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Tfw when there is not enough sock content. I just want to see tiny people smothering under some chick's sweaty gym sock. Please help me /b/
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Dude, seriously, don't you have any female friends? I see their socked feet all the time, too bad I don't care for socks.


Sexy pantyhose is where it's at. Socks are too thick to admire the soft skin of a woman.


Virgin detected.



How did you detect this? You did send him a cerberus rat and observed his life from beginning to present?



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Out of all the fucking things I hate about this fetish…

…it has to be the fucking stories which collage-makers seem wont to attach to their shitty collages. I don't want to perceive your collage in the same shitty cliched bullshit scenario every single person has thought up already, I want to imagine my own scenario. I want to imagine why the girl is eating the person, not because she's "EH BEAUTFUL GODDESS YELLING ABOUT MUH SMOOTH BELLY".

Fucking autists
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>I don't think quality porn exists at all

Just think about a movie like Godzilla 2000 or something similar and produce it with today's standards. That would be more than fucking quality. Although it wouldn't be classified as porn, it would be for us. So there _is_ potential quality. Compare it to regular porn, it will always be bad.



There would not be sexual parts. You would also need a trait that allows you to make a scaly creature attractive to your brain. I am not sure everybody here is like that.

Take a peek at the person who has a sexual attraction to his sister's feet. He probably does not meet with many female persons and feels the need to compensate. I do not think a computer generated 'Godzilla' will appeal to him.


What are you even talking about? I was talking about replacing Godzilla with a fucking girl, and crushing is sexual enough for me. I thought that would be clear, but apparently not.


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You were not. You made a mistake. The way you are trying to put the error on me highlights your insecurities.


>I'm a fucking idiot who can't even read. Now I try to play it down

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Guys, I really need your help. Every time I view porn, my penis extends from a flaccid state to a hard state. Is this normal? I've had this problem since I was around 10 years old, if that helps.
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I think you should totally try this story on /v/, they like this shit, and it's better than the stuff they usually post anyways.



>There are no mixed feelings. I was disgusted, but couldn't stop looking

I'd call that pretty mixed.


Maybe I'll try it out on /r9k/.

I wouldn't. I know it's sick and I don't want it.


File: 1377101374208.jpg (126.05 KB, 561x370, the_more_you_know2[1].jpg)

But you did look at them. That's what mixed means. Two or more different things together.


Guess you're right. I think this is what it feels like when primal urges and rationality collide.

By the way, I really did make a thread on /r9k/. I got a few responses, some Anons told me they experienced similar situations with their sisters, but they too were repulsed. One Anon posted that he always gets a boner when one of his female friends is barefoot around hin.

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What the fuck happened?
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I shall tell you what happened.

A poor excuse of a game accepted it's heritage and chose to follow the path of other mediocre games. A slave should act like a slave.



It may be comedic in your culture to assume the identity of another. In mine, that is a crime committed by the most jealous of pretenders.

A man chooses. A slave obeys.



I am very happy that you choose to assume my identity. I have more respect than I thought and that is good. Switching the focus of every topic to me whenever I comment is also very good to boost my ego.

I promise I do not need it. My confidence is enough to carry on with my work.

Again it was a nice try. Perhaps if you finish in your university you can come and work for me. I will put you with the other eager children.


Who gives a shit about ether AAs.

Just post anonymously unless you legitimately have something to share. Because really how much is anyone going to care about giving credit to the opinion with your name on it. How much more credibility are you going to get with "Arthur Axman" then with "Anonymous". Sure people will know "arthur likes long walks on the beach while reading his fetish stories to the sea" but the only real difference i see is that now people will take your name and break your dick for it (which does lead to hilarity mind you but still) where as otherwise they with break your dick for it anyhow but there is no name to steal.

If you share something of value (and im not talking just uploading fetish content) then throw your name on it because then people may give a shit and give you credit and then you will get XP, gold, treasure and finish your damn quest!


>namefagging sermon
He's trolling and whoever is using is "identity", if there's actually anyone, is trolling. Don't give them attention.

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Here I am being bored looking up growth fiction with which to get myself off and I realize something

these niggas can't WRITE goddamn

Their prose wedges in my skull like a throbbing stinger made of fucked-up sentence structure and awkward-at-best characterization

my boner is struggling to maintain its integrity but it's useless

What the fuck should I do? Should I try to write my own depraved fantasies and realize how bad of a writer I myself am thereby? I just want to fap goddamn it, it'll take too long. But they're just so stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid that I hear this voice in the back of my head telling me I can do better

what are my options guys? I'm at a loss and my dick's giving up.
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Try writing.com



I used to post a lot of stories on another board (not in English). And I tell you, having a boner all the time without touching it makes writing pretty intense. I wrote all my stuff at work, and at the end of a 10 hour night shift I had around 10 pages that weren't actually that bad if I may say so myself. Point is, I never touched those pages again so I made sure those stories were compact, but as hot as possible.

I usually don't look for deep characters or plots. It's pretty rare to find a well written story with these attributes, but they do exist. Just keep looking.


Write it yourself.



I understand how you feel. I have had very much the same rush of adrenaline when writing some of these stories. To fight the primal urge to masturbate is very intense and fuels the writing.

Try to write, you will get some enjoyment out of it. It may also put your anxious social problems at ease to know that somebody has released tension a little bit thanks to something you wrote.


>fuels the writing

I never thought I'd agree with AA, but yeah, that's pretty much my experience as well.

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Hey /b/ how can I get my friend to let me massage her feet? She's agreed to let me massage her shoulders and such but I'm afraid to ask to massage her feet. I really want to though
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I wonder what they smell like



Like mediocrity, probably.


I don't think mediocrity should be associated with the pungent odor of dirty laundry.
It should probably smell like watered down vegetable soup or something.



The joke. You didn't get it.


Maybe so, but my point stands.

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New thread for vidya related discussion.

Are you guys enjoying the Summer Sale on Steam?
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Xbone Woof


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>Kiefer Sutherland is the new voice of Snake in MGSV

HORRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY SHEEEEEEEEEEE- Oh wait, actually thats pretty fucking neat.


changing voice actor is not cool
it's the opposite of cool
it's looc


File: 1375666890069.jpg (902.86 KB, 1087x2683, frontal_assault_by_matsu_sense…)

Dragon's Crown comes out next Tuesday, who else is excited?


>being excited about a shitty flash game

You're weird, Anybody.

File: 1375452863675.jpg (33.73 KB, 493x335, photolibrary_rf_photo_of_woman…)


Story time /b/. I was over the home of a good friend of mine yesterday and had a great experience. His mother, whom I've lately felt an odd attraction to for reasons that I cannot understand, was there and from initially being greeted by her from the kitchen to going upstairs to his room, I was in wonder of what she was wearing on her feet. A couple of weeks beforehand, I had seen her asleep on her couch with her sweaty white work socks crumpled in a pile near her boots on the floor, and I was tempted to sniff them, but I had contained myself. This time, when she came upstairs I had noticed she was wearing some white socks that seemed to form to the shape of her feet. I was gripped. My friend, his sister (who is also my friend) and this mom got into an argument, but all I could focus on was this goddess woman's white socks on her beautiful middle aged feet. I wondered what it would have been like to be an ant forced to worship her sweaty feet from the inside as her children were unaware. I was captivated. Even remembering is doing enough to fap. This experience helped me realize the gap between pornography related scenarios of being crushed under a female's sweat socks, and the real life view of a woman's foot from s fair distance, and the racing imaginations of being smothered under her female cotton sweat-soaked glory. This is a long post, so let me get to the topic.
>What are your thoughts on real life scenarios vs fantasy scenarios in porn?
I was amazed that this older woman's stainless (but hopefully smelly) white socks were able to turn me on faster than any FGF or Katelyn Brooks clip. I can't wait to visit their home again next week.
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How cute, it's the /b/ police.


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It is amusing how you try to prove to me that you are of german origin and pretend you do not understand that there is a difference between the english 'angel' and german 'angel'. We are not as stupid as you try to portray.

It was a nice effort.


>pretend you do not understand that there is a difference between the english 'angel' and german 'angel'

What? Learn to read.


In all honesty, I'm actually Polish.



I do not understand what you mean. I will assume that this is straw grasping, and I am correct.

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Can we talk about Pacific Rim? Just watched it the other day and I really liked it.

And surprisingly enough, I didn't picture any of the mechs or monsters as giant girls, I'm saving it for the bluray.
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The similarities end at giant things fighting giant things. It's like saying Dark Souls is so Oblivion.


File: 1375308500523.png (102.58 KB, 378x336, 1365646175596.png)

Did we even watch the same movie?


actually there are many recurring themes with evangelion. try rewatching both in close proximity to eachother and you'll see they both cover themes of instrumentality and external human interaction with similar tools for storytelling.


You should pay attention to the movie you watch before you mock people.


While most people saw a giant robot movie, fucking jim over hear saw this.

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hmm trying to get all the A's out of your body?




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