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Story time /b/. I was over the home of a good friend of mine yesterday and had a great experience. His mother, whom I've lately felt an odd attraction to for reasons that I cannot understand, was there and from initially being greeted by her from the kitchen to going upstairs to his room, I was in wonder of what she was wearing on her feet. A couple of weeks beforehand, I had seen her asleep on her couch with her sweaty white work socks crumpled in a pile near her boots on the floor, and I was tempted to sniff them, but I had contained myself. This time, when she came upstairs I had noticed she was wearing some white socks that seemed to form to the shape of her feet. I was gripped. My friend, his sister (who is also my friend) and this mom got into an argument, but all I could focus on was this goddess woman's white socks on her beautiful middle aged feet. I wondered what it would have been like to be an ant forced to worship her sweaty feet from the inside as her children were unaware. I was captivated. Even remembering is doing enough to fap. This experience helped me realize the gap between pornography related scenarios of being crushed under a female's sweat socks, and the real life view of a woman's foot from s fair distance, and the racing imaginations of being smothered under her female cotton sweat-soaked glory. This is a long post, so let me get to the topic.
>What are your thoughts on real life scenarios vs fantasy scenarios in porn?
I was amazed that this older woman's stainless (but hopefully smelly) white socks were able to turn me on faster than any FGF or Katelyn Brooks clip. I can't wait to visit their home again next week.
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How cute, it's the /b/ police.


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It is amusing how you try to prove to me that you are of german origin and pretend you do not understand that there is a difference between the english 'angel' and german 'angel'. We are not as stupid as you try to portray.

It was a nice effort.


>pretend you do not understand that there is a difference between the english 'angel' and german 'angel'

What? Learn to read.


In all honesty, I'm actually Polish.



I do not understand what you mean. I will assume that this is straw grasping, and I am correct.

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Can we talk about Pacific Rim? Just watched it the other day and I really liked it.

And surprisingly enough, I didn't picture any of the mechs or monsters as giant girls, I'm saving it for the bluray.
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The similarities end at giant things fighting giant things. It's like saying Dark Souls is so Oblivion.


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Did we even watch the same movie?


actually there are many recurring themes with evangelion. try rewatching both in close proximity to eachother and you'll see they both cover themes of instrumentality and external human interaction with similar tools for storytelling.


You should pay attention to the movie you watch before you mock people.


While most people saw a giant robot movie, fucking jim over hear saw this.

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hmm trying to get all the A's out of your body?




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