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- When you place objects in a animated giantess, it would stick to her skin, it will not float anymore. The only problem is if you put an object in pose mode, it will not stick. So be careful if you want to change the pose.

- Screenshots: press the '0' alphanumeric key and you will make an screenshot that will be saved in the Screenshots folder. It will hide all the UI, you can use in edit mode.

You will find an objects folder, right now i need to work in that. The objects will be imported the same way as micro and gts files, but i need to figure out how to make the thumbnails because they come in differentes sizes. The default thumbnails are created by myself, but it will better if they are created automatically.

- And there are new micro girls, I created them in 3D Custom Girl, and then changed the shaders. It's useful to create npcs or characters that don't need to be too detailed.

Here is the windows build, linux will come later because of the bad speed of my internet.

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I wouldn't mind seeing these models if the offer of them is still open.


i want model tower


i want object city.object folder this


I just recently figured out how to use the converter and have had 100% success rate if anyone would like every model I have converted. Also, I will convert models at request as the other guy who was converting seems to have had IRL things to deal with.


Copypasting into this thread because I don't imagine a script would be too difficult to implement for those that know how.

Would anyone know how to make a script that ran a very slow growth from minimum to 20 metres tall with enable AI active, then triggers grow on crush, disables the regular growth and triggers stomp ai from then on? Much more immersive if I don't have to change the options myself.

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Sizebox model with digestive tract?

File: 1503768891638.png (245.97 KB, 1600x900, 2017-08-23_18-51-52.png)


Ok /cg/, since the author refuses to work on the project, I decided to step in and correct some of his mistakes directly in .NET machine code.
Pic related.
Anyone interested?
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aiiko was doing excellent. why did he quit doing the sizebox development


I really don't want this to be re-uploaded or shared.

Unfortunately that project was a garbled mess of a first attempt and quickly written code to more or less see what could be

Graduating college and starting a full time job is a big life change and there wasn't enough time to work on the project as I'd like. So I've since left it to work on something else.


Honestly if you want a giantess game you should learn to do it right and make one from scratch. Learning how to do something and trying it will open more doors for freedom and lift constraints of using someone else's work.


It's a good work, and far better quality game than 90% of what's out there. Please don't ruin things for people who happened to not be around right when it first came out.


> removes tails from Eri and Eileen models

why tho


The nofile.io downloads seem to be broken. They lead to a InvalidSession error and trying to donwload via dropbox just yields empty files.
Anyone willing to mirror?

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Anyone know a good giantess game? Preferably in 3d

File: 1508268587047.png (1.29 MB, 1733x2000, s1af.png)


this web is died


File: 1508368019206.jpg (15.26 KB, 445x400, 281536668439.jpg)




we tu lo

File: 1508318503735.png (464.73 KB, 941x558, untitled.PNG)


Can anyone help me made Fragments ground and destroy building in MMD like this video ?

File: 1508298307991.png (82.81 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (313).png)


Can anyone put this part in any female model? I would be infinitely grateful to you.



File: 1503213053230.png (1.1 MB, 1600x1200, gts.png)


where can i find models with feet like this


where can i find models with feet like this, please.

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Hello, people. Someone who has been watching this site for several years before its brief closure.
After realizing its resurrection, I found out 2 old MMD threads were gone. Mind if I ask what happened to those threads, and is there any other new one available?

(Also pic by certain Soldat from DA)


You are asking if there is "any other new one available" which is in the first page… You searched and didn't notice it?

About those 2 threads:
It's the second sticky threads

You are welcome

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