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Previous Thread >>5146

First thread of 2017.

This is the main thread for the discussion about the development of the Giantess MMD Game (I don't have a official name yet).

You can find the latest downloads here: https://mega.nz/#F!FoMFQAwL!B5n7dHilan9NR7NFhuU0lA

Gameplay Footage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVJLAbC-Z_Fr4AA7LaILN6Q

For models and conversions check this thread: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/4227.html

If you want to support the project: https://www.patreon.com/aiiko
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An actually reasonable request I've been thinking about is a hotkey that turns off collision for the player, a noclip mode basically. That would be quite helpful, and hopefully not too hard to implement.


well, I still want mid-mouse key to look back



I'm also moving to the new board /v/, I hope we can let the people of /cg/ have peace again.



@ aiiko how would the friendly giantess work for behaviour


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i notice a bug in this build. can ya fix it

File: 1484822402408.png (846.26 KB, 2066x1300, makoto_tachibana___free__iwato…)


can somebody convert him to both micro and giant. that would be nice thank you. i will be bringing in more models to request soon
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Humongous how did you remove harukas cooking attire


i Removed it with pmx mmd viewer


ok what numbers do i click on


Can we just go ahead and make this thread a male model focused thread?


it would be a good idea

File: 1485187671107.jpg (1.29 MB, 1941x5673, 58178203_p0.jpg)


For reasons concerning MMD modeler drama, Shiro_UT deleted every single last trace of his works on Twitter, Youtube, Pixiv, and GS_Uploader. The last happened right as I was about to archive everything.

Has someone made it a point to save everything Shiro_UT created, particularly the videos he created exclusively for his twitter account?

Satsuki Growth Movie 2 by Siro_UT

I like growth animation, and Shiro_UT was one of the few that was in the process of learning how to do it really well, and was also trying to learn how to model a nekomimi character I like called Shia. While a lot of his works uses loli models, he also likes buxom Onee-san characters, though he hasn't done much with those kind of models despite saying he wanted to do such in the future.

I really hate it when people delete their stuff. It's not like everyone was ganging up on him over the model drama (Yunzo and Uru were trying to be nice to him), though I don't know exactly what he did other than some old tweet he made about 副部長 (Vice-Director).
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The link isn't working for me. Clicking on it takes me to my own uploaded content instead of yours. Try putting all the files into one folder on Mega, then right clicking on that folder and getting the shareable URL from there perhaps?



File: 1487195935218.jpg (1.55 MB, 1503x6158, growthing_miku_2_by_sirout-da3…)

Seems Siro_UT's original twitter account is back online:

I don't know if it's just a mistake, and he's going to close it again, or if he took Uru's advice and went to therapy and realised that his reaction to the accusation leveled against him was extreme. But if it's the latter, I'm really glad he came back.

Since I can read his tweets, it is indeed him being accused of violating the terms for an MMD model for '副部長' (Fukubuchou; Vice Director). He said he didn't read its readme. I can't really say I have much respect for any of his accusers now. When Siro_UT was deleting everything, one of them was like 'you can delete your youtube/pixiv/twitter, but you cannot delete your misdeeds' as if Siro_UT committed some heinous act that should haunt him for the rest of his life…


thank you for putting them up. i wish you had more of the miku ones but you can't help it if they weren't there.



Shiro_UT created a new English twitter with a first part to a cute growth and destruction video he just made on his Onedrive account. I'm looking forward to the second part.

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can someone post instructions on how to do this of link me to a guide please? thanks


You can find the guide here

It's in the first Mega link, once you open it, you will find this file called "How to import models.pdf", the name means that it teaches you on how to import models, the process of converting a PMX file to a GTS.

And just below there is this "Model Importer" file, the name is in English and means that it contains the most important part of the process, you can find the instructions on the "How to import models.pdf" file, the name means that it teaches you on how to import models using the "Model Importer" seen before.

PDFs are usually open with the Adobe Acrobat software, and is a free software, you do not need to pay to use it.

7zip files can be opened with either 7zip, a free software, otherwise you can download and use WinRAR, which will ask you to buy in 40 days, but can be used with no limits anyway.


does anybody know how to use a model after adding accessories. im trying to find the export button on mmd. im wanting to use my model


You need to use PMD Editor or PMX Editor to add accessories



only problem is that the item i selected wont go full color when i try to change it

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the youtube account of johncarper get deleted again but i dont got the time to download all of their video

if somebody have her video please say it (All the video even the old)

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can someone tell me what is the newest update of giantess game?
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I think he may be anticipating that the link in Aiiko's OP might be outdated.
in which case, wrong.

however there are two other popular games going.

jimbo's sim has not been updated in a year, and attack of the ???? waifu got scrubbed from the internet because butthurt over hax.

hope you're not asking about melbaz's giantess sim, thats vaporware.


sry i am just a noob wich don't know read, anyway there are other game of giantess like this or not?


Well, like this is kinda hard, I did saw one on youtube which seemed to be quite interesting (using Unreal I think, cause those were nice graphics), though there was no build/demo, and it wasn't as customizable as aiiko's game.

In that matter, in fact, I believe aiiko's is the best one around, people are converting more and more models, the developer is active and taking suggestion as he goes, even new formats for conversion are being accepted.

There is also this: https://www.giantesscity.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=64 You will need an account and there is a lot of shit, but there are some fangames there too that you can try, from RPG Maker to a 3D Unreal stage (which wasn't bad at all, I'm not into vore, but it was interesting being able to go through the mouth and pass through intestines and stuff, you get lost easily…).


tnk, if you find interesting giantess or shrinking game pls tell me :D


who made that pic?>>7287

File: 1475114617922.png (790.08 KB, 1602x1047, Image 898.png)


making a new thread for models converted & ready to use in aiiko's Unity MMD GTS project: http://macrochan.us/cg/res/3492.html

If you have a converted model to share, please include a safe download link (mega.nz is recommended) and a screenshot of the model in-game.

anyway, here's mei


(GTS only, unless someone wants her as a player model)
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If you rename the breast bones she will have breast physics, but I can't get the eyes to show up since 2.0
https://misterorzo.deviantart.com/art/Angel-MMD-DL-695936696 with clothing

convert please)))


If you rename the breast bones she will have breast physics, but I can't get the eyes to show up since 2.0
https://misterorzo.deviantart.com/art/Angel-MMD-DL-695936696 with clothing

convert please)))


If you do have a request please.



attack of the titan, Mikasa sexy.gts


Next model: Historia Reiss ENJOY ;)

File: 1466065753136.png (1.07 MB, 1366x768, High Up edit.png)


Gee. It sure is boring around here.
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yeah, it says Anonymous, not sage.



I think you are the retarded one


this thread blows





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Are there any games where you can play as a giantess destroying a city or similar? I've noticed a few where you can fiddle with giantess npcs, but are there any where you can play as a giantess? I wasn't exactly sure what to put as the image, but I apparently need one, so I guess just ignore it. Thanks!
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closest i know is game called "Attack of the ???ft. Waifu"
grow by eating people or radioactive material and crush building. already tested it and i must say i totally like it.
now the problem : the dev pulled off the project. http://giantessdev.tumblr.com/post/151624448678/attack-of-the-ft-waifu

there are some other giantess game project, but they just a gameplay preview on youtube/forum with no demo.
other than that, aiiko's game is your alternative.


Fuck off back to whatever site you came from. This isn't the place for your retarded questions.


Off the top of my head, there's:
-BIG and Small https://mega.nz/#!T5JxjCpb!YJeZnSqj-ZJV8zUVrWWPwU7n4bRUpxjMQ36-eus8xUs
-The DIMINUTIVE Experience has a special giantess mode, though it's shrunken men: https://mega.nz/#!StoU0SZS!ZYT_uEok-o_E2vW9zmMbsk8n1rUKkSGOiOSZo4qftoQ
-A few of this guy's games, particularly EQG (some others are incomplete or don't have you as a gts): http://tinybrazilian.deviantart.com/
-If you're into furries and not actually pressing buttons: http://stampydragon.deviantart.com/art/Dressup-Rampage-Animation-59383994
-If you're willing to pay money and don't mind 3DPD, Mutant Colossus from Outer Space

Also, going to shamelessly promote my shitty abandoned RPGM: http://tfwnogiantgf.deviantart.com/art/A-Game-Where-You-Play-As-A-Giant-Girl-592013522

Huh - I always assumed that between Pogojo's old game, many of Ochiko's projects, both Shrink Highs, Issunboshi, Size Matters, Kanahebi's game, and the avoid-the-foot games flying around, I never saw it that way.



HomuDoka pulled out because he was swamped with other stuff, lost interest, and generally didn't want to deal with it anymore. Can't exactly blame the guy.

You're really trying to make me regret being the one to first voice outrage over the wave of invaders, aren't you? Asking a question is fine, as long as he isn't a fucking twat about it like some people have been.

It is kind of a basic question, though. You'd do well to make use of Google or read through old threads. As the saying goes, "lurk moar." A lot of old info exists on this site, and people don't appreciate being asked to go find it for you and deliver it on a silver platter. I get the feeling that's not what you intended, but it can be misconstrued that way.

There's also https://giantesscity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=69652#p593256 if you're looking for more.

Honestly, the City is a cesspool of absolute faggotry, filth, and disgust, but it's probably the best place to go searching for games.

File: 1482293449265.png (622.13 KB, 1136x640, 5C3C6E62-C3D6-4521-BB42-AA3EFF…)


I need help finding a source for this http://macrochan.us/cg/index.html



That's by Pachipachi:

If you like giant girls with expanding bosoms, here's something else Pachipachi did recently:
(you'll have to browse the media posts to find the image in your OP.)


Owe you my life dude

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