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…And the last thread became probably the longest thread in macrochan in just 5 months. Time to say RIP to it.

News: The Japanese is discussing the successor of MJGTS. Expect a new community to rise within a month or so.

You can refer to the old thread for various useful stuff, namely >>747, >>748, >>749, >>751, >>752, >>753, >>758 and >>759. Additionally, http://citrusmoothie.tumblr.com is probably the best site for model needs. It has the newest, and the most complete list of models.

Protip #1: Export your pics as .png, then open it via any image editing program and convert it into .jpg before sharing to anybody. Exporting directly as .jpg often severely destroys the pic's quality, and .png is very huge. You don't need to make thing unnecessarily big, right? ;3
(And by the way, making screen size very huge is not a good idea, too. You may run out of video memory when rendering.)

Protip #2: SSAO is not used for darkening the image; it's for casting realistic shadows. You may want BlackOut, M4Layer or some other effect for that.

Protip #3: Look carefully at the ToS of each model before use. It's important!
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Why is the thread not loading fully for me?


This thread has gotten too big - we'll have to migrate to another one again.

Also, the admin's buying new boardspace, so images will work again when that happens.


Can someone help me identify this model in this video for me? Much appreciated it :3



Can someone help me identify this model in this video for me? Much appreciated it :3




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That is adorable.

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Going to be working on a RTS style controlled GTS game.

Going to need to find some stuff first.

-A city (not MMD, I'm having trouble importing anything to do with MMD)
-A way to edit/make the animation for legacy(FBX) files.
-A way to get sounds into the game
-Buildings that I can get destroyed (or just hide after they are 'destroyed')

Any comments/tips are appreciated.

If anyone has any tips
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Yes, there is a way to add facial animation after doing the animation. Just don't keyframe any facial animations, eyes, mouth, etc and it should work in unity code. As for looping, I'm not 100% sure how to make the animation loop, but I can edit and cut the animation in unity's importer. (Though I do have walking,running,crawling animations)


So what animations do you need?
Not entirely sure on how to make them ripe for you to implement into the game, so animations don't just instantly clip instead of transition smoothly



Don't worry about transitioning, unity handles all of that for me. if you want you can just start off in a default T-pose, or straight into the animation, either will work.

The animations I'm in desperate need of involve a breast crush, and butt crush.

It would be most beneficial if they were targeted at the ground (as in the girl squats down, then falls onto her butt or she goes into a push-up pose, then drags her breasts forward or backwards) The style is really up to whoever wants to make it.

I don't have any current plans to do any scripted animations (as in picking up and putting into cleavage)

It should also be known that you shouldn't try to animate the breast bones directly, as I am using my own physics in unity which should work for now.

I'd really appreciate any help with this, as my animations are not good for video games at all, and take way too long to execute.

If you haven't already, you should check out my blog at http://giantessdev.wordpress.com
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Well first thing, I would not want to be wasting your time, I can't really judge myself on how good my animations are
I will try to make a few different animations starting from a T-pose for a sample, I will let you judge for yourself if the animations are good enough (I wont be offended if they are not)

What model should I use as the dummy skeleton for animation reference? considering you have a interest in jiggle and not every model can be compatible with every animation


What model should I use as the dummy skeleton for animation reference? considering you have a interest in jiggle and not every model can be compatible with every animation

That's fine, I don't want to be wasting your time. I've recently only started asking for help with this project, so I'll be seeing who all wants to try. Are you using MMD models for animating? If so I'd just a pretty standard model, like ones that come with MMD, or Proerdd's HK models. And the skeletons should be compatible with Unity models, as long as they are VMD format animations. Unity will reshape and refit skeletons per animation, it's really nice.

If you are using a different software for animations, make sure the animations are FBX format. Here is a model that I've used before, and it's animations fit my models if you are using something like Blender or 3DSMax or Maya to animate. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/15667

In the end just do whatever you want and I'll see if I can use it :) Thanks for your interest.

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Since dailymotion started clearing house, I haven't been able to find a short growth clip, only this thumbnail from a rehoster. If anyone saved this from somewhere before it disappeared I'd really appreciate it.


Quality is a bit low but I've got a copy.
mediafire com/watch/nhll6wcoo4elcbx/19624994_mp4_h264_aac.mp4


Thanks a bunch.

File: 1432616386779.jpg (662.43 KB, 1200x1122, 1427347503459.jpg)



It looks like the uploader edited the original video, but the content is extremely high quality. It doesn't look like any of the MMD animators I know.

Can anyone tell me who did this and if there is more?



Thank you very much!

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does any body know what happen to this video http://acesces.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2013/07/mmd-0c8f.html


…you'll need a youtube downloader



File: 1430968730355.jpg (262 KB, 1072x1500, yande.re 262857 sample erect_n…)


I would love it if some one made this model

File: 1426393732401.jpg (23.22 KB, 300x173, mai.jpg)



Where do you find his stuff? What is his site/blog?


Nigga motherfucka it just got linked


File: 1404166032067.png (867.89 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2014-06-30-22h18m00s19…)


heythere ^^ my newest video if someone likes to watch it^^

also if some if my subscribers are here, it would be nice if you could like my facebook page^^ for getting news and more stuff like that
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Disable the family filter (scroll all the way down).


Thank you!


For anyone who wants to know (cause i only announced this on Facebook) on the 24.12 i'll upload an longer special episode …. on dailymotion only i think …. woudln't like to be deleted or something like that on youtube^^° but there will come a short video with the link to dailymotion. hope you'll enjoy it^^.

the video will be more than 6 minutes long^^


…Oh boy, just one more day.


nice to hear that you like it
you can find the christmas special video here
not on youtube (cause youtube is "§$%&&%$§$%!!!!! ……)
and not on dailymotion cause … somehow …. they dont like it xS

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I recently changed computers and lost a lot of my PMX's. I went to redownload PXCH and I am missing so many models. Specifically ALL of the swimsuits are gone, and some of the one pieces. Please help!


I think I still have most (if not all) of the PXCH models from the old blog. I'll see about uploading them tomorrow.

I'll be expecting to see great things, young one :3



I actually found them ( and a nude edit ) :o Thanks though!



Mind sharing


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