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Maybe it someone who don't have facebook wants to know, so i'll post it here too^^
i've made my own homepage and finished a few minutes ago, so feel free to go there, you can watch my picture storys and videos and comment if you want


(the picture i had to upload shows a page from one of my pictures storys^^)


maybe a few of you are interested in it: I've release the Demo of my visual novel a few hours ago. you can download it from my homepage on this page: http://www.reiko-samaa.com/wordpress/?page_id=528
i hope you like it^^

(credits only in the full version XS)


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Just added a new video a few hours ago, hope you enjoy and see why it'S called "Karma" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuDsxoIPRzo


You should post in the big MMD thread.


for everyone who want to ask me something^^ you can do that now till friday (maybe also saturday) in the comments of this video, i'll make a QnA video with the questions ^^ (already working on it and its already 5 minutes long XD the more questions the longer will it be^^:





Look, I know that everyone with sama in their name is a tremendous attention whore but we already have a thread for MMD related content and pages.

You should post there.


why do i get the feeling i'm the only one you're saying that to XD?


Do you have the old video of a vocaloid shrinking
Was on dailymotion but has been removed


i dont exactly know which video you're talking about but most of my videos are on my homepage, easy to find in the blog^^


Do you have brain damage? Post in the thread that already exists.


I did find it
Thanks though


hmmm weeeeeell now i feel to use this thread even more. And only cause you said something like that^^ if you wanna hate or flame go to someone else, i don't need someone like that as a subscriber or follower.


Jeez this guy really IS an attention whore faggot! First the shitty website, then crappy YT vids. Now spamming DA with shit pics.


Can you fuck off?


>>3265 hmmm my first few haters? gj thanks its an honor you're showing me how good my work is^^


someone has their head up their ass

anyway your delusions are gonna die off someday so might as well face that you're not the shining star that you make yourself out to be sooner than later


and you? who do you think you are? Well, you're only Anonymous so i would say you are just jealous that you can't even make such simple videos like i do, i never said i'm the best or a star or something. I'm just someone who likes what he does, nothing more and nothing less. And i won't stop just because someone like you said i should.^^ so you maybe better stop cause you are wasting your time.


chill guys, no reason to argue over petty stuff. for real, both of you are berating each other off of nothing. like saying someone has brain damage or making senseless comments based on their anonymity.


The real problem here is that you make an entire thread dedicated to yourself, followed by multiple posts with absolutely no feedback and yet you still keep posting both here and in the MMD thread, it's hard to sympathize with you over the other anons.

And don't bring up the jealous card please… it reminds me of that dumb guy in my classroom who made shit videos on youtube with 10 views each and called people jealous when they said his videos were crap.


well, have fun with this heres my new video^^ (do you know why i post it here? exactly, i don't care what you're saying xP. As if i care what a random says in a number of 1000+ watchers^^)



Really dude?

I'm explaining what's going on here and you just do the "I don't give a shit" act.

You're treating me as if I'm your enemy actively trying to silence you. I'm not, but if you can't read something without getting defensive and using smileys to pretend that you're not upset then you're proving you deserve all the hate you're getting


Reiko, have you noticed the lack of praise of your work compared to the dislike? Your attitude and maturity doesn't help towards this at all.



both of you think so huh? well its not that i care what two or three (or maybe are you both the same cause both of you are only a/some Anonymous) but i cont need the shit you're talking, the only bad feedback i get is from you, and rly? who cares? I don't make videos because i want to be famous, now do i videos because i want anyone to like them, i don't get any negative resonance excapt from you guys^^ and the 3 thumbs down on the newest video are also only from you so, why should i care? the other videos till now barely get 1 thumb down and 10-30+ thumbs up. Do you guys realy think i care about one or two haters? its just annoying thats all. Oh and by the way, i make videos cause its a hobby and i like it, even if everyone whould hate it i still would do them.

Result: you're wasting your time with hating my posts, you should go out with some friends instead (if you have any … but … i don't think so)

btw i only talk to the few haters here, even though i know that i'm wasting my time with it XD but hey its late and i have time, so why don't throw them away XD.
and well, i think i'm gonna ignore every new Anonymous hater post under this thread^^ but hey, have fun writing them so no one's gonna read them^^

@all other people: sorry, stuff like that (aka. haters) shouldn't be here xd


I'm sorry.

You seem to assume we're hating you.

While I can't speak for the rest of the other anons, I'm just pointing out the reasons people act towards you the way they do. You acting like a teenage role player on Skype is not helping your case.

If you wanna keep ignoring that and get more dislikes then that's up to you, but if you wanna get a grip and realize why people are calling you out then there's the past posts for you to read.


well if it would be criticism it would be okay, but it isn't so most of them are just haters.
I wouldn't mind of they would tel me what exactly they dont like maybe i could change that. but can't help it if they comment stuff like:

"Look, I know that everyone with sama in their name is a tremendous attention whore but we already have a thread for MMD related content and pages.
You should post there."
or even better: "Do you have brain damage? Post in the thread that already exists."

so, why should i post it there? its not like there are any rules that tell me to, where is the problem in using this thread?

btw, wouldn't you call this a hater?: "Jeez this guy really IS an attention whore faggot! First the shitty website, then crappy YT vids. Now spamming DA with shit pics."

well that's just a few examples.

for the other people that wanna help me, just post that, its not a problem. (if ya say 'you're videos are crap' that can't help at all. simple get to the point and tell whats the problem as short as possible^^°)

btw cause i was asked for this before, i can't add sound for a few reasons^^ 1st of all i dont have any sounds for that, most of the non-common sounds cost money^^° and the other reason… … never added sounds xd don't rly know when i should choose which sound^^° but hey, if so many of you wanna see my videos with sound i could try to change that, may i ask one of the others if they have sounds for me^^


Sound is a huge deal for me. As well as ground shaking footsteps or actions, but a lot of people don't seem to care about that.

And yeah, that's why I said I can't speak for others, but MMD content goes on the MMD thread as far as I'm concerned. People get their panties in a wedge over rules on chans too. Just look at /d/


hmmm the ground shaking is .. well lets just say its not as easy as it looks like^^°. (for the saund, i already said something about that but its good that you mention it.)

aaaand for the point with the mmd thread … well i could say that i'm not using MMD XD (rly, i use MMM^^°) but thats nearly the same XD. But, anyway i wouldn't mind posting it here and there so also the few people that only look there could find the new stuff from me^^


Yeah quakes take a bit to get done right. I've made a few videos myself but never really uploaded them, took me a while to get used to quakes.

As for sound I use dumb free samples from various websites, I tried to find ones that I hadn't heard before, took me days to find good smaples.


Earthquake effect is what you need
No idea if there is one in MMM, but there is one for MMD

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