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Just a tip for story writers.


That's a misleading statement. The actual fact refers to a human's ability to tell apart textures, but you can't discern individual features that are that fine.


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Let's all apply the strictest scientifically accurate understandings of human biology to size fiction. I'm sure this will advance the quality of our writing and will in no way distract from the point or hamper the fantasy.



Nah mang this is inspiration.

This means that giga chicks poking at cities would feel all dat crushing going on



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So iv been looking a some gameplay for this indie game called SCALE and all i can think of is mods for it (when it fully comes out)that involve giantess, shrinking and growing content that i hope will be made.

Plus besides the possibility of mods for it, it does seem kinda fun.


yup, with oculus rift support too

this has the potential to be amazing

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So, I was thiking about how to make an interesting size related game with an interesting gameplay, and yesterday I think I found something pretty insteresting, so thanks to my inability to try making a game like this right now, I decided to share the idea, just in case I forget it someday.

The influence of the gameplay is from Gundam Battle Operations, since it's a game where you can play either as the giant MSs and also as normal soldiers. Also, it's based on multiplayer with somewhat big teams per mission.

Things I was looking for:
- Interaction: Cause just destroying buildings and stomping on people can't give you a good idea of everything you can do, you need to be able to be the tiny to know how powerfull the GTS are, but as the tiny, you need to have a way to defeat the GTS.
- Teamwork: I wanted something were both tinies and GTSs could support each other, this would allow for quite an interesting experience.
- Multiple Roles in game: If I were to consider the 3 basics stats for a game: Attack, Defense and Speed, I wanted to each team to have 2 of them, making it necessary to work together.
- Jokenpo: Basically, each type of character has advantages over another.

So, this is the result that I found.

A Deathmatch game with 3 levels of characters: The big (Around 50~70m), the medium(10~15m) and the tiny(normal size). The area needs to be something big. The basic idea is a canyon, but it could also be cities and other places. For my examples, I will use the canyon idea.

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So, each character has a different control and role in the game:

The Big can either be a speed type or the armor type. Speed would only be useful when there are few people in the game, meanwhile the armor type is really slow and sluggish, all her actions are delayed, but nothing can penetrate the armor besides a few weak points, like the eyes.

So, in the game, "the big" is too big and occupied to look for tiny ones, so she basically fights medium and the enemy big. Both being sluggish, it shouldn't be hard to block attacks. For being too big, they have no long range functional weapons, so they are mostly meele, working with a shield and a weapon like an axe or a sword.


The Tiny is equivalent to FPS mode, being small, it has all the normal weaponry a soldier could have, with some extras. Since the map is too big, they have a jetpack to be able to move somewhat fast, they also may have active cammouflage for a limited ammount of time, and can move like that.

Because they have lots of weapons, their main job is to find secure places and snipe weakpoints of the GTSs, who don't know where they are. Basically, if you can snipe one eye of one of them, the enemy screen would become half black, so that makes a real advantage in battle, giving a big blindspot for you allies to attack. There would be a sound based vision included, so even a complete blind gts can still somewhat guess where the enemy is through small points indicating where the sound was heard.

They can hide in small caverns scattered through the scenario, where it makes it pretty hard to find them (or not, if you consider that they are most likely to look for these fixed places).

Also, the reason why the Big is recommended to always wear the armor is thanks to them, since bazookas and other heavy weapons may inflict serious damage to a normal person, even at that size.


Medium size characters may also have a basic armor, or they can just go with less armor for more speed. Their gameplay would be pretty agile, being more like a speed type. They can try to mess up with the enemy GTS, but with the armor, the max they can do is to help making her fall by attacking her lower parts by throwing themselves at her or holding her legs. But that's not their main objective.

Their job is to look for tiny ones, so they can go through all the area looking for the small caves and releasing some grenades (or look into them first, but if the person knows someone is near, they can blind her even with a normal pistol), or just bash into one in open air instantly killing them. They also have a cammouflage, but it only works when they are not moving, so they can hide somewhere to catch other medium sized enemies, or even be on lookout for tinies, through cammouflage is not invisibility, so with some attention you can detect them, so a tiny could find the cammouflaged medium without being noticed, and snipe or bazooka her.

Another ability of both sizes of GTS are the ability to detect aprox from where they were hit, though if the shot hit the armor, the pinpoint is way less accurate, so the tiny shouldn't try to camper, or he may be found by a medium or another tiny.

For some sort of level system, there could be some abilities like more speed, jump power, cammouflage time extension, or better heearing (People could get used to fight completely blind, making future battles easier even when a mistake is done.)


And it needs to use a dragons dogma styled grappling system


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>Shadow of the Colussus, but with cute anime girls instead of colossi.

Don't mind me just outselling cowadooty day one.

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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to access Exhentai nowadays? I've tried the 'delete certain cookies' and 'install this plugin for mozilla' methods, but they are not working. I have an account on E-hentai. Anyone have any other suggestions or thoughts?


To access exhentai, download a cookie editing tool, add on, plugin, etc… (for firefox, cookie manager plus, for example) and change the e-hentai user name and user pass cookies to exhentai (replace the hyphen '-' with the letter x)




I usually login (via e-hentai, of course) and stay logged in.

If for some weird reason it came out as logged out and I access exhentai, giving me the sad panda, I go to ehentai, login, then I delete some cookies.

To individually delete cookies on Firefox, go to Options, Privacy, remove individual cookies, search for exhentai.

You don't need to delete all of them, there are 2 weird ones, one I remember is named "yay", the other I forgot. Delete these 2 and reload the page.

Basically, you need to be logged in (I'm not sure if there are limits if you account is too new or whatever), and these cookies should not be set in the wrong way.

No extensions or whatever needed.


I use the Exhentai Easy plugin for chrome. Log into ehentai, use the exhentai plugin, and done.

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Lost the other image I was going to post, a giant inflatable female with a guy under her cootch.
Anyway http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=93e_1378710092



Yes. Did anyone ever find out what the complete story was about it?


It's "just" some unbirthing. I remember reading about this particular gif on some board.

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Does anybody have any suggestions for a macrochan icon?
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I like legs. We need more legs. Legs and feet.


File: 1383170745692.jpg (122.92 KB, 1280x720, feggit.jpg)

I was bored so i made this with my incredible paint skills (ugh i even feel bad for making such horrible art)


can't read/10


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Are we talking banners and a favicon here?



That one! Just perfect!

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macrochan, i'm renting from a couple. about six years ago i fooled around with the grill including some non-gts fetish stuff but nothing came of it and we're all friends now. today i saw her in the common room and she said "hello my little homunculus." do you think she knows i fantasize about being stepped on by 500 ft giantesses?


she might know or she just said somthing random or if you are lucky shes into microphilia (i dont remember what its called when you like little people im not talking about macrophilia)



Ctrl+f homunculus. It's possible she is just a Big Bang Theory fan.

If you are the type of person who reads cracked. This might help you get on the topic without giving yourself away.



Yeah, she knows. She is going to tell all her bitchy lady friends who will then mock you for eternity. You should build a model city in your room to be prepared for the onslaught of furious girls acting like giants.


Someone owns anything from thatbumzzz and is willing to share it?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Why are people incapable of reading the rules or even board topics?

And jesus christ, you're all going to be glad I deleted his picture.


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thanks you saved me from a horrible picture you have all of my respect


File: 1383334201836.gif (131.18 KB, 500x279, alain_delon_wtf.gif)


A-LOT of people are illiterate faggot retards thats why…..

I usually dont take such a vulgar tone but this is getting ridiculous with so many people non reading any rules and being completely retarded!

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I just got my first DMCA takedown notice!

Surprisingly, it was for some crappy cg art, but goddamn. Looking through /tor/, you guys really are requesting some bottom of the barrel stuff. I mean there's MUCH hotter 3d stuff on /cg/ than I've ever seen available for sale.

Please get some better taste so I don't feel ashamed for hosting the site!
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One thread, as long as it isn't pony.


File: 1382739404719.png (42.17 KB, 200x200, Come on America even Pokemon h…)

Just noticed that the magnet links board was changed to "shitposting".

I sence that its going to be all downhill from here folks. Dark times await….


How is that going to be any different to how it is normally?



Now it will be darker obviously!




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Somebody paid money for this.

I feel bad for them…mostly for falling for the giantessfan scam though.


It is pretty sad. I was tempted by Pocket Charm, but I had suspicions that the content would be lacking. Sure enough, I was right. I imagine most of the comics only have 2-3 worthwhile pieces with a ton of filler, much like albums.

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