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File: 1380340131832.jpg (483.86 KB, 1280x720, Giant_Elin_000.jpg)


Thunder thighs, wide fertile hips,
Tits adorned with virgin pink nips.
Petite bodies, soft supple skins.
Carnal seas of growing Elins~♪

Marry a bevy of eligible titties.
Sexy foxies, bunnies, and kitties.
A harem of cute, cuddly lolis.
Climb atop their massive bodies~♪

With so many mods to open,
I ask a boon, a simple token.
Fellow onanists if you please,
Recommend the files I must seize!
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File: 1380569469432.jpg (357.8 KB, 1920x1080, 2013-07-21_00079.jpg)

I went full autismus maximus a while back and spent like 3 days configuring Skyrim into a beautiful giant waifu simulator, then got bored of it like 4 days later.

Was pretty fun for a while though.


It seems like there wouldn't really be much to do. I love pictures like the OP and the ones after, though. If people have things to post I'm interested. It's just unfortunate there isn't better posing functionality.

I wish I was able to get Skyrim maps out of Skyrim and into other 3d programs.


what character is that or is it a follower from a mod if it is please link


could you help me? im new in mods and just installed old macromancy but I can't find the books, ¿where can I find them?


Can you tell me where can i find these Ariane models?

File: 1438374033105.png (1.42 MB, 1024x768, 1225C1A4.PNG)


Does anyone have, or know where to find kasuko-sans growth videos? i cant seem to find them anywhere
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Well, yes. I didn't post the corrected link in case the source did it wrong on purpose, but that'll do it.


Understood :)



May I ask if there is any way to fix the downloads?


Practically all of them only download about a quarter of the way?

File: 1442461627720.jpg (460.83 KB, 1920x1080, wheresmycity.jpg)


If someone could go ahead and make a city map for Sexy Beach Studio for me to get my picture-story on that'd be great.
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5 of 6, assuming that images work on an image board.


4 of 6, because flood warning is a bitch and knocked them out of order.


6 out of 6. Man this shit sure would be compelling if you could see it, trust me.


Welp it seems macrochan is fucked. Posted to /aco/ at the moment.


Board's broken, pages don't even load fully, if any admins are lurking.

File: 1445311142177.png (594.91 KB, 1280x718, vlcsnap-2015-10-19-23h17m17s23…)


I'm trying to organize MMD videos by author, and I can't find the creator of this video. Anyone out there know who made this?


It was made by 西田富嘉, who get his youtube account deactivated and since than never found him again.
Here are all the vids I've got from his account by the time https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jajcmxue7c7ya/西田_富嘉_Videos

If someone find more it'd be good


Thats all of them, except for a test video

File: 1420647957540.png (631.56 KB, 1280x720, 21.png)


Maybe it someone who don't have facebook wants to know, so i'll post it here too^^
i've made my own homepage and finished a few minutes ago, so feel free to go there, you can watch my picture storys and videos and comment if you want


(the picture i had to upload shows a page from one of my pictures storys^^)
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well if it would be criticism it would be okay, but it isn't so most of them are just haters.
I wouldn't mind of they would tel me what exactly they dont like maybe i could change that. but can't help it if they comment stuff like:

"Look, I know that everyone with sama in their name is a tremendous attention whore but we already have a thread for MMD related content and pages.
You should post there."
or even better: "Do you have brain damage? Post in the thread that already exists."

so, why should i post it there? its not like there are any rules that tell me to, where is the problem in using this thread?

btw, wouldn't you call this a hater?: "Jeez this guy really IS an attention whore faggot! First the shitty website, then crappy YT vids. Now spamming DA with shit pics."

well that's just a few examples.

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Sound is a huge deal for me. As well as ground shaking footsteps or actions, but a lot of people don't seem to care about that.

And yeah, that's why I said I can't speak for others, but MMD content goes on the MMD thread as far as I'm concerned. People get their panties in a wedge over rules on chans too. Just look at /d/


hmmm the ground shaking is .. well lets just say its not as easy as it looks like^^°. (for the saund, i already said something about that but its good that you mention it.)

aaaand for the point with the mmd thread … well i could say that i'm not using MMD XD (rly, i use MMM^^°) but thats nearly the same XD. But, anyway i wouldn't mind posting it here and there so also the few people that only look there could find the new stuff from me^^


Yeah quakes take a bit to get done right. I've made a few videos myself but never really uploaded them, took me a while to get used to quakes.

As for sound I use dumb free samples from various websites, I tried to find ones that I hadn't heard before, took me days to find good smaples.


Earthquake effect is what you need
No idea if there is one in MMM, but there is one for MMD

File: 1390348381986.png (259.66 KB, 513x288, vlcsnap-2014-01-21-18h51m26s10…)


This used to belong to a user on yuotube, but I have forgotten their name, and would ike to find more by that creator.
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the better question then i suppose is then where are your videos now because if there in youtube i cant find them its the same with manzi ss i cant find his old videos anywhere ether ಥ_ಥ


Thats good to know you are still around.
I'm just glad I got most of your stuff before it was taken down.


That is a good point, I was only able to luck out and find the videos on youku because I spent the whole day mining for giantess content. Why are the videos privated?


It's possible to up them somewhere to download?


Can you share them? it's nearly impossible for to download even the op one.

File: 1440726280365.jpg (124.41 KB, 1366x768, Test .jpg)


Boredom :D
Ask me a question ask.fm/TinySonix


OK, sent a question. Looking forward to your answer.


wow…. never thought that this site would work so well O.O

File: 1440709446374.png (203.65 KB, 1119x515, capture-20150827-134706.png)


Let's see…how do i do this…? I never really posted her much but maybe i can contribute to the forum of gts mmd stuff…I uploaded a new vid recently, if anyone's interested, here's the link, and i apologize in advance…i'm still bad at MMD…idk if i improved or got worse over the past 3 months Q wQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO50v7nWo5c


The ending was a bit sudden, the camera movement tends to be quite jerky at certain times, and the sound effects (or rather just the one sound effect you used) could be varied a bit (or generally you could work on a soundscape), but other than that this is already a pretty solid video! I mean compare your character movement to your first video. Here it already looks pretty natural. Keep up the good work OP!

File: 1390570423482.jpg (338.02 KB, 1900x1200, 9nrKT.jpg)


…And the last thread became probably the longest thread in macrochan in just 5 months. Time to say RIP to it.

News: The Japanese is discussing the successor of MJGTS. Expect a new community to rise within a month or so.

You can refer to the old thread for various useful stuff, namely >>747, >>748, >>749, >>751, >>752, >>753, >>758 and >>759. Additionally, http://citrusmoothie.tumblr.com is probably the best site for model needs. It has the newest, and the most complete list of models.

Protip #1: Export your pics as .png, then open it via any image editing program and convert it into .jpg before sharing to anybody. Exporting directly as .jpg often severely destroys the pic's quality, and .png is very huge. You don't need to make thing unnecessarily big, right? ;3
(And by the way, making screen size very huge is not a good idea, too. You may run out of video memory when rendering.)

Protip #2: SSAO is not used for darkening the image; it's for casting realistic shadows. You may want BlackOut, M4Layer or some other effect for that.

Protip #3: Look carefully at the ToS of each model before use. It's important!
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Why is the thread not loading fully for me?


This thread has gotten too big - we'll have to migrate to another one again.

Also, the admin's buying new boardspace, so images will work again when that happens.


Can someone help me identify this model in this video for me? Much appreciated it :3



Can someone help me identify this model in this video for me? Much appreciated it :3




File: 1438854063592.png (282.85 KB, 635x467, dd6a2bc5f8c4ccbe6530b2d124f887…)



That is adorable.

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