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…And the last thread became probably the longest thread in macrochan in just 5 months. Time to say RIP to it.

News: The Japanese is discussing the successor of MJGTS. Expect a new community to rise within a month or so.

You can refer to the old thread for various useful stuff, namely >>747, >>748, >>749, >>751, >>752, >>753, >>758 and >>759. Additionally, http://citrusmoothie.tumblr.com is probably the best site for model needs. It has the newest, and the most complete list of models.

Protip #1: Export your pics as .png, then open it via any image editing program and convert it into .jpg before sharing to anybody. Exporting directly as .jpg often severely destroys the pic's quality, and .png is very huge. You don't need to make thing unnecessarily big, right? ;3
(And by the way, making screen size very huge is not a good idea, too. You may run out of video memory when rendering.)

Protip #2: SSAO is not used for darkening the image; it's for casting realistic shadows. You may want BlackOut, M4Layer or some other effect for that.

Protip #3: Look carefully at the ToS of each model before use. It's important!


Again, we'll start with mofukitsune's new pic, the true quality standard. You may also want to look for PachiPachy's pics, another true quality standard.


File: 1390632307210.jpg (337.17 KB, 1366x1024, Stop Doing That 3_2.jpg)

Quick question about the PNG -> JPG trick - Does this also work with MMM renders? I re-rendered my most recent picture in PNG, then converted it to JPG using SAI, and had a second image rendered straight to JPG, but I can't tell the difference.

Included is the picture in question.


I'm not sure about MMM (probably the same because they're mostly same), but the best way is the check the file size. Or, if you're confident with your eyes, look at the pic to see if traces of compressions are visible, especially around edges.

And of course, rendering in a smaller size works too.


In MMM, I don't see any different except a file size, but we should render as png just in case.

And congrats to MMD HQ level 3


So, anybody working on any new vids lately?




I don't know if it out of topic or not… but at least it still about improving quality for picture render.

Is there any easy tip to do Panorama in photoshop with MMD picture? I won't care how people think it is so so so so unprofessional, but it is one of a few way for shitty computer to make something possible.

I can't place so many cities in one picture for making a huge and wide area of city picture. ( it will cause ran out of memory no matter a small picture is ) so I'm thinking about Panorama trick to make more distance in city with less material used.


You can use Clone4 to duplicate the city without worrying about using up VRAM. It'll make MMD very laggy, though, so you should make them invisible until actual rendering.


I want to start making animations, or at least pictures and such. I don't get what all those links are in the other thread so could someone explain it to me? or maybe link me to some tutorials?


File: 1390779142431.jpg (1.56 MB, 1600x2400, giga_teto__2_by_nutkun7993-d73…)


I suggest you to learn a basic thing first like, learn how to move a bones, play with camera and play with a bit effect that this thread recommended. We will answer any question you're asking for later.

If MMD is that easy to learn like most people did think, we would have a lot of animations and pictures make per day by now.


I will give that a try then when I have a free time.


Well firstly, great to have another person on board!

The best kind of tutorial you're going to get is by playing with the program itself. There's some youtube videos you can easily find if you search "MikuMikuDance Tutorial" on how to manipulate bones, use keyframes, and other basic (but essential) things like that.

The links in the previous thread are common effects used in a lot of renders to improve the quality of the picture, inserted using a .dll called MikuMikuEffect, commonly abbreviated MME. You should focus right now on learning the ins and outs of the program.

I personally use MikuMikuMoving, MMD's sister program, for my renders, so my help in terms of MMD is going to be limited, but there's a lot of people on here that use MMD.

Feel free to ask for advice on here. It's a fairly small and helpful community. I know that if I had stayed quiet this entire time, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now.


File: 1390841297719.jpg (1.68 MB, 1832x3723, Marisa42.jpg)

Clone effect is good, not just save me a lot of time but it also not eats way too much of my ram for nothing.

Took me a few minutes to find and input a code in .fx file for a a result I want though.


Don't suppose you could post your Marisa edits?



I don't know what you mean.


Your Marisa models what have amazing feet and stockings and stuff

I looked all over for them and cannot find them anywhere, I assumed you made them or something


Actually, while we're on the topic of edits, does anyone have a link to a good PMDEditor tutorial, or maybe an English version of the program? I have some ideas that require editing some models.

Also, Nutkun, I love that "Teto System" picture you made. Gratuitous amount of panty shot mixed with my waifu being a size that has to be measured in astronomical units = awesome :3 Great barefoot edit on her too.


There is a english version, but it's old and will not load recent models

Generally you can search for tutorials what take you through the Jap versions



What they said before - you sadly want to look for Japanese versions for editing of newer models.

However, if you want to get INTO the application the English versions are fine to get in - and you're rather lucky: http://fav.me/d67kn5p - a user on dA decided to "quick translate" the most recent PMDEditor and a rather recent PMXEditor - the translated version is 0219, the most recent one is 0220. I haven't tested them but I admit I started learning with an English version too. Notice though: these will just allow you to give a lil hang of the things you can do, tutorials will most likely refer to the Japanese versions. The software is buggy, and the English versions are even buggier so they're rather painful to use - but to me they were a good way to get into it.


I always use PmxEditor_0219(english) to edit models ever since a first day of MMD experience until now. The only problem I found so far is that PMXEditor not support with Breakapart effect, you will need PMDeditor to do that.


Soaring what is your thoughts on making a shrinking set of pictures?
I know you have a lot on your plate for the time being

And keep using them lil Miku models



A shrinking set? Hasn't really crossed my mind, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to do one.

Come to think of it, the only shrink picture I have in my gallery is the one with Haku playing with tinies on her bed. I may need to fix that :3

Also, I do plan on continuing to use that Little Miku model. She seems to be extremely popular (I'm pretty sure I can guess why xD). Maybe I could have her shrink someone else down for the next set. Could have her shrinking her older sister for a role-reversal set :3


File: 1391019107925.jpg (367.31 KB, 1920x1080, the_giant_witch_by_kingklon-d6…)

Well I followed the MMD posts here for a long time and I decided to post on of my latest works too for judgment. And sorry for my bad english.^^"


Thanks for that link, I'll mess around with that and see what I can come up with. I've been meaning to learn how to edit models for a while now, so hopefully this will help.

No worries about the english (it's pretty good, actually), and thanks for posting! Is that a CC model?

If you're looking for a bit of critique, you should add something to help relate her size to. A building, a tiny city, or something to show just how big she is. I mean, she's cutting through the clouds (I want that cloud effect xD), so she's obviously huge, but a little something to give us a sense of scale and distance would go a long way.

You could also move the light source around a bit so she would cast a shadow on the ground below. Right now you kind of have to search for it.

Keep up the good work though! You say that this is one of your "latest works", which makes me wonder if you have another place you post your renders to. If you do, I'd be very interested in seeing them :3


That would be pretty awesome

Keep up the good work


First of all, thanks for the comment and yes it's really a CC model *_* I love Code Geass and I searched for a good CC model for such a looong time. x_x Yes I have a deviantart-page.
Here is the link ^^


Cool! I planted a hidey bush in your yard and am now watching your DA page :3

I think my favorite one in your gallery is the one with Gumi sitting on the building :D


Been finding a good quality drawing of Giantess Marisa…at least just one pic and still no luck and they said it was fair to have a tons of shrunken ones, drawing, mmds, and videos…hey…maybe we might get a flash game next, suck to be Marisa fans sometimes.

Ok, back to a topic,
I'm not good at criticize but It turned out good enough for me and all of other works in your DA, you seem to like airplane comparing ,aren't you? (Oh and I also like your minecraft arts)


Yes, more Little Miku! maybe make another poll that will affect their size again, this time is for shrinking.


File: 1391046527067.jpg (338.77 KB, 1366x1024, Walking To School.jpg)

Yep, more Big Little Miku on the way xD

A shrinking poll sounds like a good idea, too. Could be pretty fun to do :3


File: 1391069680721.jpg (321.6 KB, 1920x1080, yukari_goes_for_a_walk_by_king…)

Thanks for the nice words at my post together. ^-^ I haven't added a tiny city because I was so overwhelmed by this great CC model xD But I have another work with one of my favourite characters ever x3



It always feels so great when you be able to see a favorite character being so big, indeed.


File: 1391071886619.jpg (493.24 KB, 1920x1080, merry_christmas_tiny_ants_by_g…)

H-Hello o3o My friend brought me to this site and I decided to post some pictures of mine too. ^-^
I know christmas is over but I like this picture. >3<


… I… Is that a bikini-clad Yukari?! You have some great models on hand!

Hey Saki! Lovely picture you brought with you! If you're the same one from DA , I dropped a note for ya a little while ago. Cool to see you on here, too!


Yes it's a Yukari bikini model, she is my favourite Touhou character and I loooove models of her *q*


Any update news for a successor of MJGTS from japanese?


They're opening a wakaba thread system soon.


This is it, we've hit the quality tipping point. It's all downhill from here.


Pre-emptive smack on the drama mongering. Please don't derail the thread.


Could people here stop treating slight derails like the devil? You're human not machines, give yourselves a little freedom every now and then.


Yes, and then you have people worshipping Ariane for many posts, and many other things. If only you guys have self-awareness, and can behave yourself…

As far as I see the pic posted is quite good quality, so… stop acting like 4chan? That's the worst place you'll ever want to see.



Is that a joke or it's really a complaining? I hope it's a joke because it quite harmful to hears.


So MJGTS gonna back to alive soon?


Pretty much this. I don't really have anything to add to your statement since you seem to have hit both nails on the head.


i think he meant it more as a joke about the thread reaching a slippery slope towards the gtsbooru/city type community



That guy is also pointing a poster name >Goddess So I wonder is he actually trying to make a joke of that name or actually speak sarcastically, because it can be a good joke here.


Well..maybe my english is just to bad or I didn't get what's the problem about my name. I am Goddess-Saki from deviantart and I choose the same name here so maybe other people remember it if they have seen it on deviantart before. I can change it into Saki, if it's a problem somehow but really I didn't get what's the problem or so funny about it. Just wanted to say that. ^o^



>in post emoticons
Stop that


Believe me, I could really derail this thread by posting some of my opinions on people here, but it wouldn't be constructive and you all are at least generally polite and even-tempered so I try to keep my opinions to myself.

But serious, drop the goddess thing Goddess-Saki, no one likes that crap.


It's a name. Why is that a problem?


I could talk about how adding goddess to a name has bad rep among GTS communities, but then that'd go on for a while, and you guys seem to REALLY want to stay on track.


File: 1391220468987.jpg (550.17 KB, 1920x2160, MarisaRumia1.jpg)


We already had derail from the main topic, by messing with other new people with just a name that has something to do with gts culture and now look, some anonymous people want to run away and don't want to take responsibility from what they had done by using "derail" as an excuse? maybe you don't want to do that or don't want to let that happen. Told me what just going on with this GTS culture thing has to do with this name?

Beside, who gonna know we have some restriction name on this community, it would not be so fair told them to drop without any good reason, right?

Pic unrelated, we have a lot of smaller Marisa in those thread, time to make it fair. If it was too much, I can delete it but of course I had seen worst than this one.


Uh, you seem to have misunderstood, I just answered a question, I have nothing against the guy or I'd say girl even, because a lot of the people I've seen using goddess claim to be women, but I digress, what he posted was a decent picture and I don't mean to scare him/her off, but I'm sure I shouldn't be explaining that, and I hope more content is to come.



I know, but you seem to know a reason, and I ask you because I want to know.


If you mean a reason why I think the goddess part can turn off some people, you can go look at some posters in deviant art and giantess city, and you'll know what I mean.

That said, I'm not gonna jump into conclusions here, and I think he/she is welcome to post any kind of gts content.



I never encounter something like this, this is the first time I know Goddess has something to do with people mind.


I would point you over to /tor/ if it wasn't deleted every week, but let's not dwell into this for too long.


File: 1391226684300.jpg (5.85 KB, 160x90, dl31318-i.jpg)

I guess you right.

Back to a topic.

This is an updated version of our familiar city, yup very familiar.


Add more buildings, more roads, tress, etc etc. quite more buildings update from the last ver 1.00


Awesome find!


You were already cool to me but you are on my hero list for finding this, thanks a lot for sharing.


File: 1391229430660.jpg (1.5 KB, 160x90, dl31255-i.jpg)

A few more share.


It's a terrain of desert with a few Mountain model.

of course if you don't like desert, you can always change a texture to something else, as the terrain curve is better than an old terrain we all used. With a bunch of vertexs on that model you can even modify a land curve all by yourself with PMDeditor.

High quality terrain indeed.



What do you guys use for the outer scenery of city shots?
Because a floating square inside a skybox just ain't right


You can play with the camera and skybox to angle shots that don't leave larger cities.

If that's not possible with your ideas, there's a few terrain downloads in the previous thread. I'd hunt them down for ya, but it's time for me to head to bed :I



We usually use mountains and some land terrains outside cities, try to hide anything that possible lead to misunderstanding or having a weird feeling like watching a floating city. You can download a terrain that I just posted or use a basic version to get familiar with it first.

This is a link for a basic terrain and mountain also including some cities. : http://depositfiles.com/files/qo0gs35hx


What a horrible night for a curse, blah blah blah…


File: 1391319287537.jpg (975.98 KB, 1366x1024, dafuq.jpg)

Is anyone else having problems with missing textures on this?

I just reformatted my computer a few hours ago, and I could've sworn it was working fine yesterday.


That's more like the coordinate grid display (and maybe ground shadow too) interfering with it.


I dont think the coordinate grid is that big, I actually have that issue with the mountains and cities pack, but mostly with the cities, with some showing up white completely, I should also point out that 3d clouds effect didn't work on my computer until I changed it's region to japan, so that might be a solution for that.


Annnd just to report what happened, it's still not showing textures for me even after region change and redownload.


File: 1391388357556.png (35.67 KB, 256x256, road.png)


If I recall the previous pack with the mountains and cities also had this white texture problem, I believe this fixed texture was uploaded separately. Simply put it in the same folder along the .x files.
(Convert it back to .bmp also, all the sites I tried just turn it to a .png …)

I haven't tried this new pack yet, so I'm not sure if it'd fix it. Apologies if it doesn't.


Am i the only one who can't open this in any PMD/PMXEditor?


File: 1391395322695.jpg (15.79 KB, 256x256, road.jpg)


Isn't that white texture is already a correct ones? In M諸島 ver. that white area is brown instead.


And I though I was a only one that can't open that and some cities model in " 街 " but I can open a M諸島 ver. normally.


Well while we're in the subject of solving problems, I don't think fog really likes it when I scale models up or down, and leaves traces of the model, probably because the bones didn't scale with the model, this doesnt happen with accessory though, so the question is, do people scale accessories down or is there a workaround against fog not working with scale effect properly?


Yes, but you need to edit some code.


If it can be shared here that'd be nice, if not I'll try to dig around for something like that, or try changing it myself, thanks.


All fog effects have to determine the position of the object by depthmaps (With name like DepthRT or FogOffScreen. Basically the additional tabs shown at the effects window), so you just need to apply an depthmap that has the scale effect integrated with it to the scaled model to make it work.

1. Paste in those lines for obtaining the parameters for the scale effect you're using AT THE FRONT of the DepthMap file. They're commented as "PMDパラメータ" in the scale effect.
2. Paste in the scale function AFTER them. It starts with "float4 TransPos".
3. Add a line "Pos = TransPos(Pos);" to the BEGINNING of the appropriate vertex shader function (which mostly are just every one of them), ONCE AND ONLY ONCE FOR ANY SHADER, most likely the line after "VS_OUTPUT Out = (VS_OUTPUT)0;", or something with "MMM_SkinnedPosition" for MMM. Sometimes MMM effect files use "pos" for the position instead of "Pos", so watch out for it; variable names are case-sensitive.

Those important things are in all caps because this is code, and has to be strictly grammatical.

p.s It works with almost every effect.


File: 1391401177823.jpg (143.01 KB, 800x424, road_fix.jpg)

"大樹ヰ市" seems to retain the road.bmp texture problem previously the citygen pack had, and upon replacing it, it appears to have fixed it for me.


Hm says it has an error with the redefinition of scale, I'll try out changing some lines around because I probably copied them in the wrong place.


Redefinition means you've declared a variable more than once. For any code you first declare the variable you'll be using by stating its type (e.g "float ScaleAll = something;"), and then use the variable directly by calling its name. If you do the declaration twice to a variable of the same name, you'll get redefinition error.


That's weird, pretty sure I just copy pasta'd stuff, so the scale effect defines the variable twice? I'll check the lines for that, thanks for the reply.


Coming back saying that now the fog scales even when I use it on things that don't have scale.fx assigned to it, which means that the fog becomes bigger but the model and accessory doesnt, I think I did something really wrong.

Now I'm sorry if I keep looking like an idiot at this, but that's because I am.


Yep, that's why I said
>apply an depthmap that has the scale effect integrated with it to the scaled model
Note the latter part. I thought it was unnecessary to add the word "only" as well as "as a new effect file", but never mind…


Well if you mean apply the fogoffscreen.fx file to the model, things just vanish when I apply that.


File: 1391471798936.jpg (43.6 KB, 566x271, ScaleFogOff.jpg)

The problem regards FogOffScreen.fx is that it already uses a variable called "Scale", and the function part of Scale.fx also defines a new variable of the same name. That's why FogOffScreen scales up by the controller even if effects are not remapped.

What you could do is redefine the variable into something else like "ScalerScale", then replace all "Scale" into "ScalerScale" only within' the Scale function part you pasted in.

Hope that wasn't too confusing to understand.


So change the Scale variable on the lines that I paste in from the Scale.fx file then? Thanks, I'll try it out, I was actually trying to get this working until I decided to look for very performance heavy mods for Skyrim and my new GPU and ended up a bit distracted by that.

Nevermind my rambling, thanks for the help from everyone here.


Oh and I can't help but to notice the float Script lines aren't there, am I supposed to get rid of them?


Well, so far I find you only need to copy the parts commented as "PMDパラメータ" and "座標変換関数".

If you mean the lines with all the strings of the controller, they're still there, I just cut them off in the screenshot.


Is that so…

Well excuse me while I go crack my skull open for not being able to make this work.

I'll have to try when I feel less frustrated about the subject.

But I do have to give huge thanks to everyone for taking their time to walk a moron like me through these steps.


File: 1391485166210.jpg (798.96 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)

I can't open it too, there's also another city model (NagisaP city, if I recall it correctly) that also wouldn't open in PMXe.
This updated version is nice, but the center buildings are way too big for me, and I can't edit it as it wont open, bah.


Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here uses Macintosh OSX for MMD? And if so, do they recommend any programs for it? I'm spoiled from MMM on my windows machine, and that is no longer an option. Since MMD vanilla isn't very user friendly. Any help would be fantastic.


So is anyone working on any vids?


Now as I think of it I should probably add a line when I was creating the thread.
>For those who just enter to ask about the existence of new MMD videos: You'll see it when it's done. Enough said.


File: 1391500466119.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, Nazrin2.jpg)


Too big for you…?

But it sad that we can't edit it for some destruction effect, and then… ran out of memory said hello again, I can't add any more detail than this now.



I use a Mac at work and I tried to get both MMM and MMD working on CrossOver and other applications. Long story short: they are the only real applications I know which do work and both of them work very sparsely in my opinion on Mac. MMD had extreme graphics errors and I was never able to get MMM to start up. Additionally I also tried a virtual Windows machine using VirtualBox but thanks to 3D acceleration being in very very early stages for these kind of applications it's not really feasable. Long story short: no MMD or MMM on Mac OS X for now.

The best option on a Mac is to use Bootcamp - this will allow you to safely use MMD and MMM on a Mac but obviously it'd be in a native Windows environment.

One of the main reasons for this is that Macs have a very low market share in Japan in private households it would also apply to most Japanese Indie games - they are all Windows only.

On a side note: for those who use MMM - while the last update was in September many probably thought it would never be updated - but on Feb 1st mogg did actually upload a new version. However, it's just bug fixes so nothing major.



That Teto looks AMAZING, do you plan on sharing her in the future?


File: 1391647039658.jpg (93.94 KB, 867x321, mjgts.jpg)

Looks like they plan to kick MMD off of GSU. They're being polite about it, but this is the kind of thing I was worried about when I proposed that we slow down a little bit. I hope that some of you who reacted strongly see I wasn't being unreasonable, although I won't name names.

I don't mean to gloat(actually, I kind of do… sorry) and I'm not here to say it's only our fault, but I didn't see people talking about it here and it is something that people should know since some of you guys post there. They're officially "asking" MMD users to "seriously consider going elsewhere(lit. "where to go from here")" for various legitimate reasons. Of course, there isn't really a choice here, but it's customary to be polite about things like this and there's no way he'd say anything to anger the users. The reason he gives is that there is that MMD products "have a lot of data(filesize)" and data transfer and storage is difficult.

The good news is that they're planning to make a new site to succeed MJGTS. In other good news, this is my last post here. Good riddance to bad rubbish(me). They were also considering making a Japanese thread here, but I doubt that will happen.



Well then, if they were so negative, I will just back off then ( I'm not sure about the other ) but I just heard a first time that it was about a data file size and not " creative issue thing " you used to reason us…


I, for one, welcome our Japanese overlords.


Sorry I'm retarded, they're kicking the MJGTS people out and pointing them here?


They're kicking MMD off of gsuploader, and in seperate news someone is making a succesor site to MJGTS.


No, you're totally wrong.

First, get the context right before bitching at anything:
>MJGTS was dead at around last May, and since then the Japanese MMD community became almost non-existent, with nowhere for people to communicate (except twitter)
>Around September or so Patchy, Nutkun, me and various people all started posting MMD stuff on GS-uploader, and triggered a new wave of MMD
>People started to worry about uploading too many MMD pics so frequently there (it was even faster than those times when Ochiko and others literally update stuff everyday), and decided to upload to DA instead
>Some new Japanese size fetish MMD users entered, and was trying to actually discuss about MMD, but was of course not very effective
>The owner of MJGTS contacted Yunzo very recently about reviving MJGTS, and they want to create a new place as a successor of MJGTS
That's the story. I think almost everybody who actually looks for MMD content can guess about it somewhat.

(snark to be continued)


Sorry, macrochan returned "body too long" to me, and when I hit "back" the name always empties by itself, and I forgot about it.


Second, did you read post #15? The solution has decided to be "recreating a thread system similar to MJGTS". And not only did you fail to read the replies, you even failed to read post #1: Yunzo's not saying "seriously consider going elsewhere(lit. "where to go from here")", but "Think seriously where and how to migrate to the successor of MJGTS"; also, Yunzo was listing "opening a Japanese thread in Macrochan" as a choice, not a decision. You're talking rubbish here. I'll assume you're just using Google Translate or using somewhat inadequate Japanese to comprehend it, but I think you should have stopped assuming so much things since I didn't bitch about it here. Oh, I hope you actually see my reply at there.

You've not just utterly failed at reading that thread, but even utterly failed at context too. Look at what unnecessary terror and confusion you've caused to everybody. Congratulations.

In other words, >>1980 >>1981 >>1982 >>1983, no need to worry, it's not true. At all.

In recent news, though, Yunzo is trying to set up a thread system but it never worked. So, wait warmly while it's being ready.




The Prophecy is being fulfilled! I knew it!


am i being rused? did you just call him completely wrong and then proceed to repeat what he said? because it still sounds like there's gonna be a successor to MJGTS and that they're going to take MMD outta gsuploader. although if english isn't your first language, it's understandable i suppose



An city updated again, now including a separate material .x files, for example, like a .x file contain skyscraper only.

and can't Anonymous has any kind of name? if you want to put a drama, any argument or any criticism, please at least make it fair.



If it sounds like so to you, you're a paranoid conspiracist. THEY DIDN'T SAY THEY'LL DELETE ALL FUTURE MMD WORKS, in case you still want to put words in other's mouth. It's a MIGRATION. All caps for your convenience.

You're talking as if GS is the only central of giantess stuff, and things are going like what GTSNight happened when they seperated SW stuff to another sub-forum, GTSNightSW (Which this one actually IS disastrous that I don't really wanna talk about it), except it's totally different situation for MJGTS.

Anyone who actually know MJGTS knows that it's a much better place to discuss MMD stuff than GS. Can't you see it's actually a GOOD thing rather than bad thing when you can actually gather all MMD people together, rather than letting them scatter around? I don't know why it sound bad to you. Probably you aren't making MMD stuff at all.

I'll leave you two choices: you're a troll, or you're having hallucinations. Because you're not making any sense at all.


Hey, I'm trying to get into this MMD stuff and am currently gathering effects together. I noticed that the skydrive account that housed the Diffusion7 and Autoluminous4 effects went down and i can't find alternate downloads. Can someone help me out with those two? Sorry if this was the wrong place to ask. :(


With /tor/ gone there's plenty of space and bandwidth for people to create their own MMD threads on here, and we actually have moderators who read the board.

If you want to make your own thread, and have either a tripcode or a static ip, we'll do our best to keep your threads clean of trolling if you report the posts that you don't want.


File: 1391741788211.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, Tetoclub.png)

Never had any plans, but here it is: http://goo.gl/p4zju4 It's mainly the same model as Miku though.

Still not editable in PMXe :[

So… a guy asked me on Youtube if it was possible to export an entire scene for him to be able to open it and use with an Oculus Rift.
It caught my curiosity, if there was an easy way to do so and, as a future Rift owner myself, it would be nice if people shared their scenes for everyone to enjoy with that godly machine.
The most practical way i could think of was to make an entire MMM folder with all the models/accessories/effects/etc… so i tried with my Giantess Miku video, and it seems to work. Then i sent the guy the .rar with everything, but he hasn't answered yet, so i don't know if it worked for him.
So, if you guys could help me, just get it here(goo.gl/N1bpVV), run the version of MMM inside, and load Miku1.mpj or Miku2.mpj inside the Userfile folder.
Let me know if it worked :]



You are a hero and a saint. I am in love with your Miku model, its my favorite!

As soon as I get a desktop, I'm going to give modeling a shot. Cheers!



I don't know where else you would ask. We're here to help :3

Here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/43cwsiyez7ppqn4/Effects.rar

I .rar'ed both Diffusion7 and AutoLuminous4 for ya.


All my yes.


Thank you very much! Now time for weeks of mind numbing, maddening trial and error learning the interface and trying to edit models.


File: 1391753620834.jpg (758.18 KB, 1886x1408, 3732344.jpg)

man you wack-ass nigga, you rippin on things i didn't even say. i'm done with responding to this

to counter meta-faggotry, here's the newest fetish picture by neva. still the best MMD guy out there, if you ask me.


Well, if it is actually a misunderstanding, we all need more accurate proof, and at least try to be more polite, no point using metal rock language here.

It just another tale of Drama created by random Anonymous, if you guy want to end it peacefully, just simple put a proof and explain.


They've already decided to create their own thread system since a week ago. I don't know why somebody can totally ignore those replies (which basically said there'll be a new system) and create so much drama and confusion.

Well, I'm not even sure what he's trying to say now.


I have just opened new BBS.

I have established it on Jukes's server because my webites are running on rental and shared server which does not have enough resource.



I was wondering if you could tell me how to fix this (http://i.imgur.com/Nz7HVdI.png). The model you uploaded and a few other ones I've had before have dark black patches on their skin, almost like shadows. Is there anyway I can fix this via MMM or PMX?

Thank you again for uploading!


O_O how i can make a grafic like this in mmd ? :O


Project loads no problem.

Of course once all assets load up my video card screams, "You fool! You haven't updated me since Febuary of 2011! What were you thinking?" And then it grinds to a halt and I get around 12fps. But it loads and runs just fine… at 12fps.
My Oculus Rift view opened in a slightly newer version of MMM goes a little terrifying and somehow doesn't render the part of the model facing the camera.
Weird. Not sure if its a driver issue, MMM version, or my computer is insane. Maybe all three. Even with bugs, the Oculus is awesome. I look forward to what comes out this year for it. Especially any MMD/MMM works.


I have high hopes for this.


Hmm, it kinda looks like the shading Toons would add, but it's weird, as there's no toons in the face/body. I'm not sure how to fix it, try to modify the shadow settings in MMM, or load the model in MMD to see if the same thing happens, idk

Lol, now i feel stupid.
I completely forgot MMM does not support Oculus Rift
Well, but just to know it works is good
-Also, please don't judge me when you notice all the workarounds I had to do on that animation. By then, I didn't even knew how to use the "related bones" function, heheh


Hey all,

After talking with Proerdd, I've decided to give editing a shot. Any tips or points in the right direction would be helpful.

I have a few questions to anyone who can help:

1. What editor do you use? Do you use multiple programs? (Besides photo editors.)

2. When combining models, what is the best way to put the vertices together?

3. Are there any english tutorials for PMX editor? All of the videos I find are either Spanish or the program is in Japanese.

4. Am I posting in the right area?

Thank you all, I hope to become an active member of this community


File: 1391852863724.jpg (957.19 KB, 1920x1700, Mirai1.jpg)


1. I used PmxEditor_0219(english) but only for swapping some material to another, cut or re texture it.

2. There are several way, but I will go with my own limited knowledge. You can do that in PMX by select a vertex and binding (Crtl + ) together vertex but this cause a texture broke and may need to re UV a texture. Other way is using Metaseq but the program did not support PMD,PMX file, it cause you to lost all bones and morphs materials when you save them with that program. The 3rd way is to move a vertex every single points on your own using PMXEditor, using vertex tab, enter x y and z positions to match another vertex you want to combine, this not cause texture to break but it take a lot of time on working.

Well, I never go full force on creating model, all I do are swapping a part of other models to another, it require binding vertex together sometime but it's not that hard.

3. Yes, there are, usually found on deviantart, there even a guide how to create a Model. Maybe you can visit this place http://mmdmodelers.deviantart.com/

4.Anything about MMD should go to this thread.


>It's mainly the same model as Miku though.

Is there any reason why Teto simply crashes my MMD when Miku doesn't?



Proerdd's Teto works fine on my MMD and MMM. my MMD version is 8.03 and
MMM is The reason maybe lie on your computer.


File: 1391884298645.jpg (194.18 KB, 2000x800, Her poor ribbons.jpg)

So I made some edits I'm rather happy with, however, I didn't do them well.

The ribbon in Madoka's hair doesn't turn with her head, and doesn't have physics.

When either character blushes, it is not transparent and has a white background.

Lastly their hair does have physics, but its not very good, and causes my system to chug(no other model has done this.)

Any ideas, gents?


Strange i have MMD 8.04 and i find it hard to believe is my computer when its the only model than crash MMD


File: 1391933926188.png (806.73 KB, 2000x800, Madoka Homura Little City2.png)

Just a little render out of a small set. I've been trying out different things. I just figured out how effects work, too.


Dat angle HNNNGG
But you should enable AntiAliasing before rendering.


where can i get that models?


File: 1391976694141.jpeg (398.7 KB, 2000x800, Madoka Homura Little City3.jpe…)

I'm pretty sure I do have it enabled. I am, however, rendering on a macbook air, so I don't have very much power to work with. Also I am a complete newbie to MMM.

A friend edited Madoka(pink hair) for me, and I edited Homura(black hair) both from models he put together from Tda miku and a 'curvy base' on deviant art. I cannot distribute them, but I can tell you editing Homura as a complete newbie wasn't very difficult, though its not as polished as a more experienced person might have made her.


hm a tutorial would be good (wanna make or have a sexy model from Reinforce (from "Mahou shoujou lyrical nanoha As"))


All the tutorials I've used were from deviantArt. Heres the ones I saved to my computer.


But there are a lot more on deviantArt.


>Stalking a model development for over a year now



>Sona model

Fuck yes.


You like LoL too?
There are a few champ models dotted around, though a lot of the quality ones are not released yet/off limits


File: 1392033710823.gif (683.85 KB, 480x270, 1392025551734.gif)

>(wanna make or have a sexy model from Reinforce (from "Mahou shoujou lyrical nanoha As")

Godlike taste


What Sona model?


File: 1392045626510.jpg (311.93 KB, 795x698, sakuyaoutofmemory.jpg)

It's just….. * sigh *


seems to be too hard for me xd the clothes i choose are pure white -.- not black as thay shoulb be, and i cannot fix that >_>


Some model by a guy who does movie mockups in MMD
Just search Sona MMD model, I am sure it would come up


can someone make a Model from Reinforce Eins? (from anime mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha As)
you can see a picture here, please also with the choice to undress her^^°


Why not reduce the screen size/camera angle and render it panorama style?



Well, it seems like an only choice then, if I want to keep all effects and details.


File: 1392230451238.jpg (685.36 KB, 3840x2160, Room7.jpg)

To avoid people asking where to download my edits, i've made a skydrive where i'll put all the models and everything else i'll make in the future. Check it here:http://goo.gl/eYtupu (i hope i haven't messed up the link, heh)
I've also changed the models names from SM to HK, as HK is the name of the body base creator.

Anyone have hints on how to make perfect panorama shots? most of the times i try, this happens:http://goo.gl/p3K8o6 then i mess with the camera options and etc and get it right (http://goo.gl/Ibln1b) but sometimes it takes HOURS and still isn't right, like the first example :/


>multi size and nose play


- Make sure the zoom is set to 0
- Set the perspective to ~25-35 (not sure if this is required)
- Disable any moving effects, or edit them so that they don't move around
The only thing you should change now, if you're doing a vertical panorama, is the X angle. Start with it at the lowest part of the panorma, take a shot, then increase the X angle by a small amount, like 3 and take another shot. Do that until you've got the whole scene, and render it in photoshop

I've had like a 90% success rate with that. The main thing that fucks it up is some effects being finicky and ruining some panoramas while working in others, for no obvious reason.



Interesting tips, I will try that later.


3 of the models don't seem to want to load up in my MMD
There a fix for that?
Only the bunny ones work


uhh *_* wanna see a model like this from Haku *_*


File: 1392262607363.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, Club.png)

That's almost exactly what i do, i just never tried changing the angle by a really low number, will tyr this later. But it's weird that in pictures from the japs, like this one(http://3dsize.moe.hm/3dsize/src/139197457731.jpg) it seems they use just a few pics, as you can see on the sides of the picture

Hmm… do you have your locale set to japanese and the japanese language pack installed before extracting the .rar? That's the only reason (though still unlikely) that i can think for it not to work

Check the skydrive :]


If it doesn't work, my only other advice would be to try rendering without effects. if that works, then at least you'll know it's not the camera that's messing it up, and can begin the painstaking process of figuring out exactly which effect is screwing up the panorama.


Locale is already Jap, though I cannot seem to get the Japanese language pack

This sucks



Does anyone know what those anonymous guy models are?



Don't suppose you could look into it, I can't get the language pack as I don't have win7 ultimate
Hopefully I am not the only one having the same problem


Doesn't seem to be locale, the strange thing is the Miku one works, is just Teto giving problems.


Ok i checked all your models because i was bored, here is what i found:
Uniform, Swimsuit and Bunny work
Mizuki crashes MMD
Uniform works
>Teto, Rin and the new Miku version
Bunny works
Uniform, Mizuki and Swinsuit crash MMD
Bunny and Swimsuit work
Uniform and Mizuki crash MMD

Other things i noticed:
Junko seems to have the Bra fucked up (two spikes going up, i assume is the bra because using the bra slider takes them away)
Using the slides to remove clothing leaves a black siluette, except in Haku and Junko swimsuit models for some reason


lol … Hakus Shadow looks odd in the swimsuit ….


File: 1392307959518.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1.png)

Yes… they indeed crash in MMD, i never noticed that since i've always used MMM since i made them, and they do work fine there.

I guess i can only apologize, i created those models for personal use at the beginning. Never really put much thought about it being shared, so they were kinda half-baked, enough to work on my pc

I think the only fix is: use MMM, as i sincerely have no idea how to fix them for MMD :/


Even with the crash I appreciate the downloads. Thanks!


kay will be a bit hard but i try to use mmm from now on for my videos XS


I do kinda wonder what could be the reason for why some work and others dont, wish i could get Haku to work at least


File: 1392319614079.jpg (349.32 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg)

Well, since I was so bored. I delete all the joint key in Teto Swimsuit Model. Guess what? it is not crash anymore on MMD and also I try a same with a few other models, it all fixed. maybe you need to start looking at those and find a solution from there then, I'm a bit lazy today so maybe later.


uhm cause i'm new to MMM how do i add a shader to a model?


File: 1392326876127.png (70.46 KB, 833x409, UnassignedJoints.png)


From the solution of >>2074, I can assume the crashing is because of improperly assigned Joints.
If any one of the dropdown menus has no "Rigid body" (剛体) selected, like if it reads [ - ], then problem occurs and causes MMD to crash.

To solve this, try to check from the left list menu of the objects names and find if there are one item each on both sides of the arrow (->), sometimes you might need to update the menu first by changing some value and undo it though, then either remove the item, or try to select a rigid body with a similar name of the item.

For safer measure, you might also want to check the Rigid Body tab, and find if the brackets ( [] ) contains any items, since that might also cause problems if there are items not linked correctly to something.


File: 1392327322375.png (271.81 KB, 703x917, Joints.png)

YES! It's the 2 joints that should connect the breasts to the body.
To fix it, just change those 2 joints values shown in the red box (apparently, just deleting this joint also works, without messing up the physics)

I'll fix all the models and reupload them soon, i'll also fix the Mizugi's BE slider, that isn't working correctly and remove all useless physics/joints that remains

Thanks a lot guys! :]


>Creates a ton of awesome busty models
>Shares them with everyone
>Speaks of a BE slider

I'm building a shrine to you in my closet.



import shader effect then assign it into model you want to apply effect for.


Is there an archive of mofukitune's old work? The man is outstanding.


>gives us content
>actually wants to fix it even when he uses MMM
>say thanks



>tfw hes not even being a stuck up password faggot about it either
we've crossed into a parallel mmd universe


File: 1392351385849.jpg (946.6 KB, 3840x2160, 1.jpg)

All the models already have a BE slider, i was just talking about the one in Mizugi versions, which didn't make the suit grow as well, heh

Here's a pack that was posted some time ago: http://goo.gl/W03XaP

Well, i was feeling guilty for sharing something that didn't even work for most of you, and to see there was an easy way to fix everything made me feel relieved. Even if i don't use MMD, you guys do really awesome pics in it, and as i do like these models a lot, i also want to see stuff that you will make with them :]

Teto, Junko and Madoka will be in the skydrive in a minute, i'll finish the other ones tomorrow.
-goddamned physics and joints
-ground shadows
-the silhouette thing >>2068 mentioned, also Junko's spikes in the bra
-BE slider in Mizugi versions
-Tried to remove all "NULLxx" from sliders


You are a god among men. Seriously, thanks for all of the models and fixes. You're definitely going on the bro list.

I'll try to pump out a render using those models as a token of gratitude sometime in the next few days. It's the least I can do to repay your awesomeness.



have a quick pic in return


File: 1392388976424.png (1.07 MB, 800x900, fast tetto reflection.png)

and as always i fuck up the pic upload


Just wondering, is there videos of work here? Or just poser 3D picture?


File: 1392418208830.jpg (317.92 KB, 1279x3000, TDA Teto1.jpg)


There are, but they choose not to do for now, Sorry.

image for celebrate to Proerdd, who created/edited this sexy Teto or other.

Actually, didn't turn out good like Iwas expected to…

Also Nude ver here : http://sta.sh/01hehxomocka


Oo where did you get this water effects ?_?



I used this terrain I posted here >>1942
and re texture it into sea and move some vertex in there to make it looks like a wave.


Hey, I know you have done a lot
Just wondering if eventually you could make a flatter Miku/Rin/Teto model
Same size as the Madoka model would be cool
Understood if you don't want to as you have done a lot already


File: 1392435233477.jpg (1.24 MB, 3840x2160, 2.jpg)

All the models are now up in the skydrive, i've even reuploaded Teto to fix the groundshadow, as the hair shadow was a bit lighter than the rest.

By the way, Nut, you mentioned the colors being a bit weird…the face is indeed brighter, it depends on the effect you use, when this happens to me, i load one shader for the body, and one for the face, then i adjust the light levels of the shader (i'm not sure if this is only available on mmm)in the head to fit the light in the body.
Awesome pic though, loved the angle

Might do in the future, but it only have the uniform, no swimsuits or bunnysuits
What i really wanted was to make all the models flat-chested and then use a slider to make it busty, but i don't think it's possible (at least i couldn't find a way), as the flat and busty bases are different models, if i make a slider out of one of them, it becomes a disform mass of polygons


File: 1392473589391.jpg (566.95 KB, 1455x2498, PC98Alice2a.jpg)


Yeah, thanks for advice.

It seems I always have no sense of Light and Shadow in any kind of art even MMD.


Is there a way to this Skydrive you're speaking of?


There is a link to it in one of his previous posts, you can look for it in this thread.



its probably not as visible since all of his links including the skydrive one, are all converted in google url format


oh my god i must be blind….

(i DID search the thread for "skydrive" though…)


Does anyone know of any lower poly/detail mob characters? Especially nude ones. I found one set on bowl-roll earlier, with bikini women and business men.


File: 1392641763790.jpg (515.49 KB, 1688x3527, Sakuya2.jpg)

Is there any effect to help me manipulate a shadow in MMM? well I think I really want to put a shadow in place where I want it to be. Also when you set a zoom to 0 all shadow except self shadow will be gone too.


I think I have asked this before in the past, but is there anyone who commissions decent models?
I know there is a whole "no do use the mmds for money" rule
If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be cool


Loner just deactivated his Deviantart again. A little help?


A little help with what?


You know, if you need something you could just ask me



Heh, sorry.. I meant if I could have some help finding Loner's new Deviantart. (My computer is stupid at times when typing)


If you're referring to my "Lonaire of Astora" deviantArt Profile, then it was posted in the last thread, but that one is down too.

I had a problem and had to shut them both down for a bit. I'll spare the details. Anyway, it should be back up tomorrow in the evening.


Ah, fair enough. That explains the problem I was having then.


Three Marisa pics in one day from variety top MMD users : an event that never happen before in this community. I will remember this day forever~

and now I start to know that an disadvantage of MMM… is really that disadvantage, I just wish MMM never overlooked an effect that can guide or control a light like in MMD. I think I will go back to MMD someday but before this I need to die happily first.



I now it is not soo good but maybe have someone fun to watch it.


Yes, it's fun watching a cute, sexy foxgirl with big, soft boobies dancing~♪

Though, part of me really wished Mio-chan was slowly growing bigger and bigger in spurts like that Mirai growth video by Jim Jimbo (with Mio having an incredibly massive spurt by the video's climax). I like how the video was shaking due to her size, it made the whole experience erotic.

I'm looking forward to your next video (even though I doubt it's going to include epic growth since that might not be your thing).


next video is finished but no grow in it sorry


>Giant girl dances in city without ever interacting with the city
>This is what passes for gts content these days


I mean, it's cute and all, but there hasn't been any really amazing videos in ages. When is Pachy ever going to do another one, or that guy that did a bunch of other Touhou growy videos that always posts them on here?


Well while I understand your feeling and I also wish for a new growth video as well, but they choose from what they want to do and I won't try to complain or pressure them anything about it.

I might be blunt (Imagine Reimu Hakurei saying it so you won't be angry ) but if you guys really want a growth video I suggest you to try on a program and do it for yourself. It is a little silly to murmur about it over and over again, it never helps.



Here is an old video for the impatient folks.


At least it isn't more fucking 2hu


If you want more growth videos then you might want to keep an eye on this person's channel.

They seem to be making good progress. Maybe not as good as any other videos that you guys have seen but better than nothing. If you already know about this channel then disregard this message.


I've been trying to make a game with unity for a bit now and the only problem I'm having is getting sexy models for it. Anyone here got any experience with unity3d?


I am sorry that you not like it. :( I am not so good with mmd but try something to learn more to make sometime, something better.


Your two sentences are not coherent at all.

Though, "MMD for unity" may help you.


Thanks for the advice, I come here with the sole purpose of having my sentences corrected.


Is there a way to download from there?


Londer is right, check out this neew video from itoi…


…ignore my typos



Another tool for Unity is MMD4Mecanim. It is supposed to import PMX/PMD models into FBX and setup a basic Mecanim skeleton for animations. It can also import multiple VMD along with the model during import. I had more success with detailed PMX models importing using this over MMD for Unity. Some models did have to have textures reassigned after import though, they were imported fine but not applied to the proper areas of the mesh.


That guide is in Japanese but Google translate does enough to make sense of it.


i like a shrinking size and but i want a growing bigger & bigger size for a new video.


i like a shrinking size and but i want a growing bigger & bigger size for a new video


Just gotta go with what we get. other's are busy and all so we should enjoy what image's and video's people share. :3


If you'd like, the program is completely free to download, as are a plethora of models, effects, props, and stages. This board exists to help you out, too, so feel free to ask questions if you decide to try it out for yourself ^^


one question, can someone of you create a new model? (that looks like a person from a picture i'll show) i'm searching since Month for someone who can and would do that Q_Q


I seem to be having trouble using Scale Kai. If I manipulate the size alone it's fine, but if I mess with the origin bone, changing the size throws a model's position off.


Thank you.


if anyone making a new giantess growth in the city on mmd and it would take time to make it.


Here is a new video from MultiZapor for all the hungry lurkers.
All here is a guy who usually has something every two weeks.


Are there any tricks for moving the Scale effect center point together with the scaled model, e.g. during an animation? I assume there isn't any automated solution because it would (I think) require numerically solving a differential equation which requires some special features from the program, but I figured I'd ask since I've only been using MMD for a few days.

So is doing it manually the only way?

By the way, what's the policy here on sharing passwords? I'm assuming we don't share them, in accordance with the authors' wishes. I noticed the 3D cloud effect linked in the beginning of the last thread is passworded now and impossible to figure out unless you know Japanese and it's not the only one I've seen with such a password.



In the previous thread, I asked the same question. The answer was to use a dummy bone and set the dummy as the models master bone, then just move the dummy bone to move the model, and scaling it should keep it sitting on the dummy.

The previous thread, I believe, has a link to a dummy bone called scalecenter.pmd, or something close to that. I'd link it myself, but I'm stuck on my phone for the next few weeks.


File: 1393903948721.jpg (518.5 KB, 1590x3091, Marisa49.jpg)


This is scalecentre >>1029

and about policy. Almost every works have a note label in japaneses, "don't tell anyone a password". It simply told us that we can't share a password nor a file itself though *public*. The best we can tell is to tell a hint to that password except a creators place a real password somewhere in their blog or their video description then you can tell a password directly by copy and paste a url that can reach to password.

The formal password of that 3d cloud is 1014 , it can't be used anymore because a creator had changed a password again.


The dummy point workaround doesn't work in MMD, does it? It seemed to be specifically for MMM.

Also, am I doing something wrong, or is it impossible to change the model scale over time in MMM? There didn't seem to be any option to register it as a keyframe.

The center bias could be really useful if it was possible to change it via keyframes.



Click a check mark under a Scale and Edge Meter to register a key frame.


Breaking news:

A recent backdoor in Atwiki allows anyone to edit Atwiki wiki pages without any permission. Atwiki officials didn't fix the backdoor at all, so now all Atwiki wikis are in chaos.

And so, VPVP wiki is not safe at the time being, and it's advised not to visit any of the Atwiki wikis due to possible threat of embedded virus/trojan/malwares.


>found new pics of ariane
>dick exploded and is glowing

i bet your guys knew about them and didnt tell me

>so this is the will of getter, not bad



Share links/photos!


File: 1394638598261.png (935.68 KB, 1280x720, Embarassed.png)


File: 1394642918988.jpg (526.68 KB, 2296x2496, Marisa51.jpg)


If you care, you forgot to turn off an axis, the y axis (Green line) is still showing on the screen while rendering. Also it seems SSAO did not work properly, it renders in model's default position and not your character poses.





File: 1394648050961.png (1.53 MB, 1280x930, 1.png)

Yeah I noticed that I left the axis on after I had already rendered the photo and exited out. When I went back in to fix it I found out that I actually did not save the file and would have to repose the whole thing so I figured screw it, it can stay. Also yeah I noticed the SSAO too late as well, I'll tinker with it once I get the time. Right now I'm just doing this stuff on days where I have extra time, figured I've lurked here long enough that I should actually contribute with some photos even if they're not the most amazing quality. Cheers mate!




Come on man, don't hold out on us.

Reverse image searching turned up nothing.


He did specifically request that one not be reposted. He even went so far as to say that in multiple languages.



ah fuck, there, deleted



Someday I wish to get a new ariane model, with different outfits. ;-;
Or at least a base to use for making clothes for her


Anyone making a giantess growth mmd on YouTube?

Just asking


File: 1394778843510.jpg (289.51 KB, 1920x1080, 1984.jpg)

Would someone care to explain how the Excellentshadow effect works on MMM? A pic with it was posted recently on 3dsize.moe and i cant get it to work properly… not being able to read japanese is sad.

Yep, but i don't expect it be finished this year
>pic related


Don't expect it to be finished this year? That's some heavy work load. From the work you've done on your previous videos, it's sure to be nothing less than godly. I'll try to hold back my hype for now.

By that time I think I may come to the conclusion that I will leave the size content to everyone else. I can't see myself doing this for years to come, or in my later spare time.


File: 1394911269430.jpg (72.66 KB, 692x414, tips fedora.jpg)


Wow you're so edgy. Disrespecting other people's wishes and stuff.

I tip my fedora to you /s


File: 1394925968687.jpg (448.84 KB, 1080x2000, 201302250423201541557421998.jp…)

Don't you guys ever get tired of the constant stream of touhou/vocaloid stuff?

I feel like every time I see an MMD artist has posted a new pic on Deviantart or wherever I have to stop and think about whether it's an actual new pic or he's just reposting something he already did because it all feels so fucking samey.


it's not so much the choice of characters, i think a bigger problem is just the lack of creativity, especially in giga pictures. that's not exclusive to MMD, but with a program that's so easy to get into, you'd hope there'd be some more unique pictures.
although i guess it's kind of silly for me to complain about since i haven't made anything original in a long while myself


Well you can always send him a message on youtube asking about it.


Is he even active in youtube this days? Besides, he isn't going to share yet unless a good reason.


File: 1394947556354.jpg (471.13 KB, 2396x2360, Kitsuni1.jpg)


I like Touhou, it's not because I follow Chihi-Fox, Pachy or because of lack of good choice models, it just something funny going around like 85% those who are really good at MMD both editing and picturing, love touhou, well luckily for you guy, one of a godlike mmder loves to make a lot of Ikaruga. Any model can be good if you guy actually got some editing skill, of course in both models and effects.

What I see in drawing contents is also the same pose, same situation as well, and nobody complaining. Maybe because most of time it's 15+, 18+ contents ? so is this 15+, 18+ contents are always original?

Well, I understand you guy feeling anyway, I joined MMD because I saw a ton among of drawing pics, mmd, and video that related to Marisa in shitty role like being shrunken and vored even since touhou had joined a size contents but instead of complaining all the time, I respond DIY.



Very nice Nibutani model. I know I'm guilty of doing the same thing, but the reason for that is just as plain and simple as the last: I love certain models a lot. Therefore I continue to use them in future pictures. I don't get requests as much as I used to, but if someone would like to see something done then I'd have no problem trying to do it, if I CAN do it. In my last post I believe I've noted even considered moving on from doing MMD GTS pictures and doing regular themed pictures instead, or maybe just moving on altogether.



If people simply want some other character beside Touhou (not mention they said MMD is *easy* to get into ) they can do it yourself. Complaining never bring any good, it only discourages them more in the end.

To be honest, I want to make some Ariane too since people here really want it and I happen to be very kindheartedness, but after seeing you guy are so psychosis about this model enough to disrespect people rule, posted a picture that the artist says not to… I'm too afraid to use this model now… (and I'm pretty sure those who made that Ariane probably think a same if he/she saw this disgracefully action of someone…)


I can understand people asking from time to time since most of the time is touhous (or ikaruga) but for other part anybody could do a pic with the model they want



They are probably the kind of people that hate her or don't want him to ever release her for some childish reason. I think she has a really cute design, and not only that but she appeals to quite a bit of fetishes (breast and butt growth, for sure.)

Does anyone know if he's still planning on sharing her?


File: 1395023740615.png (629.38 KB, 1024x768, luka2.png)


I mainly use Ikaruga upon request. Other times, I try to mix it up from just using the same models over again. What it all really comes down to is preference, really. I don't have a problem using another model if someone requests it.


Well, what a dire situation /cg/ is now at.


>Don't you guys ever get tired of the constant stream of touhou/vocaloid stuff?

>I think a bigger problem is just the lack of creativity, especially in giga pictures
Let's change your argument a bit, shall we?
>Don't you guys ever get tired of the constant stream of Ariane/Ikaruga/Kancolle stuff?
>I think a bigger problem is just the lack of creativity, especially in shrink pictures
Your argument is as flexible as "change the subject and it's still applicable", which means it's totally pointless.

And, if you even watch people who do mainly non-Touhou stuff at all, like 5nbe, Manzi or Loner, you should know that there are actually lots of other MMD stuff.
Or, you might try Kancolle, which is allegedly now more popular than Touhou. (And yet the size community just can't produce adequate Kancolle size stuff at all.)

Oh, and the ironic "lack of creativity" statement. Talking as if the regular "stomp some city" pic you posted is creative at all. Or gushes about how Ariane is universally hot, and everyone should love her. Or how MMD models should all be nude.



>but with a program that's so easy to get into, you'd hope there'd be some more unique pictures

By what definition do you mean "unique"? You're throwing out blank words that don't have any meaning at all.
In addition, easy doesn't mean more creative at all. Just look at most of the people we have here: people who definitely isn't pushing the boundaries of creativity, and instead just make extremely regular and mundane stuff, who then feels as if he's made a great achievement.
And then you also have growthfags who keep requesting MMD growth videos or complaining there isn't any. If it's indeed so easy to get into, why they're still being faggots? Explanation?

And >>2175 you even failed to comprehend what Nut said.
Just. Stop. Gushing. About. Ariane. Every. Fucking. Time. Already.
If anything, it's all these gushes that eventually annoys people (including me), and decides not to feed you all so that things won't get complicated and such. It's what you get from what you've done, so stop complaining. Some may be nice, I'm very snarky when I'm tipped off.

In other words, you guys are really good at being hypocrites. Well, the last time I saw hypocrites were at 4chan where they insists that MMD is shit, and drawing is god. Congrats for /cg/ to become another 4chan.


>Don't you guys ever get tired of the constant stream of Ariane/Ikaruga/Kancolle stuff?

>Your argument is as flexible as "change the subject and it's still applicable", which means it's totally pointless.

What, are we living in 2 years ago? There isn't even remotely close to a "stream" of Ikaruga, Ariane or Kancolle MMD stuff coming out right now. There was plenty around roughly early last year, but that well has long dried up and there are really just now starting to be tiny drips of it reappearing on 3Dsize.moe. The only halfway constant non-Touhou/Vocaloid MMD maker currently is 5nbe. As far as consistent non-touhou/Vocaloid westerners, they don't exist aside from Loner who, while I don't dislike his stuff, is pretty rough and tends towards Vocaloid/Touhou anyways.

I don't give a fuck about Ariane though, that's the other guy. Actually, I hate those 3DCG imports in general, as their faces/body proportions are always horribly ugly to me. But you need to stop amalgamating every person you disagree with into some kind of nonexistent hive hatemind as virtually every post from you I have ever read has screamed martyr complex.



Pretty rough and towards Touhou/Vocaloid anyways? I not sure what you mean, but I DO like Touhou and certain Vocaloids. That's why I use them. I do for myself, and I do whatever people ask if they request politely enough. Just ask, it's all you gotta do. My work isn't perfect, but I try with what I'm given, and I give whatever is asked as best as I can.


I did sometime make non related touhou as well as koirvon.

Well let's get this over with, what do you gain from complaining how each other doing? I have seen these loop over and over again… It never bring a change. Creative is not a main excuse to tell them to stop as well.


File: 1395066655401.png (824.35 KB, 1600x900, yes i know is the wrong tank.p…)

You are all fags, i will go back to watch Build Fighters.


You guys can talk about images all you want, but there's a serious lack of quality MMD videos for months now. Sure, you've got some decent ones, but there hasn't been anything from Pachy or that one anon that made those vids of Reimu, Marisa and the like with the subtitles (I don't even remember if he had a name) or even Manzi in a long while.



Are those models decent and have a full body? Or missing parts like feet.


That model looks so delicious.


I'm just glad to get anything at all. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to post their stuff for others to see it.

To all content posters, I tip my hat to you. Keep it up!


Hey Nutkun, is there anywhere you have all your Marisa model edits hosted?
Bloomers ruin everything :<


File: 1395099924507.png (602.33 KB, 860x625, 2.png)

Uh is this different enough? I apologize for the less than stellar quality of any of my photos, I'm still trying to pick up all the nuances of what makes a good photo within MMM.

As for videos, those are hard so don't get your hopes up for super high quality videos getting pumped out like clockwork. In the end if you want something ultimately take it upon yourself to provide it, you have the resources so give it a shot. Worse thing that can happen is you fail to make something good, in which case no one will really crucify you for it.


I don't know if it's too late to turn over a new leaf or not, but most MMDer you guys used to know, desire not to come here anymore ( except Lonar I think, this place is seems special to him as school ).

Pachy seems never want to make any more video unless he gets some motivation and it's not something like try to worshiping him like a god will help him consider about making more video. I will honest, Pachy doesn't like when you guy keep saying about more video and more video, now plus with these all no more touhoufags drama, Pachy no longer want to make video. And don't even try to contact him in anyway if all you are concerning about now is video.

Not sure about that random anon who making a video of Reimu and Marisa Growth, but I have a feeling he is a same anon who used to say " you guy used to be cool " before leaving this place forever.

Some japanese mmder can't even accept what you guys are doing here.

In fact, itoi in youtube is one of a mmder user who is focus on making video. He made a growth video last week. He seems to get improving each time he posts a new video. But video isn't simply make day by day, and only person is seems too heavy. This place was suppose to create more and more english mmder users to support in coming new contents and various type, both picture and video maker, you guys just ruined it all.

I would say R.I.P this thread but it's all up to you guys who still want to stay.


No. And I don't think Nigamon rule allow me to upload an edit ver.


I just wish this place had none of the drama, it always fucks everything up
People need to learn to keep their mouth shut, the resources are all here, if you don't like the content other people make then make your own
Learning MMD size stuff took me like one night, people should stop putting off learning it when it is so damn easy, the time consuming part is the part where you make your own content and stick to it, not learning it


>People need to learn to keep their mouth shut, the resources are all here, if you don't like the content other people make then make your own

While is true how easy to learn and make your own content, don't fucking act like the producers weren't the ones who blow this shit out of proportion, crying drama and how this place is fucking ruinned.
One comments about them using the same models? FLIP THE FUCK OUT.
One makes a offside comment of lack of videos recently in general? FLIP THE FUCK OUT.
Your people actually pull this shit in Deviant-Art or Youtube or are just this hypocrital? Because i find very hard to believe you get annoyed for people asking you for pics or videos here but not in those places.

Specially when some of you faggots go crying over it to DeviantArt while making a picture of the drama.


It's like I'm in dark souls general all over again


This is true, as much as I hate it when a random person thinks everyone should roll over and do their request, the people who flip their shit over a comment over requesting a model are just as bad
Why is MMD in general plagued by this attitude?


holy shit shut up and post content



Part of the reason I made of the picture of the drama that went on here is because it's pretty damn funny how it happens all the time. It's true that I contribute to it, even now, but it doesn't mean I can't look at it and think "lol We look like a bunch of jackasses."

Also, people do ask me to make more videos, what they don't understand is the time it takes. I have no problem with picture requests though. My old gallery was mainly filled with picture requests.


Have a random giant catgirl picture. I know, it's Haku, she's a Vocaloid, but I like Haku.


File: 1395178583415.png (640.2 KB, 1021x767, 1.png)

File size limit reached. She was too big for it.


Why are MMD "artists" such a bunch of thin skinned vaginas?

It never ceases to boggle my mind. Even Tumblr faggots are more resistant to criticism.

People cry and vow to never visit a thread again because some guy asked them if they ever get tired of seeing the similar pictures over and over? Are you fucking serious?


File: 1395196868687.png (751.51 KB, 990x720, Tower3.png)

I say everyone should calm down and have some tits! =D


can you make an image set?



I'm still here, aren't I? Just lurking and not posting content.


Should I just make a MMD request thread separate from this one?
I really think it could help



I think that's a great idea. Leave this thread for people interested in picking up / learning the program, and have another thread for requests.

As for the arguement, if you want to see different content, all of the download links are here to pick up the program and make your own renders. There's people here more than willing to help those interested in making renders, and quite honestly all of this shit flinging is unnecessary. If you don't like someone's work, we'll show you how to make your own.

But yea, a seperate request thread would be great. You'd probably get some requests fulfilled that way, too.


>All of these 2hu characters of various sizes, but none of the original size shifter, Suika.

Is there even a model for her?


File: 1395220386567.jpg (325.12 KB, 1280x1980, suika.jpg)

There's about 3 models of her, I think. Also some pictures of her in the oldest thread on here.

Gotta say though, the model with the little drawing on the undersides of her boots is my favourite. It's just such a devious/adorable thing for a GTS character to wear !


Any giantess mmd for a new video

Just ask


Are you asking for a new video, or are you asking for requests?
Also does anyone know who made this video?: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTE4MjQ1NjEy.html


Yeah, he may be edgy, but he's not as edgy as the guy that comes into a thread shouting how he has content, and how proud he is of himself for not sharing.


anyone making a growth giantess mmd?


You know what we need?
Continent stage accessories
*nudge nudge* for anyone who knows how to make accessories


Another video to add to my "crap wagon" of videos on Youtube. Enjoy!



Tried posting this earlier, but didn't seem to work. Maybe because Macrochan knows it's crap. lol Enjoy.




Still better than any crap shrunken spamming with Marisa in the last two years.


oh brother, give the tiny marrisa plight a break already. Its not the end of the world if people didnt cast her as a giantess



Take it easy, you guys. There's no need for that.


Nutkun pls


That music, that fucking music.

Loner's not a hero, he's a dark knight.


I have been having rendering issues when trying to render in a decent resolution, it's probably because my laptop is a piece of shit
Anyone have any tips to make my rendering not come out at like 0.1fps at a decent resolution?



>Its not the end of the world if people didnt make a giantess growth video.




What a horrible night to have a curse…


Guess this place is completely dead.



be paitant people dont just pull videos out there ass also try actually GOING on youtube and searching MMD giantess (filter this week) insted of waiting for the link to be posted on here


File: 1396445949692.jpg (99.03 KB, 800x600, huuur duuuur.jpg)

I fucking hate all of you
You who bitch about content
You who tells others to fuck off and look for content elsewhere
You who bitch about how time consuming is to make a pic yet you fucking post one daily in DA
You, who refuse to post content here and bitch about how this place is only drama

I fucking hate every single one of you


I actually laughed.




>tfw no giga middle finger smearing a city of bickering people


keep biting people, let this place becoming rotten and ever shittier, LOL


you're just being silly if you think people are actually mad here. dont take every comment so seriously. besides its almost like you dont even want to see girl who's fed up with the daily conflicts of humanity become giga and punish the sinful earth by furiously sitting on it.


nice jaggies fag

0/10 would not fap



you can always steal their art and post here you know, MMD users can't have any rule on their own right? MMD is for public and they have no right to keep it. lol


The items used for the renders are available to everyone, yes. "Stealing" pictures made with them, however, is probably the quickest way to piss off content creators and ensure that the community dies faster.

You could peruse this thread or its predecessors and obtain a pile of tools and objects to make your own renders, which I think would go a great distance in breathing new life into this thread, or repost DA submissions and accomplish nothing.


Here are a few new users I have found,that might quell you hungry lurkers:


Koirvon has potential, the other two…eh. Still good to see someone is trying out there.



you should never has posted those here…


Why wouldn't he?


please refer to >>2223


bringing less content here wouldnt solve anything though it would only prove his point.



They didn't want to solve anything, they want to get away from here.


Post those contents here only piss more people here and possible start even more drama. Just leave them alone. see this? >>2223 this guy just try to start another drama even they are not here anymore.


Here I am to piss of people with content.

You can't really call it a game. It's more like box to look arround and you can watch from your own prefered location.


I don't really give a fuck who you share it with nor do I care about credit.



File: 1396726171425.jpg (71.65 KB, 799x600, 49898 - blonde city color emba…)

Llamas these days always making drama.
On the bright side if we film the drama we can make millions on a shit TV series!



lol i keep falling through the floor before i can get to the 3rd chick



Okay, apparently I'm doing something wrong, as I can't seem to get the launch application to work. Help?


Did you just port the map with the Axis grid from mmd and eveything?


Do you have DirectX 11 and .net 2.0 atleast?
Getting any errors?

Not sure if I takes the access grid with it.



>Direct X 11

Yeah, I've been stuck on…9? Something below 10 since I haven't upgraded from XP yet. Gonna have to upgrade soon, though.


I'll build a version for DX9 later today and post it.


Hey Jimbo, whenever i try to launch it it keeps saying that it isn't compatible with my version of Windows. im running windows 7 32 bit and i have directx 11 and .net


It's because its build for x64.
I'll upload a 32bit dx9 build tonight.


Wow, I really appreciate this! But, don't burn yourself out doing all that, alright?




Yeah, that one works! Thanks! And now, for long, long wait for the blue haired one to outgrow blondie.



>Please no R-18 or intense violence Or weird fetish-ey stuff like Giantesses, vore, or anything weird like that.

lol, first time i've seen anyone put a rule against giantess with their model.


dam prude, some should do it, if only to watch him bitch out about it.


Whats the worst that could happen?
People get mad bitchy if you use their model, tell everyone you didn't make the model, but didn't list a link to their site/model and they remove everything they had up for download
MMD community man


File: 1396861583994.jpg (162.34 KB, 1500x1145, fuck the police.jpg)

Lets find out shall we?


so what have macrophiles like become the new official furries/MLP cancer of the general MMD community now?


You could say that
But atleast we keep to ourselves


Good to hear that.
I'm not sure what will happen at some point with her, I'm guessing the engine would crash after some hours ;)



I could care less where my pictures are posted. It's not like anyone will recognize who it's made by, so what would it matter?

Videos on the other hand are a different story, not that anyone would do that since mine can't compare to anything great done here. Basically, if I can't be allowed to make money on it, why should some other jerk wads be able to steal it, upload it, and add adverts to make money?


There's a first for everything. Models everywhere are not safe unless you do not upload them in the first place. Even then if nobody uploads pics like that they'd still make them in private.


I had that happen to me, I didnt care though. It just frustrated me afterwards some random dude in the comments would be like "Hey you stole this video!" made me cringe for a sec.


I hope when PrioVR gets released it will be supported by MMD or MMM.

High quality Motion capture suit, it will make it much easier to create new content in a short amount of time.



Definitely. That would be an awesome feature to use, and production could go way higher. Though, I suppose acting would be the only problem we'd have to worry about.



Asakura Misaka's growing in spurts is incredibly hot and erotic. I'm not quite certain what it is about girls swelling up like that, but it makes my dick harder than a slow, consistent expansion like the girl standing by the tower (watching her is almost like watching clouds roll by). On that note, the Mirai growth video on your channel is still my personal favorite because it has a heartbeat-based rhythm to it.



Murasa, you're drunk. Go home.


You never really messed with Unity right?
That was one damn lazy way to animate the blue growing chick, i mean, she fucking slides through the ground and shit, when you have 'Mecanim' to do foot retargeting and stuff, not to mention the ground collision, when you could have used 'mesh collision'.

Damn great job though, considering that this is the only one of these that i had ever seen. Maybe i should make one, though i fear that my fetish might get found out.

Lazy or not, it still served it's purpose, probably more than if it were some random video.

Don't get me wrong, i liked it. Though i still got pissed on how half assed it was. It's very bothersome to fall though the ground when the blue chick is finally getting huge


File: 1396911287009.gif (438.33 KB, 325x233, lewd.gif)

I should've checked myself before wrecking myself

I just tried to use MMD to Unity to make something with Komachi or Yuyuko, but i couldn't.
Apparently MMD to Unity (the Mecanim specific part) is in beta and only works for a specific model, which i downloaded.

I think it's not really all that bad though


It's the first thing I made with unity, just fixed issues with workarrounds where needed.

I just hope someone with skill will one day make something grand.



all i could think of when seeing that gif was "woob woob woob woob"


File: 1397169911757.jpg (168.09 KB, 1920x1080, ikaruga.jpg)

Hello, I've recently been trying to add foots to MMD models with PMX editor and while searching I came across a high ply foot model which I would really like to add to a few other models.

However, as the image shows, I really don't know much about PMX editing and I was wondering if anyone here could give me some pointers as to how to make a seamless transition out of this added foot, any kind of advice would be appreciated.


Loner, what are you using to make those fibers in your micro pics?
a self made model?



I believe you have me confused with Koirvon. He's the one that does those really good micro pictures.


You are correct, woopsie, was just curious as to how that effect was made.
Anyway keep up the good work



He mentioned before that he used metaseq to created that one.


File: 1397308920852.jpg (481.49 KB, 1500x4000, sockstuff2.jpg)

>legitimate question
Might as well answer

Those cloth fibres I was using in those micro pics were in fact just a small mesh of slightly bent cylinders I made on metaseq, then postioned in such a way to make it look like the microscopic surface of a piece of clothing (like a sock or pair of panties)

Was just something I thought up to attempt to depict extremely small shrink scales (as I couldn't get enough of those), Didn't actually think anyone would like it.

(pic related, one of my old images, tried putting a texture on the sock, then using the fibre mesh after a zoom in, to show just how small I made the girl)


You fucking weaved fucking cylinders for a fucking sock? How long did this fucking took? How long did it take for it to bend correctly with her feet? or she can't move it at all?

I also took a whole week making some shit in unity. The lenghts a man will go to fulfill his fetishes … Though still can't get the important bits to work


>You weaved cylinders for a sock? How long did this fucking take? How long did it take for it to bend correctly with her feet? or she can't move it at all?

Its just a small 6x10 mesh I used after a zoom in, and placed it in such a way that it appears larger than it is. It is just a static object, can't actualy move anything, so I just move stuff around it. For example http://fav.me/d7dixt8
the fabric was placed, and the girl's panties were placed directly below it, and enlarged to appear as if the fabric was part of it, then the fabric was removed on the 3rd panel after it was zoomed out to a point were it wouldn't really be visible.

(I find it hard to explain why I do these things)


Finished my 'interactive fap material' with miku walking on a city and growing.

More than half of the filesize is the fucking city that is made for backgrounds, this shit also took almost half of the development time to get it working.

I also had to remove all physics from her, otherwise this shit does not work at all when she gets scaled up (works otherwise).

I used MMD to Unity, what lets me use mecanim (you can put almost any animation on almost any model). but it's only guaranteed to work with the model i am currently using, i didn't even try more than two since it would't be worth the effort (unless i had ariane model, that would be worth the effort, maybe even making animations myself)


Known bugs: She might stop and start spinning instead of finding a new waypoint to go to


Do you mind uploading a 32 bit version?


I just assumed it would work…
Anyways, here is 32 version

I forgot to add: Press E to reverse the gravity if you are not touching the ground

Do not try to get inside the buildings, you might get stuck, as far as i know, the ceilings are 100% safe.

Maybe i should've have made her grow more per sprout, but less often



I'm loving the sudden shift towards interactive material. Keep up the great work guys!


Even after finding about MMD4Mecanim(lets me import other models and still use mecanim). I still can't use the model's physics with scale changing.. It seens that this time, the hitboxes are enlarging with the model (twice as much). If only i had access to those. I might try more tomorrow.

Also, i think this one exports to Windows only or something, can't into moonrunes


Good job. Keep up the good work!

I agree that she should grow more per sprout between slightly longer intervals.


What I did with the growth is to use "Spring" growth, it looks nice.

You can keep in the physics as you could see from my game. The problem is you have to create your own sets of movements.
As soon as you add a rigedbody to your character the physics break. Hence the movements in my game where shit as I wanted to physics working.

Refer to what I mentioned above the rigidbody

I was wondering why noone did it before. Happy to see someone else picking up as well.


Hey, can you do the version without growth limit? I know it would propably break the game but i still want to see it XD


I also noticed that i had the mesh compression on the level to max, that's why it had holes and shit everywhere, though now it takes way longer to load and the app is also bigger..
Does anyone have a good city for me to use on the next one?

Also, the way she starts to spin slowly once she outgrew the fucking level and the way her shaders started to fuck up when her thumb outgrew the level



I have no idea what kind of difficulty one would have in doing this, but would it be possible to have the model do something when they have x scale? Sitting, laying, bending, or some kind of alternative motion when they become too big for the skydome.


nice interactive…is it too much to ask for others models like alice patchy and ikaruga


I have good news for you
The other two I am against, too much physics that i will have to disable. I could put them anyways though…

There is no skydome, the sky is drawn before everything else, and it's depth is ignored, so it will ALWAYS be the background. What is happening is floating point number precision errors.

The biggest problem i have is a scenery right now, the only one i found that is huge, not only was 'filename.x' (direct x file or some shit, i think MMD have no problems loading those, but Unity can't). This one i had to convert, took almost a whole day to find out how, and unfortunately the converter couldn't work with moonrunes on the texture names. So almost half of the textures are missing

Another thing i'd love to be able to do is model collision (climbing them or at least sitting at their titties for instance). The problems associated with this is: One i have no idea how to do it, the way the models are rendered by these plugins are very different from what i am used to work with. The second is that if the model grows too fast, the character will fall though it, i am quite sure it can be fixed changing how the collision deal with it, but it might result in serious slowdowns during growth. This requires some testing


>The sky is drawn before everything else
There are some question and answers about render order in Unity, just simply google them.


Is it not? I always assumed as such, shit, feels bad spreading misinformation

Also, good news, i've managed to get Mecanim, Physics AND Scaling the characters done at the same time.

While using MMD4Mecanim, go to Assets\MMD4Mecanim\Scripts\Internal\MMD4MecanimBulletPhysics.cs
and find (near line 1030):

this._kinematicFlagsList[i] = 1;
Matrix4x4 matrix = bone.gameObject.transform.localToWorldMatrix;
if (!_identityScale) {
MMD4MecanimCommon.NormalizeMatrixBasis(ref matrix, ref _rScale);
transformList[f + 0] = matrix.m00;

change to:

this._kinematicFlagsList[i] = 1;
Matrix4x4 matrix = bone.gameObject.transform.localToWorldMatrix;
for (int i2 = 0; i2 < 16; i2++) {
matrix[i2] /= YourModelScaleGoesHere;
if (!_identityScale) {
MMD4MecanimCommon.NormalizeMatrixBasis(ref matrix, ref _rScale);
transformList[f + 0] = matrix.m00;



Alice and Pachy again huh?


Are there actually models that aren't touhous or vocaloids?



More like are there actually other touhou character beside those two?

and Ikaruga again?

and they said they want some creative.


I never said i wanted creativity, also, if it's always the same models over and over again, then it means they PROBABLY are the best ones
Ariane, but that's yet another shitstorm. Not to mention that it's not as easy to get it as it used to be a couple of months ago when someone was hosting the model on deviantart



I have seen better models than those two, just admit it that you love those two or just hyping them up like Ariane.

Besides *Creative* is the best issue that discussing every time in this community?



Talking about quality? that doesn't even explain why we see a same shit role on both shrunken and giantess. People lack of creative and they always talking shit about how people never do anything new and YET they still want or make a same fucking idea with a same models.


fuck the what? i can't even follow this conversation due to poor english


Judging by the keywords and tortured syntax, I'm guessing its Nutkun again


eternally requesting more shrunken Marrisa content to tease and abuse nut_kun. (actually saw a nice giga growth video story with Mary not along ago)

but seriously though i dont think model choices matter very much when people bring up creativity, its more about working with what you've got to create something imaginative unique. even if an idea has been explored already if you like it you should do it. you'd actually get more respect for sticking around casually discussing and posting content then adopting the typical abort/quit/shutdown forever mentality thats so prevalent with this community.


for (int i2 = 0; i2 < 16; i2++) {
Will this only work for certain scale sizes? Or will this keep the physics on the same scale as the model?


So far, it worked with very large scales (to the point of getting zfighting on her clothing). The line you quoted simply loops through each value in the transformation matrix, i think you wanted to quote:
matrix[i2] /= YourModelScaleGoesHere;

>just admit it that you love those two or just hyping them up like Ariane
There is no point hyping any of them since i don't care much about Alice/patchouli, and i don't have Ariane (as opposed to about any touhou, it not as easily accessible anymore). I will first make it work with Irakuga, then go for the biggest tits and ass that i can find or can edit (though bone scaling in Unity), then later will maybe add other characters as requested.
But yeah, i'd hype for Ariane if i were not the one developing it



Great work on this game. This version is better than first but things start to look weird when Miku starts to outgrow the background. Can you set size limit to her just before her head reach clouds backgroung if this isn't too much work?

On another note I noticed that even if you named game for fun it have error in name. It's missing "n" in "Interactive".

Also you said you're going to create more games like this in the future and I would like to give you some suggestions.

First thing - it would be nice to see a game in which you play as growing giantess from third person perspective.

Second thing - maybe you can try to create something like custom growth and shrinking mechanic. I mean when you hold "+" girl grows and when you hold "-" girl shrinks.

These are only suggestions but it would be nice to at least consider them.

Anyway thanks for creating these godly experiences for us XD

(Sorry for bad english)


Thanks, next time I'll try ridged as well. Just hoping someone will create an plugin for t he PrioVR suit when it is released, It will be so easy to make animations.


>Just hoping someone will create an plugin for t he PrioVR suit when it is released, It will be so easy to make animations
Do you mean a plugin to make animations with PrioVR, or a plugin to use PrioVR animations on Unity? Also, you can do that already with 3 cameras or so I heard, I never even bothered checking those though, so I might be mistaken.


>Nut-kun's twitter

the fuck is this



turns out 3 people made touhou images on dA pretty much showing Nutcase's precious Marisa getting ripped to shreads, and now hes gotten anally crucified over it.



Those were made because of one person request. As much as it looks funny, I can agree that it is too much.


I wanna see


File: 1398299936273.jpg (62.62 KB, 1024x576, BlOSvQxCIAA1Pa4.jpg)

new manzi video


File: 1398300688731.jpg (1018.32 KB, 1920x1625, a_weak_toy_by_catadioptrictrap…)


File: 1398300731836.jpg (738.03 KB, 1920x2165, metropolis_mowing_down_by_pach…)



>that guy still in the cage looks at the camera


>getting mad about a fictional character getting kill


Oh wow



It was because that requester want to offend him.

it caused him mad for that.


Judging from what Nutkun commented on those works on dA, he isn't get mad because of his favorite was killed, he upset because of that someone want to offend him.


Why people in this community do always have to fight each other anyway?


Couldn't tell you, man. You'd think as far up a damn creek as we are, people would band together over common interests instead of hound those that differ, but that seems to be the trend.



I have feel for both, he need to be taught, yes. but how the other one do is also too extreme.


Why are people so sensitive? If I got upset every time someone tried to offend me I'd probably be dead right now, people should get used to being hated by others, everyone should be, nobody is that good.



Everyone is sentitive, it just like that. you need to learn how to respect people, not bashing them. You need to learn how to understand people, not offend them.


I really don't know what kind of utopian world you're trying to build or live in, but it doesn't exist, so you make do with what you got, everyone was bullied at some point in their lives in different ways, you just gotta get over it and not revel in your self pity if you want to get anything done, that's just how it is, as soon as someone shows an obsession or some kind of emotional attachment you can bet your ass someone will exploit it to hell, so the lesson here is to be careful with what you say, and around who you say it, because you might regret it.


And I just realized how this sounds like I'm hating on nut, I don't but I think there's something to learn from this like I said in my previous comment, and how some of us should learn how to live with what we got and work to improve it, or suffer the consequences otherwise.


What do the pics have to do with Nut?


File: 1398321110346.png (1.55 MB, 1024x768, 0 fucks given.png)


He loves the Marisa
And hates her being shrunk
That would be fine but he really hammers on people who do shrunk Marisa pics without involving him at all
He does need to chill out, I have seen some of my fave chars and waifu being eaten, dissolved and crushed ect (I don't like murder or vore), but I don't care and don't get verbal about it, different people like different things


Yeah, but he also didn't get what he likes from this com too and the point now is someone actually offending him.


Just some points from the other side of this shitstorm:

Nut was constantly harping on at some MMD'ers for making shrunken marisa images BEFORE he started his first little rant on the second thread.

He was hating on actual artists just for having tiny marisa in their work, somehow believing his rants would somehow stop every artists in the freaking universe from doing so. (fortually he seems to have accepted this fact now)

The reason the requester wanted to "offend" Nut, was because the requester was a freind of Pachy, and apparently Pachy has been irritated and put in bad moods by Nut's antics, and pretty much got fed up.

Now the funny thing is, Nut during the twitter rage, seems to have ignored the fact that the 3 dA users who made said offenive work, also happened to make several GTS marisa images, intended to make Nut feel good (pics, stories, even a vid)



Pachy was in bad mood because of many things, Nut is only his one side of problem.



It ended now so it doesn't matter anymore but.


Yeah, people here forgot the fact that " Touhoufaq " drama here is also one of his side problem.

A countless number of video request even he said he don't want to do it anymore, is also bothering him.

And now there are some dA MMD artists that basically hate on Pachy and other because of there fetish. Have you see a new model in dA even have a rule against Giantess?

I'm glad at least Nut is generally kind enough to put an end to one of his problem, but it doesn't change much because his rants is still one of Pachy's minor problem.



Funny part is, nobody even considering what they had done to those artists especially Pachy, instead just keep bitching on person that had noting to do with them



This is macrochan, they are nothing but a cancer of community. Someone need to tell them constantly to " Mind on your own business "


You guys take yourselves way too seriously.


After reading this, I sorta want to make something with shrunken marisa. I don't even like shrinken shit

>Have you see a new model in dA even have a rule against Giantess
I guess some people like to respect other's wishes and so on, but when someone says things like: "don't use this on giantess fetish" instead of "don't use this with some weird ass fetish"/"don't use this for porn" then it makes you really want to actually make something with giantess using said model. I mean, what he is going to do, sue an anonymous poster? Also, there is that fair use bullshit

Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded with autistic people who can't tell reality from fantasy


Like I said, it already end so it doesn't matter anymore. Doing anymore of those are not going to help anyone, it may just causes Pachy and other more problem in the end.

Let put it to rest, they already solved their problem on their own we shouldn't bring it back again.

About those artists rules. I won't care how people here looks at them, I only point out that those artists are not really welcoming them in general. I saw Pachy said about them in his twitter and really depressed about it but on the bright side our Nut, is only person who replied him and cheered him up as well.


mkay what ever you say …nut_kun
(//_-) if you deviant lurkers started posting images again it may encourage newer topics


Why are there so many people in this thread that can't speak English worth a shit? And why are they always bitching about things?



Sorry, but I'm not your Nut. I'm bad at English as well and I'm pretty sure not only one here as well.



And everyone even blame Nut for those bad English, they sure hate him for anything.


Can someone explain to me how we keep spiraling into this drama bullshit? It all seems completely self-inflicted, like the community gets bored with being nice or, in this case, silent, and just starts shit for the hell of it.



They sure love to bitch everything even called those bad english users, Nutkun. As if there is only one person in the world has that problem wwww.


File: 1398395867821.jpg (187.48 KB, 1024x768, Downtown.jpg)

Maybe, I dunno, I know another guy named Greg, you want me to call him up?

>deviant lurkers
Deviant Poster! An old shitty attempt at a picture, but I stand by it.


File: 1398397787372.jpg (204.45 KB, 1280x1024, hello_plane_by_kingklon-d7dstz…)

For snapping out of shitstorm here a pic from one dA guy


File: 1398398416642.jpg (711.74 KB, 1912x4344, giga_magician_girl_by_nutkun79…)

And in case for those who want to start Touhoufaq drama again, here the pic from your most hatest artist, Nutkun7993.

One and only person who made Dark Magician Girl with MMD.


File: 1398399176428.jpg (946.94 KB, 1800x3600, request___dread_bonus_rooftop_…)

AND if you guy are so full of hate that can't even look at a pic with "Nut" in its name even it's not touhou related here anorther pic for you non touhoufaq

Koirvon is also only person who did made something with Disgaea.

Now just shut your mouth and enjoy your free contents.


In fact, most of us are terrible at it
However Nutkun is great at editing models, thefore you have a good image with a good magician girl model in it

Why does no one else do it? because looking for a good Magician girl model is almost impossible, we all can't just edit models to look spectacular (yes Nutkun, you are amazing at editing)
This is why most of us are restricted to Vocaloid/Touhou

I don't know whether or not I completely missed the point of your thread, but I have tried to decipher this whole rant things broken english and I have probably just comprehended this as something completely different


File: 1398402675047.jpg (905.16 KB, 1517x2213, rin n miku j.jpg)

First submission
Rate me mates


File: 1398406358734.jpg (323.59 KB, 1440x1080, Teto Office 2.jpg)

Seeing how everyone else is posting content, here's a recent one from my DA.


Make moar. Many moar.



Hm, very good. I love some Rin. However, make that milk into a chocolate milk, and you have a deal.


File: 1398416273916.jpg (323.95 KB, 1300x1000, overlord_pleinair.jpg)

Thanks for taking down that Nue/Marisa image from the thread, recently took it off my gallery for reasons.
(of course, feel free to do whatever the hell you want with the rest of my images, I don't really care)

I took the whole "touhoufaq" thing as critism towards myself, so I decided to branch out to something that hasn't been done with MMD.
Sadly there wasn't exactly much modelwise for Disgaea, which is a shame.
(it least there was enough part downloads on dA to spilce together a rough recreation of Pleinair, as I really wanted to see GTS stuff of her for some reason, pic related)

Looks gud, clean posework too. Continue.


any mmd giantess video?
growing video for mmd.





Man you really need to check YouTube.

Koirvon made like 3-4 vids in past few weeks.


I know and I just ask


Koirvon video is good and but I want a new growth giantess mmd.

Just ask



Shut up.

Just saying


dis fuckin guy….>>2364


no sound


99% certain this guy is a troll


File: 1398464428917.jpg (947.88 KB, 1084x4236, rin n miku 2.jpg)


Thanks guys, I will keep making some images for now, I'll add them on here in the meantime, just to keep it going and stray away from the drama, maybe make a DA account later.
Also what do you mean by chocolate milk?


And now I realize I forgot to crop the bottom out.
Oh well, enjoy my amazing ms paint error


I just ask and I don't trolling anyone


File: 1398487255029.jpg (265.34 KB, 1440x1080, at_the_office_3_by_thesoaringh…)


Dood, keep making pictures. If you have any questions or want some advice, we're here for ya, and a DA account wouldn't hurt either.


Could use a little advice on good resolutions for multiple image strips
As you can see with the last image in that strip that the quality has gone down a little.



I render mine at 1440 x 1080, mostly because that's my monitor's resolution. Not sure why there's an inconsistency in your images if you're rendering at the same resolution each time, though.



Don't mind the chocolate milk thing. That's just me being an idiot as usual.


MMD has the tendency to compress arbitrarily if you export it as .jpg, and you really should export as .png (which you can then convert to .jpg at whatever quality you want).


File: 1399511427321.jpg (740.42 KB, 1500x2300, enormous_soft_and_heaven_by_nu…)


Where do you guys get those cloud layers from?


File: 1399579496742.jpg (808.88 KB, 1800x3474, RnM3.jpg)

Not being NEET really sucks when you want to do these…


File: 1399684341515.jpg (621.45 KB, 1800x3584, RnM4.jpg)

Enjoy my fellow crickets



I don't suppose you have a DA, do you? I like these short strips you're making.



give it by next Thus, hopefully I will have one up by then


File: 1399901537709.jpg (236.74 KB, 1200x800, foot.jpg)




She's fucked



It's been a while since my last work, thought I'd share. Feel free to be as critical as you like, this is only my third ever after all. I might have gone a little overboard >.>


File: 1399971579844.jpg (781.07 KB, 1800x2400, giga leaf and hoenn confirmed.…)

Planet-sized Pokégirls? My favourate kind of Pokégirls.

That vid had quite a lot of nice things, the country destorying finger poking, the view from the world, the focus on Rosa's body. Can't think of any real critism thats not content preferances, so good job, nice to see another vid from you.

(pic unrelated, just felt like posting some planetry pokégirls)


File: 1400013385184.gif (13.45 KB, 296x295, 525888036a38fec4c3ecf1be585a34…)

Yo Neko, that Rosa video was amazing~!
I'm not the biggest fan of crush, but this almost changed my mind


File: 1400195632350.jpg (697.69 KB, 1800x3576, RnM5.jpg)

I love me some Rosa


File: 1400209921932.jpg (1.05 MB, 1800x5976, RnM6l.jpg)

One more after this planned, but I am probably getting out of control with the extra panels, I really suck at trying to convey micro


You could probably drop the first 1-2 easily because the last panel helps convey the size difference.

Good shit though.


File: 1400269399434.jpg (1.05 MB, 1800x5972, RnM7.jpg)

Probably, I was going to put a prop next to her but it looked way too out of place
Oh well here is the last one
Now time to spend 4 hours trying to figure out a decent name for DA


link it when you make it


My DA?

I'm not sure on the naughty ratings of my last two pictures, should it be fine for me to put them both up on DA?
Wouldn't want to get banned right away that is.


you will be fine


Does anybody else agree that Nut-kun needs to stop with the clouds?

There's a reason why mokufutine and pachipachy don't do that awful shit(USER WAS BANNED BECAUSE HE'S FUNNY)



File: 1401154662359.jpg (714.07 KB, 1800x2200, 1.jpg)


How did you manage to get a massive spanning city?
Is that the clone tool at work?


I really love Alice! That one is great! Awesome work!
I would love to see more GTS Alice!


Sorry for such a seemingly newbish question, but how do you apply several effects to the same model in MMD? I want to apply the Adultshader and Scale effects but there is no way to apply multiple effects: applying another effect simply removes the previous effect.

I just can't figure it out. I've tried everything (there aren't even that many options) and no tutorials or readmes seem to shed any light on the issue.

MMD 9.10 and MMEffect 0.36. Effects are "Scale.fx ver0.0.4" and AdultShader v014.


You can't unless you edit the code inside the .fx file, which I had posted a simplified guide on this thread (not sure which post, however)

However, it's only useful for merging a shader with a vertex-deforming effect, and you can't merge two shaders directly by editing code (with the exception of FurShader). M4Layer or something will help you, though.


File: 1402121613339.jpg (141.57 KB, 1366x1080, gtshei_Come_Inside.jpg)

Hi, everyone! I'm new around here. I've been fooling around with MMD GTS for some time now, so I decided to post my recent work here for evaluation. Feel free to leave any comments.


Does anyone know where any continent accessories or models are?

I seriously cannot find any and I haven't seen anyone use them…one must exist though…
More or less a huge cry for someone to find/make one



This guy made a stomach model, if anyone needed one of those.


Any scat / watersports props/models? :3c


Soaringhog pls come back :<


File: 1402643508033.jpg (1.94 MB, 2560x1440, S.jpg)


There is such a model

Model are expanding in the image.


File: 1402646808825.jpg (62.83 KB, 692x367, dogagon.jpg)

does anyone know the password of these address? I can not find out what it means.


It means "How this genre is spelled in 3 letters".


short Question to the HK model maker, is there a Model from Luka and Ia? or could you make one?


Did anyone happen to snag the 1st 2 files? The links are broken


How do I get pass the one time download key portion for dogagon's files? I place the generated key in the box but it never works :(



File: 1404416231504.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, IALuka.jpg)

It's up on skydrive ;]


thank you *_*

uhm are you the one who maid then? (if yes can i make an request for 2 models from my favorite characters?)


File: 1404497278215.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x1440, 3.jpg)


Anyone else seen Manzi's video?
Its high quality work.

Nice pic, Proedd. I'd love to see a video like that.


File: 1404599911933.gif (1.95 MB, 282x159, bestgup.gif)

>more GuP
I fucking love it. I've never been the type to be good at anything resembling art at all, even 3D model manipulation, but after spending a while appreciating the work done in these threads, I've considered trying my hand at it.

…Unfortunately, I don't think I have the time to really practice a lot, so even if I did, it'd likely be a long-ass time before I could produce anything even approaching "terrible."


I've been trying to make a Jinx (from league of legends) base, for a while now and someone on DeviantArt has created a pretty good model.

I'm having trouble with bones not moving vertices.



Check the weights of the vertices.


File: 1404649195196.jpg (189.4 KB, 1900x1200, Oh boy....jpg)

Hmm. Sounds legit.


File: 1404697340158.jpg (788.81 KB, 2000x1000, GET JINXED.jpg)


Just got her figured out thanks to an awesome friend.


And now the Sona model is finally released too
Can't wait to get some time to use it



Its so good… I want to Riven model. Could u make her's model?


File: 1404734929173.png (552.57 KB, 1280x720, shove.png)

First time using MMD. How did I do?


File: 1404739046794.png (380.99 KB, 1280x720, deep inside.png)


File: 1404739216916.png (556.16 KB, 1280x720, tease.png)


Honestly, they're VERY decent. I'm actually prone to see more.



I didn't make the model, someone on deviantart did. I just patched it all together into a more of a 'bikini' base and did some editing.


File: 1404770886247.png (433.75 KB, 764x462, sonapls.png)

Just checked it now and no upskirt :<
is anyone able to finish off her lower body? I don't care so much about clipping on physics and would be eternally thankful

Also the model creator is allowing editing since it's unfinished


File: 1404779100851.jpg (1.44 MB, 2560x1440, reizei.jpg)

I'm glad you liked the image.

Also to post pictures someday GuP.


File: 1404864798147.png (383.77 KB, 1280x720, raf.png)

OK! This one is based on an old favorite.


File: 1404942771872.jpg (730.07 KB, 1920x1080, Jaggies.jpg)

Having a little problem

Got a new PC and decided to put my MMD stuff on it
But it looks and creates pictures with ungodly jaggies, I never had this on my old PC but it also was not 1920x1080

Is there a fix to this or is this somehow just me getting used to the higher res?
Also a example of the jaggies being present in this picture, adding diffusion helps a little but it still obvious


File: 1404949900102.png (480.31 KB, 1280x720, smother 2.png)

I figured how to add backgrounds.


File: 1404949926995.png (591.11 KB, 1280x720, smother 3.png)


File: 1404950105326.png (579.34 KB, 1280x720, wedged 1.png)


File: 1404950481691.png (581.02 KB, 1280x720, wedged 2.png)


You had the anti-alias option off.

Display → Anti-alias (the one just below edge color)


Thanks a ton


I'll just leave this here for anyone that might be looking for it. http://silverunicornprinces.deviantart.com/art/Ariane-dl-450483817


File: 1406138601455.jpg (818.98 KB, 1920x1080, 015.jpg)

Time for a new imageset!

113 images, a short video and some extras. Only in 3840x2160 for download [http://goo.gl/JjGjuS]
If you don't want to download (it's 400mb), you can check it on lower quality and without the video and extras on imgur [http://imgur.com/a/I0eJQ#0]
Also, if you have an Oculus Rift or just want to see it from any angle, here's the entire MMM folder [http://goo.gl/W8XiPU]. If your computer get slow, try to rename the folder "MansionLowres" to "Mansion" in the Userfile folder (where the .mpj are also located)

*the short video is among the pictures, it's the "027" part.

Well, hope you enjoy it :]



These renders are gorgeous, not to mention sexy.

Is 3D animation just a hobby for you or do you do work with it also?


Might anyone have suggestions for an MMD "starter's pack"? There's some really awesome content here and while OP linked old threads, I'm not quite sure what best to work with first. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance c:


What do you actually mean by "starter pack" at all, anyway…?


You are a fucking god by the way


Amazing. Now do one where the bedroom is replaced by a city.



that's the most cute, awesome and sexy image set that i've ever seen.

you sir. deserver a gold medal.

10/10 would donate


Like suggested files to work with if you're new to MMD


Does that even make sense…? As long as a model doesn't have physics/rig problem they're okay. Not like many people actually know how to use effects well. And we just use the same scenes and accessories all the time.

Being a new guy means you need skills, i.e the ability to reproduce what you're thinking in your mind well. Spoon-feeding with "suggested files to work with" won't actually help at all. It creates a false sense of "I've got the best models in the universe, so my works must be epic!", while ignoring the fact that one can create an absolute piece of crap even given the best graphics available.

By the way, not even the best MMD guys in the earth are immune to crappy old works. It's just how one evolves. Take months to learn, and most importantly, understand what you're doing and trying to do, and you'll be great.


Damn, keep em coming. Hottest MMD insertion images I've seen so far.


File: 1406265000188.jpg (451.26 KB, 1696x3168, heels_from_the_heaven__short_s…)

>>2490 >>2495

You can refer to the old thread for various useful stuff, namely >>747, >>748, >>749, >>751, >>752, >>753, >>758 and >>759. Additionally, http://citrusmoothie.tumblr.com is probably the best site for model needs. It has the newest, and the most complete list of models.

Take a few time on reading all those and you will get some good start.
I will give you a few accessories for a try then : http://depositfiles.com/files/qo0gs35hx
It's all time favorite terrain, city and mountain.

If you want some sexy model… I think most people here know where to find it. Prodd made a good edit of sexy Miku, you probably saw it already.
Here : https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=A20296DA97BD2BB4&id=A20296DA97BD2BB4!115

You may use it as base later for editing.

deviantart.com also provides many model for a use.

Standard of all time effects are Diffusion and SSAO.

You may need to learn how to use PMD or PMX properly later because it will help you open up more freedom on creating stuff.


quit being a useless cunt. your egocentric explanation makes far less sense than his simple ass request.


File: 1406308520936.jpg (938.73 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)

Just a hobby, my animation lacks fluidity/the movements are slow… I am trying to improve though. I'm not 100% satisfied with the pack's video, but it's quite a lot better than my old growing Miku one, hehe. I hope to reach Eskoz level some day~

Might do it in the future… but hey, you can download the MMM folder and change the room to a city yourself, it could help you learn something if you're a begginner on mmmd :]


Also if you want to get a wider range of rooms and settings, I recommend google sketchup

Most of the time it requires you to scale the model correctly in sketchup (is very very akward for new users) but getting it down will give you access to many many stages and setups just by browsing premade models.

look to http://caramelchocolatez.deviantart.com/art/SketchUp-Model-in-MMD-Tutorial-179718612
if you are interested


File: 1406462311994.png (541.17 KB, 1280x720, 69 1.png)

There's plenty to go around.


File: 1406462407951.png (586.77 KB, 1280x720, final push 2.png)

I really like this one


File: 1406462465051.png (456.51 KB, 1280x720, drop 2.png)


This is my first attempt of a 'set'. I'll make more if people want me to

(huge image warning)


File: 1406462837050.png (1 MB, 961x732, stool.png)

Macrochan didn't like my image size, here it is 75% smaller.


Are you the requester? If no then shut the fuck up with that. You're even worse, entering in just to bitch at nothing.

And after all, that's a very exhaustive resource list I've been put up there, so if you're still not satisfied with everything available in your hands… I donno. You should know better than being a fool who don't even try to think in the Internet age.

(Though, back to topic, if the requester actually wanted MMD tutorials… Again, tons of them in the Internet just by googing "MMD tutorials" or something. It's ridiculously easy…)


Thank you very much! :)

Thanks for the support, anon. Rare to find in these savage days on the internet.

No, but I came here because it's a community I look up to and trust. I wanted to learn from some of the many talented artists here, that's all. If you're offended, there's nothing I can do for you.


could you just put them in a zip like the other guy did?


And that's the advice I'd give to one. It might have sounded very blunt and a bit harsh, but that's the most important thing one needs to know, before one can become great. Tools are useless in a hand uncapable to use them wisely, you know.


File: 1406583233595.png (602.15 KB, 1280x720, fix 1.png)

When I have enough content, maybe.


File: 1407136796861.jpg (270.54 KB, 1980x1080, 17.jpg)

Just trying to have another render


any new mmd giantess video


any new mmd giantess growth video



Of course, you just got to learn to search around. I've found plenty of content, just scrounging through youtube and other video sites.


Anyone know the passwords on these models?

I only managed to get the XX Miku model what was "ap_miku_xx" from Citrus Smoothie


I have jerked it to that image so many times now that I've lose count.


Anyone seen this one, yet?


i have already seen it video


I also found this…


Heres a video for the vore fans


What is your guys thoughts on pictures what use multiple models by different creators?

Say something like a image what uses Appearance Miku, Eto Haku and LAT Rin
Is this frowned on for the difference of how the base model looks?


Given how clonish a lot of anime characters are–especially with all the cutpaste construction in MMD models–I'd say it's BETTER if you mix up the model styles a bit. Creates a more realistic semblance of facial/body-type variety.


>Model has initial password to download it
>Also has another different password to unzip it

Fuck me


File: 1409223422163.png (1.09 MB, 1267x924, tenshi_02bx.png)

Just thought of giving my edit of the attached barefoot model by kusoga ( http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22555851 ) , since many people having trouble with it, and got asked a bit.

The zip comes with a texture file, transition between legs should be seamless as long you have it. If needed, try recolor/edit the texture itself.

Credits should be in the model description thingy, if one is needed. Original readme also attached, just in case.



I was thinking of making another video since it seems like the well's dried up lately on new content. I've had criticism in the past for my videos not 'looking' good. Are there any special techniques or filters I should be using apart from SSAO and Diffusion?


I use diffusion on my images, but I tone it down to something between 0.2-0.5 on the accessory scaler


File: 1410202795922.jpg (751.96 KB, 1280x3600, hkrm sequence.jpg)


Wow Proerdd, these models are amazing. The BE slider is the best damn thing ever. Thanks for sharing. A little sequence for the community.




i have watched 3 times and that video is awesome to watch.


Great video/work!
I'm not the creator but I was so free and added some sound effects to it. Hope you like it!

Get it here:
Tell me what you think.


not bad would love to see you edit more vids


Thanks! As long as I like the source video I'm willing to add sounds to other soundless GTS videos!

Oh and by the way. I updated the video and added more sounds. Should be even better now! It's still the same link! Check it out!


File: 1410704419407.png (1.47 MB, 1600x900, grabtinies.png)

Messed around and did this



You should mess around and do more


Haven't seen you in forever still draw?


File: 1410751948174.png (1.38 MB, 1600x900, bad intensions.png)

there ya go
Yeah, I still draw plenty. But lost the drive so decide to try some mmd.


File: 1410759224056.png (1.35 MB, 1600x900, mayihaveanother.png)

might smooth this one over in photoshop later



Always nice to see you at work with pokémon trainers ^^


Where do you get your sounds?


Some anon from /d/ made this. Enjoy.




Is that the new miku vores teto one?


I recorded most of the sounds I used from other GTS videos I have and also took some from various sound effect databases on the net.


File: 1411150004298.png (834.2 KB, 1080x720, bigDMG.png)

Figured we could use some DMG


File: 1411192670123.png (596.38 KB, 1080x720, Bullies.png)

Have some mini GTS bullies.


May I ask for a continuation ;)


File: 1411317479533.jpg (95.75 KB, 760x576, SakuyaVidScreenshot.jpg)

Its been quite a while since I checked on this board, I'm pleasently suprised its still up.

Anyway, made another one of those (mute) practice animations.


about 84 seconds long, and 58MB download. (dropbox player ruins the video, so best to just download it)


You've gotten a bit better since your last. I especially liked that first shot of her stepping on the city, that was good.

Two questions: Which city is that, and where do I get that cloud cover?


The city stage you seen is actualy just a clone.fx applied to one of those generic city blocks, and a few mountain props placed around it. (both are part of a pack thats been posted on here a few times)
Can't quite remember where I got the clouds from, sorry. (but the particle texture was darkened slightly to make the clouds more transparent)


Any chance you'd be willing to dropbox or upload those clouds somewhere? I could really use them.




Mind upload your edit of Sakuya model?



I kind of wonder what to do next, don't want to go straight to rape yet.


I love you bro.


This picture reminds me alot of this hentai, maybe you can pull from this if you want to continue these events.



One of them picking him up, the others make fun of his smallness?


This is pretty damn good. Would love to see some more like it.


File: 1411421330501.jpg (223.71 KB, 1300x1000, random_scrapped_image_project.…)

Afraid I can't redistrubute Arlvit's stuff. its not really much of an 'edit' anyway, its just his latest Sakuya model with the arms and legs/panties recolored to look like elbow gloves/nylon pantyhose

^^ (I've always loved your old drawings/collages back in the day, nice to see you on MMD)

Thanks, I most likely will make something in the near future, its just a matter of trying to figure out -what- to do…

(picture unrelated, just some old unfinished project I found in my files when playing around with that new Sakuya model)


File: 1411577469414.png (115.88 KB, 1280x720, mayshoe.png)

Anyone know anything about retexturing? I want to edit the texture of May's shoe sole to make it less plain but I'm no artist and I have no idea how to do that.


File: 1411597063513.jpg (820.21 KB, 2000x2000, yukari_07.jpg)

There's an effect you could apply to your model if you have trouble with creating textures yourself. It is called "dAdultShader", basically a kinda rewritten of the old AdultShader you might be familiar with.


The pack also includes a whole bunch more other effect files, a few you should be looking for are the ones containing either "さら" or "ぬる" in the filename. These ones would apply some normal map texture onto any model you assign it into, the result should look what applied to the leggings of the >>2579 image.

And if you could read a bit of Japanese, you may also open and edit the .fx files themselves, change the values on the lines with "#define" in front to tweak the effect abit.


File: 1411657893175.jpg (458.27 KB, 1300x1000, MegaMay.jpg)

Main problem with that May model is that the shoe textures came from some low detail Gmod model of her, compared to the rest of her using better textures, which gives that jaggy blur around the red/yellow.
One could potentially make an entirely new shoe texture, and UV map it to her shoes. No idea how to do it myself, but seen a tutorial about the UV plugin on dA http://trackdancer.deviantart.com/art/PMD-UV-Mapping-Primer-393630569

Pachy's suggestion is really good for the rest of the model, in order to give detail to the rather plain textures.

Sorry I can't be of much help, so heres some May instead (with her glove finger textured slightly with the shaders)



Uploaded my new video. I didn't really get to mess around with the texture/shader stuff yet, but this aught to still be enjoyable. I've felt there has been a drought of MMD video content lately and wanted to put something neat out, albeit a little shorter than my previous ones.


Great animation, very well done!


File: 1411731057348.jpg (365.56 KB, 1920x1080, Sakuya_HeelStomp_Pw.jpg)

A few months ago an idea hit me to try to create a rather stunning scene, like the giant girl letting her highheels on the closest city block, with the effects I have learned to use from the year been doing images.

I held back on it a couple of times until recently trying to finish it again. Did a first test render of it, so obviously not too polished, but feedbacks are welcome as always.

Also for some reason, I can't export the avi with the Xvid codec I use directly from the MMD program anymore, I had to export it with the MJPG Compressor and use VirtualDub to do the codec compressing. Nothing major, but kinda irritating having a 700MB video exported onto your drive while you could have it like only 20MB exporting with the codec first hand.



Holy crap, that's pretty good. It's nice to see you back at attempting this stuff. I missed your videos.

Other than lacking sound, I don't notice much flaws, but what effects did you use for this one?


File: 1411739921427.jpg (271.31 KB, 1300x1000, SerenaShrinkray.jpg)

Quite enjoyed that, great work. You had some nice angles and those "booming footstep" sounds really added to it.

The effect work is all nice and explodey there, really happy to see you animating something again. I've had the same problem with trying to export stuffs too, getting HUEG 1GB+ files to squash down.

Also picture unrelated, just another pokégirl image, also socks~


File: 1411747417784.jpg (255.93 KB, 1920x1080, patchy_35.jpg)

The effects there are "Earthquake", which is self-explanatory. "Diffusion" loaded twice to enhance the blooming look of it, and used along with "Adjuster" for brightening and darkening the scene each time Sakuya stomped down.
The old "Bomb" for explosions, also used for some of the smoke after adjusting its values within' the fx file. "SoftSmoke" for the rest of the smoke, in which I messed up the speed of it emitting smokes on.
The rest is just "SvSSAO", "SvDOF" for distance blur, "Sky" for the clouds and "MotionBlur" for you know.

Also for the rocks, while not an effect file, uses this nifty ground breaking model, with replaced textures. Although it has its expressions sliders for scaling the whole model by itself, I find it better using "Scale" with it since the debris would otherwise look a bit scattered and unnatural. The model can be found in this Nico video here: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16692610

Picture unrelated, just seeing if I could place an incredibly micro city resting on top of one's fingernail.


Those finger pics are awesome! And the videos too, you all did a fantastic work!


Nice, although I doubt dust would behave like that in this scale


Yeah, that is awesome! Great stuff! I hope you extend that scene and make a whole video out of it! I really missed your videos, Pachy!

Also love that picture!


Here is a short POV video from aceofspades.


Anyone know if there's a way to scale up skeletons/bones with the models? The normal scale.fx thing makes it a bit difficult to do anything that has to do with attaching to bones, because the program will just attach them to the location of the bone rather than the relative position on the scaled model.


>>2629 You have a few options.

a) Use PMDEditor or PMXEditor. Those will scale the model however you like.
b) Use MikuMikuMoving - this one has a scaling option.
c) http://l0nk.org/PMDScaler.zip ← this is a software I have written which can scale PMD and PMX files, you can also type in target sizes and such.

All three options have a major downside in comparison to scale.fx: the models physics will also be scaled and they will behave differently - if you shrink a model very much they will become buggy and you'll have to disable physics I fear. MMD doesn't seem to be able to properly handle small physics.

Scale.fx obviously only scales the visual appearance of a model - physics remain.


Ugh his videos do nothing for me without sound and uses such good shake mechanics too


Does MMM have a thing for doing it in the program? I want to show a growth scene…but I want an object say, in the giant girl's hand to move with her as she grows, or I want the camera to be fixed on a certain area. In both cases I could move them manually, but that's also more difficult and might not match up as well as I want.


I made an extra test. What you plan to do works but it will need tweaking:

First of all download MikuMikuMoving from https://sites.google.com/site/moggproject/mmm_eng

When you spawn a model you'll see you have a scale option. Use that to make your model taller or smaller.

To parent the model to another model: load that other model - and then you will also a little lightning in the model setting (which says "External bone setting") - this one allows you to parent a model to another model - so it moves along. Choose the hand bone (sadly the bone names are displayed in Japanese there) and thus the second model will be parented - and as the hand bone moves the model will move along. Always remember to store these changes (Click the little "Regist keyframe" button in the field in the very bottom).

The same works for the camera: choose the camera tab in the lower left. Then from the camera tabs to the right - choose the second one. You'll see an option called "Relate model". Again: choose the hand of the model and don't forget to register the keyframe.

When the model grows now - the camera will move along with the hand as will the model - even if the model grows. Know though: that the camera has a fixed distance.. like let's say: 3 meters of distance to the hand. At the beginning this might be enough - as the model grows - the camera would have to go in a greater distance - so you'll have to adjust that.


Hey, just a humble anon with a request: I'd like to see more videos like the Reimu or Flandre ones from a while back, where they start out normal size and grow in small but frequent spurts.

Far be it from me to make demands of the creators, but I just wanted them to know there is interest.


File: 1412263213615.jpg (261.98 KB, 1300x1000, Ayaaaaa.jpg)


Finished making some 3 minute long animation, with a model edit of Aya, and thought I'd just leave it here. Somehow managed to regain access to my youtube account, so you don't have to download anything this time.
(Pic isn't from the video, its just a preview of the model used)


Question since I have never really used MMM, but when you scale a model up is there a way to add interpolation curves to the keyframe?
Statically making a model grow makes them instantly go up, with no slow transition between it starting and stopping

it seems like a amazingly more hasslefree way of making animations but having no curve to make the growth more smoother puts me off


There is a plugin that was posted here some time ago
Just put it in your MMM/plugin folder


Amazing, thank you very much

Hopefully some animations will come sometime



Not bad, this is certainly the best one you've made so far. A few points of criticism:

It doesn't seem like you use the interpolation curve a lot. Some of the movements felt stiff, especially the camera movements. It's a bit jarring, and Aya's movements at times seemed kinda slow and unrealistic. Also seemed a tad repeitive, what with the 'stomp-grow-stomp-grow-sit-grow', but that's just a minor nitpick.

Now the good: You used effects pretty well, and did a good job with camera angles. Her size was depicted quite well, and she was posed pretty well, especially when she was sitting behind that city with her legs surrounding it. The Aya model also looks really good, and overall you seemed to put a lot of effort into actually making something that looked good. MMD can be hard to make look good, but a lot of creators don't push themselves. You're at the point where you're improving every time you make a video and I hope you make more soon.


Thanks for the constructive criticism.
I'll be honest, I tried to figure out how to use the interpolation curve but gave up on it; will probally give it another try later, as well as work on making the movements a bit more fluid.
Fair enough, the video content was a bit generic, going to think of something else for the next time (probally a shrink based vid?)

Glad there was some good points there. Will work on a new idea probally within the month, I'll be looking forward to see what you end up making too~


Oh my god you can move more then one bone at a time in MMM!


I don't think my problem was that it was 'generic', I think the problem was that it seemed a little repetitive and quick. I love stomping, city stomp and the like. I think my nitpick is more that she didn't really spend much time at any given size or move around much, I guess.

I wouldn't mind seeing more growth from you, but shrink is fine too.

The interpolation curve is more…after you register a keyframe, you can click on it, and play with the curve down below. I find that making a sort of gentle 'S' curve makes for the best movements, almost universally.


I thought you could already do that?


Whatever version of MMD i am running, I have never been able to move more then one bone at once


I won't brag, the plug-in was written by me ;) . But I'm glad it can be of good use, I don't care. Also I hope the instructions with MMM work out well ^^.


Awesome, thanks for being amazing


Do you mind if i critique it a little though, not to offend you or anything, but just to see if you can improve it


Of course, I should still have the source code, I can see if I can improve it.
So whatever I should improve: do tell ^^.


Well what I noticed is that the intensity is weak on it so you can't really edit the curve to look any different in the motion

I'll explain in depth here comparing the curve in MMD and MME when I use a scaler
In MMD if I take the top left interpolation marker and force it into the top left corner, and do the same with the bottom interpolation marker and force it to the opposite side

From 1-2 in 10 frames you get

1- 1.004
2- 1.017
3- 1.047
4- 1.111
5- 1.509
6- 1.889
7- 1.953
8- 1.983
9- 1.996
10- 2

Note that slapping the interpolation curves into the opposite corner is not a smooth transition at all but i'm using this as a extreme case to show you how different the MMM plugin is

So doing the exact same thing in MMM from 1-2 in 10 frames

1- 1.028
2- 1.104
3- 1.216
4- 1.352
5- 1.50
6- 1.648
7- 1.784
8- 1.896
9- 1.972
10- 2.00

As you can see, the transition is a lot weaker, it takes MMD 4 frames just to get to 1.1 in the most intense case, but with your plugin it takes only the 2nd frame

I really hope you understand what I am talking about since I am terrible at explaining things

It's really nice that you made it and it works for what it is, but I would love to have more editing options since the current plugin does not make short spurts of growth look any different from having no interpolation curve


Hm.. I checked.. yeah, it seems my plugin uses a bit of a different interpolation algorithm than the one MMD does use. I admittedly used one I read up on the internet - it's a Bezier curve which it is using (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%A9zier_curve ) - obviously MMD is using something else. I'll check if I can find out what type of interpolation curve MMD uses, maybe I can perfectly replicate it.


Okay, I found an algorithm on the internet on a project called MMDAgent - which is supposed to remake MMD behaviour.


Notice please: the preview of the curve has not been updated yet (because I'm lazy, lol, I'd update that one later) - but the algorithm to calculate the scales - that one should be accurate now.


God among men


You should recompile the plugin so it can be used with the 64bit version of MMM.


File: 1412393025403.png (16.27 KB, 496x199, MMDerror.png)

Getting this now with the new one. The old one didn't do that.


I should also note for the record the two default plugins that come with the program do this too. For some unforeseen reason.


The 32bit version of MMM comes with 32bit versions of the plugins and the 64 bit version has 64bit versions of the plugins.

Link's scale interpolation plugin only works for the 32bit version because that's the version he made it for and it was the only version of the program at the time probably.


You have to go to the plugin folder, fin the dll file and select properties and unblock


I never saw them so I hope that unblock trick helps.

On another note: I updated the download - http://l0nk.org/ScaleInterpolation.zip - it contains a 64 bit and a 32 bit version now, in the past I failed compiling 64 bit binaries because mogg's Sample plugin data was only 32 bit. On a Japanese webpage I found that the dependencies I need to link to (which I used from that Sample Plugins) is also in the System\x64 (64 bit) folder or System (32 bit) folder - and well.. linking against the correct binaries and suddenly it loads without error messages (magic XD).


Thanks Link


So how does one manage to install the effect plugins what are on the MMM download page
Google seems to yield no solution and extracting it to the plugins folder does nothing


Each of those packages should contain an fx or fxm file. You need to load that file using the "Load Effect" option within MMM, it can't be just put into plugins.


I added sound to the video if anyone want to see it.(I am not the creator)





Yes, please.


My dick didn't stand a chance


Question: Do anyone have to send a request video for mmd giantess?


I think we'd all like to hear this video.
A mediafire link would be great.



This is perfect. Thanks a lot Link.


AAaah I noticed that suddenly she's wearing shoes half way through and now I can't unsee it.


It's way cuter than sexy unfortunatelly. Grew WAY too fast (why this fucking fetish have so many sub fetishes anyways?)


This is awesome


Here it is. I don't own the video. Just to let you know this is my first time doing this and it isn't the best. I took the sounds from another video with camtasia studio 8. If someone has growth sounds to share it would be helpful because it is hard to adjust the length of sounds without them making a cracking sound in the places they are cut.


God dammit


i cant download for some reason





forgot the pic


never mind, looks like we reached the limit. Anyways here is the pic, I'll also repost in the new thread.



If anyone know how to scale breast expansion on PMD?


Are you the same guy who keeps asking thousands of questions via notes on Deviantart and can't follow my simple rules, of "Find model/s or setting and tell me what to do with them"

"What model you have"
"Any, just link them to me"
"What model you have"
"Well I just said, link the models to me"
"You have Touhou models"
"I can have any model, just link it to me"
"I don't know what characters you have so i don't know"
"I have any model, as long as you can give me a download link to it"

Now, I may understand that English is probably not your native language and we could probably be communicating via google translate, but god dammit just spit it out

either that or a really good troll


No I just ask



In my opinion, growth really has no sound. It can be interpreted in different ways. What sound it makes is completely based on the preference of the one attempting to give it sound. In my case, I like the fleshy kind of sounds. Flesh ripping and all of that, but I do like to experiment with all kinds of them.

Again, just an opinion.


Can flesh really make a sound?


If it's stretching, sure.



Ripping of skin, muscle, and tendons can.


any new mmd giantess video yet or do i need to ask any one to make request of a giantess video.



If you'd like, all of the resources and information you'd need to make a video are already located in this thread, or you could ask questions and we'd be happy to help you make your own MMD videos to share.


i don't make mmd video and i only ask to make a giantess video.


I guess we should just move on.


I only watch mmd growth giantess or if I make my mmd video, I need a tutorial for mmd video to watch it.


lol, I can't tell if you are arrogant as fuck or your english just happen to suck in a specific way that makes you sound arrogant


I guess I'll try doing some animation. Though I'm gonna take my sweet ass time doing it.


Nice dude take all the time you need love your micro and giga art too


im trying to download the 32gig zip from anonfiles, everytime i click the download button it takes me to a white screen and that's it, am i doing something wrong


Here is a potential goodie.


random pic, trying my hand at the mmd pov junk.



File: 1414836636778.jpg (136.21 KB, 1920x1200, Natsu_step.jpg)

Okay, I figured out how I'm stupid, so here's the picture.



File: 1414886098848.png (761.22 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2014-11-02-00h53m39s11…)

Good one bro.

Would appreciate more though… XP


File: 1414942398062.jpg (544.92 KB, 1920x1080, 180113 - blue_eyes blue_hair b…)


I love Anal… Good one, we need more ! x3


File: 1415038235783.jpg (1.36 MB, 1700x2388, fp.jpg)


File: 1415070269568.png (331.46 KB, 1280x720, f_walsingham_by_xenosnake-d7wy…)

Anybody up for doing something with this model?


Should be pretty fun to play with.


File: 1415143025517.jpg (614.06 KB, 1920x1200, 3588788.jpg)

anyone have the Dl to this model, or the name of it?


hey is mmdanon able to take a request?


try asking him on youtube
or if you're just looking for something with the aria model, you can ask here


what screenname does he go under on youtube then?


does he have a screenname on youtube? cause im not really much of a good searcher




is that really his name?


File: 1415572299808.jpg (419.51 KB, 1900x1200, Hugantic Doom.jpg)

*Insert laser noises here*


File: 1415576870570.jpg (315.92 KB, 1300x1000, ihavenoideawhothischaracteract…)

Had a little go with that model, interesting bones/limbs on it, never really used those detachable types before


What do you all do for sound, anyways? Any collections of booming stomps/other such sound effects laying around?


Here is a new video from nori megi.


Seen a bowlroll link for a model of Robin from FE:Awakening (male and female), but can't for the life of me figure out the password hint https://bowlroll.net/file/51582


File: 1416688118906.png (1.4 MB, 2000x1000, myunito2.png)

>It says no to share hint or pass

Is not hard though


>Is not hard though

Maybe if I actually understood moon probably, but trying to work out a Google translate clusterfuck isn't exactly helpful.

But it least you posted something with the model.


I don't moon either, but La-Mulana has apparently refined my deduction skills.
You really only need the google translated mess(which is actually pretty descriptive), the bowlroll page, and a fire emblem awakening and robin wikia pages.


Anyone know where I can try to get some model commissions or requests done?
I know commissions from MMD are against the rules but I need LOL champions, since most of them are not even downloadable


Looking for help with the NewBomb effect for MMM, namely, in getting it to work. I add the effect, the model, and controller into the scene and tried every possible combo of assignment to get it to display smoke.

Would anyone happen to know how to get it to work? I have a few pictures and requests>>2744
on the burner I'd like to post, but I'd rather not upload more unfinished WIP's to DA :v

>>2744 I personally don't know anyone, but if you do end up finding someone, I'd totally pay to get some Sona / Ahri / Annie models made


Hilariously enough those would be my choices too
And Lulu, then size stuff makes sense


File: 1417315696398.jpg (284.02 KB, 1900x1200, Enemy Ahead!!.jpg)

I'd also want these models done.

And here's a not talk-related Star Fox-esque picture.



DeviantArt has a few LoL based models, some of them are better than others, but at least they exist.




Did one to derust and break up the lack of videos lately.


>>2749 really like this one :)


Is there any way to get like, a piece of land that has an ocean attached to it in MMD or something? I've just been scaling the one plane of land up for my videos to put stuff on but that isn't always adequate. I have a vision of 'bigger things'.



I'm new here!

Here's my channel.

I came here to learn new ways of making MMD content :D



I've been watching your videos for a while.
I'm surprised you weren't apart of this board, but welcome.


some kind of island, or any land really, plus beamman's water effect is probably the way to go if your computer can handle it


Huh, you're just now coming here? I'm pretty sure most of this board has been aware of you for a while.


Where would I go about finding said islands?


I have a bunch of animations that just went nowhere with me, should I just upload them in one big chunk?

And I really really don't want to have to list out every model and stage as credits because that would just be a pain in the ass, should i just unlist it?


Yes to both.


Yes, even if they are finished, some new videos would help this dry spell of content.


*are not finished
…sorry, a typo.


I've had a similar issue to Jimbo, and the available resources aren't exactly lending themselves to figuring it out myself. As mentioned in the thread the MMD to Unity conversion, while it converts the models, doesn't really seem to work for animation in particular.

In short 'severe lack of models that can be used effectively in Unity3d please help'


pretty much none are finished, all will feature some kind of growth and shrink, pretty much all Female x Female, I generally play around with animating then think of a different idea and then ditch the other one forever
Generally I get something new like an effect or model and I try to do something with it until i get bored and move on

My only concern is that most of them are embarrassing scenarios and badly animated (specially the early ones)
But hey, may as well put them out there, maybe someone will like one of the scenarios

Some will probably just be flat growth tests with not much animating either, but I don't think you guys would care about that

I just have to put some time aside to render like maybe 20+ videos and wait eons for it to go upto youtube


Sounds like it will take some time, but that's cool.




Thanks :D


Where did you even find this? It's not on his normal skydrive.


I found the video via his blog.


The issues with models and animation actually working have been dealt with after some time fiddling with MMD4Mecanim, but now I'm having trouble finding any decent cities (or things to make cities out of, for that matter) or other such locations to use for this Unity project, especially given the issue of collision.

Any assistance is of course appreciated (as well as suggestions for specific models) as it would help me at least try to get something interactive off the ground.


Question, is there anyway to flatten the bottom half of a skydome or something similar to that?
A lot of skydomes have clouds/mountains/landmarks on the bottom half, but because they are spherical you can't place a model "standing" over the clouds without it looking wrong
Would help for massive scenes, especially when you consider that skydomes are usually amazing textures


File: 1419097880768.jpg (87.89 KB, 1920x1080, Sona Annie.jpg)

Also I screwed around with PMD editor, the HK/PXCH models and some other resources and made a bikini Sona and Annie model
Couldn't find any mentions of "DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!" on all of the resources
Should I put a DL for both of them if anyone wants them here?

The physics and bones are completely messed up due to my lack of model editing skills


Nice looking Miku model


Merry Christmas everybody and have a happy new year


Merry Christmas to everybody


File: 1419324732572.jpg (188.12 KB, 1024x768, wp_pccm_1024.jpg)

Does anyone know of any fat(not obese) or chubby girl models?



*_* how long have i waited that someone's posting my video here Q_Q thats so nice *_*

but i posted it earlier in an other … thread? post? ^^°
anyway thanks *_*


I Like your video Reiko and I hope to see
More video in the future time.


I can try to make the HK models chubbier

Been playing around with model editing recently, making a thicker model will help me to understand rigging and physics


File: 1419755473394.jpg (681.72 KB, 1980x1080, test24_1.jpg)

Screwing around with the effects


This website is up and running



Anyone know what's up with nutkun closing his DA and youtube channel?


C'mon, Machinima? really?

It's generally what happens with these fringe fetishes , people tend to move on and get ashamed of their fetish and remove everything they can off the internet


Shame too, he had some cool Marisa content.



Except Marisa wasn't meant to be giantess in professional sense


>>2786 Oh great. His DA was like the only place where I could enjoy that blonde witch.


Canonically, about 99% of giantess content isn't giantess in a professional sense


Most people just want porn. Period.


File: 1420448410316.jpg (546.79 KB, 1920x895, image.jpg)

Like other fags, he couldn't bare with the fetishes that he couldn't enjoy. His waifu is also shit, bad choice for this.


Hi I'm new to MMD and was wondering if someone can post the Earthquake Fx for it here?
I cannot find it anywhere It's all dead links or one for MMM.


*_* wanna have it *_*


Is this the one you were after? https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1bev5zc00cxtmx/Earthquake.zip?dl=0 Works for me on MMD so it should be it


File: 1420695335458.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080, gts mmd test 0001 copy.png)

Yes that’s it thank you ^^

And hers a little test pic I took just seeing how things work in the program.
Nothing that good. (yes the green lines there wasn’t really going to be posing this)
but here anyway.


works it für MMM too?


Was that English? Jesus christ.


File: 1420952597423.jpg (1002.5 KB, 1912x2840, 178397.jpg)



File: 1421088656813.jpg (805.17 KB, 1700x1100, yutw.jpg)


File: 1421089015442.jpg (1.69 MB, 1676x3175, loliyukari.jpg)

plus one



Anyone go to 3dsize.moe?
Just downloaded a fuckton of picture from there what i have not seen
They seem to be discussing a lot on mmd size related stuff, but i can't read nip
Anyone know what all the random mmd files are?


looks interisting, but i can't read japanese so its xS pretty hard to find something good


You should probably check these out though, just got done browsing them all after about 2 hours
1.8gb of pictures with a large verity of size related fetishes


hm kay … hoped to find some new models XS


So I made a video

I was planning on making this just to show how awesome Beamman spell effects are
I mean how difficult can it be to render a video?
But as you can see it's a low quality mess

Anyone got any tips on making a higher quality video? Memory should not be a problem and I could probably render in 1080p, but for this test I did it in 720p (but displays on youtube as only 360p)


What editor are you using? If you're just outputting in MMD, try changing codecs. I don't know where I got it from, but I use x264vfw, with resolution at 1280x720 when I output videos, and then I edit them in Corel VideoStudio. I probably lose some quality somewhere in Corel, but meh.


At first I tried just applying the file to youtube, but it couldn't take it
Then I decided (probably bad decision) to use Windows movie maker just to make it a WMV, this is probably what screwed it up

any codec recommendations?


The Japanese have made a simple MMO that uses MMD models. The default is Miku, but you can import your own MMD models. You can be a giantess of any size yourself, or you can play with a giantess bot by giving her commands (i.e. change to x size, do x pose, play hide and seek by chasing me through town, etc).

Unfortunately for most of you, they block foreign IPs. Considering how English-speaking players act in Japanese/Korean MMOs, I don't blame them for wanting to preserve their community. If you're fluent in Japanese, I'd suggest finding it and giving it a try. Otherwise, hope they're nice enough to release the source files so an English server can be set up.


I'm guessing you're talking about MikuMikuOnline which is fairly old(years at least), is not a "game"(it's a 3d chat client), and last I checked did not block foreign IPs. Sorry if I'm mistaken and there actually is something new, but after a brief search on Nicovideo it doesn't look like it.

Export raw video from MMD and encode it using After Effects, or if you can't get after effects then try some free software. HandBreak is probably the best. The specific file type you want for your exported video(from MMD) is avi, and what you want for the file you upload to YouTube would be mp4.

Good luck, that is really the best animation I've seen out of here so far. That isn't saying much, but even for general standards in animation it's good, or at least passable. The placement of her hands on her hips is well done, your animation timing is pretty good and you don't break laws of motion(ex: allowing 1f switches in direction). If you keep making motions I hope you'll distribute them, assuming that's yours.


File: 1421771228489.jpg (111.96 KB, 1600x900, 20150120-172606.jpg)


No I don't think MikuMikuOnline is meant. I guess DC_Online is meant - which you can download at http://woomy.dip.jp/hiyoriyama/dc_online.html - or well, you probably cannot because this webpage (or more like: the entire web server) blocks non-Japanese IPs.

As it's not just the webpage but also the entire game which blocks non-Japanese IPs, you will need more than just a Japanese proxy, the best way would be to have a Japanese VPN provider available. I personally use VPNGate ( http://www.vpngate.net/en/ ) which is free because it's basically generous private people who will share their home internet connection with you. Don't expect amazing download speeds because of that but it works pretty decently.

Once you've downloaded the game, notice it only offically supports Japanese windows - but well, if you know how to switch your Locale this is enough.


I'm a bit confused on how to use the console commands. Any help?



How can i download MikuMikuOnline on the website and because the website is down. So how can i access the Japanese proxy for it?


File: 1422131592953.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, 008.png)

Been lurking for a while and futzing about with MMM. Thought I'd throw something out here and see what people think.



79 picture series, shiet nigga, probably could have made a video instead with how long that would take.
Still, looks pretty good


File: 1422513655003.jpg (871.46 KB, 1920x2729, NewYoumu.jpg)

>no more cute youmu


File: 1423174242651.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, GiantRobotGirl.png)

This thread needs more giant robot girls.


Where can I find a good head base with a throat and a movable tongue?


Something I am really iffy about in the MMD giantess community

Model rules?
ones what say no sexual content, would you say a fully clothed model 25x it's original size is sexual?
if not, at what point does it become sexual?

probably some creators may see their models used in a giantess setting and not think much of it or even know macrophilia exists, i wonder how they would take it if their models were used in a obsessive amount…


I tend to wonder about this myself too.

I'd imagine if for example the rule said "no overly violent" would translate to no overly cruel crush stuffs, but the sort of "cartoony violence" without blood or dismemberment would be fine.

As far as giantess content being "sexual", it wouldn't really be so if it was as you said, a clothed model just being big in a scene, I'd imagine as long as you arn't doing anything that a "normal" would consider turbo-lewd then you'll be fine.

Also fun fact, the dA person who did the Youmu edit seen in >>2834 said it was perfectly fine to use it for size stuff, after they were asked.


File: 1424044790634.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 023.jpg)

So… another imageset, this time a bit more lewd

102 pics + short video (part 037 inside the PoV folder)

[http://goo.gl/SFgZ42] Set
[http://goo.gl/g4yt0e] MMM folder for Rift/messing around


File: 1424045448180.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, Gtrgym.jpg)


Made Gumi and Neru edits, they're up in the Skydrive.
Also, as some friends asked, i've uploaded another outfit [http://goo.gl/R2h55O] just extract it to the other models folder. It's kinda buggy, check the sliders to fix the legs clipping and use the bones on the shirt to avoid clipping in the arms.

Another thing… I've made a booru to upload old/random stuff, it has very little content now, but I'll be adding more as time goes.


My god

I love using your models and am very glad to hear there are more and another costume

keep up the awesome work

Also as a heads up, all of the new models except for Bunny Neru and Sports Miku don't work, do you remember how to fix them?



Wow! Thanks again for the contribution, I can't wait to try these out in Unity!


Gah, completely forgot to test in MMD

Fixed and reupped, just download it again [http://goo.gl/aR1n79]

And thanks for notifying :]




Good stuff
I tried to use MMM but didn't really get into it, at first thoughts I thought it was amazing
But when I attempted to make a animation in it I noticed the scale point is always at 0,0,0 so whenever a model wasn't at the center, it would just slide when it grew or shrank


File: 1424109196411.jpg (586.33 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)

There's an easy fix for that, just load a model, preferably a simple one, with bones on the ground, like the Dammy_bone.pmd that comes with MMD, or there's also a Center.pmx in my last imageset folder.
Then, with the model you want to grow, use the Edit Related Bones function in MMM (it's the yellow lightning-shaped icon right next to the scale function) and attach it to one of the dammy bones or whatever. Then just keep the model's motherbone in 0,0,0 and move the dummy bone around, when you change the model's scale (changing the dummy scale works as well, but it might bug some stuff in the model) it will grow and not slide when growing.

That's also a good way to make the model grab things while animating, just change what bone it relates to

The only downside to this is that when using the Scaleinterpolation plugin, it deattaches from the related bone, and you have to reattach it every frame.

I have this short growth video, if you want to see what the result looks like. It was simple to do, following what i said above, it was just a pain to reattach Junko to the Center model every frame while she was growing.
[http://goo.gl/uBAM0S] Download it in case the quality is shit


Hi Proerdd,

Do you have any guide on how to create those destructable buildings?


Damn that is some good animation
Don't suppose you can share the motion data on both models?

Wouldn't mind analyzing it to improve on my own animations


New content from Proerdd?!?!?!
It just makes my Kokoro go Doki-Doki~!
How goes that long animation project you said would take about a year to finish?


I didn't made them, they were posted in an old macrochan thread or mjgts, can't remember. The folder with them is included in the pack below, feel free to use it. It's very confusing at first though, there's the folder with the models (with multiple versions of each building, I couldn't find much difference) and folders with demolition .vmds; and .vpds with the position relative to the city map.

Here's everything:[http://goo.gl/t3yS2n]
Btw, Tao63 on Deviantart has some nice tutorials about animating in MMD/MMM

Meh, haven't touched it ever since… just thinking that I'll have to put the SFX when finishing takes away any motivation, there's another animation (the one where >>1221 pic is from) that's on hiatus for the same reason, lol
It's not that it would take a year of making because of its complexity, it's just because I don't know when I'll finish it, heh


Oh wow, I have seen Tao's stuff before but have never botherd to actually think he had some tutorials up
Thanks man, you have been a huge help because I had hit a wall where my animations were not getting better, but progressively worse as i tried to make them better



can you share Ren's model?


Download the set MMM folder, it's included in Userfile


Love the new set, Proerdd!

I don't have much, if any, time nowadays to make renders myself, and I had thought that the desire to make renders had left me, but that set… I think you've rekindled my interest in picking it back up!

In the past when I used the edited models, many of the bones were IK bones - do you have any tips to easily manipulate them in MMM, or was this all done via the XYZ controls?


I'm almost ashamed to ask, but is it normal for the HK sporty models to turn out with a white skin? I've added textures from other HK models but they only texture the body and leave the face still white.

Am I just being stupid?


I should make another vid soon. >>2859
How the heck do you make the models seem to move so naturally? I try not to make things seem stupid when I do animate, but I tend to hide a lot of stuff and cheat so it doesn't look like total shit, but your characters seem really natural.



Proerdd would it be too much to ask to continue this video a little longer? If you were to add in 2 or 3 more growth spurts, that would be….spectacular.


It would be even better if it had sound.
On a related note what programs do you guys use for adding sound. I use camtasia studio 8 but it adds a cracking sound when ever you cut a sound file before the end. Anyone know how to fix this?


These are gorgeous. Thank you so much for them.


You could add a short fadeout to the audio file to make it sound smoother.


I really hate the Japanese MMD community being so tight on models. I keep finding them passworded and when I look for the password I find notices of the model's 'general distribution' being discontinued. Why you do this?


Try visiting /e/ on 4chan
They usually have a MMD thread up and are usually pretty good at cracking passwords
Obviously it's /e/ so expect a lot of nudes too


are dare anymore growing giantess mmd video?

but i only just ask



Yep, XYZ controls mostly… on rare times I use MMM's IK arms function, but it's not very accurate. I've changed the arm's bones to IK ones to make them easier to manipulate when making small adjustments, as well as fixing the shoulder when it looks weird. Posing arms, fingers and feet are the most time consuming steps of making a scene.

Extract the HK Sports .rar and copy the contents of each folder to the folder of the model with the other clothes.
e.g.: Copy the contents of HK Sports\HK Teto to your Models\HK\HK Teto (or wherever you keep the regular HK Teto, with all the body and face textures)

I think the most important things to notice when making an animaton is the interpolation line, as well as making the movements of different parts of the body end on different frames, not all at once.
Also, remember that moving a bone affects other parts of the body. Like when you lift a foot, your entire body moves to the side of the supporting leg, or when an arm moves, it also moves the upper body a bit.
But this is just what I do as an amateur hobbyist animator… I'm pretty sure there's people around with much better tips.

It was always my intention to make it longer, I just posted it here (unfinished) to show how the Related Bones works when scaling :]
I just don't know when i'll finish it… won't have much time to be active in the next months because of work reasons.

Sony Vegas, it's pretty good to synchronize correctly, adjust volumes and such. Then save the entire track into an audio file, load it to MMM an re-render the animation+sound directly in MMM.

Also, thanks for the positive feedback, guys. I'm really glad you like the stuff I do.



Do you have a website or something? I would totally like to support your MMD work if it were possible.



Something experimental I wanted to try out, never worked with this POV before.



Yowza, now that's good stuff. You don't see growth/gts stuff very often from that perspective and it's actually pretty neat.


My biggest issue with how it turned out is I couldn't really make a good giga landscape without spending way more time than I wanted to on it and stuff wasn't cooperating with the cloud layer. That being said, I've never seen that POV done in MMD before so I was hoping it would please.


Put a delay on the distant sounds, the steps and the plane exploding should only be audible seconds later


Regarding my video, does anyone know how I can get better cities and giga landscapes? I found it highly frustrating that I couldn't easily make one that looked as good as I wanted and having to deal with all that square city shit. For the ground I basically just enlarged that flat terrain model that comes with it really big and it looked kind of shitty IMO.


File: 1425317368257.jpg (285.86 KB, 1920x1080, yuuka_08.jpg)

There sadly aren't many easily obtainable ones out there, as far as I know. Though, I could provide a little edit of a mountain range terrain model I did not too long ago, which is basically just a texture swap to go with the mountains we've been using for a while, since the default texture is well, rather unsuitable, to say.


The stages in these categories on the VPVP Wiki might also come in handy:


Thanks Pachy~

I know pictures are more your thing these days but might we ever see a new video down the pipeline?


File: 1425353986456.png (1.2 MB, 1800x1600, test14.png)



there's some cities i "made" using citygen, mentioned last thread. they're mostly the same, one is just bigger than the other. there's not much to it other than downloading the program, hitting a couple of buttons and getting a pretty nice looking city. it's pretty heavy on the computer though, especially the larger one, so watch out for that.

didn't have a good picture of them available, so here's something shitty i had


There had been many times where I wanted to work on a video, but very often motivation quickly drained away upon loading up the program.

After a long time not touching on the animating part of MMD, naturally I'm not as used to it as over year and a half ago, and there's also the problem of me wanted my work to look flawless as possible, just kinda demotivate even more…

Plus now that I also have those many effects that are used in pictures, it'd be extra work putting in those effects to videos.


>there's also the problem of me wanted my work to look flawless as possible

are you me?

not to say my stuff what has come out is flawless, I just finally got to the point of thinking "it's never going to be perfect, but as long as it's okay I will release it"


It doesn't have to look perfect. I would love to see you make a return, even just something short. I try not to be too perfectionist, I just do a good job of hiding anything that looks bad.


Anyone still have nutkun7993's videos? I miss his Marisa and Alice. Last time I checked on youtube, all of them were already gone.


Hey, I'm pretty new to using MMM, was messing with it for a few hours and I came up with this for my first renders. Still haven't figured out how to add backgrounds or remove the clipping though.

Also question, where can I get the 3D cloud effect? I went to the backlinks in the OP but the password has been changed. Anyone know what it is? Thanks.


File: 1425677045493.jpg (507.25 KB, 1920x1080, test.jpg)


File: 1425677082326.jpg (186.25 KB, 1920x1080, test2.jpg)

Ah, didn't realize they had to be jpg


File: 1425677194096.jpg (274.3 KB, 1920x1080, test3.jpg)


File: 1425677293432.jpg (272.86 KB, 1920x1080, test4.jpg)

last one.


Welcome aboard man
Could not find the original download for the cloud effects, so I will use my hoarding abilities for good



File: 1425703517957.jpg (174.04 KB, 1920x1080, problem.jpg)

Thank you very much! Glad to be here.

Another question, I was trying to experiment with PMX Editor english version, and for whatever reason the window/text boxes seem cluttered together so I can't view some text and others get cut-off. It happens in both the English and Japanese version of the program. Any idea how I can fix this?


Sorry, I don't know anything about PMX editor
Only PMD editor and very little of that too


Nevermind, I figured it out. It was my DPI scaling so I had to disable it for the program. But again, thanks for the clouds.


File: 1425862904579.png (1.45 MB, 1912x1080, Mikus Gigantic Ass.png)

I started learning blender today and tried to give Miku a huge ass.


Bigger yet? Nice!
Was this rendered in Blender, or did you export that model to mmd?


File: 1425870380586.jpg (145.07 KB, 1360x768, Mikus Gigantic Ass test.jpg)

Yes actually I did make it a little bigger a bit ago, and she is in MMD.


>absurd butt proportions
Anons will give you shit, but I approve wholeheartedly.


I made a thing



How did you get that kind of surroudning landscape for mega/giga? It looks really realistic.


File: 1425925115208.png (204.87 KB, 1360x768, fatsune.png)

Where the hell is my image!?

I used a skybox model, and some images from Google, along with GIMP.


that could be used for some vore shots~!


Are you using guides to accomplish this? If so, any chance I could get a link? Very interested in the potential to expand models like this :3


I'd also like to know..


I approve somewhat less of the belly-pudge, but good work regardless.


Oh, a photoshop…

I mainly asked because I primarily make videos and want a good landscape for giga situations. I have some mountains and better cities thanks to people on here, but I can always use more.


File: 1425950286358.png (231.21 KB, 1360x768, fatsune vore2.png)

Haha yes, how do you think her belly got so big?

No I'm not really using any tutorials, I've had help from a friend mostly but there are some pretty condensed tutorials on youtube by a username : ralusek

Yea I understand the frustrations of not having a very good landscape for mega and onwards.

It's not for everyone. I've been wanting a chubby/fat model for a long time now. However I do have some with just big fat asses.



Thanks! i've been looking for this for some time now.


File: 1425994753496.jpg (597.91 KB, 1920x1722, 142177990818.jpg)

Thanks! i've been looking for this for some time now.


I always wanted to know where to get that detailed tower o3o



The detailed tower is called the tokoy sky tree (if I'm not mistaken)
and can be found here:


I tried this and still couldn't get it. It wants 'byte characters 8' but there's nothing that fits it.


I would like to see more growth giantess mmd at 2mins or 3mins on YouTube. But i will wait and see.


>>2595 someone know how i can make clouds like in this picture ?


File: 1426100436890.jpg (404.14 KB, 1800x1200, QrW9b.jpg)

where can i get this model of Ranko? i can't find it anywhere.


BBW miku is best miku.
>tfw lack of GTS BBW content.


File: 1426151115234.jpg (74.47 KB, 528x600, 1965052i.jpg)

The model is in the Nico Nico Douga


Password, alphabet 8 characters.



Thanks! i had a hard time with the password but i got it in the end, but that's part of the fun i guess.


i have not understand what the password is :/


It's "leavenow"


Play nice, Anon.


Original text is "闇に飲まれよ".

Feed it to googletrans, so you get the 2nd hint.


How long till a public release of the models?


File: 1426286519212.jpg (1.07 MB, 1600x2000, aracomic1s.jpg)

i made something bad so here's some spam


File: 1426286532664.jpg (678.74 KB, 1400x1600, aracomic2s.jpg)


File: 1426286589727.jpg (641.39 KB, 1400x2000, ARAcomic3s.jpg)

damn flood detection


File: 1426286669633.jpg (356.83 KB, 758x1749, aracomic4s.jpg)



File: 1426286697021.jpg (571.47 KB, 2896x1568, aracomic5s.jpg)

more flooding


File: 1426286722183.jpg (408.73 KB, 1600x1500, aracomic6s.jpg)



File: 1426286742088.jpg (1.58 MB, 3600x2926, aracomic7x.jpg)



File: 1426286757014.jpg (1.02 MB, 1900x1900, aracomic82s.jpg)

it's over


With THAT fuck? Why should I?


Pretty good shit, anon. Doesn't hurt that destruction or murderfaggotry for petty reasons is myfetish.jpg


Ain't that bad man. Actually enjoyed it.


Because you're acting like an ass to someone who's just looking for a bit of help.

Did they wrong you in some way?




Well, In fact, I think it's a pretty good short story. Nice work, Anon!


would you mind telling me the password^^?


sorry i have not understand what the pw for the Ranko Model is. i think my english is not good enough or it. can maybe someone help me?



>>2928 didn't posted that pic without reason.
That big four letter Hiragana is the password. Convert it into Romanji with googletrans or whatsoever and you're done!


You, sir, are a saint. Thanks! Totally gonna be using this model :3

I like your style of spam. You should spam more. Nice comic ^^


gj but i cant -.-


No, and neither did Giga-Sakura. :^)

No. :D



Figured the password out.
You're a brilliant scientist!



Yes. You have done well. More paunchmiku please.



Chances you have this model uploaded somewhere?


updated version of the video posted in


updated version of a video already posted; video creator added sound


Manzi has made his Mai Model open to the public:


File: 1426745878074.jpg (459.73 KB, 1353x2408, loligeddon.jpg)


Working on a new render in MMM, and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out NewBomb and NewCloud.

I had assumed that you would import both the effect and the controller, assigning the effect to the controller and using its expressions to manipulate the effects, but for whatever reason it's not working for me. Am I missing something, or are these effects incompatible with MMM?


Make sure you're using the MMM version and your system locale is set to japanese, newbomb won't work unless


File: 1427049183732.jpg (480.12 KB, 1980x1080, test31.jpg)


File: 1427049327112.jpg (329.33 KB, 1980x1080, test30.jpg)


Both pretty nice, I like the look of the environment on the first one.


There may be a part 2 for the first picture, but it might take a while


File: 1427307678178.jpg (329.57 KB, 1980x1300, test33_2.jpg)






oh… Post does not work …


File: 1427632219898.jpg (276.03 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma1.jpg)


File: 1427632275866.jpg (370.78 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma2.jpg)


File: 1427632315839.jpg (337.61 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma3.jpg)


File: 1427632384819.jpg (192.91 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma4.jpg)


File: 1427632517586.jpg (427 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma5a2.jpg)


File: 1427632566399.jpg (405.13 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma6.jpg)


File: 1427632685503.jpg (273.21 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma7.jpg)


File: 1427632724659.jpg (278.73 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma8.jpg)


File: 1427632758657.jpg (259.52 KB, 2560x1440, yaminoma9.jpg)


Good shit, man.


File: 1427968211555.jpg (971.67 KB, 1300x1750, test36.jpg)


File: 1428027624411.jpg (843.08 KB, 960x1920, sakupachy01.jpg)

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I started playing around with mmd models in blender. I'm not particularly skilled at posing, but I was able to add a bit of reflection to parts of the models.

On the whole, I think this image looks better than anything that I ever made in mmd.


Those shaders are pretty damn nice compared to MMD!


Here is an update to what I'm working on. You won't fall through the ground this time and somewhat higher quality "graphics"



Mostly I can just focus on the growing and fapping and ignore the erratic animations (motion capture I assume?)

But this time it's WAY TOO CREEPY to do so


File: 1428580006219.jpg (243.79 KB, 1980x1080, test37.jpg)


What's the WINRAR EXTRACT password for this model?




It is to write to the individual description





The password for extraction is in the readme file. You'll need MMDzip to get it to work though.


model looks great m8


…Fumika posted a new video on their page.


What do you guys think of futanaris ?


…Here is a new video for you Touhou fans.


Nice thanks


>>3000 but I did put the extraction password on the readme, still doesn't work :(


Love them, wish there were more dick models for download.


here's a good dick model

i always wanted to use it, but i could never find a cute male model of pretty good quality.



Did you use MMDZip?

You have to use the untranslated password, and it only works in MMDZip for some reason. If you try the password in WinRar or 7Zip or the like it won't work.


Hey guys, new here. I have started making some videos with mmd. I still kinda suck but I´m learning. I used some of the models I got from proerdd´s skydrive. I could not find any terms of use so I just uploaded it. However I just wanted to make sure it is ok. I am not making any money off this and I will take the video down if asked so I thought this was the place I could best ask since I foud the models here.



I am fairly certain he encourages people to use his models
Otherwise my ass would be torn up

Speaking of model use, has anyone ever been contacted by a model creator to stop using their models? using DA and listing them in the credits must mean they see them, but I am curious to know if anyone has been contacted for a bizarre use of their models


That is good to hear.
If I might ask another question or 2 :p
I was looking for good sound fx for heavy footsteps and rumbling. Also sometimes my models seem to become transparent in some places after using the lighting effects posted on this board, but only from some angles. Any ideas?


Welcome aboard, yeah I'm pretty sure he'll be fine with others using his models, unlike others.
Do you have a youtube account?


jup, same as my user name.


File: 1429187780412.png (1.14 MB, 2560x1440, LukaBunnyWut.png)

Just thought I'd plug some new content here I'm experimenting with. I'm nowhere near as good as most of the people here, but god damnit I'm learning! QwQ


Oh well, I don't know why my large image isn't entirely processing nicely (probably because I'm a ditz), if you want the full quality 'n stuff, I drop my finished stuff on deviant art. If my last image is anything to go by, I'm new so be gentle (jkjk)



File: 1429506995541.jpg (235.32 KB, 1980x1080, test38_7.jpg)


File: 1429507073379.jpg (416.86 KB, 1980x1080, test39_1.jpg)

….and the barefoot version



those feet, did you edit them on yourself? I want a model with super nice feet for my game


The model is edited with kusoga's 汎用足モデル
You could find it here: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22555851


File: 1429679906979.jpg (683.59 KB, 2560x1440, LukaMiku1.jpg)

Thanks for all the support guys, I was quite nervous to post on here but I got more attention then ever on my DA account. Super grats!


not him but how do I use this with models?


First, you need to remove the feet section of the original model.
Then scale the kusoga's feet model to fit in your model's leg.


File: 1429956629785.jpg (609.47 KB, 711x2000, 01_snapshot.jpg)

I have made this video recently, which is around 2 minutes long.

Inspired by acesces' "Small man visits school girls classroom", this video involves a little man visiting a girls' school classroom.

Download link is here: http://1drv.ms/1OecPSZ

Hope you guys like it!

Also, I have been uploading my artworks on DA as well, feel free to leave a comment or become a watcher.

PS: I have been one of the watchers, keep up the good work! :D


That was really good dude! I loved it.


Amazing work bro just keep playing with it


File: 1430580928680.jpg (243.4 KB, 1980x1080, test40_1.jpg)


File: 1430580970938.jpg (1.43 MB, 2970x1500, test41.jpg)


File: 1430581094193.jpg (733 KB, 1980x1500, test41_1.jpg)

Detailed pic - part 1


File: 1430581253176.jpg (976.11 KB, 1980x1500, test41_2.jpg)

Detailed pic - Part 2

PS: Gonna have exam soon. Revise! Revise! Revise……..

So I would be busy in a week or two. I'm going to be back around mid of May


Been playing with Blender lately, learning all sorts of stuff with it - this is the most recent render I made.

Does anyone know the process to export a .blender to a .pmx file? I have a Blender plugin that lets you import / export MMD stuff, but there's some kind of step missing between Blender and MMD. Also trying to figure out how to load up those HK models into it.


Yea you have to select the mesh and then the skeleton, then export. I've been messing around with blender as well. I might post some images later.


File: 1430667031570.jpg (859.12 KB, 1920x1080, Cup Of Teto.jpg)

Didn't realize the image didn't upload. Round two!

I'll give it a shot today when I have some time. Thanks for the quick response!



Okay, I tried doing that and it seemed to export just fine. When I go to load it up in MMM, though, I get the error, "Index was outside the bounds of the array". Any idea how to fix that?

I found that it has a native .x export, but it doesn't keep the texture or material properties when loaded back up, so I think I'm doing something wrong there, too.


Wouldn't mind trying to make my own models from scratch, but I have no idea where to start?
anyone know of any decent guides and resources to refer me to?
I couldn't care less if it's pirated software as I am dirt poor right now thanks to my life getting a truck full of bricks thrown on it


Pretty much nobody models in MMD community (instead of doing edits and compile different parts), so you should look for actual, proper modeling guide that uses proper modeling software instead.

A easy and simple starting point would be metasequoia. It's not the best one out in the wild, though, but things like Blender are super hard to use (like, every function's bind to a hotkey).

Oh, and if you're modeling a human model, that's a different story. It's orders of magnitude harder than making static objects.



I'm actually looking into doing the same thing! Playing with Blender at the moment - it's got a steep learning curve, but there's piles of tutorials out there.


This is an excellent series to learning the basics of Blender. The set was cut short when he started going into texturing and stuff, but it's great to learn the keys, buttons, and various functions of Blender.


This is a 3 and a half hour long video that goes step-by-step on how this guy creates realistic models. I'm going to give it a watch this weekend, but from what I've gleaned from it so far it looks pretty informative. He doesn't just create the model and have you watch, he explains each step he takes.

Hope that helps! I'm still very new to the program myself, but I'm already seeing just how powerful this program has the potential to be :3


File: 1430954089548.png (856.97 KB, 1360x768, Leopard Growth Spurts.png)

I don't use MMM anymore, it seems very unstable. There are certain steps you take before you import the model to blender, which is probably why its giving you errors. You need to use PMXe to create 2 versions of the file. 1 with the bones ONLY and mesh you want to edit, 2 with the bones, physics, and anything else you aren't changing. Then I like to use PMXe's material tab to export a .cvs of all of the materials( so you can load them back when you bring it back from blender, because the model won't have textures). You are using a plugin to import and export a pmx in blender right? You will need to export to .pmx


I discovered this model recently, but I haven't been able to figure out the password.
The password hint is this: コキリ族の訛り(ひらがな三文字)をローマ字5文字で入力する
And putting that into google translate, I think I need to take the name of the kokiri's accent in hiragana and turn it into roman (English) lettering. The problem is that one, I can only find the katakana word, and two, I need 5 letters and when I translate it, I get four letters. (ジャラ into jara)
Any one want to help me with this?



The Blender pmx Export doesn't set up the display panes correctly to me. Easiest solution seems to be: expert the model as .pmx and then in PMXeditor don't open it but import it over a blank scene. Then save it. PMXEditor will set up the display panes properly. You will most likely however have to do additional fixes.




Thanks, that seemed to have done the trick.




so, total noob here, been trying to slap this feet model here http://bowlroll.net/up/dl29655 onto mamama gumi's model in pmd editor. can't seem to get it to work. help?


File: 1432146719802.jpg (757.7 KB, 1980x1080, test42_2.jpg)



File: 1432203717244.jpg (759.79 KB, 1000x1700, Miku.jpg)

So i've been trying to recreate this angle in mmd to no avail. Anybody have an idea on how to do it? Thanks


try setting the view angle to a very high amount. if that doesn't get that effect, it's probably a panorama. read >>2058


>>3069 Anyone know what model is this with a fully rendered throat? Very few I've ever seen build anything other than teeth and tongue. Only other option I've seen is a full-detail mouth model, but it's almost TOO detailed to work well with the level of detail in models like TDA/Appearance/ect…


>>3076 Anyone know where to get his Miku model? She's GLORIOUS.


File: 1432512267885.jpg (515.81 KB, 3589x1149, Gigamakoto.jpg)

Daaaamn panoramas are fun as fuck


Here is video by a new maker named GTSAngel
Lets give them our support.


I will if it means teaching them how to use the interpolation curve. >.o


More importantly, to teach him to avoid having the camera being child of the model (or whomever it is done in MMD to get the 'shrinking environment effect')


Dy Mp is another new content creator as well…


I'd hate to have to ask people for this, but I simply cannot find a good set of 3D clouds aside from the one provided in the other thread. Does anyone have the password for the NemuNemuNomori 3D cloudset or could they point me to something just as good. Thanks!


if anyone who can make a good growth giantess mmd video? and i want to see the view from the ground to top.


Anyone know of any good parts for x-rays or cross sections? So you can show the action going on inside?


File: 1434458420685.jpg (937.69 KB, 1980x1500, test45_1.jpg)


There's this stomach model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHzp0fPlyEI

This user has a mouth model, click kounai_model:

Then there's this, for H-stuff:

which you can get here, but I'm not sure if this is the right version:



This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you!


Is there a way to fix effects that get messed up by scaling? E.g. Autoluminous.

I'm using ScaleKai (which is just scale.fx) and Autoluminous doesn't follow the scale.

Or do I just try >>1959


File: 1435587564508.jpg (1.11 MB, 1980x1500, test47_2.jpg)


File: 1435781122747.jpg (55.06 KB, 1232x690, Back from school 1.JPG)

First Giantess Video Let me know what you think and if I should make a second part

Link to watch: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=858EF7C839F7F319!121&authkey=!AMWyfX08YgyIuFk&ithint=video%2cavi

Download Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!6kICAYiS!3oBkGrdckc-puk7E-FHcn8TGb9E0bmKhzelkGjqznJs

oh and here's a link to my Deviantart page (there isn't much)


I think you show promise. It seems like you put effort into learning the program. Better than my first, at least!

The most important thing you need to know about is how to use the interpolation curve. Without it, all your movements will be flat and jerky. If you select a keyframe and add a gentle S curve on the interpolation curve in the bottom left by dragging the nodes, movements, including camera, models, etc will seem much smoother. Play around with it, or google tutorials. The interpolation curve is absolutely VITAL to making your animations fluid.



I've noticed that in some motions but I didn't really know what it meant but I'll look in to it


Even though it was rough around the edges, my boner thinks your unaware MMD was good enough, so I added some audio.


Also, some people in this thread were asking for sound resources. I made my own, so I also uploaded the sounds I used, plus the full audio clip of the video, if you feel like re-encoding.


I can't promise I'll try something like this again, but looking forward to more content from you.


That's awesome!!! Thank you I'll try my best :)


…this is really cool.
This is a great first try, how long did it take you?


About 2 weeks with a bunch of editing back and forth


hey guys if u want to watch is giantess video. The link to is video is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy1gKPIjRIc

please like and comment about is giantess video.


File: 1436827155238.jpg (147.49 KB, 850x510, image.jpg)

Cubchoo's video is funny.
Plus I think its the only GTS MMD video that uses a growth ray.


True on that


Girls in primal clothing, this is my fetish.



Even though some of the camera movement and angles were really wacky, that's still much better looking soley because of the interpolation curve. It doesn't have that stilted, flat movement to it anymore. You can see how important the use of this one little tool can be.


File: 1437492557720.jpg (14.78 KB, 259x195, image.jpg)

These might be old, but the user's account was down and someone decided to compile all of their work.


File: 1437798415731.jpg (1.91 MB, 1678x2887, lolmik.jpg)


Man, this thread is old ain't it?



Yeah, but this is the slowest moving of the MMD thread…


hey guys, can anyone remake is growth giantess miku and the link is here ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpJJbvSX-QY.


Why would you need a remake, when that video is serviceable? Plus I don't think any of the content creators take requests


File: 1438595196884.jpg (1.25 MB, 3728x1080, test49_2.jpg)

Good or Evil? Which sides would you like to choose?


File: 1438595236673.jpg (710.19 KB, 1980x1080, test49.jpg)


File: 1438595361238.jpg (475.58 KB, 1980x1080, test49_1.jpg)

The choice is yours. :D


I don't know, but evil seems to be significantly larger than good. Bit of social commentary there, mayhaps?


File: 1438607146802.jpg (16.14 KB, 300x168, image.jpg)

The Mighty Manzi has awoken, climbed down from his mountain kingdom and delivered us a new video…
…it is pretty cool.


What kinds of perks does good and evil grant to followers?

I would like to imagine based on your panorama—which I love by the way—that I'm standing between both the nice angel and the naughty vampire as they each take turns casting mini-mini spells on me to slowly shrink me smaller and smaller while they cutely describe what they would do with me if I were to pick them. Nice promising that she would keep me safe in her panties as their sexy feet hover gently over me, and the canyons of their soft, plump thighs stretch higher and higher, while their panty-clad paradises loom more and more imposingly across the horizon. Naughty promising the privilege of scaling each of her charm points and describing in intimate detail what it would be like as I keep dwindling to the point that even the nipples of their modest breasts are greater than the greatest mountain ranges as the sweet fragrance emanating from their toes and bodies engulf my senses. Even then, they can still see, feel, and hear me with their supernatural senses past the point of becoming insignificant to all but them as they continue to take turns casting their spell.

Thank you for the wonderful fantasy~!


evil yo


Anyone know what city that is he used for the destroyable buildings?


Why the hell does Manzi keep teasing vore and not delivering? Great video and probably the best destruction I've seen in any moving picture with a giant woman in it, but fuck you can just skip over all the lip licking if nobody's getting ate in the combined 30 minutes of his last 3 videos or whatever.


Maybe vore is against Youtube TOS?


Evil's feet might just be larger


Admittingly, I've never actually had to pivot a character during a walk cycle before. There's tutorials for walking straight, but not turning direction. How do you do that and make sure the legs/feet don't look all weird doing so in the process?


That can't be it, cause there is a ton of vore videos on youtube.
I just wish he made this kind of stuff and then put it on his onedrive or something. That way youtube's meddling would not be a problem. He could even just put edited preview on youtube if he really needed the views.


He did actually, he had an AB-chan vore-related video on onedrive
The link is here: http://sdrv.ms/19lK8zV


I don't think YouTube's censoring, if any, is much of an obstacle. He has his onedrive, he has his blog which links to his onedrive that he'd been posting to exclusively for the last 3 videos or so, but those videos are what I'm talking about. They're all nearly 10 minutes long and feature very long scenes of licking and lip licking but it doesn't go anywhere, so I just wonder why the tease?

I'd love to hope that he'll do a variant on his latest video the way he did with the giant maid video "Anna" where it was just a previous video but with a different model and vore, but given the pattern of multiple videos all doing the same thing I figure he just isn't into it.







File: 1439182088414.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, giantess Ikaruga 1.mp4_snapsho…)


File: 1439215795270.png (1.21 MB, 1680x1050, marisaBJ.png)





what's the effect used to give the model that blended look with the atmosphere?


Viewers', faceless male's, another futa touhou, whatever you prefer


I too wish to know!


To quote an anon from 4chan who saw this pic.
"Who the hell grafts earthworms on their dick?"
…also I feel sad for those poor people on the island in Marisa's mouth. They deserved better?


File: 1439341800309.jpg (1.82 MB, 1682x1860, MB34.jpg)



Oops, wrong post. Simple enough to figure out but I meant >>13



You're referring to fog? Making the background seem seamless is mostly a mixture of fog and depth of field with some clever camera angles



Regarding my video, if anyone wants to leave any comments or criticism it would be appreciated, because I'm always trying to get better. I feel there were some aspects that could be better myself, but I ran into limitations. Namely, the town I used, if you zoom out of it, it looks terrible overhead, forcing me to change the stage for the mega/giga sizes.


I've watched it more times than I care to admit, and my only thing is I wish I could also see the giga scenes swapped so Dawn stomps and May eats.

On a different note, do you have a way of watching your Dawn Wins video?



Size competitions have always been a favorite aspect of mine, so commendations for the idea and effort.
Only major point to work on would be the limb movements, seemed a bit awkward in places, but the end result was still great to see.

It's a shame no one seems to use the female trainer model from FR/LG. Wouldn't mind seeing her going giant.


Thank you so much.


Any parts in particular that looked awkward?


Parts such as when the characters point to one another, the arms seem really stiff. Same when May was rubbing Dawn's head.
Regardless, these are just small details to work on, the overall animation doesn't suffer from it.


Thanks for being open. I'd say the Soundfx. The brief screams were great at the start. Then died off, making the city feel empty. When it started, there was a sense of an innocent city being held hostage. A nice touch.


Since this thread is about to die, I have a good news.

PachiPachy's making video. He has already rendered and currently adding audios into it.


Oh good, I thought he'd never make anything again. I look forward to it.

Incidently, does anyone know how I might make a view in MMD where it looks like a person is holding a camera? Like, a sort of slightly shaky/unsteady view, with a camera overlay, or it could be like a view from a helicopter or something, taking a look at a faraway giant girl. I would want it to seem as realistic as possible, with any applicable blurryness and whatnot. I ask because I'm not really familiar with very many MMD effects yet and I have limited resources. Hell, for all I have, I still don't really have a great destroyable city yet either.



Ah, there it was. That's what I'm talking about. See how the camera sort of shakes unsteadily just before she jumps? That, and the general 'visual' of it looks so realistic. I want to replicate that.


Is there a video of this?


Looks like it uses a hefty amount of interpolation curves on the camera for the up and down swings.


For some reason my MMD program will absolutely no longer render in x264vfw. I've tried uninstalling and reinstallling the codec and it just freezes the entire program. It's frustrating because few other codecs even work, it will just throw an error, or the filesize will be WAY too huge. Xvid is the only thing that works for me, but it bogs down my video editor for some reason like nobody's business.


have you tried to output raw video and then use handbrake instead?


Yeah, I'd like to know too


Did some experimenting and made a new thing.


Would you guys be interested in me making a download link of a ton of giantess/shrinking images in MMD (100+ every now and then no matter of how autistic/retardedly unrealistic I make them)


Yes please :)
I'm always looking for something to inspire the mind



Manually move camera with a help of interpolation curves. An effect that add a blur while moving a camera is called TrueCamera effect.


Hot damn you work fast! Probably the most dedicated MMD artist out there. All the others got lazy and quit.


No, that's Manzi. Manzi's the best.

I'm not that great, I just do a better job of hiding my weaknesses.



Oh man! That was good!


File: 1440868496249.jpg (875.07 KB, 1943x3586, 196016 - airplane between_fing…)

I need to figure out how NA makes these look so good. Everything seemlessly blends in and the city doesn't look low quality compared to the model or vice versa.


How can I make giga landscapes look better? Looking down on cities from above looks like shit half the time because it's more or less just a really stretched, flat texture, maybe with some cruddy mountains around it.

And I can't read the MME_Cloud program at all, so it's hard for me to adjust it's parameters to where it would look good.

I DO have that citygen city thing, so that at least looks better from above. I just wish I had a bunch of clusters of trees or better looking clouds or something.


Something new I found…


File: 1441293177767.jpg (990.4 KB, 1064x2477, foxlolismall.jpg)


File: 1441383456160.jpg (490.52 KB, 1500x1980, test51_2.jpg)


File: 1441383568924.jpg (832.74 KB, 1980x1200, test52_2.jpg)


File: 1441482526965.jpg (379.08 KB, 1920x1080, patchy_30.jpg)


It has been long time no video, apology for the shortness and possibly sloppy editing parts.


File: 1441489825933.jpg (259.15 KB, 1573x883, Trucy_growth.jpg)

Not using MMD but, Thought I'd share anyway. Poses are kind of amateur and I rushed it. Anyway, enjoy.


Really like it, GTS using magic to play with people is the best.


Third and probably final in this set unless someone else has any ideas. Hope it's enjoyed:


Comments, criticism, etc welcome.


Very nice Pachy, you've still got it. Hoping this leads to more~



Perhaps have her grow to a size where she can simply crush a random country under her foot? Not bigger than the planet, 'cause hey, where's she gonna upload her videos to then?


would love to see some more unaware mega/micro this type of scale with shrink would be nice


File: 1441631050099.jpg (558.32 KB, 1896x3433, 1374810250079.jpg)

I have noticed this sock look great,the detail of texture is very clear.Can anybody tell me where its from?


I'm not sure if that's even possible. I'd need a landscape suitable for displaying a whole country…


Also this thread is massive and saging. We should probably start a new one.


ewww…sounds like nasty floppy titties


You could always try another video starting with her at a more regular size and slowly doing her spurts wreaking havoc.

Shrinking is also another option, something akin to this video:


Great details in this one. Like the girl spared by the initial step. Hope the artist comes forth and makes similar. Or finish this set.



Perhaps have her recording a student/fan, who does a rather impressive job of growing and destroying things…only to have the recorder/original girl show the newbie just how far she's got to go by blowing her out of the water in terms of growth and destruction, possibly at the same time.


>>3211 Where did you get mikoto models? I've never been able to figure out the passwords to those.


Fuck yes to rampage Angela!


i tried animating a very small bit. i don't know when i'll finish it, if i even do.


i asked my jp friend to TL the password hint like the good leech that i am. i don't even remember what it was anymore, sorry.


Cute and short, I hope you continue it.
Gumi should get bigger ?


by ムトマト MAX



File: 1443473153875.png (923.99 KB, 1920x1080, QnA Video preview.png)

My QnA Video is up, since yesteday^^ hope you like it (even thought there were only ~25 Questions i could answer Q_Q)


I made 2 short videos
I always make scenarios like these but never do anything with them so I decided to flesh some out and upload them



File: 1443873242149.jpg (197.84 KB, 1920x1080, Sakuya's Toy.jpg)

Hello! I'm new to this, tried to make an image using MMD. Still an amateur, hope I can get critiques or comments.

Also, does anyone know what earth stage that Dan uses in this video?




Size content with Haku, there truly is not enough of it.

I hope you're planning to do more, from what I've seen you have potential.


Agreed, despite their length, these two were enjoyable.


Still a work in progress


I've noticed that rendering this messes up the camera causing it to clip into the models for some reason, dunno if it's the resolution I've set it to (1920 x 1080) or something else.


File: 1444110176900.png (795.36 KB, 1920x1080, Gamemaster.png)

Ne video on my homepage, could only upload a short version on youtube but here for you both links^^ i hope you'll like it:
yt (if you wanna write comments)

directlink: http://www.reiko-samaa.com/videos/The%20Game%20Number%201.mp4




some barefoot or sandal content would be great


never use sound, ^^°


I wish all the freakin' persona 3 models weren't passworded. I feel fortunate that I even have the FeMC. I want to do something with Yukari or Ken dammit!


After a long break, I made a short indoor growth-video.


Great video. love the growth spurts.



First GTS video
Comments and criticism are welcome :D


>>3274 not rly a fan of growing that much, but still it's a pretty good video^^


Couple comments:
The growth seemed to burst up way too quickly. Fast growth isn't a problem actually, but it seemed like most of it happened in the first few seconds and the camera didn't really follow it that well, it seemed also a bit stiff and unnatural because the model just stood there.

Also, the foot-craters seemed a bit too large for her feet and seemed to appear out of nowhere. If you can figure it out I'd recommend learning how to use MMEBomb for some kind of smoke or explosive effect.

Don't stop trying though, this takes practice.


Yeah, I kinda rushed the video. I'm still not very used to MMD, especially the animating part, but I'll keep trying.

I do know how to use bombs though, just didn't felt like using it in this one, hehe ^^"


File: 1444589009144.jpg (695.95 KB, 3080x6800, AthenaAndApollo.jpg)

Whoring myself out there with this thing I made.


The animation by itself is phenomenal, props. Please do more


Thank you.
Thank you too. What program are you using? They look great.


Thanks, and welcome to the community. Hope to see more from you soon!


Does anyone know how to get SSAO or DOF to follow a model's scale change? Both of the effects I'm using outline the original model's size instead of shifting with a scale change like with diffusion.


Also, is it possible to add shaders to models alongside the scale effect?



Thank you, it's just 3DS Max and a modified version of Stage 39.


hey sorry if i sound rude for asking anon but do you mind uploading all of your past videos you made to that place cause some of them went missing or some of them are still locked with a missing password



Kinda echoing this guy in the fast growth, although I don't mind the craters. It's a good vid though. Also who is the girl? Is she from an animu or just some original?



Wow. I was just thinking how I wanted to see a POV growth scene in a room and lamenting that I have neither the patience nor the hardware to make it myself. Well done sir or madam!


Thanks! Her name's IA, she's a vocaloid. I don't see many GTS content with her in it so I thought I'd make one.


please try it anyway growth is always nice


even though i already posted it in 'my thread' here you can watch my newest video "The 2nd Game" hope you'll like it^^
(if you want to comment use youtube with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4lIl5cYb5w ^^)



Doesn't most of the people enjoy the actual growth itself? Just the fantasy of slowly growing and not being able to stop rather than one burst?

Maybe I should try and make something again.


This was really good and smooth.
It would be great if you made more man.


I mean, there's nothing wrong with a fast growth! Just I think if you're going to have it happen at once you gotta have a good camera angle.

And of course there's always medium speed. I tend to have that happen in my videos.


File: 1445166590771.jpg (102.22 KB, 1920x1080, Miniscule Maribel.jpg)

Kinda messed around and made this; decided to share it with you guys. :D


Good stuff!


Short new video from John Carper…


Do anyone have download link for this model? Bowlroll ones don't work anymore.



Seriously dude, this is some great stuff. Mad props. I hope you continue your work.


Any surviving lurkers know who this is by?



Are images working?


Is MMDanon still around?



Any remaining MMD heroes around who could help me out in explaining how the clone effect works? With all those lines of code I can't even find the line to adjust X, Y and Z angles and rotation.


Any remaining MMD heroes can kindly explain how the clone effect works? It's got so many lines of code I'm not even sure how to fine tune the X, Y and Z angles




I love what you made so much that I would like to ask for a small tut on how to make such beauty. Love the sounds you used and the way you did the spurts, so would like to learn that too. Only if you want it yourself of course, but I'd be grateful if you did it for me :3 Thanks in advance for reading and replying (Even with a no still thanks)

You made an amazing animation and I appreciate that I was allowed to see it .





Made another thing, wonder how long this thread will last though



First time ever using MMD so it's hardly the work of Da Vinci, but managed to make this.

Since I've only been playing around with the program, I should probably watch some basic tutorials, any that you veterans would recommend?


do anyone have a Dl link to that Cityengine program?


Anyone here that uses UE4? Is there any way to show a timer when you press play in the viewport?

I've finally figured out growth and collision but this damn timer is nowhere to be found


Can someone tell me what the effects are that are used to make this.

Thx in advance :D


Why is the thread not loading fully for me?


This thread has gotten too big - we'll have to migrate to another one again.

Also, the admin's buying new boardspace, so images will work again when that happens.


Can someone help me identify this model in this video for me? Much appreciated it :3



Can someone help me identify this model in this video for me? Much appreciated it :3




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