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Can anyone help me made Fragments ground and destroy building in MMD like this video ?

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Can anyone put this part in any female model? I would be infinitely grateful to you.



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where can i find models with feet like this


where can i find models with feet like this, please.

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Hello, people. Someone who has been watching this site for several years before its brief closure.
After realizing its resurrection, I found out 2 old MMD threads were gone. Mind if I ask what happened to those threads, and is there any other new one available?

(Also pic by certain Soldat from DA)


You are asking if there is "any other new one available" which is in the first page… You searched and didn't notice it?

About those 2 threads:
It's the second sticky threads

You are welcome

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Does anyone ahve a female giantess .gts file with detailed feet? thanks.(pick unrelated)

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Would anybody be so kind to create a giant Sonic model for Sizebox? Barefoot version prefered. There really isn't a single good one out there.


Totally agree with you. The best giant Sonic model I've found so far was a lazy made glitchy model for a really old animation software. Those 3-toed models are completely cheap and effortlessly done. Why isn't anybody able to make a decent model with 5 toes and without claws/nails…


Creating a barefoot Sonic model is too hard and will take up alot of time. If somebody does get it done that person would be real professional at modeling. However they have better things to do.

File: 1502418469721.jpg (92.47 KB, 800x1000, bleach__nelliel_tu_odelschwanc…)


somebody can make my favourite waifu pls

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Got the game over a year ago, and he took down the wordpress site. (Bummer, I'd have actually donated to him if he had kept going)
There wasn't a "Readme" text file in the game zip, and I can't find a listing of the controls anywhere on the net, or in his video description. Was wondering if anyone had them on hand by chance?


Moved to >>>/v/546.

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Here's a vore series from a thing I'm doing. I posted it on aco, figured I'd post it here too without the stupid link problems.

Link: https://mega.nz/#!oYMnmYgL!QPxWULFyeJY6EhUxPHwoOdQDUYrFjdXbXBK9RFVltoc
Password: aco

I planned on doing a lot of color/light correction, comic frames and dialog in post-work but that's a long way from happening and I'm lazy. The raw stills might be of interest to someone out there, so here's 50 or so of them.
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backup your userdata folder, abdata too if you have any custom items added. if you do these 2 at least itll minimise the loss


Damn I really wanna know your patreon now


Holy shit, are you the guy that made the GTS converter? Thank you for that. I use it every time I write fiction, been using it for like 7 years. It is a fantastic resource.


Love the series!

Would be amazing to import these models into Sizebox.


would love to see this model in sizebox such detailed feet

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