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Silo9 just released two great models, check the description.
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What's the password?


File: 1411649923974.png (631.41 KB, 2000x1080, Silo9 Release.png)


It is on the link I sent, its the only english word.



it's "aira"


Does this girl have a name? the pig tails purple/black hair girl Silo does videos of? I wonna see more of her!


Big boobs = Ariane
Flat = Aira

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Source filmaker has the posibilities to make amazing macro images/animations. Sure we are stuck to POV and small giants, -.http://sfmbox.com/mini-hl2-models/

Let us be the first sfm macro community.
Also check out https://www.youtube.com/user/AnAlternateUsername?feature=watch first i saw of sfm giantess and if he ever releases the full video it will be a marvel.
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I tried making stuff with SFM.
Its fucking horrible, When you look up to a large model it dissapears from vision.
Anyone knows a solution for that?


try to have rootTransform visible by camera. You can move entire model without moving rootTransform bone by moving pelvis bone(should move entire body) and move for a better place for visible model


Thank you!
This was indeed the issue, now lets see if I can make a video with nice models.


I redownloaded SFM the other day after giving up in 5 minutes when it first came out and I'm actually starting to somewhat get the hang of how to use it.

Can anyone with some experience with it tell me when things start to 'click' and you can actually start making stuff?



Anyone seen this yet? It's nice to see SFM stuff is still being made.

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hey there, one question ^^ can someone make me some models? would be cool if there would be like the HK models, but if thats not possible less would be okay too, the most important is that they are looking like the original (from head/face/hair and breast size XD), but the clothes are up to you. one thing about that they should have skin under the clothes like the HK models have^^° cause i need that for my videos.
So at least a base version with hair and face and stuff like that would be realy cool^^.
you can google all of the characters for better pictures.
First, with the highest Prio:
Reinforce Eins Yayami
Milla Maxwell

Lower Prio:
Noire (aka. Black Heart)
Green Heart
Iris Heart
Jeanne D'ark (Aka. Ruler)
Mordred Pendragon (Aka. Saber of Red)
Signum yagami

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>can someone make me some models?

You do realise this is a ton of work right? while you're asking it so casually.


yeah i know that^^° i dont ask for every character of them, and anyway i dont even think that someone would create them but why shouldn't ask^^

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Anyone know where to find/download good sound effects for GT/GTS in MMD? (Like, the type dan uses, for example, when someone takes a step?) I can't find any.

File: 1374134205025.png (235.36 KB, 882x768, sexy_yowane_haku__mmd_model_by…)


Anyone know where to find nude mmd models? Been looking for 3 days and I only find videos. This is the only thing I found…
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Actually lots of MMD models does have a nude version, but either they're paid, or you'll need to ask the author to give you them. They're generally not openly distributed, and password protected so that only some people can have access to it.

And for your information, models with whole body are tagges as "中身有" or "中身あり".


i would say that models with a an original nude body, with nipples and vagina, and available legally are comparatively rare. rare as in, 1 in 10 or less. note that i said original, as in, not a head swap.

and i wasn't addressing the issue of whether or not there are a lot of them; i was saying that the majority of them are not original models but are head swaps with custom girl models or other nude bodies. so, if you're at all capable you'd might as well just head swap yourself in most cases.

but if you're confident there are as many as you say, it'd be kind if you gave some examples. i'm really not that interested myself so i can't offer much besides eto's cirno, which you'd have to ask him for, i think.

for anyone interested in nude models getting 3d custom girl is a good idea.


There's a series of touhou models called TDN(then the rest is in Japanese) You can strip and change them using the other facials. There are for versions so far each coming with 1 - 10 changes of super sexual clothing.


Why not make your own?? It's easy, just take a naked base and attach hair to it. Then enlargen breasts or butt as much as you want


File: 1401637818584.png (655.44 KB, 939x596, Luigi Meets Giant SeeU.png)


Run, Luigi.

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