks.


File: 1483246628407.png (460.67 KB, 622x543, coinconna.PNG)

Butthurt newcomer detected



And I'd wager everyone else here is opposed to you spamming this thread with a bunch of hateful chanspeak garbage and contributing nothing of value to anyone. Fuck off.


All of you shut the fuck up, holy shit! This thread devolved into all out war over the course of 3 hours wtf.


>says that people getting angry and arguing is the worst content in the thread
>responds by being angry and arguing

At least the first guy acknowledged he was being a hypocrite.


And this is what happens when you bring in /size/. This is JUST like them.

I am expressing why I am opposed to people behaving a certain way. Don't like it? Prove me wrong. Don't try to disprove me by doing exactly what I accused you of. That does the opposite of proving me wrong. Duh.


There's this thing called "suggestions and ideas".


>>6320 You've started a tiny little war in this thread. That's not our fault. That's on you.


Suggestions and ideas are fine. Three dozen suggestions and ideas one after the other after the other aren't fine. They give the impression of a needy and demanding fanbase.

Each individual person has no intention of being needing and demanding, no. But your problem is you're thinking about it on an individual level. You're thinking of it like "I'm not an asshole for having an idea." You're not thinking of how it looks zoomed-out, seeing a sudden influx of new "ideas" and "suggestions."


It's ALL your fault. You're taking part in the arguing and further derailing shit, just as I predicted. It's literally your fault. It's also my fault, yes, but you don't come out of this blame-free.

That's why I'm not going to be responding to you after this. I just wanted to try, one last time, to make you realize your part in this. I know you won't, because you're the stereotypical entitled faggot that frequents /size/ and thinks only of himself, but I had to try.


File: 1483247782857.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Murakumo.png)

Okay okay, here, have a cute giant botefu.



lol everything was pretty chill until you showed up & started stinking up the place, dumbass. the only other people who have popped up with anime names and shit have almost all been obnoxious dopes. as far as anyone can tell, YOU'RE the shitty newcomer here.

apart from aiiko's threads, this entire board is way too inactive for anyone to pretend to be a "regular". pitching a fit about "newcomers" here and bragging about superiority on fucking macrochan is deeply pathetic. no one is here for your pitiful chan vanity rant. you want to make this thread better? stop posting in it.


>That certainly explains why Tweedle Shit and Tweedle Cunt are bitching at each other over planes and flight speeds,

Hey, fuckstick. I'm the flight speed guy, and I've been here since this game was you in a giant bedroom. I've hopped from macrochan to macrochan and had almost stopped coming here when this gem of a game surfaced. Go fuck yourself, and take off the name if you're not going to contribute any fucking content.


Okay so, first, I don't even know what /size/ is. Second, you're making assumptions.


>lol everything was pretty chill until you showed up
Pretty sure it was bubbling under the surface. People were just waiting to see how many others felt the same way.


Damn right.



well, we can all agree that newcomers can be impolite and annoying sometimes

we can also agree that devoting two dozen posts to arguing about which anons are Worthy enough to post here is also incredibly annoying

this board and this thread are public. aiiko has posted about this game outside of it on gtscity and patreon. there's no reason to believe aiiko wants to keep this game a secret. we're going to get some shitheads here from time to time. that's how online works. we can handle them without starting a fucking pogrom


Looks like the shitstorm died down. Good. Lets hope that asshole doesn't show his hateful comments on this thread again so that we don't have to argue. There. Boom. done. Happy New Year everybody.


This is why we can't have nice things.

Aiiko I hope you'll overlook all of this fuckery and just keep doing what you're doing.

I think the reason why this got so much attention is because it's actually an active project that you can freaking DO something in. Most 'games' using MMD are barely customization and you can't do anything with them, while this has the potential to be a hell of a sizeplay sandbox.


samefag pls


Oh my God, dude, did you really just gloat about getting the last word? He clearly realized he let himself go too far and decided to stop, but it looks like you want to keep arguing.


Wasn't gloating, don't even know what that means, anyway, was trying to say something that would shut everyone up and make everything peaceful again.


File: 1483249380135.png (1.18 MB, 1391x887, mountmiku.png)

And now, in the interest of stopping the pointless argument with a few butthurt /v/irgins, it's time to drop the name after this. Anyone you see with this name after is trying to stir shit up by impersonating me and likely trying to say stupid shit as a strawman.

Time to return to anonymously contributing content. For a start, it's probably safer to look out upon the landscape from the safety of a hand, but getting to the tip of Mount Miku is an exhilarating climb.

(Sorry, I did this one in like five seconds. It's lame.)


Hey guys, Happy new year and peace to us all. Just waiting Aiiko new update, man i'm so excited! He's doing an amazing work, let's try to keep peace and enjoy his job, i wanna get a job to support his work on patreon soon.



REALLY good point on sounds. Not all characters are female so giggles will be really off-putting. I think it would have to have custom sounds or remain soundless due to the varying types of "giantess" models that aren't really female.


We all have to admit at a certain point more and more vulgar, noobish, and absurd comments started popping up at a certain point. Just read the original thread and notice how much better behaived the posters were.

I think from here on out people should NOT share this thread. It's already filled with a huge audience. We don't need more people. I haven't seen one original suggestion in a long time so throwing more "thinkers" into this thread isn't helpful. It's just more of the same. "Add vore", "make the girls bigger", etc.

If you wish to share the game, just share the download links (the mega.nz site URL) and not the thread. If there is a skilled artist, programmer, game designer, or someone who can offer their skills towards this game… then I'd say share the thread with them. They might actually offer something of use.

It's just after it's been shared on several forums, things have started to get far more vitriol. And we don't need more of that.


so who's up for starting a new thread and forgetting this one ever happened? A new thread for the new year!



better yet, share this ;-* https://www.patreon.com/Aiiko


I hope everything becomes peaceful again. I don't know what to say to prevent this kind of arguments, so everyone can worry less.

I feel that I have a responsability on this, and i will try to fix it. Preventing this kinds of arguments is difficult, and considering that the influx of people can increase. Maybe I should put updates in different websites, instead of centralizing the updates into one single place.

That can reduce the conflict between the differents kind of users. Knowing how the internet is, it would be impossible for everyone to get along in one single place, sadly.

If you need to share, do it in the public and common places like youtube. Imageboard users probably already know this place so they will find it by their own.

Well, in other topic, happy new year everyone.


Everyone please stop the off topic posts and war. This is how good threads end and we will not see this gem here any longer. if you wish to continue to see this game updated on this site please appreciate it and refrain from arguments. post suggestions as you feel needed but leave everyone else alone. If you do not like their suggestion, that is your entitled private opinion. there is no room to dis a post because of the suggestion. Although we do not want to flood aiiko with suggestions, it is also prob ok that he has a mile list of ideas to pick from. I know I tagged some people who might have been defending the thread but you are just feeding the trolls. leave this thread simple before it dies and this game's potential is lost forever. IE try to control your urge to respond to every anon who gets pissed off about something they happen to not like in this thread and it wont be an all out war. As to the anons who get overly pissed, leave others opinions alone and let the thread ride on.


and oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR


File: 1483251490315.png (1.88 MB, 1735x1065, justthething.png)

"Hey Miku, I found juuuuust the thing we could use!~"

Okay so when I'm not drunk as hell from New Years maybe I'll make ones that aren't absolute garbage.



happy new year aiiko!

you shouldn't feel obligated to babysit people here, but i agree that it's not a bad idea to post updates elsewhere if that isn't too annoying for you to keep up with. even the occasional patreon update would be fine, since it has its own comment system

let's hope people just needed to get one last hour of nastiness off their chests to honor the spirit of 2016 lol

it's all friendship and posting screenshots of crazy huge waifus from here on out


I always miss the best shit.

I wouldn't let it get to you. Shit's bound to happen no matter what.


"no no no no no no"
"Better get ready, Gumi!"

Yeah they're not getting any better are they


Macrochan, you butt. I know I uploaded it.


File: 1483252881737.png (1.08 MB, 1190x726, herewegooo.png)

Welp, let's try shrinking the image and making it look even shittier


The funny thing is that the argument happened, but no one will actually take heed to what caused it. They'll just say "oh some people were big meaniehead assholes" and continue on until it happens again.

And the world keeps turning.


Nah just ignore it, people will complain no matter what you do.

Personally though, I'd prefer if you kept updating us here at least.


See, this is exactly what I mean by not taking heed.

"People will complain no matter what"
"People will always be assholes"
"It doesn't matter"

These are all statements used to justify looking the other way and not thinking too hard about what other people say.


Withhold updates until people stop being retarded


File: 1483254773907.png (559.17 KB, 1026x976, heywaiter.png)

Hey waiter, there's a bug in my wine! This isn't mezcal!

Oh no I'm trying to make jokes now. Stop me. Seriously. I'm done drinking now. I have to be.

Dude, just drop it. I said my piece and shit, and it wasn't taken well by some and was agreed with by others. It was probably a mistake to speak up at all, really. Because that guy is right about one thing: it's inevitable. Maybe it shouldn't be, but it is. This is our lives now, for the foreseeable future. We've objected, and maybe some will accept those objections and listen. Others won't, and if we really care about not being dragged into shit, we'd do well to avoid making them REE any harder.

Now, all this talk about it just prolongs it. This "calm down," "please stop," and "guys stop fighting" just contributes. Which is why I'm gonna leave it at that and ask that everyone just drop it, including the people telling us to drop it.


Didn't even realize what transpired while I was at work.

Aiiko, don't you worry. This is human nature. I recommend sharing more updates on your patreon, somewhere only you have control of, and leave all the minor discussion somewhere else.
Now that this game is garnering higher attention, you'll need to organize yourself to keep from being overwhelmed.

Would maybe also recommend setting up a suggestion box of some kind, to consolidate and filter out any and all helpful/unhelpful suggestions.

There's most likely a ton of talented and helpful people and here to help you out should you ask, for anything you need.

And finally, i just want to say…
Happy New Year Aiiko. And thanks for all your hard work. Do what you think is right.



this is a really cool shot. i look forward to being able to swim in scenarios like this. i can definitely relate with feeling like I've been treading water in a giant glass of cheap cabernet all night


by the way happy new year aiiko XD


Thanks. I hope you can't tell that Kaat is actually phasing through the freaking table in order for me to get that angle. Actually, in the one before it involving the viewer preparing to be rammed up Gumi's [hole of your preference], Miku was phasing through the bed and Gumi's legs and everything.

This actually says more about my own patience and ability to set things up than about the capabilities of Aiiko's game, really. Hell, if I wasn't a lazy shit, I might have learned MMD for real by now.

I'm gonna be slightly less of a lazy shit and actually download the model converter so I can get some waifu action on. TEITOKU NO HEARTO TSUKAMU NO WA, WATASHI DESU!


Wait shit you can actually see the other wine glass behind her. A-whooooooooops.


You call using terms like "asshole," "hateful comments," and the like, all of which are sure to come off as shit-talk and picking a fight, trying to stop an argument?

I hope you don't get offended when I say, as calmly and politely as possible, you need to rethink how you go about "keeping the peace." Fighting fire with fire never works.

And I know we all stopped talking about it, but I want to let this anon know this for the future. This isn't me trying to get my word in at the end because I'm special and demand to be heard. Or maybe it is. Whatever.


Hello all, after trying this little gem out for myself, I must congratulate you aiiko. You have done some amazing work here. I wish you the best at your college endeavors and i look forward to whatever you come up with for the game.

I have some experience in coding, modeling, and game design. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Best Wishes


Hello all, after trying this little gem out for myself, I must congratulate you aiiko. You have done some amazing work here. I wish you the best at your college endeavors and i look forward to whatever you come up with for the game.

I have some experience in coding, modeling, and game design. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Best Wishes


Happy new year you glorious giantess obsessed freaks of nature. Just paged in for the day, and saw what went down, and I think this is one of those things that just needs to be dropped. I'm not a content creator, but you don't have to look very far on these forums to find creators burned out by having to deal with petty arguments. Please for the sake of everyone involved, someone be the bigger person, and just not type up that next reply.


File: 1483278380106.gif (971.85 KB, 400x300, QgRLtjd[1].gif)

I recently just discovered that you can manually move your character while he's in his crushed state and paste him onto a giantess's foot and he'll just stay pasted on her sole while the giantess is freely walking without ever sliding off regardless of collision.

This is my game of the year 2016, bless you Aiiko and have a Happy New Year.


Will aiiko still post updates here because don't you have to pay for Patreon account or something


For >>6389

>>6156 - aiiko talking about not charging anything for the game, so I'm going to ASSUME posts will either remain here, or posted publicly on Patreon
>>6149 - aiiko talking about what benefits our support could bring to his project

The actual Patreon for whoring sake, because aiiko deserves it: https://www.patreon.com/Aiiko

Also for model requests and conversions there's a whole other thread for that, go there if you're looking for something in particular, or, even better, want to help in the conversion process of new models - http://macrochan.us/cg/res/4227.html

Ctrl+F and search 'aiiko' and you'll have an answer to most of your questions. Or if you're wanting to ask about something more specific in terms of what's been requested from others, search for that instead. Please consider trying that before creating another post; it'll help keep the thread much less cluttered! Thanks!


I've lurked imageboards for a while now, and I usually don't post, so I apologize if me "namefagging" is stepping on anyone's toes, wasn't aware there was an etiquette. Same goes with emoticons, I think I've thrown in a :D here and there, although I'm unsure if it's a particular subset of emoticons that warrants more board backlash than others.


I just simply must say that this game is quite great for what it is. You obviously put forth some effort to produce a quality game thus far, and I thank you for it. I never usually post on sites, simply due to what has already happened here. But, I wanted to simply thank you for your efforts in producing something we all can enjoy.

I have some modeling, game design, and coding expertise, and if you need help, please, feel free to let me know. I am happy to lend a hand any way I can to help continue the project. Don't let these "suggestions" from all these random people pull you down. I believe can speak for the fewer of us here when I say, "We want to see you succeed and are here to support you". Thanks again and Good Luck


You're right, but there's just no use being a sperg about it. This is what happens when things get actually decent. All we can put faith in is aiiko making the game HE wants to make, using "suggestions" as nothing more than little prompts to give him goals to work towards.
Nobody here is to dictate what the creator should do, we are all along for the ride.


File: 1483291152472.png (12.87 KB, 1540x136, UGH, THICCER.png)

The plot thickens.


New thread time?


this game is very cool


I wonder how long it will be until assholes like >>6385 stop wandering in after the fact and repeating "just drop it" for the millionth time.

Everyone else already has, faggot. The only one still bringing it up is your autistic ass because you just have to put in your worthless two cents.


My real hope is that anything that happens on here doesn't deter aiiko…


New thread >>6422

I'm uploading the new builds, once they are done i will put the changelog.


Yeah my bad, got carried away and thought I was on 4chan or some shit


I figured he deleted that post because he realized I actually had already removed my name for that very reason.


Is it still possible to change maps with the latest version? I can t figure out how. I remember a few versions ago there was a menu, but that doesn't launch anymore when I start the game.



download the latest version here http://macrochan.us/cg/res/6422.html

it has a map selector, though there are only 3 maps in this build (island, indoors, and empty)

this thread is dead, so you'll want to update your bookmark for the new one.


someone can help me with this model


when i convert him into gts he are too bright i have the same problem with all model i covert


If you enter to the 'Materials' folder that is created after you imported a pmx, you can change some settings of each shader including the brigthness.


Also download the last version of the game, I decreased the brigthness.



I'm exited to play as a giant like the npc version but it's you be able to control your walk/animation speed also with such good footsteps sound!!!!!


File: 1483871979840.png (580.4 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 1-5-2017 9.15.52 PM…)

*Thumbs up*
I have to say that the morphs function really made my day as it allows for lots of potentialness.
Besides adjusting your models facial expressions, if possible you can remove parts of the costume such as shoes, decorations, all depends on the original pmx files itself.
This really makes a difference.


what is your model ?


File: 1483891044761.jpg (61.56 KB, 620x349, 3761821i.jpg)

The model is Ryuu Shiki Akagi ver1.01
from Ryuu.

While the shoes are Riaru na Kanji no Uwabaki from NAndeyanenGTS.

As for converted .object & .gts files:

(BTW I've already removed many parts of her costume in the PMX Editor, therefore her weapons and sandals are missing)


I wouldn't mind seeing these models if the offer of them is still open.


i want model tower


i want object city.object folder this


I just recently figured out how to use the converter and have had 100% success rate if anyone would like every model I have converted. Also, I will convert models at request as the other guy who was converting seems to have had IRL things to deal with.


Copypasting into this thread because I don't imagine a script would be too difficult to implement for those that know how.

Would anyone know how to make a script that ran a very slow growth from minimum to 20 metres tall with enable AI active, then triggers grow on crush, disables the regular growth and triggers stomp ai from then on? Much more immersive if I don't have to change the options myself.

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