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Am I the only one who cannot access AnonGTS anylonger?


DFEOJM reports it being down too.

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i was w my friends at a mall n i saw a chick w her feet showing up on food court table so i casually said to muh foot fetish friend "take picture of that" so he did and female friend laughed and said, "you guys are fucked up" and i said yhea. so later were in the car and the foot fetish guy was driving and me and girl were in back seats snogging and she was like "so what do you think about my feet ?" and she took off her shoes and her feet were kinda ugly and i just laughed and said "they look like mine" and pushed her away and fell asleep. should i have complimented her anyway? she isnt ugly but her feet are


File: 1398598421960.jpg (49.58 KB, 406x364, 1335463201023.jpg)

>not posting the picture you took


I fucking lol'd. Great tale, chap.

And nah, man. If she's got ugly feet, she's got ugly feet.

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Demonic exam 4 is a piece of shit, if you like male giants then you'll fuckin love this piece of dog wank


exactly w=my feels after reading this comic

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>tfw no tiny waifu

File: 1397725802811.png (253.11 KB, 200x244, 1322531676570.png)



so it's the fucking admin shitting up GTSbooru

it was shit in the first place, but fuck gtscity collage

Time to shit up the place


Deleted. What did it say?


>admins not shitting up GTSBooru
Are you new to the macrophile scene or something? They're some of the worst people on there.


Murderers, rapists, thieves, Tom Selleck…. some of the worst people are found here and you would do well to remember that, less you end up like the last guy who thought he was hard….


Was he stepped on by the feeling that giant people will never ever exist?



What's wrong with Tom Selleck?

File: 1398221704180.jpg (862.09 KB, 1400x1980, MULTISIZE MISAKA.jpg)


Did someone notice that there's 3DPDKB on the booru?

Is this allowed? Who put it up? I don't mind 3D content myself, but they have a time and a place- and I want to keep our holy lands free of the mindless filth that the masses leech on.

If the image has some significance, or this has been raised before, I


That face is terrible

File: 1397098680005.png (77.63 KB, 1361x678, Screenshot 2014-04-09 at 10.57…)



Oh no, now if people use their banking details or credit cards on macrochan that data might be visible to hackers!


yeah don't believe that shit
just post your paypal imma send you money to buy delicious doujins

File: 1396991479703.jpg (120.1 KB, 533x496, Tunnel of bees.jpg)


>Some person had an archive on Youtube under the name FreeStomachSounds of just digestion recordings.
>Go to rip them, since why go to Youtube for them when they can be local.
>Account has been deactivated.
>Vids are gone.

Here's a blind shot in the dark, but do any of you happen to have these?


>fapping to digestion sounds

Are you gay, buddy?

File: 1391314878478.jpg (108.19 KB, 850x850, sample-f5f1e8b53ef12639878704c…)



Grab the onion browser and use this site for requesting/posting shitty 3d pig disgusting stuff/western comics.
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it not working for me.


you need to install this internet program to access the link


is there anything like this that has western videos too?


Anyone know where I could find the torrent that was posted on the last week of /tor/?

More specifically the video called Giantess Sex Ed


sounds familiar was it one of those videos with toys in them?

was it from this collection? its the one that was on the sticky.

File: 1394836138214.jpeg (158.89 KB, 544x832, bec6e6ae138a2d7b3a6709d64780f6…)


Role Playing Giantess - RPG

So me and someone had an idea of making a tabletop game involving giantesses. After much brainstorm and /tg/ later we sorta came up with something a tiny bit decent, pretty much a simple system that is a very basic version of D&D and MMOs. So we're looking for more players. 2 or 3 would be more than enough. There would be both solo sessions when your character is starting out and when doing your own thing and group sessions when your character is hanging out with the others. Drop me your steam profile if you are interested, I can fill you in on the details. We do sessions on roll20.net
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I don't have skype. my comp is POS but it does what I need it to like post messages on boards :)

email me at Cyechan50@gmail.com

.now I'm going to get even more spam at that account! :)


hello I've sent you an email with the info


File: 1395057489125.jpg (706.87 KB, 1268x1233, 1371877529916.jpg)

we have 4 players so far. If anyone else is interested please let me know.


Are there actual females involved?


File: 1395936708700.jpg (997.7 KB, 900x1215, alexandra5.jpg)


You mean female players? Not as far as I know. We still got room if anyone is interested.

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