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Looks like I came to this site after it's golden age passed
Can some oldfags tell me some stories of the good ole days?


People posted size porn.

Then they posted drama and people didn't obey the rules of the slim loophole that let people share pirated content.

Then the admin banned pirated content so that he didn't get sued and only one or two boards remain alive today.


I still don't get how drama even forms on a site full of anons but w/e
Which people does this GTS community love/hate?



You do realize that asking to be spoonfed an online culture's "customs" and norms is a bad idea, right?

Love and hate whomever you fucking want, man. If your tastes and decisions clash with someone else's in this VAST EXPANSE OF NOTHINGNESS, have a little argument and bitch at each other. No one really cares.

Except ETZ. If you like ETZ, then I'll kill you.




Main reason I wanna know is in case I missed any artists/awesome or awful people when I didn't know this site existed


You didn't miss anything.


The site went through a few incarnations, some were more active than others.

This is the least active but longest lasting incarnation.


On the other hand, seeing how many people are posting in this thread makes me wonder why so many people keep coming to a dead board and never post on it.


>This is the least active but longest lasting incarnation.
Someone wasn't around in the bbwchan era.


>Except ETZ. If you like ETZ, then I'll kill you.

Probably a stupid question, but what's so terrible about ETZ? I only know them for their pictures… and they're … alright I suppose… better than what ChibiChan is doing at least…


The best era was when you get your videos from livefetish…

but now days..


File: 1432048649453.jpg (138.86 KB, 640x480, 1382189611319.jpg)

Original admin of Macrochan / MacroIB here, ask me anything

Remember when we were on imageboards4free? There was Sizechan previously but it was small and hardly worth shit. I made the first Macrochan which was big and worth everything in the world wide webs


Why did you quit? Lorekeep?


Complete drama whore and all-around terrible, awful person.

Also shitty art.


He (or Pranzo) sent his lawyer to track me down and find out personal info on me. Managed to find an account I had on a music classifieds site where I had posted my name, location and email address. Forgive me for being so dumb with my personal info on the internet, I was 17 at the time.

The lawyer character messaged me via the music classifieds forum and told me I would easily be prosecuted in court for operating an adult site based on American servers under the age of 18. He used a lot of hypothetical scenarios, acted nice and forgiving but also made clear the hole I was digging myself into if I didn't comply and shut the site down.

The risk outweighed the gain of continued operation for MacroIB so I went ahead with shutting the place down. The only good thing about that imageboard was the /b/ forum, anyway. We had our fun on there, fostering a community of sorts. I miss ib4f also, it was a much better system than 8chan is currently.


They've never seemed shitty to me. Kept their word, put a bunch of free art out there and did a bunch of free requests.

I remember hearing that one admin was 16 years old when Lorekeep called their parents and told them about their son's fetish and why they should punish him for running an imageboard.


>I remember hearing that one admin was 16 years old when Lorekeep called their parents and told them about their son's fetish and why they should punish him for running an imageboard.
I heard about that too, lol. Think it was the Sizechan guy.

God, Lorekeep was an absolute sick cunt when he was around. He made the whole community feel like it was governed by mafia-esque politics. Wonder where he's gone now.

I remember having IM chats with that Jayne character, (s)he was on my side and she said she was a lawyer too, in Singapore. I had my backing. (S)he sent me pictures of xir feet which weren't half bad.


>Wonder where he's gone now.
well he was someone who threatened people IRL because they were sharing his special giant loli drawings. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that, wherever he is, he has to take medication everyday.



Last I checked he worked at Blizzard.



I've used to be here some time ago but everything i was doing was scrolling the pics


Lorekeep spends his days being a misanthropic jackass on the board he used to own and admin. It's about as stupid as it sounds.

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