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making a new thread for models converted & ready to use in aiiko's Unity MMD GTS project: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/3492.html

If you have a converted model to share, please include a safe download link (mega.nz is recommended) and a screenshot of the model in-game.

anyway, here's mei


(GTS only, unless someone wants her as a player model)


File: 1475115168214.png (1.4 MB, 960x1631, nude mei.png)

Computer, is there any way to generate a Nude Mei?



forgot to include the decrypt keys for those. i'll make sure future links have them built in


nude mei:


Sonico casual clothes + bikini: https://mega.nz/#!2ZpQzQqb!pDt1OhdJwUHDttz1nkG4AAgrLroS72f_mTUK9FgVCko

gts and micro for both


File: 1475122542036.png (1.19 MB, 1602x1025, Image893.png)


File: 1475122601819.png (1.54 MB, 1602x1047, Image 884.png)



File: 1475122757148.png (1.03 MB, 1602x1026, Image892.png)


File: 1475123357853.png (835.05 KB, 1602x1047, Image 897.png)

sake ("gts" and micro)


he's a sweet handsome furry boy, deal with it



You know, that's the true genius of this project. Now, if you can find the model, you can make it come so in the game. Literally something for everyone, if you look hard enough and are willing to put the effort in to learn how to import. I hope people can be chill enough to appreciate that.


File: 1475154083593.png (356.02 KB, 576x576, 20160929_085929.png)


hell yea 8-]

here's the Gumi models from an earlier build of the game, courtesy aiiko:



File: 1475162435463.png (636.58 KB, 810x563, models.png)

I have been uploading the previous characters, including differents versions of them inside. This characters are from the first three builds. I've also updated gumi to include a nude version.






those keys should let you download the files in the original post. if they dont, i will post the full, corrected links tonight



perfect, thanks so much!


Can anyone convert some kancolle models like Takao and Nagato?

Or this one?


I would really appreciate if someone did.



I will try to convert that model really quick when I get back home after work. We should really have a separate thread for model requests….


I think making a third thread would be too many [3] threads to keep track of


yeah, I don't mind people using this thread for requests too. Just make sure you link to the downloads for the models you're requesting so people dont have to go hunting for them.


I'll send a small list of model download links I requested in a little bit




Here is the Grand Archer model converted for Windows and Linux. I only did the .gts files. If you want the .micro files, I can do those too. Hope this works, lol.




And here are the Ran and Yukari models. Again, only .gts files, so let me know if you want the .micro files. The other link doesn't actually have access to the model .pmx file as far as I can tell.




Thank you sir!

Could you convert these aswell?

Nagato: http://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td20821

Takao: http://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td20370

Tatsuta: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000183640

You can just download that trial for Tatsuta.

Please consider removing their guns and other accessories like command towers and such.

Sorry for abusing your kindness.



Ooops, I forgot. I would like those micro files too, please.

Thank you in advance.




I tried converting the Takao and Tatsuta models, but they aren't loading in my game for some reason. I'll try again later. The Nagato model doesn't seem to be right, as the hair and some of the outfit are all white. Not sure why. Maybe its incomplete? If anyone else wants to take a crack at the conversions until I get back to them, be my guest.


this is outside the scope of this thread, but if anyone has experience converting SFM models to MMD, I would be happy to commission them to convert a couple of models



Hmmm, it's a shame cause that Nagato model looked really good.

About Takao and Tatsuta, well, that's really unlucky.

Grand archer model looks accurate ingame. However, the bones seem to be bugged, as the upper legs separate from the lower legs.

Thanks for the effort tho.



Make sure all models are inside only 1 folder 'before' converting. Otherwise they will not appear in the selection menu in-game.



I put all the folders for the 3 models in one master folder before I tried modifying the models with the PMXEditor and converting with Unity. Since the .gts file is always named after the folder you import into Unity, if I import the main folder with the 3 subfolders, do I only need 1 .gts file for the 3 models? Either way, I tried it like this and with 3 seperate .gts files and none of them will load the game. These are the only models so far to have done this for me. Really has me scratching my head.



don't import folders with subfolders. that's your first problem.



Like I said, when I first tried converting the models, I did so by dedicating one folder for each model separately and then importing that folder. Putting all the models into 3 subfolders and then moving those into one main folder was actually my 3rd attempt at converting the files, so it wasn't my 'first problem'. I'm not really sure if having subfolders really effects anything for conversion, as many models I have downloaded have textures and stuff in seperate folders from the .pmx file. I have converted probably 7-8 other models successfully and I've been trying to use the exact same procedure that worked for those for these 3 models, without success.



Just put the pmx file and textures in a single folder. No master folder. Then drop that folder into "gts" in the model importer. Make sure none have duplicate names. That's all I can say since those are the only reasons you can't see models in the selection screen


if anyone's still having trouble downloading the Mei models in the OP, here are the direct links:


nude mei



File: 1475257829816.png (1.42 MB, 1602x1047, Image 902.png)

op here. good news: i taught myself to convert SFM models to MMD

that significantly increases the amount of models we can potentially use in the game

for my first try, here's a converted version of the hyper Toriel model by endlessillusion https://www.patreon.com/posts/toriel-sfm-ready-6874387

toriel (includes both clothed & nude versions)



it turns out converting SFM (Steam Filmmaker) models to MMD is pretty easy once you get set up. If you're interested in learning, there's a nice tutorial here:


it took me about half an hour to get everything installed/configured and another half hour to convert my first model

Now that I understand how it works, I expect future conversions to take only around 15 minutes (depending on the amount of components the model has)

It might seem daunting at first, but you basically just install Crowbar, vtfedit, Blender & some plugins, use Crowbar to unpack the SFM model, import the SFM model components into Blender & convert them into PMX files via the plugin, convert the textures with vtfedit, put all the converted files in one folder & use PMXeditor to combine them all into a model



if anyone has any SFM models they'd like to get converted for this game, feel free to share the links here

warning: the likelihood of me converting the model for you is directly proportional to how curvy it is and how few components there are to convert (furrys get bonus points, sorry)

right now i'm going to work on converting the other endlessillusion models that have been converted to SFM, and then I might try some WoW models. after that, i'm up for whatever.



Thanks so much for learning how to do this and sharing with the community! :D


I have a request for the SFM models.


I know that there are a lot of them, but they look like they should be pretty simple as far as components and textures.


Anyone willing to write a small text guide for the converting SFM to MMD? Would make it easier for me then a video guide (I got all the things I needed to install for it at least)



File: 1475269952864.png (971.04 KB, 1602x1047, Image 904.png)

here's Krystal, converted from SFM to MMD and then to GTS (micro, gts, and nude gts versions included)


the tail sticks straight out on all versions (don't think I can do anything about that) but otherwise it seems to have converted pretty well

this one's by https://www.patreon.com/endless/posts too




There you go. Just the .gts files. If you really want the .micro, I can do them too.



I tried seperating everything into different folders and I still can't get it to work. I even created a new empty 'Models' folder for the game just to see if I could get those 3 .gts files to load in the absence of any other .gts files. They did not. If you want to try converting those 3 models, please free to. Otherwise, I am moving on for now.




these have been on my list to convert for a while- look for them shortly


File: 1475275203825.png (590.88 KB, 1602x1047, Image 908.png)

one more by https://www.patreon.com/endless/ called "toon lady"

GTS only this time, and I didn't include a nude version because the model/textures aren't detailed enough underneath to really justify it


like toriel, her proportions are so huge that there will definitely be clipping issues with some poses


File: 1475277196202.png (448.79 KB, 420x860, femgermany.png)


File: 1475277351691.png (58.28 KB, 560x350, chatterhead_sexu_2015__downloa…)


File: 1475277496986.png (619.25 KB, 456x865, Tei.png)


File: 1475277722551.png (333.46 KB, 503x777, _mmd___model_showcase____pisto…)

I'm going to try to convert these, but first I wanted to edit the vertices around the cleavage before uploading. The breasts are fused together into one lump as-is, so I thought it'd be nice to add a very small amount of space between them.


File: 1475278145759.png (299.44 KB, 1920x1080, Desktop 01-10-2016 01.26.44-84…)

Hi can someone help me Convert this?
i have tried converting it, but it won't load in the game.



Did you drag it into the "models" folder of your game? It looks like you did everything right. Generally if you mess up the "thumbnail" that is used in-game won't be created. What steps did you do to try and convert it?


File: 1475280518573.png (706.41 KB, 735x1035, HKMikuFutaEdit.png)

Hello peoples! So, after much experimenting and fiddling, I bring you a futa edit of the HK Miku model! Not everyone's cup of tea, I'm sure, but hopefully a few of you will appreciate it. I've already spent a number of hours making this (trying to get the penis color to not clash too horribly with the model is extremely annoying), so I will probably only invest more time if people like it. Feedback is appreciated, of course! Also, if anyone wants a tutorial on how to add additional appendages (or other objects) to a model in PMXEditor, I will be happy to walk you through it. Enjoy!


Oh, and this is pretty much the best penis model I currently have. If anyone happens to have any other penis models laying around, please feel free to share!


2.Then Animation type Humanoid, Apply.
3.then i clicked on the model file and Export.


File: 1475281105677.png (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, Desktop 01-10-2016 02.09.36-99…)

..and now it just works.
i must have done something wrong.




Thanks for the dicks, mate! XD


no problem :)


File: 1475286083267.png (1015.12 KB, 1602x1047, Image 911.png)


here they are. bad news: bakeneko's clothes are permanently affixed to her bod


elly had a bunch of variants, so i just went with the default



File: 1475286277326.png (1006.02 KB, 1602x1047, Image 913.png)

here's a blood elf babe. unfortunately her feet are messed up. the same person made the mei model I had trouble with before, so I assume it's the same issue, and I have no clue how to fix it, sry



File: 1475286334187.png (704.77 KB, 1602x1047, Image 917.png)

at least you can't see the problem from down here


File: 1475286396624.png (1.02 MB, 1602x1047, Image 919.png)

here's the great fairy from Hyrule Warriors (the first of many from that game)



File: 1475286608049.png (649.6 KB, 1602x1047, Image 918.png)

and finally, another one by https://www.patreon.com/endless/posts called "syx"

clothed & nude versions provided. I seem to have overshot the import scale a little, so her icon is cut off at the hips and she's probably the largest character currently in the game. OOPS




Just out of curiosity, how did you alter the scale that she was imported at?



when you drag a pmx file into pmxedit, you're given the option to change the scale before it's imported. that seems to carry over when you convert it for the game.



Interesting. I guess I did notice that, but I never thought about it translating into the game files. So, I guess if you want a really, really huge giantess, you can have one.


The creator asked us to avoid doing that as it can mess up the game. I know from personal experimentation that collision is far from perfect when enlarging models past the intended limit.


File: 1475297229631.png (988.26 KB, 1602x1047, Image 924.png)

last one for a few days, probably:

hyper rouge by https://www.patreon.com/endless/posts
converted from the SFM version by https://sfmlab.com/item/872/



no "nude" version this time because she basically already is, and looks weird (well, even weirder) without the heart



if anyone notices any issues with the syx model, let me know and I'll try to resize it. otherwise I think I'll leave it alone



Touched up my Miku futa edit a bit. Realized she didn't really have nipples, lol.
Here's the new version.



Can anyone try converting these three models?

An anon tried, but without luck.



here is a some other futa character that could be converted
here are some other girls worth converting


each of the posts here should have a download link



I've had a lot of the "vagina/anus open" tagged models in my queue to convert for a while

unfortunately that doesn't always mean you can explore inside (like that one miku model in the game), it just means the model has a modeled vagina with an opening, but their might not be anything inside




now that i know "pubic hair" is a searchable tag, yes absolutely


File: 1475353887457.png (500.03 KB, 703x584, kankore models.png)


Ok I tried. The first girl, the hair was white, but I changed the color myself (if you look at the material folder you can change some properties). The second girl, was fine, but for some reason, is too low, but in the next update i will increase the vertical slider (maybe i will upload it tomorrow), and finally the third girl has some issues in the feet as you can see it in the picture, but here is the link anyways:




Thank you for the great work!

I look forward to that update.



Oops, I forgot again before posting.

I noticed Nagato lacks her hair accessory in the game. Can you add it or did the model actually come out without it?


Good evening! So, I was browsing models today and one in particular stuck out and I decided to convert her. I'm not familiar with the character from the source material (Kantai?), but I like her look and multiple outfits. However, after putting her into the game, I realized there was a slight problem: long dresses clip like crazy, lol. I assume this is due to the lack of physics in the game. I'm going to upload her despite the crazy bad dress clipping, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with character models with long clothes like this, please let us know. Thanks and have a good night!

Mamiya: https://mega.nz/#!pwQynYTa!Eoi1mbWLVzxqfjks004nMkQWxJ-3P_GZvmhEjdSun0c


File: 1475372508262.png (1.26 MB, 1299x989, Mamiya.png)


Sorry, forgot to post a screenshot!



i think it's kind of unavoidable for a dress that long & tight- most poses aren't made to accommodate it

still, cute model!



So, no idea how the author of the model got the dress to conform to the legs like that in the shot on the download page? I'm sure its completely different software for displaying the model, but I don't see any clipping in the PMXEditor. I just figured the clothes have limited physics, like hair usually does.


File: 1475381996124.png (1.25 MB, 1366x768, Nagato.png)


Ok, here it is, with the head accesories. I also included the micro version.




Forgot the link to the download page! >.<



good question! some special rigging with the clothes bones or something, probably. i am rubbish at doing anything other than basic conversion though, so idk

at least her dressed-down version wouldn't have that problem lol



Thank you again!


File: 1475437890328.png (919.78 KB, 1602x1026, Image 925.png)

someone linked to this in the other thread, a character from Shrink High


the 2nd link is a download for the MMD model

it's a nice model, but unfortunately a few people have tried converting it and keep having the problem in the picture. apparently the hands use a different set of bones than the arms/shirt.

if anyone has any idea how to fix this, please do :)


Does anyone know where I might be able to find the model used in this video? I've already spent a long time looking without success or else I wouldn't ask. Thanks!




looks like it might be custom- i wasn't able to find a version of ia with tanlines like that anywhere


Hello gentleman (and ladies, if any happen to be here). I have something special for you tonight. Ever since I learned to import models into the game and edit them in PMXEditor, I've been wanting to create a series of models with progressively larger breasts. The problem was that I couldn't find any models with a breast morph that didn't look like complete junk at very large sizes. However, turns out one was right under my nose, with the nude Sakuya Fox model that was already in the game. That being said, there was still one other problem. Just increasing the size of the bust creates a 'monoboob' as the two breasts clip into each other. So, I had to learn how to manipulate the parent bone in the breasts to move it to the side, down and out in order to seperate the breasts adequately. Overall though, I am pretty pleased with how this came out. Note that I did edit the model to remove the accessories and change the eye/hair color, just because I wasn't overly fond of the original fox look and I wanted to add some personal flair to it. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated, though like I only spent a few hours on this, so I'm sure there are some problems.


Now you can finally act out that breast expansion scene or just enjoy an extremely busty model! Have fun! Oh, and if anybody knows of other models that have good breast size morphs, I would love to see them! Thanks!


File: 1475458422935.png (703.23 KB, 960x540, SakuyaBEEdit.png)


Had to resize the screenshot. ironically.



I think now that its the same body model as the Sakuya Fox one with Ia's head on it, since that's originally Whitefox's/Arlvit's model and it has a morph for tanlines.



that sounds amazing, thanks!

according to this post in the other thread, all the HK models should have BE sliders: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/3492.html#4415



Thank you for the pointer, but I was already aware of the HK model's BE sliders. The problem with those models is that when you increase the size of the breast, the backside of the breasts is literally flat. This is particularly visible when the breast size is very large and the breasts are projecting out into space. While this is hidden somewhat when you apply physics to the breasts and they hang down naturally, given the current static models in game, it is extremely difficult to adjust the positioning of the breasts in the PMXEditor to try to compensate for that flatness. The Whitefox models seem to maintain the overall roundness of the breast much better at larger sizes and its easier to move the breasts into positions where the breasts clip into the body, creating a pseudo seamless effect. Oh, protip for anyone using the editor. When you do a morph, if you open the Morph Slider window, you can adjust the morph threshold above 1.0 by entering a larger number in the box to the right of the slider. That's how I was able to make this series of models, by setting the breast morph for 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10.



that IS a pro tip, thanks!



just got a chance to try these out, great job with the editing! my only wish is that there was a small crevice/tunnel nearest her chest where one could run through between the breasts, but I understand that would probably take a lot more editing and might not be possible with BE of that magnitude. thanks for including the entire range of sizes, too- i'm sure someone will find something clever to do with it (and after seeing this, I hope there will be some kind of interactive BE implemented in the game in the future)



I'm very glad that you enjoy the models! I've spent more time with them in game and I am actually pretty pleased overall with how they came out. I thought about separating the breasts more so you could run between them, but I initially felt that then they would be too far out to the sides and would look weird. So, I went with a compromise, spread them out a bit to decrease the 'monoboob' look and bring them down and out to make them look more like gravity has some sway over them. I might go back into the editor and see if I work something out that would allow the player to run between them. What might be interesting to do is create a new morph that actually does the job of moving the boobs around besides just making them larger. Would at least allow people to get a more realistic look when increasing the bust size.


File: 1475479629028.png (252.63 KB, 410x512, Floaty.png)


Yup. Moving the boobs out to the side more to create more space between them looks pretty weird. Oh well. I'll keep fiddling with it. On the plus side, I made a new version of the model with magical floaty boobs. If for some reason you guys prefer the gravity defying version, I could do a new series of models like this.




thanks for experimenting with it!



Another protip that I learned from playing around with the PMXEditor. If you are going to move or rotate the bones in the Transform window, use the 'Value' option. This allows you to enter the XYZ coordinate changes individually for either rotations or movements. Just remember that you have to use negative and positive values to get the movement in the opposite directions (up vs down). Using values to perform alterations makes it much easier to be consistent. Its far too tricky to move things consistently by clicking and dragging bones in the model.



somebody did earlier in the thread, super mario. thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by here though. please give bowser our regards


File: 1475541569150.png (444.6 KB, 470x605, Untitled.png)

Linkle (hood on and hood off options) and The Great Fairy (fixed head tracking)




thanks for fixing the fairy! what did you need to do?



fyi, I just noticed that the bikini version of this one is stuck in T-pose and can't be edited ingame, unfortunately



someone already did them the last time you asked:




I had to do some weird stuff in Unity and assign some bones onto the figure. I just followed a tutorial on a forum and figured it out.


Can someone make this one a giantess?





i think she already is- that's labeled as ab-chan, and she had 2 or 3 different versions included (at least in a previous build). if she's not in the latest build, i can upload her



yeah, the file is ab7_160404.gts in the giantess folder.



I saw her, but this one actually has a modeled vagina, instead of a weird void.


Hello everyone! you can convert this model that was in some versions of the game? http://mmda.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=567



I will take another look at it tonight. iirc, when I imported the model from mmda (that claims to have a modeled vagina morph) it only had lips with nothing behind them, just like the one already ingame.


i will try to get to this one tonight




I am the resident futa fan, so I'll take a crack at that.



Uhhh….so, this model looks fine in the PMXEditor. But, when I try to load it into to the Unity Editor with the Model Importer Program….well, she has solid black eyes and is crying. I wish I was making that up, but I'm not. No idea what's causing that to happen. If anybody wants to download it and take a look for themselves, please do. Because I am at a bit of a loss. of what to do And a little creeped out.


Oh golly the model is haunted lol


can you send a screenshot of what it looks like when she gets imported?


File: 1475715235079.png (497.95 KB, 721x593, Haunting.png)


This is how she looks when I load the model into the Unity Editor too. The eyes only appear when I open the model in the PMXEditor. Haunting, isn't it?



the moe has taken her….


could you convert it anyway? The way the eyes look don't really matter to me



There you go. Don't come crying to me if you get cursed for all eternity.



Actually looks more like her eyes are just closed mostly if you look at the bottom of them


apologies to those I said I'd convert models for recently, it's been a busy week. i should have time tomorrow though


Anybody saved any scenes they wanna share yet? Might need another thread for that if a lot of people start doing it


i kinda like the idea of making this the catch-all "shared resources" thread. tbh i've been too busy converting models to play much of the game, but I would definitely love to try to scenes if anyone else has come up with some good ones


http://mmda.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=557 is it possible to make a version of this at minimum, half, and maximum scale before importing it



fyi, holding off on releasing new model conversions until aiiko shares the tutorial for the new shader & normal mapping stuff. i will be trying to make all my models compatible with the new system when possible (because it looks amazing) and i will be going back over old conversions to update them when i have time


prejudice I have always, however, you could put the shader in these models? http://junk-hoes.deviantart.com/art/Senran-Kagura-Haruka-and-Minori-DL-624852170


File: 1476111526026.jpg (541.89 KB, 1920x1080, Ayya.jpg)

Hey, can someone fix the Grand archer model and hopefully add new shaders to her, please?

Her thighs detach from her long boots when moving and the legs look weird when she walks.

It looks as if the thighs and boots were moving at different intervals/positions.



Hello, I have updated the tool and the tutorial to include the new shaders, I included the process i dit to add detail to the characteres but in fact you can use any shader you want, the game will recognize it.



File: 1476122109954.jpg (247.07 KB, 1920x1080, 001.jpg)

I will try that. On another not, do you think anything can be done about this issue with some models?


If you have the pmxe editor, just follow this steps..

in the Vert/Mat show only the shows, then select the foot bone, the click in the W, press start, and mark all the shoes vertex as red..



Yes, I did that already. I did choose only the shoes and then added weight on them but there was no change in the game. The result seems to somewhat work on PMX Editor test mode and on MMD but in the game it looks like that. I did notice however that the heels alone do not have physics, though I do not know if that has anything to do with the problem at hand.


I forgot to put a couple of files in the model importer



File: 1476162541888.png (1.05 MB, 1366x768, ab7.png)

Here is ab7 model with the new shader, it has some hair problems if you look her from certain angle.



When I import an MMD model into Unity using the tool, how does it determine which clothing texture to apply if there are several to choose from, and how do I change which one is applied when I export it?


I fixed some collider bugs


(note: you don't need to create a new project to update this tool, if you open this in you current project it will update itself without problems)

The user must apply the shader and choose the textures before exporting. Inside the tutorial is the updated process.


Just in case, this is the Tool, not the model.


File: 1476201536839.png (263.5 KB, 744x455, micros.png)

This micros are very low poly and use they a mobile shader ("Mobile > Vertex Lit"), you can have a lot of them on screen.



I'm having the same problem as >>4626 when I try to import this model
I tried following the steps in the video, with no change in game. Can anyone help me here?



thanks, these will be very useful for city scenes



Can someone try fixing this? Please.


I've been looking into the options on this: http://www.deviantart.com/art/MMD-HatsuneMiku-Child-341594441

And while getting the model (the first one, at least, there's quite a few in there I've yet to test) to work was easy, I'm having a lot of trouble with the normal maps. I know how to add them, but I can never get tiling values I'm satisfied with. Anyone else want to take a crack at it or have any other advice on that topic?


op here. Apologies to those whose model reqs have gone unanswered- my schedule has still been busier than usual lately aad I havent had a solid few hours to sit down and figure out the new shader stuff yet. Hopefully next week.


Anybody having trouble saving morphs in PMX editor? It worked on some models but most of the time it just saves a duplicate of the original. Editing using masks works and I can save, but some models need morphs.


File: 1476581667948.jpg (1.08 MB, 2462x1098, pose.jpg)

Ram and Rem

First try converting, think it came out alright. Will try doing more later.

Windows: (GTS only)

Linux: (GTS only)


can anyone convert any overwatch models? i haven't been able to use the tool.


File: 1476916632469.jpg (62.86 KB, 800x600, Untitled-1.jpg)



Do you happen to have a giant linkle?


How strange, when I try to export things myself, the GTS file simply won't even load up in the game once I put it in the appropriate folder.


did you make sure the filename was alphanumeric? I had a problem with this as well but fixed it by renaming them.


Great ,that actually worked! Now if only I knew how to edit clothes and remove them xD. I think the uncoloured hair may be that glitch that's also mention where you have to save a texture over itself.

Thanks for the help!


File: 1477043021279.jpg (112.4 KB, 1017x525, 25an7u0.jpg)

Plaese, converted to Ariane and Yellow Heart (folder with various models -excuse my english-)


File: 1477046659324.png (113.5 KB, 480x640, Alice_KKM.png)


File: 1477047357994.jpg (130.87 KB, 1024x1024, 1-Model (Shimakaze.jpg)

and Shimakaze too http://tstorage.info/6655h0frh4jh
I will show link of pages with various models when upload file .gts of Ariane, Alice and Shimakaze. (I ask, please, beg you -excuse my english-)


Great, the tradeshitters are here


http://darkliger01.deviantart.com/gallery/ Found a guy with tons of pokemon models in case anyone wants those.


finally got an hour free to learn the new shader method, and it's pretty simple once you get the hang of it. there's a little trial and error for applying the right secondary textures at the right scale, but when it comes to nude models at least it's very simple. if i can get a single damned day when i'm not working overtime i might actually be able to start converting stuff again.


I tried converting Ariane and she looks fine in the viewer before exporting, but in game she hunches over so bad she clips through her own stomach. Not sure what went wrong.



Try enforcing t-pose, sometimes the default pose is wrong so models look wrong in the game. That has fixed it for me.


To me it doesn't matter what model you convert unless it's detailed, but could you set the import scale to its maximum size and convert a model of your choosing?


Would anybody happen to have an Ikaruga model converted? I could have sworn he used an Ikaruga model in one of the earlier builds.


Does anyone know where to find models from the Neptunia series? I've been looking but I've barely found anything that's publicly available and what I have found isn't rigged.


any love live models?


OP here. it hasn't been posted in a while, so if you are looking for the latest version of the model importer (which includes some surprisingly easy to follow instructions) it is here:


I finished a very busy week at work and I'm now away on vacation, so I won't be able to convert any models until Friday at the earliest. However, I have some free days coming up soon, so hopefully I can start to make a dent in the request backlog.

For anyone else who has been trying to use the new shader stuff in the importer: have any tips? curious what are the best secondary textures to use for which surfaces, what scale to set them, etc.


how can i use theese models in my game?


how can use theese models in my game?


request: could someone turn vienne w/ her swimsuit into a playable character? http://imaginegirls.com/en/



put any .gts file in the "giantess" folder inside the "models" folder. put any .micro folder in the player folder in the "models" folder, and also the male or female folder if you want to be able to spawn them as micro npcs



So i tried to convert it myself but there are no animations at all when it shows up in game. any ideas? it was only downloadable as an FBX which isnt the normal file im used to. http://imaginegirls.com/downloads_en/

my failed attempt: https://mega.nz/#!uYZETDIC!YKYD-Bb4j7az6vsx8VM-sZesJT6ZvinU_EHSQDGRRt0


File: 1478015351753.png (1.18 MB, 1366x768, vienne.png)



thank you so much. I guess I'm just too good at this unity stuff


Would it be possible to convert her to giantess format with the scale slider at it's maximum?



if you mean editing the scale of the model in pmxeditor to be larger than the models are supposed to be in the game, I wouldn't recommend it. it can cause all sorts of problems with collision.


To me collision doesn't really matter I just like giga-tera sized giantesses.



The scale slider is modified in-game. In-unity there's a scale-factor number but it doesnt seem to have a limit so this request is a bit vague.


I don't see how it's vague.



what is the "maximum" is 99999 still too small?


what could you do with a model with an even larger scale difference than what is currently available? aiiko said at the current max scale difference, a giantess is about 42 miles tall. if that is right, it is over 7 times bigger than mount everest.

adding more different objects to show scale would be easier than increasing the giantess sizes.


I too would like to be able to reach much greater differences in scale, though I'd probably settle for allowing her to be 100 miles tall so only a factor of 2 or so more than now. Fortunately there are some workarounds to achieve this.

You can directly edit your save files in a text editor and set the scale to whatever you like. This will however make it impossible to collide or interact with the giantess in any way once you load it up. This was tested with one of the first builds to have saves though, so it could be different now.

Another way that will actually yield a giantess you can interact with is to use an application like cheat engine (or scanmem on linux) to directly alter the scale modifier in memory while the game is running. Easiest done if you load a save where you know the original scale value for the giantess, you can then just search in memory for that value and alter it at your pleasure. This is however not an exact science, and will probably cause crashes or worse. Don't play around with it unless you know what you're doing.


Just because you don't understand the appeal doesn't mean it doesn't appeal to anyone.


Ok, here are the links for 3+ models which have problems with their shoes when in the game:


On MMD and PMX Editor they show no problems at all.

Please try not to redistribute them since I don't know if there will be problems or not. I download most of my models from DeviantArt but I also get others from some Japanese sites.

Thanks in advance.



i was not talking about appeal. adding more objects and ways to take advantage of the existing scale difference would make a bigger difference. making gts 2x bigger would be the same as making the player half the size as minimum, in game the difference will not be so visible without a way to do anything with that scale.



yeah if people want bigger giantesses, we need some differently scaled map, like a continent or the whole planet. on the city map you can already make a model big enough that their toe covers an entire city. to get meaningfully larger we'll need some custom maps, and that probably won't happen until aiiko gets more core functionality implemented


Hi, you can convert this model?


File: 1478222830202.png (575.68 KB, 436x879, dIANE.png)



Here you go. Let me know if the DL failed or if the file doesnt work.



Hey! Could you try and see if you can fix this model, please? >>4621

Also convert these two if you've got the time.



Thanks in advance.



All is well with the model Thanks


Hmm, I believe I might have found a possible reason why some models whose shoes/heels break when in the game is because they do not have physics. I can't back it up of course but it is a difference compared to most models.


so does anyone feel like fixing a model for me i tried to do it my self but i suck XD


http://poketrainer-alex.deviantart.com/art/MMD-PKMN-Pokemon-Girl-Models-DL-623376270 just want the sun and moon girl but for some reason the shoes are like cliped off in game



im also having issues with the poses when i import models they dont do anything they can do animations but not poses


File: 1478295134995.jpg (276.7 KB, 1920x1080, Atago Bikini x4.jpg)

I have converted 4 versions of Atago from Kantai Collection each with a different color for bikini.


Both Windows and Linux versions inside. Enjoy.




Current build's posing system has bugs I think. If they animate you're fine.


>>4984 have you run into this issue to?



Can you explain how to pick the texture/clothing used when exporting the model? I've tried it myself with the same Atago model and I seem to get unpredictable results. The only way I was able to get a specific texture was to delete all the others.


Starting from build 6 or 7 the game crashes a bit often. Of course, it could also be that the more the game grows the more resources it requires. My computer is a 2009 build with a dual core CPU and a R7250 graphics card so I am having trouble with demanding games. Perhaps the game itself is fine and its only our machines that can't keep up.


http://prntscr.com/d39bxh so yah take a look at that any one want to help lol im at a loss of words


i cant post the link to dl the model but ile post the deviant art if anyone wants to help a dude out http://whimsicottsh.deviantart.com/art/MMD-TEAM-RWBY-DOWNLOAD-552556295?offset=0#comments


There are 2 ways to go with models that have more than one texture for clothes or underwear.

First, using PMX Editor you edit the model so that it changes costume and then save it with a different name. It can be complicated if you don't know how to do that.

Or, after you open the model's folder on Unity and click the process the file but before extracting, you drag the model in the scene and then click on it twice on the body area. On the menu on the right you need to scroll down till you see a list with the textures. Each texture has an arrow which by clicking on it you can see the said texture's details. From there you need to find the one you want to change and then click on it. I believe there is a Change button on the bottom right of the texture. You do that for each texture you wish to change if you have more than one and after you finish you choose extract, of course do not forget to set the model as Humanoid.

One problem with this procedure is that most models with multiple choices for textures can only work properly if you extract each versions separately, meaning that you extract the first and then you should rename the folder (on Unity of course) to something else, delete all the files related to your last extraction and then process another file if you have one and repeat the above or change the models textures again if have only one PMX file.

Sounds confusing, doesn't it?


>>4993 got anything for my last post?



Jimmy please. You seem a bit over excited/young and have been filling up each thread with dozens of your posts, and sometimes 3 posts in a row containing no information. One post is enough. If someone is interested they'll convert it for you.


File: 1478317869309.jpg (456.37 KB, 1920x1080, RWBY - Ruby and Weiss only.jpg)

Ok, here are the models you want. Unfortunately only 2 of them since the other 2 had the usual problem with their shoes, seriously, something needs to be done about that issue, its a mood killer. Anyway, here's the link:



>>4996 for starters im excited lol but im sorta new to this whole thing the forms and threads and >>4997 thank you i was able to import those over my self its just yang has no thighs and blakes shoes are messed up but thankfuly for her i was able to remove them she has stocking so it works dosent exactly kill the mood its just yang rly i got no clue how to fix that



File: 1478369361648.jpg (37.48 KB, 900x506, mmd_touya__touko_x2_downloads_…)

I have a request, and I don't necessarily mind if it's never fulfilled; It'd just be cool.
Here's the link to three models from Pokemon that I really like - I've been having trouble with the importer lately, so perhaps someone would be interested in converting them to gts. files (Yes, even the male XD). Thanks in advance :)


op here- fyi i have been saving every requested model to a big folder and will start processing them all in no particular eventually. silence on your request doesn't mean I didnt see it :)


So, once they're converted they would all be one big list or just more over time?


i'll be releasing converted models individually as I process them, if that's what you're asking


Do you guys mind specifying if you want the Unity shaders or MMD shaders?

MMD shaders are cel-shaded and Unity shaders have normal maps (like skin/hair textures) and are not cel-shaded.


Unity shaders.


>>5007 so does that mean you will also be fixing the shoe bug?


File: 1478405302013.png (223.76 KB, 272x840, Untitled.png)

Meiko Shiraki (Prison School)


MMD and Unity Shader versions included



so anyone think they can do dva in a bikini i can only find the regular jumpsuit


File: 1478489830699.jpg (782.45 KB, 2560x1440, somefuckingmonster.jpg)

Alright, so i think im fucking up the conversion process somehow. About 75% of the models i convert end up like this monstrosity. Anyone know what the fuck im doing wrong?



Have you tried using enforce t-pose in the bone configuration? That solved the problems I was getting with arms and hands.


File: 1478508416582.jpg (698.15 KB, 2560x1440, gtsdemo_2016_11_07_03_45_11_36…)

Well, it fixed the torso at least.


File: 1478510326734.jpg (129.84 KB, 1904x365, Untitled.jpg)

can anybody help me? when I try to export it gives me error


it looks like one of two things.

-either your model files need to be in a subfolder instead of being directly in /Import/GTS

-or the subfolder they are in has a dot in it's name which you should never ever do


File: 1478535387616.jpg (127.77 KB, 779x609, Untitled.jpg)

thanks for the help friend
here is the yagyu model for the game https://mega.nz/#!kZF1BbgT!nY-qeDDSj-A1DKrXhnSxzO0QdPNTZT-1Xh07vA9gZIw


in Unity?, How exactly? Could you explain, please?


When you change the animation type to Humanoid there is a configure button.


File: 1478560448625.jpg (97.93 KB, 585x913, Untitled.jpg)

I can't make the haruka model, but here the minori model for the game


Can someone tell me how to put these files into the game



- download and unzip the file of the model you want
- open the unzipped folder. if there are "windows" and "linux" folders inside, open the folder for the OS you're using.
- copy any .gts files inside into the "Giantess" folder within the game's "Models" folder
- if there are .micro files, copy them into the game's "Player" folder if you want them to be playable characters, and into the "MaleNPC" or "FemaleNPC" folder if you want them to be spawnable as micro NPCs



Pardon me for asking, but do you have the PMX model for MMD? I can't seem to find the model anywhere.



Someone converted those actually! That was an old request. But thank you for your efforts.


Any other futa models?


If a model has morphs, e.g. breast size, how can I export it with a morph applied?



Thats for XNALara not MMD



So, anyone here can teach me how to delete elements from MMD models? I'm trying to fix the Tatsuta one but I've found myself stuck without being able to delete her topedo backpack


open model in PMXeditor
press F3 to open the vertex/masking menu
toggle only the parts you want to delete, select them then press shift+del


Thanks, mate



1)Download, UNBLOCK, extract and open PMXEdit

2)Drag the .PMX file that you want to edit into PMXView window

3)Under the View dropdown menu, select TransformView

4)Tweak morphs to your liking, and on each morph you edit, click "Set Motion Morph"

5)Save your model and use the new pmx file for the conversion in unity.



That's what I was afraid you might say, I'm running linux here and I've been unable to get PmxEditor to run under wine. I was hoping there might be a way to do it from within Unity.


Is anybody able to convert previous unconverted conversion requests?


How do you process/extract a model using Unity shaders instead of the default MMD ones?



Instructions are in the PDF packaged with the latest version of the conversion pack. http://macrochan.us/cg/res/4227.html#4652


I am trying to make the models look the same as the one posted in the comment below

The skin texture on Unity models is way better in my opinion.


Damn, I have been trying for I don't know how many hours to make a model look better by using the Unity Shaders but no luck. Could someone who has successfully managed to change a model with Unity shaders please post the steps to do it?

Whenever I change the shader to the standard one from the default MMD one the skin/cloth becomes dark and no matter what I try the skin won't look good.


Any download links for converted models?



In the most recent version of the converter pack posted by Aiiko there is a pre-configured Unity scene you can load with the same lighting as used in-game. Without this I found that models with the Unity shaders were very dark in the preview window.


The only thing I found in the root folder was a StandardCullOff.shader file.



It was missing in one of the earlier packages, make sure you have the one linked here: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/4227.html#4652

I just tested that with a new project and I get a Preview.Scene file in the root Assets directory.


I got it. I am not sure if I didn't have from the beginning or I deleted it before but this time I have it.

Also, upon opening a model in the Preview scene it does seem more Unity-like than MMD.


Any converteds available for download?


Well, it's me again.
I tinkered with some of the troublesome models, but it seems theb problem is in its bones.
Someone can teach me how to snap bones onto mmd models?





I converted the pink sweater one a while ago but never did the other two. So take what I have.




I imported it, but I get an error saying it doesn't have enough bones. I'm guessing this is just a 3D model rather than a fully rigged character.


Do you plan on converting any of the models stored?


File: 1479855781681.png (806.63 KB, 1142x994, Capture.PNG)

I just used the converter for the first time and I was wondering if there was a way to just remove clothing from the models. This one has a huge sword on her back that I rather just get rid of




Yes, you have to use the PMXEditor. Check out this and the main thread. There should be instructions. Also, which model is that?


Be careful though, since sometimes models do not have bodies under the clothes.




this appears to be an xnalara model, not mmd


Has anyone converted previous requests yet? If somebody could post converted download links that would be great


File: 1480231961849.png (689.24 KB, 960x544, mikuplsgetoutofmuhscreen.png)

Question… you wouldn't happen to have the normal .pmx of that uploaded someplace and on hand to share, would you?


xpost from the main thread:

I found an online tool that seems to be designed for adding detailed pubic hair to mmd models


you can see an example of the results here (the 4 most recent screenshots) http://gs-uploader.jpn.org/upld-index.php?uname=aqgts

I can't read japanese so I have no idea how it actually works, but if anyone can figure it out this would be a great way to enhance existing models for micro exploration.

there's also a tool for adding "vellus hair" (very small soft hair) to models, though i'm not sure if that would look as good https://aqgts.github.io/vellus-hair/


Can somebody convert this? Also if possible could do a version with and without pubic hair http://mmda.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=683



Yeah here you go. This is the MMD file.

It's extremely rare because (from what I understand) someone bought it from a MMD model rigging artist, but he apparently didn't rig the hair and denied the buyer a refund, so the buyer put it up for download for free out of revenge. It's since been taken down.



so anyone got some models to share lol


I will try to translate what it means

how many vertices will have the circles that form each hair (if yoy put more, it will be more spheric and less square).

how many times the hair bends

what is the maximum angle in which the hair bends

hair count in X direction

hair count in Z direction

red color component

green color component

blue color component

it will create a pmx model that you can attach to any model.



thanks! that makes sense. i'll mess around with it and try to generate some decent looking ones


File: 1480306543524.png (1.07 MB, 1366x597, Screenshot 11-28-2016 1.10.09 …)


it's great, now i need to tweak the values


File: 1480342961857.jpg (194.9 KB, 998x524, 1.jpg)

If you want to create custom characters, but don't know modeling, you can use a game called 3d Custom Girl 2, and a mod called TSO2PMD that allows to export characters to mmd.


I'm guessing we'd have to use a pmx editor to add bones and stuff or does the program auto generate them?


Is not neccesary, unless you want to delete some stuff to reduce the poly count.

But you can import directly into unity and it will work.



Thanks my dude!



>>4977 good picks someone should do these


sorry, but the link is dead :(


I found a massive resource of models if you guys want to play around. Just follow the download links in the top post. I've downloaded them myself and it checks out clean. There are dozens of models in there, most with nude options and vaginas/anuses.



Oh, and if anyone knows of MMD models that come with a breast expansion morph, I'd really like to know. I've been looking all around for some and other than the HK models, models with built in breast morphs are hard to find.


so anyone know were a guy can find some good rwby models?



There are literally some in the link I just posted. If you don't want to download all those models, then here's the download for just the RWBY models. These are the .pmx models, so you'll have to convert them if you want them in game.



Hi, due to some problems, I will need to update the model importer for the next build.

All the previously created models that are using the mmd shader, will show up in the next build with the standard shader, and may or may not look well.

This is because shaders for a version of unity are not compatible with a newer version, i will try to test the models created here to try to make sure they look well.

So, if you want to import new models, be sure to use the StandardCullOff shader. Or, you can wait until I update everything.

This is one of the problem of beta software when some changes can break others, I hope that it will not be too much trouble.


File: 1480559346108.png (418.26 KB, 1920x1080, error1.png)


Perhaps this is related to my issue. I tried converting something for the first time over the last hour or so with no luck. When I start a new project and import everything, I notice the following errors-



When I click on the "testgts" file which should open up the option convert, it does nothing. If I double click it just opens a new unity file and says it's already in use. Default was using windows shell to open it, but it didn't work so I changed the default program to Unity. Windows 7 btw. I wonder if it's incompatible?


File: 1480559526812.png (445.3 KB, 1920x1080, error2.png)

See pic. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks folks.



Disregard all of that. It was in fact the new unity version being the culprit. Figures the first time I want to try this and downloaded unity is when it borked! xD


I will keep this link for the newcomers, the version "5.4.3" is the last version of unity that works with the model importer. Remember to also check the linux support.



mamama gumi model plz


Good work, but for some reason the bikini model is unposeable. just stays in the T shape.


File: 1480661576313.png (639.32 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot 2016-12-02 01.49.17…)

Every time i try to edit the morphs of this model and save it as a new model, almost everything reverts back. The only thing that doesnt are the breasts, even though the slider says it reverted back as well. Anybody know what im doing wrong?


So I'm using a compatible version of unity, and following the steps everything seems to work, but upon hitting export current model, I get a screenshot preview and nothing else happens. Nothing in the export folder.


Try selecting the model on the assets below the scene.


Meanwhile, according to my other question in the release topic, seems like other models could work, so I went with a Marie Rose model from XPS. Imported into blender and exported as a FBX (PMX was giving me problems, though I guess I got it resolved later by importing and exporting it on the same drive).

Selected the humanoid rig, fixed the main bones and stuff, got to export, but when I tried in game: The model would be fixed in the wall and wouldn't move, it would be animated though, textures were weird and dark, face only was like Harley Queen's white, and there would be no hitbox, so I could go inside, was unable to select, move, scale, not even the animations menu would load.

Well, got bored with the waste of time and going to play something, but though about sharing my initial experience here.


I mean is possible, but first I need to add support because right now it looks for pmx files for certains things like morphs, certain bones, and more things. If it can't find them it fails.


tbh the game has been designed around supporting MMD models from the outset. there are already so many mmd models out there, and people on DA and elsewhere are already doing the hard work of converting models from other formats to MMD. it isn't really worth trying to add support for other formats to this game


if you want to convert a model from another format, there are tutorials for almost everything on DA. that's how I learned to convert SFM stuff. but again there are already like a hundred mmd models requested in this thread that haven't been converted yet, so maybe we should worry about them and let aiiko focus on doing cool stuff with the game


I did that cause I though the importer was already making something new, not that it was actually looking for MMD specific stuff.

I can understand that, I know I was going ahead of myself trying that


File: 1480830223602.png (470.11 KB, 773x597, Screenshot 12-4-2016 2.31.00 A…)

Now i'm working in the ability to import custom objects.





File: 1480902340567.png (1.55 MB, 1682x1077, Giantess_Explorer_2016-12-04_2…)

Well, tried again, now I converted the file to a PMX, then to GTS, and it worked!


Model is fully functional, but textures came funny, and skin is transparent (It's kinda glossy when you are on it).

Guess I will have to learn how to simplify the textures


File: 1480967822821.png (1001.89 KB, 1366x768, Konko.png)

Here is the Konko gts model.
If you want micro version ask me for it.
Link= https://mega.nz/#!X0xjUC4D!cRIFxcnxDtVILLFKRQC3t0gWMENJUcRTQ3tHwHxuWFE
Folder with all my gts/micro files= https://mega.nz/#F!K0BGQQJZ!lXpONJf0GfV9qN4D2PmK9g


File: 1480970563980.png (930.48 KB, 1366x768, Rin Kagamine.png)

Here is the TDA Rin Kagamine gts model.

If you want micro version ask me for it.

Link= https://mega.nz/#!nwwVjRKR!Geqo0jINUOYbB9ubeP0IFYuR-71zxOzGxhQ7Hk3XaUU

Folder with all my gts/micro files= https://mega.nz/#F!K0BGQQJZ!lXpONJf0GfV9qN4D2PmK9g


Hello, could i make a request.
can anyone convert this model to a GTS file


File: 1480983697986.png (837.96 KB, 1366x768, Overwatch Tracer Punk.png)

Sure here it is.

If you want micro version ask me for it.

Link= https://mega.nz/#!Dl5jHSTI!16yKaUeKdKoQLAAXpROpMYM5OHhprIebmpb4CEsSrGk

Folder with all my gts/micro files= https://mega.nz/#F!K0BGQQJZ!lXpONJf0GfV9qN4


Micro file please?


Thanks a bunch.


could anyone find a good Marisa Kirisame model like a good barefoot one


Hey! Would you consider doing this, please? >>4968


File: 1481037346938.png (909.44 KB, 1366x768, Konko micro.png)


how long should it take to receive the folder data?




File: 1481066914227.png (938.67 KB, 1366x768, Haku TDA Umineko.png)


File: 1481070261995.png (953.55 KB, 1366x768, TDA IYDD Gumi.png)



thanks for converting all those, you rule


so i'm trying to convert this:


direct link to file:


but it's just not working. as in I convert it and get the gts file but it's just not showing up. (this is happening with a few of the ones i've tried)

where am I fucking up? do i need to change the name of some of the files or what?

anyways, since i've downloaded a lot of stuff from here i'll upload some of the gts files i managed to get to work later tonight, give back.



it could be a few things. make sure there arent any special characters in the filenames or folders before you convert, and make sure the pmx file and all related files are in one folder without anything important in subfolders.

also make sure when you apply the humanoid animations that you get a check mark; if you don't, you need to check the rigging frame for bones marked red (which means theyre missing or broken) and correct them by selecting a correct bone from the list. if you get this far and still cant fix it, the model may have rigging issues that can't be easily fixed.



Wish I could find models with more detailed feet.


Micro files please?



File: 1481135562691.png (1000.54 KB, 1366x768, TDA Checkmate MIKU.png)



Sorry for some reason this model http://evergreengem.deviantart.com/art/MMD-TDA-Checkmate-Haku-DL-472208992 is broken,i tried 3 times and i couldnt fix it :c


Well I cant thank you enough for the other models you converted, if you tried that all that matters, thanks :)
Btw how are the other ones fairing? Just curious no pressure


Hi, I have a new updated for the model importer.

Note that the models created with this version will work only for the new build that i uploaded today, and future builds.

What's new:
- Import Objects:
Now you can import objects, the process is similar to the other models, but, you need to put them in the "Import/Object" folder, and don't need to set the objects as "Humanoid", just keep it in "None", but that is done automatically.
You are free to choose any scale that you want, for reference remember that micro scale is 1, and giantess scale is 1000.

- Exported files should work on both Linux and Windows builds:
Now, the shaders will be loaded on runtime, in theory, so they should work in both platforms, so you don't need to pack both windows and linux versions, just one.

- Fixed problems when importing from subfolders

You may need to reexport the previous models, by default they will use the standard shader but they can be messed up.

Download: https://mega.nz/#!91cnnJDC!0TXfLZ437_R8XsJOaSeRzFv-T9XFc4srRnjNaJdEEfI



This game has a huge compilation of mmd models


There are inside the folder UserFile/Model



Using the new model importer, all models that I try to export are missing textures. They worked fine on the old importer.

My next step was updating to the latest Unity. Unfortunately the new Unity doesn't even recognize models for me on the old OR new importers. Errors about obsolete skeleton bones, etc. I know you said it would be buggy, so. xD


It still works with the 5.4 version of Unity.

The problem is that is mmd4mecanim that needs and update, I will try the new version and see if it works.

Are you using the latest build of the game? Because those models will look pink in the previous builds.



In short:

-Models look pink/missing textures using the new exporter on the new version of the game on 5.4 unity.

-Models did not load at all on 5.5 Unity through either exporter.



good tip, i totally forgot about wss. will add this to the ever-growing conversion backlog lol


Thanks for the update im going to fix my models, :D


Are you using a shader other than Standard, StandardCullOff, or any of the default MMD Shaders?

Can you send me one model of the 5.4 version?



I had deleted all 5.4 stuff. Will uninstall 5.5 and reinstall old 5.4 unity in an hour or so and export a model using the new extractor. I'll follow up with you then. Thanks!


File: 1481155044325.png (383.06 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 12-7-2016 11.56.38 …)

I have a problem, i tried to recompile Konko with new exporter and ingame it shows hair without textures, why?


Can you upload the file?



File: 1481157791208.png (250.59 KB, 800x600, Screenshot 12-7-2016 9.40.29 P…)

The model is fine, the build that i uploaded lacks one shader, soon i will upload a fixed version. But first i will wait a little to find more bugs.



I'm not sure how to even change shaders, so possibly?

Here's a file with the original model, the .gts file using the new extractor, and a picture of what the model looks like in game. (Holy hot pink!)

It should be noted that on the older extractor this model has a few issues as well but on the newer upload just about everything is borked. xD



File: 1481159361916.png (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, kaat school girl4.png)

Supposed to be more like this instead of…


File: 1481159409422.png (461.97 KB, 1920x1080, errorpicture.png)


…THIS! xD Invasion of bubblegum.


In the model's folder, you will find a folder called Materials, if you enter, you will see all the materials of the model. If you click one of them, you will see the properties, like color, texture, and the shader on the top. If you want to give them a look like in the picture, choose the "StandardCullOff" shader. There you can change the color, smoothness, just play with it. (and if you drag the model into the scene, you can see the changes).



Will experiment - thank you good sir!


Also you forgot to mark the animation type as Humanoid. Remember to read the pdf, in there is all the information.

But the pink body is my fault, that will be fixed when I reupload the build.



Oh I know about the animations, thanks. I just exported/threw that together quick to show you the bubblegum princess. xD

That being said, I played around with the shaders and that fixed it. I also had to convert a few body partfiles from .bmp to .png in order for the extractor to recognize them. For some reason it seems to have a problem with .bmp files?


yes, that happens with the models of J&J, another fix is to open them in paint and press the save button.



Aha! I thought it was odd how only certain bmp files were wonky while others were fine. And yes it does seem like the J@J models are the ones mostly giving me that issue.

I'm well on my way for now! I appreciate the fast responses and bearing with my MMD newbness. Thank you again for doing this.


Thanks for the update, now the model textures work :D


File: 1481205017642.png (417.98 KB, 1366x768, Konko.png)

Here is the Konko gts model.
Fixed for build 12.07.16 fix or up.


Folder with all my gts/micro files=


File: 1481206523190.png (1.52 MB, 1366x768, Konko micro.png)

Here is the Konko micro model.
Fixed for build 12.07.16 fix or up.


Folder with all my gts/micro files=


File: 1481207399342.png (464.41 KB, 1366x768, Tda Rin Kagamine.png)

Here is the Tda Rin Kagamine model.
Fixed for build 12.07.16 fix or up.


Folder with all my gts/micro files=


If you have some models with problems please upload them in the old thread, i will try to fix the any problem from the game or the exporter tool.



the Konko model got an eye problem. when she is looking down at you the iris is missing. please fix.


Nvmnd you just posted a fixed model.
Thx a lot.


File: 1481323250822.png (1.32 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot - 091216 - 22:29:34…)

Did these today, figured I'd share. If anyone can tell me how the hell I choose which colour bikini the Atago model is wearing I will love them forever. There are 4 bikini textures included with the model, when I first import the model it shows the blue one, but when I change the shaders to standard cull-off it switches to the red one and I can't work out how to change it. Tried deleting the other ones before importing it, after importing it, making the other ones transparent, nothing works. There is clearly some voodo associated with texture selection that I am just not aware of.



Whoever can get some of those models from the VR porn game will be regarded as a god



not sure if it will work for those specifically, but if you can select the bikini in the materials folder it should have an "albedo" selection at the top where there's a color dropper, and if you click on the color box next to the dropper you should be able to change the hue that way.


Anybody want to convert this one? Tried it myself, but I kept getting errors.





I'm familiar with that setting, but that's not what I'm looking for in this case. There are 4 actual images in the package with the model representing each bikini texture, and I have no idea how to choose which one is applied when the model is exported. I've had some luck in the past with pure brute force fucking about with things until I got it to randomly export with the one I wanted, but there is clearly something I'm missing because this isn't the only model I've had this problem with.



Any in particular you're interested in? I've downloaded the pack and tested quite a few of them already.


Linux Guy if your asking which models from VR porn game then I'm interested in the Luna model, Miku Lingerie model, a few more I cant think of at the moment. But if you convert those two I'd be a happy man



Yeah, that's the one.


File: 1481354853430.png (1.22 MB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 12-10-2016 2.06.36 …)

okay, FINALLY got around to re-importing some older models with the new shaders. in the process I figured out the proper way to include multiple versions of the same model, so no more separate nude/clothed downloads.

zarya (new shaders, gts & micro, bikini & nude)

mei (new shaders, gts & micro, bikini & nude)

warning: zarya's hands are oversized and the rigging is messed up, so they look weird in most poses. i don't know enough about rigging to fix it, but if anyone wants to try dropping this in their gts import folder in unity and checking it out, i'd appreciate it: https://mega.nz/#!WdFUzSrR!bkaIs4rUhHpu6h-TNfZxe2sxhj1a6DC7nxmHRCTEKWc


File: 1481354990544.png (938.7 KB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 12-10-2016 2.05.10 …)

applying the new shaders makes the import process take up to an hour per model to get everything just right (especially if there are variants), but i think the results are worth it.

I've found these secondary normal map textures & tiling settings work best:

hair & brows - hair, 70x70 tiling

body & limbs - skin1 or skin2, 100x100 tiling

face - skin3, 100x100 tiling

cloth - cloth6, 30x30 tiling (this one will probably vary the most)


File: 1481355260799.png (267.9 KB, 923x530, Image 1030.png)


here's how zarya's hand looks in unity when you enforce t-pose. the fingers get all elongated and jammed together.

I noticed the thumb bones weren't mapped, so i tried mapping them to the correct bones, but that somehow made everything worse lol

this model was imported from an SFM model, so that might explain why it's so goofed up


Hello everyone!

I hate to do this, but is anyone aware of a good model of Ahri from League of Legends? Most models that can be found in the web are just exports from the game itself and those quality is rather mediocre. There are a few professional ones that can be seen in diverse Youtube mmd dance videos, but it seems the creators don’t share them.
So yeah, if anyone knows of a reliable source I would be very grateful. I can convert the model myself after that.
Thank you very much!



this one looks decent, unless it's the game rip you were referring to

there's also an alternate skin



someone made a custom mmd-styled bikini version here, idk if they've shared her in her original costume http://utaufan48e.deviantart.com/art/Beach-Ahri-469556632


was going to keep linking more but there are like a dozen different interpretations of her for download here, take your pick lol http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/?section=&global=1&q=ahri+mmd&offset=26


Yeah, I meant these ripped ones when I talked about the mediocre models. The quality of those is nothing special, the mouth is static and the textures are not very detailed. Riot makes better models nowadays but the old ones are still bad.
And thanks for that custom one; I have seen that before I think with a black bra and much bigger bust. I think that edit was from jimjimbo if I am correct. If I find nothing else I probably work with this one. Better than the ripped ones.
But what I was originally looking for was if someone knows how to get access to some of these models:
I know that the artists mainly keep their edits to themselves. But sometimes there is a download of one of the many Chinese, Japanese and whatnot mmd boards out there. But it’s hard to navigate and mostly password protected ^^.
Anyway, thanks for taking your time in searching a bit. I really appreciate it.
Maybe someone else might have a clue.


Sorry, Name disappeared.


There are like no good LoL models out there, there is one guy who makes some okay ones but they constantly cock tease them and usually end up going through a "computer problem" before ever releasing them


File: 1481392921031.png (560.95 KB, 854x480, 1.png)

Can you please provide a link to the MMD version of that Yui model?



It's in the Waifu sex simulator download: >>5267


Thanks, only problem is now finding the model because searching for it yields nothing and there is a ton of them to look through, if you know the name it's under that would be helpful



Hmm I just did a search and couldn't find it either, I might be wrong. I'll see if I can find where I got it and let you know.


Great thanks, I just finished looking for her in model manager and found nothing, though there are a bunch of models in there that I wouldn't mind using that I didn't already have, still gotta have that Yui tho


Does anyone have some furry models?



Couldn't find where I downloaded it, but did find the original archive so I re-hosted:



File: 1481454638858.png (1.2 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot - 111216 - 10:58:03…)

I imported this cruise ship model. It's a huge file so it can take a second or two to load in.



A (nude) model of Lara Croft from TR Underwolrd whould be awesome =D


Thanks a bunch bro


If someone could import that Luna, Miku Lingere Model, Haku and Rin Adult one I will love you forever


From the VR Porn game that is!




thanks, that will be handy!

it looks like the import might have missed some textures on the top side, unless those are supposed to be sky blue



Yeah I noticed that, but I honestly don't have the first clue how to sort out texture problems. I still don't understand how some of the models I've imported have worked at all considering I've renamed half the textures from Japanese names to total random crap.




Can someone convert this, please?



there are a bunch of models at that link, which one do you mean



Hey, I'm trying to get http://mmda.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=502 to work in this, but while I can import it successfully (the morphs even work) none of the animations work. I think this is due to the model importer saying "AvatarBuilder 'May R18 busty': Required human bone 'RightFoot' not found
UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI()". Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, or could someone please upload a fixed version?


Hey im trying to start importing models, I downloaded unity and the model importer but when I open unity and try to find the importer package it isnt there. Any ideas? Did I not download the right package>?


Update : No clue what the hell Im doing better leave this kind of stuff to the professionals


I also decided to start importing models, but when I preview them in the importer they have no textures. I don't see any files that could be causing the problem, anyone know what the problem might be?


Guys is there a way to fix the skeleton/t-pose of DOA5 models to work better with the animations?


File: 1481589766078.png (298.88 KB, 285x675, TDA Luka.png)


Whoever has any models that theyve converted that arent already on here can you please post them for those who cannot convert for the life of them? :)



Anyone can convert. It's a very easy process and can take as little as 5 minutes. However learning it will take some concentration. Just read carefully, and ask people here if you messed up a step.

In the end it's just:

-Download MMD Model
-Place into Import Folder
-Open Unity and click 1 button.
-Wait for it to process.
-Click a pull down menu and then press accept.
-Export. You now have a converted model.

That's without the more complicated normal maps but it takes minutes to do once you sit down and learn.


I tried once before but once I put the files into the GTS folder but I couldnt do the next step of getting the pmd or whatever file


Not requesting conversion, but if anyone can fix the legs on this one. Nice model with a very good vagina/ass but the legs are broken and I can not fix them right using weight in PMX editor.


Might upload some conversions later this week.



So go back and give it a second try. I gave up twice before figuring it out. There's way more people requesting than converting so it'd be nice if a lot more people could give it a shot themselves


Does anyone know why some morphs just don't seem to work when you convert the model into an fbx? I'd love to be able to access all of the available morphs on the HK models but none of the ones associated with the clothing work.



Clothing is added separately and isn't part of the model. You can download clothes off of websites for models. This clothing doesn't seem to be affected by morphs.



I'm talking about models that come clothed but have morphs intended to shrink the clothing item so it vanishes inside the body, effectively removing it. A lot of models have these, and while some of them do work it seems that the majority of them don't. For example all of the "HK …" models have clothing on by default, but have a number of morphs that are supposed to remove the top/panties etc.


File: 1481657134706.png (807.31 KB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 12-13-2016 2.01.16 …)


Hey a little off topic and vague but doesn't anyone have that aceofspades MMD giantess video named 28 or something the one that was pov and had a purple dressed girl kissing and shrinking the camera I can't find it anywhere :/


Anyone got a working patchouli model? I tried converting a few but they don't show up in game. Also got a kawakaze model that works but her shoes aren't attached.


Is there any specific Patche model you would want converted?



Have you successfully converted a model before?

If a model doesn't show up in game it's usually because you broke the "one folder deep" rule or the "English characters only" rule.


http://mmda.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=63 was trying to get this one done. I've converted a few but I must've flubbed something.



With and without normal maps

The model/folder name had some bad characters in it.
Also some bones were mapped incorrectly(but unity still showed a tick in front of the configure button).

I tried to give the hair the transparency effect of the mmd shaders but the shader I used isn't included in the game.


Oh, that works great. Thanks a bunch.


Anyone got this model? I tried to convert this for someone else but failed miserably



Anyone got a full package of the Senran Kagura models with both GTS/Micro files?
I know some are kicking around in older versions of the game but I don't think they have the shaders


File: 1481821157036.jpg (123.56 KB, 924x824, patchy_luna.jpg)

Just noticed I used an old version of the importer so I redid these two real quick.


Could someone please fix the rigging on the HK Gumi model so it doesn't have a weird ridge in her belly when imported into the game? I don't want the fully exported .gts file, just the pmx please.

Alternatively if someone knows and could explain how to fix this I would also be eternally grateful.

It's available here: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=A20296DA97BD2BB4%21115&cid=A20296DA97BD2BB4



To clarify, the swimsuit version.


File: 1481844128761.jpg (151.06 KB, 892x900, Neckless Gumi.jpg)

Almost fixed it, just need to find out why her neck is missing now…


File: 1481848719192.jpg (92.77 KB, 591x900, There it is.jpg)

Found her neck~
Don't forget to check the bone mapping and enforce T-Pose.


Nice fix! When I'm in the editor what exactly am I looking for when fixing models?


File: 1481880137583.jpg (164.83 KB, 703x759, gumi_fix.jpg)

The problem was that unity wasn't able to use the torso bone for no apparent reason.
Making any change to that bone fixes this. Even renaming it works…
Also, not necessary but changing the parent of the torso bone to the hipmaster makes importing more reliable as that's the way unity handles models.

Btw, I have no experience with modeling, so this may not work for other models.



Thanks for doing this, I'll give the model a try later tonight. I had noticed that bone seemed to be missing when I looked in Unity, but given that I've never done this before that could have been perfectly normal :)


Could you guys upload the fixed Gumi models as soon as you're done with them? Much appreciated.



Ok so this is weird. I just got to test the model out and for some reason when going through the standard import/export process that I've done many times now, a .gts file is created and I move it to the right folder, but she never appears in the giantess menu in game. I opened her up in PMXEditor and deleted the swimsuit, did the import/export again and she appears in game but the ridge is back. What the actual fuck is this voodoo?


There are some models that have things like
>Remove stockings
>Remove shoes

in their Morph category, but when I use the feature it doesn't do anything? Anyone else get this?



Well all I know is if they dont appear in the giantess menu, that means either there's a non-english character in the folder's name, or the folder is more than one folder deep. The folder you drop in the export menu should have all of the files directly visible upon opening it. If they're deep inside subfolders before you export/convert then it wont appear in-game.


File: 1481952752795.jpg (509.61 KB, 1600x1760, Naked gumi.jpg)

Don't know why it's not appearing in the game for you but I uploaded my version which should work and if it's a bone mapping problem I made a reference pic for you(check the bone list on the left too).

Also removed the swimsuit and got the same problem as you. I was able to fix it by setting the parents of the shoulders to torso2(again, how unity uses the model)

I uploaded the naked model(gts & pmx) for you, too.


(It's 6 am here and I just got up so if I made any mistake just tell me)


Could you give me a model with this so I can look into it?


awesome as always, but her nipple is missing from the previous model



You fucking legend. I'd tried mapping the bones myself and gotten half way there, but I'd missed the shoulders entirely so I ended up with an even more fucked up model than I started with. This one works great, and the bone mapping reference allowed me to export from the pmx successfully. Thanks!



Holy shit, THANK YOU for figuring this out, I was working on exporting a model and she came out fine aside from the crooked spine!

Gonna have to try this fix and throw it up later. :)


Found a cute MMD model, I tried converting it but with no luck, can anyone else have a go?



Found this model, tried converting it myself with no luck, can anyone else try?




Found this model, tried converting it myself with no luck, can anyone else try?




File: 1482016138985.png (796.84 KB, 800x613, Clothes Issues.png)

Working on getting this converting method down right.. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!

Anyone happen to know how to remove this weird after-image when trying to Morph clothes off?

And is there anyway to import a .gts file back to a .pmx? Wanting to fix models I already have since some of them seem to have been imported wrong. That and I'm wanting to fix this models tail, and I have a .gts file with a working one, figured I could reverse engineer it to find out why it worked on that model and not this one. :o


Ok so I have another one that continues to confound me.

NAndeyanenGTS has this model, I think it's the one with "ver2" in the file name. There are several different models in the zip that show different footwear etc when you load them into Unity, but when I export them I always get the same long socks/loafers model. Why can't I get the one with the tall boots?

Link: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ADPK3dJ70Uj7AC0&id=1EE15D4C847C280B%21708&cid=1EE15D4C847C280B


I remember I looked at those a looong time ago, aren't those just shoe models and nothing else?



No, one of the files does contain some female models. They have different footwear configurations seemingly taken from the other models in the folder. When you import them into Unity you see the different footwear, but exporting them to the game always seems to result in the same model wearing loafers.


File: 1482086482043.jpg (223.23 KB, 1278x900, Lazy name.jpg)

Hi, here with all the fixes again~

Where do you guys get all these annoying models from?

Most annoying model I've seen so far. There was even a missing finger bone…

The loafer model you see ingame is probably the one that was included in a previous build and your own export isn't showing up due to the model/file name or something. Also, her rig is messed up as well but I was able to fix it.

You could try setting the rendering mode of the respective shaders to cutout but that's just a guess.

Folder with all the files:




Thank you very much! I will try that model out!

By the way, does any one know how I can apply physics to the tails? Is there an easy way or do I have to be proficient with modelling?




I downloaded the PMX of the white boots model and dropped it in the original folder with all the others. I deleted all the other fbx/prefabs that I'd built before and imported this one as normal. Applied humanoid rig and some shaders/normal maps, exported it and I still get the girl in socks and loafers. What am I doing wrong here?


It's basically impossible to get the loafers model by using the pmx file I provided.
Try deleting your gts file from the games model folder and check if you can still place the loafer ingame. If that's the case the model you see ingame is some other file and your own one doesn't show up. So it's the same problem you had here >>5586

I can't say what exactly is causing this but check theses thing
-The folder name must only be alphanumeric character
-The Pmx file name must only be alphanumeric characters
-The folder depth inside you model folder has to be 1 or 0
-The bone mapping doesn't show any problems
-Having a pmx file with the same name in any other folder in the project causes a problem too

That's everything I can think of right now…


>>5639 you are a blessing



Agreed! Thanks very much for the assistance!



I definitely deleted the old .gts file before moving the new one into the models folder, I deleted all the fbx files from the project folder too. I always check for any filenames with special characters etc before I run the process. It can't be a pre-existing model because my shaders/normal maps are applied to her other clothing/skin when I load her in to the game, she's just got the wrong bloody shoes on.

Anyway thanks for the advice, I'll try to have another go tonight. This time I'll delete all the other PMX files from the folder and start from scratch, maybe in a fresh project just to be sure.


Hey anonymous model fixer guy, could you please take a look at this model, I can't get it to work. http://mmda.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=502 This is probably due to the model importer saying "AvatarBuilder 'May R18 busty': Required human bone 'RightFoot' not found UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI()", but I can't figure out a fix.


File: 1482161839936.jpg (530.22 KB, 1920x862, Stages.jpg)

Here You have it. I decided to create a stage pack for peoples that want some diversity in in-game locations.
Pack contains 20 stages that You can see in preview image ;-)


Wow you are a legend for that :0
And if you upload those model packs as well xD


Dumb Question : how do I get those maps and put them into the current build?


File: 1482166135252.jpg (487.33 KB, 1600x900, May.jpg)


You put the files in the object folder and then place them like objects ingame


File: 1482167475815.jpg (434.66 KB, 1768x992, GTS Pack 1.jpg)

No problem. Here's that model pack XD
It's PXCH Miku Pack (21 models)
There's gonna be last GTS pack in like 2-3 hours (like 90 models) XD


File: 1482170026412.png (589.43 KB, 1235x647, ___windows_100__january_model_…)


here we go xD


File: 1482171981872.jpg (346.87 KB, 834x970, GTS Pack 2.jpg)

As promised, here's GTS Pack 2 with 82 GTS models and 4 MICRO models:
As for now I'm done with conversions. You can imagine how much of time it took XD



thanks for sharing


No problem. You can say it's an early Christmas present XD


So, I converted some models, based on an old collection I had from a few years ago. No idea if there were updates since then, so bear with me on this. I also couldn't test everyone cause I didn't had the time, the ones I tried though looked fine, and I checked manually checked every model automatic bone structure and fixed it when I saw it wrong, so my expectations is that unless some type of bug like the one above without the torso happens, all of them are fine. Also a few models have a long dress, and as expected, they don't move, so you will end with this huge dome if you are under it

Here is the List:
Code Geass: Anya, CC, Nunally (Damn, I just noticed the file has the wrong name… Whatever… So long since I last watched it)
Evangelion: Rei (PS)
Fate Stay Night: Saber (Full Dress)
Gundam Cosplay: Gundam X (the thumbnail is empty, because she is Gundam Sized, so out of scope)
Koihime Musou: Cao Cao (read Tsao Tsao)/Sousou in Japanese
Macross Frontier: Ranka (Construction costume), Sheryl (Black and White Rabbits, Obelisk costume)
NepNep: Neptune and Black Heart (while named swimsuit, as I finished Rebirth 3 yesterday, now that I think about it, it must be Orbital. Also V version (Twintail))
One Piece: Hancock (Chinese Dress)
Rozen Maiden: Shinku, Suigintou (Both have a big dress)
Shingeki no Kyojin: Christa and Mikasa
To Love Ru: Momo
Xenosaga: KOS-MOS v4

These are a handful that I selected as the ones I wanted to see converted first.




File: 1482184419482.png (1.3 MB, 1596x904, mmd.png)

anyone know where to find this model so I can convert it?


Some odd characters you've got there buddy.



so uh, don't use the ones you don't like?

anon(s) just dropped more models on this thread than all the previous uploads combined. this is a day for celebration


I have no idea, sorry.


>Asriel isn't a giant

You disgust me.


were do you put the stages?



the objects folder in the models folder



working on an adult asriel model from SFM that will be extremely large, so hold yer horses



thank ya



I just had another go at the NAndeyanenGTS model, and failed. I deleted all the other pmx files from the directory, made sure there were no other fbx/prefabs in there, and deleted all copies of the exported model. I loaded your pmx file and she shows up in Unity with the boots, so I ran through the export process again. What do I get? Loafers. Oddly whenever I load up Unity, despite having set the shaders on her boots texture they always reset back to whatever default they came with, same with her pants. All other textures maintain their applied shaders and normal maps between loads. What the hell?


Ok, this is getting ridiculous.
Could you
-make a screenshot of your project folder?
-upload your failed export so I can see this myself
-check if there is a "mio sh.gts" in your games model folder?



mio sh.gts was indeed in my Models/Giantess folder, I had no idea that was the same model. Now it just doesn't show up in game like before..

I have however completely started from scratch with a fresh unzipping of the original models, deleted all the pmx files and just put yours in. Copied into the project and it exported fine with the boots. Thank you for your help, never would have managed without you.


File: 1482265829784.png (1.97 MB, 2944x1663, Screenshot 2016-12-19 21.11.37…)

ok so I've been lurking here for a while, and absolutely love whats going on, learnt how to import and everything…so I decided to give back. here is a DL link to every model I currently have in my gts folder, which includes everything here, from friends, and found elsewhere. I will have more under a similar file .rar name but with a 2-3-4-etc on the end. be sure to put up requests as to what you want :D
I'll provide a link in 30 minutes once it's done syncing to drop box…shew it's a biiiiig folder!

Personal requests:
If you can make rouge the bat's halloween model to work for this game, I'd be a happy redsy


File: 1482265860881.png (1.07 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot - 201216 - 20:28:28…)

I guess in case anyone wants the model, here was what I was trying to do.




Did I just see someone say put any request they want for model conversions????? :)


>> 5716 The DL link doesn't work for me


Is it possible to add a mega DL link instead



The link couldn't handle the download traffic from Dropbox and doesn't work anymore, going to need a different link. Mega is usually the way to go :D


I really shouldn't have to upgrade
Unity, now the converting package doesn't work anymore.
Is there a way to change it by your own or I have to wait for the creator to do a new version?


Can someone convert these models?

Pola: http://saryta-chan.deviantart.com/art/Pola-KanColle-DL-626264786

Yamato, without guns if possible: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000170075

Nagato, again without guns. She's already been converted for a previous game version, but in the newest ones, some of her textures seem to be bugged, pic related. http://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td20821

Also, can someone try fixing this model, please? >>4621

If someone has the time, I would like to get these two converted aswell >>4968


I give up. Anyone can fix this one?https://bowlroll.net/file/106876
I can get it to convert but either her textures get messed up or her shoes fly off.


whoopsy, sorry, will make a mega link. and yeah, will try to convert anything anyone wants, aslong as it has a .pmd/.pmx in the folder of the downloaded model. otherwise I just can't do it. I've tried converting models to pmd/pmx but it just causes me trouble…tis why I'm asking someone to please add rouge the bat's halloween attire to the game V: I just cannot get it to work!

download will be available in 40 minutes



Things to be aware as you download
There are male giants
there are furry giants
there are futa's
if you don't like the big thing, just remove it :D


File: 1482294543012.png (1.87 MB, 1600x900, BreastArms.png)

And the new worst model award goes to the crimson bitch~
How the fuck does anyone miss that her breasts are linked to her right arm? And that her hair was linked to her hips? There were some more problems but I only fixes the major one.

Also, the pola model apparently ate the gomu gomu no mi. I'll look into that next.

All the stuff is in this folder. I guess you know the names~


Forgot to mention that the download link to your last model doesn't work anymore~


Looked into this real quick and I found only one model of her but doesn't have any bones. Do you have a link to any good model.


File: 1482296629996.jpg (365.24 KB, 1600x900, Pola.jpg)

Fixed Pola~
She's in the same folder


oh jeez you actually did it. i actually just remembered i asked for this, so thanks a lot, i had no idea how to fix it.



So, this might be a silly question, but is the only way to use the stages currently to drag and drop them in the existing world? I was trying that last night and its pretty awkward. Thanks for uploading them though.






Thanks for fixing (Specially the Grand archer one) and converting the models!



File: 1482341000949.jpg (46.68 KB, 960x540, may eye.jpg)

It's crazy the amount of fun you can have with this thing. Climbing on huge girls is fun and gives you some nice perspectives.

Here's a better May than the previous one linked in this thread, converted thanks to Redsy. I had to go through Japanese hell to get it off bowlroll.



File: 1482341280325.jpg (62.83 KB, 680x383, 0abccf68bdffbcc15eed16e974197a…)



I've tried the dress version, but it's problematic and clips through her body. The other one could work though.


Any good futa models converted?




why do most models that have a remove clothes morph don't change anything when you move the slider?


To lazy to make a screenshot~

>converted thanks to Redsy
I don't think so ;)

The kind of morph (mostly)used for this isn't implemented in the game.

-r1n4(she's still a bit bugged but fixing this would take too much time)

I also uploaded vienne. She was included in an earlier version of the game.


Forgot the folder link >.>


Also, can someone give me a link to this model so I can check the clothing morphs?


anyone know of a good prinz eugen model?


Anyone willing to convert this crazy one?



How to convert?



Is no more doable with the new version of Unity, as one of its component is deemed as obsolete.

If somebody could make a new version og the importer, I'd be glad.


then just use an old unity version?


Is no more doable with the new version of Unity, as one of its component is deemed as obsolete.

If somebody could make a new version og the importer, I'd be glad.


The newer version of MMD4Mecanim doesn't support linux builds. That's why I didn't update it and you need to use unity 5.4.

If you for some reason need to have the last version of unity (maybe you are working in your own projects) you can install multiple versions of unity in the same computer, just remember to change the installation directory when installing it.





ACK sorry my brain exploded, thougth the posts werent going through burn me alive ;-;


so I used the converter and exported but didn't get a .gts or a .micro file any thoughts?


Hey can someone convert this model please? I suck at this stuff!



File: 1482542077120.jpg (213.88 KB, 1056x900, Mikan_Nanami.jpg)

Nanami and Mikan~

Did you select the model before pressing the export button


File: 1482543254479.jpg (162.48 KB, 781x900, Angel Silvia.jpg)



i tried converting what he asked but i couldn't do it

for today ur my new hero






File: 1482557344638.jpg (121.86 KB, 925x1200, Co3uEyyUEAA0zM5.jpg)



Some expressions are screwed up so it isnt perfect.



maybe i wasnt clicking it, specifically what should i select?


i still cant get it to work im just not too sure which things i need selected, when i export i get a tone of new files but not the right ones, maybe im just inept with that im selecting?


Seeing so many fantasy and game characters I'd really love to see some glamorous party girls, too. Many thanks in advance for everyone considering to build or adapt one…



File: 1482596020238.jpg (224.67 KB, 1600x861, kek.jpg)

that one


File: 1482604886960.jpg (396.09 KB, 1600x900, I hate you all.jpg)

I would really appreciate it if you could add a folder system to the model menu. I've got way too many models now…

I won't play stupid password games for that Konglish model

Whoever made these models should never make any again

2 of your requests weren't even downloadable you fucktard

Shitty waifu 2/10(1 point for being human and another for actually being female)




Not any of those anon requesters, but what the hell is wrong with you?

Is being that rude really necessary? You know you could politely tell sometone you refuse to convert that model, or better yet, ignore those specific models and let someone else do the job.


Seems like they work. Thanks very much!



Yeah, thats the one ive been clicking, i drag the folder, process, set animation rig to humanoid, select the model and then hit export at the top and i only end up with some .vertex .extra and .model files and some others that arent right.


He does have a point though, Nico really is garbage.


You know that the .gts file lands in a different folder called "export", right?



I am having a hard time to import this, so can someone convert this for me please?


File: 1482619822300.jpg (407.39 KB, 1600x900, Popstar Ahri.jpg)

Her textures are just bad. Nothing I can do about that~



lol fucking brutal 10/10 would kek again


File: 1482620500585.jpg (345 KB, 1600x900, Toriel.jpg)

No normal maps and stuff. But I guess better than nothing



File: 1482623081704.png (163.15 KB, 1630x965, 2016-12-24.png)

I'm having some trouble with the importer - for some reason it doesn't let me import/open the .pmx and .pmd files anymore. I even re-installed Unity 5.4 and the script. Using the tool model importer 12-07-16.unitypackage


can the anon that converted luna please do a nude version, the clothes sliders are not working for me


I might have totally missed this, but I was trying to follow the tutorial to prep a model with unity and the program keeps telling me it can't open my assets and to "check external application preferences". Anyone know how to get around this?


Can anyone convert these Kancolle ones, please? Thanks in advace!
Obviously without weaponry if possible.

Murakumo Kai ni: http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000181166

Haguro: https://bowlroll.net/file/37554

Chikuma: https://bowlroll.net/file/63626 Pass is: 利根型の大きい方

Littorio: http://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td22311

Tatsuta. This one has been converted before, but it didn't work properly (half her body was sinking below the terrain and her animations were bugged): http://www.melonbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=IT0000183640

Musashi: http://ux.getuploader.com/kynokoru/download/95/musashi_0.22.zip Pass: UseOnlyInJapan

Kuroshio: https://bowlroll.net/file/53711


Random question. Are there any other, Thick models like the thick Miku? just wondering.


"finds export folder" "Facepalms through head" thanks for the help….. ;-;



you're an asshole and make me not want to convert or share any more .gts at all V:

Humble thyself; anyone can convert these things, so just because you did a few models, doesn't make you special enough to be a giant asshat

Back from christmas funtimes, will return to converting tomorrow, already have a fresh new pack, but need to find out if I'm allowed to share these…80somethings haha…xwx



Pola's arms are fucked up in my game, for some reason.




Yup, she's okay now. Thanks!



File: 1482765322152.jpg (1.91 MB, 1500x1694, 207887 - digital_render ebony …)

>>5949 There is a character Mei, with bikini and naked versions, who is a toon-style human, with curvy shape and nice size breasts & hips.

Is there any black giantess yet?
I have one figure that has a black torso and legs, but the arms are robotic and the head is a freaky blank white mask. I mean, as social commentary it's fantastic but as giantess material I find it lacking, lol

Pic is not from the game, more of a hopeful scenario for a black giantess..


could anyone convert some of ashes female companions or the female protagonist from sun and moon


File: 1482771404153.png (191.23 KB, 1910x1040, fdaafafa.png)

It is strange, the unity menù doesn't give me the EXPORT option,
what should I do?



You should use unity 5.4

The last version 5.5 is not supported by the scripts



Thank you aiiko


Anyone have any super busty models besides the ones that were converted back around >>4232
One of my favorite things in the current build is trying to eclipse the island with particular body parts esp. boobies



endlessillusion recently released a few more models with SFM compatibility with huge proportions like these. I'll try to get them converted this week


http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Festive-Platter-Christmas-2016-653368079 any one want to try to find the biggest girl there i can't find its model anywhere


http://mmdsatoshi.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Zootopia-Judy-Hopps-DL-629623746 Here's another model I like to play around with.


Thanks friend, you the best



i ment if its possible. sorry.



Oh my fucking god yes.

Seriously my digiwaifu.



There are no download links in there. You really should check if the download link is available before asking for those models.


my apologys, i'll try to find them.
sorry again


I cannot find Download links anywhere. So nevermind i guess.
Sorry i made that mistake. i'll make sure i double check in the future.



These are not MMD models, check again.



Thanks for letting me know and sorry about that. Thought they were and all. My bad.

Did find this though.


where do i find the download for the 5.4 unity? all i find is 5.5



I have managed to export a hibari model for linux (Ubuntu 16.10) using Unity 5.5

just comment the two complaining lines and it worked fine.

I have also tried to export models with modified proportions, but even though I've managed to bypass the re-generation of the prefab (and thus undoing my proportion modifications), the mesh generator really don't like proportions that are not 1. And I don't really want to mess with editing the mmd model files in linux


Does anyone have Emilia gts model from Re:Zero? I remember Aiiko had her on some preview screenshot


File: 1482866818896.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1920, tda_hs_ver2_4_dl_models_pack_2…)

New guy here. Spent over an hour trying to get the model importer to work. When it did, I converted the first thing that caught me eye.

I turned the TDA HS Ver2.4 models by HestiaSama into models usable in the game. They don't look exactly like in picture but its close enough, im new to this so forgive me.




thanks! unfortunately, the rar file seems to be broken- it won't open in 7zip, which never fails me otherwise


The file works just fine


I repacked the archive in winrar's new RAR5 format, it saves a lot more space compared to regular RAR. You might be using a slightly outdated version of 7zip so it wasn't able to open the file.

In any case, here's an updated version where I fixed their clothes being rendered as white and IA's hair not rendering properly.


I've also repacked it with regular RAR this time so you should have no problems with it this time.



i haven't updated 7zip in quite a while, sorry! thanks for repacking it


>warning: the likelihood of me converting the model for you is directly proportional to how curvy it is
I know this is an ancient post, but if you could convert an SFM Haydee model, that'd be amazing.

https://sfmlab.com/item/1500/ for the link.


is anyone making a MMD HK Rin Mizugi as a giantess in game?


For some reason instead of white fur, it's purple.

Anyone have any ideas why the discoloration occurs?



i converted it before aiiko updated the game to use new shaders. a lot of models from before that time have broken textures (which is why they look pink)

I'll try to reconvert toriel & the other endlessillusion models soon, this time with the new shaders and everything


>>5883 so stupid question i just found this on deviant art and aprently he posted the barefoot model of that gir would you be able to convert one of those as well?

he linked it in the first comment i tried but all i got was just the leggs no full body model



Ooo! I was wanting a re-convert of the endlessillusion models (including Toriel and Rogue), thanks so much for doing this!

Also, something seems to be up with Toriel's spine bones. The bigger she gets, the more she turns into a hunchback, haha - don't know what causes this, but just figured I'd mention it if there was any chance of fixing it. :c


can someone help me convert this, or tell me how and then ill do it myself :0


https://bowlroll.net/file/64005 could someone convert this plox




I'll see what I can do. the translation of rigging from SFM models to MMD isn't always perfect (as evidenced by zarya's broken bananahands)

If the problem persists, I might post the PMX file for someone more competent at rigging here to try to fix.


http://m87124.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Giantess-Full-Size-Kashima-Maintenance-625585906 could anyone convert the barefoot verson of this model is know someone recently did her but with heels



sry for the spam but that as the link for it



Because i had some free time i guess why not try fulfilling requests.



Does anybody have some converted model packs they can share


>>6076 do me next plox




Can someone port this judy hopps model when they get the chance?
I like the paws on this model, a lot.


Hi, its me again. If anyone is taking requests for models could they convert these 3?
I made sure they have DL links this time, sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you if anyone desides to convert them.


File: 1482981629108.png (145.84 KB, 570x800, 0 Shantae.png)

Shantae is bae. Download: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/948r/gjjCSLfsY

Download is clean; I just provided the direct link in order to bypass all the adfly/spyware bullshit.


MMD models only, m8




Please, consider these if possible! >>5938





File: 1483038827257.png (127.79 KB, 514x694, Haydee has joined the autism.p…)

Question: I've done all that, and converted the SFM model to a .pmx one, and everything seems to be working.

However, the models in game are .gts files. How do I convert the .pmx one to that?



Now you need to convert the .pmx (mmd model) into a unity model using the unity converter provided in the thread.

There's a Haydee model converte already tho.


http://orig09.deviantart.net/137a/f/2014/150/8/7/_mmd__princess_peach_s_castle_stage_dl_by_mrwhitefolks-d7kcxqw.png can someone tell me how to convert this or help me out and convert it, please


I can't seem to find the converter in the other thread, do you have a link to it?

>There's a Haydee model converte already tho

Really? Must have missed that too.

Oh well, at least now I know how to convert models, so we can continue to expand our resources. Just gotta get that last step down.



Yeah, I think that model was in some gts pack someone posted here.

Unfortunately, I don't know where the converter is. Have you checked this thread?


Yeah I did some ctrl+f'ing here, but couldn't find any kind of link to it.

However, I did find it in the gtscity thread of all places, so that's a plus. Although I understand I need unity too right?


Not gonna convert anything that comes from tstorage. Just saying.


The good news: Done some of the Overwatch models with a few added extras included from the links you provided (It was such a pain downloading from where that artist stored their files, it wasn't on DA). Included Pharah and her 2 of her rare skins, as well as 2 of Mercy's rare skins and D.Va
The bad news: None of the morphs work and I don't think there's anything I can do about it.



If you're still doing requests, care to try this one? http://darkliger01.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Project-Poke-GL-02-Roxie-DL-459433042

Also, just a suggestion, but it would be super helpful if someone made a newbie-friendly, idiot-proof conversion guide with tools used and steps. Could get more people involved in the conversion process.


File: 1483047962700.png (1.03 MB, 1600x900, She's a big girl.png)

Well, good news and bad news.

The good news is, I got the big girl converted and now she can romp around as she pleases.

The bad news is, some of the textures got, weird…

Not really sure why either, as throughout the entire process, they were always fine. Even when they were in Unity they were fine. It was only until I actually spawned her in game that this happened.

Anyone know why? The discolorations were on her helmet/head, her shoes, and her neck brace thing. All of which should just be a shade of white.



Maybe you're using the wrong version of the unity engine.


He said in his gtscity post to grab 5.4.3, which is what I got. Also in Unity it looked fine.

I noticed though this happened with the Toriel model too, where some of the textures would be out of whack. Apparently it has something to do with the new shaders?

If anyone is here who's successfully converted SFM into the game, without shader bugs, let me know what you did.



check the albedo settings for the weirdly colored materials. sometimes they get assigned random colors. you'll need to use the eyedropper to reset them to white


File: 1483054435280.png (1.47 MB, 1600x900, New hotness, and the old buste…)

Yeah I figured that out. When I looked in the materials tab in PMXEditor, I realized the diffuse colors were the same colors of the weird textures.

Changed them to something more acceptable, and I'm satisfied with the result.


Interesting model, but looks a bit creepy without face. Will be neat to see when it's done though!


Can somebody convert this futa model http://mmda.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=595


File: 1483056571594.png (44.16 KB, 814x791, all smiles.png)

>but looks a bit creepy without face
Personally I think it's kind of cute, but I understand why people would find it creepy. As far as her character goes though, she doesn't have a face.

That said, I think it'd be hilarious if I scribbled one of these on the faceplate texture.

Anyway, I'll try to stop shitting up the thread with her now. I'll also try to throw up the .gts files into a mega, but due to my criminally slow internet, it might take a while.


I played with the importer a little bit, after I downloaded the previous version of Unity.

The results are quite nice, but most of them are deformed or the animation is not very good, making them stretch like crazy.

Here the list(plus one intruder):

I wish some of you could fix the most messed up ones.

Also, I'd like if someone could check these models if someone can decrypt what the passwords are (google translate doesn't help me on that):


Try putting the files into the object folder and convert it that way.


Did your KanColle stuff

I only converted the xnalara samus and gene. The other samus seemed redundant and the other two download links look like they'll give my pc aids.


I converted that Kashima model some time ago. Uploaded it for you~

Everything in this folder(if you have trouble finding your stuff try sorting by date)

Also, for everyone else. Morphs that remove clothing don't work so if you don't specify how you want your model I'll just convert it fully clothed.
Refering to requests like:



Thanks for converting those Kancolle models!



thanks again!

with cool people like you converting a lot of requests, it gives me time to focus on things like converting SFM models

that is, if i ever get more than an hour of free time again in my goddamn life


hi this my first time here and I'm trying to learn how to convert the models. I drag and drop into the correct folders but I'm not seeing the model am I doing something wrong? also the files are already pmx.


The game has a custom file format (.gts and .micro, which should be self explanatory). You need to convert it to these formats with a custom converter. The converter, and the correct version of unity, can be found here: https://www.giantesscity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=126084&start=45#p1238762

In that download is a PDF detailing how the conversion process works. It's quite easy to follow, and once you do it once or twice, you'll rocket through it in no time.

Keep in mind though what >>6124 went through. Sometimes the textures may appear fine in PMXEditor and Unity, but will be discolored in-game. If that happens check the Diffuse options in materials if it looks really off, and play around with the color.


Is there something wrong with the Overwatch model pack? any program i use to open it says its damaged or an error. I got the same with the harley quin model.



update your unzip program. apparently there's a new type of rar file that compresses things better, but older unarchive programs don't recognize it.

i recommend the latest version of 7zip: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html


That worked perfectly, thanks.


Posted this in the wrong thread a while back like a dummy, but can someone convert this? http://www.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Gasai-Yuno-11-7-UPDATED-DOWNLOAD-375650799



Didnt work im still having trouble with princess peach's castle, could you help me out?


still having trouble, not sure what to actually export, can you help me out with princess peach's castle because im stuck and have terminal brain damage apparently


Hey guys, i already donwloaded Unity 5.5 and the converter, but i never used unity before and i'm veeery confused about everything. (English is not my first language too)
Can someone explain how it works in some Video or images tutorial?? Thank u <3


Would anyone happen to know why the morphs on a lot of models don't work?

For example, May's nude, socks, off, shoes off, sliders don't work.


I've been porting a few different models, or at least trying to, of a few different characters.

But I've run into this issue where… its like the model is backwards, I've tried messing with the bones and it just seems to glitch them out.

The symptoms: Fingers curling back, elbows bending into the body and animation glitches when attempting to crouch

Has anyone met this before/found a way to work it out?

They all come from the same person, so it must be something about how they mount their bones or something.


This leomon model is a major culprit, the guy has a lot of cool models that might be fun in the game if theres a way of fixing the glitch.


can someone convert this http://fav.me/d8u1vjb to gts?


Post screenshots of PMXEditor where they're backwards.




you can still download unity 5.4.3 here https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive




unless you are prepared to re-rig the entire model, they are probably screwed. I've encountered problems with the feet on another artist's (lgmods) mmd models and no one has successfully fixed them so far.



Hey guys, I've got a breast physics problem/question.

I've got a PMX file with working breast physics, but when I run it through the converter, the physics aren't applied in-game. I even saved a version where the physics made the boobs sag to the floor, and still nothing happened when converting/importing.

I've seen breast physics on a couple models in game too, and I'm wondering if someone could explain the extra step(s) I need to take. Or find a guide explaining it.


File: 1483127014181.png (570.8 KB, 1024x600, Triumph over bygone sorrow can…)


Here's a babby's first import, no shaders or anything, a micro model nobody was asking for: Rance from https://bowlroll.net/file/85995

Hope I didn't screw anything up.

For people who don't recognize him: http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Rance


Nicely done. It's always good to have more converters churning things out.


Thank you for the converted models.



Lmao, I didn't really expect to see a MMD model of a character from a hentai. Nice job!

Are there models for the girls? Specially the blue haired warrior, the loli princess and her green haired servant.


PMXEditor doesnt show them as having anything wront, its something to do with the conversion, oh well, if I do figure anything out I'll post it.


I have this problem too.



I have this same issue too with the models. I spent some days trying to see if there was a work-around for getting the model to appear normally, but nope.

The problem is, the person that did the rigging for the model, made it so that the limbs were on opposite sides. So left arm is now the right arm. And same way for the legs too. I don't know anyone that's willing to even fix this problem at all. I doubt the original person who did this will fix it either, but I'm hoping that there's someone out there that can…


can someone please convert this to GTS?
the download isn't a link it's a button you can see it on the right of ur screen in the deviantart page



i try to convert them myself but when i try it keeps showing Unable to open Assets/Import/GTS/Lingerine/TdaBlack.pmx: Check external application preferences. error

i think unity is broken for me



File: 1483155394685.png (888.62 KB, 1024x600, Calamari Colossi.png)

Realized I forgot to put up the Linux build. Sorry about that, Richard Stallman. https://mega.nz/#!rAMBBbwb!IHPumFYwkGKODVk0IxyiVMnLkLzG4kANnjR1-y43-DQ


Checked around for Lia and the Leazas/Zeth/JAPAN crew, all I could find was Rance's sword.

Anywho, here are some big squid sisters: https://mega.nz/#!yJ9xWZzT!nYoVIxb3xFvJn4sDd3a0b8nrrGZNN1wD_6vvWhvBJbc

Animations are kinda weird, as you might expect for characters with proportions like these.


Thanks for the Rance. Didn't know who he was but I need more cool dudes for micro



File: 1483156946761.jpg (361.79 KB, 1600x900, done.jpg)


Sadly she isn't available for download anymore

I can convert xnalara model but that is a bit much. Maybe I'll do it later or only a part of them something

The problem is just that the bones are named incorrectly. I.e. the left arm is name right arm etc.
There are two ways to fix this.
1. Rename the respective bones in PmxEditor
or 2. Map them correctly in Unity
Oh, and I did that leomon together with the stuff above.


Hi guys, im new here can someone teach me how to import objects?


For the most part, the models look like they were not properly rigged


some folders for models came with barefoot .PMX files. Do those have to be converted?


File: 1483160407370.jpg (57.13 KB, 700x700, evie.jpg)

Hey, could you convert Temptress Evie from Vindictus and Iset too, please? It's a bit unfortunate that the models are in xps/xnalara format, so you'll have to convert them twice.

Evie: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=E10318A9BFED4521&id=E10318A9BFED4521%21105

Dark knight is a pretty sexy model too, just google "Vindictus female dark knight". It's in the same drive as Evie.

Iset: http://vcah1990.deviantart.com/art/iset-490358024

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pic related




afaik you shouldn't need to create a separate linux model anymore, if you're using the latest version of the importer


since this thread is getting pretty long, I'm considering making a new one that's just for posting converted models.

this can remain the model request & conversion assistance thread until it stops bumping, and we can start a new request thread after that.

the new thread OP will have a link to the latest converter download, a link to aiiko's current thread, and a link to this old thread. Any other vital info you think it should have up top?


Getting to be too many threads to keep track of, atleast for me it is cause I have OCD



it will just be one additional thread, so people can quickly find model downloads in one place. that should help your OCD, if anything ;)


I can make a folder in mega with the last download and I can update it with newer versions so the OP will have always the last version.


I forget to put my name. I'm on the phone.





that would be great, thank you



Here is the folder, i will keep here everything up to date.




Thanks this is appreciated




File: 1483187962114.png (1.44 MB, 1024x1200, Baman Piderman.png)

Ah, that was my problem - I was using an outdated importer. Thanks for the heads-up, I got the latest version.

NP, the nature of the little people is part of the experience.

On that note, since the other thread isn't up yet, here are two other simple tiny dudes.

The Amazing Spider-Man: https://mega.nz/#!6QkkHLgI!ZfG_gGZxfRwdoLOifs_Pvq5zpKg50-XNU_SNnq8JaWE

The Goddamn Batman: https://mega.nz/#!jR9SHKKC!1s1aM_nTw4qnVK6ecnzSGq73BLbNdQCrZuXblVW0GgY

Both are rigged by slyfan1030, from http://slyfan1030.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Batman-vs-Spiderman-DL-637760736


thanks for the convertion.


File: 1483203308697.png (523.92 KB, 1024x600, Screenshot 12-31-2016 11.05.40…)

In case people are interested, Panty and Stocking gts models: https://mega.nz/#!XB1RHSrI!UQ5j_bf_XLJOpxIim9V6jHNBOX8NY3T-jgeVQ6YSCiA

Experimented with a shader a bit, but also put in some non-shaded versions.



Testing this screenshot of our favorite neighborhood giantess-crawler..


File: 1483214181433.png (1.1 MB, 1600x900, This is Major Tom to Ground Co…)

(Ree, webms don't work).

And now, the model no one asked for (and potentially already exists), Haydee.

While I was tweaking the other model, I came across a newer, thiccer, one. So I ported that, and I think it looks a lot better.


Anyway, in the pack are 4 .gts models, and a .micro file. You get:
-Regular "Human" Haydee
-Regular Nude "Human" Haydee
-Synthetic Haydee
-Synthetic Nude Haydee

As a bonus, I threw in an Astronaut player model, which was really only sought out so I could make Space Oddity reference (though I like it more than than the default player model).

Hopefully this will satisfy all 3 fans of thicc, because god knows there isn't a lot of that in MMD.



bless u

i've got a half dozen relatively thicc models in the process of conversion from SFM, so hopefully we can boost the population a little


Can you share download links with us when you're done?



yeah, planning to start the new thread with them

don't hold your breath, though. i batch converted a whole lot of models to mmd from sfm to save time, but importing them into aiiko's game in unity still takes ~30 minutes per model (and that's just for the nudes) to make sure the shaders are correctly applied and the models aren't broken ingame

also in the works: a whole bunch of anthro models (mostly dudes) from corvidius's sfm conversions of darkwargreymon's models. those words will be gibberish to most people here, but the furrys in the audience will be very excited to finally make falco lombardi fuck some skyscrapers on command


Was just trying out the Ruby Rose model, seems her eyes are too big for her head, they are coming out the sides.


I always wondered how he treated his models, because every now and then I heard he helped others start animating.

Wouldn't mind getting some of his things, but I doubt they'd work super well in this by default.



i converted his asriel model a while back (before the new shaders) and it seemed to work fine


Finally I decided to update the importer to Unity 5.5

It may not work well in 5.4, I think that the "previous scene" is the problem. But it is a minor update so you don't need to update right now unless you have some problems.

- Removed warnings in Unity 5.5
- Fixed a problem when you export many models that are inside the same folder.
- When importing micros, the textures will be compressed to optimize the game performance.

And something else, while not fully functional, is support for normal .fbx files, they work fine for objects, for micros it also should work (just set up them as humanoid as usual), for giantess is not ready, i don't remenber if it works but don't expect full support (no morphs). Hopefully it can save some steps in some cases.




nice, fbx support should further increase the number of models I can import, since blender is pretty good at converting to fbx from other formats. fingers crossed…




>.> Proud fur right here. And this all sounds pretty great. Hope to see any of the antrho models you're converting. o:


Whoops, accidental green text .-. Still new to the boards.


this is badass


File: 1483240161526.png (642.99 KB, 1024x600, It's Convenient.png)


Both forms of Drossel Von Flugel from Fireball, for robot people. Pretty simple models, so they're in micro and gts form. You might have to increase Charming's Y position in-game to register her steps/poses correctly.

Awesome, thanks for your hard work.


File: 1483243771884.png (12.47 KB, 628x94, error.png)

do you have any solution/s for this people?




I'm gonna seek refuge here as the thread about the game kinda went to shit :P


Is the last version of the importer?



Did you convert that from a blender model(obj)? Cause if so, I would like to request some help from you.

I start exporting a xnalara model to obj, no issue there. Then I import it in blender, loads fine (with no texture applied). Then I've got 2 choices, either to export it in .x format or directly to pmd/pmx by a special addon.

If I export the model to .x extension, pmd editor just wont load it, it won't. It looks like it does, but nothing appears in the viewer.

However, if I try to export from blender to pmd directly, it doesn't export anything at all.

Please, help, I'm just trying to convert some cute models, but I can't manage.


once pmd editor is open, drag the .x file again



Yeah, it's no use. The model doesn't appear.


File: 1483254757478.png (1 MB, 1600x900, Screenshot 12-31-2016 1.26.09 …)

No sorry, I converted the Haydee model from an SFM one.

I've got two extensions in my Blender setup. One that allows me to import .mdl files (what SFM uses), and one to export to .pmd files. I have to export every single .mdl file in Blender, and then put it together in PMXEditor.

2 things to note though:

Blender uses Python to run, and basically all of the plugins you'll use (SFM Import/MMD Export) is written in Python. This means you'll need to have Python installed for them to work properly. To cover all your bases, just install 2.7, and any version of 3 or higher.

Second thing to note: Look closely at your PMXEditor. It could be you're importing the file, but because you haven't assigned any textures to the model, it appears invisible in the viewer.

In theory, you should just be able to directly export your Blender file to a PMX one with the right plugin. Although I admit I haven't done that yet, so it might be more complicated than it seems.

Which model are you trying to convert? I could give it a try to see if I'm having any issues on my end.



Yeah, I have python installed, 3.1.4 to be exact. I don't really know how to assign textures tho.

Anyway, the models are in this post, specially Evie in her temptress outfit. >>6234



File: 1483257564037.png (166.45 KB, 1349x649, These fucking material names t…)

In PMXEditor, you assign textures to the models in the materials tab. >>4308 has a link of the conversion process (I think you'll only need to watch part 2, part 1 is for SFM to PMX conversion). I recommend watching both parts though, as the first teaches you how to install Blender plugins, and the second one shows you how to apply textures in PMXEditor (as well as how to use PMXEditor in the first place). Just watch both videos, trust me, it's worth it. Hell, you should even follow along and grab his SFM importer and model, just so you know how to do it.

It's possible the export script you're using in Blender requires python 2.7. There's a big difference between 2.7 and 3, and some of the functionality changes when going between the two. Meaning what works in 2.7 might not work in 3, and vice versa. I have both to cover all bases.

Anyhow, after some quick googling, I found a xnalara to Blender importer plugin (http://johnzero7.deviantart.com/journal/Blender-2-7x-XPS-Tools-1-1-485668690). The numbers correspond to what version of Blender you're using. I'm using 2.74, so I chose version 2.7 in the mediafire list. There's also an installation video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf-pRdu1GE0&feature=youtu.be, however the version for download in the description might not match the version of blender you're using.



With this, you can import a .mesh file into Blender, then use a second plugin to export it .pmx. After doing this, you'll be able open this in PMXEditor, and you can start adding textures.

If you still confused, watch the video in the post I linked. It'll make this a lot clearer.

I grabbed his plugin, and did what I described, and after fiddling with some textures in PMXEditor, got this to appear. It remains to be seen how it functions in Unity and In-game, but at least it's possible to make a .pmx file.




yeap. i guess so. cuz i down loaded it from this link XD

guess windows 10 is not compatiable or i did something wrong dude


File: 1483260613069.png (167.79 KB, 1299x724, Muda da.png)


Okay, I'll try using the .mesh plugin. Thanks for the advice!

Btw, what I was referring to is this, check the pic.

There's no text in any of these tabs. Even when I supposedly loaded the .x file model,.


File: 1483261491106.png (282.65 KB, 1280x773, Finally.png)


Okay, after trying the .mesh plugin for blender, I could successfully export .pmd models (A single pmd file, is it normal) and open them in PMXEditor. Pic related

Now I just have to apply textures and all that, right?



I ran into similar problems earlier, and verified that it's the latest importer package and Unity 5.5

I just moved on to other models, myself. Not worth the hassle.

Also, bro, just some friendly advice: cool it on the emoticons and the "LOL"ing and everything. A lot of people around here get annoyed by that sort of thing, and it's probably the polite thing to cater to local culture a bit when people are helping you out.


Oh, I should say I also opened the textures in Paint and resaved. It did cause the thumbnails in Windows Explorer to change slightly, which I took as a good sign, but it still ended up being a no-go.

Aaaaalso, bro, I highly doubt it's your version of Windows that's the problem here. The issue is in the model textures, most likely.


I'm looking for the converted model for the miku from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiGcwGMMnzk
I know it's already been converted (by Redsy, I think) since I've seen it in the models list during video gameplay, I just can't find a download.(neither for the original mmd or the .gts)


THANK YOU. Holy fuck, if he let off one more ECKS DEE ELL OH ELL like that, I was going to start checking if someone made a thread on Gaia Online in addition to all the other cesspools.


File: 1483271697222.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, Poor girl.png)

I give up. After all the shit I had to go through, now this. It's as if her face had her own physics engine.

Her travel speed is also really slow considering the walking animation goes at normal speed.




Posting this over a half dozen times lowers your odds of someone doing this for you.

Here's the top one:



File: 1483287992896.png (913.64 KB, 1600x900, Jesus Christ how horrifying.pn…)

Yeah I got that too, sorry man.

Oddly enough, I find when I convert from SFM, to PMX, to .gts, the models turn out fine.

But if I just go directly from PMX to .gts, weird shit like this happens, and their fingers become claw-like.


File: 1483289592294.png (224.72 KB, 1576x451, offset bones.png)

I think I found the cause of the problem. I took a look at the bones on the model in PMXEditor, and as you can see, they're noticeably offset. If you move them to the right spot (inside the model), it'll stop the deforming. However it might take a while to get it just right.


File: 1483289981840.png (1.18 MB, 1600x900, sunburns.png)

After some quick fiddling, I threw the new model back in the game. The face isn't perfect, but you can see the arm has made striding improvements.

So the model can work, you'll just have to fiddle with the bones for a bit.



I didn't have those many problems tho. I mean, in my editor, the skeleton was correctly rigged to the model. I don't know why she had that bugged face in the first place.


Rigged isn't necessarily the same thing as set. Sure the bones are rigged, but they're not set in the right place on the model.

What does she look like in the editor?


File: 1483292112794.png (540.12 KB, 1920x1080, Looksfine.png)


Sorry, I mixed rigging and setting in place.

She looks like this.


Huh, you're right, it does look fine.

It's really weird it's bugging out like that. I don't know what to say. Sorry man.



The link has a virus on it.



Uploader here. I haven't had any issues with it. I won't upload anything else, problem solved.



i'd recommend avoiding tinyupload. firefox flagged the download as containing a virus, too.




that one's clean, thanks!

i guess tinyupload must be injecting shit now. sheesh.



Well, that sucks. Tinyupload was the most name appropriate uploading site for us.

I miss anonfiles.com…. although I think that got shut down? As far as I know anonfiles.cc is safe. I don't like using anything that requires a registration like mediafire or mega.


File: 1483301003158.png (1.56 MB, 1024x1200, Yan-chan.png)

Here's a gts of Ayano Aishi (Yan-Chan) from Yandere Simulator in gym clothes: https://mega.nz/#!iZV1gJZQ!B2cJywFyT-TlFLt3mZQGyhyWPqBvFYDdCCI_YI1CIao

Now, I know lots of people are reporting errors now, so sorry to bother people with this - but I ran into two when trying to convert another model of this character, in a sailor suit.

There are some models which don't seem to work with the StandardCullOff Shader or the Standard Shader. Might just be my computer, but IDK. They display fine in the editor, but won't show up in-game unless I change the shader. The Panty gts I uploaded earlier ( >>6262 ) had this problem, I had to change from StandardCullOff to just Standard. Stocking seemed to work fine with both. Yanchan didn't seem to work with either: https://mega.nz/#!PRFxQboL!6N_9ixer2C70Z1xb9itGtFIm2a4OpyeR7oMkU9zCL44

I had to set her to Specular Setup. That's where I ran into another issue - her shoe movement is off-sync with foot movement underneath. This one's already been reported ( >>4949 ). Here's the model with that issue: https://mega.nz/#!XYMy0I5C!onXDRi9Nw3yUcjZqFtRVXsqbTkc_MbCQPaIG8bKhoIY

Does anyone know what might cause these problems? I know the best solutions are "swap shaders" or "go to a different model", but it'd be great if a Unity-savvy anon knows the root causes. No pressure on any community members, it's awesome to have a tool to add waifus to the game in any form with active supporters.

For reference/credits, the model that didn't work: http://ocuuda.deviantart.com/art/MMD-YANDERE-SIMULATOR-Model-DL-VERSION-2-1-626245238 (under yanchan)
The model that did work: http://luckygamer321.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Yandere-Simulator-Gym-DL-634678240


File: 1483302212078.png (619.93 KB, 1024x600, Screenshot 1-1-2017 3.22.02 PM…)

Thanks, these guidelines are really helpful. Do you have any recommendations regarding texture intensity, or should it be fine keeping it at 1 most of the time?

Are you still able to edit the model? I had that error a few times and was able to ignore it.


I was actually going to wait until he stopped posting that over and over and then release them after two days as a reward for finally shutting up.


To you and potentially other people, PLEASE limit your request posts to once per day!

If someone says they will convert your request be patient and dont keep asking, if no one acknowledges your request wait a full day before bumping your request and if even after a few days you dont see anything just wait and stop posting the same request for a while.

Alternatively you could also look at the previous posts in the thread to see if your request has already been converted OR you could look into doing it yourself (there are many posts and links to help you do so) as im sure people on here would be more than willing to answer questions or help you if you have problems (more people that know how to convert the better).




Somehow i read that in britbongs voice


THIS. Converting the models isn't too hard. Sometimes you have little problems or tricky models, but people are far more likely to help you if you're making an effort to do something.

"I ran into this problem" is more likely to get a reply than "convert this now." We aren't your fucking slaves to be ordered around and deliver happy fappy times for you, just like Aiiko isn't. We aren't your mom, delivering you chicken wings in your basement lair before scurrying out as you scream about us lingering too long while you're trying to pump out the sixth piddly load of genetically unviable semen of the day. You don't fucking REEEEEE at us until you get what you want.

There's a PDF in Aiiko's Mega folder that explains exactly how to convert models. It's pretty simple and well-written, with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Follow it, and if you run into a problem, we're happy to help. We're willing to be supportive, but that isn't the same as catering to laziness.



but no one answers so i thought everyone didnt see it sorry for spam


i wouldnt be asking if i knew how to convert but everytime i try it says an error so i cant do it :(

can anyone at least convert this one and only this one for me its the best model



How do you get a separate map?


It's just an object I placed. It's one of the things I uploaded that post.

I started converting literally every request at one point so it would've just been a matter of time but I was planning to skip that one cuase of the spam.


The shoes float cause they are weighted to a different bone than the legs. Probably because there are two sets of leg/feet bones. You either need to change the weigth to the right bone or merge the two set using PmxEditor


im sorry its because no one ever answered so i thought it was being unnoticed

sorry i wont do it again
i'll understand if no one converts



Since you have repented for your spamming ways, here you go.


The white one seemed to not convert properly. The file contains two models, but they seem identical. (Both black.)



Samefagging here. With the morph options one of them might turn the clothes white, but I don't understand Japanese and didn't test them. Often times even if they're supposed to do something morphs might not work.


All morphs changing materials don't work. Maybe they would work with the mmd4mecanim shaders(which we can't use) but right now there's no way to use them until aiiko maybe finds a way to change that.



thanks its better than nothing
again sorry for spam i didnt meant to cause harm


Morphs are facial expressions right?


Morph can change a lot of things including facial expressions.
The morphs which usually don't work are the ones changing colours or transparency.


File: 1483333587819.png (294.89 KB, 1880x939, borked.png)

Could anyone explain what this error means, or provide any way to get around it? I've encountered it with every model I've tried to convert so far and I'm assuming its the reason why many of the model's textures are not showing up properly (although to me it looks like they are displayed fine in the mini bottom right view).



forgot to mention i've tried opening the files in paint/paint.net and resaving and re-importanting without any success so far, should i actually make an edit/change the name when i do this or am i just supposed to be refreshing the file?


Can you send me a model with that problem so i can see how i can fix it?



Here's the dl for the file in question. Very much appreciate your prompt response and all of your work on the game as always!



Okay, I finally got her face fixed, I only had to delete all her face bones in PMXEditor.

Converting Xnalara models isn't that hard once you get the hang of it.

As a piece of advice, don't use Standard or StandardCulling shaders, they look awful ingame and the metallic/shiny effects don't even appear ingame. Just stick with the regular MMD4Mecanim shaders.

P.S: Can't post pic unfortunately, looks like we've hit picture limit in this thread.


Since when do the mmd4meanim shaders work again?



Well, they definitely work for xnalara models, or that's what I'm seeing. The models look fine in this shader. Standard shaders make the models look really dark.


Just in case anyone wants these models I converted, here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2wswia7tbbbc0je/GTS+Xnalara+pack1.rar



I see, the problem is with Unity 5.5

In Unity 5.4 that doesn't happen. It should be better if everyone uses Unity 5.4 because updating has problems.

Use unity 5.4.3:

And this version of the importer:



if they look dark, you might just need to change the albedo for the materials to white



Yes, I did that, and they're still pretty dark. Also, as I said, Metallic/shiny effect don't show up.


Just tested it and the mmd4mecanim shader work again since the first december build(build 20)

Getting all the shaders right was like 90% of the work when converting so this is really nice



Worked like a charm! Can't thank you enough aiiko, its awesome that you can put so much effort into the game and keep up with everybody's troubleshooting at the same time.


Can't seem to get the importer to work. Model shows up as solid black and choosing "export current model" does nothing.




You can delete posts.



Now that I know that I can use mmd shaders again I did most requests that were still open.



Can someone please do shantae



She's literally one post above yours…


>>6518 that one requires a key this new one does not.


I wonder if by your post I meant your post without key and you have to look one higher…


>>6520 your are right sorry


Awesome! I was trying to convert the Shantae model but kept running into errors, glad someone got the chance to do it.


Has a Hong Meiling model been converted yet? If not I'd like to request it.




Someone know how to load a saved game ?

I can save a game but I don't know how open it…


Feature doesn't work yet, he'll add it eventually.


Has anyone made a good araine model yet? I've been dicking around with one for about an hour; the lighting on it is seven flavors of fucked up, and figured I'd ask before I put the time in.


Hey, I'm working on a model that's sleeves are not connected to the arms, so the sleeves themselves are perpetually in the T-pose no matter where the arms are and it looks like ass. How do I connect them?


Thanks for doing Yuno, you da man.


Oh boy did I just see a Marissa model? Been looking for one of those for this game forever now






there's at least one other person here converting models from SFM, so here's a hot tip for you:

when you're trying to apply textures to materials in pmxeditor for a SFM model that you converted to PMX, and the eye texture just doesn't want to work right (i.e. it's a solid color nomatter what you do):

try using the model's main body texture file instead of the separate pupil texture. took me an hour of frustration to figure that one out.


File: 1483393963690.png (196.2 KB, 916x1043, Image 1094.png)


hm. this worked fine for an endlessillusion sfm model I was importing, but not a corvidius one

even more frustrating, you can see part of the pupil texture on the edges of the eye, but I have no idea how to correct its placement in pmxeditor


File: 1483394324666.png (166.02 KB, 911x1038, Image 1095.png)


you can see the pupil texture is being applied, but incorrectly. any guesses how to fix this?


Could you manually rotate the eye bone?


File: 1483398672799.png (244.85 KB, 691x1038, Image 1096.png)


doesn't look like it- they're not displaying right on the back of the eyeball either, it's just kind of cropped.

at least falco works fine lol


Is there a pack of micro files anywhere or doesn't anybody make them?


File: 1483403938079.png (242.08 KB, 1366x1297, Untitled.png)

I probably should have clarified, there's two seperate arm bone systems, one for the actual arms, and one for the shirt's sleeve. I've never seen it before and I have zero experience in this. Anyone more knowledgeable care to enlighten me?


File: 1483404829661.png (1016.18 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 1-3-2017 12.37.09 A…)

Since somebody has asked for it, here is the Luka model with socks!

Original model by Inori Aruma.



To fix this you need to merge the sleeve bones with the arm bones using PmxEditor.
To do this you have to rename the sleeve bones so they have the same name as the arms and then go to
edit->bones->merge bones with same names


If I'm not mistaken, you can use .gts files as micro ones, just not the other way around.


Currently is not implemented but maybe i can try in a future build.


File: 1483407333811.png (379.3 KB, 1920x1080, ghost shoes.png)

I've been having this problem with a few models, where the shoes and bottoms of the legs are a bit disjointed. Is this something I'd have to edit in PMXE as well or could I do it in Unity?


That's technically the same problem as the sleeves


Oh shit sorry, I thought you said you could earlier. Must have been wrong.


Oh man, glad to finally have a model with detailed socks. Thanks dude.


Aiiko, I must commend you on a job well done. Having a blast trying out all the combinations. Can't wait to see whats next. I raise my glass to you.


File: 1483414486486.png (195.8 KB, 1870x1009, merging.png)

so i've never really used pmx editor and i'm trying to figure out what bones I would need to merge in order to get the shoes to stick where they should. Should I just be merging the bits like each leg's ankle and toes to the main leg itself? Just wanted some input before I start fucking with the model too much.


Remove the "D" and "EX" on the bones you see in the screenshot and then merge.
It's that easy



Hey man, thanks a lot for the Luka.

"Hate to see her go, but love to watch her walk away.."


pic meant for previous post..



Where did you find the pmx for this? I'd like to do my own import that's a little less shiny.


Been a couple days, just linking my request again.


Hey, I'm getting some weird lighting problems (all white textures, dark brown textures except for the head) when trying to import most models using Model Importer v3.1 and Unity 5.5, are there any fixes people have come up with?



Its the TDA Luka off model, I simply switched the legs by using pmx editor, so the pmx with socks is not downloadable anywhere.


Download the last version of the Model Importer v3.2, and use Unity 5.4.3

Currently the Unity 5.5.0 has some SphereCube errors and some models end up very white.


File: 1483464181708.jpg (499.46 KB, 1920x1080, Modelsdesu.jpg)

Sorry about posting twice, the link I posted before was broken, this new one should work.

I decided to put all my converted models in a mediafire folder. It contains all of the Xnalara models I converted to date. I'll probably keep updating it if I feel like converting more.

From left to right:
-Carmilla from Castlevania Judgement
-Sypha from Castlevania Judgement
-Some random npc from Asker online (Called her Giantwarrior for some reason)
- Evie in her temptress dress from Vindictus
-Elrath from Archeblade
-Alternate costume Elrath from Archeblade (removed her right leg skirt cause clipping issues)
-Elika from Archeblade
-Rachel Ooze from RE: Revelations.



shirahoshi the giant mermaid from one piece to convert http://friends4never.deviantart.com/art/MMD-One-Piece-Shirahoshi-DL-585543984


are there any models out there that have skin under the clothes



Thanks for sharing these!


whats wrong with her eyes when ever i get close to her?




Has anyone been able to convert this yet? Would be extremely grateful to whoever does!! :D



aiiko, i see there's a new version of the model importer (v3.2) in the folder from yesterday. does that version work with unity 5.5? I already upgraded unity, so if 3.2 doesn't work with it I'll just stick with 3.1.


It's the same as the 3.1 but it also works with unity 5.4.3, that's the only change.



cool, thank you!


xpost from the main thread:

there are some poses/models from @NAndeyanenGTS that are specifically designed for sizeplay available here: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ADPK3dJ70Uj7AC0&id=1EE15D4C847C280B%2128916&cid=1EE15D4C847C280B

however aiiko can't import them in that format, and asked if someone who knows how to use mikumikudance can convert them into vmd files of one single frame so they can be imported.

i have no clue how that would work, but I figured someone here might



I'll see what I can do.


Guess the reply didn't go through the first time, but thanks my friend. You really saved me a lot of hassle.


File: 1483508571022.jpg (458.75 KB, 1920x1080, Moarmodels.jpg)

I just updated the mediafire folder with the following models, from left to right:

-Nemesis from Smite
-Some random castanic from Tera
-Marie Rose from DOA5
-Nu Wa from Smite
-Different versions of Sarah from Smashing the battle
-Reiko Hinomoto from Rumble Roses


Some problems: Nemesis has a few clipping issues with her sword. Marie Rose and Sarah have their legs too damn open wide(Dunno why), and look a bit weird when walking. Nu Wa has weird walking issues, as if she were constantly hitting a wall.

I did what I could.


I think the problem is with the pose, the original pose has the legs very open, if you could fix that before importing it into unity maybe they will be fixed.



Thanks for the advice, but I've already tried that. Happens anyway.



I forgot to say that while the thighs remained the same for Sarah, her lower leg position changed a bit, but it looked buggy.



have you tried asking them to stop riding so many fuckin horses



Has nobody done a GTS file for Unity-chan for this game?


Has nobody done a .gts file for Unity-chan for this game yet?


I have seen a picture wit Angela Balzac in her bathing suit, but i can not find the model here.
Can someone please put a link for this model?


Oh, thats a simple enough fix, thanks man


someone can give some bare sock/foot model


can we add stage in the game ?

and if we can how ?



Custom levels are handled differently in this game.

They're imported as objects and then placed in the world as a prop.
There's a white level specifically for this.


there are dozens of barefoot models posted in this thread. look with your eyes. a sock wearing model was posted here yesterday: >>6589


you can import them like objects using the method described here >>5258

i recommend setting them to giant scale (1000) if you want to use them as stages. aiiko included a blank stage in the latest build so you can insert your own stages as objects however you want.


File: 1483568209111.png (63.9 KB, 997x482, Screenshot_10.png)

I got this when I tried to download it.


Maybe we could just try sticking to mega or somehing



You're going to have to download the files individually, selecting multiple packages on the page/in that directory is only something you can do with a premium account.

Recheck whether you have multiple things for download and then try again.


That can take up a lot of time if it's a relatively large model pack and we'd basically have to pay to be able to download something in a much more time-saving/efficient manner.


any plans to fix her eyes?


file not found


Link gone too



those were posted 3 months ago. any model posted before >>5258 will probably have some texture issues and would need to be re-imported anyway.


I'm giving up because I can never get this shit to work at all.


Can anybody convert these? They are the Ryuko and Satsuki Win100 MMD models. Included is a barefoot version of Ryuuko.


I learned how to convert. Hit me up with some good models. Sexual models are a plus


How can I learn to convert models too? I've found some I'd like to convert without asking people on the thread who already get flooded with so many requests.


Does anyone know how to export multiple models at once?




aiiko's instructions are very good. you can download them here ("How To Import Models.pdf"), along with the latest version of the importer mega:///#F!FoMFQAwL!B5n7dHilan9NR7NFhuU0lA



DBS/ROF Bulma; https://mega.nz/#!W9MVTKzK!BUNgQLvAgGxZB5D9nKsX7fHNb5f6EWE7yZjsO6LbA-o
The only problem is that her pants are wonky




I'm converting this, are you okay if I convert her with her weapons on?


Is there a barefoot version of Korra to import?


Found this frisk&chara model made by the same person as the last one. https://mega.nz/#!rtEmELYK!sFXyzIvbF4073jSXas_NdNZs0bpiRifqpIv-wbXCpqs


File: 1483599889030.jpg (376.82 KB, 1920x1080, Talim.jpg)


Done, enjoy your waifu (Fixing those pants transparency issues was a pain tho).



Here you go; https://mega.nz/#!S0lCwbIa!jOd8oij9Phg6rcu7vK8dG_D-BXdIc-Vkd_LjmHGS4TU
Mercy witch skin (likes to do micheal jackson impressions)
Bulma(nice pants)
Android 18
Bikini Samus
Frisk and chara v4
Cereal (does not contain spoon)
and a Tennis court labeled stage 110


can someone convert those? just a remind i'm still looking forward for them
i cant convert them myself srry it gets into an error when i try




im not even sure if its posible, im really new to this


Trust me I will, you are the best anon.


File: 1483643504257.jpg (276.89 KB, 1600x1024, Screenshot 1-5-2017 11.04.24 A…)

Here's Ryuuko

The sword and sheath morphs on Satsuki are solid and kind of visible. I'll try to look for tutorials on editing models some other time, but it looks complicated


I tried converting my first giantess model which shows up in the game just fine, but the movements are weird. It's an Amy Rose model from DeviantArt:


But whenever I try to make the model walk around or step on something, she just ends up walking backwards and in circles. I don't know if I did something wrong or if it's just something with the MMD that's wrong. Can I get some help so I know if I need to do something different for future conversions? Thanks!

Here's a link to my weird backwards walking conversion if it helps or if anyone wants to see it:




That sounds like a rigging problem.

When you set up the rig in unity, make sure you can rotate each part in the preview without anything getting weird.

If it gets weird, you'll have to either remap the joint to something better, or in the worst case scenario, modify the bone structure yourself in PMXe.




How do I go about remapping a joint in Unity if that's the issue?

I don't think it matters enough to me to learn to mess with the bones in PMXe. Unless someone with better knowledge in that could help me out and touch up the model to fix it. I could probably search around for another Amy Rose model to see if it works better if anything.



When you set the rig to humanoid, there should be a configure button. It'll open a window that allows you to reassign the joints to certain bones.
You can click and drag bones from the left side to the boxes on the right to reassign them.



Okay, thanks! I'll mess around with it later on when I have the chance and see how it works out.


Cheers mate. I'll grab it as soon as Mega decides I can download stuff without going over my limit even though I haven't downloaded anything today.



Does anyone have link to converted nude models for the latest build?


lol all this begging is insane.



I don't want any particular model, just a female with no clothes on. Doesn't seem like a lot to ask for.


File: 1483676343241.jpg (226.39 KB, 1200x763, bra.jpg)

I'll join in and say this is probably the greatest thing ever.

I've started converting models, and will have a Drive folder open for them. I'll just mention what I have updated, and have the folder link.


There are quite a few things built up. First up:

Climbable bras - can climb on and in.


File: 1483676436605.jpg (305.9 KB, 1200x864, pubes.jpg)

^ Next, pubic hair stuffs:

A cylinder for a single stubble.
A single pube.
And a black hair, "what's a razor" pubic mesh.


File: 1483676501341.jpg (130.68 KB, 1200x864, shoes.jpg)

A whole bunch of fully climbable shoes with textures. Loafers, heels, climbing inside, up and out.


File: 1483676580214.jpg (228.82 KB, 1200x763, girls.jpg)

^ Lastly, a smattering of new giantesses and settings/rooms to be placed as objects.

Obviously I will be better about not spamming with tons of stuff at once in the future. Hope you like.



spam all you like my friend, this is a blessing


File: 1483680790557.jpg (395.87 KB, 1600x900, Models.jpg)

Just a quick reminder that all these models are in this upload as I've seen people still asking for them


i think its best to announce what models you converted that's new so people dont miss it

also thx ur everyone's hero for today lol


File: 1483688749100.png (548.47 KB, 1332x745, Untitled.png)

Hi! I have some more models for you guys; https://mega.nz/#!CsVHFCra!fyh8g-0OJT8VXABuFvqK3T_oFeCzLp9llSAB7R0G9nI
Bra (dragonball GT)
Note(Dragonball heroes)
Hinata (naruto)
Sakura (naruto)
Jolyne (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
Jotaro MICRO
A mansion
A pool
A Bridge
A market (or should i say inception market)
And a resturant. Enjoy!
Also, can anyone help me with a model thats already in .fbx format? it wont format to .gts properly.




File: 1483689743920.png (601.76 KB, 1000x563, Screenshot 1-5-2017 11.59.32 P…)


Here's Pachi Pachy's Patchouli Casual, Adult Flandre and Adult Remi.
Patchy's morphs aren't working correctly, and I never got around to looking for a fix, so if anyone has an idea why that is, I could fix it.


Hey I'm working through the tutorial for model imports but hit a snag. I'm trying to convert a community workshop model from SFM but the texture files don't work. I used crowbar to extract the mdl file but blender dosn't recognise the texture. I even converted an stl file of the same model into a .X then tried running it through PMXe but it dosn't show up.

I decided to import the stl into blender again and just exported it directly as a pmx/pmd file but it has no textures.

I have spent a good 3 hours trying to find solutions and trying different approaches but no dice.

Are SFM models always this hard to convert?



I looked at those models before but they aren't rigged and doing that takes a shit ton of time.
If you find other models which are rigged I would convert them.


Picture related o:

Here is a second collection of models for this game…a quick rendition of a BUNCH of different things..and by a bunch, I mostly mean 45

I was doing about 80 imports for a friend, and I kinda forgot to do random onees here ;w; so I'm sorry…

PS to the guy who chose the shantae model…unfortionatly the one who made the model didn't secure the shoes to her feet…so…she's in the game, just not in a way you may hope ;w;

PSS: I've hidden some…stages within this folder, perhaps if ya'll learn how to use them in the empty void…mayhaps…should link them here to be converted ;3

Picture related



oopsy, forgot the picture


huh…pictures not popping up…ohwell, guess ya'll will just have to see what it all offers for yourself



post it on postimg.org and give link


Anyone know where I can get a good Erio model from Denpa Onna?

I wanna give converting a try. Unless she's already been done somewhere.



did you convert the textures in the materials folder from vtf to png using vtfedit? http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=41



I haven't worked on models from steam workshop, only direct downloads from sfmlab. but this is the process that usually works:

- unzip the sfm model zip into its own folder
- use vtfedit (http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=41) to convert all textures in the "materials" folder to png
- use crowbar (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CrowbarTool) to decompile all mdl files in the "models" folder
- use the sfm import plugin (http://steamreview.org/BlenderSourceTools/) in blender to load any decompiled smd model components you want into blender (https://www.blender.org/download/)
- make sure all the model components (clothes, hair, etc) you want included are selected in blender (i try to import all the smd model parts i want at the same time to make this easier) and then export to x using the pymeshio plugin (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pymeshio/)
- copy the exported pmx and the png textures you converted from vtf earlier into a single new folder
- load the pmx file into pmxedit (http://eoscustom3d.deviantart.com/art/English-Pmx-Editor-v1-1-542100208). when loading it, pick a scale that makes the model look human size relative to the gridlines (this takes some guesswork but .1, .25 or .3 usually works)
- enter the png filenames for their respective materials in the materials tab (usually the corresponding textures have the same name, but sometimes you need some trial & error to figure it out)
- save the pmx as a new file
- if you want alt versions of the model (without clothes, for example) you can delete the unwanted materials in pmxedit and save as a different pmx file
- import it to gts or micro format in Unity using the usual method



in step 5 i mean export to pmx, not x


what's the size of the picture? Is it too heavy? I just tried to upload relatively small pics (~300KB) and they worked.

Maybe the server is full, I will call the owner to check on it when he has the time, but it would be good to be able to pinpoint the problem before then.



Since you and others on the thread have been working on so many models, do you know which ones have functional breast morphs? I'd really like a model with a good breast morph work on, but so far the selection has been fairly limited.


Question… Now that there's a Patreon for the game, does this infringe on the copyright rules for most of these models? Or are donations a loop-hole around that?

I was going to experiment bringing models from SFM and Daz Studio into this game but there are strict rules against making profit off those things so I'm cautious.


macrochan has a 2mb size limit for pictures, it'll just eat your image if you go over



could you do a player version of that one? sorry


>no lum invader model or urusei yatsura anime model pack

how do i open like a door?
it would be good idea to have a site where people can dump models/scenes/maps/etc like something like an image hosting site. i know there is 1 site with maps/scenes/vehicles but it is in jap.



aiiko is only including models in the game itself that are free for public use. any models shared here aren't associated with the patreon, so it's fine.



Well alright. In that case…

Anyone know whereto start if I have an unrigged model of a character? Would I want to bring it into MMD and rig it? Or can I bring it into blender and rig it?


Did a quick and dirty conversion for Leaf. Didn't tune the shaders for this, so some details get a bit lost in the shading process.




You'll probably have to set up the bone structure in PMXe.


Still looks nice, thanks.


Think you could do Dipper as a micro?


First time poster here. I've converted about 20 models. I hope you'll enjoy them!
When I'm done uploading, I hope someone can help me out with some failed conversions.

The first pack: The K-On girls!
(use Morphs to remove the music instruments)

Download link: https://mega.nz/#!SYQ3QRiI!-9Eye_unFBsbV3hUBwTvbKiZfOwpCklx6E-SfQYWxl4



Here's a picture for the K-On girls, I can't seem to add them to my reply:

I've noticed a lack of loli's in this thread. So let's fix that.

Presenting: Big pack O' giant loli's!

Picture: https://mega.nz/#!2NAlgRbL!S5ajVaHLcGkxUjLSOebqu5SuMwO8u3UzD3ihAw_3ZA0
Download link: https://mega.nz/#!nNQ3UDZJ!zhepZ80OxvlVobfrM15ROh5UI2Ad7cVRjV5aZ7DnKKs

- Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo No Jikan (One of the four models doesn't work)
- a Random deviantart OC called Miki
- The amazingly cute vocaloid Yuki Kaai! (There's a small bug with the bones in her thumb, but it's barely noticable.)
- Renge from Non Non Biyori (you can use Morphs to remove the flute)
- Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service
- Another deviantart OC called Kaguya
- A loli Hatsune Miku (there's never enough loli Mikus!)
- Aoba from New Game! (You can use morphs to change her shoes, but it's a little buggy. The shoes don't disappear, but become transparent)
- The brown haired girl from New Game!
- Chino from GochiUsa
- Beatrice from Re;zero (use Morphs to remove her socks)
- Alice from Kiniro Mosaic
- Noel from Sora no Method (I forgot her in the picture, sorry)
- Last but not least: Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura (Morph to remove the wand)

I hope you'll enjoy them.

If anyone wants to fix the minor bug in Yuki Kaai's Thumb, here's the PMX link:

Aoba has a bug with transparent shoes, if anyone can help fix this, here's the PMX link:



Here's my big pack of non-loli's, which only includes 3 characters. (this says a lot about me.)

Picture: https://mega.nz/#!LAQggLQI!BH88UbHrfK21fFQikMigz8oXREgR2mtODbE72cGLGIQ
Download link: https://mega.nz/#!fRJwSKIJ!OnIGLz7I_V2GSnir6YaYvPm32_E2wsJbeYtVf4-xeSw

- Mai from Myriad Colors Phantom World. She has breast physics!
- Yoko Littner from TTGL (use Morphs to remove the guns)
- Some character called Kotomi somethingsometing (I forgot)



Sadly, I wasn't able to convert every model I wanted. I hope you guys can help me with the following models:

1. Love Live girls:
Link to PMX: https://bowlroll.net/file/58776
Picture I planned to add to my post: https://mega.nz/#!DQwVRaia!l30SUsLvmIOXeiT3DGuifgFl2YoeOV4EVz6kHmS9zCY
Problem I encountered: Half of the girls have the wrong hair color. The texture on the eyes look weird. And Maki has a blood-soaked face.

2. Mayoi Hachikuji from the Monogatari Series:
Link to PMX: http://tstorage.info/34uqgk92cinc
Problem I encountered: Her feet glitch out of her shoes. The model starts morphing when she walks.

3. Shinobu Oshino from the Monogatari Series:
Link: to PMX: http://tstorage.info/ftp2exhtsfxa
Problem I encountered: The feet are glitching.

4. Sebiri-chan:
Link to PMX: http://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td24663
Problem: She has a transparant hitbox around her feet. So it's impossible to approach her in-game! Also, the skin around her mouth isn't connected to her face. (If you only have time to fix one model, please pick this one. This girl is way too cute.)

5. Kotori and Yoshino from Date a Live:
Link to PMX:
problem: I don't think these have bones, but I'm not sure. This is probably a hard one to fix. You don't need to bother unless you really want to.

I hope you'll enjoy the models. Sorry for spamming the thread. I guess it wasn't really neccessary to split it into 4 posts, since I wasn't able to add pictures to them.

Thanks in advance to anyone that wants to help me!



Here ya go, the anime version wouldnt process correctly so you have this cartoon version https://mega.nz/#!T9cHVDpY!hDtAo6I-ZUbqbD3-nNxJiEf-qYJ5C6nKHjV3o9CvPHY


Hey guys im taking requests so just reply to me with the model that yu want converted, i will do only 10 models of each type (micro,object,gts) at a time. then ill release a pack containing those models and 1 or 2 models that i put in there for funsies


File: 1483756514604.png (566.86 KB, 1024x600, CONGRATULATIONS.png)

Some really awesome things over the past few days, this is super-neat!

Going to chip in with an Evangelion model pack: https://mega.nz/#!S0lCwbIa!jOd8oij9Phg6rcu7vK8dG_D-BXdIc-Vkd_LjmHGS4TU

Rei GTS model in school uniform, 2 plugsuits, bikini, and maid outfits
Asuka GTS model in school uniform, 4 plugsuits (most of which are kinda glitchy), bikini, and maid outfits
Low poly (but official) micro models of Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Misato, Ritsuko, Kaji, Toji, Hikari, Kensuke, and Gendo
Less accurate but higher-poly Shinji micro model
Kaworu micro model
Shinji with a large boner micro model
Kaworu with a large boner micro model


Hey dood, that's my model pack, you have the wrong one.


My bad, namefriend, my copy/paste didn't work.

Here's the real link: https://mega.nz/#!WUNnhT5A!wKUqsymZhAabvyMEDc0EIBDnu0ksuSGzJwJgf_8xH_Q


File: 1483772763069.png (1.33 MB, 1332x745, Untitled.png)

This is a pack that im sure youll guys will enjoy! Includes;
Lapis Lazuli and her baseball alter ego bob
every single sailor scout from sailor moon
XJ9 (a.k.a. Jenny) from My life as a teenage robot.
Otaku girl
Dawn from pokemon
Genius kaito (is in the obj file for some reason)
Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry doughnuts
Dr. Pepper (not sponsored)
Iphone 5 (not sponsored)
And a beach from tales of symphonia



I forgot to put in that only pmx,pmd,fbx,and x files allowed, but i can give it a shot. dont expect the holy grail of gts street fighter though


>>6815 >>6816

I did not, I had assumed the mdl contained the textures as I was able to find DMX files which was what I thought was the textures since it uses the same filename as the textures I needed.

Thank you! Your posts allowed me to search and find the real textures and your tutorial worked a treat.


>>6872 I have sucessfully exported the models, but the promblem is, that their legs are a bit spread apart, but that should be fine.


COOLGTSMODELLER, can you convert those models for me please?



I have no time for screenshots, im tired.
PLEASE PLEASE someone convert this model for this game http://mrunclebingo.deviantart.com/art/DBXV-Towa-522588178


Would anyone be able to convert these? And are there any guides for how to convert models to gts? I've looked but couldn't find any specific guides, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Anyhow, I have no idea what it would take to edit pmx or other model types and it appears to be quite complicated. I'm all for learning though, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.




I will be linking a new link to every model I've imported/recieved/found to this point; in a few hours to later today

it's 3.3gigs so..it's taking a bit of time


Did you convert the ones I requested? o.o?


thanks for the effort but they don't move well at all in game. I know the bones can be a pain when trying to convert especially for xps to mmd. I'm trying to learn too


They were converted before. And the guide to converting is also somewhere in this thread.



https://mega.nz/#F!HU9U2RbR!qJWojzkyZYTHUMN4RCv8dA Here are the models, teto's morphs don't work so I couldn't add heels, for whatever reasen ther eis also a glitched model in there.


I have no clue, there are so many links asking for conversions that it's so hard to gather/construct any form of order xwx



can anyone do this request - the urusei yatsura pack


I noticed a few posts with a mega link with the picture. I cleaned some space here by deleting old stuff. My only advice is to be mindful with these huge PNG files I have seen. I think I may have got about 500MB free, just thinking that simply 500 of these pics could fill it up again would be quite bothersome…


On how to convert models, check >>6422 Yes, that's the game thread.

Check aiiko's folder with the latest versions of the game, besides the game, there is a pdf with the instructions, and the converter itself


Can anyone convert these two models for me? I really appreciate.

File name: 暁(あかつき)_251_abs

File name: 文月(ふみづき)_131_abs


I forget to mention the password to extract.
First one is "へっちゃらだし", second one is "いい感じ" (no quotation mark)



Do you think you could upload the MMD file for Talim?

>>6827 requested a tiny version of this model but I want to try taking a stab at fixing to head and her eyes. They don't seem to track the player but I know the fix for that. Also I can add normal maps to her.



I looked up and down past my original request and didn't see that the models had been converted. Someone converted them after your post.


I'll look throughout the thread for tips and figure out how to convert models. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the conversions! I really appreciate you taking the time to convert them! I had guessed the heels would be a problem, so it's no big deal. And a glitched model? That's interesting. I'll be aware that it's there.


You're my hero just for sharing this pack.


Those passwords do not work for those files.


So I have a question, I'm trying to import an object I have into the game, does the object have to be in a .pmx format, or can it be in a .dae? I've tried both and both seem to not be working, unless I'm being incredibly stupid :/


Isn't the MMD file for her in the deviantart link?


Hi anons,

i Need some help. Since the update of the importet to 3.X The models i try to convert are pale and nearly complete White, as if by painting the models, the Color dilutet. CAN someone please tell me how to fix this? TY in Forwards



No that's an XNLara model. Whoever converted it converted that to MMD.



Yeah, her eyes don't track the character, most likely because I deleted all of her head bones except for the neck and jaw ones. If I didn't do it, her face would be all fucked up and distorted like >>6383 but even worse when looking at the player.



That can in-theory be fixed. I fixed The Great Fairy model earlier and gave it head tracking.

Though I never took a XNALara model and did a conversion so I'm a bit conflicted about if I want to try.



It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

You just download blender and install the xnalara/xps importer/exporter and the pmd/pmx importer/exporter plugins for it.

Then select the "armature" of the model and export it in pmx format.

From there on, you already know what to do.

Note: The textures should be in the same folder as the model. Sometimes you have to put them into every material by yourself in pmxeditor.


File: 1483852903750.png (940.71 KB, 1280x600, Screenshot 1-7-2017 9.18.29 PM…)

the passwords for them do not work, if you could host them w/out the passwords, people would be more than happy to convert
Big Boobied Haku

And Ariane(Somehow ended up slightly gray)
Side Note: Love how theres now a BE function


A Talim model with expressions would be rad, found out you can kinda get her to do faces by picking different poses which change her expression for some reason, then use an animation to lock the expression.



Oh I gotcha. Thanks!


Doesn't work? I guess the system requires Japanese unicode to be able to work, anyway my bad. I have re-uploaded these models w/out password.
Can anyone convert these two models for me? Really appreciate.



Anyway, forgot to say. Do not move the model in blender under any circumstance. It will fuck up the bone position when exporting it to pmx.


File: 1483872585358.png (1.39 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot 1-8-2017 10.26.13 A…)

After trying it for a bit i found the converting quite easy, so i converted some anime models and wanted to share them:

One Piece:
Rebecca (two versions)

Fate Stay Night:
Rin Tohsaka

Sora no Otoshimono:
Ikaros (forgot to put her in the screenshot)

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai:
Sena Kashiwazaki (two version)

Have fun!


have fun <3


415 models! a good majority o whats in here and from other places! have fun <3


File: 1483889078766.png (300.08 KB, 1366x706, Untitled.png)

I'll tell you what, guys, I've been having a hell of a time with Araine here. I know there's been a couple conversions posted, but neither have had shaders, and there's also two school uniform models included that nobody's taken a crack at. Wasn't easy, though. First this shit, and then if I just ignore the shaders deal all together, a blush material gone wrong makes her whole face red in-game but not the editor, which I have neither the time nor energy to fix. Anyone have any ideas on either?


i'm at 20gb for the full game with all the models you people posted

jesus christ


Could anyone convert this model? I remember it being in a really early build of the game but it was before you could access .gts files









I've tried to convert both models, but the textures won't show up


my god yes plz also >Micro


I'll get to it later today. Taking it because it is a great choice.



Any progress on this?


Also for those trying to download >>6918's pack and can't because of the site's limit fuckery, watch this.



File: 1483904410099.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 1-8-2017 2.17.56 PM…)


Ok, I converted with default shaders.


In the Giantess folder.

One thing - this model has a TON of morphs, and if I mess with the shaders, it screws up morphs that change the alpha. Any way around that?

Also, when morphing something that changes the alpha (making the shirt disappear for instance), there is still the hitbox for that item that shows…affects crawling etc.

Anyone know if that can be fixed as well? Or is that something we live with?


every version of aria uses a dozen or more subsets on the face, which makes using shaders with her a lot trickier than with most other models as it gives that funky look if you apply anything full-on. in MMD you're supposed to apply shaders to some parts and not others in order to get it looking right, not sure if the solution is that easy if you're converting it.


415 broken over-sized models along with FNAF autism….

Thanks, I guess.



If you don't have something nice to say to somebody who actually put in some damn effort, then please either leave or shut up.


File: 1483913173304.png (180.69 KB, 333x539, Elsa.png)

MMD Anime Elsa


With normal maps this time. (Skin/clothing has some texture to it)



morphs not working



and Fumizuki

Side note: I do use 5.5 and do get the "_SphereCube" error, however, it doesnt seem to cause any issue with the models



What spherecube error? That one where it doesn't let you use select normalmaps in mmd4mecanim shaders?


hmm, guess the issue i have isnt really a major issue then


File: 1483919483340.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 1-8-2017 6.41.33 PM…)

I've decided to work on a few models out of my own personal interest. The first one is this very unique interpretation of Majora from Majora's Mask. I included versions with updated shaders and original shaders My apologies for having two models in the updated shaders file, I was trying to export both at the same time. If it bothers anybody that much, I can fix it. If people want micro versions, I can probably do that as well. Cheers




Oh, and here's the source of the model if anybody wants to play around with it.


Remember to keep the screenshot size small if you can.



My apologies, aiiko. I was going to reduce the size before posting, but I was in a bit of a rush.




probably because whoever made the model shoved her head on another person's body.


can someone please convert my waifu? if you can make her nude then thanks too!



In my experience, once you change the shading, morphs that rely on alpha/opacity levels will no longer work.


Alright. Here's my next project. I've included original MMD shader and updated shader models with different hair colors. Mainly choose this one because of option for blindfold and the ballgag. Not really into BDSM that much, but there's something really hot about a bound giantess. Download and original source below.




File: 1483933888036.png (388.77 KB, 576x324, Screenshot 1-8-2017 10.34.21 P…)


Sorry, forgot to upload the preview image.


File: 1483936653103.jpg (114.56 KB, 2560x1440, image.jpg)

I see your GTS Elsa models and raise you GTS Elsa and Anna in Bikini models.

It took me a long time to find this, almost lost in a forgotten comment chain 2 models of MMD Elsa and Anna which I have now converted into .Gts and .Micro.

I edited it so both models have sandles and barefoot. Although removing the sandles meant they were floating in the air so I tried to correct that as much as possible but in doing so one of the fingers on the sandle-less models is broken.

I can try and do requests but I take a while.

Here is the link and enjoy:



Jesus, that is hot.

Do you know the story "Click" by Scott Grildrig? Had a fantastic giantess submissive only to her boyfriend/husband. There's growth and crush involved. We're almost at the point with this game that it can be re-enacted..





Pretty sure I saw that story at some point. When I think of size related bondage though, the one that comes to mind is 'Home Invasion' by carnaj2. Its shrunken people, not giantess, but the protagonist spends most of the story bound BDSM style while the little folks take over her apartment. Its pretty good overall and not too long of a read.




So, those models might have some wonky thing going on with the waist. Sorry about that.



Thank you so much!


Thread isn't bumping anymore, time for a new one



I'll make one tonight. Please keep using this one until then.


Please don't keep on asking – I saw these before, and planned on doing a couple.


Should we make two threads? One for download links ONLY and one for requests? Requests make up a bulk of this one and it makes it hard to find models to download.



that's the plan!


New Threads, one for models only, and one for requests only.

Req: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/7005.html



I got too busy today to make new threads, so CH took care of it for me. Please use these going forward. Thanks, CH!



love it!


where can i get those models in your shot?


can someone make a micro file for chespin :) www.deviantart.com/download/461446122/mmd_pokemon_team_xy_download_by_animefancy_mmd-d7mqe3u.zip?token=654cd0fda8150270f7a6adcf5a82c33a77727091&ts=1484456030


I don't know anything about mmd at all.

What do I need to do to convert Daz models? Is there a specific skeleton I need to use? Specific bone names? I assume there has to be something like that.


Yeah im definitely gonna need an mmd conversion of this nude korra file:




am I missing something with this? it seems as if no matter what I do, I keep ending up with an .fbs file, and not a .gts or .micro file.


>file has been removed
reupload when


Can someone help? I'm trying to drag-and-drop the files into the corresponding folder, but it stops partway and says " WinRAR can add files only to RAR or ZIP files" Do I need to get the full version for this, or do I just suck?



Never mind, i just extracted the game out of the ZIP file so I didn't have to deal with WinRAR.


Can Someone Please these

Gta V- Amanda GTS. Tracey GTS. Michael Micro

Game of thrones(Telltale)-Danerys GTS, Cersei GTS, Tyrion Micro

Zelda GTS,

Antman Micro

i would be very happy


How do you make the models from the .gts files from the downloads?


Put this skin on


File: 1487592802054.png (33.29 KB, 255x132, 1477043021279.png)

Can someone possibly convert this titty monster? I would try but i know you guys are way better at this conversion process than me and i would love you for it. (A cookie is involved)


File: 1488153368811.png (700.21 KB, 1920x1080, maya 1.01.png)

Plz make maya gts model!


Hey this is awesome, but I was wondering if you could make Ultra-low poly npcs? My thing is giantesses crushing thousands of people under a big toe, and even these polys make my gtx 1070 stutter at maybe 50ish micros :|


can some one convert someone of the Naruto characters like Ino, and tsunade. (nude if possible)


i llllooooovvveee ggggggiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttteeeeeeesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


So when can we expect these models? would love to try out falco


File: 1488765430454.png (96.6 KB, 233x188, untitled.png)

u know what we all need we need a furry model
not just any furry model but a lola bunny furry model


link for socked luka is dead…

could someone actually post models with socks?!

what about this guy? http://lolfan1991.deviantart.com/gallery/


Any map models to share?


File: 1488933702221.jpg (6.74 KB, 296x152, 2017-03-07-19-16-35-970011830.…)

Is there any furry models anybody is willing to share


File: 1489183037573.jpg (197.1 KB, 720x942, 001 (1).jpg)



File: 1489286639911.jpg (74.07 KB, 1024x422, Tracer Smile.jpg)

Can someone convert this tracer model into a gts file? It would be much appreciated, thanks!



Hey, can anyone help me figure out how to import a model? i keep trying but i think i'm missing something? heres the link for the model i'm trying to import. http://desupri.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-324.html i keep getting it to convert, but there is no texture at all. Thanks!


Please i want a Priscilla Crossbreed gts model (from Dark Souls)


Anyone got a new DL link for these?



anyone have an updated link? seems like the current link is broken


shes blue for me how do i correct this?



Where can I find the Model Importer 3.2 version please?
I've got 3.1 from the link in the PDF but having model texture issues so would like to try 3.2.


giants mmd


Would anyone convert an Adult Angela Balzac


I would like to see converted

Adult Angela Balzac (Both Bikini and Work)

Rui, Riho,from Dream C Club

Kallen from Code Geass (Both Stadfelt and as Kozuki)

Dawn from Pokémon



So I'mma having issues with exporting the models. Everything looks perfect and great when I work with these in unity, but when I put the gts files into the Giantess Folder and try to spawn them, they lack textures. Anyone knows why?


Guys I have troubles with this thing. I do everything right in unity and the models look right on the scene but they appear textureless in the game.


I was converting this model, but the leg animations seem off/disjointed. Can anyone help with this?


Clothing I add to custom models does not move with the model in game for some reason. It all works fine in PMXe and MMD, but when I use the model in game the feet move, while pants stay static. Anyone know how to fix this?


how do i put models on the game


File: 1492645763623.jpg (77.99 KB, 1536x864, ss (2017-04-19 at 04.43.13).jp…)

Getting into the system requires you to physically moving your character in it with sandbox mode. While Tohru is moving, the end of the stomach flexes quite a bit so beware of that and it is very easy to get lost and trapped in the intestines. I installed the digestive model myself into Tohru and I am not the best editor so I hope you are happy with what I have done!


You can also place cities inside the intestine if you make them small enough and I highly suggest enabling shadows or else the entire system will be like walking into a wall



Um Hi

I just started converting!


Above is a link to my converted model stuff.

I will do requests If I like the models ;)


-There are no more walls between sections!
`There is a hole in the mouth now but apparently the esophagus and my makeshift hole connection isn't inverted so you will fall right through it!
-Repositioned the entire system
–The morphs do stuff, but not all do stuff!
-The hole and esophagus do not connect! (Its at the back under the tongue because of how the tongue is modeled)
-The top of the esophagus can exit the neck during certain animations.
-Too many things inside the system can break walking animations for Tohru.


File: 1492759279586.png (788.97 KB, 1662x941, HK Junko.png)

Could someone please convert this HK Junko model?


can you at least link the model?



Guys,can someone help me with the conversion process?Every time i load a model it shows this error: "Unknown char:"


File: 1493333144371.png (1.16 MB, 1024x1327, chun_li_default__street_fighte…)

Dude. Please. You gotta respect the Strongest Woman in the World not to convert her for Sizebox.

How about it? => http://xxkammyxx.deviantart.com/art/Chun-li-Default-Street-Fighter-V-568827258


This is the link to a bunch of the HK Models including the Junko model.



8783 Chun and few others were released awhile ago here:



Just curious, does anyone have any models from one piece, Like if you have nami?
Also is there any models of any cat girls and anthro models?


Hey redsy a handfull of you're mega links no longer work and I'd like to let you know that. Also I'd like to ask if you could throw some of you're furry conversions into a mega link? Finding furry .gts and .micro seems to be extremely difficult.


File: 1493733676587.png (183.91 KB, 1032x774, doa5_lr_rachel_costume_4_by_za…)


I realy like to have a gts with dirty realistic socks.But the link is death>>8829


File: 1494945032712.jpg (28.28 KB, 400x250, destaque_avestruz.jpg)



could someone convert this? I tried, myself a while back but couldn't figure it out. http://maggiewoot.deviantart.com/art/Eevee-Miku-209879679


Does anyone have male giant models for the game like these?




So does anyone take commissions here






Does anyone have Endlessillusion's Model of Raven? sfm converted or otherwise.
This is the one I mean..


Does anyone have Endlessillusion's Model of Raven? sfm converted or otherwise.
This is the one I mean..



File: 1503290209182.jpg (219.74 KB, 1920x1080, 8243423514477310764.jpg)


Do anyone have any GTS models with some nice muscled or buff bodies?


Would it be possible for someone to do this version of Dawn for Sizebox? Haven't came across anyone else that's already done this one in particular.



Can someone post a download for the HK Junko model as a .gts? It's been posted in the thread but I don't recall seeing a conversion for it.

Please and thank you


Whenever I try to convert a model the .pmx or .pmd file is a white square instead of the unity logo, which is what it is supposed to be from my understanding. It then says I'm missing some fileScale file. Has anyone had this issue or have any suggestions? I tried reinstalling both unity and the model converter to no avail.


Can anyone please convert the Nude Marceline & nude Princess Bubblegum models made by Mike Inel?




Download isn't available, anyone have a copy?




Looking for anyone to help me out here someone has to have it


Can anyone tell me where I can get more micro/player models, such as Len Kagamine?


Look here http://macrochan.us/cg/res/7006.html for models most of them are gts but there are a few one that are micros. >>7372 >>7539 >>7831 >>8251 >>8451 >>8744 >>8754 >>8756 >>8807 >>8845 >>8971 >>8977 >>9103






If you rename the breast bones she will have breast physics, but I can't get the eyes to show up since 2.0
https://misterorzo.deviantart.com/art/Angel-MMD-DL-695936696 with clothing


If you rename the breast bones she will have breast physics, but I can't get the eyes to show up since 2.0
https://misterorzo.deviantart.com/art/Angel-MMD-DL-695936696 with clothing

convert please)))


If you rename the breast bones she will have breast physics, but I can't get the eyes to show up since 2.0
https://misterorzo.deviantart.com/art/Angel-MMD-DL-695936696 with clothing

convert please)))


If you do have a request please.



Anyone have a link to a collection of models that's not dead/deleted?


mi live is…


>>9603 Here are Folders that still work:
>>7008 >>7025 >>7041 >>7404 >>7429 >>7539 >>8417 >>9103 >>9585


File: 1522577615054.png (56.75 KB, 182x255, 1475280518573.png)

Does anybody have this model with working morps?



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