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You know what's really bothering me? You see that cartoon lady to the left? The villain of this god-forsaken Minion movie?
I guess these are SPOILERS but somewhere in the middle of the movie we get to see a "Growing machine" being owned by her, but instead of showing a cruel and gigantic devil of a woman, they enlarge one of these stupid yellow beans. =~=


Maybe we'll see something in ant man.


I thought they were twinkies


I thought the Ant Man Movie Posters were fake?
I'm not sure if this makes it any better.


There's like one scene in ant-man where there's anything, and it can hardly be described as good.

Its the first time he shrinks and he falls down to the floor below him where there's a party going on, all you get a glimpse of is a few high heels and that's really it.

It disappointing me that they didn't even have a part with him interacting with the girl that was training him, like not even a "now fight me while your small" session…


>your small

File: 1434448830827.jpg (54.95 KB, 452x338, ss_c095898b354b293eada5ebfaecd…)


These might be just dolls, but some of you might find this 'entertaining' enough already…
Plus it's Free To Play…


What the actual fuck.


can anyone put a image of the new site of l i v 3 f e t h 1 s?
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Wait, that spells motherless.com


There's nothing on m0th3rl355. Might as well just use pornhub.


only feet there,


dailymotion has some ok vids if your browse using the playlists tab and xvideos has some good ones too. but where the fuck can we get bug videos without sjws busting a nut


File: 1396560068471.jpeg (145.92 KB, 700x700, 163678.jpeg)


Alright anyone know where i can find vids by this guy?


I cant seem to find them anywhere and i have tried LF but all i could find was one vid, to which the guy who posted it did not respond.
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So…does that mean you have some to share???


You think hes holding out on us man?
I NEED MA CRACK!….. we.. we are talking about crack right??


I was talking about meth, but it's all drugs so whatever


So ya gona let us in on da secrets you has?


Why is livefetish down? When will it be back?

File: 1428824881950.jpg (79.69 KB, 693x1120, 1422391192388.jpg)


Anyone know a place where requests are taken for vids, or at least a damn gts vid trading site? Theres just a few vids that i just cant seem to find (and of course paying for them is a joke)


there is an alternative site for livefetish but i dont know the domain

File: 1428728456939.png (830.78 KB, 640x927, 3ec6d207c803807f9534597ca7e4e5…)


Does anyone know what happened to livefetish?


It's gone check the other thread here

File: 1426181577056.jpg (750.56 KB, 1920x2716, Giantess-Kiki_01-000-cover.jpg)


Anyone know if there's a way to get a deleted story on giantessworld?

Already tried google caches/wayback machine


If it ain't cached or saved somewhere, nope.

File: 1372522422940.jpg (104.69 KB, 1024x576, giantess_loretta_steps_on_her_…)


after a month of waiting we see the amazing art of chibichan… look at the effort put into making sure the girl on the left's amputated hands were created with such detail that thered be no mistaking them for real appendages
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>Mamabliss has a bunch of squiggly lines that try to look like porn.

Only an autistic would say that on a Les Major thread. Or Les Major himself, although I'm sure he's part of the former.


Anyone have this one?


Link above is dead. Anyone have fantasize one and two?



You don't want it.


Either way, I'd like to see it. Any link?

File: 1416875787516.jpeg (26.77 KB, 500x375, IMG_16899255580122.jpeg)


I need a site that doesnt suck like livefetish with all that private shit
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90% of all GTS "content" blows.

I've had to take to editing GTS vids down to the 10% that's actually sexy. Not even joking, 30min vids have a tendency to become 3 minute vids after I'm done, and that's a good one.


I agree a hundred percent with this guy here. I've downloaded a couple videos here and there, and I really only end up enjoying maybe three or four minutes, tops.

Most of the fucking video is "haha, TINY MAN, watch me explain everything I'm going to do to you while trying SO VERY, VERY HARD to sound sexy" and then you get a couple minutes of any real content.

But then they can advertise "twenty minutes of size fetish content!!!!!" and retards will eat it up.



And any video that ISN'T taunting is anime shit, which carries a whole lot of its own baggage.

What really gets me is that I don't even get the feeling like they're trying to be sexy. Some of the non-Gary ones do give that feeling, but then maybe the fact that they're nude helps remind them that they're not just doing a slightly outlandish calendar shoot.

If Gary ever grew up and did nudes, and actually got actresses that knew how to act sexy, he'd having fucking gold on his hands.


the worst is that people post shit on youtube where it is only up for a day


Yeah. Sometimes they think to put it on Dailymotion. Sometimes.

File: 1415833269731.jpg (37.22 KB, 241x314, yestono.jpg)


Can't access the site.


saff is full of assholes. I can't stand pirates who don't share


All the stuff on saff is free. I think I've seen one download where you needed karma to see the link. I got it by asking people to give me karma so I could see the link.

The bigger irritation is that the uploaders insist on using shitty uploading services with capcha, downloads capped at 40 kb/s, no multiple downloads, and everything ls that can make downloading a 9 mb file take for fucking ever. Then you suggest they use a webstorage service that DOESN'T have all these drawback and they incredibly offended and defensive.

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